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You are not Your Physical Body; You are Not the Physical Matter: You are Energy !

The mixture of Sun and the Ball of Advanced Thoughts with clearly visible part of white Beam of Balance is in my room. Apr. 2010

The mixture of Sun and the Ball of Advanced Thoughts is in my room. Apr. 2010

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Analogy of Statements of "Matrix 5" Author and of Some Aliens

Hidden Defects of M5 Trilogy

A Letter from an Androgynous Being

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The mixture of Sun and the Ball of Advanced Thoughts with clearly visible vertical white Beam of Balance (camouflaged by phony pink holographic tail pointing up). Apr. 2010

The mixture of Sun and the Ball of Advanced Thoughts with clearly visible vertical white Beam of
Balance - Loosh (camouflaged by phony pink holographic tail pointing up). Apr. 2010

Analogy of Statements of "Matrix 5" Author and of Some Aliens

In the first pages of R. Monroe's first book "Journeys out of the Body" you can read and an interesting remark about his boss wife's abilities, given to R. Monroe:

"...At the first board meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, after my book publication, no one mentioned it. Nor did I. However, as we cruised up the canal in the board chairman's yacht, on our way to dinner at the country club, the chairman's wife came up from below deck with a copy of JOURNEYS in her hand, "Bob, will you autograph this for me?" she asked. I complied, more than a little self-conscious and surprised.
I should not have been. "Interesting stuff," the chairman called over his shoulder as he steered for the yacht club dock. "My wife is a real psychic. I never make a major business deal without a reading from her.
It works, too!"

Through my research I found some similarity in the statements of "Matrix 5" author and some power seeking aliens. As I wrote before, 'M5' author stated in his books, that males were givers of life, not females. Females, in his opinion were/are  just incubators for the fetus to grow. But who is providing the energy for 9 months for that fetus to grow and feed the baby with breastmilk (her energy as well) up to 5 years?
A man? To start life is easier, than to maintain and propagate it for thousands of years! To do that you need to supply constant energy and intent/thoughts. Majority of men don't want any children (and many women too) and I understand them why, so don't expect energy/thoughts/intent from men. Most women are often trapped by being artificially impregnated and then they decide whether to give birth to the child
or not, though often they have no choice, especially in 3rd world countries. In this case women's Higher Selves would supply the energy for both: the mother and the fetus (sometimes more than one fetus).
It could be some exceptions when male's Higher Self (the real father of the fetus) would direct (together with the mother) the energy of intent/thoughts to the unborn child. But that usually happens when the parents love each other and want this child, which is rare.

The same principle applies to the statements of Reptilians/Sirians and even some Pleadians! All these years I've been reading in books and on Internet, that Reptilians/Draconians/Sirians/Greys/Pleadians created us and that they own us and that we are forever in debt to them. This is half the Truth! They didn't create us, but each one of them have been modifying and adding up to this vehicle: our physical body, and partially to our experiences.  Each one of the numerous alien species, who visited Earth, left their mark in our genetic blueprint and that was/is the part of the Grand Experiment on this Planet: to create a special race of superhumans (Human+), which would be capable to reach every corner of this and other Universes! Which would take this Old Universe to the Source of All Life, when the Universal Timeline comes to 0 !
As you can see,
it is only partially has to do with Reptilians/Draconians/Sirians/Greys/Pleadians etc. To create or modify physical human body is not enough, if you want to make a superhuman out of it. You need also a highly evolved soul in it.Andromedans said through Alex Collier, that our souls dropped from 11th density and and from the Source itself, they entered this physical vehicles (physical bodies) to have experiences in the lowest (for a human) level of consciousness (or vibration), physical 3rd density, to make this physical bodies alive, conscious, thinking, learning, achieving, expanding into other Parallel Earths in other Parallel Universes, into the New Universe and into Earth's Underground/underwater Alien/Human Societies. To be able do all that, our Higher Selves needed to constantly supply us (and our Alters) with energy of thoughts/intent/awareness for all our physical lives from a very high level of Consciousness: 11th. Why 11th Level?
Because at this critical time of Earth Planetary and Universal Shifts of Consciousness you can't send beginners of low level of consciousness and expect them to help the Shifts to happen the way they should.
And did you notice that we, the Beings from 11th - 12th Levels, dropped down to enter one of the last Planetary Games in this Universe before the Universal Shift on 3rd of December 2013 and that Earth Planetary Shift has been repeatedly posponded, by allowing Reptilian nuclear attacks to take place in the history of Earth? Everything has been planned in advance and kept in secret.
Well, as you can see now, that there is an analogy. In both cases the life energy for the physical vehicle of mothers/fetuses is provided by their Higher Selves and not by aliens or by human males as givers of life. The same applies for humans in general: the life energy is provided by the intent/thoughts of their Higher Selves and not by aliens. Aliens can only create clones: humans with no soul or physical vehicles for themselves to walk in and make them alive with the intent of their own Higher Selves. Here is an appropriate passage from "LEGACY FROM THE STARS" by DOLORES CANNON:


"S: ...Yes, we’ve all come back to Earth. We had to come back to Earth and go back to the 3rd dimension in physical bodies to learn more, to advance spiritually back to the 4th and the 5th and the 6th dimensions...(they really mean Levels of Consciousness, not dimensions, LM).
In some of my other sessions reported in this book, others have said the same thing. They normally remained with the Source, etc., and only came to Earth during the time of Major Shifts. These were the times when the most help was needed..."

This is what R. Monroe was writing about in his books. As you can see, our physical bodies were not created by 'Gods' as all religious people think, but by highly advanced Beings from the Source on 12th Level, who are the higher part of you! From reading this clip, you can see that for the Major Shifts not just on Earth, but in Universes, much bigger Forces from the Source of All Life would get involved, the Forces, which are usually stay in the Source. And this is exactly, what happened on Earth.

Hidden Defects of 'M5' Trilogy

The cover of "Matrix 5" by the unknown author

The cover of "Matrix 5" by the unknown author. The faults with this picture are discussed also onanother link:  My Thoughts and Thoughts of other Writers

Picture of One-Timers, "Matrix 5", v.1, p.110

It would be the picture of One-Timers, if you add to each human/non-human physical body on this picture, numerous Alters connected to them with white energy cords.
This picture is from
"Matrix 5", v.1, p.110.

The above picture of our Higher Selves and us is too simplistic: the most important details are missing. We (many of us) didn't come to this Planet from the Source just to grow our bodies up (like cattle). We came here to grow our Souls up, to help to raise the Level of Consciousness of our Planet and our whole Universe for the future Event! If you look at the picture above, you will see our Higher Selves on 3 different Levels and people (Human Incarnations) of both genders, connected to the lowest Higher Self (looks like white jelly-fish). People live simultaneously, independent (from each other) lives, because, in reality there is no past and future, there is only now, only Present! Each of these people usually would start life from baby till an old age. Yes, it was like that years ago, but not anymore: it is much more complex these days, the lives are shorten up or can start from an old body, escaping childhood&adolescence completely! In reality, every Human Incarnation with physical body, you see on this picture, has many more white energy cords, connecting them to their numerous Parallel Personalities (Alters). Let's say the Japanese girl at the front, who lived life from babyhood, she should have numerous white energy cords, connecting her to her other personalities (Alters) in different physical/non-physical bodies of different frequencies, living in different countries or even Planets. Her Alters can freely walk into her physical body you see on the picture one by one and change her character, when there is a need for it. Neither her, no her Alters are restricted to the physical 3rd Density during their lifetimes (like what you see on the picture). At night they
all go (out of their bodies) to non-physical 4th Level of Consciousness to study or continue Planetary Game in non-physical Worlds or to different physical Parallel Universes to get new experiences! This process is called Expansion and it doesn't show much on the picture above. All I see is that all the scouts (incarnations) of this Higher Self are stuck to the lowest (for a human) 3rd physical Level of Consciousness permanently (for life).
In reality this Japanese girl and her Alters on the picture should move to the higher Higher Levels of Consciousness while asleep or unconscious while day-dreaming/meditating/praying/doing strenious activities, even when sitting in a toilet (you still can phase out of your physical body to some other location, especially these days).
A Higher Self (jelly-fish) can have a few white energy cords to a few physical bodies, but these physical bodies can each grow hundreds of Alters, connected also with white energy cords to these physical bodies within just one lifetime. At Endgame time that happens quite often and these people are called One-Timers, they don't have to have many lives! Here is the simplified picture of One-Timers from "Matrix 5" (though the author calls them differently - Sequentials).
I am a One-Timer too, though I am from the same Higher Self - Sun and from the same Source of All Life, as Robert Monroe is, and we lived simultaneously on this Earth without seeing each other! But I, personally, never had past or other lives like Robert Monroe did, though I know, that we all create other Beings with other lives in parallel to our main life, while playing the Planetary Game! Here is an old info from R. Monroe's "Far Journeys" (1985), p. 270:
"Question (to R. Monroe): Can one live two lives simultaneously relative to Time?
Answer: This question has been asked of our physical friends, who report that it is not only possible, but does take place frequently. We have no further information about it, how or why it occurs, except that
I personally was given the name and location of a "second life" I am living - but I have not had the time or the courage to verify it, if possible."

For some reason, I wasn't intitled to a luxury of memory of out-of-body experiences or to the info Robert Monroe was given in astral travels. For years I felt deprived because of it. If you add numerous Alters to each human/non-human bodies connected to them with white energy cords, then you will get a closer picture of One-Timer. One-Timers can come from all Levels of Consciousness (from 4th to 12th), but majority of them are coming from 12th (the Source itself) these days, because of the Universal and Planetary Shifts of Consciousness. Robert Monroe and I dropped into this 3rd Density from the Source itself. He has his Alters, whom he created during his life in 3rd Density, but I have my own Alters.

