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"The human aspect can be adjusted in focus to a much more concentrated point, offering potentials of power and action too immense and unfathomable (too deep to be measured) to be considered lightly. Second, the other, nonhuman forms of the same energy system might be drawn upon if the need arises. With the above tucked away, it is possible to get to the "hands on" (direct experience) phase...
The organized (M) Field radiation of a single individual can, if broad-banded enough, could be many thousands times greater than that of the group"

Sun is Over our Centre, 26 March 2011!

Sun is Over our Centre, Australia, 26 March 2011

The latest picture of our Centre in Australia, Sep. 2010

The Centre For the Transformation of Consciousness to a Higher Level in the whole Universe!

I must confess. I've been pretending to play this Planetary Game for years: in reality I gave up playing it long time ago! For many years I couldn't understand why do I have to play it, if I learned already enough from it? Why am I forced to stay here, if I have a free will, a choice: to get out of here? Till I finally realised what I am here for ! Below there is a number of recent photos of Inner Sun's Portal visible on the ceiling of my bedroom in our centre in Australia, made on 22 April 2017.

The Power of Intent - Our Centre in Australia stores Force of Intent !

Robert Monroe called Force of Intent, coming into the Universe from the Source of All Life through Emitter on the highest Level of Consciousness : M-Field (Mind-Field).Below is an extract about the Force of Intent from Taisha Abelar's - "Sorcerer's Crossing", p. 63. Obama is doing it right only in the 1st photo, you also need to extend your Luminous Fibers from midsection at the same time. There is a lot more info about Intent from different books, which I posted in a new link : The Power of Intent

"This is a form of communication," she (Clara) explained, "not with people though, but with that force we call Intent." She extended her little and index fingers, then made a circle by touching her thumb to the tips of the two remaining fingers. She told me, that this was a signal to trap the attention of that Force and to allow it to enter the body through the Energy Lines, that end or originate in the fingertips. Energy comes through the index and little finger if they are extended like antennae," she explained, showing me the gesture again. "Then the Energy is trapped and held in the circle made by the other three fingers." She said that with this specific hand position we can draw sufficient Energy into the body to heal or strengthen it, or to change our moods and habits..."

Florinda Donner - "The Witch's Dream", p. 126:
"Florinda would have explained it all in terms of Intent: a Universal Abstract Force responsible for molding Everything in the World we live in. Being an Abstract Force, its molding Power is ordinarily outside the reach of man, yet under special circumstances it allows itself to be manipulated. And that is what gives us the false impression, that people or things grant us wishes."

Upper photo : unusual Sun's effect; lower photo : Night Sun and rainbow clouds

Lower photos : White Skies of New Zealand

Aquamarine Skies of New Zealand

Mysterious Structures Balloon From Milky Way's Core (these Violet Balloons are not "mysterious" after all) !

Violet Gamma-Rays Burst Bubbles in the Centre of out Galaxy!

Violet Gamma-Rays Burst Bubbles are around the Central Black Hole in the Centre of our Galaxy!

Violet Gamma-Rays' Bubble in the Central Galactic Black Hole!

Violet Gamma-Rays' Bubble in the Central Galactic Black Hole!

Our 3 Suns and the Central Sun has 2 Violet Energy Bulges on the left and on the right from the centre!

Our 3 Suns and the Central Sun has 2 Violet Energy Bulges on the left and on the right from the centre! Violet Skies, Water and Snow are the sign of gathering of Violet Gamma-Rays' Energy and not just inside our Earth, our Sun (with its own Black Hole) and around the Central Black Hole of our Galaxy, but in the whole Universe!

Violet-Indigo Milky Way Galaxy!

Violet-Indigo Milky Way Galaxy! Differently colored, pictures of our Galaxy!

You are not Your Physical Body; You are Not the Physical Matter: You are White Energy of Balance! And Everything around you are Energies too, which have a different wavelengths !Everything what happened to You, happened for One Good Reason: to Merge Your Energy with the Energies of Others, with the Energies of Earths, with Holographic Energies of Universes and to create White Energy of Balance! Don't be afraid to mix your Energy with other Energies: the more - the better! When we mix thoroughly all these differently colored Rays, we will get White Rays of Balance! The Culmination of this Mixing Process for this Holographic Universe will be in December 2013: the Final Stage of the Universal Shift of Consciousness! Please, change your  trivial holographic Thoughts of the 3rd level of Consciousness for Advanced Holographic ones, because your Thoughts are effecting the movement of our Planet to the Higher Vibrations, to the Higher level of Consciousness and us moving to the 5th Level of Consciousness!

Upper photo : White Glow is one of the Openings (Portals) in Fabric of Time , Italy; photo below is New Zealand beach

Upper photo : Auras of 2 Suns, superimposed on each other, Taiwan, 2015; photo below - Glow in Ontario, Canada, 2015

Upper photo : During Solar Eclipse it is possible to see the Black Hole of Sun! Instead of Solar Eclipse it must be called Solar Black Hole !
Photo below: Solar Black Holeand something else!

Upper photo : Merging of two Suns with fake white shields on them, England, March 2015

Photos of Graduation Beam entering the Crust of our Planet, the White Sun is above !

2 Upper photos - Graduation Beam of White Energy of Balance is entering our Sun! Photo below: low/slow green vibration surrounds our White Sun !

Double Halo around our Sun, surrounded by low green vibration!

Comet Lovejoy, observatory, Italy

Photos below - showing low and slow (negative) orange/yellow Vibrations of new civilizations around White Sun !

Robert Monroe 9 videos

Recommended by me "Wednesdays With Monroe" Robert Monroe (9 videos)

On this picture is Robert Monroe, lecturing at the seminar at his Institute in 1990, below you can find addresses of some of Robert Monroe videos, but to understand them you need to read his books first. In these videos Robert Monroe mentions his search for the most important Goal in Life! His first Goal was to Help Humanity! Then that Goal changed and became the Goal to return to his Home Planet! Then, after he discovered that he was no longer intersted in that Goal, his the most important Goal became To Become Like his Androginous Inspec Friend! Then later again his Goal changed to become a Part of Creative Force (a Sun), a Maker Shimself! Unfortunately this last Goal has been taken out of these videos by someone at 'modern' Monroe Institute. But it is shown on other video of R. Monroe.
There is also one more important message he gave us: to go inside yourself, try to find out what your other Parallel Personalities are doing. Till they (PP's) complete their lives and join you, you can't join "The Gathering" on the 5th Level. That explains why some people are moving faster out of this Game, than others!

Robert Monroe Biography

Wednesday with Bob Monroe in 1990
Wednesday with Bob Monroe 2
Wednesday with Bob Monroe 3
Wednesday with Bob Monroe 4
Wednesday with Bob Monroe 5
Wednesday with Bob Monroe 6
Wednesday with Bob Monroe 7
Wednesday with Bob Monroe 8
Wednesday with Bob Monroe 9
The Monroe Institute (TMI)  (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)

Robert Monroe

I am more than my physical body  (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)

Robert Monroe in San Francisco, 1979

Robert Monroe in San Francisco, 1979

Robert Monroe in San Francisco, 1979

Robert Monroe in San Francisco, 1979

Robert Monroe in San Francisco, 1979

Robert Monroe - Vintage Interview on WPIX San Francisco 1979

Journeys Out of The Body

Robert Monroe - Journeys Out Of The Body 1/5

Robert Monroe - Journeys Out Of The Body 2/5

Death and Dying (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!) 

Paul Rademacher explains what a CHEC Unit is  (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)

Robert's Plane, 26 March 2011!

Robert's Plane, 26 March 2011!

Robert's Plane, 26 March 2011!

It took us thousands and thousands of years from the moment of our Separation from the Creative Force on the Highest Vibrational Level to start making our way down fromthe Highest Level till the Lowerst 3rd Level of Consciousness (for humans)! Each one of us became separate from each other and while moving down, was leaving parts of Androginous Soul (he and she together) on every Level of Consciousness till we reached the lowest 3rd physical Level for humans, where we now just about to complete the Planetary Game and start moving back where we came from. You know that the Game lasted for  thousands of years, but while playing it, we understood how the Balance is made and this Energy of Balance we will carry with us to give it to the Creative Force! After the Shift in Consciousness and the Celebration on the 5th Level we (those of Violet Vibration from the whole Galaxy) will start moving rapidly higher and higher, collecting missing parts of our Souls on every Level ! Robert Monroe described this process in his books.
Robert Monroe described this process in his 2nd and 3rd books. He also said, that we need to be complete, we need to have Gifts for the Creative Force on our Return. Our Gift for the Creative Force will be our participation in the Shift of Consciousness in our Universe for a Higher Level, which is going to happen  very soon!
He didn't write it for nothing: he was the witness of this Process! He was also shown when he and others one by one were separated from the Creative Force and from each other and started their journies down Level by Level ! He saw a 2-way Stream of Energies: one was from the Creative Force down; another Stream was moving up into the Creative Force! The picture below is a Symbol of the Shift for those billions of people from the whole Galaxy, who are ready to move up level by level back to the Creative Force!

Many people still don't know the meaning of Violet Bubbles growing in the Central Black Hole of our Galaxy (the picture of it is on this link). We created a symbolic Diagram out of this picture for people to understand the meaning of it better (especially for those, who doesn't know English well enough) and it is below! What you see is our Galaxy, Milky Way and two huge Violet Bubbles with small Violet Balls in them near Central Black Hole. These Violet Balls represent Suns and Planets with population, who have been achieving the Violet Vibration (like our Planet and our Sun) and will be participating in the Galactic Shift of Consciousness together with us! There are many such Planets in our Galaxy, which have been gathering near Central Black Hole, but those Planets, which have much lower Vibration are checking out of this physical level one after another! They have been moving to other physical Universes or to 4th Level of Consciousness of our Universe and this process will continue till last ! That's why these Bubbles are growing! This is a natural process, which follows the Universal Flow! Because our Planet Earth and us have been prepared to play the Role of a Trigger for the Galactic Shift to start, we placed our Planet at the top of the upper Violet Bubble! Inside our Violet Planet there are tiny Violet Circles, which are symbolising humans of superfast Violet Vibration (500 millions of them)! Planet Earth with us will be leading the rest of the Galaxy towards 5th Level of Consciousness and that is the reason why we have the full attention from the Beings of all our Galaxy!

planets of our solar system

Unknown Inner Planets of Earth-Sun (except Pluto on the left)

This Holographic website is a part of Our Whole Universal Holographic Structure!


Sochi Winter Olympics, 2014

map russia

If you look at the map of Russia, what would you see?
You will see a huge country on 2 continents: Europe and Asia. Russia is the BRIDGE between
Europe and Asia, the BRIDGE between White Race and Asian Race! These Races have been mixing with each other for hundreds of years and they benefited a lot from this Merger. Did you notice that Asian Races live in the harshest environments of Earth? Russian territories are also have harch climate to survive
(esp. Siberia). Eskimos (Asians) and similar Northern Aboriginies always lived behind Arctic Circle! Indonesians (Asians) live on Equator and work in mines on mountains with active volcanos, where temperature reaches +55C! You can see a lot of such photos on : End of our old Universe

Asian Races are tough Races. The Russians were the first cosmonauts, because they are also tough, they are a combination of White Races and Asian races! This is the reason why Russia is going to play a Leading Role in Uniting all Races on Earth into One Race, if only Russia could join forces with China, which it borders! The Unification will happen, but not without a fight: there are many, who will oppose such Unification! We need to eliminate all borders between countries, in order people will start moving freely between the countries and mix with each other. Russian and Chinese people have been spreading all over the Planet last couple of hundred years and that is very significant ! 30 years ago Australia opened doors for Asian people.
A bit of history of a very significant place - Crimea. Crimea is seismically a very unstable place, has lots of anomalous places, Earth trembles there quite often, there are a few dormant volcanos there and many Portals (dolmens). This is statistics from russian sites:
"...В этом 2013 году на территории Крыма произошло 817 подземных толчков и 1,5 тыс оползней. 19 Октябрь, 2013...".
It means that, the territories of Crimea had 817 minor earthquakes and 1.500 landslides within not full year of 2013 and it's getting worse!
Just the Tragedy of Krymsk, city close to Crimea, which happened in July 2012 - sudden flashflood of the city at night, resulted in many deaths of people, chaos and devastation! (Крым от слова "Крыматорий" - русские поймут).
I repeat. When another and another Parallel Universe (daughters-Universes) is colliding/mixing with our Old Universe (the Mother), all kinds of unexpected natural disasters or wars occur in different parts of the World simultaneously, people die or disappear! Often places, which were inhabited before, become disolated, abandoned! Usually 2 Suns will indicate the Merge of 2 Universes. This is what is happening to Crimea right now! There will be more disasters or wars in these regions of dolmens ! More details, videos, maps and photos of Krymsk Disaster are on (closer to the end of that Page):  Pulsars

Upper photo - 2 Suns after flash floods in Krymsk, Crimea, Russia; lower photo - 2 Suns in Crimea

2 Suns in Crimea

Yalta (Crimea) Conference in February 1945 with (from left to right) Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin

I wonder why the Peace agreement after WW2 was signed by Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt in 1945 in Yalta, Crimea and not in some other place?And now all these frictions, which have been played out to hide something more significant (some cosmic event in connection to Earth - Merging of 2 Universes, to be exact)!

Smarter players prefer to be observers and see funny sides of Planetary Game. Some new relevant funny pictures are on : Fun and Entertainment

russian smartphone

Here are also some videos in english and in russian about of the stupidity of any Nationa
lism whether it is Russia or Ukraine. Nationalists of any country will be eventually taken off this Planet (video has many parts with the same name):

Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (Dispatch Five)

Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (Dispatch Five)

Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (Dispatch Five)

If you look at this map of Tectonic Plates and Volcano Eruptions, pay attention on Russia: it has very little ceismic activity and Volcano Eruptions except in the Far East (like Australia). Below there are some interesting videos to watch. There are thousands of Active Volcanos underwater, which are not on this map :

Israel Closes All 102 Embassies around the World

Alert: USGS Suppressing Supervolcano Activity At Yellowstone Under White House Orders

4.8 Quake – Yellowstone: New Madrid And Yellowstone Quakes Being Censored! Why?

According to YouTube videographer Tom Lupshu in the video below, he has proof that the US govt is now censoring earthquakes at both Yellowstone National Park and along the New Madrid fault line. The USGS couldn’t hide the latest Yellowstone earthquake, a rather big 4.8 earthquake that struck hours ago at Yellowstone National Park at a depth of 5 kilometers as shared by Dahboo7 in the 2nd video below and in the screenshot below the videos. What are they hiding?
Video - Proof: They are censoring Earthquakes at Yellowstone...

4.8 Earthquake Strikes Yellowstone! 4.4 Oklahoma Quake and incoming CME!

6 Earthquakes in Yellowstone on 30 March 2014:

3.1 32 км ВСВ West Yellowstone, Монтана 2014-03-30 11:07:49 UTC-04:00 6.6 км
2.5 33 км ВСВ West Yellowstone, Монтана 2014-03-30 09:56:40 UTC-04:00 В 7,7 км
3.1 34km ВСВ West Yellowstone, Монтана 2014-03-30 09:30:52 UTC-04:00 В 4,5 км
4.8 , В 37 км ВСВ West Yellowstone, Монтана 2014-03-30 08:34:39 UTC-04:00 6.8 км
3.0 В 35 км ВСВ West Yellowstone, Монтана 2014-03-30 06:36:25 UTC-04:00 1.6 км
2.8 36 км ВСВ West Yellowstone, Монтана 2014-03-30 02:23:48 UTC-04:00 В 1,5 км

Wild Animals are running from Yellowstone Park (major American Volcano) - Животные покидают Йеллоустоун

video -
21 March 2014
Видео сделано вчера. Очевидцы очень удивлены и напуганы. Животные спускаются с холмов и бегут прямо по дороге, покидая район Йеллоустоунского национального парка. Йеллоустон находится на северо-восточном краю равнины реки Снейк, гигантской арки, вырезанной в горах, которая прослеживает путь Северо-Американской тектонической плиты через центр активности земной мантии за последние 17 миллионов лет. Современные пейзажи парка отражают последние проявления активности этого центра, расположенного тут совсем близко к поверхности земли под земной корой. Йеллоустоунская кальдера — самая большая вулканическая система Северной Америки. Часто её называют «супервулканом», так как она образовалась в результате катастрофического извержения 640 тысяч лет назад. В парке прослеживаются также и следы двух других, более ранних извержений, оставивших после себя скальные образования из вулканического туфа. Все три извержения подняли огромное количество пыли, которое разнесло по всей Северной Америке. Остатки пыли были обнаружены в сотнях километров от парка. Предположительно, образовавшиеся пепел и газы поднялись в атмосферу и привели к изменению климата и исчезновению многих видов животных и растений, в основном в Северной Америке. Ещё одно, относительно небольшое извержение, произошло 160 тысяч лет назад и привело к образованию небольшой кальдеры в западной части Йеллоустонского озера. Два последующих вулканических цикла, последний из которых завершился 70 тысяч лет назад, привели к тому, что большая часть этой кальдеры оказалась погребённой под толстыми застывшими потоками лавы. Извержения, начавшиеся 630 тысяч лет назад и происходившие постоянно, пока соответствующий период активности не закончился 70 тысяч лет назад, оставили множество следов на территории парка. Йеллоустонскую кальдеру регулярно заливали потоки лавы: остатки риолитовой лавы можно видеть на Обсидиановых скалах (англ. Obsidian Cliffs), остатки базальтовой лавы — на скалах Шипитерс (англ. Sheepeaters Cliffs). Слои лавы лучше всего заметны на склонах каньона реки Йеллоустон. Резкий профиль каньона ясно указывает, что он был проложен рекой, вынужденной размывать слои лавы, а не ледником.

BBC - Volcano Live, Iceland Erupts: A Volcano Live Special

Volcano Eruption - The Eruption of Mt St Helens (1980) - Rare Footage

10 Things You Didn't Know About Volcanoes

I find that with "New Russians" (First Timers), Our Transition to 5th Level would be impossable to achieve: their vibration is too low and now millions of them flooded Russia and all republics of former Soviet Union!
"New Russians" are the richer part of Russian population, has a lot of ultra-modern houses, cars and other toys to play with, they can afford entertainment like Sochi Olympics, they hold positions at key government offices (Putin & Европа и АзMedvedev are "New Russians": they have too much wealth), they like to be constantly guarded, because they are scared of true Russians! They are the ones, who are the major part of russian visitors at Sochi Olympics. Some visitors from other countries arrived by big ships and planes and they all had to go through screening and check points everywhere, like in a war zone or in an airport, even princess Ann had to prove, who she was. All those talks about friendship between nations during Olympic Games is nothing, but bullshit: sportsmen gathered to beat each other (called "winning"), not to make friends with each other! Visitors don't mix much with locals or even with each other these days, only competing teams of different countries mix together and usually only for the time of competitions: everybody is under survelance and has internal fears of all kinds. There is no sincere joy and warm fellowship, if you have to go through all these formalities, be separated by fences and warning signs, wear identification cards on the neck (like cattle) and show them here and there! I, personally, wouldn't feel cosy there, but stressful ! As a reward, participants have all the latest technology in entertainment, transport and sport for comfort and temporary enjoyment.
Many can be deceived by smiling faces on photos or by the glamor of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies - it is not a spontaneous event, but a technologically prepared spectacle, which had been rehearsed for many months! There is no true JOY in it, that's why the seats have been mostly - empty, and volunteers are asked to occupy them (except on the Opening Ceremony)! The more technology is in the place, the less Soul Energy is in it ! All sports' competitions lead to struggles, negative emotions and separation between each other, it was all right during Planetary Game , but not when we are getting ready for the Transition to 5th Level !
Instead of becoming One Planet - One Race - One Organism, which need to have One Goal, Sports' competitions divide us, like countries and borders, fences and locks, like languages and nationalities, like prejudices and religions, like genders and money, like military forces and positions in societies etc. Maybe 10% of people enjoy it, but the rest - wouldn't, when they learn what's hidden behind it! Just a few will get some rewards (physical rubbish, which would give them some illusionary "title" and the "right" to develop self-importance! We don't need all that for the Transition! This is not THE REAL EXCITEMENT, but an imitation and we are so used to imitations.
All the facilities of Olympic Games have been built by many people, who haven't been invited to watch them, who wasn't even paid for the job, they have done! All multiple buildings and roads of Olympic Village in Sochi, Adler and Krasnaya Poliana were built on tremendous human suffering like in Dubai (United Emirates), in Bosnia or in Grozni in Chechnia! So much energy has been invested into this project within 4 years just for 3 weeks of dubious pleasures of games. What will happen to Sochi later? There will be no people allowed on those Olympic grounds (even locals), it will be guarded by the military
, like Gagra on Black Sea coast, which is next door to Adler and Sochi. All Caucases mountains with all their Portalsgradually becoming negative an aliens' territory (words 'alien' and 'Allah' have the same root) and aliens need technology and comfort ! Same thing already happened in many countries, for instance, in Grozni, Chechnia, which I visited in 2012. Huge central part of this city had been bombed, then cleaned up, then big poshy mosque was built (another Portal), then big gardens with numerous roads & paths turned up together with government's offices surrounded by portraits of their governor (Kadirov). Later multistoried super-modern Hotels, built there for loads of muslim worsheepers, occasionally arriving from Saudy Arabia! But most of the time these huge central part looks abandoned with no people, but guarded nevertheless, locals are not allowed to walk there anymore, just angry taxidrivers with clients. The same is going to happen in Sochi after the Olympics! Some pictures of Olympics are on :  Fun and Entertainment

Языки пламени вырываются из недр земли через трещины и дыры!

Long Flame Tongues are bursting out of the Earth's Crust through cracks and holes in many places, esp. in islands' volcanos ! It is burning Magma and Gas! There are interesting videos and fotos of volcanos and fearless explorers, who visit them on : Австралия, Новая Зеландия, Новая Гвинея и Индонезия

вулкан Этна, Джефф Макли

Above there are photos of Volcanos Etna in Sicily and in Chile, and also a photo of such explorer from New Zealand - Geoff Mackley, who visited many volcanos. Because Reptilians and other Negative races have soul of a small size, it doesn't warm them up, they always feel cold and try to live next to active volcanos and geisers (often underground)! They love such heat and mix their energy with the energy of volcanos and geisers! Stench and lack of oxygen accompanies such places, because of a combination of gases, present in volcanos, as well as the stinking smell of Negative races next to them, even invisible ones.
Public and some private toilets, rubbish tips esp. in cities attract Negative races: they feel more energy there and can easily stay unnoticed. Strikes of rubbish collectors in Naple, Italy or in Madrid, Spain was set up for that same reason. Often people all over the world complain about stinking and persistent smell around, which they can't get rid of! Some people smell so bad and no matter how much they wash themselves, they can't get rid of bad smell. It means, that they are constantly followed by Negatives. This is an arrival of invisible Negative races to that place and you can't do much about it, unless you ask them to leave, Negatives don't like to be exposed and might leave those, who woke up.

There is a Sequence of Actions

What is Magma?
Hot Magma is Burning Multiple Layers of Illusions, which we've created on Earth over millions of years! Hot Magma is also Black Oil, which is sipping through the Earth's Crust in many places !
What is creating Hot Magma?
Magma is created by the Growing of Earth's Inner Sun (Soul), which has been burning Earth's Crust under our feet, burning these Multiple Layers of Illusions, which had materialized with Time and Numerous Nuclear Explosions. Explosions helped to brake and glue the mess of Layers of Holographic Illusions together and that was repeated many times for thousands of years. It made Earth's ground so hard. That's why now we have an opportunity to learn how 3D illusions (in films, documentaries) are created electronically with help of computers! Many people have already achieved it !
What is making the Inner Sun to Grow?
The Rising of Human and Non-Human Consciousness on, inside and around Earth! And not just that: the Rising of Consciousness in the whole Universe, which is creating Great Influence on our Planet, it's inevitable, because our Old Universe is Holographic!
Black Oil (or HOT MAGMA), Petrolium and many building products originated from Earth's Magma and Ash (cement). Plenty of Hot Magma together with Stinking Natural Gas (and Sulfar Dioxide) is right under our feet and it's moving up through the Crust! Nothing can stop it! In addition to Volcano Eruptions, we sealed the Earth's Surface with Magma (like asphalt, bitumens, glues), our building materials are made from Magma and used in cities, villages, industries (as bricks, roofing and waterproofing), in  bridges, parking areas and all kinds of roads as paving. Stinking (like rotten eggs) and Poisonous, Natural Gas is in our Air, in all our Water and in our Homes (used in cooking)!
There are many places on Earth, where Hot Black Magma is all over the place! Texas in USA is one of such places. Saudy Arabia and other desert countries of Middle East have been selling us Hot Black Magma (they call it 'Crude Oil') for huge sums of Money for many years! 45 years ago I visited Caspien Sea in Azerbaidjan, one of the Soviet Republics then. I couldn't believe my eyes how polluted with Hot Black Magma ('Crude Oil') the water and beaches were then, and now it's worse! Caspien Sea should really be called 'Black Sea'! There are so many Geisers, throwing up Black Hot Magma ('Crude Oil') in Gulf of Mexico, in North Sea, in Caspien Sea, in Indian Ocean and many other Seas and Oceans! It is not easy to stop spreading it in the water and all these burning and polluting Oil tankers (ships) is another myth.
At one time George, my closest Friend, used to work on one of these Oil Rigsoff the Coast of Western Australia and he told me about his experience! Most of all they were afraid of Fire in the water!
There are also numerous, so called 'deposits' or 'layers' of Hot Black Magma ('Crude Oil") seeping through the Crust in Outback Australia (closer to Equator), 'Heat Hell' for International workers, who signed contracts and often regret it, but can't get out of these traps! Oil Rigs (Oil Wells with platforms for workers) have been trying to pump out of Earth that Hot Black Magma, not to have all Oceans and Seas polluted, but it is getting worse and harder to cover it up! It is getting harder and harder to SEAL THE WAY FOR EARTH'S SOUL (SUN OR HE-SHE) TO GET OUT OF THE SHELL and FINALLY FREE ITSELF !

Not just water is burning these days, but also artificial snow and ice-rain, which is falling in many parts of the World in Northern hemisphere (esp. in USA)! There are many articles and videos, which were made by ordinary people to prove it! I suggest you need to check out tap water and snow in your area, if you have snow! Artificial Snow in the whole America, it is not melting, but burning!

По всей Америке падает снег, который не тает, а горит! (videos)

artificial snow in USA

Artificial Snow in USA, Feb. 2014
4 февраля 2014
В последнее время в интернете появилось множество очень странных и однообразных роликов, снятых разными людьми в самых разных американских штатах. На каждом из них кто-нибудь выходит из дома во двор, где лежит снег, набирает немного снега, несёт в дом и… поджигает. По идее, снег должен растаять – но не тут-то было. В некоторых роликах снег покрывается чёрной копотью, в некоторых – просто исчезает. Неизменно одно – от этого снега не остаётся воды. То есть он не тает. Некоторые авторы сюжетов утверждают, что при попытке растопить снег от него идёт запах жжёного пластика. Ролики о фальшивом снеге снимают в Джорджии, Миннесоте, Мичигане, Кентукки и других местах. Мы приводим здесь только пару роликов, но, повторяем, в сети их огромное количество...
'Fake Snow' Reported In Multiple States?  (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)

Plastic/chemical laden Snow - the Truth exposed!

Debunked: Fake Snow, Burning Snow.
4 февраля 2014
"There are some videos going around, that claim to show that recent snowfalls are somehow "fake", because when people try to melt the snow with a lighter or blowtorch, they are surprised by the results.
Typical story with links to several videos:
People all across the country have recently began posting videos, and photo’s, of snow that will not melt. Some people are even reporting that the snow has a strange odor, like chemicals. Is the snow natural, or the result of a Geo-Engineered or HARRP attack? What's happening here is:
A) The snow is melting, but the very loose fluffy structure of the snow wicks away the water, turning dry snow into wet snow, and eventually turning the snow into slush.
B) The snow is blackened when a lighter is held underneath it because of the soot from the lighter (the products of incomplete combustion). It's not burning.
C) The smell is fumes from the lighter (also from incomplete combustion) and/or people briefly burning nearby objects like gloves."

