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I have seen Tall Norwegians (Humanoids) when I was travelling in Norway last year Sep-Nov (2012). I didn't search for them, it just happened accidently. Below there is some extra material on Tall Whites Humanoids, which I found on a couple of sites and interesting Thoughts on the meaning of numbers 11:11

"Fortunately for Earth, we have been contacted by member societies of the Star Nations, a broad coalition, all of whose members subscribe to the metaphysical, spiritual and moral principles of the 11 Universal Laws and the 11 Spiritual Laws of the Cosmos."

"Defending Sacred Ground", Chapter 1 - The ET Global Connection: A Lecture (and the book) by Alex Collier (1995)
"This scenario is apparently what is beginning to happen now in our Universe, 21 trillion years after its Creation. Everything in our Universe, including us, came from a Black Hole. The Andromedans say there is NO AGE to us. We truly are INFINITE. You can take that any way you want. According to Vasais and Moraney, on March 23rd of 1994 a specific (Aquamarine) colour and sound frequency began to emanate from all the Black Holes in the known (this Old) Universe. In terms of their science, which goes back along way, this is the first time this has ever happened. What this energy and frequency is doing is that it is creating a holographic impression throughout all dimensional levels, of which they say there are ELEVEN CREATIONAL DENSITIES. This new holographic impression has become a 12th density
(the 12th LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS is PURE BALANCE OR UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! LM). They say, that this new holographic impression has one frequency - that it does not carry a Duality within it
(It is White Sparkling Energy of Balance! LM).
What this frequency is doing is that it is pulling up all the dimensional levels below it. They say, that by December 2013, third density, as we know it here, will cease to exist - it is imploding in on itself, as everything is being drawn up. Those on the 11th are going to 12th. We are supposed to go to 4th and then to 5th density. From the Andromedan perspective, 4th density is a Consciousness. It is where an entire race is telepathic with each other, they are aware of each other, they feel each other - they are of one mind, separate individuals, but still one. Fifth density is where we would be considered from the third density as being White Light (the Energy Of Balance, LM). They say, that this is what is going to happen to us, no later than 2013, based on their science.
Now, there are individual consciousness', which have appeared in this 12th density Holographic Consciousness. They apparently are like nothing, that has ever been seen before.
The Andromedans don't know who they are, what they are, and don't know even how to describe them. But, apparently, these 12th dimensional Beings have the capability to gaze down through all of the dimensions and see everything, what is going on there.
As all this is happening, certain essences (or beings, LM) are starting to "gain weight",  because the frequency shifting is "pulling everything up." Those energies (or beings, LM), that are regressive are starting to "freak out". According to the Andromedans, every single one of us on Planet Earth and 21 other Star systems in our Galaxy, apparently, consist of a group of Beings, individual consciousness', that apparently evolved some trillions of years ago to the 11th density.
An experiment was conceived, where Beings would drop down into the concept of time and experiment with our thoughts, creating physical matter. They say, that apparently, a large group of us dropped down into 3rd density and found a specific race already there with a very specific genetic coding involving 22 different extraterrestrial races. All life on Earth was brought here by traders (Earth lies along a Galactic trade route), explorers, miners, joy-riders - all different people..."

Exopolitics: The Study of the Politics of Extraterrestrial Contact

He (Colonel Wilson) was sitting in his office at S-4 mulling this over one morning, when a Lieutenant Colonel Bennet came in. He asked Wilson if he was busy, ("Like he gave a damn," Wilson recalls), and said "Let's go." Wilson followed the Lieutenant Colonel, and they eventually wound up two stories down at the super-secret "S-4" UFO technology area. As they came out on a landing there, Wilson saw eight different kinds of UFOs! There were intellectual-looking people all over the area, whom he guessed were scientists. He glanced at Bennett, who cut off his implied question with a curt "Forget it." The Colonel and the Major went into a cubicle where there were about twenty officers and civilians sitting around. Wilson was startled, when a woman came in who was at least eight feet tall. There was not an ounce of excess fat on her body, he recalls. She wore a strange-looking jump suit, which had a * HI * pattern on the right side above the breast line. To this day Wilson recollects the details of this striking encounter.
"The woman had finely-chiseled features. Her blonde hair cascaded neatly past her shoulders. Her eyes were the bluest blue I'd ever seen. Somehow she was different. Little did I know then, how different! She sat a large crystal on the table, and without warning, her fingers began to glow as she ran them over this crystal. A 3-D hologram began to form above it! I looked around the room and everyone's mouth was hanging open, and suddenly I noticed mine was, too. Little did I realize that at that moment my life would forever be changed. My past teachings slipped from me as I stared. My whole concept of life did a 180-degree turn, as I watched the Hologram, complete with sound, unfold the mysteries of the past and the present, and of other worlds." Colonel Wilson related that among the scenes, which the female extraterrestrial's crystal hologram displayed for the assembled group, was the history of the Earth and of extraterrestrial involvement with it. That involvement included fashioning the consciousness of Jesus and sending him to live among Earthlings to point to a better way to understand life and to live. The extraterrestrial woman also showed the officers and scientists scenes from inhabited Planets of other Star systems. Wilson was transformed by this experience. When it was over, I knew that, whatever part I was to play in all of this, my life as I knew it had ended forever."
I have run across cases that seem to be Tall White cases on the Internet. This Russian case in which divers were killed in a severe defensive reaction sounds a lot like the Tall Whites.

I have also seen cases on Colin Andrews's website involving TW and crop circles. (I will put in these links when I find them again.) The many reports of Tall Whites, not just by Charles Hall, have not yet captured the imagination of the UFO community. For this reason the TW have not been trashed by the usual contactee flakes and charlatans making a living off of UFO/ET lecture circuit. What Charles Hall has done is quietly slip the information on the TW to the UFO/ET community in his four books and his interviews with little fanfare or publicity.
The intention I suppose is to let the information slowly trickle out in a manner, that educates the public about the TW. The NSA's Dan Sherman did this same sort of thing...
Steven Greer interviewed a very credible whistle-blower who describes extremely tight security on the Tonopath ranges. If there is nothing up there then why such tight security?

I was a little late to the party as the Open Seti folks, Stribner, Sweeps, Michael Salla and Kivin Smith got on to this before me. I have been catching up and after I reading the last two books by Charles I should have read everything that is available so far. Of course I would not have got so interested in the TW if I had not run into other witness testimony that backs up Charles's story. One of the Open Seti folks ran into a TW in Laughlin Nevada, Sweeps in the UK saw a couple of TW going through his garbage after he publicized them in Europe, and Tom Fox who I met on the Internet has run into the TW both in the desert and in Las Vegas, Nevada. Recently George Flier had a 1970s satellite photo of a TW ship on his Fliers Files. The photo fit the description of the bus like ship described in detail in Charles second book. The picture was sent to Charles and was confirmed by him. This craft is described also in this Kevin Smith interview with Charles. Charles communicates very little with the public and still is working as an atomic physicist in New Mexico in the black world. I am told he is closely monitored. It's my guess is he is working on electrogravitic propulsion systems as he started reading the TW's minds on their propulsion systems in the encounters of the 1960's as recorded in his books. This was of concern to the TW at the time. According to Charles they did not mind sharing with the military, shuttle technology, but deep space propulsion systems was another matter. There are only a couple of references to other ET types in Hall's material. He said the the TW lost a war to the Annunaki and the following. Tom Fox said, "Airman Charles Hall suggests that Air Force generals thought the Tall Whites were near-enemies of the grays... I asked him Hall) , and he replied, “I was with the Tall Whites for over two years. Various remarks were made, and in particular, the Teacher (a Tall White) made the point quite clear to me.”

Tom Fox's experience with the TW.
Friday, August 20, 2010 at 8:36am
It actually started back in the 60's I did a homework assignment were I clipped out a time magazine article entitled- Who were they? It showed a picture of the Talls all dressed-up having crashed a embassy ball ! Yet, these ambassadors from N Spain were not invited, tried to fit in . Hall tells me the issues of the magazine were recalled. Then in '90 I came out of the bathroom of the Tropicana Casino late one night and noticed 4 Talls, one was climbing the stairs in a most peculiar manor. I later found it was due to not being used to earth gravity, thus a new arrival. I was dumbfounded. I felt guilty for staring as they turned to watch me.


by Richard Boylan, Ph.D

Fortunately for Earth, we have been contacted by member societies of the Star Nations, a broad coalition all of whose members subscribe to the metaphysical, spiritual and moral principles of the 11 Universal Laws and the 11 Spiritual Laws of the Cosmos.

"...Information from a member of Star Nations’ Council informs us that there are 1,483 Star Nations Species who are currently operating within Earth’s energy zone, and/or have operated here in the past. Needless to say, this article will not catalogue them all, but only the ones with whom Humans have had more frequent interaction...Zeta race is popularly (and rather racistly) called the "Greys" . Their actual name in Estican star language is Maostikioan. The Zetas are stereotyped, by uninformed or careless writers, as: short, upright, two-legged beings, three-and-a-half feet tall, with grayish- white skin, large, hairless, fetal-shaped heads, with huge, all-black, sloping, almond-shaped eyes without pupils or eyelids, whose eyes wrap around partially towards the temple-area sides of the head, a narrow jaw tapering to almost a V, small nostril holes but no nose, a small, thin, lip-less, horizontal slit for a mouth, thin torsos with no ribs and no external genitals evident, long, spindly, but surprisingly strong arms reaching to the knees, similarly long, very thin legs, and hands with three long, non-tapering, joint-less fingers, which "end in claws" instead of fingernails, but no thumb...there are also: five-foot tall Zetas, seven-foot tall Zetas, Zetas with mushroom-white skin, Zetas with brown skin, Zetas with black skin, Zetas whose large eyes have a thin nictitating membrane which can extend across the eye, Zetas with midnight-blue eyes, Zetas with wispy fine small amounts of hair on their heads, Zetas with four fingers, and Zetas with three or four fingers plus another finger positioned where the human thumb would be, and Zetas whose fingers end with suction-cup-like tips.
Councillor Meata of the Star Nations High Council says that the Tall Zetas, distinguished in size from the Short (3-1/2-foot-tall) Zetas, are very gifted with teaching skills. Indeed, noted author Whitley Streiber describes in his book "The Secret School: Preparation For Contact", it is a female Tall Zeta who taught him as a child, along with selected other San Antonio, Texas small children, at night in a wooded grove as a kind of educational group close encounter.
There have also been Star Visitors reported, who have a large process of folds along the back of their heads, a series of deep creases or crevices along the top of the head, sloping down forward towards the front, and with a strongly-pronounced brow-ridge above the eyes.