"...Ignore or tear down the No Trespassing signs, the taboos, the notice that says Holy of Holies, the distortions of time and translation, the soft black poles of euphoria, the mysticisms, the myths, the fantasies of an eternal father or mother image, and then take a good look with our growing left brain. Nothing is sacred to the point where it should not be investigated. Quantum leap of getting out of local traffic to major highway into the unknown. The map that we are developing will cover route as far as our active consciousness pattern can extend it."        Robert Monroe

The main mistake I find with "Matrix 5" books and with the updates on from the same 'author' (the ones I've read a couple of years ago) is that after his reading the book "Defending Sacred Ground" and watching the videos of Alex Collier, the 'author' of M5 never mentioned in his 'books' about the most important Event, which took place in our Universe on 23 March, 1994. And that is the start of the Universal Shift and the Time when this Shift supposed to be completed (on 3rd of December 2013)! This information was given to Alex Collier by the positive race of Andromedans (Zenetians to be exact) together with so much more! The next thing 'the author' of "M 5" did was to stop the readers from passing on their knowledge to others and he taught the readers to grow individually only, (unfortunately that was also Carlos Castaneda's mistake: his followers have been encouraged for just personal growth and not for the Growth of the Consciousness of the whole Universe).Alex Collier Information is on our site:  Alex Collier info  or  Defending Sacred Ground 
Knowledge would become stagnated if you don't pass it on to others on regular basis and that would make you a good teacher. I know from personal experience how difficult it is, but Alex Collier said:
"Stand in your Truth!" And that's what I am doing and advise you to do the same!

We all came here to this Earth School to learn lessons, to evolve and to help others to evolve, but with time we forget about our noble Goals and get completely carried away by the Game. The author of "Matrix 5" obviously forgot about these Goals. I don't know about other readers, but "Matrix 5" trilogy author gave me impression of disconnection from the rest of the Universe, like he is 'special' and has nothing to do with all the rest of the Universe and only heading towards 7th and 8th Density to do noone knows what. There is no mention in his 'books' of all kinds of Councils (of our Higher Selves) on much higher Levels of Consciousness, governing our Universe and sorting things out. In "Matrix 5" the  author (a shaman) is saying, that R. Monroe was a Scorpio and Scorpio people are very secretive, which is bullshit, and I know it, because I'm a Scorpio too and I am not secretive, I don't intend to hide the Truth. I'm Robert Monroe's substitute and my pictures are on this and other pages. Robert Monroe also didn't hide his face, identity, address, occupation: he was more open, than many others, especially this 'author' of "Matrix 5".  I've never seen " Matrix 5" author's face or picture or even Val's picture for that matter. More open-minded people are not afraid to publish their pictures. I am that Russian Woman, who R. Monroe mentioned in his books couple of times. I was born on 11.11.1946 (on 11th of November) and I never kept it a secret. Number 11 some people are so afraid of, is the number of the Highest Level of Consciousness. By the way, I like being in a company of all kinds of people inc. gay Men and lesbians and have friends among them.
R. Monroe didn't hide his name, when he wrote his books, it's the opposite: it's the 'M 5' author prefers to stay incognito, anonymous, never showing his face, scared of something. And this is very suspicious! 'M5' author based his books on R. Monroe's materials and didn't hide it! Here is the opinion of R. Monroe's wife Nancy about her husband Bob Monroe from "Catapult: The Biography of Robert A. Monroe"
by Bayard Stockton, p. 166:

"Nancy speculates on the factor of jealousy or envy of Bob. She uses a description, "Spiritual Ph.D's", to categorize many, who don't measure up to Bob in her eyes. "Years ago, he was very receptive to the adulation (excessive praise) given him. But he's been bamboozled (cheated) so many times: people offered him big financial deals, but really they wanted to take over the Institute. When Bob became aware of their intentions, and cooled toward them, they became disgruntled and stabbed him in the back. "People don't understand he is not in competition with them. He is only competes with himself. "He is happy when someone takes one of his ideas and run with it. Who was it - Emerson? - who said, "You recognize your genius in someone else's work... (I am the same, LM)!
"...Nancy cited examples of a well-known Institute and a famous, channeled Entity both of which, in 1988, were exploiting schemes parallel to, if not copied from, Monroe pioneering...His creative generosity is unbelievable. The Man's grown up. He is a Giver. It was hard to convince him, that people sap at him. Sap his energy...He's trusting and tender-hearted to a fault. I used to get all hot and bothered, but Bob would say,"Honey, let it go. Don't worry. The trick is to stay ahead of them. Forget it. "Come on and fly with me. Get on the Interstate."

For R. Monroe to write his books under his real name was very dangerous for his life, his name, his carrier, his family, financial situation, his whole future and still he chose to face the consequences: he said that
in his books. But I can afford to open my cards: I have nothing to lose. Here is a clip from R. Monroe's "Journeys Out-of-the-Body":

"What does one do when faced with an Unknown? Turn away and forget about it? In this case, two factors negated that possibility. One was nothing more, than curiosity. The second: how can one forget or ignore an elephant in the living room? Or more to the point, a ghost in the bedroom? On the other side of the scale were the conflicts and anxieties, very real, very disturbing. There was no question, that I was deeply afraid of what might happen to me if the "condition" (out-of-body experiences, LM) continued. I was much more concerned about the possibility of a growing mental illness, than a physical deterioration.
I had studied enough psychology and had enough psychologist and psychiatrist friends to compound such fears. Moreover, I was afraid to discuss the matter with these friends. I was afraid, that I would then be classified as their "patients," and lose the closeness, that equality (normalcy) brings. Non-professional friends in business and community would be worse. I would be labeled a freak or psychotic, which could seriously affect my life and the lives of those close to me. Finally, it seemed to be something to keep from my family. It seemed unnecessary, that they worry along with me. It was only the definite need to
explain odd actions, that forced the disclosure to my wife. She accepted it reluctantly, because there was no other real choice, and thus she became a worried witness to incidents and events much in contradiction to her religious training. The children were then much too young to understand."

Was R. Monroe really secretive? Just look at the amount of information R. Monroe presented in his books and the impact he, his students and his readers made on the society. I've been also wondering: why
R. Monroe's books were so heavily censored: missing words are everywhere with 3 dots instead (read between the lines)? But "Matrix 5" trilogy was not censored at all. Maybe because something in those
'books' suited Orion Empire? Like not telling us, that not only Earth is going through all kinds of Crisis, but all the Planets and Suns of our Universe were going through the same Crises! All Galaxies have been merging together and their physical parts have been moving out of this Old Universe to the New One! Not much left from our Galaxy (Milky Way), because of the constant implosions of the Planets and Suns in our Galaxy! If you still think that nothing has changed in the skies for the last 17 years, than you are making a big mistake! Official press is still feeding us with 10 year old Hubble's photographs of disappeared Stars/Planets and Galaxies!
The author of M5 was not telling the readers, that they've never been just in 3rd Density, but in 4th and higher Densities while asleep, that our Sun's color changed to White: the sign of 5th Level of Consciousness. He is diverting the readers' attention to 3rd Density based Astrology, another beLIEf system, another religion (you don't really know what Timeline Astrology belongs to: there is a huge number of Earth Parallel Timelines, because every Parallel Earth/Galaxy/Universe has its own Timeline on different frequency)? Our Solar System and our Milky Way is changing and shrinking (losing Planets/Suns) so fast, that no Astrology would be able to keep up with all those changes!
He is making everyone to beLIEve, that humans were restricted to the 3rd Density and not any higher Level of Consciousness in this 'Planetary' Game (look at the picture in M5 trilogy book or on Val's website),  that we have been playing just a 'Planetary' Game and not Galactic and the Universal Games at the same time.
We live with our Alters simultaneously. Some of the Alters know all the other Alters of the same person, some know just a few and some Alters don't know any other Alter from your own cluster of the Alters.
He doesn't admit that he, like everyone else, has Alters and constantly whining about the badly treated human white Males by human Females and by everyone else. What about white American Males treating badly Negros, American Indians, Mexicans, Iraqis, Serbians, Vietnamese and the rest of the World for 3 centuries? And what about horribly treated Females by Males for thousands of years? He says, that compare to homosexual Men, married Men have not enough energy, they stop being bright and lose their sense of humour. What about R. Monroe's Love to a Woman? Just look at George Green! He is beaming with energy, he has been happily married to Desiree, world - known clarovoyant and has more humour, than many other not married Men.
It makes me wonder: how come that married Men with children achieved so much? Look at the history of Earth. They say: behind every great Man there is a Woman (and not just one). A human Woman has been a foundation, on which human Men were building their carriers and it's continues to this day. Most Women are Givers, they give their energies to babies while breastfeeding them and give their energies to the rest of their families, though that needs to change, because our Life is not going to be physical anymore. That happens to be the Truth.
On 15 November 2008 I was watching Russian News and again representatives of, this time, Ukranian Parliament were physically fighting each other over the right to rule in the Parliament
(and fist-fights even in 2012-2013). The same physical fightings between Men - politicians I've seen happening in Parliaments of many different countries for many years. In Russian Parliament in recent years the physical fights and verbal insults are performed mainly by a Jewish man, his name is Zhirinovsky (sometimes the behaviour of 'M5' author reminds me the behavior of Zhirinovsky). There is no significant person in the World, whom Zhirinovsky hasn't insulted or physically hit yet, esp. in Russia and he has a huge support of like-minded Men in Russia.