Tonnes of plastic snow and ice/icy rains, made from Magma (oil and gas) are dumped on Earth in many countries, making life difficult in Northern hemisphere! Many sites are posting articles and showing videos
of burning snow, made by Internet users in many countries, esp. in USA! It would be really good to check how tap water, street ice and snow burn at your home (as an experiment)! There is no snow in Australia and I can't check it. By the way, I remember in 70's I saw artificial snow in the streets of Moscow, when I still lived there. Then I thought: "What a strange snow!" Well, looks like it's been practiced on the World's population since then. With time we used to skate on indoor's artificial skating rings, skiing and jumping on indoor's artificial trampolines full of plastic snow
in Moscow, in Dubai and in many other World's cities.
It's interesting, that famous yearly Festival's of Ice palaces and sculptures in Harbin, China, have been created from plastic, chemical snow and ice, which in reality is stinking oil and gas or poisonous Magma, sipping through the Earth's Crust ! Their impressive Ice sculptures and palaces lit up by electric colorful lights and by fireworks at night, don't melt for months and visited by thousands of tourists!
From the same poisonous oil and gas (Magma) our synthetic clothing, plastic cars and boats, caravans, phones andcomputers, upholstery and seats everywhere, furniture and toys, building, packing and sports materials, our houses and all other numerous plastic things around us have been made! Plastic is in agricultural synthetic fertilizers and in artificial food for cattle, fish, chickens and people, plastic (in a form of synthetic hormones) accumulates in fat of animals/fish/chicken, in fruit-vegetables-grain and in otherfood stuffs and drinks, like Coke, which we are buying in supermarkets. Plastic deposits in our bodies, and, no wonder, that we have so many skinny plastic big-bosomed beauties with plastic lips or people, who are fat from accumulating plastic (in a form of synthetic hormones) in their bodies from food and drinks, esp. women (in many countries on Earth)!
Black Sea, Niagara Falls in USA, numerous Falls in China and other countries, Middle East countries are covered with plastic ice and snow, and temperatures there has been lowered artificially! The same they (you know who) have been doing with the Hollow Earth's 2 Openings ('South and North Poles'). These 2 Holes, each 2000 miles in diameter, have been artificially sealed with thick plastic ice and snow, the temperature artificially lowered and occasional heavy snow storms generated! Robert Monroe was writing in his books how former physical humans were making it on 4th level at lesure time for practice!

ice rain

icy Black Sea

Icy Black Sea, Odessa, Ukraine,  2014

icy rain in 2007

Harbin, China, Ice Festival

Ежегодный Китайский Фестиваль в Харабине -  дворцы из искусственного льда, освещённые разноцветными огнями, от которых лёд не тает!
Ice buildings and sculpture
, which doesn't melt for months, is made of artificial ice-snow (from Magma/Oil/Gas) and lit up by colored electric lights and fireworks in Harbin, China!

Gulf Of Mexico, burning oil

Fire on Oil Rig

Earthquake, Japan 2012

Earthquake in Japan in 2012

Huge Rings of Gas & Black Magma's Bubbles in Ice of Lake Baikal in Russia! They have been coming from the bottom of this Lake. Such Bubbles explode and break Ice in Arctica and Ant-Arctica as well!
Photo taken from a low flying plane in 2014

The results of Growing Inner Sun:
The temperatures are rising (in New York is now warm like in summer, 23 Dec. 2013) and ice is melting in Arctica/Antarctica and on many mountains of different countries even in winter! Sudden drops in temperatures and Snow turned up in Israel, Saudy Arabia, Syria, Livan, Turkey - the result of the Rising of temperature of Growing Inner Sun and overheating of Earth's Crust, which is in turn the result of Rising Human Consciousness in these places! Constant explosions and constant natural fires are happening above the surface and from under the ground (esp. in memorials of battlefields like in Volgograd, Russia or in huge cemetries of soldiers like in Arlington, USA, where fire is coming naturally from the ground)! Hot geisers are turning up suddenly (even in snow) everywhere on Earth; hot volcano eruptions on land or underwater; strange loud noises/sounds and vibrations; flowers and trees start blossoming or fruiting in the wrong time; chaos in behaviour of animals, birds, fish and insects, causing their strange behaviour or disappearance or death; Anomalous and fast climatic changes in temperatures and in weather (4 seasons in one day); Black-outs after numerous Lightnings; Dust & Ash Storms have been happening all over the Planet; Appearence of cracks, sinkholes, land/rock/mudslides, avalanches; Water is getting hot, sticky and itchy or disappears all together in villages' bores, ponds, waterfalls!
Bottoms of oceans and seas are getting warm and send bubbles of natural gas and black oil to the surface, blackening beaches and water everywhere, causing dirty froth deposit on beaches (pollution of Gulf of Mexico was a natural process of oil seeping through the bottom of the sea, and not the malfunctioning of oil rigs or oil tankers' spillage)! Parts of beaches or cliffs disappear over night (sometimes with houses on them)! Seaweeds and mold grow on sand, rocks or floating in shallow waters of rivers and seas; water in oceans, rivers, seas, creeks, lakes, dams disappears, replaced by sand, or instead dry sinkholes and cracks suddenly appear! Flash heavy Rains instantly flood whole regions!
Aquamarine Energy is filling the Earth (inside and outside), also causing death of everything physical! Many people are having a fear barrier and refuse to see the situation and connect the dots! News Media reports only a fraction of Global Warming Effects on Earth, not to create panic.
Hot Wave of Energy of  Balance (in a form of a Cloud) is already embracing our Planet and we feel it as a HEATWAVE ! These days in summer time all countries started experiencing HEATWAVES ! Those, who are vibrationally low, are not able to withstand the HEATWAVE OF ENERGY OF BALANCE, they have been checking out of here ! It is going to be unbearably hot and SMOG will be everywhere on the Planet: it is a TEST of Tolerance for each one of us!
Often fires in Australia are created artificially in winter and in summer and more for coastal areas of Victoria, South and Western Australia, which are situated closer to Ant-Arctica! Those, who are in power, do it to cover up White Luminous Clouds and Gamma Rays at night or to cover smell and sight of Smog (smoke), which has been coming from Antarctic continent to Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, South Africa and numerous islands around Ant-Arctica esp. in summer (for years)! We feel, smell and sense Smog on the shore of Pacific in Queensland almost every night (winter and summer), black soot (flying Ash) deposits on everything inside and outside houses for years, though usually there are no fires around!
A lot of earthquakes, volcano eruptions and fires have been taking place in Ant-Arctica for years, strong winds spread a lot of smog (smoke) over vast oceans pretty quickly. Now it's summer in Ant-Arctica and there is no snow there contrary to offical news!

Above photo: this is how multiple layers of illusions, which we've been created by us for millions of years, look like now ! Most of Big Island of Hawaii, which I visited a few years ago, is nothing, but lava and not
many people remained there!
This is what the continent of Ant-Arctica (as well as Hawaii and Iceland) has been turning into more and more every day! There are many volcanos and hot geisers, which have
been erupting in Ant-Arctica over the years. I have seen a lot of smoke (or smog) coming from the side of the ocean, but official media has been blaming people for starting fires, when the cause of smog
in many countries is Volcano Eruptions. The reason for Fires and Volcano Eruptions is the Growing Consciousness of Humanity and Growing Consciousness of other Beings on Earth! That results in the Growing of Earth's Soul (Inner Sun), which burns everything from the inside! Do you remember the effect of the Ash of Iceland's Volcano Eruptions in 2010, when planes could not fly in Europe for a week?
Don't entirely believe all articles from TV or Internet, be selective, learn how to decipher, how to discern Truth from lies! More photos of recent Volcano Eruptions and more info in russian are on :
End of Old Holographic Universe

Volcano Eruption - Sinaburg

This SMOKE becomes SMOG and distributed with the help of WINDS all over the Globe through open space of oceans!

Volcano Eruptions in Kamchatka, Russia and Equador! In some cities of Earth you might find tap water, which can burn from a cigarette lighter, because tap water is full of natural gas and oil! The photo below shows how fire is encouraged by water! Below the address of Video - Volcano eruption - Tolbachik, Kamchatka, Russia, 2012 :

Heat in Australia is unbearable right now, looks like soon we'll evaporate (but local reptillians enjoy it) ! Hot Wave of White Balance (Cloud) is already embracing our Planet and we feel it as A HEATWAVE !
No wonder, that so many volcanos next door (in Indonesia) have been erupting ! Just last week 490 earthquakes occured in Europe alone! 5th of January, 2014

Indonesia’s Sinabung Volcano erupts 77 times in 24 hours (Indonesia has 130 active Volcanos, Kamchatka Penninsula in Russia has similar situation! LM)

Posted on January 6, 2014 by The Extinction Protocol
January 6, 2014 – INDONESIA – A volcano on Indonesia’s Sumatra Island erupted at least 77 times over the weekend, sending clouds of potentially deadly superheated gas barreling down the mountain and forcing the evacuation of more villages in the...

Our Old Universe is a Multi-Layered Hologram, a Ball of Illusions, illusionary Layers collected for millions of years, which are disintegrating one by one. Earth's Inner Sun, under our feet, has been burning and exploding these Layers for many years, and the end products of these processes are : active and dormant volcanos with ash, smoke in the skies & flowing magma (burning illusionary holographic layers), hot stinking geisers, fires and explosions (from the ground and from icy water ways), movement of tectonic plates (earthquakes and sinkholes), heat, leakage of gas and oil from bottom of oceans and seas, distortion of Fabric of Time, replacement of ozone and oxygen with stinking, like rotten eggs, Gas (Sulfur Dioxide) and CO2; freeze and numerous floods (to cool Earth's surface), 4 seasons in one day. Gamma-Rays have been directed to open dormant volcanos, to let magma, gas and ash out ! Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia, Yellowstone Park in USA,  Ephiopia, China, Equador, Chile, Indonesia, Turkey, Iceland (volcanic island) and New Zealand with their hot geisers and active volcanos are good examples of the effects of the Growth of the Inner Sun. New Zealand, which I visited a few times, was always full of hot smelly geisers, volcanos and earthquakes. Below is a map of the Ring of Fire in the Pacific ocean, which is roughly around lost continent of Mu. That makes you think, that sunken continents, like Atlantis and Mu, are burning out first, because they are older and closer to Earth's Inner Sun. And around them you can expect more of volcanic activity. Most of Earthquakes, Volcano Eruptions and Hot Water Eruptions (Geisers) have been happening in the areas of Arctica and Ant-Arctica, but hardly ever been reported. The same events are most likely happening inside of all Planets of our Solar System :

Barak Obama at Halloween party, 2014; photo below - Halloween party in Australia!

The sequence is like that: first are arriving migrants in big numbers  from Parallel Earth; next we will meet  Zombies (Wild Ones), who still think that they are alive; and then we would have to deal with aliens of all kind. Below there is an extract about the Wild Ones (Zombies) from "Far Journeys" by Robert Monroe, p. 240 - "The Wild Ones". And also the address of an article about the Wild Ones or Zombies or Minions, those, who has first life on Earth as a human, after being an animal. The content of that article is on : "Far Journeys" by Robert Monroe

"Much lesser in number, than the above, but with the same motivating drives expressed in an entirely different manner. The reason is a slight Shift in Awareness. The Wild Ones do not realize they have lost the use of their physical bodies, and they do not perceive anything other, than Physical Matter Reality. However, they are very much aware, that they are somehow different. They don't understand the whys or hows of it and have no desire to learn. All they realize is, that such difference releases them from all of the restraints, obligations, and commitments, that were a part of their physical lives. They construe this as absolute freedom and attempt to express themselves accordingly in the only way they know of—through replicas of physical activity. Thus their efforts to participate in physical human life—which they perceive, as taking place all around them, — take on many bizarre forms. The previously reported visit to the 'Human Sexual Pile' is a sample. There are implications, that whenever a Human Physical Consciousness in waking form becomes "loose" or shaky for whatever reason, it may provide an opportunity for one of these to "piggyback" (go after you, LM) just for the experience of it. The frequency of such incidents is not known, from my present perspective. Hopefully, very few. They can get mean at times."

Where do zombies come from?
31 August 2015

Many humans are blind to see how slowly-slowly Alien and Human races have been brought to live and work together, to merge their Energies first - secretly, but now more and more openly. I can give you a few examples and maybe you need to pay more attention on that:

1. Halloween, Zombies Parades (since 2006), haunted castles, ghost/horror shows/adventures/movies and some weird Dysneyland attractions, which have beed encouraged and staged in many countries. Look at the costumes, make up and behaviour, doesn't it all resembles Aliens and Minions in some ways? More material on this subject is on our New link : Human and Alien Merging

2. Why do you think some governments spend a lot of money on training and organising Paralympic Games and Championships? ParOlympic Games in Australia are held since 1964.
More Disabled People have been performing on stage, in films/videos, in streets and airports;

3. Appearance of ugly or maimed/disfigured faces of TV presenters, people with deformities or odd looking human hybreds worldwide;

4. U.S. president Franklin D. Roosevelt was a wheelchaired person and still managed to do his work. Here is some description from wikipedia:
"Franklin D. Roosevelt was the only U.S. president to be elected four times... He taught himself to walk short distances in his braces and was careful not to be seen in public using his wheelchair..."

5. There are so many movies like "Men in Black" etc., catoons, videos, photos, TV interviews, articles about disabled humans or about aliens, but many people still can't tolerate the sight of disabled people (not to mention to love them)! By now we have millions of disabled people worldwide! Our Higher Selves deliberately created this situation for us to merge with migrants from Parallel Earth, with disabled, with odd looking humans and aliens. PAIN, physical and emotional, can help us to do that, disabled people experience a lot of Pain too! By the way, anyone of us can become disabled any time, it all depends on the decision of your Higher Self ! If some people can't get used to disabled or disfigured humans, how can they live and work with aliens then?

There is a lot of talk about Morgellons Disease, which comes from Chem-trails. This is true, but it is not a disease, it is just another civilization, penetrating Earth's environment, including humans. Some people can't tolerate it, but some can. I find a lot of it on my windows in a form of a white fluff. I also found Morgellons fibers in locally grown avocados and mangoes, which makes them black and rotten inside! Here is some info:
Alien Fibers: Morgellons Disease - ABC's Nightline (New civilizations on Earth, LM)
Do Chem-trails sprayed over our cities contain Genetically Modified Living Fibers, that keep growing and multiplying under the skin, to see how fast they cause neurological collapse in humans?
Disclaimer: This video was uploaded to inform the public about Morgellon's 'disease', possibly caused by genetically modified organisms delivered through Chem-cloud spraying by the military to measure the effect on the human population.

Here is video about current events in India, which shows one of the Arrivals of New Civilizations in a form of a typhoon:

Cyclone Hud Hud destruction in 30 cameras... -
More on : New Earth - Old Earth

Parallel Earth-Sun in violet surroundings

electrical wiring

amphibian man

In 1961 a movie "Amphibian Man" ("Человек-Амфибиа") was completed in USSR and shown to Soviet citizens in 1962. It reached 63 millions viewers in first 3 years and still in great demand. The movie became a favorite movie of many. It is about a human boy, who was surgically added lungs of a shark, apart from usual pair of human lungs, that saved his life and gave him ability to live on land and in the sea! Most still think it is a science-fiction, but it is not. Now such humans exist in huge numbers, but this project is still very secretive. Creation of human and alien mermaids/mermen for a long time has been just a transition stage for Water Beings of different civilizations to become Humans. Our son Robert was just a human child - former dolphin (without an extra pair of lungs from a shark), who was trained by Igor Charkovsky and me to sleep in water when he was 3 years of age, we took a video of little Robert sleeping in water. As a result, one of his parallel personalities was turned into one of those Human-Amphibia, who can live on land as well, as in water. Now I know the reason for my and Robert's constant abductions, especially the one, which happened to me in Yalta. At the beginning of 70's I was driving our car with my mother from Moscow, I remember that we reached Yalta (Crimea, Black Sea), then I have no memory what I was doing in Yalta and how me and my mother got back to Moscow?
I feel I have a connection to underground-underwater genetic labs on the shores of Black Sea. Why at that time the movie "Amphibian Man" was created by almost penniless crew in USSR with great difficulties and dangers to their lives, and not in USA, where people like Walt Disney had huge financial support?
Alien and human genetic scientists always choose the strongest group of people in terms of genetic code, tolerance, durability, and many other conditions, they need privacy for their experiments. There are so many such labs underground/underwater: vast cold regions of USSR close to Hollow Earth suited genetic scientists. Experimental subjects have been selected from all over the World: me and our son Robert were and still are such subjects among millions. It took years of hard work of genetic scientists and a lot of pain of experimental subjects, involved in constant genetic experiments. These experiments might look horrific to physical us (not to our Higher Selves), but the End Results are brilliant (No Pain, No Gain)! And it is only a part of the whole Project 'Human+', Genetic Code of which includes All physical/non-physical Life Forms of Old Universe. We need to get used to the idea to live and work with all kinds of Forms of Life in the Old Universe now (even if some of them stink like hell). Africa and Russia with Ukraine will first close their doors and openly start this Experiment, other parts of the World will follow. It's high Time, because you are not even Galactic Human, you are a Universal Being ! On the streets of cities you will see all kinds of creatures you have never seen before. Get used to the idea!
Apart from Earth and other Planets of our Solar System, there are Planetary Systems in the Universe, where climates and other conditions are so diverse, changes are so extreme, that only tough Humans and Aliens are able to survive. There was a need to ignite and move millions of citizens of USSR into the direction of underwater training with more elaborate genetic experiments in creating new Forms of Life, more adaptable to water and land, more adaptable Humans.
One of the members of russian Team, shooting movie "Amphibian Man" underwater, was Ram Stukalov, one of parallel personalities of Robert Allen Monroe (RAM, that's how he was called by others in his books). Ram is a very unusual name for a russian, I never heard of it before, he was a champion of USSR in deep water diving at that time. During shooting he saved life of the leading actor Vladimir Korenev, who was playing Amphibian Man. Ram was underwater next to Vladimir Korenev-Amphibian Man (at 20 meters depth), when he noticed the failure of Korenev's agualung (an underwater breathing apparatus). At once Ram gave him his own aqualung to breath and moved up 20 meters with just one breath. Ram got to the surface and lost consciousness, stayed alive, but fast change of water pressure gave him kesson disease.
We have been trained to eat salty foods and it is not an accident, think about it. Oceans are full of salt and the water is getting saltier! More on : Dolphins and Whales

Russian Video with english subtitles: "The Amphibian Man" (Movie)!

Russian Video from Russia presents Soviet or Post-Soviet full-length movies. Today we will watch a very good movie (and we never show bad movies) “The Amphibian Man” (“Человек Амфибия”), 1961. This beautiful movie is based on science-fiction novel by Aleksandr Belyayev (first published in 1928).

pink vibration

Higher Vibrationally Pink Earth-Sun Aura

Pink Vibration

Pink Rainbows, USA, June 2014

Photos of White Shining Vibrations (clouds) of the Planet in different parts of the World, the color of our profound Thoughts, coming from Great Cosmic Cloud of White, Luminous Energy of Balance above Ant-Arctica, 2013. On the photo below you can see how skies look in Arctica and Antarctica , more photos are on many links of this website!

Part of White Great Cosmic Luminous Cloud

Part of White Great Cosmic Luminous Cloud

Recapitulation - Summarising the Main Points

Recapitulation is the way to get back your lost Energy, get rid of Foreign Energy and remember what you forgot (method for the smatest), "The Art of Dreaming", Carlos Castaneda:
"...You are not yet ready for a True Merging of Your Dreaming Reality and your Daily Reality,"
he (don Juan) concluded. "You must Recapitulate your Life further."
"But I've done all the Recapitulating possible," I (Carlos) protested. "I've been Recapitulating for years. There is nothing more I can remember about my life."
"There must be much more," he said adamantly (firmly), "otherwise, you wouldn't wake up screaming."
I did not like the idea of having to Recapitulate again. I had done it, and I believed I had done it so well, that I did not need to touch the subject ever again.
"The Recapitulation of our Lives never ends, no matter how well we've done it once," don Juan said. "The reason average people lack volition (willing, choosing, deciding) in their Dreams is, that they have never Recapitulated and their lives are filled to capacity with heavily loaded emotions like memories, hopes, fears, et cetera, et cetera.
"Sorcerers, in contrast, are relatively free from heavy, binding emotions, because of their Recapitulation. And if something stops them, as it has stopped you at this moment, the assumption is, that there still is something in them, that is not quite clear."
"To Recapitulate is too involving, don Juan. Maybe there is something else I can do instead."
"No. There isn't. Recapitulating and Dreaming go hand in hand. As we regurgitate (vomit up) our lives, we get more and more airborne."
Don Juan had given me very detailed and explicit (specific, clearly defined) instructions about the Recapitulation. It consisted of Reliving the Totality of one's life experiences by Remembering every possible minute detail of them. He saw the Recapitulation as the essential factor in a Dreamer's Redefinition and Redeployment of Energy." The Recapitulation sets Free Energy imprisoned within us, and without this liberated Energy Dreaming is not possible." That was his statement.
Years before, don Juan had coached me to make a list of all the people I had met in my life, starting at the present. He helped me to arrange my list in an orderly fashion, breaking it down into areas of activity, such as jobs I had had, schools I had attended. Then he guided me to go, without deviation, from the first person on my list to the last one, Reliving every one of my interactions with them. He explained, that Recapitulating an event starts with one's Mind, arranging everything pertinent (relevant) to what is being Recapitulated. Arranging means Reconstructing the Event, piece by piece, starting by Recollecting the Physical Details of the surroundings, then going to the person, with whom one shared the interaction, and then going to oneself, to the examination of one's feelings. Don Juan taught me, that the Recapitulation is coupled with a Natural, Rhythmical Breathing.
Long Exhalations (breathing out) are performed, as the head moves gently and slowly from right to left; and long Inhalations are taken as the head moves back from left to right. He called this act of moving the head from side to side "fanning the event." The Mind examines the event from beginning to end, while the body fans, on and on, everything the Mind focuses on. Don Juan said, that the Sorcerers of Antiquity, the Inventors of the Recapitulation, viewed Breathing as a Magical, Life-Giving Act and used it, accordingly, as a Magical Vehicle; the Exhalation, to eject (expel, throw out) the Foreign Energy, left in them during the Interaction being Recapitulated and the Inhalation to Pull back the Energy, that they, themselves, left behind during the Interaction.
Because of my academic training, I took the Recapitulation to be the process of analyzing one's Life. But don Juan insisted, that it was more involved, than an intellectual psychoanalysis. He postulated (demanded, made claim for) the Recapitulation, as a Sorcerer's Ploy (tactic) to induce a minute, but Steady Displacement of the Assemblage Point. He said, that the Assemblage Point, under the Impact of reviewing Past Actionsand Feelings, goes back and forth between its present site and the site it occupied, when the event, being Recapitulated, took place. Don Juan stated, that the Old Sorcerers' rationale behind the Recapitulation was their conviction, that there is an Inconceivable Dissolving Force in the Universe, which makes organisms live by lending them Awareness. That Force also makes organisms die, in order to extract the same lent Awareness, which organisms have enhanced through their life experiences. Don Juan explained the Old Sorcerers' reasoning. They believed, that since it is Our Life Experience this Force is after (Our Higher Selves and the Source of All Life are also after our Experiences, LM), it is of Supreme Importance, that it can be satisfied with a facsimile ((exact copy or reproduction) of Our Life Experience: the Recapitulation. Having had what it seeks, the Dissolving Force then lets Sorcerers go, free to expand their Capacity to Perceive and Reach with it the Confines of Time and Space.
When I started again to Recapitulate, it was a great surprise to me, that My Dreaming Practices were automatically suspended the moment My Recapitulation began.
I asked don Juan about this unwanted recess.

"Dreaming requires every bit of our available Energy," he replied. "If there is a deep preoccupation in our life, there is no possibility of Dreaming."
"But I have been deeply preoccupied before," I said, "and my practices were never interrupted."
"It must be then, that every time you thought you were preoccupied, you were only egomaniacally (obsessive preoccupation) disturbed," he said, laughing.
"To be preoccupied, for Sorcerers, means that all your Energy sources are taken on. This is the first time you've engaged your Energy sources in their Totality. The rest of the time, even when you Recapitulated before, you were not completely absorbed."

Don Juan gave me this time a New Recapitulation Pattern. I was supposed to construct a jigsaw puzzle by Recapitulating, without any apparent order, different events of my Life.
"But it's going to be a mess," I protested.
"No, it won't be," he assured me. "It'll be a mess, if you let your pettiness (trivial) choose the events you are going to Recapitulate. Instead, let the Spirit decide.
Be silent, and then get to the event the Spirit Points out."

The results of that pattern of Recapitulation were shocking to me on many levels. It was very impressive to find out that, whenever I Silenced my Mind, a seemingly Independent Force immediately plunged me into a most detailed Memory of some event in my life. But it was even more impressive, that a very orderly configuration (contour, outline) resulted. What I thought was going to be chaotic, turned out to be extremely effective. I asked don Juan why he had not made me Recapitulate in this manner from the start. He replied, that there are two basic rounds to the Recapitulation, that the first is called Formality and Rigidity, and the second - Fluidity.
I had no inkling (hint) about how different my Recapitulation was going to be this time. The ability to concentrate, which I had acquired by means of my Dreaming Practices, permitted me to examine my life at a depthI would never have imagined possible. It took me over a year to view and review all I could about my life experiences. At the end, I had to agree with don Juan: there had been Immensities of loaded emotions, hidden so deeply inside me, as to be virtually inaccessible. The result of My Second Recapitulation was a new, more relaxed attitude. The very day I returned to my Dreaming Practices, I Dreamt I saw myself asleep. I turned around and daringly left my room, penuriously (yelding, submit little) going down a flight of stairs to the street. I was elated with what I had done and reported it to don Juan. My disappointment was enormous when he did not consider this Dream part of my Dreaming Practices. He argued, that I had not gone to the street with My Energy Body, because if I had, I would have had a sensation other, than walking down a flight of stairs.
"What kind of sensation are you talking about, don Juan?" I asked, with genuine curiosity."
"You have to establish some valid guide to find out whether you are actually Seeing Your Body asleep in your bed," he said instead of answering my question. "Remember, you must be in Your Actual Room, Seeing Your Actual Body. Otherwise, what you are having is merely a Dream. If that's the case, Control that Dream, either by observing its details or by changing it."
I insisted he tell me more about the valid guide he had referred to, but he cut me short.
"Figure out a way to validate the fact, that you are looking at yourself," he said.
"Do you have any suggestions as to what can be a valid guide?" I insisted.
"Use your own judgment. We are coming to the End of Our Time together. You have to be on your own very soon."
He changed the subject then, and I was left with a clear taste of my ineptitude (foolishness).
 I was unable to figure out what he wanted or what he meant by a valid guide. In the next Dream, in which I saw myself asleep, instead of leaving the room and walking down the stairs, or waking up screaming,I remained glued, for a long time, to the spot, from which I watched. Without fretting (irritation) or despairing (loss of hope), I observed the details of my Dream. I noticed then, that I was asleep wearing a white T-shirt,  that was ripped at the shoulder. I tried to come closer and examine the rip, but moving was beyond my capabilities. I felt a heaviness, that seemed to be part of my very Being. In fact, I was all weight. Not knowing what to do next, I instantly entered into a devastating confusion. I tried to Change Dreams, but some unaccustomed Force kept me staring at my sleeping body. In the midst of my turmoil, I heard the Dreaming Emissary (Inorganic Being, LM) saying, that not having Control to move around, was frightening me to the point, that I might have to do another Recapitulation..."