Are these twelve different races; or variants based on evolving in different climactic zones on one planet? Does this represent racial variation within inhabited planets in one star system? Or are these variations which occur within one cluster of star systems? Or does the Zeta genotype tend to appear in many different star systems, on some planets, along with other races, on other planets, within those same star systems? The truth is, we do not know. Or at least that information has not been released to the public. Thus, we are still at the stage of gathering information on the various different types of intelligent lifeforms visiting our planet. Another source of variation even within what is apparently one race is clothing. Many experiencers report that their Zeta visitors wore no clothes. Others have seen Zetas wearing long robes and hoods over their heads. Others have seen crews where both versions of attire, as well as close-fitting jumpsuits, were in evidence. Yet Zetas are not the only ones wearing robes.
Councillor Meata of the Star Nations’ High Council says that the Zeta are renown for their working with energy of various forms. They also excel at gathering information, and the Star Ntions rely on their reports in addition to those gathered from the Watchers, (Star Visitors human and Walk-In volunteers on Earth who compile information about what is going on with the planet and with human society.
Another race of Star Visitors is the 4-to-5 1/2-foot tall Being, with a somewhat large head (by comparison with the human head) but not as proportionally large as the Zetas, and who has somewhat large (but smaller than the Zetas) dark oval eyes, spindly frame and limbs, and a hand with three long, cartilaginous, bone-less fingers, which end with neither claw nor suction-cup, but rather "ordinary" fingertip shape, except that their fingers do not taper. These are the Variant Altimarians, so named to distinguish them from a sister race, the Altimarians.
A more distinctive kind of Star Visitor is the "Praying Mantis type" race who call themselves Esticans. These Beings have long, narrow faces, with long, narrow, large eyes, sharply slanted upward and outward in an almost narrow-V position, given an almost insect-like appearance. This comparison is heightened by the Praying-Mantis types' extremely thin, long torsos, long, extremely-thin arms which are usually crooked into a sharp bend at the mid-joint, with the hand and fingers/mitten sloping almost vertically downward from the "wrist", and legs also bent at an almost right-angle at the mid-joint, creating a crouched pose. The overall effect is the characteristic "Praying Mantis" look. It should be noted that experiencers feel that this type is no insect, but rather an intelligent, gentle-spirited, but somewhat "hyper" and jerky-moving, human-like lifeform. There are both males and females. Star Nations Councillor Meata says that the Praying Mantis beings are gifted with the Spiritual Teachings, and visit Humans particularly when this kind of help is needed to be shared. These beings often are called Angels by people because they wear garments that are very shiny.
Another race is the so-called "Reptilians", or "Reptoids", although I note again that there is no implication in these descriptors of anything other than of intelligent, communicative persons. What distinguishes these "Reptilian" Star Visitors is their skin, which has small, fine scales, rather than smooth, their face, which has larger-than- human yellowish-green eyes variously described as with a vertical slit or "starburst"-shaped pupil, the eyes often oval, and an almost snout-like blunt process in the area of the nose and mouth, giving this type an almost dragon-like humanoid appearance.
The Reptoids have very powerful emotional energy, sometimes so strong that, as one experiencer described it, “it can almost floor you. But they are so sensitive and kind. And they have hearts the size of Texas.”
Another group of Star Visitors for convenience, I call the "Jawas", after their resemblance to the creatures in the film, Star Wars. This group is distinguished by their clothing. They wear hoods and robes, are generally short (three to four-and-a-half feet tall), and their faces are concealed by the shadows thrown by their hoods. Sometimes there is a much taller hooded and robed one on board the UFO, who often stands to the Experiencer's left as s/he lies on the Visitor medical examining table. This Tall One appears to direct the procedures, and often is the one who telepathically communicates with the Experiencer. A few Experiencers have noted glowing eyes under the "Jawas'" hoods. Other Experiencers have reported that when they got a glimpse of the being whose face was shadowed by the hood, it was a type of Zeta. Still others saw neither glowing eyes nor Zetas under the hoods, but rather never could distinguish the features in the shadows of the hoods. Councillor Meata of the Star Nations High Council says that the “Jawas” often serve as the “mechanics”, and are noted for their expertise with technology.
There are often mixed- race crews on the UFO's. In such cases there could be "Jawas" or "Praying Mantis" types or "Reptoids" or Zetas, joining in a coordinated effort in carrying out scientific or medical tasks...

My research has also come up with a goodly number of reports of "Humanoids", "Blondes", "Nordics", or "Pleiadeans" Star Visitors almost indistinguishable from humans. Indeed, Native American and other indigenous people's traditions point to their origin from the worlds of these human-looking Visitors in the Pleiades, Sirius, Orion and other star systems. If you were to place a pair of sunglasses on one of these "Nordic" Visitors, they would be indistinguishable from a Scandinavian-American citizen. Councillor Meata of the Star Nations High Council says that the Pleiadeans are especially gifted in medicine. When people are brought onto "ships" for physical body work, healers like the Pleiadeans work with them.

940 B.C.-present - The Saami are a human-looking race who migrated from Barnard’s Star the 6 light-years to Earth around 940 B.C. and live among us. They are resident in the Saami (Lapland) region above the Arctic Circle in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and northwest Russia’s Kola Peninsula. The Saami’s extraterrestrial origin was reported by USAF Airman Charles Hall, who had security clearance for contact with Star Visitors. Hall has described the Saami as looking Human, with broad faces, high cheekbones, tall foreheads and darkish hair color. The Saami are distinguished by their having only 24 teeth instead of the normal-human 32 teeth. Also, these Saami people can regrow a tooth to replace any adult tooth which has been removed. They prefer a dramatically-cold climate. Otherwise they are indistinguishable from Humans. Some of these Saami (Laplanders) migrated to the U.S. and settled in northern-tier states such as Wisconsin. A number of Saami have intermarried with Europeans, so the degree to which their original Saami characteristics remain in the mixed-race offspring varies.
357 AD-present - The Tall Whites Star race arrived around 357-358 AD and set up residence on Earth. A contingent of Tall Whites have been resident in the Indian Springs Valley region of what is now the Nevada Test Site over a millennium before the first Euro-American settlers moved to settle the West. More recently some Tall Whites have quietly relocated to other parts of the U.S. This Star race originates from a location near, but behind the Arcturus Star system. The Tall Whites People have found Earth to be a convenient way-station in their travels within this sector of the galaxy, and the Tall-Whites Earth colony is regularly visited by Tall Whites traveling across the near sector of the Galaxy.
Adult Tall Whites are around six feet in height and have generally human-looking features. They have blond hair, generally worn short. The Tall White women tend to wear their hair in a feminine form of short cut.
Tall Whites are blue-eyed, and have larger-than-human eyes, which wrap a little bit around the side of their head. The Tall Whites otherwise look quite human, except that their skin is chalky-white in color.
They have hands with four fingers, the tips of which end in finger nails, but the Tall Whites sometimes wear protectively two-inch-long claw-like appendages affixed to their finger tips.
The typical clothing of the Tall Whites is an aluminized, chalk-white jump suit of canvas-looking fabric. They also wear gloves of the same material, and an open, white, motorcycle-like helmet. Both the suit and the helmet emit a three-inch-out field of soft-white flourescent light. The intensity of this emitted light can be varied from soft to too bright to look at without strain.
These Tall Whites have very high intelligence and an information-processing speed which Mr. Hall estimates at 3-1/2 times faster than bright humans. The Tall Whites's technology is equally advanced. One element of their technology is a transporter suit, which they put on, which provides personal antigravity levitation and above-ground movement, as well as force-field protection against attacks, e.g., would slow a bullet to where it would fall to the ground.
Another element of their technology is their spacecraft. They operate smaller scout ships, which can transport a limited number of individuals. And then they have deep-space vessels, that can travel between star systems. Their scout craft are white in color, ellipsoidal or egg-shaped, with a molded flat bottom. It has a row of large windows on each side, sort of like an airplane. Its size is comparable to that of a passenger train's diesel engine, and has two windows in front much like a train diesel engine. The range of these scout craft permit travel as far as the Moon or even Mars. But not deep space.
Their deep-space vessels are very large, sleek, black antigravity craft, 70 feet high, 300 feet wide, and 500 feet long. These vessels also have pilot windows, as well as have regularly-spaced running lights along their edges. Their range extends out many light years into space. Their top speed exceeds the speed of light by a considerable margin.
Former USAF Airman Charles Hall was given security clearance to be around extraterrestrials and was assigned in 1965-67 to work near and interact with the Tall Whites at their home on the Nellis Air Force Range, Nevada.
The Tall Whites are a people still at a relatively primitive stage of moral/spiritual development by Star Nations standards, (but not as primitive as Humans), are not a member race of Star Nations, and operate by their own relatively less-developed moral code and not the 11:11 Laws of the Cosmos, which Star Nations observe. [I can see why the Cabal allowed Charles Hall to publish his memoirs of his time among the Tall Whites. Tall Whites are not the Foster Child for a typical spiritually-morally sophisticated Star Nations-member race.]
Airman Hall also reported a human-like race, the Saami, that migrated from Barnard’s Star are resident in the Saami (Lapland) region above the Arctic Circle in Scandinavia. These Hall dubbed the “Norwegians”. They are distinguished from regular humans by their having only 24 teeth, instead of the normal-human 32 teeth. Also, these Saami people can regrow a tooth to replace adult tooth, which has been removed. Otherwise they are indistinguishable from humans. Some of these Saami migrated to the U.S. and live in northern-tier states such as Wisconsin.
Zulu history also tells a story of a white-skinned man and a woman coming down from the sky on a cloud and alighting upon a hilltop. These people were white and shiny with hair of gold and wearing shiny clothes. Their huts are thatched with shining grass. Their village was said to be lit by a mightier light, than any on this world. These Star Visitors were Pleiadeans.
Former National Security Council consultant-scientist Dr. Michael Wolf has described people from the Altair Aquila Star system. These Altairians are virtually indistinguishable from humans, except their skulls are somewhat taller and thus they have taller foreheads. He worked with one, Anon Sa Ra, a Star Visitor consultant scientist.
Wolf also described a race dubbed the "Semitics", of average height and a generally human-like appearance, except for their very large hooked nose. "This was the race, which landed at Holloman Air Force Base, [New Mexico, in the Sixties], and conversed with some generals there."
Dr. Wolf called the human-like race he worked with the “Nordics”, and these are different from Airman Hall’s Tall Whites. Wolf said, "The Semitics and Nordics come from Altair 4 and 5 and from the Pleiades." Whereas, Hall identifies the home world of the Tall Whites as near the Arcturus Star system.
One Star race, that have been misrepresented by pseudo-New Age fake “channelers” is the Arcturians , (the Mogeshstolia, in the Praying Mantis/Estican folks language). (Fake pretend-“channelers” include Norma Milanovich, who has a long history of falsifyng, who the Arcturians actually are and what they have to say.) The Arcturians are a simple People. Their appearance is like a cross between a Pleiadian and a Zeta, as they have Humanoid bodies with a few fingers/toes. However, their eyes are a solid color and smaller, than the Zetas’ eyes are. At most they are about four feet in height. They are very delicate in appearance, and have what appears to be hair on their heads. They are very spiritually aligned and are very telepathic. All activities are done mentally/with the mind.
I have also encountered reports, where the Experiencer believed that the Star Visitor s/he was dealing with appeared to be a human. However, in some cases, this turned out to be a Star Visitor-imposed mental visualization in the mind of the experiencer, the so-called "screen memory". Upon closer looking, the experiencer was able to see the actual nonhuman face of the Star Visitor behind, the mentally-imposed, "human" mask.
My favorite variation of this mental cloaking experience occurred to one experiencer, who believed she was encountering a human "spaceman". I invited the Experiencer to look closely and carefully at the face of the "human spaceman". When she did so, she suddenly was startled. "Oh, my", she said," It's not a human after all. It's one of those Grays." Other details made me suspect we were still not done. I suggested she study closely the face of her Zeta visitor. Startled, she could see that it was a "Reptoid", who had previously cloaked himself mentally as a Zeta.
Another Star Visitor species described are the short, heavy-built Onoogie Star Visitors, with squarish head and wrinkled brow. These are gentle, kind Star Visitors with dwarven appearance and multidimensional abilities; space travelers, who often aid other Star craft with maintenance and repair. Councillor Asheoma te ka Meata of the Star Nations Council says, that the Derali/Onoogie short Star Visitors often serve as the “mechanics” in a mixed-races crew on a starcraft, and are noted for their expertise with technology.

Dr. Michael Wolf also shared the information, that the cetaceans (dolphins and whales) were seeded here long ago, are highly intelligent, telepathic, and social, and have their origin as a Star species.
Another race here, which has its origin in the Stars is the group variously called the Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch, and the “Abominable Snowman”. Sasquatch is an intelligent, telepathic extraterrestrial race, which has taken residence within Earth in natural secluded regions. Sasquatches are intelligent, sensitive, social among themselves, but retiring near Humans, psychic persons, who happen to have heavy body hair, the coloration of which adapts to their environment. Sasquatches live in temperate-to-arctic climactic zones on Earth. In temperate zones their hair is brown to dark, while in arctic climate zones their hair is white. Sasquatches formerly lived on a cooling Planet, orbiting a dying star 6550 light years from Earth. Around 9550 B.C., Star Nations observed their plight and transplanted them to Earth to set up living here for survival. 2041 years later, in 7509 B.C., the dying Star, whose Planet had been the Sasquatches' home world went critical and blew up into a supernova we know as the Crab Nebula (M1; NGC #1952; SN 1054). The light from that supernova first reached Earth in 1054 A.D., and was recorded by Chinese and Arab astronomers. Luckily by the time of that supernova, the Sasquatch were well settled in to life on Earth. Being psychic the Sasquatch looking up and seeing that bright Star suddenly appear in the sky and remaining visible for two years knew, that it was what was left of their home world, a neutron Star, surrounded by glowing filaments, made up of the ionized elements of which the star's atmosphere had been composed. The Sasquatch knew, that they had moved away from their home world just in time.