Zhirinovsky on truck

Zhirinovsky, is seeing himself as a ruler of Russia, sitting on a truck (like on a throne) and giving another rotten 'speech' to a few paid supporters!

Russians don't rule Russia, even jewish-arien people, who are behind Russians and in every government in the World don't rule Russia. Orion Empire in a form of the Shadow Government does it, but still the Observation and the Conduct of all the actions on Earth is done on the highest Level of Consciousness - The Source. Eventually those, who have power now, will lose it and get their place in another New physical Universe, because this Old Universe will not be physical after 2013!
"Matrix 5" author is constantly bragging in his books, that he had more, than a thousands lives on Earth. That is not advisable and according to Robert Monroe: the less lives you have on Earth and the less addicted you become to the life here, the better, the less Load you will have and the greater will be your escape velocity to leave Earth. I am a One-Timer, it means I had only one Life on Earth, but developed many Parallel Personalities (about a hundred) within only one Life! And if you needed more, than a thousand lives to get lessons in the Earth School, that only shows, that you were not bright enough from the start,  if you needed that many lessons. Those One-Timers, who are coming to Earth from very high levels (11th - 12th) need only one life here just to help the Big Plan: for our Old Universe to retire to the Source of All Life !
Majority of lives anybody has these days are Holographic Life Imprints of people, who lived them on Earth and died, then these lives were stored in the Library on Focus 27 (or what metaphysisists call 'Akashic Records') and used by new Players (more about Holographic Life Imprints can be found on:  Our Thoughts).

After reading info from "Eden, Atlantis and the UFO Myth" by Robert Morning Sky about the nature of Reptilian Females, the 'M 5' author started hating all Females, regardless whether they were human or reptilian. He was so paranoid with Sequentials (Aliens), that all his readers became paranoid with aliens too (and I was like that after reading his books for some time, till I recovered). R. Monroe wasn't paranoid with aliens, in fact he said in his #5 talk on Youtube:  "Obviously through the years, I've developed a lot of non human friends..."
There are also some  R. Monroe's thoughts on that in his "Far Journeys", p. 248, in "Rote BHP-1":
"Compressed Learning—Category Human.
The first point in consideration of human structure certainly should be the note, that a small percentage have never been through human experience prior to the present sojourn in Time. Some may have had physical life experience in other parts of Time-Space and in another physical form, but this is their first run as a Human. Other First-Timers have never been in a physical form of any sort. Time-Space—Physical Matter—and especially, Human existence on Earth is an interesting Anomaly."
"Ultimate Journey" by R. Monroe, p.166, more info is in "Ultimate Journey", R. Monroe
"A lot have no previous Human experience though they have plenty of some other type - both physical and non physical. Some work up from being Animals."

This is about the Minions (former dogs, cats, domestic or wild animals): they are humans, who have Animal Group Souls, but Human Body, which is the next stage in evolution of the speicies. The hatred towards all aliens doesn't stop the 'author' to use alien technology and their info for years. Internet/computers are the best example I can give you. Don't forget, that most of the Knowledge, most of the information we know today has been coming from positive and negative aliens !!! And heaps more of alien non-physical technology and information is waiting for us on higher Levels. I've mentioned, that 'M5' author is constantly writing, that the idea of Minions (first human life after being animals) is against the Planetary Spirit wishes/plans, which is a total nonsense. How else would those, who have never been humans, but only animals, progress and become finally humans, if their vibration raised up to that level? Next stage for them is to become a human. This is Evolution!
Another negative side of 'Matrix 5' author is that he's been influencing Human Females-readers to hate other Females and Children. Also he paralised Human Females/Males (the readers) from evolving: they all are sitting on their suit-cases and waiting, till they would individually graduate into 7th- 8th Level any minute (for years), because the author (the 'oracle') told them so. Reminds me Christian's "Rapture" idea:
to sit and just wait, till they join with the Father (their 'god'). The readers have been sitting on their suit-cases, waiting for the appropriate 'Astrological sign' from the 'oracle', not noticing, that this Level is not 3 D, but both: 3D & 4D ! We can expect any unusual events, but it doesn't mean, that we need to repeat, that 'it's going to get worse' all the time, like M5 author does! Everyone already knows it. You are not helping
the situation this way. The situation will get worse for the lovers of material possessions, because all of us will lose the physical things soon and that's good : we don't need them in non-physical Worlds.
But we gain other things! This 'author' is a master of creating Negative Thoughts and our Negative Thoughts are very powerful, especially Negative Group Thoughts.
In the chapter on MPD - Multiple Personality Disorder ('M 5' part 1) the author says, that Sequentials (aliens) can't have MPD, means create their own Alters. And I say: they can, and minions and animals can.
Please, read R. Monroe's books more carefully, where he wrote about himself having a non-human Alter-Personality joining his cluster and his own cat having an OBE.  It means cat has Alters on other higher non-physical levels.
I know that not just animals or aliens can have Alters, but even Earth and other Planets, Suns, Galaxies and Universes can! Earth's Parallel Worlds-Realities is the proof of it! Our Universe expands and creates Alters (Parallel Universes): everyone expands and creates Alters, because Consciousness always expands! We all are creating Alters, parts of us residing not just on Original Earth, but in other dimensions/
densities/Levels of Consciousness, Parallel Earths, Galaxies and Universes, in other Timelines/Realities/Worlds.
The Evolution of this Universe is moving in many directions : from 3rd Density up and also expanding and merging with neighbouring physical/non-physical Parallel Universes! Things are changing in our Universe/our Galaxy after 23rd of March 1994. The same 3rd density Planets/Stars/Constellations are moving to different locations in higher vibration or disappear all together into the 4th/5th Levels of Consciousness (lose their physical appearance).
By the way, many dark sorcerers despised Females too, but used them sexually to get the energy for their astral activities. They also use alien energy when they make a deal with Inorganic Beings. How very Reptilian! Don Juan in Castaneda books used to say that for Females to Astral Travel to the far ends of our and neighboring Universes is like  CHANGING SKIRTS. And this happens to be the Truth, only the memory of these travels is usually blocked in most people. There is a documentary made by an American Woman, who was herself a victim of rape. This documentary is  about horrific things, which are still done to Women and children of Congo and, if you watch it, you might be traumatized : "The Greatest Silence: Rape" !
I was also wondering why American politicians like all the Presidents, Senators, Henry Hissinger etc. have been using Female sexual energy as well as female's computer like abilities to memorise all kinds of data for themselves, (not Male sexual energy/computer like abilities) described by Cathy O'Brien in  "Trance Formation in America" and by Brice Taylor in "Thanks for the Memories". Yet, according to 'M 5' author, Males are 'givers' of life, only they, Men, have energy, but all Females are incubators for babies or SLUTS, who are sucking Males' energy. From reading "Matrix 5" I noticed how much the author and other Male- writers felt sorry for Males-children being raped, but it didn't touch them when the same was done to Female-girls. Why?
By the way, when we started this Planetary Game we found a lot of Minions, humans with animal souls of all kind around to the contrary 'Matrix 5' author's writings. Parts of our souls entered animal and human
 (but Minion's bodies) at the beginning of this Game for more of diverse experience. 'M5' author wrote in his 'books' that Minions turned up only at the Endgame Time and that the Planetary Spirit is so much against it, which is a total nonsense! Earth Planetary Spirit is not against Minions and this necessary process, it's the 'author', who is against of all the evolutionary processes. And how else would you prepare an army of humans for the next Planetary Game elsewhere in the New Universe?

Here is another puzzling thing: 'M5' author's love for Golden energy ("Matrix 5" Golden edition). If Golden energy is so powerful, protective and the Negatives are scared of it, then why Reptilians value it so much, making us to dig Gold out of our Planet and transport it to different destinations for thousands of years? Maybe someone with not very noble intentions is interested in us generating Golden energy for them?
If Golden energy is so effective why R. Monroe, W. Buhlman, Alex Collier and C.Castaneda never mentioned about its benefits? They never called their books "Golden books", never covered their books in Gold.
I know Jews love Gold very much (the word 'jewels' comes from the word 'jew').
Credo Mutwa mentioned once the use of a golden blanket by Reptilians to wrap up a virgin Female and place her (against her will) next to a sick Reptilian (Chitauli) for days, to make him healed! It is Reptilian idea. If Golden energy is so effective, why our Higher Selves and our personal energy our Spirits/Souls, our spheres/balls (us) are not colored Gold, but White? Look at our Higher Selves, on the picture of 'M 5' trilogy, part 1, please, and what would you see: our Higher Selves are White and Luminous (there are some other faults with this picture). Why Loosh is not colored in Gold, but has White color and that is the energy of Balance/Unconditional Love? Why do I see every morning White Sun rising from the ocean and coloring my room in White, but in "Matrix 5", Quest of the Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier, 2004, I see our Energy Spheres (our Spirits) are colored in Gold? Our Souls/Spirits never had Gold color, they always were White, like Loosh (Balance), which we are producing ! The explanation of Loosh is on Robert Monroe info  link on this website. And here is one of numerous thoughts of other writers about the power of White Light from "Keepers of the Garden" by Dolores Cannon, p. 276:
"P: I see a very intense White Light. A very pure and radiant White Light, that is of a high order of magnitude... This energy is what is commonly referred to as "The White Light of Protection." This is the
White Light of Protection. This energy has no identity, as identity is meaningless at this level. It, however, has what is called on your level 'Consciousness', or a definite Awareness. It is of the Supreme Order or magnitude of the Energies of the Universe.
Dolores: Am I really speaking to what would be considered the "White Light"? I am very familiar with the concept of the White Light, I always mentally place its Protection around my subjects, when we work.
In this way any negative influences may be kept away from my sessions.
P: It would be more accurate to say, that the Energies of the White Light are in communication. This Energy would now speak to Philip, for there is a very definite message here, which is to be given at this time."