How to do Recapitulation
by Taisha Abelar, "The Sorcerers' Crossing", p. 42:
"The apex of the special Art I want to teach you," she (Clara) began, "is called the abstract flight (astral travelling, LM), and the means to achieve it we call the Recapitulation."
She reached inside the cave and touched the left and right sides of my forehead.
"Awareness must shift from here to here," she said: "As children, we can easily do this, but once the seal of the body has been broken through wasteful excesses, only a special manipulation of Awareness, right living, and celibacy can restore the Energy, that has drained out; Energy needed to make the shift."
I (Taisha) definitely understood everything she said. I even felt, that Awareness was like a current of Energy, that could go from one side of the forehead to the other, and I visualized the gap in between the two points as a vast space; a void, that impedes the Crossing.
"What does this transformation entail?" I asked.
"It entails a total change," she said. "And that is accomplished by the Recapitulation: the cornerstone of the Art of Freedom. "The Art, I am going to teach you, is called the Art of Freedom; an Art infinitely difficult to practice, but even more difficult to explain."
Clara said, that every procedure she was going to teach me, or every task she might ask me to perform, no matter how ordinary it might seem to me, was a step toward fulfilling the Ultimate Goal of the Art of Freedom: the Abstract Flight (astral travelling, LM).
"What I'm going to show you first are simple movements, that you must do daily," she continued. "Regard them always as an indispensable part of your life.
"First, I'll show you a breath, that has been a secret for generations. This breath mirrors the dual forces of creation and destruction, of light and darkness, of being and not-being."
She told me to move outside of the cave, then directed me, by gentle manipulation, to sit with my spine, curved forward, and to bring my knees to my chest as high, as I could. While keeping my feet on the ground, I was to wrap my arms around my calves and firmly clasp my hands in front of my knees, or if I wished I could clasp each elbow. She gently eased my head down, until my chin touched my chest. I had to strain the muscles of my arms to keep my knees from pushing out sideways. My chest was constricted and so was my abdomen. My neck made a cracking sound as I tucked my chin in.
"This is a powerful breath," she said. "It may knock you out or put you to sleep...
Clara instructed me to take short, shallow breaths...But this wasn't what she was after. She wanted me to continue the shallow breaths for at least ten minutes.
I stayed in that position for perhaps half an hour, all the while taking shallow breaths, as she had instructed. After the initial cramping in my stomach and legs subsided, the breaths seemed to soften my insides and dissolve them. Then after an excruciatingly long time, Clara gave me a push, that made me roll backward,
so I was lying on the ground, but she didn't permit me to release the pressure of my arms. I felt a moment of relief when my back touched the ground, but it was only when she instructed me to unclasp my hands and stretch out my legs, that I felt complete release in my abdomen and chest. The only way of describing what I felt is to say, that something inside me had been unlocked by that breath and had been dissolved or released. As Clara had predicted, I became so drowsy, that I crawled back inside the cave and fell asleep.
She stressed, that the inhalation and exhalation should be inaudible, and that the breathing exercise could be done while one is standing, sitting or lying down; although in the beginning it is easier to do it while sitting on a cushion or on a chair.
"Now," she said, pulling her chair closer to mine, "let's talk about what we began discussing this morning: the Recapitulation."
A shiver went through me. I told her, that although I had no conception of what she was talking about, I knew it was going to be something monumental and I wasn't sure I was prepared to hear it. She insisted, that I was nervous, because some part of me sensed, that she was about to disclose perhaps the most important technique of Self-Renewal. Patiently she explained, that the Recapitulation is the Act of calling back the Energy we have already spent in past actions. To recapitulate entails recalling all the people we have met, all the places we have seen, and all the feelings we have had in our entire lives; starting from the present and going back to the earliest memories; then sweeping them clean, one by one, with the Sweeping Breath. I listened, intrigued, although I couldn't help feeling, that what she said was more, than nonsensical to me. Before I could make any comments at all, she firmly took my chin in her hands and instructed me to inhale through the nose, as she turned my head to the left, and then exhale, as she turned it to the right.
Next, I was to turn my head to the left and right in a Single Movement Without Breathing. She said, that this is a mysterious way of Breathing and the Key to the Recapitulation, because Inhaling allows us to pull back Energy, that we lost; while exhaling permits us to expel foreign, undesirable Energy, that has accumulated in us through interacting with our fellow men and not just men, but everything and everyone foreign to us.
(Another word for foreign Energy, inserted in us, is Zapping. Recapitulation and Kinesiology can clear your Alters up from negative Wernicke's commands - sabotaging foreign Energy. I would also like to add, that females as well, as males have numerous hooks inserted into them by aliens without human approval. This leads males and females to constant blaming in sucking the Energy from each other. LM).
"In order to live and interact, we need Energy," Clara went on. "Normally, the Energy spent in living is gone forever from us.
"Were it not for the Recapitulation, we would never have the chance to renew ourselves. Recapitulating our lives and sweeping our past with the sweeping breath work as a unit."
Recalling everyone I had ever known and everything I had ever felt in my life seemed to me an absurd and impossible task. "That can take forever," I said, hoping that a practical remark might block Clara's unreasonable line of thought.
"It certainly can," she agreed. "But I assure you, Taisha, you have everything to gain by doing it, and nothing to lose."
I took a few deep breaths, moving my head from left to right imitating the way she had shown me to breathe in order to placate (pacify) her, and let her know I had been paying attention. With a wry smile, she warned me, that recapitulating is not an arbitrary or capricious exercise.
"When you recapitulate, try to feel some long stretchy fibers, that extend out from your midsection," she explained. "Then align the turning motion of your head with the movement of these elusive Fibers. They are the conduits, that will bring back the Energy, that you've left behind. In order to recuperate our Strength and Unity, we have to release our Energy, trapped in the World, and pull it back to us."
She assured me, that while recapitulating, we extend those stretchy Fibers of Energy across Space and Time to the persons, places and events we are examining. The result is that we can return to every moment of our lives and act, as if we were actually there.
This possibility sent shivers through me. Although intellectually I was intrigued by what Clara was saying, I had no intention of returning to my disagreeable past, even if it was only in my mind. If nothing else, I took pride in having escaped an unbearable life situation. I was not about to go back and mentally relive all the moments I had tried so hard to forget. Yet Clara seemed to be so utterly serious and sincere in explaining the Recapitulation technique to me, that for a moment, I put my objections aside, and concentrated on what she was saying. I asked her if the order, in which one recollects the past, matters. She said, that the important point is to re-experience the events and feelings in as much detail as possible, and to Touch Them with the Sweeping Breath, thereby releasing one's trapped Energy.

p.50 -51:   "...Not until we recapitulate can we overcome our upbringing. And talking about recapitulating ..." Clara noticed my pained expression and laughed...
"Difficult, true, but not impossible," she said. "It's a necessary part of the Recapitulation. The list forms a matrix for the mind to hook on to."
She said, that the initial stage of the Recapitulation consists of two things.
The first is the list, the second is setting up the scene, and setting up the scene consists of visualizing all the details pertinent to the events, that one is going to recall.
"Once you have all the elements in place, use the Sweeping Breath. The movement of your head is like a fan, that stirs everything in that scene," she said, "If you're remembering a room, for example, breathe in the walls, the ceiling, the furniture, the people you see. And don't stop, until you have absorbed every last bit of Energy you left behind."
"How will I know when I've done that?" I asked.
"Your body will tell you when you've had enough," she assured me: "Remember, intend to inhale the Energy, that you left in the scene you're recapitulating, and intend to exhale the extraneous Energy thrust into you by others."
Overwhelmed by the task of making the list and beginning to recapitulate, I couldn't think at all. A perverse and involuntary reaction of my mind was to go absolutely blank. Then a deluge of thoughts flooded in, making it impossible for me to know where to start.
"Take the first person on your list", Clara said, "and work your memory to recall everything you experienced with that person from the moment you two met to the last time you interacted. Or, if you prefer, you can work backward, from the last time you had dealings with that person to your first encounter."
Armed with the list, I went to the cave every day. At first, recapitulating was painstaking work. I couldn't concentrate, because I dreaded dredging up the past.
My mind would wander from what I considered to be one traumatic event to the next, or I would simply rest or daydream. But after a while, I became intrigued with the clarity and detail, that my recollections were acquiring. I even began to be more objective about experiences I had always considered to be taboo.
Surprisingly, I also felt stronger and more optimistic. Sometimes, as I breathed, it was as if Energy were oozing back into my body, causing my muscles to become warm and to bulge. I became so involved in my Recapitulation task, that I didn't need a whole month to prove its worth..."

B Арктике впервые провели высадку российского десанта (helmets and heavy hats close the 2-way stream of communication with your Double and Higher Self! LM)
14 March 2014
Парашютно-десантный батальон численностью 350 человек в рамках учений впервые в российской истории высадился в Арктике — на площадку приземления «Темп» на Новосибирских островах. Официальный представитель ВДВ подполковник Евгений Мешков сообщил, что в течение примерно 40 минут после приземления десантники «захватили» аэродром, причем им противодействовал условный противник с мобильными группами на снегоходах и парапланах. Столь масштабные учения ВДВ, проходящие 11-14 марта, проводятся в России впервые за 20 лет. Ранее глава минобороны Сергей Шойгу заявил, что развитие инфраструктуры в Арктике станет одним из приоритетов ведомства в этом году. Всего в учениях задействовано около 4000 десантников, 36 воздушных судов военно-транспортной и армейской авиации, около 500 единиц военной техники и вооружения, пишет ВВС.
Comments: att_aw21w - Эти острова отличное место для создания базы. В СССР там кое-что было.

Very important video! Alex Collier(Andromeda's Contact) speaking in Japan - 2007

poet, orator, sage, actress, writer

Civil rights fighter, poet, orator, Sage, actress, writer

US poet Maya Angelou remembered  MayaAngelouUSSage.jpeg
Sunday, 8 June 2014
Family, friends and famous admirers have gathered to remember poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou.
Former President Bill Clinton has remembered poet, orator and sage Maya Angelou as a woman who seemed to have lived five lifetimes in one, with a sweeping experience that defined modern America. Family, friends and famous admirers led by Clinton, first lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey gathered in a chapel at Wake Forest University on Saturday to remember Angelou, one of the 20th century's most famous black writers. She died on
28 May, aged 86 after a remarkable life with important roles in civil rights and the arts.
'We could just all be up here talking about how Maya Angelou represented a big piece of American history, and triumphed over adversity, and proved how dumb racism is,' Clinton said at the private memorial service. Tall and majestic, Angelou added heft to her spoken words with a deep and sonorous voice, describing herself as a poet in love with 'the music of language'.
She recited the most popular presidential inaugural poem in history, On the Pulse of Morning, when Clinton opened his first term in 1993, and became a mentor to Winfrey before she became a talk show host. Clinton remembered that voice, and how Angelou chose not to speak for five years after she was raped by her mother's boyfriend as a child. 'She was without a voice for five years and then she developed the greatest voice on the planet. God loaned her His voice,' Clinton said. Clinton compared Angelou to a firefly, who would light up at the most unexpected time, illuminating 'something right before your nose you've been overlooking something in your mind you've been burying. Something in your heart you were afraid to face.'
Earlier, Angelou's grandson Elliott Jones welcomed the audience by telling them they were celebrating 'an amazing life - a life well-lived'. Born into poverty and segregation, Angelou rose to become an accomplished actress, singer, dancer and writer. Although she never graduated from college, she taught for more than 30 years at the private North Carolina university, where she was regularly addressed as Dr Angelou. Her magnetism also drew her into friendships with famous figures from Malcolm X and Nelson Mandela to Clinton and Winfrey.

Sydney Cloud, Australia, 2014, 5 March

Sydney Habour, 5 March 2014

Русский язык - богат, но не в области Высших Знаний Вселенной и это создаёт проблемы в переводе с английского, пожалуйста учитывайте это. Обратите внимание на такие важные русские слова как: Вселенная, Галактика, Планета, Звезда, Земля, Комета, Вода, Душа, Любовь, Гармония, Красота, Радость, Нежность, Мягкость, Эмоция, Созидательная Сила, Планетарная Игра - Суровая Школа, Энергия, Заря, Родина, Отвага, Храбрость, Смелость, Честность, Честь, Слава, Гроза, Молния, Страна, Деревня, Почва, Река, Дорога, Машина, Академия, Наука, Книга, Литература и остальные предметы в Школе (География, Химия ...) и т.д., даже названия всех континентов и многих стран, всё это - в русском языке - Женского Рода, а не Мужского!
Континенты - Женского Рода: Антарктика/Европа/Африка/Азия/Америка/Австралия!

Европейсие Страны : Россия/Белоруссия/Украина/Молдова/Литва/Латвия/Эстония/Польша/Финляндия/Швеция/Болгария/Турция/Бельгия/Чехия/Словения/Хорватия(Югославия)/Босния/Сербия/Чечня/ Венгрия/Румыния/Абхазия/Аджария/Кахетия/Албания/Италия/Армения/Македония/Черногория/Англия-Великобритания/Австрия/Швецария/Швеция/Германия/Испания/Португалия/Норвегия/Дания/Голландия/Франция/Исландия/ Ирландия/Греция/Сардиния/Сицилия/Корсика/Майорка/Мальта/Албания/Герцоговина/Грузия, и т.д.

Многие страны Африки и Азии: Индия/Индонезия/Япония/Малазия/СаудовскаяАравия/Сирия/Палестина/Руанда/Гвинея/Тунизия/Нигерия/Ливия/Либия/Мавритания/Намибия/Кения/Ботсуана/Замбия/ Камбоджа/Танзания/Антигуа и Барбуда/Бермуда/Южная Африка/Экваториальная Гвинея/Шри-Ланка (Бирма)/Новая Каледония/Южная и Северная Корея/Тонга Обе Америки и Американские Штаты, Канада, Мексика : Венесуэла/Боливия/Коста-Рика/Панама/Никарагуа/Гватемала/Аргентина/Бразилия/Ямайка/Куба/Гренландия/Монтана/Пенсильвания/Оклахома/ Флорида/Калифорния/Вирджиния/Аляска/Мэриланд/Южная и Северная Каролина/Южная и Северная Дакота и т.д.
Все Австралийские Штаты, Новая Зеландия, Новая Гвинея, Полинезия, Микронезия : Тасмания, Южная и Западная Австралия, Виктория, Королевская Земля, Северная Территория - все это - Женского рода, а не Мужского, (большая часть Мира)!

Ниже - очень важная информация на английском о разнице между положением Души в Светящемся Шаре Женщины и Мужчины, от этого положения зависит кто родится девочка или мальчик! Многое о Светящемся Шаре вокруг человека объясняется на русском на Русской Домашней Странице. Я только коротко могу добавить, что если Spirit (Кусочек Души человека), величиной с теннисный мяч, находится в глубине Огромного Светящегося Шара вокруг человека, то это - Мужчина. А если Spirit (Кусочек Души человека) находится на поверхности этого Огромного Светящегося Шара вокруг человека, то это - Женщина.
И какое здесь приемущество? Находясь на поверхности Шара, Spirit имеет возможность видеть и понимать всю Вселенную (Женщина), а находясь в глубине Шара, Spirit такой возможности не имеет: Душа смотрит внутрь Шара, а не наружу!

Important Russian words: Creative Force, Universe, Galaxy, Star, Planet, Earth, Country, Comet, Moon, Venus, Soul, Love, Harmony, Energy, Emotion, Motherland, Life, Beauty, Joy, Gentleness, Tendeness, Softness, Honour, Fame, Honesty, Bravery, Courage, Boldness, Planetary Game - a Hard School, Dawn, Lighning, Thunderstorm, Water, Soil, Science, Nature, all subjects at School etc. are of Feminine Gender, not Masculine; the names of the Earth's 6 continents; all Europien countries and Island-States like Iceland, England, Ireland, even Greenland, Alaska and many other American States; all States of Australia (except NSW), Russia and all former Europian Soviet Republics etc. are of Feminine Gender (not Masculine) in Russian language ! Names of most of the World are of Feminine Gender!

Women of all races, I urge all of you to watch this video of Alex Collier, where he announced, what he was told by Andromedans: our whole Universe has only one Real Gender, and it is Feminine! It means that our Universe is a Woman and males are just a tiny branch, originated from us, Women ! It means, that we, wise Women, need to take the running of Earth into our hands and not just in USA, Australia and England, but in every country on Earth ! Many things started helping us to achieve it, but first, we need to change ourselves, our old beLIEves, our old habits and customs and remember, that we are Cosmic Beings first of all and our role as just mothers of Humanity is over ! We, Women, are capable of so much more!
Below are some interesting Thoughts of Don Juan from "The Art of Dreaming" by C. Castaneda, p. 219.
The Tenant is an ancient male-sorcerer, who has been in captivity by Inorganic Beings for hundreds of years, and who turned himself into a Female by changing the position of the Assemblage Point of his Spirit ! Becoming a Woman, gave him Freedom! If an Assemblage Point of a Spirit is positioned deep inside a big Luminous Ball around a human (to face inward, away from the Universe), then a Male will be born.
But if an Assemblage Point of a shiny Spirit is positioned on the surface of a big Luminous Ball around a human (to face outwards and see more of the Universe), then a Female will be born! Only as a Female, this ancient sorcerer could have Freedom, Females had more abilities and were better treated by these aliens (Inorganic Beings), than Males ! Such great writers like Robert Monroe, Carlos Castaneda, Alex Collier, Robert Morning-Sky, Peter Moon, William Bullman and other writers wrote in their books, that our Old Universe is run by Females, because it is Feminine, and not masculine! It will be a big Blow for Men when they finally find it out.

"I have already said to you, that to be a natural Man or a natural Woman is a matter of positioning the Assemblage Point," (of a Spirit, LM) don Juan said. "By natural I mean someone, who was born either male or female. To a SEER, the shiniest part of the Assemblage Point faces outwards, in the case of Females and inward, in the case of Males. The Tenant's  Assemblage Point was originally facing inward (male), but he changed it (gradually moved it to face outwards, LM) by twisting it around and making his Egglike Energy Shape look like a shell, that has curled up on itself..."

"...Sorcerers' knowledge, that the Universe is markedly Female and that Maleness, being an offshoot of Femaleness, is almost scarce, thus, coveted (Males are rare species and they are strongly desired! LM)."

Great Cosmic White Luminous Cloud Of Balanced Energy

Because our Universe is Holographic in nature, whatever we dream about is effecting the whole Universe!

Dolphins Fleeing Earthquakes? Bison Fleeing?

And the reason is LOW dark GREEN VIBRATION of PEOPLE in RUSSIA (and it was't like that, when I lived in Russia 36 years ago)! What happen? I don't see Real Humans anymore! Looks like these Parallel Personalities will play the Game till last. Below is a photo of Green moldy Vibration of People and aliens (and their Thoughts) above Petersburg and Moscow, taken from Space on the 10th of October, 2013!
I must say:"C русскими Перехода не сделаешь: они за хлебом и за зрелищами в очереди стоят и денег на это не жалеют!" Some Fun pictures of Sochi Olympics are on : Fun and Entertainment

Green Human Vibration

Spiral Vortex of Aquamarine fish

spiral motion

2 whirlpools after a flashflood, Australia. Scientists from Zurich Techno Institute (Switzerland) compare whirlpools with Black Holes. Below is some of their remarks from a russian article:
"Мы нашли исключительно когерентные потоки в Южной Атлантике, аналогичные потокам фотонов в сферах вокруг черных дыр", - сказал Джордж Халлер из Швейцарского федерального технологического института в Цюрихе.

21/8/13 Slough in (sinkhole in lake, Luisiana, US)

Video about huge floods-vortexes in Far East of Russia and China (in russian) in Sep-Aug 2013 (offical data: they are supposed to last till mid-October). Water helps to create new Vortexes in rock, sand and dirt!

Большая вода. Противостояние (Амурская область)

Land (Sinkholes-Vortexes), Air and Water Whirlpools-Vortexes-Curls, even atoms and electrons are spiralling!

long air vortex, Australia, Queensland, Elliett Heads

Above is a long air vortex, moving birds/insects/fish and polluted air out of this Old Universe to the New one, Elliott Heads, Australia, Queensland; the same is in New England (on the photo below)

Rare N D (moving) Ice Disk Found
Published on Nov 26, 2013
North Dakota retired engineer George Loegering has found a rare spinning disk of ice in the Sheyenne River, a weather phenomenon experts say likely was caused by cold, dense air, and an eddy in the river.

Hurricain in Mexico 18 Oct. 2009

Hurricane in Mexico, 18 Oct. 2009. Doesn't it look like a Spiral whirlpool-vortex-Curl ? Physical Crusts of Planets and Suns, and even snow ballsare created with the same action of a Spiral Vortex!

Lake Michigan, anomalous snowballs

Through ages Earth collected the most perfect Beauty in many things and the most Horrific Creatures, Sights and Actions!
It is very contradictory for me and for you too, I guess: on one hand - I am against of all kinds of Pain, but on the other hand - we can't raise our Vibration without Pain! No Pain - No Gain! And if we want to get higher, we have no any other choice, but tolerate any kind of Pain (physical or emotional). You might have a lot of knowledge from books, videos or people, but still wouldn't have fast and high enough Vibration without going through prolonged Pain, different Pains of many years: you might not even understand available information the right way!
I know that sexual abuse of children is the most painful subject to talk about, but maybe it's needed to be done from our Higher Selves' point of view: to speed up our Vibration, our Evolution, because we are not our physical bodies, but we are Energies? Our Higher Selves have been monitoring this Process as well.
I don't know much about it (I am still in a Female body), but many Males know, that anal sex between Males somehow opens their Chakras, destroys brainwashing (microchips) and raise Males' Awareness. That's why so many Gays and Lesbians turned up at the End of Planetary Game: they have been made up that way. This Genders confusion is the next step before becoming Androgynous Beings: Androgynous Beings don't need and avoid sex, even non-physical !
Anal sex has been officially prosecuted in many countries for hundreds of years (not to have Males too smart)! Unofficially anal sex has been practiced for thousands of years everywhere with everyone, especially among secret societies' members for that same reason: to raise their Consciousness (and not just of Males, but of Females as well). It is hard to find a child of both sexes these days, who hasn't been exposed to this, though some might not remember that: the memory was erased not to have too much drama in their lives! Anal sex originated from Reptilians and it reached GLOBAL PROPORTIONS, but maybe it is a NECESSARY STEP? Through anal sex all Gays and Lesbians have been created, more and more of then turning up every day all over the Planet. I don't take sides and think logically, research all the techniques of this Planetary Game for being able to create another Planetary Game on a New Planet in the New Universe! I advise you to learn how lies have been manufectured, it might be useful in future!
Here is a good example of disinformation or half-truths on one of russian websites: "Душа это сгусток магнитной энергии. У человека есть душа. Она материальна. Это сгусток магнитной энергии, который управляет всем нашим организмом, в том числе и головным мозгом. В этом уверен инженер Виктор Куксин..." - it says that Human Soul is material, that Soul is a piece of magnetic energy, which rules our organism inc. brain. and that Engineer Victor Kuksin is sure about it.
Magnetic energy is the energy of the 3rd physical Level, but our Soul is from the highest, non-physical 12th Level (look at the picture below)! This is another joke and those, who print it, think, that we are still little children. Our Soul is Not material or physical and it is Not a piece of magnetic energy! It is a piece of White Shining Energy of Balance. Huge White Sparkling Sun is the Gathe-Ring of our Souls, or Higher Selves of those Players, who are engaged with our whole Solar System.


Matreshki - our Parallel Personalities

Whirlpools of  fire, lightnings, Gamma-Rays (Gamma-Rays originate from the Great White Cloud of Luminous Energy of Balance) , dust, sand, snow, water, ice, clouds, in other words, whirling energies (vortexes) have been moving everything (what hasn't evolved) from Old Universe to the New one like: people, flocks of birds/frogs/lizards/crabs/insects; herds of wild and domestic animals; planes/boats/buses/trains with people and schools of :  fish/dolphins/sharks/whales/penguins/seals/manta rays and other water creatures/plants have been moved from here to the New Universe through Spiral whirlpools of energies, to continue to evolve!
We also have whirlpools in our bodies, connected to different Levels of Awareness (layers or spheres around body), they are called Chakras! Infusion of information/energy or mixing of different (inc. opposite) energies are done through them, like at the moment of Enlightment through Crown Chakra or during sex through Base/Root Chakra (the lowest, red on the picture below) to infuse Negative Energy into a Human Male or Female (inc. children).

Rainbow Corona around Sun!

Rainbow Corona around Sun!

Rainbow Corona around Sun!

Violet Skies, Rainbow Corona around our New Earth of 5th Level of Consciousness! Photo was taken at night, behind Arctic Circle!
More photos on:  Beauty of Earth  and 

New Earth and Old Earth

Rainbow Corona of Sun in Violet Sky!

Violet Night Sky and HigherEarth!

Violet Night Sky and Higher Earth!

Violet Aura of a Russian woman!

Violet Aura of one of many Russian women and, according to Russian Statistics, there is roughly 60% of women in Russia and only 40% of men! I wouldn't be surprised if the same is happening all over the World and not just in Russia! It looks like those men and women, who has a Violet Aura, are in a constant Corona Discharge state and therefore are able to create Gamma Rays and they do it without being aware of it! Don't forget, Some Dragons can generate Gamma Rays too and as a result blow flame from their mouth. That shows that they also achieved Violet Corona Discharge state, which is used in Kirlian Photography and their Aura is Violet! When Dragons consume children, it is done from the permission of a child's Higher Self and it is nothing, but the Exchange of Energies
(the same as being eaten by a crocodile/python/shark or lion)! As a result, the Higher Self of that child gets the same amount of Energy from that Dragon by allowing it to eat the child! For people, who still think that they are the physical bodies and nothing else, it would sound outrageous, but I don't give a shit! The Truth is the Truth! And if Dragons were doing it for thousands of years, then you have to expect that they collected a lot of human energy and a lot of our Higher Selves consumed a lot of Dragon Energy! On other links of our site I was writing about how all human females have been regularly impregnated and their fetuses taken out of them (aborted) once or twice a month starting from the age of 10-11 (it's called periods), almost till the age they die and we are talking about billions of human females participating in this Planetary Game for thousands of years! The pain, the strange moods, the blood and pieces are coming out of a female at the time of menstruation, exactly like at the time of abortion! And when some religions oppose abortion, it makes me laugh! Why is it done to females?
It means that females are participating in the Process of the Exchange of different Energies much more than males (that shows in Aura), because each time the fetus is taken out of a female by Reptilians (or other negative/positive races), the Higher Self of that female gets the same amount of foreign energy through this female in return and that energy is going back to that female (though it is hard to digest and each time it throws females out of Balance and men need to comfort their females more often)! All of that happened to me hundreds of times and that's why Alex Collier wrote, that Reptilians are more interested in human females, than males, it's because the mixing of Energies is mainly happening through human females and it's been happening for so long! This way young girls mature faster than the boys of the same age!
Mixing of Different Energies is the most important part of any Universal Game! Our Higher Selves don't think the way the majority of Humanity thinks! They understand the needs of our Universe and do their best to help it and we need to start thinking what is best for our Universe in this moment of history and help!
Our Universe doesn't give a damn that a lot of human physical bodies have been eaten by Reptilians and Sirians: there are more important things to be done! And it will be more of this Exchange of Energies, because the physical bodies can't be taken with us to a higher vibration, where we are going! They will evaporate there anyway! We outlived the glove and leave the physical experiences behind!

Numerous Sprites in Violet Sky!

Numerous Sprites in Violet Sky! They could've been generated by Humanity!

Violet Colored Energy is visible during experiments!

Tesla Coil. Violet Colored Energy is visible during experiments!

Making artificial Ball Lightning! Release of Violet Energy at the Experiment!

Making artificial Ball Lightning! Release of Violet Energy at the Experiment!

Here is some interesting info about Aura from:

Just Like the Sun

Harvard-trained psychologist Gary Schwartz agrees. He runs the Human Energy Systems Lab at the University of Arizona and claims that the existence of a human aura is indisputable. “It’s like the Sun,” Schwartz said. “The Sun emits a whole spectrum of energy, both visible light, infrared, ultraviolet, x-rays, gamma rays. It’s the same thing with the human body, the human body is emitting this whole range of signals.”
Your Body’s Broadcasting System

The cells inside your body actually do the broadcasting, Schwartz said. In fact, 100 trillion of them spew out an aura of electromagentic radiation, like little TV towers...For instance a purple aura indicates a spiritual person, and a red aura indicates a more materialistic person, grounded in the physical world..."
And that could be seen in modern flags of countries! Chinese red flag, for instance, of a lower vibration and indicates the more materialistic approach to life!
I don't know about you, but I often feel like I am a tower with a sizzling top, and often just about to phase out!

Фиолетовая Аура одной из многих русских женщин и, согласно Российской Статистике, в России проживает приблизительно 60% женщин и только 40 % мужчин!  Больше информации об Ауре, о Фиолетовой Энергии и о Феноменоне 11-11 можно найти на русском на:  Статьи с Интернета на Русском языке

Книги на русском

Спящие Русские Красавицы

Kirlian Photography

Kirlian photography is a pretty dark area. Not much truth written about it, so you would have to do your own research if you want. When you have your Aura taken, please, don't allow other people to come near (or behind) you and mix their Aura with yours: you might not have the true result! Here are some sites you can visit, where you can see on the video how one woman (like healer) is changing the Aura of another woman from lilac Aura into other colors:
 Watch some Aura Videos (choose the 9th video, count the 9th square from left to right): (Apr. 2019 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)

Below are some Kirlian photos of some objects, which display Violet Aora around them:

Violet Aura of a hand!

Violet Aura of a hand! That can explain why the authorities in New York's airports (or jails) are so interested in your fingerprints:
 to know who you are!

Violet Aura of a hand!

Violet Aura of a hand!

Violet Aura of Euro coin!

Violet Aura of a Euro coin, which was used between people many times! Or your personal key from your house, which can have your energy on it!
All these objects reflect the Violet Energy surrounding them! Tesla Coil Corona Discharge is used in Kirlian Photography to take pictures of Auras and that also releases a lot of Violet! Energy! I can imagine how powerful was the Aura of Nicola Tesla himself, if he could conduct such grand experiments with Ball-Lightnings!