Video № 101 (13 May 2013) - ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – Nibiru and Events

Question: We have some pictures of the Beings we call “Bigfoot” wearing a kind of a flight suit, could you tell us something about this strange fact? -As I told you some time ago, these creatures were placed here, on a trial basis only. These Beings, that you could see them dressed, are intellectually more developed version of the natives, left here long ago. They are relocating many of the individuals, who were being protected by the race, called by you ”night walkers”. The habitats of these creatures are disappearing rapidly on Planet Earth, and all will be relocated to other systems. The Planet will pass a short time through major changes, and your remaining societies will be redistributed within the new context (New Universe, LM).

Question: Do we have humanoids on Earth, that are living in the oceans and adapted to life in water?

-Oh, well, this was a connection, allowed to the Arcturians only, but we already know, that many of you have seen this race of humanoids, who live with you on the Planet since ancient times. Your government keeps some of them alive in captivity for a long time. It is an ancient humanoid race, that was brought here when your atmosphere became more stable and the waters of your oceans no longer poisonous to mammalian species. They breath air like dolphins and are so smart, like you; just do not have the same priorities and have not the same material needs. They are much more objective and simple, as your native indigenous behave in the forests, taking from nature only the necessary to live. These breeds tend to live on Planet's oceans, where coexist very peacefully with colonies Arcturians. With sequential pollution of the seas inevitably you will start to have more contacts, as it is being affected by the adversities physical/chemical provided by you. Some groups are already moved to other places outside Earth, but others are refusing to abandon their habitat here. They can use the lower mammals such as whales, dolphins and porpoises as pets, teaching and training them to various functions in their daily lives.

Yet another race is what could be dubbed the Bird People. This group’s most pronounced feature is a broad, downward-sloping proboscis, somewhat like an oversize broad bird beak or flexible dolphin beak, with the mouth underneath the beak. These Visitors have graceful ovoid heads, and long thin necks. They have thin, horizontal, slit-like eyes with dark pupils. They are telepathic, kind- hearted, and powerful healers and teachers. On March 25, 1948 northeast of Aztec, New Mexico, a starcraft was shot down and crashed. Among those on board (and killed) was a Gelatinous Star Being. Star Person Incarnate Fran says, that the Gelatinous Star Beings are called the Bauestigowa, and have physical shape similar to an amoeba, (though of much larger size of course.)
Also aboard that “Aztec, NM" craft was a member of the “Ant People”, the thin-framed, articulated-limbs Star race, the Gansplicoid, whom the Hopi Indians call the Ant People (yet of humanoid appearance).
The Ant People had taught the Hopi their knowledge and spirituality.
Star Species Without Physical Bodies:
Then there are the Light Beings, the Energy Beings, and the pure disembodied Consciousness Beings. The Light and Energy Beings do not have a solid, three-dimensional body, but rather their presence is marked by the presence of a structured (often round) or an ill-defined mass of Light or other Energy. Some of these have been dubbed Orbs or Plasmoids. These Orb Light Beings are conscious, communicative, interactive and have personality. In the case of the pure Consciousness Beings, the only signal of their presence is the onset of telepathic contact, and, occasionally, their influence on something in the local environment.

Undoubtedly, many more races could be described. We, as humans, are challenged by intelligent life, that looks so different from us, a challenge, which can be disturbing. But it can also remind us, that the Source of All is myriad in its expression of lifeforms, including intelligent lifeforms, across the vast Universe. Only the most anthropocentric would be offended by the Supreme Source's creation of intelligence in other anatomical packages. And, indeed, Star Visitor messages tell us, that we are that special variant mix of intelligent life: part-Earth primate, part-Star Visitor intelligent lifeform. Thus, when any of us has an encounter with a Star Visitor, we truly are meeting our "distant cousins". I believe that all Star Kids and Star Seeds will find the day-to-day struggle of hybrid Raechel, and of the Tall Whites residing at Indian Wells Valley, to try to get accepted in the human world to be an Nth-degree case of the basic struggle so many Star Kids (and Star Seed adults) experience in trying to define themselves, and be openly who they are without the rejection, ridicule and avoidance too many humans dish out to someone who is different. And different can be: Zeta-human hybrid, Tall White passing for human with disguise, or a human Star Kid or Star Seed whose advanced abilities "just aren't normal".
As "regular" humans learn to accept their own children, the Star Kids, perhaps this will accelerate the day when the public is ready to accept the Zeta-human hybrid "Raechels" and Tall White "Harry's" of the galaxy as just other people here to visit.
"One night when I was out at Range #3, I saw the Teacher standing with her arms crossed with her hands resting on her upper arms. On that evening, she was certainly wearing 2-inch long claws. On a different evening, I saw her in Downtown Las Vegas outside the Hotel Fremont and Casino. On that evening she was disguised as a human woman, and she was definitely not wearing claws.
"The Tall Whites are quite frail by human standards. Their arms and hands do not have anywhere near the strength, that human arms and hands have. The wearing of artifical sharp claws would provide them with a set of weapons, with which they could defend themselves against bees, hornets, snakes, etc. Such artifical claws would also be quite useful as tools when outside in a Nevada desert environment. TW - Range Four Harry (he) was running northwest from the corner of my barracks out into the open desert, and he was running at approximately 35 mph. Since the Olympic world record for humans for the mile run is only 15 miles per hour, that would mean the the Tall White alien known as Range Four Harry had a nervous system that was operating at approximately 35/15 = roughly 2 to 2-and-a-half times faster, than the human nervous system operates. Of course, when I timed myself, the fastest that I could run was just barely 7 miles per hour. So Range Four Harry's nervous system might have been running 35/7 = 5 time faster than mine.
"The Teacher stated that Pamela (her daughter) had never been back to their home planet, and that Pamela had been born in Indian Springs Valley when James Madison was President, (i.e. approximately the year 1812).
(Parenthetically, I note that NSC consultant Dr. Michael Wolf also told me that the U.S. had a base on the Moon, and a tiny station on Mars.)
(Also, parenthetically, I can now better understand why the Powers That Be [the Cabal] threw a royal hissie fit when the UK television documentary, "Alternative Three" came out years ago touting a get-away base on Mars. Although subsequently disowned as "a prank", the documentary came too close to the truth, it would seem.)
[Star Knowledge Conference - 1996 extract:]
"Finnish physician Rauni-Leena Kilde spoke of her extraterrestrial experiences among the Sammi (Laplander) people she was raised with above the Arctic Circle and in Scandinavia. Her first remembered contact was when she was in a severe car crash. As she laid there mortally injured, a small Star Visitor (not a Sammi) was at her side working on healing her injured liver. Later the hospital staff could not understand how she survived the crash. Later she remembered Star Visitor contacts as a child living among the Sammi. She reported that there is a change of attitude in Scandinavia and the European Union about cosmic contacts. She hears positive reactions to Star Visitor encounters. In Scandinavia the so-called "Grey" [Zeta] Star Visitors are rare. Most common there are the small, short, wrinkled short Onoogie Star Visitors. [Basis for the Gnomes legends?] Her country borders Russia, whose cosmonauts were threatened with death if they talked openly about UFO encounters."
Charles Hall repeated his anecdote about some of these Sammi Star Visitors becoming stranded here after their craft was damaged during the 20 light-year voyage from their home world (in the Barnard's Star red-dwarf star cluster), and that they could not return, and so settled in a lightly-populated sector of the polar regions, which has a climate similar to their home world.
I told Charles Hall of my finding clinical reports of a high prevalency of hypodontia (fewer-than-normal teeth) among young Sammi adults studied in Scandinavia even despite some amount of intermarriage between the Sammi and European people in Scandinavia.
When I asked Mr. White if he had ever been approached by the equivalent of the Men-In-Black or any other government agents and been told to keep quiet about his experiences, he said no, he had not.
Thus, I am left to conclude that his being allowed to publish his experiences is another step in the Public Acclimation Program's effort to acquaint and acclimate the American public to not only UFO reality, but also the presence of resident Star Visitors among us. The government's Public Acclimation Program, in passively "allowing" Helen Littrell to come out publicly with her account of her daughter's having been roommates with a Zeta-human hybrid Raechel as fellow junior college students , and Raechel's adoptive father, an Air Force Colonel revealing to Helen that the government maintains an undisclosed Nevada base "Four Corners" at which contingents of Visitors from various star systems around the galaxy are welcomed and provided hospitality, orientation, and education in Earth language and customs; and in "allowing" Charles Hall to tell of almost-daily contacts with the Tall Whites on the Nellis Air Force Base Range, as well as his knowledge of Sammi Star Visitors immigrating to the United States from Norway many decades ago, has substantially raised the bar on what the public is allowed to be aware of. The well-informed members of today's public can now know that U.S. Air Force generals have been engaging in junkets to the Moon aboard Star Visitor-manned space craft since four-and-a-half decades ago. The well-informed public is now allowed also to know from a retired military serviceman that the Star Visitors are not only visiting here, but some of them are in residence here, and some of these Visitors have been resident on western America soil since before the white human came. Can interstellar peaceful coexistence be in our future? Why not? It has already been going on for centuries.  Richard Boylan, Ph.D

Since the beginning of 2013, I have done some research of Mythi materials and decided to create a new link, specially for this material, which I copied from his videos. Some people will find, that there is a lot of repetition from Alex Collier's material, but there are also some new things, which are helpful. After the statement about the desire to have the Moon for "many millenia" ("because the Moon will be around for many millenia, we hope!" - in video 4), I feel, that we need to be selective about some of the views of Mythi from Andromeda in 2010: they were obviously of not a High Level of Consciousness! Another race from Andromeda told us through Alex Collier in 1995, that the End of the 3rd physical Level of this Old Universe would happen in December 2013 (and the signs are everywhere)! It means there will be no physical Moon after that, unless it is moved to the New, Young Universe, which is taking over from the Old one! Or the Moon will become non-physical and stay on 4th non-physical Level for some time? I am not obsesed with the Moon, like them, and find more important things to think about.

Some of their information can be useful, though most of technical stuff is a bit confusing: all electronics/technology belong to the physical, 3rd Level, not 5th Level; electronics will have a short life, but we are moving higher, where we use our natural abilities to create without technology! The idea of Mixing of our Energies with the Energies of all other Beings in our Galaxy and in all our Universe is not new (we have been doing it all the time) and Mixing of Energies needs to be promoted even further. First step is to mix with our neighbouring Community Galactica of Andromeda and raise their Level of Consciousness, because it is a bit too low! Below is the content of video 102 and address of video 103. And again, some of it could be useful, but with some info I disagree :

Video № 101 (13 May 2013) - ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – Nibiru and Events (the rest of it)

Question: Our scientists are baffled with the so called “Global Warming” declination until final of 2011 and had an end. This phenomenon has any Cosmic relationship?

-As you can relate, when Krulians destroyed the so called, “Comet Elenin”, they began to change trajectory and the backwardness of the solar system Nibiru, which was causing excessive heating of the Planet with their direct approach. With the gradual removal and retardation of system Nibiru the atmospheric temperatures of the Earth ceased to rise. The increase in atmospheric temperatures was never due to greenhouse gas emissions as was announced to you by your scientists at the time. That was a political move trying to distribute responsibilities only.
Question: What can you tell us about the bowl shaped magnetic fields theory in the matter particles, in the light and in Cosmos?

-Well, in the fundamentals of the matter in the third dimension requirements are the existence of potential differences and opposing magnetic fields in each particle. There are magnetic fields, that you call polarity “north” and “south”, but in reality are opposites magnetism, two fields of magnetism, opposites separated, interacting in the same particle as one. They can even be separated by quantum processes to be used as separate units “unipolar”, used to interact with the gravitational fields of Planets and Systems, and thus allow the movement of spaceships and a multitude of other vehicles. The Light is a particle material travelling as energy in a waveform. In other words, the particle, that you know as “photon”, can be “rearranged quantumly” to compose any type of matter in the Universe. Depending on the density of the matter in question, more or less photons will be required for their formation rearranged. In short, everything in the Universe was formed with Light (White Energy of Balance! LM). But it is a reality, that should make more sense in the next stages, that you will pass through your development.

