Returning to the Source

(Now Exposed) Binding Force - Aquamarine Vibration Layer on Everyone and on Everything in the Old Universe !

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Binding Force is Aquamarine Vibration and on this link we are posting numerous photos of Aquamarine Vibration covering everything present in our life on Earth and in Cosmos :

Binding Force of Aquamarine Layer on people, aliens, animals, plants

Aquamarine Layer is visible to camera underwater (above); Holographic performer, concert in Japan (below)

Aquamarine environment. Spirit is visible on photos

Upper picture: Black Hole, below Aquamarine Binding Force in Milky Way

below is a shot of Rocket launching from russian video:  Валентина Терешкова. "Я всегда смотрю на звёзды".  Mar 5, 2017.

Aquamarine hue layer is on horse

Aquamarine tinted fish

Aquamarine tint on sea creatures

Binding Force of Aquamarine Layer in our environment

Above - Aquamarine Vibration in the air, Sochi Olympics 2014;
below - Aquamarine Binding Force is seen in videos of Fires in Florida, 5 March 2017 and in Volcano Eruption in Guatemala

Aquamarine Hue on floor and on dress, New Zealand, 2016

Aquamarine Hue on landscape

Exposed Binding Force (Aquamarine Vibration) around erupting Volcano Etna, Italy, space shot.
Aquamarine Energy Layer is on the whole surface and inside Earth. Space photo of Aquamarine Layer of Great Lakes in USA is below

The air in the forest has an aquamarine tint; water on the Moon is also aquamarine

Aquamarine Colored Anomalous Beam, Alaska

Binding Force
of Aquamarine Layer on/in Water, in Geisers or on Snow

In geisers

Binding Force in Skies

Robert Monroe Institute in USA. Aquamarine skies

Exposed Aquamarine Vibration (Binding Force) during storm in Vladivostok, Russia

Darker part of sky (to the left) is the Universal Flow, which I pictured above our Centre in Australia in 2010

Aquamarine Shadows

Exposed Binding Force in the air; below  - aquamarine sky and shadows on snow

Reflection of Aquamarine sky underwater

Aquamarine Vibration  is pictured over Australia

Reflection of Aquamarine sky in water

Binding Force in Cosmos

I made this photo of the White Sun above our beach at sunset a few years ago, and then I looked at it on computer monitor from above (standing). This is what I saw: Sun's Black Hole in the middle, surrounded by Violet vibration and Aquamarine Binding Force.  White Sun Beam
connecting it to the Source, is crossing the Sun in the middle. The skies are full of low negative orange-yellow vibrational civilizations.

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