Violet Aura of a key!

Violet Kirlian Photo of a piece of lemon!

Violet Kirlian Photo of a piece of lemon!

Kirlian Violet Aura of a drop of Water!

Kirlian Violet-Indigo Aura of a drop of Water!

Kirlian Violet Aura around a flower!

Kirlian Violet Aura around a flower!

Kirlian Violet Aura around a flower!

Sunset is Over our river, 26 March 2011!

Sunset is Over our river, 26 March 2011! Below are photos of Anomaly Events around our Centre on 9th January 2012!

Now the Rays are coming out of Earth (Land and Water) and all around us here in Elliott Heads, Australia! But difficult to picture because everything is covered with
White Energy of Balance! The New Earth of 4th Level of Consciousness (it's Violet, if you stand up and look at it again) is hanging above the ocean!
Below is the photo of Rays on the other side taken at Sunset (at the same time)!

After Sunset in Elliott Heads, Australia , Feb. 2012

We had so many lightnings (sprites-Gamma Rays) around and above our Centre last night (21 February)! I'd say about 5000 to 6000 of them,
mainly dry ones with no rain, then rain started! I like when it's happening: to me it means the Human Response to our site! Everything and
everyone is getting cleaner in terms of Energies!

Graduation Beam is pictuted Inside the Theatre in Abhazia

Graduation Beam Of Balanced Energy and Aquamarine Energy are pictured inside a Theatre in Abhazia!

fun picture

Graduation Beam of Balance

Unusual White Beam of Balance, 2011

Graduation Beam, photo made in April 2012

Graduation Beam, photo made in Columbia in April 2012


Graduation Beam of Balance inside Earth, Antilope Canion, USA; 2 photos below: White Luminous Clouds - Sun Energy of Balance

White Luminous Clouds - the Energy of Balance

White Luminous Clouds - the Energy of Balance

Penetration of low/slow orange-black vibration of negative civilization

Low, negative Red Vibration of some new civilization

Red Circular cloud!

Upper and Lower Photos: Low, negative Brown and Red Vibrations of some new civilizations, penetrating Earth

Low, negative Brown Vibration of some new civilization

  Here are the photos of Sunset in Elliott Heads, Australia , Feb. 2012

Elliott Heads, Australia. The photo below is showing you how the Negatives are trying to cover up the Graduation Beam, the White Beam of Balance,
which will help us to get Home to the Source! Elliott Heads, Feb. 2012

That is the Symbol of Every Human! Each one of you has both Energies: Masculine and Feminine!

There will be many LEADERs at the time of the Transition: everyone would have to take the resposibility for that Event on their shoulder and participate in it!
I was writing about the effect of human emotions on our site before and about the real reason of Japan's Tzunami/Earthquake/Tidal Wave/Destruction of Nuclear Power Station on 11th of March 2011! That happened as a combination of the 8th of March 2011 - International Women's Day and also of the bombing of underwater/underground bases of the Negatives in Japan! It was a mutual effort and I can prove it! More so: it will be much more destruction on or straight after the 8th of March 2012, because of Females' Emotions and also Full Moon in Australia on the 8th of March (and on the 7th of March in USA), this is why the Internet in the whole USA is supposed to be shut down on that day!

All Planets and Suns (Stars) of our Universe have been creating Black Holes after their implosions (blowing up) on 3rd physical Level of Consciousness! All these Black Holes eventually, merge into the Central Hole of our Universe, creating One huge Black Hole, through which our old Universe will go to the higher, non-physical Level! That will happen in about couple of years, and not in millions of years as some loosy scribblers writing about wherever they can!
Soon Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis will be happening in every place on Earth! Colors and Shape of Auroras is a good indication of the Moment of our Transition and it needs to be WHITE!
UFO's have been always using the Central Black Hole of our Sun to move in and out from one Level of Consciousness to another one! Below is the address of video about it on Youtube!

Через Портал Солнца НЛО проходили и проходят постоянно с одного Уровня в другой, из одного Мира в Другой!
Нассим Харамейн - Портал в Солнце, видео за 25 ноября 2011года!

Северные сияния 10.09.11
Fort McMurray , Alberta- Aurora

Aurora in summer 2011 (usually it's only in winter) !

Aurora in summer 2011 (usually it's only in winter) !

Aurora in Wisconsin in summer, USA, 2011

The shores of Southern ocean, Victoria State, Australia 2011

Lake Perry 2012

More pictures of Auroras on the new link :  Beauty of Earth1

This is how major Star (Sun) of Orion Empire Betelgouse looked before the Implosion!

 And this is how Star Betelgouse looked after the Implosion!

"I just read on facebook that betelgeuse is supposedly going supernova tonight.. has anybody heard anything about this? I see in several articles that it is dying, and that Supernova will ensue, and that it will not really impact earth so much, but that the supernova is still years away. I can find no supporting articles, but i wanted to know who else may have heard this... I actually received an invitation on facebook to a "betelguese supernova watch party" several months ago. I wonder if facebook is as full of  disinformation as it is changes. However, i will look for it even though the blast couldn't possibly be visible for many years to come, right?
Yes it is a super-giant red sun  nobody know when it will go supernova ; when fusion reactions start to produce iron; shortly after gravitation are no more balance with fusion energy and the star collapse and explode leaving a neutron star
I wish it would. We would wake up to a sky that has two suns. I would love for that to happen."

Betelgouse, the biggest Star of Orion Empire had already exploded and not just that Star, but most of the Orion Empire with all its Suns and Planets is gone now! Our Universe is not intended to stop the Process of dismantling everything and coming back to the Source, just because some humans or some aliens don't want it to happen! Orion Empire is closer to the Central Black Hole of our Galaxy and we are much further away from it, so our turn to go is a bit later! That's all! The Reptillians and other Negative races (and humans) don't and never will inform you about these events, it is not in their interests: they will start losing their grip on us, the less we know the better for them! Nevertheless, more Balanced Forces started bombing Reptilian underground bases for many months
now and it isn't going to stop till all Negative bases are gone from Earth! That is the real reason of many earthquakes, which happened recently! Google will always give you loosy outdated info (like Jan or Feb 2011) and never the latest one to keep you waiting for the Implosion of Betelgouse for years, so to deviate your attention from the disappearance of Draco Constellation (the major Negative player)!

Sunrise opposite Our Centre on 11.11.11 ! It became so much brighter and whiter, that covered water, air , people and all surroundings with white layer of Balanced Energy!

There was some unusual day yesterday (10 Oct. 2011), some strange activities: our digital cloak was showing 11:11 (which is a rare thing), quite a few preoccupied planes and helicopters were flying over our house and Robert Monroe was trying to tell me something by circling in his plane above me, but I couldn't understand what it was first! After the Sunset  (Sun rises from the ocean and sets opposite it, behind the fields), the huge Rays, longer than before, turned up from the Ocean over our Centre and could be seen inspite of fake heavy screen (fog) in the sky and chemtrails, covering them! I took a picture of them. Something important is happening in our Universe now! It is to do with merging of Parallel Universes into the Original Universe one by one! Many parts of China have been effected by fake fog to cover the images (mirages) of new cities/mountains/forests and so on, I got a couple of articles from Internet (below). Finally, I got the message! The Rays from the ocean are one of the signs of Merging of two Universes! Thick fog and heavy rain/snow (it is the  sign of Merging) is everywhere (in many parts of Russia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Australia and so on), which makes you sleepy: that is another sign for the same event. The next thing is the Jump up of our Original Universe a few frequencies higher, inc. our Earth as a result of Merging! This is the time when people get up in the morning, thinking, that they slept one night, when, in fact, they slept a few nights! This way is more comfortable for many to get to the higher vibration, if they match it, if not: they check out of here! At the time of merging of two Universes Geographic and Magnetic Poles of the Original Universe do change their positions! Our Universe is expanding because of the merging with all Parallel Universes and when the Merging is Complete the expansion will stop and the Universe will move to the non-physical Level !
On 15th of October
we had an unusual phenomenon starting at about 9.30pm and finishing after 11pm in Elliott Heads, which excited me: I like things like that! The great Lightning Show above our Centre and another one above Elliott rivermouth (2 km from us), simultaneously for about 2 hours !!! Sprites started silently every second non-stop for about an hour, then every minute, then the heavy thunderstorm with lightnings started! It's hard to say exactly how many lightnings were here, but roughly 4000 to 5000 Gamma-ray sprites were hitting the same spot above our house for almost 2 hours! That spot looked like a Black Hole! The same action was happening above the rivermouth for the same amount of time! It sounded like a war zone, making it hard to fall asleep! In the morning I had a look at australian bigpond (Pacific ocean) on Internet and found no articles about our thunderstorm yet!

Rainbow Colors are in the skies!

Rainbow Colors are in the Skies!

The picture of how a pyramid is bending the waves of different colors and reduces the number of, visible by us, Colored Rays!

The more Human Consciousness is waking up, the faster is the Vibration of everything and everyone on Earth and in the whole Universe! Therefore we have to expect more Disasters the size of Haiti, Sichuan (China), Chili and Japan this year!
On the 8th of March this year we had International Women's Day, which was celebrated in many countries, esp. in Russia and England! Human spirits of men and women were lifted up on that day, inspite of some medium size of earthquakes in Japan on that day! According to the scientists, the Moon was the closest to Earth those days and that could've caused disasters, but I have my doubts! 'Scientists' never talk about the Power of Human Emotions and especially Females' Emotions! It is not the closeness of the Moon to Earth, which caused Tzunami/Earthquakes in Japan (as 'scientists' are preaching), but the Peak of the Human Emotions on the International Women's Day, 8th of March!!! This year we celebrated 100-years Annivesary of this Movement, more about it you can find on: MoreTruths about Women
This Global Celebration broke Earth's Crust in many places and huge cracks turned up everywhere (esp. underwater) and not just in Japan, so don't look just at Japan, look everywhere! The 8th of March triggered the Chain Reaction, which we have been waiting for for so long! Please, don't underestimate the Emotions of all of us (esp. Females), watching the Events happening on this Earth!
I don't know about you, but I had dreams showing me that! In those dreams I visited the race of Giants, who live underground and they know that the Earth's Crust is breaking in many places and they are merging with us! I like that race very much!
And on that day (8th March) I posted on few links of our site a very important photo (above) of the Violet Aura around one of Russian women, which was the missing link in the sequence! Now you can see, that it is not just the words, but it can be proven with Kirlian photography, that many of us already have Violet Aura around us! When I get a chance to get that special camera, I will have my Aura taken and post it on our site! I advise you all to do the same, then you will understand fully 2 of our Diagrams below!
On the 9th of March we had the biggest number of the visitors of our site ever (5 times more than the average figure), but not from Russia (the site was closed for them, according to the Statistics)! The Energy in our Centre on that day was so great, that I couldn't fall asleep that night! And on that day Japan experienced 7.1 Earthquake among other, less important, Earthquakes!
If you combine all these causes together and add all the work many people constantly do to raise the Consciousness + the Forces of the Universe itself, you will get 8.9 Japanese Earthquake and much more!
This is showing you how important are the Giant Leaps up in Human Consciousness, like the one on the 8th of March! And remember these 'Japanese' Earthquakes and other disasters are happening every day on this Planet and on all Parallel Earths (and not just Earths), only noone tells us about it and you can't be in every place on Earth every day and at the same time to check it out!

NASA: A Giant Breach in Earth's Magnetic Field

Galactic Magnetic Field

Hadron Collider

More on:  Parallel Universes and Time Travels

Violet Hole In Earth's Magnetic Field!

Hole In Earth's Magnetic Field!

Earth's Magnetic Field!

Fake Sun Eclipse in Violet Sky!

Fake Sun Eclipse in Violet Sky!The Black Hole of White Sun is covered up with the fake black holographic disk (not Moon) at the most interesting moment!

10 minutes after midnight the Sun is in my room on 19 March 2011 !

10 minutes after midnight and the Sun is in my room on 19 March 2011 ! The Violet Sun is penetrating through the roof and the ceiling of my room every day and night and the clouds or rain don't matter! If it didn't happen in your room yet: it will ! Look at both photos closer in a dark room standing up (you should see the photo below! Then do the same with the photo of the Sun below and compare them! You will see no difference between them: they both show a Violet Sun with a thin Aquamarine rim around it!

Violet Portal on the ceiling in my bedroom!

The Sun with Black Hole is above the ocean behind this roof!

The Violet Sun with Black Hole in it is above the ocean behind this roof!

10 minutes after midnight the Sun is in my room on 19 March 2011 !

On this photo I am in the Centre of Shanghai in 2011 and, if you get up and look again, you will see how my white top and my forehead turns Violet, but only on LCD (liquid crystal monitor, not on laptop, old glassed one, notebook and other type)! There is a bit of aquamarine color on my face, because it is physical and it wouldn't last long!

2011, China, Harbin. His music is too loud for my ears!


Robert Monroe

I am more than my physical body...

At home in Castle Hill

My other Alter a hundred years ago (for those, who still believes in Time and Space)!

Milky Way Central Hole

"Locality is Absolute" according to Einstein, but it's wrong, because there is no Wholeness in it! I found interesting the connection of Quantum Physics with the Wholeness of Humanity and of other life in the Universe in this interviews with Basil Hiley, the phycisist on Quantum Physics! Draconians are not just  fragmenting us and teach human scientists to do this, but these "scientists" are constantly taking things apart and sticking labels on every little part, which  only creates more confusion and separate us. Reptilians thrive on our CONFUSION and SEPARATION! Draconians don't look at everything as a Whole and don't evaluate it without taking it apart first. They (and many 'scientists') are scared of it , because the Whole is bringing them the End of their power!
To understand these videos you need to watch them a few times! Here are 3 links and there are more on:  Michael Talbot's  "Holographic Universe"

Whole and a part!
This picture explains Holography

Here is an extract from "The Fields Medal and Millenium Prize" on :

"In April 2011 Perelman gave his first interview to Aleksandr Zabrovsky, producer of "President-Film" studio and agreed to shoot a film about him, under the tentative title "The Formula of the Universe". A number of news outlets wrote about this interview, mentioning that Perelman finally explained why he rejected the one million prize:
I've learned how to calculate the voids; along with my colleagues we are getting to know the mechanisms for filling in the social and economic "voids". Voids are everywhere. They can be calculated, and this gives us great opportunities ...
I know how to control the Universe.So tell me — why should I chase a million?
A number of journalists claimed that Zabrovky's interview is most likely a fake, pointing to contradictions in statements supposedly made by Perelman. Grigori Perelman claims he can control Universe... "

David Bohm, Wholistic Universe, quantum physics with Basil Hiley

David Bohm Quantum theory versus Copenhagen

01- Taher Gozel interview with Basil Hiley on Wholistic quantum model of David Bohm Part

What I found that there are no Conferences on Consciousness in China for the whole 2011 and I doubt that such Conferences ever took place in China and it is not much happening in Queensland too, that was the reason for my trip to China! So people in USA should consider themselves lucky that they had/have such Conferences! I also found another oddity: noone can come to Vatican in Violet Clothes! Only their bishops have a right to wear Violet Clothes, but Pope's Clothes should be red (one of the lowest frequency). You still can hardly see Violet Colors in modern Europian Fashion Shows on TV in 2011 and these shows still dictate what people must wear! What you see on those shows is the same: black, brown, grey, dark green and dark blue with a bit of white and pink! Gloomy, fake skies and gloomy fake clothes! I am glad that our Universe is finally breaking all these stupid customs !
Coming back to Christchurch earthquakes. I visited this city on South Island of New Zealand few years back. South Island has Orion bases, which I saw incidently: they don't even cover them up and anybody can see their signs! That is not surprising: South Island is closer to South Opening ('Pole'), than other places and it is a starting point for many, so called, 'scientific expeditions' to Antarctica! This is the place, where you will see more of Sun and Earth Changes in a form of Aurora Australis, 3 and more Suns simultaneously, 2 or more 'Moons', unusual clouds, rainbows, UFO's  etc. The color of Aurora Australis reflects the frequency of our Sun and because our Suns (inside/outside) are Violet you have to expect to see Violet Auroras on South Island. There are also a lot of secret Orion bases in Antarctica, which are operated by all kinds of negative races, not just Draconians and Humans! And if the signs of Universal Transformation are too obvious in that particular place, the way to get rid of witnesses (locals, tourists and students) will always be found and in this case it is the artificial Quakes in Christchurch, which make people to vacate the city. And there will be more till most people leave the city. I was surprised to find a lot of Russian (and not just Russian) students there. It's because New Zealand is affordable for many to study there. The earthquakes, esp. the last one , created a huge Portal to the Parallel Worlds, where many people gone missing (like in Haiti and many other such places) !
There is one more populated little Stewart Island between South Island and Antarctica, where people/farmers are extremely agressive and their main goal is to shovel off all curious strangers and even their own family members, if they are of a wrong vibration! Unfortunately Draconians will be fighting till last, till the Shift takes place! The same things happened in many places in Russia, which now look like Ghost-cities and villages!

Our 5th Level of Consciousness Spaceship - Blue Sun!

The Sun with Black Hole is in our kitchen!

It's not much Sun is able to come to our kitchen, the way it was built. I took this photo of the kitchen (on ground floor), when the Portal in the kitchen was activated and became visible Violet color on the ceiling (a bit out of focus: the change of realities, frequencies)! Just compare the Violet Sun (the Portal) on the ceiling with the same Sun outside above the ocean on the picture above! To see it better you need to look at these 2 photos closer and standing! Please use only a big flat Liquid Crystal Monitors like FLATRON w2242т

Hello to Everyone from the Portal!

There are many reasons for the Revolt in Egypt (and other Arab countries), but the most important and the most hidden one is to create a Bigger Portal for the entering of Negative races esp. for the Draconians! To create a Bigger Portal you need prolonged human emotions and plenty of it! That's why 18 days (which is 3-6-9 energy) for the whole event was chosen at the end of 30 years of ruling of the same person (another Draconian?) and in the country, which was famous for their ancient Reptilian civilizations on Earth! Another reason is deviate your attention from the signs of approaching Shift to the Higher Vibration, to all anomalous sights like Violet Energy everywhere, like 3 and more simultaneous Suns in the sky, Auroras and UFO's and other weird signs!
Lots of Negative races want to get with us to the 5th Level of Consciousness, because their Empire has been crumbling: the physical bodies of their Planets are imploding into Nebulas and the physical bodies of their Suns are turning into Supernovas!
The physical body of Betelgeuse (their second biggest Sun) is just about to implode! But the Souls of these Planets and Suns move into non- physical 4th Level of Consciousness to mix with others: nothing is wasted or dying! The populations of these ruined Planets has been  seeking other places to move to according to the Beings' vibration! Some Beings in Reptilian/Sirian and in other Negatives races have reached higher vibration than others by mixing with Positive races in places like Earth and they have a good chance to reach the required Frequency! There is nothing bad about it from the point of view of our Universe and you need to start thinking the way our Unverse is thinking: put yourself in the place of the Universe sometimes and you will understand things differently! This process is working in both directions! For thousands of years the Negative races have been entering Earth in huge groups through the Portals, created by them, with the help of Atomic explosions, to stay here on Earth and mix with the locals (Atomic explosions are their favorite way to create a Dooway for themselves and they love that energy)! The same has been happening with us (behind our back): many of us have these negative personalities, because our Higher Selves made sure that at least one (or more) of our personalities would enter Draconian, Reptilian, Sirian, Grey etc. bodies to live in it and to experience what it's like to be one of them! This way your, more Balanced, Energy has been changing their societies into more Balanced ones and this is what our Universe wants: more Organized, Balanced Energy! And the life in a Reptilian/Sirian/Grey body is not a picnic: at the beginning it will drive you crazy, because pure Negative energy is so foreign for us! And the same happens to them: they are going crazy when they are trying to mix with us, with our Positive energy!
Another, a very important reason, for the Uprising in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Algeria, Lybia and Iran, is the Male-Domination over Females in all muslim countries, esp. Arabic ones and it will be more till all the countries will be free from it! Male-Domination needs to disappear, if we all merge and move to the 5th Level of Consciousness! Neither Male-Domination, no Female-Domination can exist on 5th Level!
All mental diseases inc. Autism are the result of melding new foreign civilizations with human races and I have seen a lot of it! Alex Collier was told by Andromedans that we have 22 races inc. Reptilian races in out genetic code and the prove of it is Reptilian part of our brain (but in reality it is so many more races in our genetics)!
To speed up the process of mixing these opposite energies together for more Balance, the movie "Avatar" was made! And there are millions of real-life Avatars in Australia and South-East Asia alone, not to mention in the whole World! I am not surprised that one of the main characters was played by an Australian and I am not surprised that this movie is so popular though it doesn't portray the full reality! It portrays a lot of domination over each other (a typical Reptillian feature)!

About Domination

At least one of my personalities (if not more) is a Reptilian, the same is happening to our son Robert and I managed to take picture of that foreign personality! For many years George and I have been collecting experiences of what it's like to live with a Negatively charged Being, which nearly drove us insane many times! The major unpleasant reptilian feature he's got is trying to dominate others! And that is the first sign to watch!
If a person, man or woman, are very dominating, then they definately have at least one (or more) Negative Alien Personalities in them (most likely Reptilian)! I remember myself when I was a child, I was very dominating and so was my mother, my sister and my brother.
I also experienced a lot of crippling domination over me done from other people in Russia since my childhood (up to the point that I never wanted to be a child again)!
For a long time I thought that I inherited that feature from my mother, but that was wrong, the truth is that my mother, my brother, my sister, my son and myself had a Reptilian (most likely) in us, who wanted to dominate! And I know that there are billions of people out there who loves to dominate! Domination has been propagated by the Negatives in many obvious and hidden forms all over the Universe! Draconian Orion Empire is based on Domination of others races of our Galaxy and, if you take that brick (Domination) from the foundation, the whole Empire will collapce in no time!
We have the words like "Dominions", which mean just that: to dominate the locals like Domenican Republic! That's where the Self-Importance comes from! And look at our societies, look at how deeply rooted Reptilian Domination became! The victory over "the enemy" is celebrated by one side and the other side is
humiliated; someone defeats another one whether that is done politically, physically, mentally, in buisness and economics, on TV or on the Internet (one site is trying to overtake/dominate the other ones); it is done in all kinds of competitions, presentations, Beauty Contests and all other Contests, Grammy Awards and Eurovision, Nobel Prices and Oscars, Book of Guiness, Film/Fashion/Beer Festivals, Ballroom Dancing Competitions, in sports like Olympics, Boxing, Weightlifting, Dzudo, Bullfighting etc.; in all kinds of religions and sciences, in education or in military actions all over the Globe, one party dominates another one, one leader of a country dominates all the other people in the country (a dictator, who'got a Reptilian personality in him/her) and on and on and on! All this is to promote domination over each other! It is so addictive, but it is so stupid: we are capable of much more than that! The Domination needs to be rooted out of our Global society, because it stops our Progress and if Negative races are not happy with that, then they need to look for another place to go !!!
Well, Reptilians (inc. Draconians) need to do a lot of adjusting to the Positive Energy and getting rid of their addiction towards Dominating others! And if you win the battle of adjusting to the Negative Energy (but not to Domination), you would have a 360 degrees vision, you will have more Balance inside yourself, YOU WILL BE COMPLETE AS ROBERT MONROE WAS WRITING IN HIS BOOKS, you will be closer to becoming an Androgynous! To achieve other things will be nothing for you and the most precious ability you will gain is the ability to Love and Understand the needs of our Universe!
This is what Robert Monroe called Human+, it is when you are combining your own knowledge, experiences and emotions with the knowledge and experience of Draconians or other Negative races and that's excelent, but it's damn hard to achieve IT! I can give you a good example: take for instance the actor Charlie Sheen. He is bored to death when he is sober and I don't blame him, because I felt like that for many years (but I doubt that drugs or alcohol will help me (or any member of my family) to get out of boredom!
Charlie Sheen is in that stage of melding with Negative races! He uses drugs and alcohol to help him, and, of course, sometimes he is becoming wild and wants to dominate! So what? Nothing's new! Many people sometimes become wild: what do you expect if you are melding with a Draconian?! And the same drugs and alcohol help many to get through that ordeal of  melding! Don't be afraid of Draconians/Reptilians, try to put yourself into their position (I am talking about ordinary Reptilians and not about their Queen) and with invisible help from your Higher Self you will achieve the Top! Good Luck in your Endeavour!
You grow new personalities during your life here like branches on a tree and you can do it with one Earth life only! I am a good example of that: I had only one life on Earth and I've grown more than 300 Personalities (Alters), but not without Pain! But at the end of the day you will collect all your personalities in one big bunch and join it with the highest and the most precious part of you, the one you were born with: your Original Soul! And when it's done you merge with your Higher Self on the lowest, 5th level of Consciousness (there are groups of your Higher Self on every higher level like 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th levels of Consciousness), but that's another story!
There are already millions of Human+ on this Earth and there will be more! The same applies to other Planets: they need to become Planet+  too! Our Earth and our Sun have already achieved it and have been chosen for this Planetary Game! They are called Earth+ and Sun+ . They have both Energies: Positive and Negative, but there are still billions of Planets in our Universe, which have not reached that! They are still either 100% positive or 100% negative ones and that wouldn't do! That is not the desire of our Great Being, our Universe! They either need to blend with the opposite Energy or they are Goner from our Universe!
And that is the real meaning Robert Monroe inserted into Human +, a cross (plus +): to merge 2 opposite Energies, to cross them! But don't mix it with the Religious Cross, which has one part longer, than the other one! No part in that sign (cross
or plus +) should be longer: that would cause Dis-balance! Religious Cross has the meaning to subjugate, to dominate others with Negative Energy, not to be equal with each other! We need to merge with Orion Empire on equal terms: there should be no Domination on both sides!
As you know, we live in Multiverse. It means many, many Universes, and each one is alive Great Being! That means that we live among Great Beings and help them when they need it! And what we have here: all kinds of self-proclaimed 'Gods' in human/animal form and millions are wor-sheeping them! This is pathetic! All these Christs, Buddas, Allahs and Crishnas from Agharta underground have nothing to do with the Great Beings of our Universes!!!
Eventually, all our Higher Selves (including Draconian Higher Selves) would have to combine their Forces for the most important Event in December 2013: the Moment of Completion of the Transition of our Universe to the Higher, Non-Physical Level and that is the Violet, 5th Level of Consciousness!!! This Violet Energy is penetrating our Earth and you can see it in the pictures displayed on:  Beauty of Earth

There is more info on:   Schools for Future Human+

Violet Birth Of Our New Milky Way!

Our Violet Galaxy - Milky Way!

Violet Gamma-Rays' Bubble in the Central Galactic Black Hole!
November 10, 2010

Bubbles emitting Gamma-Rays extend above and below the Milky Way's center...
Two huge bubbles that emit Gamma-Rays have been found billowing (swelling) from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, astronomers have announced. The previously unseen structures, detected by NASA's Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope, extend 25,000 light-years north and south from the Galactic Core.
"We think we know a lot about our own galaxy," Princeton University astrophysicist David Spergel, who was not involved in the discovery, said during a press briefing Tuesday.
But "what we see here are these enormous structures [that] suggest the presence of an enormous Energetic Event in the Center of our Galaxy..."