Question: You talked about this earlier, but could you, please, tell us something more detailed about travelling in wormholes? (And a bit confusing answer. LM).

What you call wormholes are not actually holes in dark matter of Space, they are the result of interaction of fields unipolar of a spaceship through all the vectorial links of gravitational forces, existing in the region, where they intend to transfer. The more Planets and Systems exist in the region, the greater the speed of this transfer, because the field can interact with the maximum power available on spacecraft. The control system of spacecraft make the map of interactions, depending on the route, and it will give all the specifications of travel time to the desired destination. The system uses these vectors to get around releasing all gravitational corresponding magnetic beams with polarity opposite to the polarity of interaction of the target vector. It is as if each of these vectors literally pulled the ship in the direction, resulting from the interaction of vectors all gravitational captured ahead, that position in that single instant of passage. As you can see, the navigation system of the spacecraft has to have a very large processing capacity to handle the magnetic navigation in real time. That is each spaceship opens its own way. Your theory that a tunnel is somehow activated and remains open for the passage of many spaceships is a wrong concept. This tunnel or “wormhole” is created during the passage of the space ship, not before, and then fades, this trail of magnetic interaction lasts only a few seconds. The Portal is different technology, there has to be input and output, properly tuned, so that spaceships are transferred. It's like a double-sided mirror, which is in a Portal can be instantly transferred to the corresponding Portal, regardless of distance. Portals only work in pairs, and the units must be physically installed in the two locations in question. From a nearest Portal ships travel by their own gravitational “tunneling” to bring the material necessary for the physical installation of a new Portal. Currently Portals are used for large distances and gravitational tunnels to shift between Solar Systems, next, or travel within Solar Systems.

Question: As the question could not be unasked, as are the predictions for changes on the Planet?

-All forecasts and warnings of the last two conversations are valid. As you will notice physical changes on the Planet are accelerating, as well as finalising the plans of your elites. Your wildlife is suffering many losses and the Planet will be restructured into a new biological balance after all the physical changes, planned to happen soon. The Krulians together with the Planet Taus are doing a great job to minimise solar effects, but not enough to stabilise the Planet during this passage of the system by the cloud of Cosmic Energy.

Question: There are some maps, showing safe areas and areas, that would be flooded after the reversal of the Poles, these maps can be used as some reference?

- Look, these maps depict areas of lower elevation with respect to sea level, but these references are current, when the continents actually move to a new repositioning, these previous references are no longer valid. New portions of the crust may emerge from the seabed and other sink completely during the rearrangement process. The use of such maps is not a valid reference in any way. I'll keep you informed of major changes, that are about to happen, but stay tuned for fake natural disasters, that are being planned intensely by your military at all key points of the Planet.


- I had the opportunity to see a plan of the Arcturians for a full and complete decontamination of the world's oceans...until the Planet (Earth) to have a portal discharge in the coming years..."
(What? Is he telling us that our Earth is going to exist for more years? Something's not quite right here! LM).


"...The Arcturians have developed a system for neutralizing of this system (Haarp), and has deactivated the network on several occasions to show their ineffectiveness. The Arturians are also monitoring some eruptions, that can cause tzunamies in deep oceanic rifts, which can be viewed by your satellites like this, possibly one of many, that happening at the junction of tectonic plates in the Atlantic ocean...about Nibiru. The Planet will feel his approach soon, but the Planet Taus is trying to minimise the consequences of the heating and rotation Center of the Earth at the time of the greatest influences tangency...come DNA changes, which will release more capabilities into your brain, as greater insight and possibilities of telepatic communication. Never mind 'which brain regions' will be responsible for these changes, because the changes will take effect at the quantum level much more, than physical, it is much more complex than that. Remember that the mind controls the physical, and not the contrary, and the mind is pure quantum energy, acting on the matter..."

Answers of an Alien from Andromeda

Answers of an alien from Andromeda - video 102 - June 26, 2013

This video is an update of the information of the major events in progress.
-Answering questions about a large celestial body, photographed in many places near your Sun, that is appearing in your secondary media, some are real, not fakes. By some specific angles and from specific regions you can see Planet Taus, reflecting light beside the Sun. As I said before, Taus is maintaining a position close the Sun to avoid much influence in the solar system Planet's orbits. Nibiru will not be seen
beside the Sun, this is an error, that most are expecting...To make it clear, Nibiru will appear far from the Sun, in another quadrant, like a second Sun, but with totally different Sunrise and Sunset positions.
-The vegetation will start change behaviour across the Planet, because it's receiving a strong Energy influence from a Great Energy Cloud, that is embracing the Solar System as I told you before. You will see many strange things in these actual times. The Planet will smoothly stabilize the frequency to its new parameters.
-The Planet is about to undergo the biggest Event in the social area, as your elites are scheduling the completion of depopulation for this year. According to a report (Pleiadeans), the index of the population is already innoculated with nanocomponents reaches 70% and the agenda can be started at any time. These nanocomponents act on central nervous system. Also according to the report, the activation in the urban centers will be done via the mobile networks, because in each base station radio is a device installed, that triggered to emit a frequency necessary to activate nanocomponents in the region within their reach. This device was installed as part of the digital system, when the analog radio bases were replaced by digital systems TDMA, CDMA and GSM, as a device expected "to military emergency use."
Another way that will be used for the activation of nanocomponents are computers, connected by called wireless routers, as these systems already have a transmitter of frequency, that will be activated regionally via your Internet. These nanocomponents have several codes of frequency for activation, and with the help of samples, collected by Pleiadeans, all these codes have been deciphered and are liable to be scanned and neutralized by the fleets in vigil on the Planet, as they are received orders from the Community Galactica. In other words, a mass extinction will not be allowed to be executed as plan your elites. I am revealing this to you at this time, because it is impossible and ineffective to your elites, try replacing nanocomponents already around the Planet for others, as we would discover the new codes anyway. The only way to prevent the activation of nanocomponents in your body without any help from us is to be in areas, where cell phone signals or routers cannot reach, or be isolated in places underground, where cell phones are completely out of service or at least, the disconnection of the power of an entire region to prevent the activation of devices.
If you have news of "strange epidemics" happening in nearby towns, try to take refuge in insulation, that completely block the cell phone for at least 48 hours. There are two ways to know when to leave the shelter, when the power is completely off in the region and having access to an external camera battery operated, to see what is happening, because after disabling signal and power, military forces should enter the region to start the cleaning. Avoid being exposed to these "military forces" at any cost.
-Also, according to this report, the coastal areas of the globe, that concentrate most of the people will be the target of new technologies added to the HAARP system to "rush" events in the contact areas of tectonic plates, plus thousands of tons of explosives already installed at strategic points to accelerate volcanic activity. As you can see, a lot is being prepared by them, but many attitudes will be taken by the Community Galactica at this time, so watch for the signs, that will be recognized by the most prepared, and all volunteers can be contacted at any time to assist those providences. We believe in the survival of the human race on Planet Earth, and we will do everything to save the remaining societies of these "agents of destruction and concentrators power" represented by your current "elite". As you can also easily verify watching the skies, that the movement of spacecrafts is increasing, you can easily track and register many of them with simple equipment, and this will help you to prove to ones that refuse to agree with our presence here to be more prepared to a possible contact of out space brothers. The geographic poles began to move their positions following the magnetic poles, that is, the Planet is declining physically their axis to a new position of equilibrium, and this will mean climate change increasingly radical in central regions. Behaviors totally random, dense fog, strange formations of clouds, big storms, among other manifistations of nature. Stand firm,
therefore everything will pass and societies will become reaquainted with our help. The amount of level 1 creatures on the Planet is 22%, so it will be a viable society to be part of the Community Galactica as a new member very soon.
-Answering questions about the comet named ISON, it has nothing to do with the destroyed comet Elenin, it is a part of several large objects, that precede the system Nibiru, and is being escorted by Krulians, but they have no instruction to change its route or to interfere in the events. With respect to periods of 26 million years of extinction of life on Earth, defined by your scientists, it is correct, but there never was total extinction of the human race on the Planet on any of these occasions. You can easily identify systems of caves and underground labyrinths, that have been used on several occasions, when the Planet has gone through periods of great hardship. All these complexes were built in these times with the help of friends from Space. This time will be no different, just new technologies shall be used as protective force fields among others.
-Don't confuse these descriptions of actual facts with fear mongering, if you don't know the facts is because most of you were left out by the leaders, that you have always revered and kept in power. Created in an atmosphere of false security, and kept in ignorence of the facts, you eventually deliver your destinations directly into their hands.
-Be well my friends, and be certain that much is being done to protect you and to alleviate these difficult times, that the Planet Earth will have to pass until complete stabilization. Thanks for watching, join our channel! Be sure that you are welcome there!

Time of Transition for Planet Earth, A Time of Planet wide Earth Changes
The official beginning of the infusion of 4D, fourth dimensional, energy, will begin to affect Earth's Solar System on  11.11.11  as it begins to encounter energy from the Galactic equatorial plane region - as a Universe & Galactic wide harmonic frequency will open and affect this whole area of space. Whether people call this phenomenon a Stargate or Portal this area of faster higher fourth dimensional energy is real. This historic date of 11.11.11 begins the infusion of 4D dimensional energy onto your Planet.
It will affect Earth & its people in a positive, uplifting way like never before experienced in your planet's history.

2012 - 2013
The saturation of this higher frequency vibration will continue from the end of 2011, through all of 2012, reaching full strength during the time of December 21, 2012 - which will bring a completely new, even higher level frequency vibration - such, that the experience & measurement of time, as the people of Earth have known it... will begin to go away. It will continue to go away and perpetually diminish throughout all of 2013."

Below you will find some interesting Thoughts (highlights) from Mythi's Videos, there are quite a few of them:

"Question: When the Earth will actually go through this Transformation?

The Planet will officially go to the New Age at 21.12.2012 at 11:11am (Time of what country?), as widely reported during the Zero - Alignment with the Centre of the Galaxy. Many commented, that the Alignment is only the View of Earth, that has no greater importance, when viewed from the outside, but do not forget, that a line has 2 points and that means in terms of the Galaxy's Centre, it will be changing the Line, that divides the two Hemispheres of the Magnetic Spin of the Galaxy, completely reversing the Flow of Forces, that interacting with the Planet. The biggest Changes will start happening in 2011 and will actually finish the course of 2013. This is a Cyclical Change and expected. Nothing can stop it. This does not mean, that everything will fall apart, however, we will have the help of Beings, interested in the welfare of the Galaxy as a whole."

"An elite of your governments made an agreement (which will not be long-lasting) with the reptilians. This breed comes from Galaxy, that you call NGC300. They intend to use the Earth together with humans. An elite group of humans would be responsible for master (plan?) and maintain full control over all citizens (humans remnants). But there is no room for the two civilizations on the Planet, vast majority of humans would have to be considered disposable and eliminated according to their plans. Your current governments have been preparing for this for 20 years."

"We are from Andromeda Galaxy, it is 2,9 million light years away from the Milky Way, as you call your Galaxy. We are very interested in Milky Way Galaxy, as we are going to unite to be one big Galaxy in the near Future."

"Question: In other Planets there are different ethnic groups?
-Yes, all inhabited Planets usually have two or more frequency doors open, allowing a range of different ethnicities to live together in a single environment. Naturally, the most developed Ethnic Groups are there to help others to develop. Just to illustrate, a very specific ethnic group are the Dawn (Dawn Syndrome), you may notice, that they are born anywhere in the World and have exactly the same characteristics regardless of the ethnicity of the family, that has them. They belong to a race of humanoids from a Planet in harmonious development by having only one "Door" of frequency. They come systematically, develop individuals here on Earth and other Planets, so that, when they return to their home-Planet and become teachers and professors to those, who had not the same opportunity for development. Here on Earth we have 5 frequencies, doors, now, in this New Age we'll only have two. You see, less doors means more harmonious environment for the development of the Planet, because the differences are much smaller and easier to administer.
It will be a Golden Age!"
"Question: There are aliens living on Earth? -Yes, not as permanent inhabitants of the Planet. There are two submarine stations in deep waters, that are home to many transport ships, and a station in Antarctica with a complete infrastructure to maintain a base Intergalactic or research, support and warehouse, where many ships from different Planets have a safe heaven and supplies, during their stay on Earth. Many ships with problems of storm damage did not fall into the hands of Earthlings, because they were rescued before by teams from Antarctic Base."