There is another discrepancy: 'Matrix 5' author has been propagating the idea, that Loosh is not Love! The proof, that Loosh is Love is on p. 174-175 , "Far Journey" by Robert Monroe. Why M5 author is so afraid
of White Light and the word Love? It reminds me negative aliens: Balance (Unconditional Love) Energy makes them sick! I doubt in some things this 'author' wrote. Robert Monroe never said, that Golden energy
is the colour of unconditional Love-Balance, he saw that as being White. He even called Nancy my "Silver Queen", not "Golden Queen": silver is closer to sparkling White. White colored Light is the mixture of all coloured lights, including Golden light. White colored Energy of Balance is the most powerful Energy!

Our personal energy bodies are White Luminous Balls (read C. Castaneda's books on our site), which is true, then why do our White luminous Energy Bodies look golden or yellow on front picture of "Matrix 5", part 2 ? The one, which is showing a close-up of the Graduation Key and Earth, is full of these yellow dots. These golden dots (presumably us) are all over the Globe and lining up into the spiral of the Graduation Key, leading into, supposedly, 7th-8th Densities. I have no means to verify that: I wasn't there to see it, but  I see the bright White 5th Density Sun above my head  every morning, which is getting brigher and whiter every day, the sign of approaching 5th Level! To help it happen we need to mentally get used to the idea, that we've never been just on 3rd Level: we have 2 Suns (one for 3rd, another for 4th levels), our night dreams can prove, that a considerable part of our time we've spent in 4th D and all we are doing is just getting deeper and deeper into 5th Level. Of course, everyone is having different speed and different intent. There are those, who wants to continue playing 3d D physical Planetary Game on another Planet in another physical Universe, specially allocated for this purpose. You don't need a Male 'Final' to move yourself into 5th Level. You will get there anyway, if your vibration is right!

This 'author' never mentioned about the wealth of vital information the Andromedans gave us through Alex Collier. He only critisized all of them because they told us the Truth about Women's Role in Future Event! Andromedans said that Human Females and their young children (their frequency) have been already moving Humanity into 5th density, because the density of our bodies is changing: we are becoming less dense, we wouldn't need food/water/oxygen. In 5th density we are not going to be physical !
First edition of "Matrix 5" with a picture of the author's version of our Higher Selves turned up in 2003. On that picture the incarnations (us) are all in the area of 3rd density: according to the author. Our souls and our physical bodies are restricted to the 3rd density, which is not true. 10 years already passed, 'M5' readers have been looking at that picture and still beLIEving, that they've been always restricted to 3 D.
In his books 'M5' author says, that decision to be here is made by our Higher Selves. Then which one? There are more then one: one on every higher Level and there are few of them. The decision to play the Game here at this critical, for the whole Universe, time is made by our Total Self. According to R. Monroe there is a cluster of fragments/parts of us on every higher Level and each one is called Higher Self.
When all your Higher Selves merge into One, they will create a Total Self.
In his video #5 Bob Monroe says, that noone is holding you here and you free to get out of this Game any time, if you are not addicted to the Game, have less Load Factor and enough Escape Velocity. Your decaying orbit will become straighter and straighter till it finally sets you free. The Final on 3rd Level is the Core Self with all the Alters, created by this Core Self. And each time when the body was dying your Alters will move with you into the 4th density Rings around Earth, called Focuses (different wavelenghts). Your Alters then will occupy different Focuses according to their vibration, their level of Awareness.
We all have a different number of lives on Earth and different number of Alters/Parallel Personalities. But if you are still here, then there is a reason for it and it could be Universal/Planetary Shifts of Consciousness related.
As I said before it is surprising, that such a 'knowledgable' writer (of 'M5') never mentioned in his 'books' the most important Event, which took place: the beginning of Universal Shift of Consciousness in March 1994, never talked about the Role of New Aquamarine Energy. This Event was expected by so many Souls in our Universe, inc. R. Monroe and for so long. This major Event has been changing our and
neighbouring Parallel Universes. Nothing and noone would stay the same after that. Nothing and noone can stop it. In fact, this Universal Shift started a chain reaction of Universal Shifts in all Parallel Universes! One more point I would like to make. The technology is not going to disappear with disappearance of the 3D, like M5 author was preaching. Technology existed already on 4D, only different type, more plasmic.  Take the Andromedans, for example. They are from 4th and 5th Level and have spaceships, which Alex Collier visited. Technology will continue to exist, only it would become non-physical, just more sophisticated, than it was before and we are already getting the taste of it!
We've learnt how to create with technology before the Game, but when you graduate this Game you would be able to create with and without technology to become a creator yourself! After reading 'M5' I noticed that the author gets epileptic fits over the expression "Mother Nature" or "Mother Earth", these expressions are very popular and very true, though, deep inside, we all know that everyone is Androgynous like Earth Planetary Spirit, Sun, humans, aliens, Higher Selves etc. Even R. Monroe used the expression "Mother Nature" in his books, sometimes, and the reason was that all animal Life on Earth is created by their Female part and not Male one, except androgynous species, like salmon. Females are generators and nurturers of Life, but now Life needs to leave our physical Planet and move into the higher non-physical 5th Level of Consciousness! So, my advice to all Females is to help this Evolutionary process by not holding to physical posessions, to their physical bodies and the physical bodies of their children! We will continue Life without physical bodies on the higher Levels of Consciousness. I remember another thing written in 'M5'. The author says, that everyone, who is not your spiritual level (much lower), should be considered as your enemy! I doubt, that R. Monroe would think that way. I know could br frustrating to constantly deal with those, who are not of your level, but what can be done? Everybody deals with it in non physical worlds as well and Women deal better, because they are more patient, they are better Helpers in the Rings around Earth! Remember what  Don Juan said: "Tyrants are the best teachers!" and I can verify that from my personal experience. I didn't come to this conclusion straight away: I learned about it the hard way through life and I do not consider those, who are not as spiritually evolved as I am, as my enemies.
These are similar to R. Monroe experiences from "The Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot, p.69 and maybe we all go through these experiences:

"Other individuals tuned into the cultures of the Far East and not only gave impressive descriptions of what it was like to have a Japanese, Chinese, or Tibetan psyche, but also related various Taoist or Buddhist teachings. In fact, there did not seem to be any limit to what Grof's LSD subjects could tap into. They seemed capable of knowing what it was like to be every animal, and even plant, on the tree of evolution. They could experience what it was like to be a blood cell, an atom, a thermonuclear process inside the sun, the consciousness of the entire planet, and even the consciousness of the entire cosmos. More than that, they displayed the ability to transcend space and time, and occasionally they related uncannily accurate precognitive information. In an even stranger vein they sometimes encountered nonhuman intelligences during their cerebral travels, discarnate beings, spirit guides from "higher planes of consciousness, " and other suprahuman entities. On occasion subjects also traveled to what appeared to be other universes and other levels of reality. In one particularly unnerving session a young man suffering from depression found himself in what seemed to be another dimension. It had an eerie luminescence, and although he could not see anyone he sensed that it was crowded with discarnate beings. Suddenly he sensed a presence very close to him, and to his surprise it began to communicate with him telepathically. It asked him to please contact a couple who lived in the Moravian city of Kromeriz and let them know that their son Ladislav was well taken care of and doing all right. It then gave him the couple's name, street address, and telephone number."

One more descrepancy I found with 'M5' author views. He says in his 'books' that all aliens (Sequentials) have their memories of other lives elsewhere untouched. This is not always true, it's much more complex.
It depends on the case. There are cases, that Holographic Life memories of past lives of other people, who had died and no longer on Earth, have been injected into One-Timers (former aliens), to have something to hold on to. Many such newcomers don't have memories of other lives on Earth at all and only under hypnosis they might remember something from other places they lived before. The life for them here not always easy and again all depends on an individual's level of awareness before entering the Game. I lived with a positive One-Timer for 35 years, so I had enough time for observations.

There is also one more peculiar detail. Whenever the readers of "Matrix 5" trilogy would ask the author about the new Planet, which would take the Earth population over and start a new Planetary Game "somewhere in the positive sector of our Galaxy", his usual answer would be something like this: "It's none of your buisness, forget it, don't worry about this, if you are graduating!" But it is our duty: to prepare a new lot of humans for the new Planetary Game on another 3D Planet and this is what everyone has been doing without being aware of it! The author of "Matrix5" doesn't give a shit about helping another Planetary Spirit to start another physical Planetary Game on another planet (at least mentally, with thoughts and intent), though he mentioned in his 'books' about the existence of such a Planet. On top of that the whole 'trilogy' of this 'author' was directed into disabling, di-activating a considerable group of more evolved individuals to think only about their personal graduation, instead of helping the development of the 'Second Earth' in the New Universe. The bodies are going gradually to transform into lighter ethereal bodies till vibration will be so fast, that these ethereal bodies will turn into shining Light Spheres, seen by R. Monroe at the 'Gathering'!
It's hard to find more arrogant Male, than this 'author' and I'm sure his arrogance, poor judgement and poor knowledge of Life in our Universe makes him a laughing stock for our Higher Selves. The only problem
is that many still following him and his damaging ideas. Where did he get the idea, that he know more, than Beings on Higher Levels? There are many 'aliens' here on Earth, who are doing their job for Evolution of this Planet and this Universe. How can you call them 'nasty aliens'? And all this hierarchy in our Higher Selves, dividing into classes: Final, very advanced, middle advanced, less advanced, low level etc. he created, as if low level Being of the same Higher Self is not important! He built himself up using his own parts (from his Higher Self), who are low level, as stepping stones! I hope that all these critical thoughts would make a difference and change this 'author' ideas.
I doubt very much that people like this author raised even one child and this is another way to get experience and to help to populate the new Planet in one of the physical universes. He would rather have Earth as a bare rock in 2005, but what if neither Earth and its population, nor this Universe with all the transformations taking place are ready for that? He has no idea what is really going on. I advise the 'author' to adopt a child, that also might change his views on life, helping this way another Player.
Funny Kids - video (Apr. 2019 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)

