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My Journeys to New Zealand and Antarctica - 2016

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Mix Of Great Hot Balanced White Cosmic Cloud With a few Civilizations of Colored Vibrations, AntArctic Peninsula, July 2016

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Wellington, New Zealand

My letters to George from New Zealand (combined)

Below is recommended video in russian. It is the Great Cloud of White Sun Energy, not 'acid cloud' approaching Earth in order to destroy Humanity, as they say in this video! This is also a reason for Global Warming, Heat Waves, Fires and other disasters, and also for the gradual loss of human and animal life! LM.
Это не "кислотное облако", а Великое Белое Облако Солнечной Энергии уже заполняющее внутреннюю полость нашей Планеты через Южное и Северное огромные Отверстия называемые южный и северный полюса! " Это Великое Облако  - одна из главных причин Глобального Потепления, стихийных бедствий и исчезновение животного/растительного мира и людей на Земле!
Мы с Юрой сделали видео , показывающее это, и поместили его на наш сайт на 2х языках! ЛМ.

"Кислотное облако" надвигается к земле

On my journey to New Zealand and Ant-Arctica I used a lot of Sun Energy letting it shining into my eyes, esp. my left eye, as Don Juan recommended Carlos Castaneda in "The Second Ring of Power", p. 241-242 :

"The reason the little sisters had to roll on the floor so many times was, that in rolling the Earth was giving them Energy. Maybe you could also remember Seeing them as Luminous Beings Getting Energy from the Light of the Earth. The Nagual said, that the best way of getting Energy is, of course, to let the Sun inside the Eyes, especially the Left Eye."
I told her, that I knew nothing about it, and she described a procedure, that don Juan had taught them. As she spoke I remembered, that don Juan had also taught the same procedure to me. It consisted in moving my head slowly from side to side as I caught the Sunlight with my half-closed Left Eye. He said, that one could not only use the Sun, but could use any kind of light, that could shine on the eyes. La Gorda said, that the Nagual had recommended, that they tie their shawls below their waists in order to protect their hipbones when they rolled. I commented, that don Juan had never mentioned rolling to me. She said, that only women could roll, because they had wombs and Energy came directly into their wombs; by rolling around they distributed that energy over the rest of their bodies. In order for a man to be energized, he had to be on his back, with his knees bent, so that the soles of his feet touched each other. His arms had to be extended laterally, with his forearms raised vertically, and the fingers clawed in an upright positi

There are still earthquakes in Christchurch from time to time, in fact last night was one aftershock 4.4 in Christchurch region. They say, every place in New Zealand shakes occasionally. Thank you for adding on Home Page and for making other Pages mobile phone usable.
What is interesting, that after 2 months of journey around New Zealand the windscreen (лобовое стекло) of my rented car was clean, no squashed insects on it and I never cleaned windscreen. It shows me, that insects disappeared and I covered 90 % of New Zealand. What I later read on Internet, that
the same is happening in USA !
I have been to Christchurch yesterday, it seems to grow inspite of a terrible earthquake 5 years ago (12000 buildings and houses totally crashed and another 6000 homes to be repaired). I have seen plenty of pyramids, plenty of cows and sheep, plenty of buses with backpackers. In Bluff I met a nice couple in a small coffee shop: Tracy and Ralph. Tracy is former Vet, but now runs this café, Ralph is an engineer and a Jack of all trades like you. He is very familier with Elliott Heads where we live. In 90s he with his team used to have yacht races starting from Elliott Heads to different locations (when Elliott river was very deep). They both used to live and travel a lot in Australia. Now they live in Bluff (NZ) with a view of the sea. Ralph has no fear and, as his hobby, just came from 21 day gold panning in the river sand. Can you imagine being alone for 21 days in a tent in the most remote Fiordland area, where there are no roads, no people, and you can only come there by fisherman's boat. On the map this huge land is to the left of Bluff. Ralph didn't have i-phone or any modern luxuries, cooked food on campfire and was fighting clouds of local black midgies, covering himself from toes to head. Interesting man. I saw no poverty, no beggers or migrants.
On Steward Island I have seen a concrete fence, built by American company, surrounding huge national park, not to let people in : cost $3 million dollars. And that is 90 % of the Island, the other 10% is used by locals, who built their houses and want to get out of the island (half of the houses are for sale), and the rest is used by backpackers for 13 days' hiking (if no rain). But as I always bring rain, I couldn't go on hiking, it was heavy rain, slippery paths, and I only wanted to get out or there (as well as dozens of backpackers). Beaches (sand) was in oily black spots, not much water even on high tides, like in many other regions of New Zealand or Australia. Now I am in so called Wallaby country, but I only see dead wallabies or rodents like rabbits, dead possums on roads, which haven't been removed yet.
I am getting so bored with the same sights, with sleeping (consciously) people. New Zealand is becoming more and more alien like the rest of Earth. There is no one really to talk to: they all busy making money, especially women. And I had to constantly pretend to talk to them about ordinary things in this Planetary Game. Now I know that I need to be away from people and dogs and cats, somewhere in total isolation,  otherwise, I can't progress personally, I can't get to the next stage in my personal development, if I am forced to play this Game and deal with people, who plays it too. I don't see anomalous sights, which I hoped to film or take photos of, but lots of backpackers, who are trying to get out of places, they got into. I see no wild animals, no whales (even dead ones), dolphins, even birds are really in very small numbers, compare to what it used to be. I have seen a few landslides, no wonder South and North Islands are mainly mountains and the roads are mostly winding, though the roads and towns are kept clean. I know why the number of readers of our site from NZ was so small: the whole population is kept docile, in survival mode.
I found in most towns absence of people in the streets and around houses, and not many cars on inland country roads (same as in Australia). As I said that everything in NZ was artificially made expensive.,What I discovered, that our website is prohibited in New Zealand (I couldn't open it in libraries). That also explains why there was such a small number of readers of our site from NZ. NZealanders measure distances by minutes, not by km, which I find strange (I wouldve've done it by time as well as by km). I have seen and photographed some beautiful blue glacier rivers and yesterday I was swimming in one of them.