(The whole article is on:  Universal Life's Events)

This is not the real photo, but an artist's rendition of the real photo: the Negatives are so scared to show the real one! I can imagine how powerful the true pictures look: I wish the Violet Gamma-Rays' Bubble to cover the whole Universe! The article was written on 10th November 2010!Violet Energy Bubbles in the Center of our Galaxy are consisting of Gamma-Rays and situated around the Central Black Hole! They are Colossal and Growing Energy Structures and the fact, that these Gamma-Rays' Bubbles are of Violet Color, and not Indigo, means only one thing: it's not just we, our Sun, our Planet and our Solar System are moving into White 5th Level of Consciousness, but our whole Galaxy!There were around 400 trillions of Solar systems in our Universe and it is much less now!
In the article below (in russian) a few true facts are explained by some brave astronomers! And I am sure that those, who can get out of the body, travel to the Centre of our Galaxy and remember what they see,  know what is happening!
I, personally, still can't do it: perhaps I am too heavy! I know that we all do astral travelling, but not many remember where they go and what they do there! In the article below is written, that there are so many abandoned Galaxies, where there is nothing, but gleaming remnants of former physical Suns, Planets, moons, asteroids, Cosmic Dust and Gas! No life anywhere! Remnants of all (positive/negative) civilizations are moving to Earth and our Solar System.Hence all the troubles in the airports, all the confrontations between people in different countries, more disasters and political upheavals, etc.!
This Growing, Violet Bubble is also showing that pretty soon there will be our Galaxy's turn for everything physical to go out  through the Central Black Hole, and for all the Energy of White Vibration to move to the 5th Level of Consciousness before that! We know that everything is Holographic and if these Violet Vibration Bubbles are in one place, then they are everywhere! It means these Violet Bubbles are inside our Earth and Sun, only smaller! These Violet Bubbles are covering the Central Black Hole of our Universe, only bigger!
"Это -  не фото, а Электронная репродукция художника с настоящего фото! Могу себе представить как мощно выглядит настоящее фото!
Фиолетовый Энергетический Пузырь, состоящий из Гамма-Лучей, в центре нашей Галактики там, где находится центральная Чёрная Дыра! Колоссальный и увеличиающийся Нарост Энергии вокруг Чёрной Дыры - это значит очень много! То, что этот пузырь - фиолетового цвета, а не индиго, говорит о том, что не только мы, наше Солнце и наша Планета переходим на фиолетовый, 5й Уровень Сознания, и не только вся наша Солнечная Система, но и вся наша Галактика!
В нашей Галактике было около 400 триллионов Солнечных Систем, а сколько осталось я не знаю! Тем не менее можно себе представить какой мощный будет скачок и какой мощной будет Энергия! И есть много молодых Галактик в нашей Вселенной, у которых Центральная Чёрная Дыра имеет Синий (Индиго) Пузырь, 4 го Уровня Сознания! Естественно эти Галактики выше 4го Уровня не переберутся!
В статьях на русском (внизу) вы прочтёте некоторые верные данные написанные некоторыми смелыми астрономами и я уверена все те, кто может астрально путешествовать и помнить что происходит, уже побывали в Центре нашей Галактики и знают о чём речь. Вы прочтёте о том, что многие Галактики в нашей Вселенной уже полностью пусты и кроме дымящихся развалин, оставшихся от физических тел Солнц, Планет, Лун и астероидов, а также космической пыли, газа, и Чёрных Дыр, там ничего нет!
Этот растущий фиолетовый Пузырь показывает, что очередь нашей Галактики скоро тоже подойдёт и в этот момент всё оставшееся, физическое, уйдёт через Центральную Чёрную Дыру! А вся Энергия Солнц, Планет и всех, кто обитает на них и кто достаточно высоко поднялся в своей Вибрации, вся эта Энергия должна уйти в фиолетовый, 5й Уровень заранее! И поэтому всем с фиолетовой энергией лучше быть на своих местах. Вот поэтому такие заварушки сейчас в Египте, Тунисе, Анголе, Индонезии и других местах!"

Астрономы сделали открытие...
20 ноября 2009
Команда космического телескопа Fermi нашла на небе темные галактики, в которых нет звезд, но тлеет Тёмная Материя...
(Тёмная Материя или Антиматерия - это физические остатки планет солнц, лун, людей, инопланетян, космическая Пыль и Газ и тд.)

Rainbow Around Sun!

Rainbow Around Sun is showing the Vibrations around White Sun !

The same Aquamarine colored body, like Avatar's body, we have, if you look standing at the screen of a computer at the pictures of naked human bodies in the Sun, which are on our site! Everything physical, colored in Aquamarine, is dying and everything (non-physical), colored in Violet or Pink, is moving higher! You can make your own digital photos of your own body in the Sun and look at them on your computer (standing)! Then you will see the real color of your physical body and it will be Aquamarine.
As you know from reading some info on this site and from the last Internet articles on  Universal Life's Events , that physical Orion Empire is crumbling, their Suns and Planets have been imploding, making more Black Holes in our Universe! From the article in Russian (below) you will know about the the implosion of one of their Stars Betelgeuse!

(Related: "Mysterious 'Dragons' Make Universe's Gamma Ray Fog."
Now you have the idea who is behind of manufacturing fake Holographic Fog all over our Earth, Sun and Galaxy, so we can't see the developements in the whole Universe !

Rainbow in Violet Skies!

An unusual rainbow in Violet sky! Violet Skies are the sign of Violet Vibration in the place (Pink Vibration is higher)!

"From the point of view of Poplavski, our Universe is inside of a huge Black Hole!!!" from the article on:  Life in the Universe

"И вот, с точки зрения Поплавского, это происходит от того, что наша Вселенная на самом деле находится внутри Черной Дыры..." из статьи на странице:  Жизнь на Земле и Жизнь во Вселенной

Violet colored Map of Sprites Occurence!

Map of Sprites' Blows and Colors of other Energies. Red Sprites are Foreign Beings, who are showing up high in the atmosphere ! Pink vibration is the most desirable at this stage, but it is not much of it on the picture !

As I've written before that Australia is most likely be the first Continent, on the surface of the Planet, to go underwater and it will happen naturally or artificially. It is not going to be rebuilt! The Final Flood could happen only when Earth reaches a certain Vibration, a certain wavelength! The same things were happening at the time of Lemuria, Maya and Atlantis. There are many books written about Atlantis, but they tell you half-truth. But this time it is different! The Earth Crust has been melting because of rising Vibration of the Planet and rising Vibration of our Universe and it wouldn't stop just because some people or aliens don't like it! The authors don't tell you that all major civilizations, which have been here on the surface of Earth, partially vanished into the Inner Earth, some of it is in one of Parallel Universes and the higher consciousness grown to a higher 4th, non-physical level inside our Earth! They went through the same process as we go now! Atlantis didn't go underwater all over sudden, as a surprise, so to speak (as some books say) or just because of natural disasters or because of build up of negative energy! You know, Atlantis had a very highly developed technology! They didn't have just UFO's, computers and 3D TV's, but also everything you have in your modern life and more! Their sciences measured the rising Vibration of the Planet at that time, which was telling them, that it was coming to the point, when the physical destruction of that civilization would take place, but not of the Planet itself!
The atomic explosions were performed on Earth before that, to split the mass of land into continents and islands for future arrival of hundreds of new civilizations from the whole Universe!
The atomic explosions mix the opposite energies, they speed up the Vibration of the Planet ! The numerous natural disasters, which had happened in Atlantis years before, were closely watched by their scientists and sorcerers: the disasters were signs of the Catastrophe and they also had been speeding up the Vibration of the Planet. They were warnings for the Atlantians. They knew what was going to happen and were preparing for the event long in advance!
They were digging more tunnels and caverns and moving lower vibration people there and into the worlds of Inner Earth to continue physical life there! They were moving everything they could save inside and that gave them a good start to organize numerous highly evolved Inner civilizations, which, in turn, helped to colonize the surface of the Earth later!
They are nothing, but Stages of Consciousness Developement.
And, please, never forget that with just a positive energy and a struggle between Positive and Negative (Low and High Vibrations) you would never get White Energy of Balance Balance, you would never build any Civilization on the Planet like Earth, you would never raise the Vibration of the Planet and everyone on it !
The Earth Crust was only cracked and 5 tectonic plates have been formed with continents on them! The Earth Crust didn't disappear with disappearance of all old civilizations!
Everything was rehearsed, conducted and observed by Beings from the 4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11th, non-physical levels of Consciousness!

The same things have been happening on trillions of other planets in our Universe! This way the complition of Planetary Games on them have been delayed to build up more Energy for the major Event and that is: the Shift of Consciousness of the whole Universe into the non-physical Levels !!!
Modern Russia is a pure disappointment for me: the extention of Reptillian-Arian-Jewish Empire. People of Russia seems to be all in Trance and perform all kinds of stupid tasks related to religions, to wars and espionage or digging into never-ending history of WW1, WW2, into the history of former Arian Tzars and Tzarinas of Russia instead of Raising Knowledge! It seems to be a crooked, strange way to mix Energies!  I never met a person from Russia, who would completely understand Robert Monroe's books or our site! Most of their heads are full of rubbish, just the hockey or soccer or "Sochi Olympics"  in their heads thanks to Putin, Medvedev and those, who are behind them! The nationalism and religions reached the peak state as a result of incredible Fears people of Russia are in! Many have been leaving Russia! I never expected to discover such Self-Importance in 99% of Russians! Where is the wisdom and modesty gone? They are so stubborn in their ignorance, that nothing seems to help to raise their Awareness, their Vibration: not my explanations, not fires, not freezing colds, not the absence of electricity in some places, not explosions and wars, not the Rising Vibration of our Universe! I used to have big hopes for Russians, but I don't have them anymore: I am utterly disappointed in all of them!
I am also not into "saving Australia" if you know what I mean! It's quite the opposite: the sooner Australia goes underwater, the sooner we will be free to go to non-physical levels and help the Transition of our Universe from the higher levels! These events could happen anytime and that explains why such a close attention to Australia through TV and Internet now! Why presidents and foreign ministers are visiting Australia so often these days.

Why Pine Gap and many other entrances exist as a an opportunity to escape into Inner Earth! That explains why Canberra, the capital, is in the mountains of Australia and not on the shore like Sydney (the same is in Brasil and many other capitals)!
The Earth Crust became so porous with sinkholes and cracks, it has been evaporating and without it it's hard to continue the Game in 3D, though the Game continues in 4D-virtual reality, if you know what I mean!

The higher the Vibration of Earth, the less physical we become and the moment will be reached when we stop being physical anymore! It would be impossible to continue physical life if everything around you is not physical.
We had more Lightning storms with thousands of Gamma - Rays explosions with Flash Floods and interesting thing happened! The next day I go by the road, which was inaccesible yesterday (flooded), but now it looks like nothing ever happened here! Then I know that I am not in the same World, that I moved overnight to another Parallel Earth, where nothing happened yet, but it will!
When I look at our son Robert now (who was born underwater), I know why I've chosen underwater birth! It seems easier to overcome floods for those born underwater! There are many former Dolphins and Whales among those, who were born underwater and they are fearless of water! They will be leading the others out of the flooded planet to the non physical, 5th level of Consciousness!

Our Sun Science Mag 7Jan 2011

The photo of Our White Sun, covered by external Violet vibration is in "Science" Magazine, 7January, 2011.
More pictures are on:  Life in the Universe

 I have read in Russian articles that as far as the 20th November 2009 the team of cosmic telescope Fermi found lifeless Galactics in our Universe. These Galactics didn't have Stars-Suns any more, but smouldering, glimmering remnants of Planets and Stars in a form of Dark Matter (Cosmic rock pieces, dust and Gas). And that is what you have to expect will happen in the whole Universe! Our Planet and Sun are preparing to vacate the physical level! That explains the growing number of Black Holes in our Universe!

Snow Circle: Merging 2 Opposite Energies, Positive and Negative, together!

Snow Circle: Merging 2 Opposite Energies, Positive and Negative, together! If you closely examine this Snow Circle, you will see how 2 lines merging into one!

I ran into an article in Russian about November "Meteor Falls" on Internet and did a thorough research on that! And again I found so many Lies about this subject in literature and on the Internet: it was unbearable! I will advise you to watch a documentary on this subject on Youtube called "NASA GLASTcast - Episode 2: What are Gamma Rays?"   (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website- none of .ht, .htm or .html work! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)

I can't say that it's 100% true, but it is closer to the Truth than many other videos! There is also an article in Russian (80% Truth), if you can read it, called:"В ночь на четверг достиг максимума осенний звездопад"on one of our russian links: Internet Articles in Russian
What they call "Meteor Falls" in reality are Gamma Rays' Bursts and if you look at the Electromagnetic Spectrum below, you will see, that Gamma Rays are the highest on the list! They are the fastest, the strongest and most powerful form of Light Energy, their frequency is higher than Violet, Ultraviolet and X-Rays! And they are the ones which are helping our Universe to destroy everything physical (together with Black Holes,  Aquamarine Energy)!Sprites and Blue Jets are Gamma-Rays' flashes produced in Earth’s stratosphere by severe lightning storms and upper atmospheric events.Andromedans called Gamma Rays Bursts: Rods (or Sprites) and there are hundreds of them in our Galaxy every day. They look like shining Arrows and they are the signs of Nebulas and Supernovas! But what you would read in the official media (Newspapers, Magazines, TV, Radio, Internet, Documentaries etc.) would be "Meteor Falls" and only "once or twice a year"! More on  Universal Life's Events

Colour Chart

The most important colors to watch for are the colors: Cyan (Aquamarine) and Violet!

Waves and their frequencies are on the Table above. White Light is the shortest (Wave) and the fastest (Frequency), but it is not on that Table! Many Computer programs don't have the real Violet or Pink on their Color Charts and it's been done on purpose! Red is long and slow (negative) Wave or Frequency of the 3rd Level of Consciousness in the low point! That makes you wonder about the name "Red Light District" for brothels in a big city! So fasionable Rap "music" is really Rep (reptilian) "music", which is hard to call music.
If you look at the Colors on the Color Spectrum above and below, they will tell you what Sun and what skin color Human Races had in the Past! We had Black, Brown, Dark Burgundy (to the left from Red), Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue and even Violet skin, it was of the same color as the external vibration, covering our White Sun at that time, and not just on Earth! The real color of any Sun is White!
According to research done by Robert Monroe and his explorers team (out of bodies) , our Solar System doesn't have natural life except Earth. All other Planets either have been destroyed or still there with no natural life as a result of some catastrophes. These Planets, Moons and asteroids have been turned into bases-genetic laboratories for various civilizations inside their crusts (apart from UFO's). Human races of Wavy Energy from Earth have been brought there and still live inside Mars, Venus and other Planets of our Solar System on 3-4th Level of Consciousness.

Andromedans explained to Alex Collier, in order to raise the level of Consciousness of the whole Universe, we need to move from our higher levels of Consciousness to the lowest and at that point start changing it back to the higher one! There was no other way! That explains why many highly evolved people from 11th Level of Consciousness turned up here, on this Planet within last hundred years!
By penetrating low and slow Red Wavelength (lower is Black), these people were able to uplift the wavelength of our Planet and to raise the Level of Consciousness of the whole Universe! Years of Colossal Physical and Emotional Pain had to be experienced by Men and Women! They penetrated Red Mars and other Planets, lived, worked and fought there for many years and, eventually, lifted up the Level of Consciousness of these Planets! These, highly evolved, Humans (Women and Men) penetrated Red Light Districts in every City, Jails, illegal Busnesses, Mafia, Churches, Wars and Armies, Nuclear Wastelands (Chernobil), Mines, Deserts and Arctic Circle lived in unbelievable poverty and denial and not just on the surface of this Planet, but inside of it too! And with their high level of Consciousness they managed to change low and slow Red Waveform into the Violet and Pink Vibrations without knowing it! This process has not been finished yet and
I hope that, after reading my message, you will stop judging others around yourself! Everything is done with the decision of your Higher Selves and for the Transformation of the Consciousness to a higher Level in the whole Universe!

Documentary "NASA GLASTcast - Episode 2: What are Gamma Rays?" after watching it, you could have a better understanding of the action and the purpose of Gamma Rays Bursts instead of fearing them !
They do their job, they create more Portals and Black Holes and this way the Energies from different wavelenghts are costantly mixing together like in a good Mixer! They are vacuum-cleaners of our Universe, they are getting rid of old  physical Planets in this Universe. They are coming to this physical Level from much higher Level, to hit the target.
We see the battles between civilizations in our skies as a Rain of shining Arrors on a cloudless night, but even that is rare, because our skies are constantly covered with clouds of all kinds, rain, hail or snow!

Sun in our garden

А picture of the Sun in our garden and below the same picture I made from our computer! And here you can see how Violet Vibration of Earth is covering the visible White Sun. That's what you will see if you stand up and look at the screen again in a dark room, you would see the same Violet Vibration is covering Transparent Stream of  Energy Of Balance in Plasma form!

Фото Солнца в нашем саду! Это фото снято с фото на нашем компьютере!

More on:  More Truths about Women
Tribute to Himself!

Перемена в Сознании отражена в Голографической деятельности : эта деятельность и есть весь Вы! Другими словами, Вы - Мысль, которая действует внутри себя! Есть очень мощное Утверждение:"Я - хочу быть Выпускником Земной Школы, помогите мне им стать!" -  сказав это в положительном смысле и с чувством, начинает Шифт в Сознании! Согласно одному из Законов Вселенной (Закон Притяжения: похожие Энергии притягиваются друг к другу, а противоположные - отталкиваются), те, кто искренне верит и использует это мощное  Утверждение,  будут притягиваться друг к другу! Чувство, что я - жертва, искусственно вложено во всё Человечество из покон веков (самый распространённый символ Жертвы это - распятие Христа)! Это мешает развиваться! Это закрывает Сияние каждого ребёнка как только эта негативная энергия впитывается от родителей! Чувствовать себя постоянно жертвой - это Ложное Представление и от этого мусора нужно освободиться! Как только вы освободитесь от этого, ваша Голографическая структура начнёт сиять !
There is a Shift within the Consciousness that is reflected within the Holographic Activity that is You. In other words, the Thought that Each of You Are, is Thinking and Acting  within Itself. (The affirmation) -"I am a Graduate becoming, help me to become!" is powerful enough that simply reading and thinking of it with a feeling , begins the Shift. According to the Law of Attraction, those, who sincerely uses this powerful Affirmation, will be magnitised to each other , will be united into a group real fast (without even knowing it)! The Victim attitude is deeply ingrained within Humanity as a Whole. It shuts down the light of each child as soon as it is absorbed from the Parental Attitude. With the realization that Victim-hood is a False-hood and the idea to be released, then your Holographic pattern immediately begins to brighten! The most popular symbol of Victim-hood is Jesus Christ on the Cross! And the less popular Symbol of Victimhood is David Icke!

New Universes can't be built without desrtucting the Old Structures, the old Universes! The Aquamarine Energy and the New Sound are doing that Destruction and first of all the Destruction of all physical Draconian Empires! Royal (white) Draconians knew for a long time, that their Destruction would come out from all the Black Holes of our Universe in a form of  Aquamarine Energy and an unusual Sound at certain moment and it did in 1994. That Sound is the Sound of The Universal Flow of Energies, which has been coming from trillions and trillions of Black Holes and Portals (on Earth) in our Universe! Draconian Dream of course was to have nothing coming from Black Holes and long before the 1994's Event the Draconians designed fake "Theory of Relativity" and named it Einstein's "Theory of Relativity" (they couldn't give it their own draconian name)! In that fake "theory" the main idea was, that nothing can come out of the Black Holes!

Universal Life Events  - this is the link where you can see plenty of photos showing Aquamarine Energy! Aquamarine Energy and the New Sound has been emanating from all the  Black Holes in our Universe for 17 years now and their Purpose is to destroy everything physical in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Level of Consciousness, because everyone (who is advanced enough) is moving to the 5th non-physical Level of Consciousness in our Universe. Soon our entire Universe will not have any life on 3rd Level of Consciousness! It outlived its glove. The physical life is almost gone from our Universe, almost no life is "teeming" there now! It's been gradually replaced by digital, virtual reality illusions of "life" of 4th level of Consciousness in our Universe (but not "virtual reality of all Levels of Consciousness in our Universe" like David Icke says). On my travels I was witnessing many times how human brains were merged with computers to create such virtual reality, that people would believe it: it has been done constantly here and on non-physical 4th level. That happened in Russia in the train (May 2011), I just talked to the family of 3 and, all over sudden, in front of my eyes, the whole family went into trance for many hours while examining new electronic games they bought. They looked like zombies with fixed eyes: it gives you a very unpleasant feeling! Then in China this year (2011), in Harbin I went to an Internet cafe and found 2 big rooms of computers with reclining chairs and mainly young males lying on them playing computer games (most of them were asleep or dazed for hours with fixed eyes). In the underground trains of Hong Kong and Shanghai I have seen and made pictures of so many people asleep, phasing to other worlds with the help of electronics! Our son, Robert, quite often gets into such zombie state and it is painful to watch and to me he represents a considerable part of Humanity in that state! The same is done with TV's and they are everywhere: in buses, in metro, aboveground trains, some cars, planes and airports, shops and gyms, medical reception rooms and hospitals, cinemas and theaters, homes, all kinds of government organizations, banks and hotels, bars and eateries, shopping centres and skating rings, kindergardens, schools and universities, etc.

But this will be soon replaced by the 4th and then by the 5th Levels of Consciousness, where we wouldn't behave as zombies anymore!

For the last couple of years I've been talking a lot about the Aquamarine and Violet Energies: they are a part of the combination of different Energies, which we call the Universal Flow and each one of us belongs to that Flow! On lower Level of Consciousness (like 3rd) you can hear the tremendous Sound of the Universal Flow and see the movement of it! Your digital cameras are able to film it in motion and the Sound of it you can hear in your head in a quiet place: it is an Internal Sound, not an outside sound! Council in our region for years has been spending huge amounts of money on mowing substantial  territories of the grass in our village, at least once a week, esp. around our Centre! People think our Council cares about people, when, in fact,  they are desparately trying to cover up the escalating Sound of the Universal Flow in many different ways, like making everyone to mow the grass on their land as often as possible and fine you, if you don't do that for the same reason: to damp the Sound of the Universal Flow with electric motors of lawnmowers/cars/trucks/motocycles/buses/trains/machinery/elect. tools inside/outside of our homes/buildings and mining noises/planes/motorboats etc. The same is happening in Russia: now it is summer and those, who has summer cottages, are obliged to mow the grass regularly "in case of fire" or they are fined, but the real reason is to cover up the Build-Up of the Universal Flow's Sound, which comes from the numerous Portals - the Holes in The Fabric of Time!

Accidentally, I've happened to watch David Icke's video "Lion sleeps no more" (in mid-July 2011) made in 2010 (Lion is probably David himself). There are some pluses and minuses in that video. For the last 15 years in his videos and in his books David likes to repeat a comment of his famous comedian friend about the life on Earth looking like an amusement park with all sorts of rides and so on! I don't know how that comedian got to that conclusion, but after reading the same thoughts in Robert Monroe's "Far Journeys", p. 248, Rote BHP-1, "Compressed Learning - Category Human", written in 1985, it makes me doubt that, that was the comedian's personal experience! You will find the rest of this section on the bottom of this link, where Robert described our Planetary Game in great detail as his personal experience! Here it is:
"Time-Space—physical matter—and especially human existence on Earth (Planetary Game, LM) —is an interesting anomaly. It has some peculiar qualities that are unique in the development of Intelligence and Consciousness. As a result, human life has many  attractions. To some it is like attending a vast amusement park with a multitude of different types of exciting rides to try—a playground where standard rules (non-earthly) are suspended for the moment !"
As I've written before, the copies of the manuscripts of the books of Robert Monroe were constantly circulating among Secret Societies' memebers, as a result of Robert's bringing them to a few publishers for printing his books and having refusals after they read them. And Robert had to change the wording and agree on having them censored, just to have the books printed. Many known publishers and actors/entertainers (like Bob Hope for instance) have been members of such Societies to have a stardom for their buisneses and carreers. The media was always in the hands of Draconians! Robert's full manuscripts were never printed (only a part of them), in which the deep knowledge about Draconians-Reptilians was written by R. Monroe: he observed their activities from his non-physical states firsthand and it wasn't easy to swallow! But at that time (1980's) it was unthinkable to have this  knowledge printed! The Major Event of 1994 (The Start of the Life Ending of Our Universe) didn't happen yet!

David Icke shows a picture of Jews in religious black hats, saying that those people don't want to go to war! Fair enough, but they are not the only ones: most of the World is like that: hardly anybody wants to go to war, unless they have no money to live on!
I know 90% of Russians don't want to serve in the Army and go to wars, but the army service is still compulsory or you might end up in jail (jews somehow always managed to avoid it). My brother lost his 3 fingers fighting in Afganistan in 1964 and my cousin lost his legs due to frost during service and spent his life in a wheelchair - both were forced to serve in Soviet Army! Why all kinds of fightings are it still going on? Because this suffering brings a lot of White Energy of Balance, that's why it is promoted everywhere even in Space!
Building up Israel and make it to fight inside Arab countries (and not just Arab countries - you wouldn't believe the scale of their penetration into all countries)! But again, this Build Up has been producing Energy of Balance for the Source, that's why it is still allowed to take place. Jews (adults) have no morals and will do anything. Jewish males/females are trained in their Army to lead other nationalities into all kinds of nasty deals and get out of it the last minute, giving up the rest of the group! Jews are hardly ever jailed! Jewish Army better equipped, than any other Army, they have enough of good food, shelter, weapon, money, free time and freedom! Their Army has a family-oriented atmosphere up to the point, that mothers of some soldiers call their Defence Minister asking what their sons had for lunch! There is No Comparison to Russian Army!
I've mentioned earlier how I met a group of Russian soldiers led by Jewish couple in the forests near Darwin, Northern Territory of Australia 10 years ago and how I tried to raise their consciousness, but frightened most of them esp. the Jewish couple. Later, one of the guys from that group (a Russian) briefly explained to me what they were doing up there (some military operation)!

David Icke is talking about "Stillness and Silence of our Core Selves", but doesn't say what level of Consciousness, he thinks, our Core Self is on. "Stillness" is no movement, but everything in our Universe is moving and we all are a part of the Flow in our Universe, without movement there is no life, no Evolution! How all different Energies will mix together without any movement? How can you be still and 'create, construct and teach' on higher Levels of Consciousness? Read again what Robert wrote about Humanity's movement:

"... the Opportunity. That is the KEY to the understanding of the Event (the Shift). It will offer Human Consciousness a Rare Potential to emerge rapidly into a Unified Intelligent Energy System that will range far beyond your Time-Space Illusion, creating, constructing, teaching as only a  Human-Trained Graduate's Energy is able to do..."

Robert Monroe explains the Need for Humanity's constant Movement (internal and external), which happened as a result of the Internal Conflict between the overwhelming Desire to meet/find and join the Creative Force (the Source), which we are a part of and which is not on this Earth, and the Need of constant energy recharging for the physical body (physical food)! This conflict was designed and inserted into human genetic code by genetic scientists to encrease the production of the Energy of Balance by us for the Creative Force! You will find more details in extract of chapter 12 (p. 166), which is at the bottom of this link!

"Handbook for the New Paradigm", "Defending Sacred Ground' by Alex Collier, Robert Monroe's, Jill Bolte Taylor's, William Buhlman's and books of many other writers are talking a lot about the Universal Flow and how important it is not to go against that Flow with the Left Hemisphere of your Brain: it is against  your Right Hemisphere's desire!Negatives go against the Flow! There is no Silence on our physical Level, that's for sure! The Universal Flow moves with a tremendous Sound on this 3rd physical Level, which we can hears esp. in Portals, inspite of all the attempts of the Negatives to block it with other loud sounds!

David Icke says: "If it vibrates - it is illusion." It depends! The word "illusion" has a few meanings, depends on the sentence and on what a person wanted to say, but, usually, it means a lie! The concept of unemotionalism is an illusion (Robert's words, mean emotion is in everything!) I wouldn't say that the  Aquamarine and the Violet Energy Vibrations are illusions, it is not an illusion: it's for real and it can be easily proved! When something shines: it is vibrating and it could be a Sun or a human! Inspecs, on the highest , the 11th Level of Consciousness look like humanoid forms or bright Vibrating Globes! I wouldn't call it illusion! The Negatives want us to think that it is an illusion, they don't want us to see what is really happening in our Universe, they don't want us to know that our Universe is in the process of finishing its Life and returning to the Source (Creative Force)!

David seems to be oblivious to the info about the Universal Shift of Consciousness, the Andromedan people from 5th Level gave us , he probably never read Alex Collier or listen to Alex Collier on videos, never read Robert Monroe books and "Handbook for the New  Paradigm"! If he did he never talked about those writers and the knowledge they gave us or maybe he didn't believe them or didn't
understand them! David never talks about the major Events in our Universe, about the Aquamarine or Violet Energies and still see our Violet Sun as Yellow and as a Lion ("symbolically, he says")! He is in love with low Yellow vibrations: Violet vibrations are still hard for him to digest! David, maybe you need to look at our site and that would ring a bell?

I repeat, according to the Andromedans, there will be no single physical Planet or Sun left in our Universe after December 2013: this is the first stage! And that will be done for a very serious reason! These things are not happening just like that! Then you have to expect that Cosmos around us, on physical level, has been dramatically changing, that many Suns/Planets/Galaxies are gone, that the Space is mainly filled with loud Aquamarine Energy Vibrations (except for those Galaxies, which are already gone)! You are able to hear the Aquamarine Energy in your head (even if you are deaf), if you are in a quiet place without electronic pollution! You can't expect that such a Removal of Three physical Levels of Consciousness would be done the last minute?