That explains why Earth Humanity has been raising millions of dogs/cats/cows and other domestic animals for thousands of years: they are needed as humans and as animals on the Second 'Earth' to populate
 the New Universe! During its lifetime Earth gave painful births to many Parallel Earths for other Parallel Universes, other Realities most likely at the time of nuclear explosions. Maybe that was the reason to call Earth "Mother Earth"? Andromedans told Alex Collier, that our legends need to be considered as Truths and most of what we've been fed with as Lies. There is an appropriate info from yet another book, written
by Dolores Cannon, called "The Legend of Starcrash", p.104:
"B (the Hunter)...there is a legend, that says this Earth is not the only one. There are several here and sometimes we might go from one to the other without knowing it. And I feel that on that winter day - it was
dark - that I inadvertently went into the other Earth were these animals were, because everything felt different. The land was the same, but the harmony was different. The wind even sang differently.
But I needed the animal for the village. And then, when I was going back to the village, I felt things changed again and everything felt right again...One of the older man at the village believes, that it happens quite often without our knowing about it, for some of the Earths are closer to ours.
D (Dolores): You never know; anything is possible. Maybe these aren't just legends."

After years of research I came to conclusion, that the number of lives on Earth depends directly from the last level of Awareness you came from, before starting this Game. If you came from 11th Level or from the Source itself (Creative Force) to participate in Earth Planetary Game, then one life on Earth is usually enough. But if your last level was 2nd, 3rd,  4th level, then you need hundreds of lives to spend on Earth to learn enough lessons. As far as I remember, from "Matrix 5" author's writings, that other Universes/Worlds/ Realities give him shivers. He is everything what a Higher Self is not and yet he is claiming to be a Final (a leader) in his Higher Self. That's to be seen! There is some info from Dolores Cannon's "The Convoluted Universe", book 3, which 'Matrix 5' author wouldn't like or approve, p. 634:
"The rest of the session centered around Francis' personal questions. It seemed, that I had found another type of unusual energy, that had been sent to Earth. This one was not new to Earth, she had experienced many lifetimes and gone through much difficulty. She (the Being) apparently didn't come directly from the Source like many of the others. She had come from the place of beauty and peace, where they lived extremely long lives. Was she a nature spirit? One of the little people? It's hard to say, because she was a normal lifeform on the Planet, where she lived. Yet she was asked to come (with many others) to help Earth. Her energy was needed, she agreed and made the journey. Apparently she would not be staying and going on to the New Earth, because her tour of duty was over...So it appears that I am discovering a kaleidoscope of souls and energies, who have come to experience life on this difficult  and challenging Planet. In the beginning of my work it all seemed so simple. Now I am finding there is no limit to the variety  of Spirits, that can inhabit the human body. They have come from so many strange and unusual places, yet they seem to have one goal in common. To help the people of Earth. To keep our Planet from self-destructing..."
They are not just helping Earth. They are helping to move the Old Universe to the Source, by uplifting their own consciousness and the consciousness of their Home Planets.

indian widows

On the picture above are old Indian Women (our Alters), who lost their husbands and, according to the local customs, widows are thrown out of the houses and become homeless, when their husbands die!
To understand our Parallel Personalities better, I would like you to watch an old American movie about Split Rersonalities, called "3 Faces of Eve" and to go on our link : Multiple Personality Disorder
Split Personality is the same as Parallel Personality and it is mentioned in R. Monroe's "Journeys Out-of-the-Body", p. 51 as well as in C. Castaneda's books:
"...However, in two "sittings" in which we participated, I came away with the definite impression that Mrs. M., although deeply sincere, was acting out some form of split personality when she went into a trance. The "guides", who took over her body and spoke through her vocal cords, were to me nothing more or less, than manifestations of this. This implied not that I thought Mrs. M. deliberately created this illusion, but that it happened as a result of a self-induced hypnotic state, and she truly had no knowledge of what took place, I was sure that in no way was Mrs. M. attempting to "fake." She wasn't and isn't that type of person. What left me unconvinced was that when I had asked her guides (her dead husband and an American Indian) certain questions as they spoke through her,  I received evasive replies. The best I could get was:
"You will discover this through your own sources." This at the time seemed to me to be a simple way to avoid an answer, that could be verified in other ways. It is important , that I point out my complete skepticism of Mrs. M. and her guides..."

"In moments of inner silence, if we practice extending consciousness antennas, we can perceive the roots of our own being. It’s important not to live in the vibrations of others for our guidance. We must learn to live fully in our realities - in our own vibrations. By tuning into ourselves we receive guidance we need to become real persons. As we start into this new energy phase in the earth cycle, we are being reminded that the most important aspect of living is to get into attunement with our own personal vibrations. When we listen and tune in, there is no end to the energy levels that we will tap into."  Rosalind A. McKnight

I, personally, didn't feel any energy coming out of 'M 5' trilogy books (all 3 volumes on top of each other) or sage or black tourmaline or Ass-trology. I wouldn't put 'M 5' books under my pillow or under my bed or read it 5 times, like other readers do. Robert Monroe was never saying, that you need to put his books on top of each other and this way you would feel a lot of power coming from them. Bob never said, that his books were on a stand (a pedestal) in the library on Focus 27 (like M5 author did) and that the people in that Library were lining up eager to see R. Monroe's books. "M5" author is not very modest, didn't get rid of SELF-IMPORTANCE yet ! But R. Monroe was very modest, he would never do all this stuff. That's why thousands of people still love him. I don't know personally anyone, who saw 'M 5' trilogy books placed on the stand in the library on Focus 27, apart from the 'author' himself. What I definately know, that his 'books' and his updates through Internet have a very restrictive influence and most readers would follow his books
or what he or Val would recommend to the letter. R. Monroe never said, that his books were emitting a lot of energy, to make the readers to worship him and his books.

I look at the Graduation Key in 'M 5', which connects 3rd Level to 7th/8th Level: this is the way the Human Graduates are supposed to go, and what are we going to do in between 3rd and 7th Density, apart from a short stop for "reorientation" according to the author? Reminds me a bullet-train with no stops. I doubt very much, that our Higher Selves would go up like a bullet-train, just to collect their own lost parts of their cluster from every Level and forget their most important Goal: to move the Old Universe and themselves to the Source!
Well, you don't know what your Higher Selves on higher Levels have got up the sleeve for you, what kind of new tricks! Alex Collier said something like: "Where would you put a lie? - Between two Truths!"
M5 trilogy is full of these, hard to detect, lies. No wonder, that 'M 5' trilogy author hates Andromedans and their information (esp. about the Role of Women): he would always find something wrong with almost every author, but himself.
To understand these materials you need to read 3 books of R. Monroe : "Journeys out of the Body", "Far Journeys", "Ultimate Journey". In the next article I will be using language of "Matrix 5" books for those who read those books. I noticed that that author doesn't like to write much about Parallel Earths/Parallel Universes maybe because he doesn't know much about it? And maybe what I write next he wouldn't like much.
In my opinion, Simultaneous Higher Self has many energy cords joined to people (incarnations) or their scouts (us) and scouts' Alters (our Alters) living different lives in different Parallel Earths/Parallel Universes, apart from the original Earth/Universe, at different times/worlds
/densities/dimensions and all that is simultaneously, because time doesn't exist. But each Simultaneous person (incarnation) joined to nimerous Alters by energy cords. These Alters/other personalities, who are not restricted to just the 3rd Density Reality, like M 5 author is preaching, but to many Parallel Timelines and Parallel Universes, different dimensions and densities.
Our Alters/other personalities travel from place to place or living separate lives in different genders, in Past, Present and Future,  in different Parallel Worlds without knowing about the existence of each other.
Brice Taylor, the author of "Thanks for the Memories" didn't know that she was leading a double life: the life of wife of the respected dentist and a life of a sex-slave for the upper echelon of American elite like senators/presidents etc. Being from a family of something like freemasons, she was constantly beaten up, electricuted into submission by males, and forcefully prostituted to US drugged human and non human presidents and senators since her childhood. The same happened to Cathy O'Brien and millions of other females all over the World.
Another example of Carlos Castaneda, himself. He writes in "The Art of Dreaming", that it took him 15 years of storing enough energy and a hard work to slowly remember what other lives in Parallel Earths/Universes and other Realities he had. He remembered the lives of his Alters, he was living simultaneously. For more on that see  Carlos Castaneda info .
Robert Monroe also often mentions in the books his other lives, his Alters' lives in different Parallel Realities, different time-lines he was living simultaneously with his main life: as a woman, a soldier, a prist, a fish, a panther, an eagle, an oak tree etc. More about it on  Psychology of Multiple Personalities .
It's a very complex subject and only your Higher Self knows all the lives which belong to this particular Higher Self. Usually our 3D physical bodies are restricted to 3rd Density, though there are some exceptions, when the physical bodies are taken to other dimensions and even densities: alien technology can do that. And I doubt very much that there is a Simultaneous true human who doesn't have at least one Alter, one more personality.
I'll give you a few examples. Alex Collier was taken by the Andromedans to 4th or 5th Density spaceship with his physical body and they used a special belt to keep his physicality (his physical body) together.
Sorcerers could do that too: taking their physical bodies to higher Density, please, read Castaneda books (3 of them in electronic form are on this website on separate links). But our Alters have no problem: they astral travel to most of the Densities and Dimensions of this and Parallel and Other Universes.