These thoughts are for our Home link - for the same article about Androgynous Beings. Please, join it to my other thoughts, which you already posted in that article earlier.
The best example of Eternity I can give you  is the Source of All Sun Energy or the Source of All Life ! We've created the Old Mother-Universe (Old Hologram), now we are creating the New Hologram - New, Daughter-Universe! The Game is constantly making us to have internal dialog (talking to yourselves). This way we manufacture thoughtforms connected to our life in physical/nonphysical worlds. The Hologram of this Planetary Game is supported by our thoughtforms and we can't stop it. This is how we created the Hologram of our Old Universe/Earth, which is fallng apart, and the same way we've been creating the Hologram of our New Universe/Earth. It is not easy for everyone, many people need shields Don Juan was talking about, because they can't handle the Truth (read "Tales of Power" by C. Castaneda on our site : Castaneda  Books ...).
The shields for players of Planetary Game are necessary (esp. for humans of low level of awareness), not to cause personal emotional troubles. Shields, which Don Juan mentioned, were : doing everyday work or chores. But there are also other shields, for instance : religions, Internet and other media; all kinds of hobbies; addictions like gambling, smoking, drugs, drinking etc. Those activities deviate people's mind and take tension from people. NZ Haka is warriors' dance or performance, used to intimidate enemies or football/rugby players, but animal/bird cries or howls of Haka, the movements of their participants also take tension from them. That's what is needed before the game or before an attack during confrontations."

2-3 days ago in Oxford I went to supermarket to buy some groceries and I was hypnotised by an asian woman-cashier, who overcharged me $40, I paid the bill and went away travelling further. After about 20 km or more, I stopped and realized, that I'd been overcharged. I went back to the shop and gave them a scandal, they returned $40 and I told them about the escalating human greed and that soon they will be charging everyone for a flush of water in the toilet.
Then another NZ woman I met in Glentunnel caravan park 4 days ago, that village had also earthquake and a few houses were ruined 5 years ago, but it didn't teach them a lesson. I paid there $55 per night for plastic tiny cabin, for just bed (no linen or blanket), no fan or airconditioner, no table (it was unbearably hot weather those two days), their baren communal kitchen with broken stoves and nothing else except working TV (who needs it?). That greedy woman, who was running the place, had in her office a bin (of all kinds of utencils and other stuff for kitchen) next to her table and charged people for every item to be used in the communal kitchen. When all of this is supposed to be included in $55 price like everywhere else. You should've seen her fingers: 4 golden with a diamond rings on each finger. How greedy you have to be to wear so many (looks like one ring is not enough). Such people make me vomit. And then another thing happened: such a contrast!
I was looking for a place to stay nearby Christchurch and came to a holiday park to ask, but they had no available accomodation. A simple religious woman turned up near the office, she lived in that holiday park for 13 years in a small cabin of her own, because she could not afford a house in the city. She had a mobile phone and help me by ringing a few caravan parks, booked a room for me in one of them (Spencer Park), took me in her car to show a few places, then we arrived to Spencer Park and I liked it there, I paid and stayed. She even gave me the Street Directory of Christchurch and its surrounding (not new, but useful). And she refused to get money from me for all these services when I offered her. See the difference between people?
The earthquake 5 years ago in Christchurch ruined 12000 houses and 6000 houses needed repare, how many people were killed I don't know. I see roads in New Brighton (one of its suburbs) are still damaged and in the process to be repaired. But most of the city was slowly restored. The weather is mostly rain and cold. Here there are all companies like Bunnings or even Dick Smith and Wormald, and all familiar banks like in Australia. Tensegrity exircises, that's what I need to do when I am back.
There are no books of C.Castaneda and R. Monroe in libraries and bookstores in NZ, I checked, only in secondhand shop, if you are lucky to find them. No wonder, that the brains of NZealanders in such a dreadful state. But there are plenty of black biteful midgies, which gave me a hard time : I was itchy for days and couldn't fall asleep, because of their bites. As I said, they don't have flyscreens on windows in motels or hotels/cabins of holiday parks or houses. Then another thing: first 2 weeks I had a toothache and thought about taking the tooth out, but when I learnt about the price, I changed my mind. And now I don't have the pain anymore.
I will take the tooth out if it will start bothering me again, like I did in Amsterdam (remember the same happened in Tensegrity workshop, which we were doing there together?)
I also found another of NZ way to earn money on travellers. When you come to a petrol station to get petrol, as soon as you stop, a female or a male will turn up at your door from nowhere to offer you to fill the tank with petrol and you allow them to do it, but you don't even have time to get out of the car and check if petrol counter was on 0 zero (or check the price of their petrol: it's different everywhere).
You become confused if that is the real figure you have to pay and it's usually very high. I also found that most of white females in Christchurch didn't lose their self-importance inspite of earthquakes. There was another earthquake 2-3 weeks ago - 6.4, but not much was damaged. Today is a very hot day and I examined the suburbs close to bays. There is not much water in those bays, just glistening dirt, many houses in those areas are for sale, no fish - no business, but the scenery, the trees and mountains, are still very pretty.