Video 97 - December 18, 2012

Friends, this is a short, but important message. Be prepared to rise your consciousness in these next ready to understand all help, that you will have from outside friends. Community Galactica decides, that Pleiadians, Planet Taus will be used to counter-balance some effects. You will see it close to your Sun and will be able to verify all the Changes, happening in all Planets of your Solar System. Their geomagnetic friends will be summarily (speedily performed) reversed after passing through the Hemisphere Plane of the Galaxy.
Some of them already shifted, because their orbits already crossed the Plane. The Earth will shift too, but the effects will be minimized to avoid great depopulation. More and more you will realize the great number of ships, that are already circling the Planet. Do not be afraid, everything will work out according to the Universal Development Plans. The System Nibiru will pass by the Solar System in a high velocity, much further from Earth, and its function will be to adjust the Planets' Orbits like previously planned for this Solar System. The next December 21 will not be the End of this Planet, but will be the beginning of the natural selection, that will make the Planet a colony level 1. Do not confuse "End Times" with destruction...there is no destruction, there is rather a large restructuring. Nothing in the Universe is destroyed, everything is restructured to allow for the continued development of a Whole Set. The same behaviour applies to the physical bodies of humanoids of the third dimension.
At each level, that a society conquest, some genetic changes happen to provide greater brain activation. It's like your computers, that become obsolete with each new technology applied to new models. There comes a time, that nothing else works satisfactorily to that specific environment, unless you migrate to the new technology and discard the old and obsolete. I do have much more to say to you right now, but I believe you are well prepared with all the information, that we had the opportunity to exchange these two years. All that eventually, been called to cooperate in these times of restructuring, will know for sure, that they are being called and contacted. When I mention these times of restructuring, are the times, that will extend over the next two years, so many of you will be involved throughout this period, that will start soon after December 21. Those, who could not understand our messages and guidelines, will have time to reflect during the Changes and Events of these new times, and may reach right conclusions on their own. The time of the old class system is coming to an end, only those, who are already well prepared, will be able to recognize the new teachers and move on. These are historic times, do everything possible to deserve to be participating in this new Era with good will and solidarity with your equals and with your Planet. And be assured, that this behaviour is not a virtue, but a duly expected of Beings, that are already to be started in this new Reality of Light and Knowledge. I wish, that the Light and the Force be with you all. Thanks for watching, join our Channel! Be sure, that you are welcome there!
Captain Bill - December, 2012


Video 96 - December 4, 2012
Friends, I am CB (Captain Bill) was travelling and could only post this video today. These interview was conducted of December 4 (8), 2012.
Answers of an alien from Andromeda.

Friends, as I promised, here is an update on the Planet. Many dozens of scientists of your Planet are being transferred to new laboratories on Mars in the two cities, that are in full activity there. There are laboratories of all segments already installed properly. After the shutdown of the space program here, all personel, connected to your NASA already been transferred.
Your elites want everything to be developed there to have to pass the security of CG (Community Galactica) here on the Planet Earth. Virtually all the World's gold reserves have been transferred there as well, with the exception of the China and Russia. Your whole economy is turning around papers, without ballast, because the resevartions, that guaranteed are no longer here. Many of your great art collections in libraries and museums and in your "Vatican" have also been transferred. Everything, that exists today, exposed to the public eye, is false.
The Planet is being emptied for quite some time, and now this exodus (departure of humans) resources is coming to an end on the agenda of your elites. The process of "cleanup" population of the Planet just has not started yet due to the fact, that CG have interfered more, than they expected in natural processes. It's like a bunch of sabotage, piecing the hull of the ship, and exiting in a single lifeboat, leaving all to sink without any help. But, as I mentioned earlier, this colony will survive and prosper, because many friends are here to ensure, that happens. The Planet will continue spinning, but a lot will change over the Planet, that you know today. The Planet is expected to grow by 5 percentage points in diameter and adjust your new vibration in a step up from the current. The continents will readjust and the Planet will go through a process of self cleanup, eliminating all waste, generated by your wrong technologies, and will be deployed (spread out) in the Future Portal, where all hazadous materials, generated by new processes, will be automatically sent off the Planet. The oil reserves, deposited on the Planet, to be used in this stage of development, that is ending, is no longer necessary and will disappear, absorbed by the new restructuring. You will see many things differently, than usual, as I mentioned many months ago, new animals, new insects, new microorganisms changing the color of your waters, new behaviour of the atmosphere. Many others will extinguish off the Planet for not being more compatible with the new reality of level 1. All this is close and already happening, it will be a great challenge for societies to function remaining restructuring and social development now with new technologies, much more advanced, than the current, of this former stage. Captain Bill is very well informed about everything at this time, but he is now following our rules of conduct, until there is a full openness contact, authorized by CG. Many of you, holding key positions, will ease their consciences, putting
you, partially aware of the facts, and putting their carreers at risk. Believe these messages, because they have information about what is actually expected for these times. The time trigger of the Change of frequency is coming, I am sure, that all, who are consciously attuned to this Process, will feel differences in their levels of perception. From the next day 20 the frequency of the Planet already getting close to the Apex of the New Level. From there, the Planet will no longer be considered a reformatory. I, as an observer, I feel proud to be witnessing such a Planetary Change for the first time "personally" in my approximate 150 years. The system Nibiru was diverted to a route of lesser effect, but the random debries, that accompanied it, are on the old route. This month Earth will suffer a bomber of such debris, but the fleet of Pleiadians should interfere with any threat of mass extinction. 890 ships of various cultures are on standby to support the decisions, that the CG (Community Galactica) may have to take. The  volcanic and tectonic activity must be controlled to a certain level, but the Planet needs restructuring to your natural next step, and so far that cannot, nor should be avoided. The regional Councils on the Planet should take all reasonable initiatives, regionally directly supervised by CG. After this exchange of frequency, life will continue, but subject to new challenges, that will be overcome with the help of all, who were willing to voluntarily assist this mission. Wary of any false flag adopted by your governments, seek to act, moved by your consciences and your insight. The societies will require time to realign to the new circumstances, but in a few laps around the Sun everything will be seated properly. Any relevant news will be given to you next week. Stay calm and confident, because the Planet will be cleaned and restructured during this period with the cooperation of all, well intentioned. A "sieve" natural will pass by the Planet in terms of population; it's no use to  hold in any way not to go through this "sieve" (your wave). It will be a process of natural selection, that can be fast or slow, depending only on the way, that the nature of the Planet will behave. May the strength and peace be with you. Thanks for watching!

Video 95 - November 25, 2012

Hi friends, we stood outside for a while, but working for your Planet. A Planet very similar to this, located in a Solar System of third magnitude in the opposite quadrant of your Galaxy is undergoing a very similar problem. By having almost the same age of formation and relative position, it is experiencing a Reversal of Axis and much volcanism in tectonic regions.
Large ocean masses are moving there, and our crew did a very complex geological survey jointly with scientists Arcturians. This Planet (name sounds
"Zyrch" in English) is populated by
a humanoid race of origin Dolphin, level 1. Nice people. Community Galactica is with the surveys and are verifying the applicability of adaptable solutions to the Planet Earth.
Your governments are postponing measures to reduce population awating a position of "Community Galactica", regarding this emment containment of natural disasters. If the decision of the CG the intervention is your governments know: they will have no more territorial control, but your elites are trying to keep track of future planning, as they own all the mineral deposites, the most fertile land for planting seeds, reserves, processing industries, etc., elites have plans to continue ruling over populations.

(not here, maybe on other physical Planets in this Old Universe, which still exist, but not for long, or maybe in another, New Universe? LM).

Your elites are underestimating the intelligence of the board of CG, but that is the big mistake of them, and that will lead to its complete neutralization. The alignment is close, the effects of high energy channeling through the tunnel with the gravitational centre of your Galaxy. What will happen, when the lowest level of protection of the Planet's magnetic field, if the CG resolve to act, can be minimized only to the level of "surface"? Understand, that the Planet will restructure itself naturally to its next phase, and all that can be done is to protect certain regions, populated by force fields, that can act as shields in various ways, like the "Operating bases", that exist on the Planet, which were protected for thousands of years. During this channeling
of Energy in the Galactic Hemispere, you can see your Sun "blink", or raising and lowering the brightness due to kinks (tight curls, tight twists in the line), caused by gravitational tunnel, interacting with the gravitational fields of all Solar Systems and causing refractions of light (angled reflection).
You shall hear strange noises, caused by the arrival of large ships with fields of invisibility, on which will be preparing containment apparatus in certain regions. When you feel these low frequencies, look at the sky and try to see changes in clouds or distortion of sight, the ships will be there. The Earth will not change its constitution 'physical', chemical. Only the vibrational frequency of the fields of the Planet will be reset. The field of insulation, you call Van Allen, will fade and this new vibrational frequency will be detected by all, who access this Quadrant of the Galaxy, like a bell ringing in much higher tone, just like a lighthouse, emitting a signal, that this Planet is sovereign and there is here a civilization level 1, likely to be contacted via the Community Galactica. The lunar bases are very active, as will cause problems this time. This video, that CB showed me, shows spacecrafts leaving the base Sirius, which is one of 22 bases, have returned to normal operations. Your Moon has huge bases below the surface. When your government exploded a nuclear missile on the lunar surface, caused great destruction in a base Camelopardalis. The Moon has tunnels, that connect one side to the other by passing through the core, and three mining bases Camelopardalis are interconnected by these tunnels. Reiterating again, your Moon is not hollow. As the system Nibiru, the Krulians have it under control and the consequences will be minimized. You will have news of it through your own government soon. The Planet Pleiadeans Taus, still orbiting very close to the Sun to avoid gravitational disturbances to other Planets, but should be allocated to a fixed orbit, till the Solar System has stabilized completely. I know, many of you are daring and fearful about these changes, however, try to stay as peaceful, as possible and increase your level of Awareness.
If something happens or not, is what was written to happen to this colony, since the beginning of time, one should follow the immutable (ageless, not changing) and adapt to new situations, created for continued development. Any providence of food, water and utensils for survival for a few more days or months without help, for those, who can afford these costs, may minimize or not the designs of destiny, so if you cannot leave your region, please wait and try to help others, less aware, than you. I cannot give early forcasts for each region of this Planet, but be assured, that all possible steps are being taken to ensure, that this colony is victoriously rising to the level 1 of Intergalactic Relationship. Well, now retured here and we should be very active, but either way, keep the most relevant information coming to you. Thanks for watching!