According to M5 author, sequential (alien) Higher Self (HS) has only one person living at a time, connected to HS with an energy cord and physical body placed in 3rd Density. This is M5 author's view. But this is opposite to what I experienced in life. My husband of 30 years has Rh-negative blood group. It means that his blood is missing Primate race (Rhesus monkey), which is a special feature of a true human from Earth and which a wider range of emotions and a much greater creativity. According to Andromedans, a physical body of a true human is a composite of Primate race and 22 other races', which gives such a range of emotions and creativity.
All the authors are holographically adding up to the same pot: Raising up our Universal Consciousness! It's interesting to watch how the information, given by R. Monroe, Alex Collier and Carlos Castaneda has been slowly discredited, twisted by many debunkers, or forgotten all together, especially by 'M 5' trilogy author. "Ultimate Journey", p.186 :
"Group Thought, especially when it is primarily emotion inducing, can be highly contagious, owing to the extreme amplitude of (Mind) Field radiation."
This is what Group Thought can do! This is what happened to 'M5' readers! They turned into war-sheepers! I can verify that with my personal experience of being hypnotised by 'Matrix 5' author and by those, who is behind him.
About our Alters

Not all our Alters are merging with the Core Self after the death of the physical body and moving permanently to 5th Density. Some have been moved to the New Universe to start life there. We all heard, that behind every great Man there is a Woman and not just one. And if human Females 'sucking' Males' energy (according to 'M5' author), than married Men are not supposed to have energy at all and without energy they, definately, wouldn't achieve anything in life. But look at Humankind's history. Who were the majority of great Male achievers? Happily married Men! Look at Robert Monroe and Credo Mutwa!
Usually, when Human Females give energy to Males, what most human Males do? Spit on them! How many times I've heard from human Males: "My dog is better, than my wife!"  Then why have you married her and still live with her? You are free to stay single anytime. And when she dies, he starts losing his energy and even his dog doesn't replace feminine energy. Only then he starts appreciating her.
When I look at Robert Monroe giving a talk after Nancy died (on Youtube, Interview 1 and 2, on Robert Monroe info ) and at Credo Mutwa, when he is giving a message to Everyone (on Youtube), after his wife died.
I compare how they both looked, when their wives were alive (their earlier videos) with how they looked after their wives died. The difference was astonishing: they seemed hardly coop with life after their wives' deaths, their wives helped them to understand so much more, their wives were providing them with their energy and advices to continue their work! Example for the Men/Boys all over the World is to follow Australian Men. Australian Men (inc. Aborigine's Men) would feel how much good-hearted Females appreciate their actions! I hope, that those, who took this oath, will keep their promice and do not turn it into just
a TV stunt:
Men, Boys to Take Anti-Violence Vow
Wednesday, November 25, 2009 » 08:54pm

"Australia's Men and Boys have been asked to swear they will never commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against Women. The White Ribbon Day Foundation's first national Swearing Day on
Wednesday asked Men and Boys from all walks of life, all around the country, to swear to end violence against Women. About one in three Women does experience violence at some stage in their lives, according to the foundation. A number of high-profile Men gathered at NSW Parliament House on Wednesday to 'swear' on White Ribbon Day. The Attorney-General John Hatzistergos, Acting Police Commissioner Dave Owen, the general manager of AFL NSW Dale Holmes, rugby league star Wendell Sailor, members of the Cronulla Sharks and media personalities Adam Spencer and Steve Cannane all wrote their promise on separate pieces of paper and placed it in the 'swear jar'. Mr Hatzistergos said violence against Women was unacceptable and un-Australian. 'There are no excuses and there is no reason to remain silent about it,' he told the crowd gathered at NSW Parliament House on Wednesday. 'We are fortunate to live in a country, that has welcomed people from all different faiths and countries. 'We allow them to be able to join with us, to be able to develop this country and prosper individually and collectively. 'The one thing we should never accept is the concept, that they can bring into this country any notion, that treats Women unequally or which perpetuates violence against Women. 'That is unacceptable conduct and it is certainly not an Australian value.' Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has asked a commitment of the nation's approximately 10
million Men - to stop violence against Women. The government had a zero tolerance approach, when it came to violence against Women, he said. 'Men (should) swear never to commit, excuse, or stay silent about violence against Women.' Australians wanted to live in a Community, where all Women could live free of violence, Mr Rudd said.

'But attitude change does not necessarily lead to behaviour change, the government's challenge is to try to ensure that it does.' Social justice commissioner Tom Calma says White Ribbon Day contributes to 'very real and important outcomes'. 'Violence against Women is very often a manifestation of wider social problems, but there is absolutely no excuse for it. 'It sends a powerful message when more and more Men are prepared to stand up and say they are against it."


A Letter from an Androgynous Being

This letter was sent to "Matrix 5" trilogy author by me.
Subject: the letter from Androgynous person
Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2008 22:02:25 +1000

Dear, Author !
I feel that you , need to apologize to women ( at least to Simultaneous females-readers of M5 ). Women will repay (support) you 10 times more. I know women.
There is a small article on ABC, called "Indigenous men make collective apology over abuse (to women, LM)", maybe you need to read it :
Apology to women (
A tremendous gap between males and females has been created and it needs to be sealed and it only could be done on individual basis, internally. I would be very surprised if I meet a Simultaneous Incarnation , who doesn't have Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) , at least one more (personality, LM) Alter apart from Original personality. I have MPD and you have it too. You have many Alters, but still can't handle them. Your writings are full of bright ideas , but at the same time the struggle between your male and female Alters shows too (males and females of different ages and both polarities). You started changing and it's showing up in your last 2 updates! That is the reason why you couldn't write anything about Androgynous people : you need to become an Androgynous person and have that special frequency to be able to share your experiences with the readers.
I was wondering: if each of Simultaneous incarnations has male/female/positive/negative energies, how can you apply Law of Attraction here? How can you say :" Like attracts like" if you consider internal energies of one person? These energies are opposing each other: male is opposing female energies; negative is opposing positive energies ! And every Simultaneous incarnation is like that , then you can't really apply Law of Attraction to any Simultaneous incarnation, UNLESS THEY ARE ANDROGYNOUS PEOPLE. They would attract each other, isn't it? When this bunch of opposing internal energies in a Simultaneous male or a female is meeting similar bunch of opposing energies , how can you use Law of Attraction ? Androgynous people fluctuate between a male and a female, don't need sex with any gender. They can love and it's called a Platonic Love. They are Balanced people you were writing about in M5. And they are feared by ordinary folks, if they don't hide their true nature.
I've done a lot of research into Psychology and Psychiatry and specifically into MPD and I can tell you things about MPD, which you might not find in any other source. Look around : there are many signs in life which are proving my point, but most of us are blind to see or scared to write about it. For instance, have you noticed how many boys/males look like girls/females (without any artificial make up) and vice versa? Males can sing like girls (tenors-Alters), walk/talk/behave/write/do anything like girls.

Males with breasts, Domenican Rep.

Males with breasts, Domenican Republic. Yes, Males are slowly turning into Androgynous people - means Male&Female person!