10 March, at 6 morning we had a minor Earthquake 3.4, my bed in Spencer Park shook a bit. I talked to people in surrounding areas: they felt it too, but not in closeby city, villages and towns. Spencer Park is huge with enormous trees and an ocean beach. This holiday park is also enormous with a big number of empty caravans and cabins, communal kitchens and kitchenetts, laundry machines , TV lounges and so on on the grass among the trees. I have a feeling that the council here is having such arrangement for another big earthquake, if it happens. There is also another national park across the road, where I have seen a big group of young males-tourists from different countries doing so called 'Adrenalin Rush', which involved training to walk very high on thick wires, connected many tall trees with small platforms on them (like in the circus).
I made some pictures. It suddenly became so cold (a bit of ice on car windows in the morning), that midgies seems to be gone. Inspite of building so many new buildings in Christchurch and surrounding areas, I have a feeling that they have more than one caravan park of such gigantic size for future events (to place people in), many people already live permanently in caravan parks in their caravans or removalable small houses. Many people already know that all their Islands are full of 'faults' (Portals is another name for 'faults') and they seem to multiply. A guy , who was working in the library, gave me a website to look at : That's about earthquakes in NZ, hundreds of earthquakes happen on all Islands every day. These quakes are a novelty for me, but for locals it is a normal thing: we had another quake last night at 11 pm - 4.4.
My bed was shaking again. Well, quakes - 2 nights in a row and I don't know what to expect this coming night.
There are natural thermal pools in Hamners Springs, I want to try. I finally found the right place to be: accommodation is cheap, the weather is ideal, exciting and huge European forest, where I go for walks to lose weight. Reminds me Russian forest, where Irina took me for walks, only there are no clouds of mosquitoes (or any wild life for that matter), which bothered me so much. Hamners Springs is a beautiful place, friendly people, many tourists spending time in local thermal baths. I might use it too to stop itching from midgies (they are here too). Yesterday I tried for the first time local therapeutic pools complex with and without sulphur and I enjoyed it tremendously till the rain started (as usual). I met there and talked to a lot of people from different parts of the world, and when I came to my cabin, I was so full of energy, that I couldn't fall asleep for a long time. The weather changed from being hot to +8 C (holod sobachii) and most people disappeared from the village because of that: it started raining all the time. I ask people working in local library if they know R. C. Castaneda: they never heard of them (like they are from another planet). And these books don't show on their computers. New Zealand is a strange country in many ways, because of its vicinity to Antarctica and the number of different new civilizations arriving here every day.
I finallyarrived to the Totality of yself, which is even bigger, than the White Sun we see in the sky every day: this Sun is only my Higher Self! But the Totality of Myself (or Total Self as R. Monroe used to say) is hundred times bigger and is much higher, It can't be seen. I arrived to this discovery without doing all the things Don Juan was teaching Carlos Castaneda to do. To understand what I am talking about please, read these extracts from "Tales of Power" by C. Castaneda, p. 238:
"After a lifelong struggle I know , that what matters is not to learn a new discription, but arrive at the Totality of Oneself!"
And another extract, p. 237:
"My teacher and benefactor were the clearest examples of that. They were Men of Great Power, but they were not Men of Knowledge...they never arrived at the Totality of Themselves, yet they knew about it...they knew, that they missed the boat and that only at their death would the Total Mystery be revealed to them. Sorcery had given them only a glimpse, but never the real means to get to that evasive Totality of Oneself !"
Here is what I want you to add to English Home Page. In fact, it is simpler, than Castaneda describes it. For those, who read C. Castaneda's books, I need to clarify the expression 'Assemblage Point'. It is not the right and understandable expression, it should be 'Perception Point' ('Tochka Vospriatia' - in Russian). Then it will be easier to grasp Castaneda's material.
Another thing is 'Eagle Emanations', they are not really dragon, but M-Field (or Mind-Field), as Robert Monroe named it in his books. His description coincides with Castaneda's description. M-Field or 'Eagle Emanations' are White Luminous Fibers emanating or emitting from the Source of All Life (or Source of All Sun Energy) through Emitter (a Portal). These Luminous Fibers create Mind-Field and help us to create Holograms of different Worlds and Life in them! Read page 13 of Castaneda's "The Power of Silence" and things will be clearer for you:
"1. The Universe is an infinite agglomeration of 'energy fields' (a foggy expression, LM) , resembling threads of Light (these luminous threads are Sun Energy, LM).
2. These energy fields, called the Eagle's emanations, radiate from the  Source of inconceivable proportions metaphorically called the Eagle (not Eagle but the Source of All Life or the Source of All Sun Energy, because without Sun there is no life! LM).
3. Human Beings are also composed of an incalculable number of the same Threadlike Energy Fields (luminous white fibers, LM). These 'Eagle emanations' form an encased agglomeration, that manifest itself as a Ball of Light (full of these Fibers, LM) the size of the person's body with the arms extended laterally, like a giant luminous egg.
(like a man with stretched arms and legs on Leonardo Da Vinchi's drawing. Somewhere on our site I have a picture of such a Ball full of white Treads, which represens our Universe and a Human at the same time! LM).
4. Only a very small group of the 'energy fields' (Fibers, LM) inside this Luminous Ball are lit up by a Point of intense Brilliance, located on the Ball's surface.
5. Perception occurs when the 'energy fields' (Fibers, LM) in that small group, immediately surrounding the Point of Brilliance, extend their Light to illuminate identical 'energy fields' outside the Ball. Since the only 'energy fields' (Fibers, LM) perceivable are those lit by the Point of Brilliance, that Point is named 'the Point , where perception is assembled' or simply the assemblage point (wrong, it should be 'Perception Point', LM).
8. Intent...we perceive as a result of pressure and intrusion  of Intent..."

I liked Kaikora very much, at least it didn't rain. I am now in Blenheim library, and I didn't have library in Kaikora. Blenheim is 26 km from Picton. There was a heavy rain in Picton artificially created (like there was a heavy rain on our way to Bendigo in the New Earth years ago), I was deliberately refused accommodation everywhere in Picton, so I had to move towards Nelson on that first rainy day to find accommodation on the way.
Tell Robert to sleep in a soft chair sitting (like your father used to do, only without TV watching). Don Juan recommended Carlos Castaneda to do it when he was either upset or tired, and Carlos found it extremely beneficial . You can do the same when you can't fall asleep. I will try that too, when I come back from the trip. My ferry travel with the car
to the North Island was smooth. I managed to find good accomodation for the night not far from Wellington in a coastal village - Makara Point, where I met a Maori Woman, whom I taught a bit of Higher Knowledge (she was ready for it). She helped me to find cheap and nice house for the night. We are now very good friends. Now I am on my way to Levin and then to Whanganui. It is unbelievably hot here, but the roads are alright, there are many beautiful places I see and so many big and small towns I visit. It is very interesting what you wrote about smoke and fires, which happened in our village and in Bundaberg. I am now in Wanganui library, Internet is free. I am heading North as far as I can make today and where I end up I don't know. Not many people are travelling at this time of year, or maybe I didn't yet reached the touristy location. I accidentely bought the real milk 4 liters from the farm: it is such a difference between shop and farm milk! Cows and sheep are everywhere, but no real milk in the shops and it is forbidden for farmers to sell the real milk directly to people. Where does all real milk go? In Australia the same situation existed already for 30 years.

Beaches on this Western side of the island are mainly very rough: rocks, pebble, shell and no sand. Some landslides in National parks. The water from tap seems to be worse than on South island.
I feel very good, enough energy : have no pains whatsoever, but when a person or you or Robert or me will start having pains, it means that it's time to do liver cleasing with Hulda Clark method. It needs to be done twice a year. But the best, of course, if you live only on Sun Energy and clean Sun energised water. I want to say to you that everything in the Universe is penetrated with one force: the Force of Intent, you can't create a Universe and a life in it without Intention (Intent) or Goal ! We created our site with the same Force: the Force of Intent, which is coming from all the Suns in the Source of All Life.

