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Level of Vibrations of Beings are shown in colors of Aurora Borealis, Aurora Australis and Auroras of other regions of Earth (photo-gallery)

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Everything in Multiverse is based on White, Shining Sun Energy of Balance

Colors of our Chakras

Above photo - Colors of our Chakras' and Thoughts' Vibrations; photo below - colors of vibrations of our bodies. Use these charts for reference:

colors of vibrations of our bodies

colors of vibrations of our bodies

White Gather-Ring Around Earth and white & colored Airglows worldwide: Photo-gallery

Photos of Greate Cosmic Cloud, Hungary, 2016

Above and below are photos of Dots of Universal Flow pictured in Aurora and Airglow , Canada, 2016

Antti Pietikäinen on January 13, 2016, Lapland, Finland:
I had a rare shot with auroras and light pilars in the same image. Air was filled with ice crystals and the temperatures reached -35. Ice crystals created stunning light pilars on top of Hotel Harriniva. The funny crater in the foreground is because the ice has frozen unevenly in the river Muonio and we got a small pond that overflows water regurarly and water with slush freezes on top heightening the crater walls. Its quite nice to live in the aurora zone, every evening is different...

Here are a few videos about melting glaciers to watch :

Impressive Breakage of glacier -  Apr 26, 2015. (Самый эпический раскол ледника какой когда-либо был!) HD

Blue Iceberg Collapse- Arctic, Greenland, Sep 13, 2014

Melting Italian Glacier Reveals Corpses of WWI Soldiers

Greatest Glacier Calving Ever! Alaska. Whole Face Falls Down And Pops Back Up While People Freak Out!!

Videographer captures dramatic moment a glacier collapses n Nov 20, 2015. Glacier collapsing in Mt Cook National Park, New Zealand caught by photographer Ryan Taylor during a ski mountaineering trip. I also captured a series of ice the size of several buildings falling off the Hochstetter Ice Fall below Mt Cook (highest peak in NZ). Similar events are naturally occurring several times a day (at 13

Flipping Iceberg in New Zealand - Tasman glacier  Jan 16, 2015. Thanks the glacier tour , we saw this incredible scenery! the following video is the close up film of the glacier after flipped over.

Iceberg Rolls Over   Jun 30, 2014. Taken on Deadmans Bay Path, NL

Huge Iceberg Flips Over in Newfoundland  Jul 8, 2015. The eastern coast of Newfoundland, Canada, is one of the best places to spot icebergs, but it’s important to keep your boat a safe distance away. This group were admiring an iceberg located close to the coastal town of Triton when the snowy chunk began to flip over in the water. Sonya captured the extraordinary event on


Alaska's Hubbard Glacier Calving

Arctic Glacier collapses. Too close for comfort

Large Iceberg Breaking near Ilulissat, Disco Bay, Greenland,   Aug 16, 2015. Iceberg breaking up in the Ilulissat icefjord, close to an archaeological site called Sermermiut. A quick note - some of the external links to this video have mixed information. To be more precise, this is a

awesome collapsing glaciers and icebergs compilation

Iceberg Covered with Volcanic Ash Breaking Off from Svinafellsjokull Glacier in Iceland  Nov 3, 2015 - AMAZING!

Penguins Run For Their Lives from Tsunami Wave From Calving Glacier  Mar 7, 2015. A glacier in Antarctica calves, creating a tsunami wave that spreads to shore, where a colony of Gentoo penguin live. Many of them run (hop) for their lives as the waves begin to crash against the shoreline.

Luminous Thoughts in Water at night, Wadhu

Photo above: Luminous White and Blue Vibrations reflected in the ocean water at night, Wadhu. Photo below: vibrational layers around Earth

New photos of Auroras in 2013-2014

White-Violet-Yellow Vibrations and Thoughts of occupants of Earth are high in the night sky! White Vibration is the most desirable.

White-Pink-Green Thoughts in Alberta, Canada

Violet-Green Thoughts above Minnisota, USA, 2013

Violet-Green-Yellow Thoughts above Rochester, USA, 2013

Violet-Pink-Yellow Thoughts above Crater lake, Oregon, 2013

Thoughts of Minnesota in 2013

Orange-Yellow Thoughts are still on Earth in 2013

Red Thoughts of Missouri, USA in 2011

Light Pillars and White-Pink Thoughts of Iceland are on the upper photo!

Pink-GreenYellow Thoughts and Milky Way in Ozark, Arkansas, 2011

Red-Yellow Thoughts in Ozark, Arkansas, 2011

Red Thoughts in Virginia, USA, Oct. 2011

Red Thoughts (above) and Moving Universal Flow of Energy (photo below) in Greece, Oct. 2011

Violet-Aqua-Pink-Yellow Thoughts (Auroras) and Moving Universal Flow of Energy, Tromso, Sweden, 2013

Green-Orange Thoughts (Auroras), Light Pillars and Moving Universal Flow of Energy, Finland, Mar. 2013

Violet-Green-Pink-Orange Thoughts (Auroras) and Moving Universal Flow of Energy, New Zealand, Nov. 2012

Green-Brown-Grey Thoughts above Alaska in Nov. 2012. These numerous black/blue/white/grey grainy dots on the photos are MOVING ENERGY OF UNIVERSAL FLOW, which can be easily photographed in Portals
(on upper 5 photos and on lower 5 photos)! I have been filming and photographing over the years
MOVING WHITE LUMINOUS ENERGY OF BALANCE in the Portal of our Centre in Australia.

Aqua-Blue Thoughts (Auroras) and Moving Universal Flow of Energy, Norway, Sep. 2012

Aqua-Blue Thoughts (Auroras) and Moving Universal Flow of Energy, Norway, Oct. 2012

Aqua-Blue Thoughts (Auroras) and Moving Universal Flow of Energy, Tromso, Sweden, 2013

Green-Red-Brown-Blue Thoughts (Auroras) and Moving Universal Flow of Energy, Finland, 2013

Aqua-Blue Thoughts (Auroras) and black dots of Moving Universal Flow of Energy, Michigan, USA, Nov. 2012

Night Luminance, Illinois, USA (on above and below 2 photos)

Above photo - These are our the most Advanced White Thoughts!

Pink Thoughts, Germany, Oct. 2012

Pink-Red-Yellow Thoughts, Queenstown, New Zealand, July 2012

Green-Blue Thoughts (Auroras), Tromso, Norway, Feb. 2013

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