In modern times males/females go into a lot of trouble to change their gender, they feel like more of the opposite gender and they don't know why. I'll tell you why. Because of artificially created dominating opposite gendered sabotaging Alters, who gets them into trouble. We , Simultaneous incarnations , all have sabotaging Alters to fight with and you are not an exception.
Homosexual males even prefer a girlish looking male partner and the same is with lesbians. And it's not difficult to find, because Simultaneous males have females-Alters. The same applies to Simultaneous females, whether they are pre-Graduates or not. All the sabotaging Alters will usually have Wernicke's commands (to hate the opposite gender), inserted into the Wernicke's part of the brain. This is why a constant struggle between the genders. And you are in the same situation like every Simultaneous incarnation!
Women-readers of M5 would be so happy if you not just apologize, but also give women a chance to express their opinions and not shut them up like you used to.You might learn something valuable from them. Ironically, the dominating females you were writing about , could also be your own sabotaging female-Alters.
Yes, I agree , females were not as aggressive in America before the WW2, because apart from Civil War, there were no internal wars in USA. But Russia had internal/external wars, dictatorships, jails, constant extermination and shortages of food/shelter for the whole last century and that made most of females and males aggressive (and Multiple Personality Disordered, LM). Females are copy-cats, they copy everything inc. males dominating behaviour. What a Surprise!
A female would sooner admit her fault than a male: this is my observation. I have 2 males in my household: my son and my ex-husband, who'se got MPD and been also fluctuating between a male and a female, but not that often.
There is more than one way to come to the same idea. Males might use logic and get an idea, females would usually use intuition to get the same idea.
I never used Astrology to get my insights. I don't know Astrology and only use my intuition/experiences, books and life observations. I don't remember if R.Monroe ever used Astrology in his work/life/astral travels, yet with the considerable help from his HS he astral travelled to such places like the Aperture and have witnessed the future Shift
(of Consciousness, LM). He managed to remember all that and described most of the experiences in his books. And you too. With the help of your HS (Higher Self ) you've been able to astral travel to such places, see such things, meet such beings like your HS and Planetary Spirit, that I can only dream about. I don't remember that I ever astral travelled, saw what R.Monroe saw, met my HS or Planetary Spirit or other great Beings on/off the Planet. My HS was not interested in me getting all these experiences. Intuitively, inspite of my dysfunctional genital chakra , I know that I have astral Alters among other Alters but the memory of their experiences has been blocked. I hope the time will come when I'll remember everything.
Why do males get so much help from HS's and females so little? I also regret that I never became a sorcerer. I learned about it too late: about 4 years ago (from books of Castaneda, LM).
You are writing in M5 that three Dominant women designed/created a prototype of the ideal Final they needed and that prototype is you. My question is why 3 Dominants were women and not men, if males are so much more intelligent, gifted, psychic, powerful, strong givers of life (according to you), than females?
Life would not be sustained if you only give life and not nurture it over the years. Mainly women nuture it. They have to bear the child for 9 months, give birth in excruciating pain, breastfeed, cure, constantly worry, raise and be devoted to the child for all her life. You didn't experienced that: it's like being jailed for life. Most of the females don't want to be mothers : they are forced to be mothers. I experienced all of that. Males also do some of the nurturing but in a lesser degree. You were born and raised the same way, at least I had that impression from reading M5. Of course, there are exceptions of the rule and much more of them in the last 70 years, when children either brought up in government run institutions or by different people (not parents) or by noone (street kids).
I also was wondering , why females are more powerful than males in Orion Empire? What do females have that males don't? Could Orion females be more psychic, more intelligent? And maybe, the same situation applies not just to Orion Empire but to the whole Universe?  Part of our brain is reptilian as we know. 
Not to overcome males in this Planetary Game (just for the duration of it), human females were constantly impregnated, raped and abused by everyone , especially males.
How else would you destroy GENITAL CHAKRA IN A FEMALE ( the antenna)? This chakra is very important for psychic ability, intuition, sixth sense. Females-sorcerers were/are avoiding any sexual relations with males at all costs, because they know that they would lose their psychic abilities : books of Castaneda are full of this information. But ordinary females don't know about it and allow their genital chakras to be destroyed by marriages. Through the history of all countries, particularly females have been prosecuted for not marrying or not having children (for not having their chakras destroyed). In India there are millions of females-widows, who are treated like prisoners and whose only crime is that their husbands died earlier then them! And there are similar draconian "customs" to keep female's chakra not functioning in every culture since the Game started.
Good books are created this way: the writer's findings/insights/ideas/experiences/emotions are based on other writers' thoughts/experiences/insights/feelings + the input from the readers' impressions/thoughts/
(in the writer's follow up books).
But, nevertheless, I deeply appreciate the job you've done and enjoy many of your original thoughts/experiences in M5 and your updates. Some of them make me laugh!

Lydia Monroe and bunch of my Alters

P.S. If you find 2 same words/sentences together , this is where the change over from Alter to Alter takes place."

 And this is "Matrix 5" trilogy author's reply to me :

"You failed to remember what I said in the first volume, I do NOT argue what I've written. You don't like it: fine. You do like it: fine. I DON'T CARE either way. Simultaneous path females know what I mean and I've heard from a LOT of M5 simultaneous path females. You, obviously are not since you are heavily female body ID'd. Sequential path females on Earth are cunts. Since you have failed to grasp the basic 'no argue/no debate' in M5, I am blocking you. Revel in your body ID, Orion in origin. I will have to consider another segment on worthless sequential females since you begged me for it."

It wasn't difficult for the M5 author's negative Alters to show up: that has happened before with me and other readers of M5. I made a serious effort not to laugh at M5 author's response, then I doubled up with laughter till my body started aching and the reason was that I'm Robert Monroe's Split Final, I am that Russian woman R. Monroe was writing about, I'm his long lost sister and M5 author hinted, that I was an alien, that I am cunt. Never forget : the more evolved you are the more you laugh, Don Juan, Don Genaro, Carlos Castaneda, R. Monroe were good examples of it. And, of course, our Higher Selves: they love having fun! Aliens can't laugh with abandon, the way I do. Matrix 5 author used Robert Monroe's books as prerequisite (required as a condition for something else means for his own books, where he twisted R.Monroe's ideas).
M5 author heavily used the materials from Robert Monroe books for his books: he admits it himself! But not  everything he interpreted the right way.
He divides people into Lightsiders/Darksiders, Sequential (aliens)/Simultaneous (humans), Minions and females (it doesn't matter for him whether they are human or alien, they are all nasty in his opinion anyway). He didn't seem to experience Big L.
He was wrong that aliens can't have Alters. They can and I can verify that.

Robert Monroe had 4 times (bigger than ordinary) luminous Energy body, allowing him to travel to the highest at that time 11th Level of Consciousness, write books, run Radio Shows and a TV Channel and later his Institute and to be one of the leaders in raising Consciousness of Humanity on Earth.
Teachers and leaders of sorcerers are called naguals, also have 3-4 times bigger Luminous Energy bodies which help them to do their teaching and lead groups of sorcerers. There are females among naguals too.

For more info about Double Luminous Energy body (ball or egg shaped) see:  Carlos Castaneda info

There is an interesting info in "The Art of Dreaming" by Carlos Castaneda, p.103 :
"His reasoning was correct and was guided by the sorcerers' knowledge that the Universe is markedly female and that maleness, being an offshoot of femaleness, is almost scarce, thus, coveted (very desirable, LM). Don J
uan made a digression and commented that perhaps that scarcity of males is the reason for men unwarranted dominion on our planet... In the world of daily life, water is an element of the environment that we use for traveling. Imagine awareness being a similar element that can be used for traveling. Through the medium of awareness, scouts from all over the universe come to us, and vice versa; via awareness, sorcerers go to the ends of the universe."
Male side of a male or a female is the idea, but female side of a male or a female is the manifestation of that idea, a creation of a hologram.
"I have already said to you that to be a natural man or a natural woman is a matter of positioning the assemblage point," don Juan said. "By natural I mean someone who was born either male or female. To a SEER, the shiniest part of the assemblage point faces outwards, in the case of females and inward, in the case of males. The Tenant's assemblage point was originally facing inward (male), but he changed it (moved it inside out, LM) by twisting it around and making his egglike energy shape look like a shell that has curled up on itself"
The Tenant is a Male sorcerer, who turned himself into a Female, because Females were better treated in the vast universe; the brighter part of the Assemblage Point (part of Soul) in Females is another antenna for Universal Knowledge, more onp.219, "The Art of Dreaming" , C.Castaneda. This book in its electronic form is available on this website on  the link:    C. Castaneda Books 2

I thought that the 'author' of "Matrix 5" has already gone to 7th density somewhere forever, but, to my surprise, he is still here on this Earth. Here is the email from him to me (28 November 2009) as  a reply to my sending him the article about Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and his team's Promice never hurt a Woman :
 "Violence BY Women to Men is epidemic, especially in the US. Unless Females also committed to the same, this is no more than an Orionization farce to control Men. There is nothing noble in anti-Male actions."
The reply from me:
 "What you failed to remember, that it is a Game and that we all just energies mixing with each other. To have a healthy atmosphere in this particular time, we need 11th or 12th Level Advanced, unbiased Androgynous leaders and you are not one of them, you are still just a physical body: you need a few more lessons of life to understand the whole situation. Men and Women will follow these Balanced, Advanced Leaders regardless what physical or non-physical body and what gender they are in. And people will be greatly influenced by this kind of Leaders and stop the violence against each other! One of those Leaders was Robert Monroe and his influence is still great !"
 Lydia Monroe
 P.S. Orion Empire is way below 11th-12th Levels Beings, who are the real Leaders of this Universal, Galactic and Planetary Games and the outcomes of these Games: the Shifts of Consciousness!"
Yesterday 28 November I sent this reply to the 'author' and he obviously didn't like the answer, because he came to my bedroom at night (on the same day) in invisible form, when I was in bed and tried to zap me. My left arm all over sudden jumped up, but this kind of things don't affect me in a negative way and I knew, that it was him and told him calmly not to disturb me. And he, eventually, left empty- handed.
I do not come to people's bedrooms or anywhere, for that matter, to zap them, only because I don't like something they do! This is not very noble and this activity I call "Stalking"!

Split Personality

Matrix 5 trilogy author doesn't think that Split Personality exists, but I personally experienced it myself and others too. Books of C.Castaneda are full of Split Personality examples and here is another one given by Stephanie and Michael Relfe. Split Personality in Pat, stated by her on p. 110, part 2 "The Mars Force: Pat's Story":

Yesterday when I brought them (The Alters) up - I felt them in me, but I could still feel me."Pat clarified this later. She said later "I felt all of the (my) Alters, and myself as well."