As I have written before, we don't see our skies' true colors and what is really there, because the sky and photos of Cosmos are systematically covered up with the fake holographic layers of fake colors and fake objects. The real photos are not shown to us! Fake colors/objects don't vibrate: because they are electronically made, they are not our Creation, they don't have Our Energy, Our emotions in it!
"This reality is in the next level up - digital pixel state" - David Icke said. This is true! Jill Bolte Taylor, neuroanatomist specializing in human brains, experienced digital pixel state firsthand, after having a stroke and losing the left hemisphere of her own brain in 2008! But she also experienced what it is like to live with just a right hemisphere of the brain and found it a bliss, where you want to stay all the time! She wrote in her book:

"Clearly, we are each trillions upon trillions of particles in soft Vibration. We exist as Fluid-filled sacs (our physical bodies, LM) in a Fluid World where everything exists in motion (not still, LM)..."

David Icke said:"The Energy is called Dark, because we can't see it... They (astrophysicists) call it so not because it's pitch black, but because we can't decode it". This is a total nonsense: he repeats someone else's bullshit! "Dark Energy" is Aquamarine Energy, it has a beautiful aquamarine color in the Sun and it is in every existing Galaxy on first 3 physical Levels in our Universe! Contrary to the "scientists evaluations" you can't measure "Dark (Aquamarine Energy, LM) Energy", because our Universe is not linear! It is Holographic! Aquamarine Energy is Dark only at night and we can't see it because of the implants in our eyes (which were inserted into us behind our back), but our digital cameras can film its movement and vibration at day (in the Sun) and at night and we are showing it in our Videos! I get occasional pictures of Aquamarine colors in Nebulas and Supernovas, but usually the presence of Aquamarine Energy in our Universe is hidden from us (covered up). You don't see many photos of Aquamarine Energy in Cosmos made by Space telescopes, because someone is not interested in you seeing them! But the paid astronomers/astrophysicists do see them and keep their mouth shut! The Goal of Aquamarine Energy is to destroy everything physical and that is a very painful subject for the Draconians and other Negatives, who so used to rule in physical levels, that it became like a narcotics to them!
I've filmed Aquamarine and Violet Energies with my digital camera and not just in our place and we included it in our videos, but after sending them to Youtube and Tweeter, after the conversion, this Energy is bearly visible! Anybody, who is interested in Aquamarine/Violet Energies, can come over to us and we will make a copy from all our Originals (for free, we don't believe in copy rights). Then you will clearly see how Aquamarine Energy is vibrating (sizzling) and moving like Fluidic Flow every day with such a tremendous Force and loud New Sound in our place, that sometimes it is difficult to fall asleep. Or you can video it yourself in a Portal and how to find a Portal I am explaining on our site (the Portals can be found in many places). At daytime you can see how much more Aquamarine Energy colored our lakes, seas, oceans and air (esp. in the mountains) for the last 10 years inspite of the fake holographic clouds covering up everything around us! I can see and hear Aquamarine Energy inside our house day and night. This is a proof that  Aquamarine Energy is everywhere and replacing everything in all 3 physical levels in our Universe. Everything gradually is moving out of our 3rd physical Level except for the Aquamarine and Violet Energies, but the time will come for our Earth and Sun to move out of physicality too, because they have the Violet Aura around them! The Violet Energy has been gathering for the future Event and concentrating around Central Black Holes of remaining Galaxies in our Universe, waiting for the Moment to move to the 5th Level of Consciousness all  together!

Here are a few words from an article in Russian "Астрономы сделали открытие (Astronomers made a discovery)"

20 ноября 2009 (November 200
"Команда космического телескопа Fermi нашла на небе тёмные Галактики, в которых нет Звезд, но тлеет Тёмная Материя..."
(The team of cosmic telescope "Fermi" found Dark Galaxies, which don't have Stars anymore, but only Glowing Dark Matter!)"

Here are some extracts from the articles on our new link:The End of Our Universe   in the section "Our Old and Our New Universes"! It tells you about the existence of the Flow of Galaxies in our Universe! That Flow is moving the 3rd Level of Consciousness' Universes out of our Old Universe to the Newly Formed Universe:

"...rebellious clusters of Galaxies move against the backdrop of expanding Universe. He (Kashlinsky) and colleagues have clocked galaxy clusters racing at up to 1000 kilometres per second – far faster than our best understanding of cosmology allows. Stranger still, every cluster seems to be rushing toward a small patch of space between the constellations of Centaurus and Vela.
SOMETHING big is out there beyond the visible edge of our Universe. That’s the conclusion of the largest analysis to date of over 1000 Galaxy Clusters streaming in one direction at blistering speeds. Some researchers say this so-called “Dark Flow” is a sign that other Universes nestle next door...

Their latest analysis reveals 1400 clusters are part of the Flow, and that it continues to around 3 billion light years from Earth, a sizeable fraction of the distance to the edge of the observable Universe. This is twice as far as seen in the previous study...One explanation for the Flow would be the gravity of a huge concentration of matter...massive cosmic structures were “seeded” by random quantum fluctuations, so overall, matter should be spread evenly.
There could be an exotic explanation. Laura Mersini-Houghton of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, thinks the Flow is a sign of a neighbouring universe...The observation of “Dark Flow” in Galaxy Clusters was predicted in 2006 by Laura Mersini-Houghton of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and colleagues. She proposes that the effect occurs because our Universe was once influenced by neighbouring domains...Laura Mersini-Houghton reasoned that if a force exerted by other Universes squeezed ours, it could generate a repulsive effect that would impede the shrinkage of matter into clusters, but not leave an imprint on smaller scales. “This skews the distribution of lumps so they are not the same in all directions,” she says. “There is a preferred direction – the Dark Flow. She also predicted in 2006 that there should be two “Holes” – regions with fewer Galaxies than expected. Sure enough, there does appear to be a Hole – the so-called “Cold Spot” identified by the WMAP probe. The Hole is a very large region of Space where the Afterglow is cooler than average...”

17 Nov 2009 – The observation of "dark flow" in galaxy clusters was predicted in 2006 by Laura Mersini-Houghton of the University of North Carolina at Chapel ...

One of David Icke's personality is saying that we are going to live in this physical reality till 2017! I doubt that this is a wish of our Universe! Former humans from higher non-physical level of Consciousness, who wrote "Handbook for the New Paradigm", which was published by George Green and the Andromedans from 5th Level (through Alex Collier) know, that the Shift or the Transition to a higher Level of Consciousness for our Planet and for the entire Galaxy will be happening around December 2012 (plus or minus a few months).

Then another personality of David would complain that we are slaves and people agree. I had the same thoughts long time ago after reading some books. But now I know that we have this tough training for a reason and we also have chosen to join this Planetary Game: noone forced you to come here and you can get out of here anytime, if you want to, you have a free choice (more on that in the books of Robert Monroe)!
"No way that our children/grandchildren are going to live in Orvelian Fascist Global State... What we are going to see here in the next 10 years is ...", David says, meaning that we would be living here in the physical 3D level for the next 10 years (he seems to like this dreaded idea). That's the Draconians' Dream!
Dear David, the Timelines for the Planetary, Galactic and Universal Games will come to 0 , the Games will finish sooner, than you think and it is not up to you to decide, if we are going to live in the physical World till 2017 or not!

These paid "scientists", as well as Einstein, have been wasting so much time, energy and money on fake "Theory of Relativity" and other such "Theories"! Nicola Tesla practically proved many such "theories" wrong!

The surname "Einstein" has been a household name for a "genius" for 50 years. To climb higher in the field of Science and Technology, people needed to refer to Einstein's  "works of a this "genius", even if they didn't agree with them! David Icke is still promoting a 50 years old myth that Einstein is a "genius" by repeating his dubious "sayings" 7 or 8 times in that video, like there is noone else wiser than Einstein to refer to! David, ain't you tired of prasing him, you do it in every your video? Jews (and not only them) are famous for stealing somebody else's ideas and presenting them as their own. I see nothing grand in Albert Einstein and his "Theory of Relativity", which was compulsory for passing the exams and getting a degree in Institutes and Universities of USSR, to brain-wash all the students with it! This "Theory" is a fake, suited for the Controllers of the 3rd level of Consciousness, but now all fake sciences are falling apart and so does "The Theory of Relativity" (it is only "theory": means a lie)! According to "Theory of Relativity" of Einstein, nothing can come out of Black Holes, but it is Bullshit. Positive Andromedan race from 4th and 5th Levels of Consciousness told us through Alex Collier, that on 23rd March 1994 all trillions and trillions of Black Holes in our Universe started emanating new Aquamarine Energy and the New Sound and it's been going on for 17 years non stop! This Energy is ruining Draconian Empires and it is Draconian Dream not to have anything coming out from Black Holes! Tesla was the real Genius, his thoughts had real depth, he discovered so much and never was afraid to try high voltage experiments on himself (jews, like Einstein, would never do that!), but you don't hear much about such people! Most of September 2011 I spent in the counries of South America and in that period I happened to get on the Internet ( and to read an interesting article about the meeting of all the Heads of different religions like Catholic, Muslim, Christian, etc. As a result it was announced by Roman Pope that "Chosen people" no longer exist, that was decided by all the Heads of all religions! It's high time to declare that: the Game is nearly over!

One of David's personalities would say: "We are changing into a man or a woman through chemical intervention!" Chemicals can't change our inner energies, but physical  appearance)! Inside our bodies we are both: man and woman in one body, we all have both Energies inside of us (except maybe David Icke)! David also continuing to encourage us to fight and to feel sorry for ourselves, repeating Reptillian stuff on and on (Victimhood Syndrom)! David likes to talk about Love, but I don't feel that this Energy is coming from him! What I hear and feel is just words! And there are many people like that esp. speakers in churches or Love and Light people!

We should dream our way to the higher vibration, not to fight and to consider ourselves victims! The Balance is not made with one Energy, it is made with two opposite Energies: 50% Positive and 50% Negative Energies mixed together and giving Birth to a New Energy called Balance (Unconditional Love with No Sex); Photon Belt has layers of Positive and Negative Energies; Cycles, to create the Photon Belt, consists of Positive and Negative Energies! Our bodies are constantly dealing with Negative and Positive Energies and  consist of both Energies to learn how to create Balance and to fit the 5th Level, which is all Balance! And where would you get the Negative Energy to create Balance? This is why Reptilians and other Negatives have been introduced into our lives and we have to deal with it till we get to the 5th Level of Consciousness!
David's videos suit Humanity of the lower level of Consciousness. David is a bit of a showman and "wanna-be-the-only-leader" type of man! I hope he will grow out of it! There will be not "one Leader": ideally, it would be good, if all of us (Violets) are the Leaders taking Soul of Earth to the 5th Level! The real great people are modest, David doesn't show this feature, he knows how to captivate the attention of the audience being a football player, a politician, a journalist, a writer/speaker, had job in TV industry and knowing many people in those fields! David Icke's books and conferences is a mutual effort of many people, but you see and hear only David Icke: you don't know about others, but Everything in the Universe is a Mutual Effort! I doubt that David would've achieved any publicity without other humans' help, which was pumped into him since the day he was born. Whatever he achieved in life is because of other women and men! He seems to be oblivious to it or mentioning about it very briefly, he is still suffering from Self-Importance!

David, you will be greatly disappointed, because on the 5th Level of Consciousness there are no famous people (rather Beings): everybody are humble and are doing their jobs to help the Creative Force (the Source) as much as they can, because they know that that is the most noble Goal in life! They know that they came from the Source and they are coming back to the Source one day! There are New Beings on the 12th Level of Consciousness, which was created temporarily from 1994 till December 2013 (just for 20 yeras). These New Beings are Helpers from the Creative Force and they are of the Highest Level of Consciousness! It would be good if at least some of the people of Violet Vibration could establish a permanent connection with them, I already did.

My advice to you, David: try to do everything by yourself without charming people with your speeches and your physics (esp. women to get help from them) and see how far you will go! You like to be admired by the crowds. Robert Monroe had a problem: he was worshiped by his readers esp. females and he didn't like it; Carlos Castaneda had the same problem and didn't like it; I doubt that I would ever have this problem: my Mouth is too Big!

Yes, you need "to get off your knees", but you also need to carefully choose what to do next! First: educate yourself, don't be afraid of pain of any kind: it will raise your vibration, read the books of those writers we've mentioned on our site, do your own research and you might find something new and exciting!
I found that sometimes David is not really sure about the subject he is talking about, he didn't fully experienced or researched it, but nevertheless he is trying to explain it to others, making it more complex than it really is, making it so long and confusing, that it is hard to understand. Great things are always simple! Not the quantity of words is important, but the Depth of Thoughts and the Personal Experience!
In the video David is talking about a courageous woman, a brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor, though I doubt that he read her book at that time (or maybe never). I've just found out about her and her videos (mid-July 2011) and read some info about her on Internet (fascinating)! I read her book  "My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey" (written in 2008). It's a pity that I found about her so late, but I should thank David for mentioning her in his video!
She writes about how grateful she was and how much effort she had from people to help her to recover, so she could write about it and speak to the public later! She is a good example for all of us! David Icke said nothing about her writings, just repeated what she said on one of her videos, that she had nirvana, that after the stroke she no longer could see the divigion between her and anything else (merged with All That Is), and that she looked like a weird creature and her hands had claws (like a Reptilian and that immediatly  attracted David's attention)! Then he imitated her dog's barking on the phone (Golden retriever), but nothing was said about her Insights! We all have positive and negative  personalities in us (for the Balance). The day might come that David himself have a stroke and find himself as a Reptilian with claws, barking on the phone. Or discover that one of his other personalities is a satanist or a Reptilian or a prostitute! That'll be the day! David has a few personalities talking on that video, who were often contradicting to each other.
One personality would talk about Oneness and says:"I am Consciousness... " (that means Energy), then his other personality would say:" We are crystals" and talks like we are just physical , complaining about what Reptilians done to our physical bodies! He forgets that he (and all of us) are Energy, that our Higher Selves are constantly watching us and only allow things, which will benefit our growth, which we need to go through (though we don't like them)! He seems to put the role of our Higher Selves on his shoulder! 
After we (the Violets) move to the 5th Level, David (he is also Violet) will see everything in a different light and will understand why the things, we didn't like, were allowed in our Planetary, Galactic and Universal Games by the Higher Forces, who are watching these Games very carefully and allow only what can contribute to the Games!

Here are some of the powerful insights about the Universal Flow from Jill Bolte Taylor's book and below are the addresses of her videos on Youtube.

" I shifted from the doing-Consciousness of my left brain to the being-Consciousness of my right brain.  I morphed from feeling small and isolated to feeling Enormous and Expansive... I met a growing sense of Peace. As the language centers in my left hemisphere grew increasingly silent, my consciousness soared into an All-Knowingness, a "being at one" with the Universe, if you will. In a compelling sort of way, it felt like the good road Home and I liked it... I was aware that I could no longer clearly discern the physical boundaries of where I began and where I ended. Instead, I now blended in with the Space and Flow around me... I felt like a genie liberated from its bottle...  As my consciousness dwelled in a Flow of sweet tranquility, it was obvious to me that I would never be able to squeeze the enormousness of my Spirit back inside this tiny cellular matrix... My escape into bliss was a magnificent alternative to the daunting sense of mourning and devastation I felt every time I was coaxed back into some type of interaction with the percolating World outside of me... Now that I didn’t know her life – her relationships, successes and mistakes, I was no longer bound to her decisions or self-induced limitations.”
“Although I experienced enormous grief for the death of my left hemisphere consciousness – and the woman I had been, I concurrently felt tremendous relief.  That Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor had grown up with lots of anger and a lifetime of emotional baggage that must have required a lot of energy to sustain... I had forgotten about my job and all the things in my life that brought me stress – and with this obliteration of memories, I felt both relief and joy... I shifted from the doing-consciousness of my left brain to the being-consciousness of my right brain.  I morphed from feeling small and isolated to feeling enormous and expansive... I was not capable of deliberating about past or future-related ideas because those cells were incapacitated.  All I could perceive was right here, right now, and it was beautiful... I no longer perceived myself as a single, a solid, an entity with boundaries.. I understood that at the most elementary level, I am a fluid.  Of course I am a Fluid!  Everything around us, about us, among us, within us, and between us is made up of atoms and molecules vibrating in space.  Although the ego center of our language center prefers defining our self as individual and solid... My left hemisphere had been trained to perceive myself as solid, separate from others.  Now, released from the restrictive circuitry, my right hemisphere relished in its attachment to the Eternal Flow.  I was no longer isolated and alone.  My soul was as big as the Universe and frolicked with glee in a boundless sea... For many of us, thinking about ourselves as Fluid, or with souls as big as the Universe, connected to the Energy Flow of All That Is, slips us out just beyond our comfort zone. But without the judgment of my left brain saying that I am a solid, my perception of myself returned to this natural state of Fluidity.  Clearly, we are each trillions upon trillions of particles in soft vibration.  We exist as Fluid-filled sacs in a Fluid World where everything exists in motion... I was consciously alert and my perception was that I was in the Flow.  Everything in my visual world blended together, and with every pixel radiating Energy we all Flowed en masse, together as One.  It was impossible for me to distinguish the physical boundaries between objects because everything radiated with similar energy... In this state of mind, I could not perceive three-dimensionally.  Nothing stood out as being closer or farther away... But in this shifted perception, it was impossible for me to perceive either physical or emotional loss because I was not capable of experiencing separation or individuality.  Despite my neurological trauma, an unforgettable sense of Peace pervaded my entire Being and I felt calm... Although I rejoiced in my perception of connection to All That Is, I shuddered at the awareness that I was no longer a normal human being.  How on earth would I exist as a member of the human race with this heightened perception that we are each a part of it all, and that the life force energy within each of us contains the Power of the Universe?  How could I fit in with our society when I walk the Earth with no fear?  For all those years of my life, I really had been a figment (a fabrication) of my own imagination!... I was simply a Being of Light radiating Life into the World... I was the miraculous Power of Life... In the absence of my left hemisphere’s negative judgment, I perceived myself as perfect, whole, and beautiful... My right mind is open to the Eternal Flow where I exist at One with the Universe.  It is the seat of my divine mind, the Knower, the Wise woman, and the Observer.  It is my intuition and Higher Consciousness... I have found that often the last thing a really dominating left hemisphere wants is to share its limited cranial space with an open-minded right counterpart!... My right mind (hemispere) celebrates its freedom in the Universe... My right mind sees Unity among All living Entities... my right mind is highly creative in its willingness to try something new.  It appreciates that Chaos is the first step in the creative process... It understands that we are all connected to one another in an intricate fabric of the Cosmos... Free from all perception of boundaries, my right mind proclaims, ‘I am a part of it All..."

As I wrote before that I don't entirely agree with everything written in "Handbook for the New Paradigm" by George Green, but I agree with 99% of it! The book doesn't talk about the Universal Shift started on 23rd of March 1994, why?! Maybe the book was written before that date? Why the authors are talking about  'generations of people' after us if the physical level soon will be gone? The words "Birth of people" or "generations of people" and other similar expressions belong to lower, physical level of Consciousness! When you are moving to the non-physical 4th level of Consciousness, "physical births" and physical "generations of people" don't make sense and the word "generations" need to be changed for another word like "appearance of new people" in 4th Level from other Levels.
Though the book has many valuable Thoughts, they are mainly addressed to men (at least in first half of this trylogy), as if women didn't take part in the Planetary Game or if they did, their role is too insignificant to talk about! The authors corrected this problem slightly closer to the end of the trilogy, but not much! Still after reading this book, you have a feeling that women are not going to the 5th Level of Consciousness at all! Such attitude will not help to prepare females for the End of this Universe and will not create Unity and Mutual Goal for those, who are helping our Universe to complete the Process! It seems to me that this abnormal situation created writers such as "Matrix 5" author:
in his 'books' he never said any kind word about women: females' role was completely damped (maybe he changed his views now, but the books you can't change: they are still influencing people)! Only in the middle of "Handbook for the New Paradigm", Book 2, II-11, you will find a couple of sentences talking about the equality of men and women and that is not much:
"In these messages, references to Humankind and Humanity are one and the same, with no deference or difference intended for male or female. He and his are intended as he/she and her/his entirely as equals, which they are, with properties of form and purpose that are unique and common."
The "Handbook..." was written roughly 12-15 years ago (not 100 years) and it so strange to see, that it was written for just the male part of Humanity, not for females, as if they don't exist on this Planet and never existed (hardly any word about them), but the majority of the population on this Planet are females)! Obviously, whoever wrote it are not  Androgynous Beings (HeShe)! They are men or former men from Earth. 100 years ago all literature was devoted to men, not women! Since that time women had to fight their way to equality and they are slowly winning the battle! Things have changed now and modern literature is not devoted to just men! No matter how much you tell people that they have both energies (feminine and masculine), most men will still consider themselves just men (
like "Matrix 5" author) and most women would do the same!
I had to correct a few things in the "Handbook...", which I posted on our site, for instance: instead of "Mankind/Manhood", it is now "Humankind/Humanhood"; instead of "his", it is now "his/hers"; instead of He, it's now HeShe; instead of Divine - Universal; instead of prayer/mediations - Affirmation-Statement; instead of "I am a Human becoming, help me to become!", it is now:"I am a Graduate of Earth physical School becoming, help me to become!" and the helper is your own Higher Self (You) on 5th Level of Consciousness, so you are helping yourself, period! After the Shift you are going to live on the 5th Level of Consciousness: there are no humans living there! The Graduates (former humans) live there, then why should you ask to become a human again, if you are joining your Higher Self soon?
Another mistake is to call many Creators just a Creator (masculine), when, in fact, they are all HeShe and they are not just one! There are groups of Creators for every Galaxy and every Universe (there are more than 400 trillions Galaxies in just our Universe)! And we live in Multi-Verse! Nobody knows how many Universes in  Multi-Verse, well, can you count how many Creators exist?

Man and Woman in one body

Masculine and Feminine Energies are in one body and that is with most Earth humans! Positive and Negative Energies are also in the same body!


Kundalini - chakras are vortexes of color vibrations of Energy

Violet Vibration of a human!

White Balance surrounded by Violet Vibration

Masculine Energy is the Thought and Feminine Energy materialises this Thought into physical reality and keep it from falling apart! What is the point to have something created, if it is immediately falling apart? As you see Feminine part is as important as Masculine! Each Man or each Woman have both energies: masculine and feminine in one body and each of them can independently create with Thought (masculine energy) and keep that creation from falling apart with feminine energy! One person can do both functions! According to Robert Monroe, any Creator or The Creative Force are HeShe, not He! Does the Creator always stays in that masculine creative mode? Maybe Creators change sometimes into another mode: feminine manifesting mode? The Planet Earth is not a Mother, it also has both energies: feminine and masculine as well as positive and negative, the same is with the Sun! There are a few more things in the book I am not happy about and I will tell you about them later.

Males, Females and children of the same Violet Vibration are becoming One Mind, having One Goal to move to the  5th Level together with Earth and together with our Whole Galaxy first! One stage at a time! The Energy of trillions of Suns and Planets is moving with us at the Same Moment and it can be very soon!

№ 40: "When the ending of the millennium (year 2000) does occur, it does not do this on the date of your Calendar. The Сycles are not required to follow your Calendar of the seasons. The Basis of the Сycles is not from the Earth's prospective, but from what you call the Zodiac, as Earth passes from one influence of the 12 aspects of experience to the next. The Starting Place of each Planet’s Trip through these Influences does not follow the conclusions drawn by astrologers, but is determined by the mathematical Equation of the Solar System as it synchronizes with the Master Equation of the Galaxy. It may then be assumed that the true ending of the Millennium Cycle is unknown other than in a general sense, and it is close to your calculated time, give or take a few months..."

In this case our moving from old Earth could happen much earlier: it could happen sometime in 2012 or at the beginning of 2013, but not 2020 or something like that! This is what Draconians want, but not our Universe!

II-25: It is well known among the people on the Planet that the time of Chaos that has long been predicted appears to be Manifesting into Reality. These predictions were purposefully implanted in some of the religious teachings. However, the indigenous tribes long ago taught similar predictions clearly defining this time frame. That appears to make both coincide. The difference is that some of these predictions were promulgated (announce officially by religions) for a purpose (negative) and those of the indigenous people are genuine prophecies. Their prophecies contain identifiable time frame predictions (The Mayan calendar for example, calculates/prophesying the end of the current 26,000 year cycle as ending on December 12, 2012.), while those of deliberate intent (from religions) to induce fear assured those that hear them the exact time cannot be known. This enables them to use various sets of conditions as indications of their possible manifestation and through the years to manipulate the believers over and over again... This (Event-Shift) will not happen without the necessary Consciousness Change and the Period of Focus required through the Chaos of the demise (death or failure) of the current mode of experience that is based on competition and conflict. The Desire for the New Experiencing Mode must become a Passion that exceeds the inclination to stay within what is familiar.
The realization that something far better waits at the Closure of this Experiencing Mode must be real within the belief system and be strong enough to transcend the Mass Beliefs of not only millions, but billions. It is through the Demonstration of the Power of a Combined Human Focus that blends with the Wisdom of Creation that each will know the Truth. It is not to be found in resistance to the situation that exists on this Earth Plane, but in joining with that which is Truth that will bring forth what seems to require a miracle to accomplish. Unimaginable Power will be tapped in This Process. It simply requires changing the Focus of the Combined Minds of a Percentage of Humankind. It is not a majority; it is an amazingly small actual number of humans on Earth comparatively speaking, for these will blend with the Flow that creates Planets, Stars, Solar Systems, Galaxies, and more."

Four things I would like to advise you!

If you want to know whether you belong to 500 millions of people of Violet Vibration or not, it is not difficult to find out without Kirlian camera! You need to ask someone to take a picture of you in a white T-shirt/jacket/dress with a digital camera! You must be outside, face the Sun and be alone (not close to other people inc. the photographer: that might change the color or give no color at all), no shade of any kind on you, stand closer to the camera 2-3 meters (a photo just up to your waist is enough), but before that hang that same white T-shirt/jacket/dress on a hanger in the same spot in the Sun and take a picture of just this piece of clothes! Quickly transfer these pictures on your computer (don't give it to anyone else to do it)! When both pictures are ready and are on the screen of your computer, look at them standing up closer to the monitor in a dark room! If you are of a Violet Vibration, you will see on the picture (with you) large Violet stains on your white clothing and no Violet Stains on another picture of just your white clothing without you in it, though you might have aquamarine stains on T-shirt or your physical body, showing you that this clothing or your body wouldn't last long! That proves that you are of a Violet Vibration (like on my pictures below) and you need to start living according to 4 Universal Laws and the first thing you need to do is: to get rid of the Victimhood Syndrom and take Personal Responsibility for every your thought or move! Get used to the idea, because everyone on 5th Level of Consciousness is following these Laws!
The description of these Laws is in the "Handbook for the New Paradigm"! In addition, I also posted it on one of our links and will be reminding you about them from time to time. I, personally, started following them after reading that book about 10 years ago! Your physical body is not really of Violet Color, it is the external Field  (the Aura) around that body is Violet Energy and the external white clothing is saturated with it (no matter how thick it is)!
You can also take pictures of other people in white colored clothing for fun to know who they are (for instance Arabs and Indians in their white robes or tennis/golf players), only don't make a big deal out of it, just observe: the Negatives always had an advantage knowing who you were right from the start ! You might be pleasantly surprised to see other people of Violet Energy even if they don't look like winners! Other colors' clothing (even of a light shade) might not show Violet Energy! Negatives avoid wearing light colored clothing, particularly in the Sun, and they dictate Fashion for humans for hundreds of years. They prefer Dark colors and dictate that we should wear dark colored clothes, especially Black (and we fall for it), so they can mix among us without being noticed! Secret Societies members and Clergy like wearing dark colored clothes (even dark Violet) at their ceremonies (KKK, for instance), though last time I have seen on TV the Pope was visiting England in white! Was that the real Pope or a substitute? "English Queen and her relatives", whom you see on TV or even at their celebrations in England do wear light colored clothes sometimes, but they are paid human actors, playing the roles of English Royal family! They are not the real Draconians!