In New Zealand police cars and ambulance look the same. North Island seems to be a bit cheaper in terms of petrol, food, accomodation, than again: it depends on the place. I forgot to tell you, that my new friend Maori woman showed me our website on her mobile, when I gave her our card with all our details. That was the first time when I saw our site in action in New Zealand. Now I know that our site can be reached by personal computer and mobile phones even in NZ. I just spend night in New Plymuth Holiday Park and now I am moving towards Hamilton, but maybe will stay overnight a bit further to north. The views of reserves and national parks are breathtaking esp. from New Plymouth to Te Kuiti, where I saw many anomalous round hills (I am in their library now using free internet). Springs and autumns are the best time to visit NZ (not Easter holidays) and, as usual , I bring rains and thunderstorms at night everywhere I go. But New Zealanders don't mind, they all say that they had no rain for 2 months and happy when it rains. I know some people bring fires to the place, but with me: it's rain. Their rivers either dry or have little water left in them and no wild animal life. But tap water is good to drink in most places in NZ, so I don't have to buy it. All libraries are closed over Easter that,s why l couldn't write to you, but I am all right, went through Auckland, seen places, which we didn't see with you before, but couldn't find accomodation. Went further north, tried many places and finally found a place in private house with Chris and Diana, nice family.

I am now in the Wagener Holiday Park 40 minutes north of Kaitaia. There are no libraries around, thats way I can't write to you. I'm staying here for three days. I had to ask people to help me to give you short messeges on their tablets and lap tops, I had to be brief. Finally I am in town Kataia, which has a working library with computers. There I tried to exchange $506 american dollars in the bank, but the deal was not worth it and I changed my mind. I decided not to exchange, but keep the american dollars for future. So far I tried to pay by traveller card, which is a must for travellers. Cars and roads are created for mixing energies faster to get the energy of Balance (Sun Energy), and I am mixing energies and create Sun Energy too. Unfortunately roads are often have no signs or badly signposted. I often see eagles turning up suddenly and flying over my car when I am driving, their roads are mostly snakelike because of the shapes of mountains, rivers, ocean and lakes. North Island is so much greener, than South Island (and of course greener than Australia), thick wet fog is often in the morning at this time of year, but it is still very warm.

Social and economical set up in NZ is the same as in most civilized countries of the World  (very similar to Australia). Only the atmosphere is  more peaceful, but holidays like Easter seems to happen all over the Globe and here too. Cheap petrol and food stuffs and, of course, manufectured sunny weather you get on religious Easter and Christmas here too. And after religious holidays are over, high prices for everything return. They would rather let food to rot in supermarkets, than make it cheaper by decreasing the price. And because the world is becoming more and more alien, I presume the same is happening everywhere. It was impossible to find a cheap accomodation on Easter: most locals moved out of their houses to occupied everything, prices were astronomical and I had to sleep in the car again. Though usually people of NZ are very friendly and always help with advice, but sometimes some people made me really sick with their stupidity and stubborness. I am reading Castaneda books wherever I can, they also give me energy and the right mood of a warrior, help me to live in the World of Don Juan and C. Castaneda mentally. I went to places, where I've never been before, like Cape Reinga, for instance. It is a stretch of 100 km of pastures and mountains with a few villages, couple of resorts, 4 caravan parks and nothing else. It is the most northern point of NZ, but I was pretty disappointed to see in Cape Reinga just a toilet apart from parking lot with a nice view of the ocean. Most NZealanders consider it a must to visit this place.
I am in Dargaville and heading towards Auckland and the most difficult part is to get through Auckland's motorways to the place, which you need. It is so confusing. I feel already tired of travelling and wouldn't mind to return home earlier. You see my car started playing up: some strange sound appears in the motor occasionally, but it is OK now. I am heading back to Wellington. I went over Harbour Bridge in Auckland, but there was nobody to pay for it, they say you need to pay on line and I don't know how, I don't have a computer with me. Perhaps I will need to pay a triple price for that in car rental on return to Wellington.

I've been swimming on many beaches, but there are no showers and often no toilets on them (like we have in Australia). Water is very limited everywhere, but good to drink if you are not in a city. More and more commercial hot springs are turning in NZ and not just in NZ, but all over the globe esp. in Japan and other countries, which are on the Ring of Fire. All kinds of aliens are rushing up to get to Earth esp. with fog (makes poor visibility on the road, which is more comfortable for them), arrival of new aliens is increasing or suddenly decreasing outside temperature too. In NZ you need only to go to the beach and start digging the sand, when soon hot water burst out of it. That's because the Inner Sun is getting bigger and hotter!

In the mornings everyone seems to sleep : villages and towns look like ghost towns, they wake up completely only after 8am. I encountered a couple of ghost backpackers' houses in the middle of the day when I was searching for a place to stay overnight. All doors of these houses were opened, the rooms were in complete chaos, no people or animals, but a few empty cars were still standing in the backyard and on the road next to the houses. It seemed like people just left and I went all around and inside the houses shouting with no success. And that's in the middle of a seaside live town. On my way I see hundreds of drying bays, ravines, gorges, which have been rivers and lakes before and which lost their water. With time they turned into pastures for cattle and later into forests, landscape became unrecognisable. And that is happening everywhere, not just in NZ. These last 3 days in this beautiful holiday park with unreal views  of bay and mountain with the Sun on top were the most rewarding. Here I had a rest before starting the last 2 weeks of my journey back.

Strong Longing, that I and others have, is the Longing to Go Home to the Source at last! First, the society brakes you up with their upbringing and then you need a lifetime to get your broken pieces  together and return to the Source as a winner. Don't forget that I am working for the Source of All Sun Energy on my travels too. I belong to the Sun you see in the sky. Our souls are made of Unconditional Love (Sun Energy), but with some people you don't feel it, probably because it is only a spark of Sun Energy in them. I will use the Sun (not hands as Don Juan recommended) for my learning to DREAM. Don Juan:"It's a good practice to stretch the entire body after sleeping, walking or sitting! " (p. 181 "Journey to Ixtlan"). This is what you and Robert don't do, but you must. Carlos also wrote about 'brilliantly white sky' (p.144  "Journey to Ixtlan"). That's what I saw in Australia at our place, and in Ant-Arctica. There are not many anomalous sights to picture in NZ, I expected more of it.

And now about New Souls, First-Timers, former aliens, who virtually flooded Earth for the last 100 years. In Russia they are called 'New Russians'. It is those New Souls, who have very little of Creativity and Sun  Energy in their souls, eyes and fingers, their souls are too small (just a fraction compare to an Old Soul) and they are heavily relying on technology. They are the ones who dictate how we should live, think and behave, whom we worship and respect and who occupy the best positions in life. Self-Importance, stupidity and greed is coming from them and they infect everyone with it! That's funny: the words kaka and puke are the most popular at the beginning, middle or end of words for towns, villages and streets in NZ.