Video 94 - ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA - Nibiru and Events
7 November 2012

We have information... the "dwarf Star" in the centre, will be a dark spot most of the time for issuing protons and partially block the sunlight spectrum. Krulians shuttles will be monitoring the system to prevent a catastrophe of proportions of mass extintion and to protect your Moon. Your governments know perfectly everything, that is happening, and will use this information to manipulate the masses by the end of the implementation of pre-set agendas. Navies of three of your governments settled large quantities like hundreds of tons of conventional explosives (not atomic) in some kind of large metallic cilinders, at a venue of your Pacific ocaen, perhaps they are planning a false impact of "asteroid" to meet the original schedule. The Community Galactica has not yet manifested on the subject of direct intervention, therefore thy ruling elites may be trying to advance the final steps of the agenda. All these operations were accompanied by the Arcturians and reports have been passed to the council. Solar emissions were released by Krulians under the command of CG, and large emissions may happen in response to gravitational imbalance, caused by Nibiru system in close pass to Earth. The geomagnetic field of the Planet is very weak, and will be of little protection during the passage of Galatic Hemisphere, that is ongoing end. Along with the changes in the magnetic field, you will have a drastic decrease in the Radiation Belt, you call Van Allen. This Force Field will decrease gradually to dissipate completely in direct proportion to the change in frequency of the Planet for level 1. Your governments have this information and are monitoring the disipation of the Force Field with the probes-twins, who launched months ago for this purpose. The main purpose of the Energy Belt was to let nothing would leave the Planet, but also kept a barrier to certain cosmic Energies and certain wavelengths. With this dissipation, the climate will undergo Changes, that are necessary to balance the New Reality of the Planet. You will witness Changes in the atmosphere, climate and sometimes the colors of your sky. The atmospheric layers will adjust and lots of vapor condensation will occur in the higher layers to balance the lack of Radiation Belt. The Nature will self-adjust to this new Reality and sustain life on the Planet. In these next few years the Earth will no longer be a Planet, reformatory to
be the New Home of the race of Earthlings, complete with a New Decor and a New physical appearance. Much will happen if there is no a direct intervention in the coming weeks, but you can be sure there will not be mass extinction. Be prepared for everything, that was homeopathically said to you, guys these many months of exchange information. Not much more to say about the events, since important variables are not set properly, to have a more detailed overall picture. About your election of regional leaders, that will not change anything in the schedule provided by the group, that controls your economy and your society. It will not make the slightest difference who is symbolically in charge during the execution of ongoing phase. Follow a few simple rules:
Aviod lengthy expose to the Sun, when there are major issues going on.
Avoid staying in large urban centers, where telecommunication, water, power is interrupted.
Avoid any sorting centers of our governments.
Avoid direct confrontation with armed personel of your governments.
Try to move away from regions, that begin to show signs of instability of any kind.
Have an exit route, previously studied and drawn.
Keep a minimum of food and water to keep your family for days or months outside the major centers.
Do not lose hope; try to help those, who are aimless.
Listen to the sky, we will be curculating, and we may contact you at any time. If we have your reference, you may be called by the name you gave us.
Do not ask for dates , live one day after the other and be perceptive enough to sense and feel the events. Understand, that if you were informed of all the details, you would not have now to show your real capacity of perception. It would be like taking a test, getting from another person all the answers in advance. Keep your perception on alert, you will be proud of that will get you realize alone. Stay in tune with the Planet, it will also help you, guys, expanding the mental capacity of all, who are directed to these changes. I'll be on a mission off Planet, but will return in a few days. CB asked for an emergency these answers and I was soon to meet him before leaving. As you say in your stories "May the force be with you".
Captain Bill November 2012


Video 93 - October 28 , 2012 

Mythi - Alien from Andromeda, video 01 , 2010 (compact series 1 to 4) -

The Start:

"This series of videos is a summary of encounters with alien coming from a Planet in the Andromeda Galaxy. These meetings are a courtesy of, blog that keeps close relationship with our channel. That first meeting happened without the listener noticing, that he was an alien, during conversation he realized, that he was a person from outside this Planet. Let's start these series, where questions start being made with no technical content, only in outline. In the following meetings, the questions began to become more direct objective. Friends of our channel be welcome. Try to watch the videos in sequence, because the information sometimes is complementary.

Answers of an alien from Andromeda - first Encounter - Video 1 - September 10, 2010.

Question: the Planet Earth is undergoing a Transformation in the near Future?
-Yes, Earth is on the threshold of a Change of Era. All Planets with the possibility of colonization have defined their eras of development and Cyclical changes.

Question: What is the origin of humans from Earth, and when it really initiate?
-The Terran humanoid is the composite of various races of humanoids, that were transferred from other Planets, that was changed Era, allowing development on Earth, that was in the beginning of an Era ripe for colonization by humanoids. The Earth have many Cycles of humanoid experiences, since the cretaceous period, around 65 million years. There are many threads in the doctrinal folklore, that mentions these facts as exiles Chapel, descendants of Anunaquis, etc. In fact, all the different ethnic groups found today on Earth came from different places of the Universe to live and thrive in this Era, that is ending now, living on Planet Earth with the sole purpose of integration in a larger Community. Like the Earth, there are hundreds of millions of Planets, serving as cradle of civilizations of humanoids.

Question: Can the Earth human be transfered to some other Planet?
-Yes, each Planet has a specific Radiation in their state of development (ages), called by some as "Aura" to make it easier to understand. This Radiation Field allows humanoid to be tuned to the same frequency to be attracted to embody these Planets in the ethnic groups closer to their vibration. The historians are fascinated by the Maya, Aztecs, Sumerians, Vedas, and other civilizations, who have expressed an incredible knowledge of engineering, astronomy and mathematics, can be answered by that Principle. Races are humanoids, but their frequency does not agree with the Planet Earth anymore, they were transferred to a Planet, whose Resonance attracted them to reincarnate in other ethnic groups, which were more developed at that time.   The decendants of those races, that are left on Earth are actually crossbreeds of the Original Race, that were not in the right frequency for that transfer at that time.

Question: What happened to the animals, that became extinct on the Planet at this Age?
-During the various Eras of the Earth, many types of animals have been taken by their respective frequencies to be reborn in other environments. The most recent example of how dinosaurs were not wiped out by widespread cataclysm as they purport to scientists. There were millions of giant reptiles on the Planet and vast majority was literally taken away by "Galactic pastors" , such as shepards, grazing their flocks, exchange them on Planet Earth. Explaining the irrational: animals are collective ethnic groups, do not have its own identity as an individual. They need to be supervised and transferred from place to place, consistent with the vibrational reality of their ethnicities. The dinosaurs are still alive and active on other Planets, that are in conducive to their survival. Why the archeologists found so few fossil-specimens, if there were millions of them walking around here? Should we not find dinosaur bones everywhere with ease? This owes to the fact, that those few found in the excavations had died of natural causes before the mass transfer, that happened in the last passage Cycle on Earth, and were buried here as evidence, that they were populating the World in previous Eras. Also in relation to animals, some are gone, but others start to adopt the Planet as conducive to their ethnicity and still will be known many new breeds of animals on Earth. Routinely you have news of new species, appearing for the first time in scentific circles.

Question: Who takes account of such transfers and colonization?
-There are many such communities, thousands of years ahead of Earth in technology and development. You could imagine, how will be the technology 1000 years from now? (Here is another mistake: our Old Universe is ending its life soon and there will be no 1000 years of technology in this Universe, but maybe in another, New one? LM). These Galactic communities are aimed at harmonization. You have heard, that for a home to be tidied, everything has to be in place? If you put the stove in the room and bed in the kitchen, there will be a mess, that creates general discomfort. In a Nebula, Galaxy or Planet it works the same way: the animals, who are not smart, must be transferred and managed by intelligent entities. Folk figures like elves and gnomes, known as agents of Nature, has a kernel of truth, because they might be aliens sighted, collecting plants, animals and minerals in the old days.

Question: Aliens visit us often, why? They are interested in us or what?
-Look, the Earth is visited and monitored since well before the transfer of the first humanoid here. When mammals inferiour races and the primates were able to adapt to new conditions on Earth, humanoids with intelligence and individuality were brought in to colonize the Planet. This was possible only when the particular condition of the Planet provides the colonization of this type. There is no "missing link", that scientists are looking for, because there was no link between apes and Homo-Sapiens. When the Planet was at the time of colonization, many ethnicities were automatically transferred by their vibrational frequencies for the regions of the Planet, that most resembled their habitat, their Planets of Origin.

Question: How do these aliens can travel such vast distances for their research and operations so easily?
Well, one thing I can tell you , they don't use the rocket technology, as on Earth. The transport ships are transferred from one point to another in the Nebula, through tunnel, Portals in Time. To explain this technology in a nutshell: imagine, that you have a straw from one point to another, very far, if I had to go through it, would be thousands of light years away (in time), but you could bend the tube, and touch the two ends, you take a step back and be where I wanted, in a snap. This is an old technology, that enables the transfer of material without having to go through millions of light years away from dark matter, there is no relationship between Time and Space, so it is an item , that can be eliminated as a common denominator. These Portals were transferred by civilizations thousands of years ago, an advanced transportation technologically for many specific Points of the Nebula, forming a Network of communication and travel for the movement of Intergalactic spaceships of all the Planets in a Great Community. They are used for search, collection of key materials, that are not found in their Home Planets, and shipments of all operations and settlements. These Portals are not in Open Space, like Black Holes or Wormholes (the Portals are also in Fabric of Time around Earth! LM): the scientists are still with their incomplete and inconsistent theories. The Portals are actually a very old technology, in terms of Time, tens of billions of Earth years. A Portal is physically transferred to a particular celestial body at exact Coordinates and sent through a transfer system, which works with the integration of Space-Time and relative position with great accuracy. Having justified, sent to the site and properly activated, the unit can be used. The installation of Gates transport, governed by a perfect administration of the Community, responsible for the Galaxy in guestion. In the case of our Solar System, a Portal is installed on the Dark Side of the Moon - the Earth Satellite. It is an intergalactic Gateway with high capacity and is the only one (of that kind) in this Solar System. This site was chosen specifically, because the Moon always keeps a hidden side to observers on Earth, allowing free movement of spaceships. Of course, with the new Satellites, that currently do exploratory survey of its surface has already confirmed the existence of several bases, aliens, old spaceships, both on the Dark Side, as well as on the lighted Side of the Moon. After passing through the Portal, the ship is allowed to continue to their destination to fulfil the mission, confered upon it by its administration. From there the craft is using its own propulsion system, that works by generating Plasmic Beams of magnetic single Polarty, interacting with magnetic forces inherent to the Planets to move at great speeds. An onboard computer handles with incredible speed the Beams, holding automatic navigation to a course through the mind control by the contact of the hands of the browser with the control panel or mentally. The energy for the generator is provided by a fuel element, that we call "anticarbono", developed in some dark areas of the Galaxies in production units on Planets in its silhouette. The Generator works with directional Beam cannons magnetic unipolar made from metal zero resistance to electrons, allowing an extraodinary power. This metal exist in abundance in some Planets and there is on Earth, originated from an asteroid, millions of tons, that crashed long ago, when the Planet has not enjoyed the protection of the current atmosphere, but only exist on the site of the crash, that today is covered by a layer of almost 1 km of ice in Antarctica.

Question: Is it true, that NASA and Russia already have appropriated many of these ships? Why they have not copied the alien technology with re-engineering?
-Yes, Earth scientists have several ships, that had accidents at different times, trying to copy and understand. These ships were hurt by instability of the Planet Earth. Explaining, the Planets, of which these ships originate, are fully climate-controlled, are true heavens in respect to harmony between the Planet and its inhabitants. Everything opens at the right time and in the right amount. When they visit a Planet, that is in Transition, as the Earth, totally uncontrolled, with Nature acting against aggression, that will suffer systematically by unbrided greed for unchecked development of humanoids from here, some pilots are caught by surprise. Magnetic storms, clouds with ice, lightnings and other factors led to several accidents. In any case scientists have not copied by the complete inability to do so.  The contol systems utilize a technology, known only by its scientists. The controls, computers and generators are manufactured with intelligent molecules (nanotechnology), that is, that they can "feel" orders and commands, and are mentally programmed by their builders and designers. Don't have power buttons nor wiring, nor sockets, nor switches...impossible to copy or understand. The metallic molicules also have "intelligence", are produced with the guideline and if you fold a simple flat plate, it will return to its original state, as if it had never been folded, unless it is programmed to take on a new design. If you drill: it self-regenerates. Technologies are far ahead and are beyond the reach of humanoids on Earth at this point.

Andromeda, First encounter,  Video 2, 12 September, 2010

Question: How many types of aliens have visited us and why?
-Some 58 different ethnic groups had been or are nowadays visiting the Planet systematically. The reasons are diverse, some searching for life forms in the fauna and flora, others more specialized in mineral research, others noting their ancestors long ago, brought to the Planet during the colonization, and others just doing tourism "green". None of them has a licence for direct communication, because there is no reason for this. Direct contacts have been purely accidentals. One of these races opposing the guidelines, interacts with some governments of some nations in order to "participate" in the exploration of the Planet, when the New Reality starts. They are not a breed well regarded by the Community Galactica. Actually, there is a huge movement of spaceships in the vicinity of Earth, looking for the changing of the Planet, that is being awaited by many of those, who made experiences here. The Earth is to change the appearance, magnetism and frequency. This New Aura is an important step in promoting the Planet to a Higher Level of habitat. Already there are detailed studies on the relocation of humanoids, that will be transfered from here to keep two other Planets, that are tuned to receive their frequencies, ethnic and personal. The animals will also be relocated, that is nothing really disappears. Roughly, its how you redecorate your home and the old decor serves very well to another place.