Victimhood is a covered Negative Energy, a terrible disease spread by the Negatives to make us not to believe in ourselves and like any other disease: it doesn't make us shine! All our World's "Medical systems", "Social Security systems", "donations and charities", "Appeals to Help some kind of Victims of diseases and their foundations", "Fundrising activities", All  "Religious Followers", "Cemetries, Funerals and Memorials" (where you are supposed to be "very sad", even if you don't give a shit about it), "Victims of Rape and Murder", "Victims of all Disasters and of all Frauds" (TV News are full of it), "State Emergency Managements/Services", "Salvation Armies", "UN Peacekeepers" with their "help", "All Victims of all Wars, esp. WW2" and  "Victims of Holocast", "Anzac Day" and "Rememberance Day on 11th of November" (read "Victimhood Day" to make people sad on my birthday 11 of November, I am like a splinter in the Negatives' eyes), "Eternal Flame" at War Memorials and Bringing Flags and Flowers there every year (pretending to be guilty that they are still alive)", Alien Abductions,  "Life Savers Clubs" (like the one we have in Elliott Heads), "FBI investigates News Corp over Sept 11 Victims", Victims of Chernobil and Japan Nuclear disasters, Victims of Kosovo and Bosnia and so on are based on negative energy of Victimhood,  on false Guilt, Regrets and Fear! These different negative Energies are like huge concrete blocks on our way, which we need to destroy! Most love being "saved"! What the Negatives did: they made every side of our lives to be based on covered negative energies, the whole Planetary Game is saturated with "Victimhood Syndrom" and we need to uncover it and clean ourselves up! We've been listening to or reading about "Victims and their "Hero-Savers" since our childhood (to take example of both:"Victims and Savers" to continue the Game) in the books and films like "Robin Hood" and many more! Hundreds of old and not so old movies about wars on/off Earth of all times or aliens and their spaceships would promote "Robin Good of Victimhood" in various hidden forms, to name a few: "Star Wars", "Space Odesey", "2012 - Life Savers Club!", "Ini-Mini-Pendant Day!" !

Earth Changes: Victim Support!

Look how they "support Victims" and most think how "kind" their governments are that they employ people to save them!

We also pity adults or children, who are shaking sometimes, and consider them "victims of some disease like epilepsy" and they also believe that they are "Victims"! This is not a disease: this is called Phasing to another Parallel World in Parallel Universe, changing frequencies when everyone and everything will tremble or shake! Some do it longer and more often, but some rarely! Cathrine Heрburn, the famous actress, had "Alzmeier disease" and she was shaking in her last films, everybody was feeling sorry for her, not knowing that she was changing worlds during her performance! More about that on : Lies about "Multiple Personality Disorder"
Let's say when planes flying their passingers to New York or Moscow, they experience what is called  "Disturbance or Turbulence"! This is a good example of shaking! This way the plane is phasing or moving to another Parallel Universe! Everyone sometimes jerks at the time of falling asleep: we are changing frequencies, Levels of Consciousness and not without a shake. But at the time of our Move to the 5th Level of Consciousness get ready for a Really Good Shake!
For those, who are still into Victimhood moods, I recommend to listen to the song "No Regrets" sang by 80 years' old Janey Cutler!

Janey Cutler - Britain's Got Talent 2010 - Auditions Week 4

UN Headquaters in Vienna

Here is an example. This is the photo of me outside the UN Headquaters in Vienna (the sign is on the left and I am facing the Sun)! If you stand up and look at this photo in a dark  room you will see 2 Violet spots on it: one on my dress (esp. the top) and another one on the glassed sign to the left (like on the picture below)! Glass on the sign is reflecting the Violet Sun, but my dress (pure cotton) is not made of glass and still the Violet color is all over it and even on my light colored cotton bags! That proves that I am of Violet Vibration! Look also at black colored ornament on my dress: black don't let Violet to get through!

An important info!

Use only big or middle sized liquid crystal monitors in upright position to the table (not angled), which will show you the Violet color of Aura! Don't use laptop computers, notebooks, old glassed version of computers to see Aura's Violet color: it wouldn't show! I use only Liquid crystal monitors!

I am next to Vienna UN Headquaters, 2010

Below is another photo of me in light colored cotton dress in Russia, Perm region, summer 2010! This is what you should see if you look at my original photo  standing up (changing angle)!

Me in Toronto , 2011

If you stand up and look at this picture again, you will see my dress turning Violet! Inspite of the many colors of the dress on white background, the Violet Energy is still showing, but not on Laptop computers or notebooks, only on big Liquid Crystal screens! Sometimes the naked bodies can show Violet Energy together with Aquamarine Energy on them, if they are slim and vibrate real fast (some adults and children)! The Violet Energy is the Field around physical body, but Aquamarine is saturating our physical bodies (not the multileveled field around us)! You can see it on the forehead exposed to the Sun, like on the photo of my Violet friend from Toronto below! I am organising a Meeting Point for Violet People and will be sending some photos of Violet people I meet on my way, to the link : The End of Our Universe

a friend of mine in Toronto

You might have some older digital pictures of yourself or your family in white, facing the Sun, and of other people in your files worth checking them! Below you will find a picture of our son Robert in white pullover. He is also of Violet Vibration and if you stand up and look at this photo in a dark room, you will see some Violet Spots on the sunny side of his pullover (not in the shady part)!

On this picture you see 4 Violet people. They are my friends, I met them in Vina Del Mar, Chilian coastal city, in Sep. 2011

On these 2 photos you see all Violets, me and the Boys: Matias, Andy and Felipe from Chilian coastal city Valparaiso, Sep. 2011. Thank you for your lovely  postcard, but I could not understand your address to be able to reply (letters are too small)! I wish you all the best, Boys! Remember: nothing is accidental !

Me and my Violet friend are riding this dreadful car (doesn't do reverse)! Banyo, Ecuador, Aug. 2011

Me and my Violet friend, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2011

Me and my Violet friend, Ecuador, 2011

3 Violets, river La Plata, Argentina, 2011

5 Violets, in Puerto Lopez on whale watching cruise, Ecuador, Aug. 2011

Violet friend, Ecuador, 2011

Here is an example of Violet vibration showing on bare skin and if you stand up, you will see it!

Another thing I would like to say. There will be not one Leader, but many strong leaders (men and women), who will move the rest of 700 millions of people of Pink Vibration from different points of the Planet to the higher 5th Level of Consciousness through Portals at certain moment! It is a mutual, unique and difficult Project for one Leader: ideally we all need to participate in it!
3 years ago I visited Townsville in North Queensland and went to the information centre there. A young Jewish guy met me there to give me some info. I looked at his eyes and was astonished to see that the pupil in his left eye was square, instead of being round and I thought how could he see with a square pupil?
Just recently I noticed, by chance, that on one of the pictures I have the same thing: the pupil in my left eye was square!!! I noticed for the last couple of years a peculiar thing with my right eye: it was itchy and it was flickering like a mirror reflecting the light, esp. at night! Someone put some implants into my eyes without my permission, so I wouldn't be able to see, to write and to take pictures of the changes around me! The same thing they have done to Robert, our son, and to George and I took the pictures of their left eyes with inserted implants (without them being aware of it)! They don't wear contact lenses and Robert doesn't wear glasses at all! And I suspect that most people in Russia have such implants without their knowledge and that makes them not being aware of how really everything is changing around them!
You can check your eyes by making a close-up photo of them separately from each other yourself and look at the pictures on your computer! I tried to take photos of my eyes, but found nothing this time, but the problem with my right eye didn't vanish (something else is there)! What these implants do: they are of a mirror type and reflect all the Sun Rays, Gamma-Rays and other evolutionary Energies back and these Energies are carring the new information! So, instead of going through the pupil of the eye into the brain for evaluation, all these beneficial Energies are reflected back like a car mirror would do! All Contact Lenses and Glasses do the same (Robert Monroe was against them)! That explains why people are so letargic, so into the Planetary Game and have no interest to read and to explore the Unknown!

Sun near our Centre, 14 January 2011!

This unusual picture was taken by me on the coast of our village of Elliott Heads in Australia, on 14 January 2011 !
This Sun is Violet all over, it doesn't have a Black Hole in the centre and an Aquamarine layer around it (if you get up and look at it again, use big, flat LCD monitor like FLATRONe2351 (not small, laptop/ipad type) to look at the photo)! Aquamarine Energy is in the air and sticks to physical things or bodies and. Sometimes (especially at night) it could be, that you are looking at a shining Planet (not Sun), which has an Inner Sun! These kinds of Planets-Suns are usually appear form Parallel Universes ! As you can see this Sun has a longer Tail: it is a connection to other Parallel Suns!

Anomalous Sun, Greater Moscow, 2011!

Anomalous Sunset, Greater Moscow, Feb. 2011! There is some similarity between these 3 pictures of the Sun: the Sun has a long tail on the right side! These Hills are 400 m height,
they are artificial, being made with 100 000 trucks of sand and dirt to cover something sensitive on the ground. Now these hills are equiped with everything needed for mountain's skying! This is a popular and the only place in and around Moscow for such activities, so the lovers of winter sports are forced by circumstances to come here!

Anomalous Sun, Greater Moscow, 2011!

This is a Major Sun with external Aquamarine Layer and internal Violet Layer, this Sun has a Black Hole inside! You will see the real colors of this Sun, if you stand up and look at this picture again on a big,
flat LCD monitor like FLATRONe2351 (not small, laptop/ipad type). There are also red Orbs (observing) and a grey physical UFO (observing). Photo was taken by my friend Irina in Greater Moscow, Feb. 2011!

Violet Snow and 3 Suns, Greater Moscow, 2011!

Greater Moscow, Feb. 2011!

Violet sky with Sprites in Catatumbo, Venezuela!

Sprites in Catatumbo, Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela (it used to be the place of everlasting storm)!

Unusual Effect of SunRays around a person on water!

Unusual Effect of SunRays around a person on the surface of water!

Sunrays underwater

Sunrays underwater

Sun Rays underwater in Bermuda!

Sun Rays underwater in Bermuda!

The Change in the Rays of the Sun! Sunrise in Elliott Heads, Australia 2011!

Sun Beams

Sun Beams

SunRays of 4th Consciousness Level!

SunRays of 4th Consciousness Level!

Sun rays in Yamal, Russia

Yamal (11 years ago), Russia

California, USA

Sunrise in Elliott Heads, 2011

Violet ocean. Violet Energy of Sunrise has been heavily covered up holographically in Elliott Heads, Feb. 2011

Sunrise in Elliott heads, Feb. 2011

Huge Sun in Violet Ocean!

Huge Sun in Violet Ocean!

Sprite, SouthAustralia, Ceduna!

Among other things Gamma-Rays create Black Holes and turn physical matter into Low Viscosity Plasma! The Source of Gamma-Rays in our Galaxy is the Central Galactic Black Hole! Gamma-Rays are coming here from the Higher Level of Consciousness!
Just look at the size of this Gamma-Ray, a Sprite on the border of South and Western Australia, Ceduna, and it is very close to Nullarbor Plain, where there are many Portals and this Gamma-Ray's Blow is creating another Portal; this is a famous place for Anomaly happenings!
January: A lightning strike illuminates the sky near the Thevenard silos at Ceduna, South Australia. Andrew Brooks is a tourist information officer in Ceduna, the remote coastal town (population 2300) best known to travellers as the last major settlement before they cross the Nullarbor Plain into Western Australia. Andrew lives on a 240-hectare property with horizon-to-horizon views. He’ll get up any time he hears thunder or sees lightning, to try taking time-exposure pictures using a tripod. The downside of his exposed site is that he is best to stay close to the house, ready to jump inside, as he did after taking this picture!

Numerous Sprites are in the Sky!

Numerous Sprites in theSky of Congo!

The strongest Gamma Ray, 2011

The strongest Gamma Ray, 2011

We are merging with all the 3D technologies, which have been used by negative and positive Civilizations in Inner Earth for thousands of years! We bought 4 different varieties of cheap 3D glasses to look at the pictures on our and on other sites and on ordinary TV in 3D. Our opinion on what to use for watching movies/videos/photos (specially made in 3D) on ordinary TV or Computer (without getting expensive 3D TV's/Computers) is that you can use them if you have enough material specially made in 3D for ordinary computers and TV's! But what we found is: it is almost nothing has been created in 3D and we have to wait! And now just have a look at this article:

Unusual 4 Rainbows!

Unusual 4 Rainbows mean 4 different realities of, closer to each other, frequencies have been slowly coming together!

World's first dark sky island named
Tuesday, February 01, 2011
Shunning the 21st century has led the Channel Island of Sark to be designated the world's first 'dark sky island'. Starry nights are especially glorious on the tiny self-governing island, where there is no public street lighting, no paved roads and cars are banned. Sark's lack of light pollution has now been recognised by the International Dark Sky Association, which selects locations around the world that deserve 'dark sky' status, the first time a 'dark sky' award has been granted to an island. (Soon night sky will be lit up permanently by many Suns! LM).

Below you will find appropriate Thoughts about the Will of our Universe, written by a famous Russian scientist and a simple man KonstantinTsiolkovsky in 1920s, which I posted in Russian (and in English later). I can't say that I agree with everything he wrote in his books, but I definitely agree with what I posted here. There is some info about life of K. Tsiolkovsky on:

Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky (17 September 1857 – 19 September 1935) was an Imperial Russian and Soviet rocket scientist and pioneer of the astronautic theory ... Tsiolkovsky spent most of his life in a log house on the outskirts of Kaluga, about 200 km (125 miles) southwest of Moscow. A recluse by nature, he appeared strange and bizarre to his fellow town-folk...

Russian scientist - KonstantinTsiolkovsky

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

The Will of the Universe

Flight of the Mind

"Well, everything in this Universe was born by this Universe! It is the beginning of Everything and Everything depends on it! A human or another Higher Self
(of a non human, LM), and his will is in fact, a display of the Universal Will ! None of the Beings can obtain an Absolute Will, the same as a clock or another more complex thing like, for instance, talking motion picture. In a picture people talk, do something at will, trying to match words with actions, but everybody knows, that their will is only an illusion, not real, all their movements and speech depend on a screenplay, and on people creating this film. The same way you are a player in the Universal Game and, being a smart creature, have been only performing the Will of our Universe! The Universe gives you Mind and restricted will. Restricted, because the Mind of one person can't regulate all the actions in the Universe: the Universal Armada can intrude any time, destort, break, and not allow to display a will of one mind! We say: everything depends on us, but because we are the Creation of the Universe, it would be true to say, that Everything depends on the Will of our Universe! We can only suggest, but it is the Universe, who Commands the way It wants, ruining our plans without hesitation, and could even destroy the whole Planet together with its inhabitants (but usually they warned well in advance, LM). If we still manage to do something the way we want, it is only because our Universe allowed it. Our Universe always has millions of ways and reasons to slow down our activities and show a differen way... We are more interested in whole display of the Will of the Universe, rather than a showing of the will of one human (though even that will is not without the help from Cosmos)! Do we have right even talk about it? ... But if Everything depends on the Structure of the Universe (at present or in the past), it means the Universe, or who created it, has the Will. This Will represents Everything we see around or to what our mind is attracted. The question is only how to understand this Will? The meaning of the Will would show us the state of our Universe or the reasons for such a state. If we start talking about the conditions our Earth is in, than the Will of the Cosmos is showing the will of not an intelligent creature! Just look at this: at the matters of Earth, at the matters of Humanity we see mixture of an intelligent thought with stupidity, kindness with cruelty! Why do we have poverty and diseases, jails, hatred, wars, death, foolishness, ignorence, restrictive sciences, earthquakes, tonados, floods, nasty insects and animals, terrible climate and so on? Just looking at the life on  Earth, we should compare the Will of Cosmos with the will of not a very bright person! But would Earth and us stay under these conditions always? ... There is an absolute possibility, that the Will of Cosmos will show up the Brightness of the Universal Mind on Earth! The perfect condition of our Earth will last for very long compare to sad present condition. And then the future (former, LM) humans will say: "The Will of Cosmos is the Will of the wisest, and the most powerful Being!" Though they might still blame the Universe in being too slow: why the Universe didn't create happiness straight away, but made physical creatures to go through confusion of pain and emotions! Though the tortures were relatevely short, but they still happened. Compare to the long, happy life in future, these tortures is such a tiny part of our existence. Later we will see that even these accusations have no grounds! ... Cosmos gave birth to Mind and Happiness of Everything present, not to Evil and Confusion! To understand it you need to move yourself to a Higher Level (mentally): imagine the Future of Earth and embrace Infinity of our Universe (or, at least, Milky Way) with your Mind! Then we will see that Cosmos looks like the kindest and the most intelligent animal !
You may say: all right, happiness and brightness is in abandance everywhere, but what about natural disasters, which would sweep this happiness out in no time, as if it was a pile of rubbish.
Planets and Suns blow up like bombs! What life could withstand it? Suns cool down and Planets lose their reviving energy. Where do the inhabitants go then? A lot of catastrophes are always waiting for intelligent Beings. As a matter of fact we have a wrong understanding of the Mind of the Beings on Higher Levelsof Consciousness. If some people can predict some disasters coming, take measures and sometimes win, then can you imagine the level of Resistence the Beings on Higher Levels of our Universe can demonstrate? They can predict the implosions of the Planets (nebulas) hundreds years before that happens and move out of this place to the less dangerous parts of Cosmos. They also predict slow dimming and implosions of Suns, and leave the weakening Suns  beforehand. You can say, but sooner or later all Sun in our Universe will implode on themselves and life will stop to exist, here it is: the the good deeds of our Universe! That can't happen! Suns turn up again even brighter (on Higher Levels of Consciousness, LM) and that happen more often than their implosions!
 Many times
I proved that the life of a Light Body is in cycles and restored many time, the same as the life of a creature ... is born and reborn constantly... Death is one of the illusions  of weak human mind. It doesn't exist. The Universe is built that way, that not only it never dies, but also all her parts, in the form of alive and beatiful creatures, never die (they just move from one level to another, from one form to another one, LM)
... We are proving that the Will of the Universe is awesome! Anarchy is evil and far from perfection... Science is precise, at least none of the branches of the mind has such logic, but the imagination is very weak and it deceived people so many times, that at present the credibility of Science is pretty low. "Logic" of Science didn't allow interplanetary communications before now. At present this opinion is shattered by some scientists, but still the majority of them is not into new ideas: they either indifferent to them or hostile
(like at present, nothing has changed since 20s, LM).
Earlier, apart from obvious imaginators, nobody admitted the possibility of interplanetary communications, especially travels outside Earth! Accoding to common opinion: that was impossible and if it is so , than all the facts proving these communications (even if they were), were viciously denied by the scientists themselves! People of Science have been also denying the fall of meteors on Earth, they didn't see the Sunspots for a long time. This is the Power of  prejudice!  Nevertheless, a lot of unexplained fenomenon, events have been registed in History and Literature. Most of them, without any doubt, can be classified as hallucinations and the like, but not all of them.  And now, because of  the proven possibility of interplanetary communications, we should be more careful  about  "unexplained events"...  Most of the people are totally ignorant and look at the Universe almost like animals. Their religious views is total prejudice and if they see the involvement of some other Beings in Earth matters, they will interpret it from the point of view of their religion. Fanatism with all its crimes would show immediately and nothing else..."
K.Tsiolkovsky - "Cosmic Philosophy"
"Sun's catastrophes, their implosions, cooling and warming of temperatures is making populations of the Planets to predict and to find out all about neighbouring Suns, in order to move out of danger beforehand... Everywhere in Cosmos there are public organizations, which are run by "presidents" of different calibre. One is higher than the other, so there is no limit to personal developement..."

I am giving you some of the pictures from that Documentary "NASA GLASTcast - Episode 2: What are Gamma Rays?" here, so you could have a better understanding of the action and the purpose of Gamma Rays Bursts instead of fearing them ! They do their job, they create more Portald and Black Holes and this way the Energies from different wavelenghts are costantly mixing together like in a good Mixer! They are vacuum-cleaners of our Universe, they are getting rid of old physical Suns and Planets in this Universe. They are coming to this physical Level from much higher Level, to hit the target, after Aquamarine, Sprites (a form of Gamma-Ray) and Blue Jets have done their share of bombardment! I don't know what color Gamma Rays are. By hitting the Planets and Stars, Gamma Rays creating Fire-Works, a dazzling Display of different Colors in our Universe, but we don't see it (only astronomers with their powerful telescopes, through probes and satelites)! All we see is a Rain of shining Rods on a cloudless night, but even that is rare, because our skies are constantly covered with clouds of all kinds, rain, hail or snow! And because most of us live in Inner Earth, not on the external surface anymore, and don't even notice the difference!
What is interesting that Gamma Rays carry Violet Energy in them as well and you can see it on the picture of Gamma Ray's Close Up below, if you stand up and look at that photo again. I advise you to watch the Sun on our videos standing , esp. inside my room, then you will see the true colors and true picture in action! You will see how Violet Energy is moving into the Violet Sun from above right in my room !!!

Violet Aurora!

Violet-Green Thoughts and Vibrations of Humans and non-Humans living in this place!

I would like to add an important Thought! The reason why the Holograms, from which the Worlds are made, are so firm and heavy is because of the Standing Waves! Take, for instance, mountains, buildings, metallic objects and even trees or our bones etc. - all of it would collapse if you-know-who didn't use the Power of Standing Waves! That could be done artificially with the use of electricity, electronics, sound and other energies! If you direct one big Wave against another Wave of the same strength, that will stop both of them and you will have a Standing Wave! This trick have been used artificially to create physical environment and not to let it to fall apart for thousands of years! The same was achieved with the help of our emotions! If you direct a Wave of Emotions of one part of humanity against a similar wave of emotions of another group of people, you will create a Standing Wave of something material for yourself! Negatives used it for their own gain, but now everything is falling apart, thanks to the Transformation in our Universe.

Our 5th Level of Consciousness non-physical Spaceship - Violet-Blue Sun is in front of you (you will see it, if you stand up and look again)! This Stream of Energy of our Sun is about to take us, 500 millions of people (or rather our Advanced Souls) up, to the non-physical, 5th Level of Consciousness !!! It will create a non-physical Tunnel, a Portal, through which we, all 500 000 000 people, go as One instantly, if we all have the same Goal, the same Intent! And we will help to open this Tunnel-Portal with our strong Emotions! Soon we will leave physical Earth behind and our physical bodies here too, because we don't need these biological vehicles anymore! And it does't matter where you are at that moment: you will get a Telepathic Signal (even if you think that you are not ready)! Think and Look at the Sun more often and without dark Glasses/contact Lenses! If you don't see it in the sky, then restore it in your memory or look at this and similar pictures again.
Thousands of years ago we, Advanced Beings (or rather Our Souls), came to this physical, 3 D Earth from the non-physical 5th level of Consciousness through Jupiter, our Blue Sun, to start the Planetary Game on this low physical 3rd level of Consciousness! Jupiter was our Blue Sun there, on non-physical 5th level of Consciousness! We used it as our Spaceship, a Portal, to come to this low and slow physical 3rd Level ! Here Jupiter became one of the planets in our Solar System, waiting for the End of this Planetary Game! The same process is about to take place: only in reverse and everything is still pointing to Jupiter! Huge changes (preparatory for this Jump) have been taking place in our Solar System (and especially in Earth and Jupiter), which you never hear about! Paid "Scientists" (who are working with the Collider in Cern) are in shock: they see changes in our Solar System, which they never saw before and they can't explain them with their physical, linear state of mind! Our whole Solar system is in preparation to move out of the 3rd (physical) level of Consciousness all together! The Planets and Suns of our (and other) Solar Systems always change roles: one time they would be a Planet and the other time - a Sun! It depends on the level of Consciousness of that particular Planet or Sun and decisions are made between the members of a Solar System! Each Planet of our Solar System is a Sun on another, higher non-physical Level of Consciousness! Same with our Earth: it is a Sun on some higher Level of Consciousness, maybe even higher than 5th.
We gained a lot of Experience and Knowledge, had a lot of lives on this Planet and beyond! We have other, more complex tasks to do on non-physical 5th Level of Consciousness, like creating other Universes! And on that 5th Level of Consciousness we will reunite our groups of Higher Selves and have a Great Celebration and lots of non-verbal talking to do (NVC)!
It is not surprising that many ancient civilizations worshiped Sun (and not some Jewish and non- Jewish man/woman on the picture: this is ridiculous). People in those societies knew about the role our Sun played in our lives and it wasn't just to give Life to Earth and its inhabitants, but also to move through the Black Hole/Portal in it to the higher Level of Consciousness, when the vibration of Earth would be right! This transition to a higher vibration is a Combined Effort and is done from both ends: from the lower Level by us and from the higher Level by our Higher Selves and by our Suns! We've already been a Binary (2 Suns) Solar System for a long time and there were many Binary Solar Systems, but now there are more Black Holes, than Suns (Stars) and Planets in our Universe! Binary means when one Sun (physical 3rd Level of Consciousness) is covering another one (non-physical 4th Level of Consciousness), and if you observe the Sun carefully, you will see how one Sun is jumping in front of another one. I've been watching it for many years! But behind the Second Sun there is the 3rd one, which is on the 5th Level of Consciousness and it's Blue Jupiter, but couldn't be seen by many, though on the recent photos it could be seen on the computer (if you stand up and look at the picture again)!
In addition to what you will read here I would like to say something, which bothered me for a few years. I've read in some sources contradicting information saying that we don't live on the surface of the Planet, but inside of it and that the Sun, which we see in the sky is the internal Sun on the picture below! After a few years it became more and more logical for me, than other explanations. And I wouldn't be surprised if such info turns up somewhere. I also suspect that those 500 000 000 people, who will be taking part in the future events of moving into 5th Level of Consciousness, have been gradually moved from the outer surface into the inner surface and nobody noticed anything! You see, all the cities and villages have their twin-cities/villages on the other side, in Inner Earth and you've been regularly visiting them and not just the Parallel Worlds, where the same system was used (twin cities/villages)! But now all Parallel Worlds are crumbling and merging with the Original Earth and a huge number of people needs to be moved somewhere. But where? Either inside the Earth (which is safer till the certain moment) or to other physical/non-physical planets depending on the vibration of the person and the plans of her/his Higher Self! And most of the industries were moved into the Inner Earth long ago! If you read some material in books and on the link  Hollow Earth  you will know that the same nature (mountains, oceans rivers etc.) and cities/villages, which exist on the surface of our Planet, also exist on the internal side of Earth! It is hard to see the difference and many members of Secret Societies do know about it very well! This mirror image symbol is expressed in architecture as Twin-Towers like those, which were blown up in New York (it could've been the sign of merging Inner worlds with Outer ones)! I saw a lot of such buildings in Austria, which had twin-towers esp. old churches!
Eventually by living in Inner Earth and mixing with their previous inhabitants, we will see more and more of Blue-Violet Sun, skies, air and our bodies would lose density! The land under your feet would lose gravitation and we, like the astronauts, will be flying instead of walking! Food and drink will be the thing of the past, just the memory! Actually that was described by Alex Collier in 1996 in his book "Defending Sacred Ground"!
It means that it is already taking place in Inner Earth!
The Worlds of Inner Earth were always much more advanced technologically than the worlds on the surface. The people and aliens have been using electronics and other High Tech equipment (inc. Holographic one) for thousands of years before we started using it! And because Inner Earth and Outer Earth are merging together, we now have some of their technology, like TV/Computers/i-Phones in 3D. And what about Natural Disasters and people dying or missing on the screens of our TVs and Computers, on photos of Internet articles and Magazines/Newspapers?
These events do happen in some parts of outer surface, but not inside Earth and that's why you don't see much happening to you personally or to your city/village if you are already living inside the Earth! But people on the surface, who got caught up in a Disaster and got wounded, killed or just disappered, would either get to Inner Earth or other physical/non-physical Worlds depending on their vibration and the plans of their Higher Selves. It is also very easy to create for TV News Disasters of all kinds if you remember how it has been done in some movies. Holography can be used for that as well. So don't always believe what is shown on TV.

Aquamarine Hollow Earth!

For present moment this picture is not quite right in terms of colors and that is important! The whole Earth Crust should be painted into Aquamarine color right through from outer to inner surface, but the vibration  around White Inner Sun is Pink-Violet! The Inner Sun is not yellow, but of White color ! The Inner Sun is growing and changing! 800 miles crust is melting like instant coffee in hot water and turning into mud under the attack of Aquamarine Energy and Gamma-Rays and soon you wouldn't see it at all, but Pink skies full of non-physical UFOs! All the borders/boundaries/fences/walls/crusts are melting and that's good! Thanks to Aquamarine and Gamma-Rays!
I remember how R.Monroe wanted to rename his first book "Journeys Out-Of-The Body" into "Journeys into the Body", but it was too late! It means: to look inside your Planet for a change and inside Yourself! This is the Basic Holographic principle of everything. This way you don't base your opinion on decaying linear system of Time and Space (to look away)!
And if many of us are already living in the Inner Earth without realising it, then it isn't surprising to see the Portal of the Sun and the skies of Violet color! And if all the objects around you are still in one piece (including the place, where you live), then it is a strong possibility that you are already living in Inner Earth, protected by the crust of it (temporarily). I can imagine what is really happening on the surface of the Earth! By my calculations, most places must be ruined by now! And still, don't expect to see things the way they are in Inner Earth, because it is easy to change everything with Holographic Machinations! The skies around us are not always Blue-Violet, but all kinds of fake colors esp. on pictures. You see the Sun and the skies fake gray/off white/light blue/orange/yellow/beige/brown/magenta/pink/red
and even fake black. There are many other things that distort the vision and one of the most significant is microchips in our eyes (which are put into them without you knowing it) and they would be destroyed only when we come to a certain frequency, which destroys everything fake!
It seems that the internal Sun in Inner Earth has that Violet Portal/Black Hole through which we will go, that Energy will take us higher and it is still Jupiter!