I already passed Auckland and staying with Barbara and her mother in a small cabin near her house on the shore in Kaiaua, not too far from Auckland. I will stay here for 2 nights. There are no libraries in the village and Barbara allowed me to use her laptop to send you an email and get a copy of a new airticket you had sent me through an email. She is very helpful.

Today is Very Rainy Monday, I drive in constant heavy rain and I finally found a working library (Sundays they are closed). I am about 200 km from Wellington in library, the car is behaving all right so far: that sound doesn't show up again and I feel that I will safely come to Wellington, but will stay overnight in the area of Upper Hutt close to Wellington. Constant faulty bipping of the seat belt for the whole journey is getting on my nerves too, otherwise everything is all right. Petrol is more expensive in NZ than in Australia. Some petrol stations are without personnel (people who usually serving you) and often without any receipt giving you. They are turning up in NZ (you use card for petrol, that's our future, but I avoid those). And still the most difficult thing in NZ is to find cheap accomodaton. Loud sound of Universal Flow is in my head most of the time and wide White Strip of Suns above my head at night are following me in NZ too.

I am passing by beautiful big forests, sand or sandstone mountains, which are breaking down esp. after rains. I see gray clouds of new arrivals of aliens and their ships: their vibration is usually very low, that's why lenticular clouds are usually light gray. I am surrounded by many allies, I meet them everywhere every day. They are in forms of eagles, bugs, people. In Dargoville They visited the library, where I was writing an email to you. Allies looked like gypsies with small children, who were allowed by personnel to fiddle with computers, without using them, which was unusual to say the least. Those'gypsies' surrounded me and did everything to interfere with my writing. It is strange to find ordinary gypsies in the library not doing anything, I never saw that before. Later these 'gypsies' were waiting for me outside, next to the exit from the library, then gave me wrong directions of getting out of the town. They love giving you wrong directions when you ask, I never trust them, I feel that what happened to you in Malaisia with thousands of our money withdrawl, was the work of allies. It's difficult to distinguish them from ordinary people. I also met them in Kauri Forest and in a holiday park there, when I was looking for accomodation. I heard their thunder sounds with no rain or lightnings at night (that's how new ones arrive to Earth), when I spent night in the car near the lake. I was lured there by allies, it was starnge to see a guy sitting on the round of the road (off shoot of highway) near 4WD alone right were the turn to the lake was and directed me to that lake.
I also remember how strange it was to see gypsies (a woman and a toddler) on the beach of French Riviera in France, braking glass bottles against the pebbles and looking straight at me with rotten smiles. That was in broad daylight among hundreds of tanning people right on the shore when you and I visited France. And nobody seems to notice them.

I really didn't want to tell you about that strange noise in the car, knowing that you will be worried too much, but everything will be alright and I will safely arrive back to Bundy. George, thank you for all explanations and help you gave me (as usual)!

Письмо Светлане, апрель 2016 :

Света, привет!

Я уже вернулась из Новой Зеландии, трудно было тебе писать и трудно было путешествовать т.к. в Планетарную Игру я уже давно не играю (вроде Дон Хуана), но все стараются тебя в неё вовлечь. Просмотрела видео, которые ты мне прислала и нашла мало интересного в результате потери человеческой формы. Я всё ещё выгляжу как человек, но внутренне я здорово поменялась, повзрослела: нет никакого интереса к голографической Планетарной Игре и к её игрокам.
Самочувствие у меня хорошее несмотря на такую тяжёлую и длительную поездку, много повидала и буду весь материал приготавливать на английском и русском для новой Страницы о Новой Зеландии с фото и видео (хотя даже это мне уже в тягость), апатия ко всему физическому и электронному, живу в мире Кастанеды и
Дон Хуана. Много лет пыталась потерять человеческую форму и уже большую часть потеряла. Занимаюсь более углублённым изучением всех книг Кастанеды и практикую то, что мне полезно в них. Много нового опыта получила с ALLIES (невидимые существа) в Новой Зеландии. Земле я не принадлежу, а принадлежу Белому Солнцу в небе, с которым постоянно общаюсь. Много людей спрашивали почему-то именно меня в Новой Зеландии :
"Вы откуда (Where are you from)?"
А я им отвечала :"Я из Источника Всей Солнечной Энергии , другими словами из Источника Всей Жизни. Я - не физическое тело, я - Душа, и все Души пришли из этого Источника, так как Энергия Души - это Белая Солнечная Энергия!"
Многим это было непонятно и мне приходилось разжёвывать и класть им в рот. Все просто забыли откуда они пришли и привыкли приколачивать тебя гвоздём к какому-то месту на Земле, тогда как никто из нас Земле не принадлежит. Мы (имеется ввиду наши Души) физическое тело на время взяли, прикрепились к нему, так сказать, и ездим по Свету вместе с ним, а когда наше путешествие подойдёт к концу, мы с телом расстанемся и будем опять свободны как птицы. Приходится мириться со своей судьбой как говорил Don Juan и только тогда приходит помощь свыше (из Высшего Существа).
Ну вот я и мирюсь : придётся продолжать работу на нашем сайте. Сам Интернет меня мало интересует, так как всё там повторяется, скука, не так интересно, сплошной негатив и часто ложь, после поездки я поднялась ещё на ступень выше в смысле вибрации. Оказывается, что потеря человеческой формы сопровождается плохим самочувствием, слабостью, вам трудно будет вылезти из постели. Это может продолжаться много месяцев, даже может дойти до массивного сердечного приступа и смертью тела (что и раньше и сейчас довольно часто происходит). То есть люди если выживают после этого, то теряют человеческую оболочку не догадываясь об этом и это их меняет в лучшую сторону, только слабость одолевает. Это объясняет почему больше года назад я болела больше 2х месяцев испытывая боль и слабость. Ленин - умер, Сталин - умер, и мне что-то не здоровится (как говорится)!
Что такое человеческая форма? Это вязкая, липкая плазменная энергия, которая создаёт форму человека с помощью общего для всех образца-шаблона-штампа, облегая его как маникен.
Та же липкая энергия-сила, но другие штампы создают форму животных и всего животного мира. Эта человеческая форма пронизана насквозь светящимися белыми волокнами Солнечной Энергии. Опытные Маги и Ясновидящие могут видеть и чувствовать и штамп-модель и эту вязкую энергию-силу, облегающую её. Если это происходит и в результате тяжёлой болезни или сердечного приступа человек теряет человеческую форму и всё-таки выживает, то не сможет вернуться к своей прежней жизни, прежним привычкам.
Вы найдёте больше информации о потере человеческой формы в книге Кастанеды "The Second Ring of Power (Второй Круг Могущества)", стр. 140-141 (американское издание).
Не только Земля меняется, но и люди: 50 лет назад люди такими не были, какие они сейчас (конечно были исключения и эти исключения те люди, которые стали людьми впервые). Старые опытные Души, проживщие не одну жизнь на Земле (их большая часть) уже в большинстве покинули Старую Землю. Их заменили Новые Души (в России их называют Новые Русские), бывшие инопланетяне, которые впервые попали на Землю и, естественно, не прошли через огонь, воду и медные трубы, как говорится, пальцем их тронуть нельзя (такие законы), потому что они рассыпятся, нет в них силы, от них и идёт эта жадность, самомнение и эгоизм, страх и тщеславие, которыми они заражают всех остальных.
Любое значимое явление или событие на Земле в прошлом или в настоящем будет всем понятно если его связать с приходом на Старую Землю новых инопланетных цивилизаций со всех концов Старой Вселенной или из, присоединившихся к Старой, Параллельных Вселенных! События, которое ждали в этом апреле полгода назад, и есть присоединение одной из Параллельных Вселенных к Старой. Отсюда и неожиданное появление вокруг сияющего белого Млечного Пути Новых тусклых Параллельных Галактик и конечно появление впечатляющих стихийных бедствий на нашей Старой Планете как в последнее время. Вот адрес статей на эту тему:

"После землетрясения улицы японского города покрыла загадочная пена (Пена и есть новая цивилизация! Это явление на пляже в Австралии и Англии часто! Фото ниже. ЛМ)
"Странная пена покрыла улицы японского города Фукуока, который находится в 90 км от эпицентра недавнего мощного землетрясения. Ученых данная аномалия поставила в тупик. Возможно данное явление связано с какими-то процессами под землей. Ранее на острове Кюсю произошла серия землетрясений, самое мощное из которых составило 7,3 по данным японских сейсмологов. Японские ученые предупреждают, что афтершоки возможны в течение ещё нескольких дней. Не исключена вероятность новых мощных толчков."

"Рядом с нашей галактикой неожиданно появилась неизвестная гигантская галакти

Австралия - очень хороший пример, где 90% людей на Земле - впервые (Новые Души), и кто никаких войн/революций/ссылок в Сибирь/бунтов/сталинских репрессий/голода никогда не испытал,
кто проживает довольно комфортную жизнь (в основном англо-саксонс - anglo-saxons)! Таких только стихийные бедствия как в Японии, в Эквадоре, в Чили и Индонезии могут чему-то научить, потому что они страшно боятся смерти тела. Произошло более 600 землетрясений (с 14 по 19 апреля 2016) в одной только Японии, не говоря уже об Индонезии и тихоокеанских островах ! Огненное Кольцо опоясывает весь Тихий Океан. Все Ново-зеландские острова, а их больше чем 3, имеют многочисленные разломы Коры (fault lines), а не одна линия разлома, как показано на картах. Мне дали адрес сайта в новозеландской библиотеке
(, где можно подчерпнуть кое-какие сведения об активности этих разломов в Новой Зеландии. Мне местные сказали, что землетрясения у них в стране происходят чуть ли не по сотне каждый день. Это - основная причина почему новозеландцы бегут и обосновываются в Австралии уже 40 лет и, как я уже писала, Золотой Берег в районе Бризбана уже называют не Gold Coast, а Kiwi Coast (Kiwi в простонародье называют новозеландцев, Aussie - австралийцев). Оказывается, во многих местах песочных пляжей Новой Зеландии люди берут лопаты , копают небольшую яму и горячая вода фонтаном брызжет из-под земли, но только в некоторых местах существуют платные натуральные горячие бассейны, бывают вонючие , бывают нет, побывала в 3х таких местах, а сняла на видео только одно место. Потом помещу на наш сайт. Особенно много горячих источников на Северном острове - район "Пляж - 90 миль". Дороги туда только для 4WD (все 4е колеса - ведущие), хорошие дороги специально не строят, чтобы поменьше народ интересовался. Такое же большое количество горячих источников существует и в Японии, обезьяны любят в них греться, на Youtube есть видео.

Как я уже говорила, происходит это от растущего Внутреннего Солнца. У нас тоже земля и вода под ногами постоянно нагревается ещё по одной причине: с годами образовалось множество alien подземных и подводных баз. Жить спокойно не дают, всё эксперементы на нас троих ставят, надоели, так как всё время создают негативную обстановку, чтобы другим (новым), таким же негативным, через наши Порталы пролезть под воду океана или под землю под нами. Они тут вчера (19 апреля 2016) такое вытворили, что у нас с Робертом (наш сын) крыша поехала, даже сад засох наполовину.
Моё терпение лопнуло и я их и их базы, а также НЛО, ментально взрывала и выжигала почти всю ночь. Сегодня утром полегче стало и Солнце при рассвете ещё мощнее и белее стало. Солнце, выходя из океана, мне прямо в кровать глядит из окна каждый день. Таким образом я слежу за нарастанием мощности этого Солнца. Ведь не только люди испускают белую солнечную энергию когда их тело умирает (смотрите фильм Ghost), но и
aliens (инопланетяне), только намного меньше , чем человек (в особенности Старая, повидавшая виды, Душа). Вот и представьте сколько белой солнечной энергии образовалось после почти одновременной смерти около 500 человек во время последнего Эквадорского землетрясения ! Чтобы помочь этому процессу эта Энергия смешивается с теми новыми aliens, которые в момент землетрясения (или другой катастрофы) , проникают в нашу Планету через существующие или новые Порталы в Материи Времени.