Question: How will be the Transition to this New Age?
This New Age should start with Nature taking the initiative to rhythmically filter the inhabitants, who remain or be reincarnated in this New context during the first centuries, reducing the Planet's population gradually, but there political leaders, who decided to take these initiatives into their own hands and they will do the role, described in the "Apocalypse". Its purpose is to get ahead in defining, who will control the Planet continuing (under their rule) to populate the New Planet was making plans to deploy a New World Order". The strange message from the rocks of Georgia ("Georgia Guidestones") seem to confess a plan to decrease rapidly and dramatically the World's population to transform the Planet in their private Paradise. Their Goal is to reduce to 10% the current population. Amazingly, it is the number, that is very close to that, which should be achieved for the next generation of the Planet in the next centuary, but in a natural and gradual selection in this process (there will be no "next centuary" in this Universe! LM). The reminder of the current population will be relocated. You see, 10% are the ones, that are compatible with the future new frequency of the Planet at the moment, therefore, will be an automatic and irreversible. It may happen, that this percentage reaches 10%, if in this final period there is a large frequency migration rate among the inhabitants of the Planet. As an example, the remote control of your garage only opens your door, it does not open the next door. You can only enter the door you opened with your own remote control, because it is tuned to the right frequency to open it. In Universal Developing, you are the Key, that opens the Door, where you can go in. (Yes, We are the Key for the whole Universe to get Home, LM).

Question: The leaders sited the rich countries are building bunkers, shelters, stockpiling grain, fuel, arms and everything necessary to maintain control of the Planet in the New Beginning (on 4th Level Earth, LM), to survive and keep on the power. This will take effect? They will return to power in the New Age?
-This is an illusion of their "new world order". Initially they may survive, but these measures do not ensure their power of leadership or control the New Age. The agents sent in to target the 10%, that will be on the correct frequency range, will simply ignore any attempt to control by these remnants of the process of purging. They will be isolated and left to their own devices. May even be offered to them the opportunity to transfer to his rightful place, which certainly will not be on this Planet.

Question: How will it be from the Change?
-From there, there are no more sects and religions as known today, there are no borders, there are no disputes, the spoken and written language is one, sustainable development will be adequate to the potential of the Planet, the humanoid of Earth as a New Race, will have direct contact with many other communities. It will then develop a system of controlled studies and technology transfer by allowing the full development of the Planet, as an effective Community Galactic Member, thereby increasing the Balance of Universal Force.

Question - Have been mentioned two Planets, that will receive Earthlings, not will be living here anymore, what are they?
-They are distant and out of your Solar System, but that's not important. One of them (Planet 1), is at a stage very similar to Earth after dinosaurs in early stage of colonization. The other, (Planet 2), is at a stage equivalent to the period the average age of the Earth,ready to begin the development of technology. Approximately 40% of Earthlings, who will not stay on the New Earth, will be allocated on a Planet 1, and the remaining 60 % - to the Planet 2, in its own range of vibration frequency or automatically. When ancient prophets mentioned "the separation of wheat from the chaff" in a simplistic language, it was exactly this process, which does not even try to escape, because it is fully bound by the vibrational frequency of each individual and personal Aura.

Question: All the Planets have some kind of Life?
The Planets with living conditions, even though extreme, have adequate specimens, living in them, but there are billions of Planets totally uninhabited, serving as a source of essential mineral exploration, deposits of inorganic waiste, relay stations, remote observatories, etc. Everything is perfectly coordinated and supervised by the Community Galactica.

Question: When the Earth will actually go through this Transformation?
The Planet will officially go to the New Age at 21.12.2012 at 11:11am (Time of what country?), as widely reported during the Zero - Alignment with the Centre of the Galaxy. Many commented, that the Alignment is only the View of Earth, that has no greater importance, when viewed from the outside, but do not forget, that a line has 2 points and that means in terms of the Galaxy's Centre, it will be changing the Line, that divides the two Hemispheres of the Magnetic Spin of the Galaxy, completely reversing the Flow of Forces, that interacting with the Planet. The biggest Changes will start happening in 2011 and will actually finish the course of 2013. This is a Cyclical Change and expected. Nothing can stop it. This does not mean, that everything will fall apart, however, we will have the help of Beings, interested in the welfare of the Galaxy as a whole. Religions would've been very good and perfect, if not for the subjugating fanatic, political, religious/economical existent in most ethnic groups. All religions disclose practically the same principle, kindness and friendship for spiritual Growth and this is real fact in Universal terms. What remains is to emphasize, that people should socialize the "differences", learn to develop the good things in all cultures and ethnicities, all helping to achieve the development goals of humanoids with intelligence and integrated with the reality of the Planet they inhabit. This will inevitably happen in this New Era we will be looking. Let your conscience be your religion, put yourself in place above you, from afar and see the difference between right and wrong in your conduct. Adopt an individual behaviour, with which you really feel at peace with yourself and feel the differences. You are on your way. One of the best citations is still the "separation of wheat from the chaff. The "Chaff" is the name, given to the weeds and wheat seed, that norishes life. Separating the wheat from the chaff will be automatic, there will be noone to consult a book to tell who is what. The frequency of vibration of each one will take you directly to the "Door', that you meet, there is a frequency Band for each one, some will be in the lower part of the Band and others in the highest, but all will go to the same "Door". Those, who are in the Highest track of the Band, will be responsible for development of which will be lower, when in place for their New Settlement. Everything is very well done:
no errors, excesses or favoritism.

Question: How many of us may have passed through the same door several times without realizing it?
Only real change in the frequency range may cause an individual to go through another door (into Parallel worlds of other Universes. LM).

Question: In other Planets there are different ethnic groups?
-Yes, all inhabited Planets usually have two or more frequency doors open, allowing a range of different ethnicities to live together in a single environment. Naturally, the most developed Ethnic Groups are there to help others to develop. Just to illustrate, a very specific ethnic group are the Dawn (Dawn Syndrome), you may notice, that they are born anywhere in the World and have exactly the same characteristics regardless of the ethnicity of the family, that has them. They belong to a race of humanoids from a Planet in harmonious development by having only one "Door" of frequency. They come systematically, develop individuals here on Earth and other Planets, so that, when they return to their home-Planet and become teachers and professors to those, who had not the same opportunity for development. Here on Earth we have 5 frequencies, doors, now, in this New Age we'll only have two. You see, less doors means more harmonious environment for the development of the Planet, because the differences are much smaller and easier to administer. It will be a Golden Age!

Question: I hope you do not feel embarrassed to be talking to an almost complete ignoramus, who will ask questions, that you may consider inappropriate or mushy. I want to be more specific.
-You can ask what you desire. Question: We find Beings just like us, living on other Planets in the Universe? -Clear and obvious yes, Aryans, Saxon, Roman, Oriental, Indian, Indians, Blacks, etc.

Question: Are ethnic groups, that came here at the time of the beginning of colonization, all from different corners of the Universe? What about the profile of the alien, known as a big head, big eyes, high, low, green, what are they?
-As already mentioned: there are many races of humanoids in the Universe, some millions of years older, than the ethnic groups, known in recently colonized Earth. These humanoids are ancient ethnic groups, living on Planets, than any Earthling would swear to be the Promised Paradise. From generation to generation they have been changing and adapting their bodies to the reality of life on their Planets. There are lizards and frogs "green" in the Earth, the color does not mean anything...Much depends on the Planet and the habits of that particular ethnicity humanoids. In Galactic Community there are over 400 different ethnic groups of humanoids, all living in complete harmony with their "differences".

Question: There are aliens living on Earth?
-Yes, not as permanent inhabitants of the Planet. There are two submarine stations in deep waters, that are home to many transport ships, and a station in Antarctica with a complete infrastructure to maintain a base Intergalactic or research, support and warehouse, where many ships from different Planets have a safe heaven and supplies, during their stay on Earth. Many ships with problems of storm damage did not fall into the hands of Earthlings, because they were rescued before by teams from Antarctic Base.

Question: Where are you living? In some human house in town? -No, I am assigned to our ship. When I want to be taken, they carry me back.

Question: Through teleportation? -Yes, very simple and fast.

Question: So explain to me why some of the captured aliens from the rugged spaceships were not rescued by this method? I personally witnessed the capture of an alien 30 years ago and he was not rescued!
-I will explain, each crew assigned to a ship has the digital signature of their physical bodies, stored at the beginning of mission in an onboard computer. He only teleport that exact signature. This prevents if other organisms may contaminate the ship, when we return. Neither the dust is transported. If a ship has an accident, these signatures of the crew are lost. There are data bases of all the crew, but without a trace of the original computer it is impossible to find and rescue the individuals, captured and removed to indoors. When we received a distress signal, the nearest ship attempts to rescue the crew, but when it crashes without a cry for help we do not have much to do.

Question: If you have a digital signature on the computer, could you duplicate any of the crew, using the data base?
-Of course not. The computer only reads and interprets the data, to explain in easy way to understand. The digital signiture has two states: one "green' and one "red". When I am transported, the signature is in the "red" mode, and when I come back it is in "green" mode. There is no way to copy my signature being on the "green" or "red" modes, because a state neutralizes the other. The data is really never available, cause the "green" encrypts the data to "red", then "red" can use the data and vice versa. When I leave that specific ship, my crew signature disappears. Understood the logic?

Question: How can you talk to me in my language? Where did you learn?
-Well, that's an interesting point. The humanoid brain is an open frequency transmitter/receiver. When you think, you think in your own language. We have a brain system, that can use your own translator and return to the language, spoken in our brain, which in turn controls the vocal cords and tongue. Not all races can do this, some use an electronic device, that does exactly the same function. For them it is more difficult, when they are in a situation of captivity, because, literally, they have no way of communicating, not talking, much less writing. They simply stop eating to die. It's hard for us to write, because it is a mechanical process, to which I am not accustomed, but talk is no problem to me.

Question: How curious, I saw a film about the autopsy of a humanoid, with just over a foot tall, with the body, well proportional to the Earthlings, there is even a race like that, or is someting actually false?
-Yes, they are races, we are in the Community Galactica, we have about 30 Galactic races of humanoids with this approximate size. Those people are very old, developed and intelligent, with excellent relationship with the other breeds. Two of these breeds have small colonies on Mars, in your Solar System.  Question: Among the members of Community Galactica there are some carnivoros beings? I refer to, so called, reptillians. -Yes, there are so many races, who consume animal protein processed as you. They have many Planets in the early state of development with many breeds of primitive animals for consumption. The reptillians are actually about 20 sub-species. Coincidentally, the race, that I mentioned, being in contact with some of your governments, is one of those. They are not bad, but take many wrong decisions by momentary interests. It is a race, that has evolved to the point of being able to join the Galactic Community and from there gain access to technologies, that did not have before, for Space Travel. They have caused problems since.

Second Encounter - forth video - September 12, 2010.

Question: You could not stop them, if you wished?
-Look, we do not take the initiative to interfere, only manage the consequences, which are communicated to the Community Galactica and they take an action, when an intervention is imperative. Races are sovereign and the Earth is not yet part of the Community, therefore we cannot even manage any intervention.

Question: We actually got there on our Moon, a great mothership, that was photographed by our probes, and the ruins of cities of ancient civilizations. That there is some story or not?
-A long, long time ago there were settlements on the Moon of various races. The Earth has a diversity of Life with large quantity of water, that only a few thousands of Planets in our Universe have. Few Planets are in temperature zone, that is feasible great amount of free water in Nature. Several races have fought for control of the Earth and in those ancient times there was no a Community Galactica to impose any rules. The Community Galactica only existed for 11 millions years, this is a very short period of time in terms of the Universe. The struggles for control of Planets happened before. The Moon was the scene of several battles and there are many large transport and small attack ships killed and facilities are in ruins on its surface. There are also huge underground facilities on the Moon, some abandoned, but still in very good conditions and others are in full operation. This is part of the Moon history. But in time you will know everything, because the Moon will be around for many millenia, we hope!