What we need to remember that the New Evolutionary Energy we are about to create includes all the human/non human/androgynous/masculine/feminine/neutral races whoever been present on Earth combined with all Earth energies like plant/animal life, all Nature Spirits like water/fire/wind/rock etc. from the beginning of the Planetary Game till the end of it.
The idea of every significant  book is to present NEW INSIGHTS/THOUGHTS for the reader and ALLOW THE READERS TO DEVELOP THEM EVEN FURTHER. That's called Evolution !
There are NO perfect writers, except one: M5 trilogy author (he thinks).If a writer doesn’t allow further development of her/his ideas, this writer isn't real. That's what I see happening with "Matrix 5" trilogy, the author of which doesn't allow some of his ideas to be further developed. Sometimes I even doubt if all his thought were not borrowed from someone else. I, personally, found quite a few "his ideas" in R.Monroe's, C.Castaneda's, Alex Collier's, D.Icke's, G.Green's, Credo Mutwa, Arisona Wilder, Cathy O'Brien, Robert Morning Sky and many other writers books/videos/audios/DVD's/seminars. And what is the real reason for him to stay anonymous?
Secrets, secrets. Orion Empire loves to have secrets. Where is this fear to face the consequences of the actions of your writing is coming from? Anonymous author of M 5 is a shaman.
 Whose interests is he really serving and what is hidden behind the beautiful words he is using? You really need to be very cautious with unbalanced shamans, especially if their strong point is the ability to hypnotise, mesmerise the readers with constant written phrase repetitions (which might not always be right, but very effective way to persuade) and if their weak point is love for admiration by spiritually advanced males/females readers. I remember myself being under M5 author's negative influence for a number of years. I was always wondering why a public Forum on "Matrix 5" was not allowed? Not to discuss or critisize the author's " views "? He hated Andromedans and condemned all the information coming from them through Alex Collier. The same happened to family, females, children values :
a complete devaluation. He hardly liked any writer, finding faults in everyone. Reminds me of a Dictatorship.
Andromedans gave us a lot of very important info about our Universe evolutionary transformation: about vanishing 3rd Density from our Universe (after the 3rd of December 2013) and our gradual move to the 4th Density, see  Alex Collier info link.  Orion Empire doesn't like this idea.
And I know that is true, because the signs of 4th Density are everywhere. We are already in the first overtones of 4th Density. Look at the Sun above you. It used to be yellow (3rd Density colour, like an old yellow incandescent light), now our Sun looks much brighter, whiter colour (like a white fluorescent light colour, not as bright thou). Now we know why fluorescent light and other similar lights have been used indoors all over the world for so many years: to make us not to notice the change in our Sun. More on  Anomalous Events link.
 I also don't remember that M 5 trilogy author ever mentioned about the possible birth of New  Energy, the Creation of which has been so much anticipated by so many who are  interested in Evolution of this Universe - yet it's been described in R.Monroe books. All I remeber from reading M 5 that the author did not like to talk about our Universal Densities changes and discouraged others from pursuing this subject. His main preoccupation has always been to make every human Graduate to get out of here towards 7/8th Density. Forget about being participants of Universal evolution, about being teachers, constructors for other beings wishing to evolve. I am sure that inspite of M5 authors' desires, Graduating Higher Selves have different plans for each of you and the Universal Evolution is the first on the list, the priority.
M5 trilogy author is proposing for the readers : spiral out before the Shift ; the Shift and what would happen after the Shift is none of your buisness; just summon all of your other incarnations (if you are a Final) and off you go to higher densities and gather at a certain point for "reorientation" and exchanging of memories with your friends-Graduates.
M5 author was diverting the attention of the most advanced Pre-Graduates from participation in the Shift and from creating a New Human-Graduate Evolutionary Energy, the wish to help - this diversion serves Orion Empire very well (they hate those who talks about the Shift). Reptilians (and those who are helping them) would be more than happy to see the most advanced Pre-Graduates (humans) to be busy with the political chaos on the planet or spiralled out (graduated) well before the Shift would start, instead of preparing yourself for the future role of a teacher/facilitator whereever it would be.
Looks like the upper echelon is trying to move the most conscious part of humanity out of Earth and to put to sleep the rest, not to interfere with their plans for the Shift!

While human males have been busy to move the best spiritual forces from Earth all together, most of human females have been moving considerable part of Earth population from old 3 D Earth into the new 4 D Earth without knowing it. Young human children are helping the process too. M5 author makes no exception: all children, in his opinion, are either aliens or minions; there are no Simultaneous children. But, in my opinion, that there are millions of Simultaneous human children of all ages and Graduating Higher Selves are not very happy about his 'opinion'.
 Where do you think a Simultaneous person stores her/his negative energy for the Balance? The answer is: in her/his sabotaging (negative) Alters/Sub-incarnations/Sub-personalities.
We all know that we need female/male/positive/negative energy in equal proportions for creating a Balanced (Androgynous) person.
You see, Orion Empire (and those who are helping them ) are using the same technique Credo Mutwa was talking about (watch David Icke's  "Reptilian Agenda") . They usually choose a positive, evolutionary, political movement with a well meaning Simultaneous leader, then wait till it attracts as many people as possible (the peak of  the performance). Then  they get on the back of that movement, like you would get on a horse and add to the movement just a little, but enough to be able to divert the movement into their direction, their nets. They use different methods to acheive it and their favorite one is through sabotaging Alters (with their negative Wernicke's commands in the Wernicke's part of the brain) in Simultaneous leaders. They use many other methods to penetrate the movement from within. It's been done to Monroe's, Alex Collier's, W.Buhlman's, Castaneda's, M5 movements and many other movements.
 What M 5 author does is telling us to do nothing, not to bother about the Shift , just to observe and wait for the spiralling out, reminds me christians waiting for a rapture. And that is exactly what the Dark side wants, this is how they got on the back of M5 movement. Then another maneuver : splitting males and females and many other, hard to detect, things. And why to have 2 different M5 books in the first place, to create confusion ? Couldn't these books have different names or at least numbers?
M5 author has been constantly reminding us that M 5 trilogy is the only our Higher Selves' project in existence, which is bullshit!
 Authors like R. Monroe, C.Castaneda, Alex Collier, W. Buhlman, Cathie O'Brien, Brice Taylor (Sue Ford), Eve Loren, George Green,  David Icke, Michael Talbot, Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler, Dolores Cannon, Preston Nichols and Peter Moon, Stephanie and Michael Relfe
, and many other brave souls we know and don't know about, did ALLOW their thoughts/insights to be developed even further. They, usually, didn't hide their names and their works are many Higher Selves' projects too: some bigger, some smaller. 
 For instance, Robert Monroe's books wouldn't be written without the energy/experiences/emotions/insights of other people participating in what he was doing (especially his wife Nancy, he said it himself). More on that on  Robert Monroe info

Inspite of a few discrepancies in R.Monroe books, which were heavily censored (it was described by R.Monroe), his books don't give you a feeling of heavy male domination over females or condemnation of one group or another. The same I found with other writers, but I can't say the same about "Matrix 5" trilogy (M5), that trilogy wasn't even censored.
I wonder why R. Monroe's books were censored and Matrix 5 trilogy wasn't?  We all know how much our rulers (darksiders) love cutting up the Truth! Was it really 100% Truth in M 5 trilogy as the author states?      
  R.Monroe was central to presenting  the description of the future Shift of Cosciousness.
 M5 (project of our HS's) would not grow up and turn into what it became without the energy/insights/experiences of other writers, which the author used + the use of an input from the readers of M5 (in a form of questions) even though not all of them reached the 'requirements' ('level of awareness') needed by M5's trilogy author.
 When I read someone's book, it doesn't matter to me whether the writer is religious or supporting lightsiders/darksiders as long as the book is powerful and have a balancing effect on me. We have to be discerning, carefully analysing and questioning  any materials. Truly significant books are written for much wider audience, than  just for advanced , non religious public.
 If the books have some interesting thoughts/insights I would think about them and store them in my memory bank: they would later serve as a foundation for my own insights.
 I never was religious, but found a lot of useful information written by this kind of people and the ENERGY of these people never stopped overwhelming me , I feel a kinship with them. I never was interested in occult or Astrology and don't know much about them. R.Monroe wasn't interested in them either.
There’s been so much information pumped into the Consciousness of Earth and their inhabitants from all sides, to prepare everyone on Earth for the Shift of Consciousness and not just Earth, but the Shift of the whole Universe!
Sometimes we come across articles on Thought crime on Internet. What it tells us : somebody is afraid of people’s thoughts, especially  future Graduates of this Planetary Game's Thoughts and that the Thoughts could be so powerful that they can change things dramatically. Thought is everything on Densities higher than the 3rd.  And what helps it : the Law of Intent (one of 4 Universal Laws). We need to be responsible for our thoughts.
The word "Graduate" is borrowed from R.Monroe's books.
The word "Pre-Graduate incarnation" means humans, who are just about to graduate this Game. They will graduate the 3rd D, but it doesn't mean that they would necessarily fly straight to 7th/8th Density with a short reorientation break somewhere in between. I repeat: it all depends on your Total Self's plans. Search till you merge with your Total Self.

Invisible to the eye Energy of New Consciousness is gathering above Moroe Centre in Elliott Heads, Australia, Dec. 2010

Invisible to the eye Energy of New Consciousness is gathering above our Centre in Elliott Heads, Australia, Dec. 2009. The visible Sun is not on the picture.  It is far to the left.

White Light Energy Beam is coming from the Sun in both directions: up and down to Earth in front of our Centre, Feb. 2010.
White Light Energy Beam is coming from the Sun in both directions: up and down to Earth in front of our Centre, Feb. 2010.

Solar Eclipse development (wrongly called 'Sun dog').
Solar Eclipse's developing a bigger Pulse of Balance (wrongly called 'Sun dog').

Solar Eclipse development (wrongly called 'Sun dog').
Solar Eclipse's developing a bigger Pulse of Balance (wrongly called 'Sun dog').

Solar Eclipse development (wrongly called 'Sun dog').

Solar Eclipse development (wrongly called 'Sun dog').
Solar Eclipse's developing a bigger Pulse of Balance(wrongly called 'Sun dog').

Solar Eclipse development (wrongly called 'Sun dog').

Solar Eclipse development (wrongly called 'Sun dog').
Solar Eclipse's developing a bigger Pulse of Balance and coming back to the usual state (wrongly called 'Sun dog').

Solar Eclipse development (wrongly called 'Sun dog').

Solar Eclipse development (wrongly called 'Sun dog').

Solar Eclipse development (wrongly called 'Sun dog').

Solar Eclipse development (wrongly called 'Sun dog').
Solar Eclipse's development (wrongly called 'Sun dog').

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