В столице Эквадора Кито (Quito), что находится в 80 км от экватора на высокой горе, тоже вчера (17 апреля) люди почувствовали 8ми бальное землетрясение, которое произошло на их Тихоокеанском побережье и которое затронуло близлежащие районы Перу, Коста-Рики, Панамы и Колумбии. Ниже 3 адреса видео этого землетрясения. Мой перевод из статьи об этом землетрясении с сайта ВВС: "Давид Ротери, профессор по гео-наукам в Открытом университете, сказал что это землетрясение 17 апреля в Эквадоре было в 6 раз более мощным (и 130 афтешоков), чем землетрясение в Южной Японии в эту субботу (16 апреля, погибло более чем 400)."
"David Rothery, a professor of geosciences at The Open University, said Ecuador's quake was about six times as powerful as the earthquake that struck southern Japan on Saturday."
Видео - "Aftermath of Deadly Earthquake in Ecuador 2016. Devastated Area. Apr 17, 2016. More than 480 deaths, more than 4,000 injure and 231 missing (latest figures) were confirmed by Vice President Jorge Glas , who called on citizens to remain calm . President Rafael Correa signed the decree of emergency. The epicenter was 19 km deep in Muisne , reaching the 7.8 magnitude on the Richter scale, being the largest earthquake since 1979 in Ecuador .

 Русские сайты, как обычно, занижают баллы землетрясений. Я много путешествовала по Эквадору 4 года назад и нашла энергию их столицы страшно негативной, даже плохо себя чувствовала там, а океанские пляжи и морскую воду там грязными, купаться было неприятно. Как-никак - Огненное Кольцо. Жидкая грязь сползает с гор от проникновения Новых alien цивилизаций в горы, океан и пляжи, некогда популярных океанских, курортов. Приходилось выкарабкиваться из этой грязи с чемоданом в руках и радоваться когда оттуда выбиралась.
Во время моей последней поездки в Новую Зеландию мне пришлось испытать пару землетрясений (4.4 и 4.3) две ночи подряд в cabin in Holiday-Caravan park на окраине Крайстчёч на Южном острове. Но это было ново и меня это только смешило. Я
, кстати, скоро буду описывать в юмористической форме (на английском) поведение и то, чем занимаются большинство членов так называемой комьюнити (community - общества) Бандаберга и близлежащих районов, где я живу в Австралии. Все в Австралии знают о Бандаберге только, что там производят ром из сахарного тростника и ginger beer. Ни Япония, никакая другая страна их вообще не интересует: наша хата с краю - нечего не знаю! Всегда лучше давать конкретный пример, чем писать в общих чертах.
И может быть это напомнит вам тех, кто окружает вас в России, в Канаде, в Америке или в какой-либо другой стране.

Я поняла, что я продолжаю линию Роберта Монро,  Дон Хуана и Карлоса Кастанеда с помощью нашего сайта, который охватывает весь мир и читается в 146 странах. Таким образом я работаю на Источник Всей Жизни. После моей поездки в Новую Зеландию количество читателей нашего сайта из Новой Зеландии стало такое же как читателей из России (если статистике можно верить, и сравните размеры России и Новой Зеландии). Тогда как до этого новозеландцы почти не проявляли интереса и я поняла почему. Я не могла открыть наш сайт на компьютерах в городских библиотеках Новой Зеландии, он там - запрещён.
Теперь очередь Женщин, а не Мужчин, писать и проталкивать в народ всю Правду, но только тех Женщин, которые давно потеряли высокомерие и самомнение, эгоизм и жадность, трусость и апатию, и обрели такие вещи как Высшие Знания о Вселенной и Знание её Законов, а также способность их объяснить, свободу и смелость высказать эти Знания в лицо, беспощадность и хитрость когда это нужно применить, доброту и чувство юмора , равнодушие к накоплению материальных богатств, безмерное терпение и готовность служить Источнику Всей Жизни - безвозмездно!

Побывала я и в Антарктиде в этот раз и сняла с самолёта широкий много-километровый пояс вокруг Антарктики разбитого льда и разного размера айсбергов плавающих среди него. Этот лёд не был разбит кораблями, а трескается от жара растущего внутреннего Солнца, отчего Ант-Арктика действительно быстро тает, на ней множество вулканов и города, в которых инопланетяне и люди работают вместе! Ант-Арктика - самое популярное место среди Aliens, так как это - единственный континент, находящийся на Дыре Южного Полюса, и этим удобен для приземления, проникновения и акклиматизации новых инопланетных цивилизаций на поверхности нашей Планеты и внутри неё. Ниже 3 фото:

Наблюдала в Новой Зеландии (НЗ) всё ту же картину только ещё большего масштаба, чем 10 и 25 лет назад когда я ездила в Новую Зеландию. Дно всех рек, многих озёр и океанских заливов НЗ стало плоским, каменистым или песочным, или покрытое мокрой плесенью, грязью или ракушками умерших морских обитателей (да и не только в Новой Зеландии, такое сейчас по всему Миру). Таким образом создаётся иллюзия, что воды везде всё ещё достаточно, хотя скорость контролируемых затоплений любого места увеличивается из-за недостатка глубины в реках/озёрах/морях/океанах. Вода на плоской поверхности течёт как по маслу - намного быстрее, что и происходит по всему Свету (как в России паводки сейчас). Все наводнения всегда были и будут - искусственными. Сняла много фото.
Долго не могла заставить себя вновь перечитать все 10 книг Карлоса Кастанеды, которые читала 10 лет назад : рутина заела. И только когда сломала ежедневную рутину и отправилась в путешествие по Новой Зеландии одна на машине на полтора месяца, только тогда, я смогла прочесть опять книги Кастанеды и понять, что почти полностью потеряла свою физическую человеческую форму. Первый знак - это появление чёрного глаза вроде чёрного пятна перед глазами когда их закрываешь (пятно может менять размер). Как раз это у меня уже давно появилось, но я не могла это объяснить. Я не могла понять его значение пока не перечитала заново книги Кастанеды. Я ведь много лет старалась потерять человеческую форму, и чего я только не делала мысленно. И сжигала и взрывала своё физическое тело (свою тюрьму), и постоянно мысленно отправляла себя в наше Белое Солнце над головой, и отправлялась с Солнцем в Источник Всей Солнечной Энергии каждую ночь. А ведь этот Источник самое горячее место в Мульти-Вселенной ! Я даже не подозревала что, можно сказать, уже потеряла человеческую форму несмотря на свой большой вес. Приведу тебе несколько выдержек из книги Кастанеды "The Second Ring of Power (Второй Круг Могущества)", переведённые мной с английского.
"The Second Ring of Power", стр. 145 (американский вариант книги):
"Нагуал (учитель и лидер, ЛМ) Дон Хуан показал нам (Ла Горда и сёстрам, ЛМ) как может любая Женщина
за 2 дня до менструации открыть вертикальную Трещину (в Материи Времени, ЛМ) перед своими глазами на расстоянии вытянутой руки. Трещину, через которую она может свободно проникнуть и путешествовать в других мирах.
(Это могут делать только Женщины, мужчинам это не дано, они должны знать как, иметь много свободной энергии и много поработать чтобы такую Трещину создать. Трещина создаётся за
2 дня до менструации, когда созревает зародыш раз в месяц, который через 2 дня регулярно вытаскивается из Женщин, вызывая кровотечение. Это и называется менструацией. В основном это - Земные Женщины , кто свободно путешествует по другим мирам, а не мужчины! ЛМ).
"Причина, почему Нагуал (Мужчина, ЛМ) твёрдо верил что Женщины во всех отношениях лучше как Маги и Ясновидящие, чем Мужчины, это то, что эта невидимая Трещина находится постоянно перед глазами каждой Женщины, тогда как Мужчина-Маг должен такую Трещину создать."