Question: Let's move on to another, more mild curiosity I have, you guys, are making the Crop Circles?
-The drawings in plantations are mostly gift, made by the tourist ships. Sometimes the ship becomes invisible in vicinity to observe the human reaction to the catoons. They shoot and take souvenir. Some pictures show the knowledge they have of the past of Planet Earth. Since the first tribes of humans is done tourism on the Planet Earth. If you listen, there are designs with characteristics of various cultures, that already existed here. Others are representative of their own regions of the Universe or of their own cultures are left literally as gifts. Magnetic Beams are used to momentarily increase the magnetic force of Gravity at ground level and therefore plans to "throw" by the weight in the sense, that the Beams are going through. Nothing touches them, it's only magnetic effect.

Question: Do you believe we're already advanced enough to be part of Galactic Community?
-Not yet, well, some of you are very interesting, very smart, friendly, capable of absorbing high technology with good intentions, but much of the Earth humans are still arrears and bellicose (war-like in manner and temperament). From the New Era can begin some contacts to arrange you guys as a community and finally move to live with.

Question: You have followed our explorations of out of Space, going to the Moon, probes to Mars and other outer Solar Systems?
-Yes, you are crawling. You are fond of exploding devices, as they have done repeatedly on the Moon, even though there is plenty of activity. That is disrespectful and your governments are forbidden to build any kind of base there. With respect to Mars, your governments already know of the existence of several cities, already took lots of pictures and film. Do you have a station in orbit of Mars, that have been visited several times by officers Martians, but you also are forbidden even to construct any kind of base on the surface. The civilization of Earth as it is today, is not welcome on any celestial body, where there is activity of other races. From this New Earth Era at some point this centuary, having joined the Community Galactica, the New Earth Community will be formed and will have full participation of activities outside the Planet.

Question: Is there any way to contact you to talk more regularly?
-There is no way to communicate, because our technologies are not compatible. Also I am not sure how long is the mission of our ship around here.

Question: What exactly are you doing here?
-We are monitoring local conditions and catalog information about human communities of the region, and recording seismic activity, observing the drilling of very unstable layer between 2,000 and 7,000 feet deep, that your government is doing in the presalt zone at ocean. If happens, the worst we have to analyze and communicate the consequences. As our ship is powered by magnetism, can travel in space, in atmosphere or underwater with the speed limits, which provides the means with or without external pressure.

Question: Speaking in god you believe in a creator god of the Universe?
-Well, the meaning of "god" is harmony, wellness, live in safe places and be totally at ease with life. If so I believe, since our goal in the Community Galactica is that, we check all that far from equilibrium, ie close to "god". (I personally dislike the word "god" and talks about it: it is the cover for those, who dominated us for so long - dragons. "God" has nothing to do with the Creators of our Universe! LM).

Question: Changing the subject, your medicine must be very developed, it is possible to cure diseases of humans on Earth with this equipment?
-Yes, if it's reprogrammed. Our systems of organic fitness we call them, are very advanced. With your own cells it can rebuild organs and tissues very quickly. Genetic research is also very advanced. We have signatures of all breeds, known by the Community Galactica. When a problem occurs, decontamination of any individual, who needs it, can be done in few minutes, (asked, if I could make an appointment and he smiled).

Question: I wish I had something to show people, that usually don't believe, what is written, if you understand me. Could you give me one more thing, that I can use to convince more people about anything we say?
-I can not interfere directly, talking is a way to make others think without interfering physically. Words meant, that you could us understand well. Do not underestimate the word for when the student is ready the teacher appears. When a person reads, he/she thinks, when he/she thinks, it opens the Mind to reach their own conclusions. That's what difines "being ready". People may doubt the things we said and have some other reference on the subject. Matters discussed, generate conclusions and the time takes care of showing the correct events.

Question: We have news of spacecrafts, that are approaching the Earth to stand on the major cities in next month, coming from the Pleiades, is this true?
-We are from Andromeda Galaxy, it is 2,9 million light years away from the Milky Way, as you call your Galaxy. We are very interested in Milky Way Galaxy, as we are going to unite to be one big Galaxy in the near Future. Our Planet has not yet been cataloged by your scientists by the distance and the position. The Pleiades are very close to Earth, only 440 light years. There is a great civilization and the Principal there lives in the Planet you call Alderon. They are an excellent and advanced society and actually engaged in the survival of several colonization of hominoids, including the Earth. They can get here in a few hours inland, with a fleet. Some of their spacecraft are within the limits of your Solar System, and these days they are doing some operations, do not know if they will come here, only if they had any particular order to interfere with Earth now. But if they come here, they will stay quiet for some help in the process of purging. We'll all be here probably. After the Earth we have two more Planets moving from stage to assist.

Question: If any of our governments try to attack you or them, you think you/they might react?
-No chance, if you tried to attack anyone, it will have no effect. Not even your primitive atomic weapons. But this will not happen. Your governments have been advised by reptilians, that are working with them in preparation for the Changes. An elite of your governments made an agreement (which will not be long-lasting) with the reptilians. This breed comes from Galaxy, that you call NGC300. They intend to use the Earth together with humans. An elite group of humans would be responsible for master (plan?) and maintain full control over all citizens (humans remnants). But there is no room for the two civilizations on the Planet, vast majority of humans would have to be considered diposable and eliminated according to their plans. Your current one have been preparing for this for 20 years. The reptilians are already trying to implement it for nearly 70 years without success. You see, they are not bad, but sometimes, they use unorthodox methods to get what they need. They are in trouble in some colonies, that are allocated in depleted Planets and have nowhere to be transferred. The Earth is extremely nice, ambient to them and they will do everything to come here. They are using the greedy leaders of your own civilization (or rather Parallel Personalities of these leaders, with low level of Consciousness, LM), to solve the problems with excess human on Planet. If you live in a just society, this would never happen.

Question: The Community Galactica will not do anything to prevent the extermination of humans?
-Look the reptilians and their partners human rulers expect natural disasters to eliminate much of humans, but if a genicide happen without control, our community will take appropriate action. The Pleiadians have had other frictions with the reptilians on other occasions. One aspect of my mission here is to monitor possible sabotage in vulnerable spots on the Planet in order to "cause" disaster, that might be considered natural.

Question: Easy Steve. A friend of mine wonder if you could not appear in an interview (filmed or not) to talk about all that, has told us, is there any chance? -It's not for me to alert your population. I wish it were that easy, Steve. This can only happen, when we receive a legal authority to direct contact in very short time, your populations will be aware, that we are here, from Pleiades, Andromeda, or a Moon of Adebaran, which is close tp 72 light years away. All use the Portals of Transport Community Galactica. Regardless of the different distances, all arrived at about the same time, when we travel through the Portals of Transport. All these communities want to help. You know, the only thing I can do are our meetings sporadic, when I have some time to talk. Never know when they will call me back. I know, that you've noticed a small light flashing on my wrist, when I am leaving, because this is the signal to isolate myself and be teleported.

Question: Mike is another friend, asks if you could provide guidance to physicians to assist in researches of our ilnesses like AIDS, cancer and many others. I think this would be greatly welcomed by all humans on Earth.
-Mike, your ilnesses are the symptoms of the poisoning of your bodies by products, that you produce and consume yourself. The lust for profits means, that the industries of the Earth are using the means of production and conservation, that are not salubrious (favourable) for the human body in a long term. Other diseases were spread by your rulers consciously. Other sectors already have adequate treatment, but they are denied by their interest in chemical industries, worried in maintaining these diseases by commercial interests. You should address the sources of those problems and not the consequences. In the case of consequences, yes, our technology could eliminate completely, but still cannot interact with Earthlings. Soon it will be possible.

Question: Carlos, another friend, asks for me to ask, if there might be some sort of person exchange between our Planets for integration, in which Community Galactica and the criterion for being one of the chosen, IQ, health, age?
-Carlos, after the beginning of a relationship I believe it would be a good idea to some kind of exchange persons. Of course, it would require preparation of travellers both physically and psychologically, depending on the area of interest to the interchange. IQ would be important, but health and age would not interfere, because physical problems and restored cells we can solve in the event of your ilness: we have no problems. Microorganisms pernicious attack your bodies, because our organic system of defence is still stimulated from outside to inside. Procedures exist to make your immune systems to be proactive, it stars to predict in advance mutation of any possible agressor in an attempt to cheat the system. Since then the system always win.

Question: Have you or any other crew member have eaten something here on the Planet? Fruit, Vegetables?
-Yes, some processed fruids of some fruits. You have many tasty things here. But one of my favorite things here is the Honey, made by bees. We analized it, it is a nutritious product and chemically - fantastic. Remember those little beings (humanoids), you asked the other day? Well, they come here regularly from the colony on Mars to collect honey in your forests and from there to send to other colonies, that they have on other Planets. I am sure, you could not imagine, that your Honey is used across the Galaxy.

Question: Mythi, Raul, another friend, read about the Moon in our previous interviews, and would like to know what caused the Moon to stop its rotation, and show only one face to Earth all the time?
-Your Moon is one of the largest in proportion to the Planet. I know Moon never had rotation. It was formed with a piece of magma, from the Planet itself during a collision with a large asteroid, during the crust formation. All this material was in orbit of Earth, and it was bundled to form the Moon. The strength of Earth's gravity, attracted a lot of liquid iron ore to the side, facing the Planet, when it was grouped, making its core off centre. The Moon would not rotate, even if it wished, because it would always would stop in the same position, because of the off-center iron nucleus. (Other Andromedans, through Alex Collier, gave us another explanation of the history of the Moon. LM).

Question: Well, back to the "end of the world", if I die in that case, what can I expect next?
-Interesting question: you immediately become aware of dimension still within the Aura of your home Planet. There you will find organizations, that will instruct on further steps. Its like a big station, where you will stay, until your departure to new location improvement. There are the Portals of frequency for the local transfer, determined by your Era. All very nice and there is phsychological help for those, who are having a disorder, caused by ignorance of the process. The Portals of the Planets are often administered by Blue Beings (nor do we really know its origin) are extremely old and live in the Auras of all the Planets, that suppot life. Their society is too advanced for our standards. You will see throughout your development by more developed, than a race is still always knowing little about the Universal context. Even being very advanced in relation to you, we're still crawling with respect to the Truths of the Universe. So do not worry, someone already worried about everything and you are only an integral part of something much larger. Remember, nothing in the Universe disappears, everything moves to another stage. My ship is now in the place called Tokelau, examining a submarine crack and then I'll have to go back there. Tomorrow we will pick up supplies at the base Antarctica, then we will be near the island Trinidad in the Atlantic were we'll meet another ship, that belong to our fleet, which is also on a mission. It is a beautiful Planet and we are recording every detail for a comparative atlas of the Changes, that may occur.

Question: How do you think the Earth Transition will start, what will happen first?
-This is a question I can not answer, because there are many variables. Your society is very vulnerable on this Planet. All your transportation technology, economics, and communications are based on your recent achievements. Not a solid basis. If your satelites are disposed of, it is enough to initiate the complete chaos. Your society back many decades from one day to another. A simple magnetic disturbance, that is generated by a solar flare or a small variation in gravity, caused by a reversal of Polarity, would cause everyone in orbit to be launched into Space at the same time. You see, your Planet is growing in diameter a little every year. The reason is that entire volcanic mass, that is expelled by its crust, was under great pressure and therefore low volume. When this material is exposed, it is at least three times its original volume. This causes the crust to increase as a whole and also decreases the internal pressure. It was this change in the Earth size will grow a little faster during a brief period of time, causing the Moon also walk away quickly to the point of equilibrium in the set. This maybe enough to disrupt the orbits of all your satellites. Besides this detail, a rapid increase in crust produces side-effects such as: earthquake, tzunamis, atmospheric instability, which also cause the collapse of all activities of your society for a long period of adaptation. The celestial bodies, that will pass through the Solar System in these coming months, will also have a major impact on this Balance between other Planets in the System. Another variable in this equation is what governments and extremists want  to do to accelerate the depopulation of entire regions, a variable totally unpredictable to us. So, this is a question, that I can not answer at any time.

End of this meeting: the light on his wrist started flashing. Wait for the next video with the forth encounter! Join our channel - You are welcome there! Captain Bill - March 2011

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