P.S. Я, наконец, поняла почему мотели ($140 за ночь), отели, комнаты и крошечные домики в аренду (cabins and rooms in caravan-holiday parks) стали такими дорогими в Новой Зеландии и не только там. Managers и владельцы жаловались мне, что многие клиенты - Hoarders, кто и оставляют комнаты в таком виде, что ни одна уборщица не соглашается их чистить, а сами они это не привыкли делать, так как большинство из managers - мужчины. Вот несколько видео о тех людях (в прошлом - инопланетян) , кто превращает свои жилища в мусорную яму. С ещё большим потоком Новых Душ из других цивилизаций (alien civilizations) на Старую Землю, и таких становится всё больше и больше, Планета превращается в мусорку, в чём также здорово помогает слишком большое количество котов и собак. Вот несколько наглядных примеров:


Extreme Roach Infestation | Hoarding - Buried Alive

Landlord Inspects Grossest Hoarder House Ever

This House Killed Her | Hoarding: Buried Alive,  Mar 13, 2013. Five months after their mother's death, her house sits vacant, except for the roaches, rats, and vast piles of stuff she accumulated over the years.

Hoarding Buried Alive Season 3 Episode 12

Messiest house in the country

Lady Hoards Hundreds Of Dead Kittens In Her Freezer  Dec 5, 2012, old lady hates to dispose dead cats so she hoards them into her refrigerator where she also has her food and groceries stored, blood on the ice box thats visual.

10 Biggest Hoarders In The World   Mar 20, 2015. From a couple hoarding over 600 cats, to a man who had a rubbish pile bigger than his house! We take a look at 10 of the world’s Biggest Hoarders!

Лида - Lyda

Верхнее фото - гора Кук и ледниковое озеро. Нижнее фото - многочисленные НЛО в виде облаков вокруг горы Кук, Новая Зеландия

P.S. Света, спасибо тебе за стихи, которые ты мне прислала, но хоть они и на английском, я всё-таки послала их на наш сайт. Написаны Женщиной принадлежащей Американским Индейцам
 (Native Indian woman  - Carol Snow, Seneca):

"We are all stars, each and every one of us.
We are meant to bring our light into every life we touch.
If this was not so, we would not be here.
No one and nothing can ever take our light away from us.
It is shining even when we cannot see it.
Remember this when the days seem gray and the nights feel never ending.
We are all stars; it is the lights of those, who have gone before us,
the lights of those, who walk beside us,
and the lights of those, yet to come
that help us find our place."

Тренировка лошадей на океанском берегу , Крайстчёч, Новая Зеландия
(Там , где я испытала небольшие землетрясы две ночи подряд: 4.4 и 4.3. В Крайстчёч был мощный землетряс 5 лет назад - 9 баллов. 12000 домов разрушены полностью, ещё больше домов нужно восстанавливать. Сколько точно людей погибло - не знаю, но много. )

Роберт Монро на семинарах объяснял участникам причины почему мы (люди) прилетели на
Землю и здесь обосновались. Причин - несколько. Это было записано на видео и я поместила текст, сказанного им на английском, на нашей основной Домашней Странице (на английском). К тому что он уже сказал, я добавила самую Главную Причину. Причина почему мы появились на этой Планете - проста.
Мы , люди, всегда появляемся в Конце Жизни (не раньше) каждой Старой Вселенной. Появляемся для того, чтобы помочь такой Вселенной уйти на покой, как говорится. Мы помогаем всем формам жизни Старой Вселенной собраться вместе на одной Ключевой Планете, мы смешиваем эти формы жизни своими телами и производим больше и больше Солнечной Энергии своими телами. Нам помогают видимые/невидимые инопланетяне (хотя зачастую принося больше вреда), ветер, вода, Солнце, наши Высшие Существа и т.д. Этой Ключевой Планетой является Земля - Сверкающаяся Белая Планета. Белый Свет идёт не только от Внутреннего и Внешнего Солнц, но и от всех нас, от всех животных и растений, от воды, земли и воздуха.

Причина, почему произошла индустриальная революция и революция в образовании в течение последних 100 лет, та же самая : постепенное увеличение количества инопланетян на нашей Планете, проходящих первый опыт человека. Старыми средствами прокормить и расселить их, а также дать им опыт всевозможных ручных навыков было невозможно. Поэтому появилось множество институтов и университетов, ремесленных училищ и колледжей, колхозов и совхозов. Ручной труд стал заменяться механическим и электронным, заводами и фабриками, поточными линиями и станками, компьютерами и всевозможными машинами, тракторами и комбайнами на полях и здесь нужны были обученные специалисты.

Что СМИ (средства массовой информации) называли Концом Света, в действительности является Концом привычного для нас Мира и заменой его на Мир Людей и Инопланетян, живущих вместе, а потом и вовсе без людей. Кстати в Антарктиде такие города уже существуют давно, где люди и разные существа живут и работают вместе. Я побывала в Антарктиде и видела широкий пояс 200-300 км разбитого льда (с вставленными в него айсбергами) вокруг континента. Неудивительно, что "учёные" в тревоге от скорости таяния льдов.

Верхнее фото: Аномальное Солнце в Данедин, Южный Остров, Новая Зеландия; нижнее фото: Белое небо острова Стюарт, Новая Зеландия

Antarctica continent and South Opening

New photos of New Zealand

White Sky of New Zealand

UFOs in New Zealand

Water leaving Earth - Безводные заливы Новой Зеландии

Rare waterfalls - Редкие водопады

Wellington Harbour


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