One of Our Old Physical Sun's Black Holes, wrongly called "SunSpots" by the "scientists"!

Russian Matreshki!

Russian Matreshki, inserted one into another one, could be a good example of the non-physical bodies surrounding our physical bodies. That includes the Second body (Etheric), Astral and Mental bodies Robert Monroe was talking about in his books. Other bigger bodies have different, faster vibration, of Higher Levels of Consciousness! Russian Matreshki, inserted one into another one, could be also a good example of us and our other personalities (Alters)!

Robert Monroe in San Francisco, 1979

There is another, a very important extract about negative sides of Sex from Robert's  book "Far Journeys", p. 88:

"One of the principal examples came one night when I rolled out of the physical, and before I could release from the second body, an overwhelming drive for sexual union rose in me. I was about to employ my usual not-now-but-later cooling technique when I moved away sharply with a sudden shift. The movement was fast and short. When I was able to perceive, I found I was standing a few feet away from an enormous pile of writhing forms. It reached up, slanting back as high as I could see. In each direction, right and left, it swept off into the distance. It reminded me of nothing so much as the interweaving of huge fishing worms in the bottom of a can after being left there overnight. The motion was continuous, thousands upon thousands, each wet slippery form wiggling in and out among the others in the pile, searching, trying to do something, but never achieving satisfaction. Three perceptive shocks hit me simultaneously. The forms were not worms, they were human! Second, the incredible, staggering radiation of sexuality, both male and female, that emanated from the seething mass. Third, they all were physically dead. I wanted to turn and run, but some other part of me held me in place. I finally calmed down enough to become analytical. Did I want to join in? My whole being shuddered in rejection. No vestige remained of the sexual drive I found so important moments before. I had the strong percept that it would come again, but never where it would control wholly what I thought or did. With this flash of knowing, another emotion washed through me— intense compassion for those trapped in the undulating mass, so focused and intent on seeking sexual satisfaction they were unaware of any other existence—anger at a system that could so inhibit, repress, and distort as to create the situation in front of me. Were these the castoffs of the human process, to remain so throughout eternity? I moved forward slowly and stopped close to the edge of the pile. The moving bodies were male and female, of all shapes and sizes, glistening with wetness. A bare hairy leg thrust momentarily from the pile, and I grabbed it by the foot and pulled. The leg pushed out blindly, trying to move more deeply back into the pulsating mass. I pulled harder, trying to keep my grip on the sweat-covered ankle. Slowly, I was able to pull the rest of the body clear of the pile. It was a man, small in stature, darkhaired, fine-featured, of indeterminate age. He lay there on his belly, his arms and legs moving crablike, attempting to pull himself back into the pile, totally oblivious to the fact that I was holding on to his foot and preventing him from doing so. I easily held him in place, bent over, and shouted in his ear,
(Hey, I want to talk to you. Hold still for a moment!)
There was not the slightest indication that he heard me. His face was fixed, a gleam of anticipation spread across it. He kept trying to move back and I held him in place, wondering what to do next. I tried another approach. (It's the cops, the police, they're raiding the joint! Gotta get out!) I waited for some response, but there was none. I couldn't provide him with the radiation that would get his attention.
I released his foot, and he crawled back into the mass and was swallowed up in the movement. I turned away sadly and stretched for my physical ident, and returned without incident. From that point on, I had a new technique to control any surfacing sexual drive. All I need do is think of that wriggling, writhing, mindless pile of humanity. That does it. This episode was of the milder variety that may be encountered in the immediate post-physical areas. I soon discovered there was a pattern at work in my own guided tour through them—states of being
I had previously passed through quickly to avoid confrontation. All of these forays started while in the second body, before I could release it and move outward. I felt safe and secure with
my Higher Self doing the driving. The feeling was right. But not the reason."

My Thoughts on the Start of the Movement to the 5th Level of Consciousness and consequently back to the Creative Force! The year 2011 is the year of Togetherness and that will come without new Laws and regulations, but with the great suffering together when we'll withess the destruction of everything physical around us!

I noticed that after local floods a sense of abandoness in our areas: the holes in the roads are not being repared, like before;  the foodstores became partially empty! But that is what Alex Collier was describing, that we, for a short time before we leave the Planet, would have to take care of ourselves, because there will be no governments! And that's a good sign for me, that we are not far away from the abandoning this Planet, but that could be done only when we've got that feeling of Togetherness! This is what we need to build up and that is the most difficult part of this Planetary Game! What will help us to achieve it is the speeding up of the Vibration of the Planet and the natural disasters as a result of it! And we all need to participate in it and forget our differences, which separate us!

I posted an extract from one of C.Castaneda's books about Petty Tyrants on our website to show you how cruel usually were future Sorcerers' teachers. And the more cruel, ingenious and creative the Teacher (tyrant) was, the further away (in terms of wavelength/frequencies of Parallel Worlds) the apprentice will move out of the Original Earth! The pain and a build up of the emotions will propel that man/woman to other levels of Consciousness! This is why Don Juan valued Petty Tyrants as best catalysists for moving out!
The same idea is going to be used when 500 000 000 million people are going to move to the 5th level of Consciousness! Just imagine the build up of emotions and physical pain, which was done beforehand and at the moment of the Great Jump! This Jump is being organiseded by the Higher Forces and by the Higher Selves of the people involved. These people-players need to have the same Intent to move higher and, after a telepathic signal from their own Higher Selves, they will make that Jump simultaneously as One! Remember: Be at One!
We don't need a chaos, our Energies need to be organised, we need a discipline to be able to jump over a few wavelengths of 4th Level of Consciousness to turn up in 5th Level of Consciousness! That has never been done on our Planet with 500 000 000 people and we never had a Transformation of Consciousness to the higher level in our Universe before! When our Planet will reach a certain vibration, we will create a Great Opening in the Fabric of Time and move this number of people through it and further through the 4th Level of Consciousness to 5th Level in a very brief moment!
And you would be able to participate in it!
I also would like to clarify one point. All the talks and fears about New World Order have no grounds:
it can't be completed till the physical Planetary Game is over, till the Timeline will come to 0! This is the condition of any such Planetary Game on physical 3d Level of Consciousness! But we, 500 000 000 people, are not going to be here when it happens (and I doubt that New World Order will ever take place on physical Earth)! But the preparations (rehearsals) for the New World Order are allowed to happen here -  to build up the emotions. This is done also for people, who will live in this kind of societies later, on the 100% positive or the 100% negative planets in the non-physical 4th Level of Consciousness! The portions of these people have constantly been taken from this Planet to purely positive or purely negative non-physical planets on 4th Level of Consciousness of our Universe! None of those planets are balanced! The higher the Level of Consciousness, the more Balance you will find there!
Don't make a mistake to think that in non - physical 4th Level of Consciousness everything is good! There is an appropriate example
in R.Monroe's "Far Journeys"p. 120 - 123, of how this complex process could be done and what is involved. You will see a lot of similarity between what he wrote and what is about to happen, only it would be even more powerful !!!

"(I am in a bright white tunnel and moving rapidly. No, it is not a tunnel, but a tube, a transparent, radiating tube. I am bathed in the radiation which courses through all of me, and the intensity and recognition of it envelop my consciousness
and I laugh with great joy. Something has changed, because the last time, they had to shield me from the random vibration of it. Now, I can tolerate it easily, the actual energy itself. The radiation flow is two-directional in the tube. The flow moving past me, in the direction from which I came, is smooth, even, and undiluted. The Flow, that I am, is moving in the opposite direction and appears much different. It is organized in a more complex form. It is the same as the Wave moving past me, but it contains a multitude of small waves, impressed upon the Basic Wave (small waves of his Alters, LM).
 I am both the Basic and the small waveforms, moving back to the Source.  The movement is steady and unhurried, impelled by a desire I know, but cannot express. I vibrate with joyous ecstasy just by the knowing. (The tube seems to become larger as another joins it from one side, and another waveform melds into me and we become one. I recognize the other immediately, as it does me, and there is the great excitement of reunion, this other I and I. How could I have forgotten this! We move along together, happily exploring the adventures, experience, and knowledge of the other. The tube widens again, and another
 I joins us, and the process repeats itself. Our waveforms are remarkably identical and our pattern grows stronger as they move in phase. There are variegations (multicolored) in each which, when combined with another related anomaly, create a new and important modification of the total, that we are.

(The tube expands again and I am no longer concerned with its walls, as still another I enters the wave-form Flow. This is particularly exciting, as it is the first I perceive as returning from a completely non-human sojourn.Yet the intermesh was near-perfect and we became so much more. Now we know that, somewhere, a consciously controlled physical tail, much like a monkey's, is useful in ways far more, than balance and acting as a third hand for holding things. It can be a very efficient means of communication far beyond a super sign language, just as eloquent, as the spoken word.
(Steadily and surely, one I after another joins us. With each, we become more aware and remember more of the total. How many does not seem important. Our knowledge and ability is so great, that we do not bother to contemplate it (consider thoughtfully). It is not important. We are One!
(With this, we divert from the underlying waveform and move away from it. We watch motionless in unified respect, as the action of it continues away from us into an Infinity. We also perceive easily the smooth originating Wave, coming from such Infinity and dissolving into the pattern, from whence we came (The Source, LM).
(Flowing through all of us is a coherent energy, that is our creation, that displays immensely the Reality of the Whole, as far greater, than the Sum of the Parts. Our ability and knowledge seem without limit,
yet we know at this point such is valid only within the energy systems of our experience. We can create Time as we wish or the need arises, reshaping and modifying within the percept itself. We can create
 Matter from other energy patterns, or change the structure thereof to any degree desired, including reversion (return to a former condition) to riginal form.
We can create, enhance, alter, modulate, or eradicate
 any Percept within the Energy Fields of our experience. We can transform any such Energy Fields one into another or others, except for that which we are. We cannot create or comprehend
our Prime Energy
(the Energy of the Creative Force: our Souls are part of it, LM) until we are Complete."
And this:
"(We can create physical patterns such as your Sun and Solar system, yet we do not. It has been done. We can adjust the environs of your planet Earth, yet we do not. It is not our Design. We can and do Monitor, Supplement and Enhance the Flow of the human learning experience, as well as other learning experiences of similar content throughout Time-Space. This we perform continuously at all levels of Human  Awareness, so as to prepare properly those Entraining Units of Our Prime Energy (the Energy of the Source, LM)
for the Entry and Meld into the Totality, that We are becoming. It is the Essence of our Growth to
do so. Such Assistance and Preparation is forthcoming (coming) from us only by request from one or more
Levels of Consciousnesswithin the Entraining Unit. Thereafter, a Bonding is in effect, through which many forms of communication pass between us, until the Ultimate Transformation occurs. (We know who we are, and one I laughs and we all laugh at the name I had given us. We are an INSPEC, just one.
There are many others around us.)

(You are still Incomplete. There are parts of you yet to be transformed, including that visiting portion so filled with curiosity. Each of us is Incomplete. That is why we remain at this point, to reach back and gather additional and remaining parts of us, until we are Complete.)
(Our curiosity desires the effect of Completion.)
(We move into the creative Return Flow again, the waveform, that brought you here. When we do so, we leave this reality.)
(Can this be demonstrated?)
(It is not possible. It is not within our knowledge to do so. When you have transformed and melded totally into your whole, you will comprehend. That is why this point came into being. It is not possible to continue until Completion.)
(Continue to what destination?)
(We believe it to be the Source of the Radiation, the Creative Emission and Return. Communication is closed with those, who have continued. The desire to continue occurs upon Completion. It is more, than your curiosity, as you call it, and difficult to transmit in a form we can understand. There have been attempts by those Completed, who are to continue, without success.)
(The Ultimate Home?)
(A good Beginning Concept. A Design, which unfolds as perception grows. It is necessary now, that you terminate your visit and return.)
(We will be with you, our curious I.)
Return where!
(Your physical environs). . .
Where is that! . . .
(In-human, your physical body) . . .
Oh, yes, I had forgotten ... Do I have to go back?
(Reach for us and we will be with you in many ways. You have much to do..."

And next couple of pages about the meaning of the Pain from the same book, p.108-111:

"...oh shoot, it's starting to rain, I'll have to go in the house, just one more circle in the yard . . . I have my airplane, WHEEEOOO, WHEEEOOO . . . big flash of light . . . white light, lightning! . . . bang! . . . I am off my tricycle . . . in the grass, grass is wet, got to get up and get in the house, get my tricycle on the porch so it won't get wet . . . but I can't move, I can't move, what's the matter? . . . it's dark, I can't see . . . can't feel anything . . . I'm not hurt, I don't hurt anywhere, but I can't see, can't get my face out of the grass, got to get up, my bike will get wet and it will rust, got to get it on the porch . . . but I can't move, I can't move! . . . what? . . . what? . . . just balloon it and I can go the porch, how could I forget that! How could I forget to balloon! What would make me forget something so basic! Yes! Balloon, can do it without thinking how, anybody can balloon! And . . . yes!
Three-way . . . I could do a three-way and it wouldn't be dark . . . why, any curl can do a three-way without turning, you need to three-way if you want to keep your spiral going, what happened to me that I would forget such a simple thing as that! . . . I could pull a skip and . . . skip? Skip! And there's more, it's all coming back, I remember it all and those important fundamentals that I never thought about forgetting because it was impossible, it is as basic as who you are, how is it possible that I forgot these, and all the rest that I know? I am astounded that I could forget! . . . forget, forget . . . I'm getting wet, it's raining hard . . . I'm getting muddy . . . that big bang was thunder, hurt my ears, but I can hear, and I can move . . . I feel but I don't hurt, so I guess I'm all right . . . got to get my bike up on the porch and get a rag and wipe the water and mud off . . .

Air - Balloon!

Air - Balloon! Robert remembered, that before the Planetary Game he could fly, becase he didn't have a physical body! So he couldn't understand why he forgot it.
He could've used that ability in the situation, described in the book, he thought!

CLICK (change of frequency levels or realities, LM)!
Now I remember! I was very young, playing out in front of the house before a thunderstorm . . . the lightning hit a power pole near the
street, not me, my father told me . . . the concussion or something stunned me . . . and he carried me up to the front porch. I was all right in a few minutes . . . but the rest of it, I had forgotten completely, even
now I just remember the knowing, not the details...

(A glimpse of who you are before you undertake the human experience. How it took place is not important. Such momentary recall occurs frequently during the physical process but is obscured and discarded amid the more immediate consistent impact of physical information input. Yet the event is retained, below the surface of consciousness, and therefore affects your subsequent action. It is significant that thenceforth you did not fear lightning and thunder, as you call it, but found pleasure in such manifestation. This is one effect of such pre-human recall brought near your physical conscious level. Another, more cogent, was the
subtle alteration in your
physical life process, that led you unknowingly to your present state.)
I hope that doesn't mean that everyone has to get almost struck by lightning to begin to wake up. It wouldn't be a very popular method . . .
(Most such events are so gentle as to remain unnoticed. Yet they are there if recall is necessary. We have another episode for you, if you desire it.)
How could I forget these things! . . . Yes, yes.
(Here is another area of your perception that is a part of the emergence you have long forgotten. It is completely your own. We do no more than assist you in your recall.)
. . . I want to hear the music . . . I want to hear the special music . . . I know how to make the Victrola play the music because I learned
how, I learned how just from watching, and then she watched me show her how I could play it, then she said I could play it but I had to be real careful so I don't break the records . . . so I'm not being bad if I play it . . . I pull the chair over close to the Victrola so I can stand on it and put the record in the top . . . I have to lift up the heavy lid, but I do it . . . I turn the shiny crank in the side, more and more until it won't crank any more, but I don't crank it after that because it might break the spring . . . then I open the front doors of the Victrola, and there is my special music record on the first shelf just where I left it . . . pull the record out and be real careful to don't break it, and put it up on top. Then I climb up on the chair. I pull the paper cover off the record and put the record on the wheel . . . then I put the shiny fat arm part with the sharp needle in it down real careful on the edge of the black record . . . now everything is ready . . . I move the little shiny finger and the wheel with the black record on it starts moving, and I hurry down off the chair to where the music is . . . the music starts coming out of the Victrola and I feel real quiet, so I close my eyes . . . it is blank for a long time as I listen to the music, but then I feel a surge way down at the bottom of me, and it feels like tingling when my foot goes to sleep, but it doesn't hurt, it feels good, and with it I hear raining, just like rain on the roof, but it comes and goes . . . and the music gets so soft I can't hear it anymore . . . then it's quiet and I can't hear or feel anything . . . there it is again, coming up from the bottom of me more, the tingle and the rain surge, and it feels better than anything I ever felt . . . and I wait for it to happen again . . . here it comes again, stronger and bigger, and it feels so good it starts to hurt, but I don't mind the hurt because it feels so good . . . then it fades away again . . . I know it's coming back, and it does . . . much, much stronger and bigger, up through me, the best and happiest feeling I could ever have, so happy I want to cry, and the hurt is so strong it's cutting me right up the middle in two pieces . . . then it goes back again, down out the bottom of me, and I know that there is nothing, nothing nicer I will ever feel than what just was, no hurt could hurt more than what I just felt . . . and I feel it rising again and I don't think I could stand it if it was any stronger, but there it is getting bigger and stronger, the good, good, good tingle and the rain roar and the hurt so hard, coming right up to my head, terrible, terrible sharp hurt . . . this is so good and so hurting there can't ever be anything that feels so good and hurts so much, never never . . . then it starts to go away and I know that I will always remember this bright, bright good and the big, big hurt and nothing will ever be as good or hurt so much . . . but there it comes again, no, no! . . . I can't stand it again, I can't, I can't!
The ood makes me cry, it's so good, and the Hurt makes me cry, it hurts so much, it can't be more, than the one before, it was the biggest there is, it can't be any bigger, the Good and the Hurt . . . but it is,
 and I scream with joy and pain and I know this is the greatest of All There Is, the exquisite joy, beauty, that transcends any Thought or Consciousness . . . that the pain is merely the anguish of physical structure attempting to contain energy beyond the ability to do so, that one day I will experience it again without the pain, because I will understand better, one day it will take place, the great glory of . . . I feel hands picking me up and I am crying a little, not too much, and
I open my eyes and raise my head. The music in the Victrola has stopped and she, my mother, is looking at me and saying something."


Sprite is causing Fire!

Gamma-Rays create numerous Fires, Sinkholes, cracks on ground and on the bottom of seas/oceans, and Portals on our Earth as well, to better mix all different Energies of different frequencies!

Earth Changes: Sinkholes!

Earth Changes: Sinkholes!

Earth Changes: Sinkholes!

Moscow Centre -  Bolshoi Theatre is to the left

Earth Changes: Sinkholes!

Earth Changes: Sinkholes!

Earth Changes: Sinkholes!

Sink-Holes in cities all over the World! More pictures on :  Sinkholes, Cracks, Landslides, Avalanches

Sink Holes in cities!

The fall of a modern windmill!

The fall of a modern windmill!

Sprite is striking the Eiffel Tower in Paris!

Sprite (Gamma-Rays) is striking the Eiffel Tower in Paris, that is why is not safe to climb there! It is probably no longer exists on the external side of the Earth!

Gamma-Ray is hitting a Tower!

Gamma-Rays create numerous Portals on our Earth and in our Universe to better mix all different Energies of different frequencies!

Rods or Gamma-Rays action!

Gamma-Rays action!

Удар по Планете Гамма-Лучом!

Gamma Ray is striking a Planet! There is a lot of info about Gamma Rays on our link:
Parallel Universes and Time Travels

Атака Планеты Гамма Лучами!

Gamma Ray is striking a Planet and if you get up from your chair and look at this picture again, you will see a lot of Violet Energy inside of it !

Гамма-Луч в разрезе!

Below is the Close up of Gamma Ray and if you get up from your chair and look at this picture again, you will see a lot of Violet Energy inside of it ! By the way, Sprites are another
form of Gamma-Rays (weaker)! These pictures are from the documentary on Youtube called: NASA GLASTcast - Episode 2:

What are Gamma Rays?  (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)

Violet Skies!

Violet Skies!

Gamma-Ray Sprites in Violet skies!

Gamma-Ray (Sprites) in Violet skies!

Sprites in Violet Skies!

Just look at the size of this Gamma-Ray! Gamma-Rays create numerous Portals on our Earth and in our Universe to better
 mix all different Energies of different frequencies!

Sprites in Violet skies!

Sprites are the flashes of Gamma Rays and they are creating Violet Skies!

Sprites are hitting the TV Tower on the upper photo and the tree below. That's how fires have been started!

Sprites in Violet Skies!

Sprites are the flashes of Gamma Rays!

Sprites are the flashes of Gamma Rays!

Sprites are the flashes of Gamma Rays!

Sprites (Gamma-Rays) have been starting the volcano eruptions underwater and on the ground!
More pictures of Sprites are on: Anomalous Events

Sprites are the flashes of Gamma Rays!

Gamma-Rays have been igniting the volcanos!

Volcano was ignited by Violet Sprites (Gamma-Rays)!

Violet Skies with Sprites in Brisbane, 17 Dec. 2010

Violet Skies with Sprites in Brisbane, 2010! There is something unknown to the right!

  Green Vibrations of Beings living in/under  this place! Volcano in Iceland 2010

Sprites (Gamma Rays) in colorful Aurora!

Higher Colored Vibrations of People-Aliens of this place! A Gamma - Ray is striking the Planet!


These photos were taken on 11th of August 2010 and on the upper one of Violet Gamma-Rays could be seen at the front!

New names for Gamma Rays are invented by the Negatives every day and in every language (to confuse)! One of the names for Gamma Rays in Russian is "Zvezdopad", that means "Falls of Stars" and that is roughly correct, but I would say "Bursts of Stars". Explosions are happening to physical spaceships too and they also draw luminous lines at the end of their existence only the size of explosions is much smaller.
Gamma Rays and the displays caused by them are nor diminishing, but increasing! They are trying to finish their job in our Universe before December 2013! More photos of Gamma Rays was posted on: 

Статьи на русском с Интернета 

Parallel Universes and Time Travels
Russian newspapers began writing all over sudden about "Zvezdopad" on 19 November (the day of our 1st Conference), but since mid-August they've been silent about it! There are no coincidences! Was it to deviate people's attention from our Conferences? The Negatives are so scared of us being total Telepaths: they would lose control over us, which they have mainly with the help of Electronics! Internet, Mobile Phones, computers, "hearing-aids", TV, Radio and their Towers, Satelites, Rockets and Probes, Microchips and other Electronic devices unders the skin, Holographic sharp, fraudulent practice and lots more you have no idea about are their weapon! Their lousy Newspapers and Magazines with pseudo-information on all languages, their pseudo-universities and pseudo-institutes with pseudo-professors, pseudo-teachers, pseudo-writers and pseudo-authorities ! Electronics have been experiencing a Death-Agony for sometime now and the result of it is explosions everywhere: in mines, on ships in the ocean, in buildings, petrol stations and highrise appartments, in water/gas pipes, power stations and power lines, in trains, planes, trucks and cars! And when one day all of it stops everywhere completely: planes/trains/ships/cars stopped, no electricity/petrol/gas what are you going to do? To sit in the dark alone with your thoughts not knowing how to talk telepathically with someone at a distance, because nobody taught you, unless you had a pet? Our pets are teaching us telepathy and this is the advantage! They are understood in any country! If you don't use your muscles or brain, they will atrophy, the same is with Telepathy: you need to exercise yourself in it, because this feature we all have, but it is dormant!
This is the reason why we organise Telepathic Conferences, they encourage you to make your first steps in the right direction! Soon things will change and you will not have a physical tongue, because you will not have a physical body, but you will not be dead, just in another non-physical environment and you will communicate with everyone there telepathically! It's called Non-Verbal Communication (NVC)! You already do it on this Earth on a small scale, esp. with your pets! Such Conferences are teaching you how to communicate with someone you don't know, but attracted by their wavelength, by their Spirit! So next time on 31st December at 12pm (Australian Time), we (George, Robert, Robert Monroe and I) will be waiting for you at our Centre! The beauty of Telepathic Conferences is enormous. You don't need to go through all the tortures of  overseas travel: do all the paperwork and spend your money on all the formalities, your plane/train ticket and other hidden things, to go through humiliating airport procedures, it's not important what language you know, the weather or time are also not important! Everything is done in no Time if you have a wish to come! You can come alone or with a group or with your pets: they  are very good observers and listeners and treat Telepathic Conferences seriously (not like some people), I noticed it in our animals at the time of our 1st Conference in our Centre (they see what we can't see)! Telepathic Conferences or just meetings can be  arranged by many: you just have to practice!

Violet Colored Energy is visible during explosions!

Violet Colored Energy is visible during explosions! Explosion in Stockholm on 12 Dec. 2010!

Violet Colored Energy is visible during explosions!

Violet Moscow River Port, End of November 2010!

Violet Moscow River Port, End of November 2010! The picture was taken be my girlfriend Irina in Moscow a few days ago!

The Merging of 2 Suns!

The Merging of 2 Suns surrounded by Indigo, Violet and Aquamarine Energies! I have a feeling that this event is just about to happen to our own 2 Suns: physical and non-physical! The whole sequence of this event you can see on:  Parallel Universes and Time Travels

Аквамариновая Энергия в воде подземного озера и тёмно-синий, почти фиолетовый луч нашего Солнца 5го Уровня Сознания!

Aquamarine Energy is in the water of this underground lake. Dark Blue-Violet Ray of Our Blue Sun of
the 5th Level of Consciousness is coming from the hole in ceiling of this cave! Sun Rays of our Planet, our future Portal, look natural Blue-Violet color (ultra-violet) only underground under a certain angle, but above the surface of this Planet they look white! The Sun is constantly colored into fake holographic colors to hide the true color! This is easily done with the technology available to the Negatives! Below you will see on the pictures from the computer the true colour of our Sun!

That's how our skies look in Inner Earth!

Our Violet Sun from the 5th Level of Consciousness is coloring the skies! That's how our skies look in Inner Earth!

Sun and Ghost Suns in Yamal, behind Arctic Circle, Russia!

Major Sun, pink Orbs and Violet snow in Yamal, behind Arctic Circle, Russia, 13 years ago! Please look at this picture standing up and you will see 3 rings of color: Aquamarine, Violet and Black Hole in the centre!  Picture was taken by my friend Irina!

The real Blue/Violet and Aquamarine colours of the Sun are covered up !

Sometimes I see mirages on our shores. This mirage Sun over the ocean is from one of Parallel Universes was taken be me in the Portal of our coastal village of Elliott Heads, Australia in 2008 ! You will see the real colors of this Sun, if you stand up and look at this picture again on a big, flat LCD monitor like FLATRONe2351 (not small, laptop/ipad type). The colors are external Aquamarine layer and internal Violet color (but there is no Black Hole in it like in the above Sun of Artctic region) !

Picture of the Sun from computer!

Yamal, Russia

Beautiful dark Blue-Violet Colours of the sky in Yamal, behind Arctic Circle, Russia! These unusual photos were taken 10 years ago and sent to me from Russia by my dear friend Irina, who is on the picture below!

But what WRETCHEDNESS, SQUALOR, POVERTY OF IDEAS I constantly observe in Russian Internet, in Russian Websites, in Russian Newspapers and Magazines, on Russian TV, Radio, Movies and Documentaries!!! BLIND COPING of GOOD-FOR-NOTHING WESTERN OFFICIAL (JEWISH-REPTILIAN) "CULTURE"! THERE IS A GOOD EXAMPLE OF PSEUDO-SCIENTIFIC CRAP IN THEIR ARTICLE FROM GAZETA.RU (IF YOU CAN READ RUSSIAN) ON RUSSIAN LINKМои Путешествия по Миру

Waterhole in Montichello Dam, USA!

Waterhole in Montichello Dam, USA! These waterholes are everywhere not just in Dams, esp. in oceans, seas, waterfalls and rivers! Looks like the water (together with us) is in the process of being moved inside of our planet for our use of it till we are gone from this level to the Violet Level and leave others to play their Game till physical Earth would go up in smoke!

The Blue-Violet color of the skies are closer to the Truth!

The Indigo-Violet color of the skies are closer to the Truth!

Sunset in Elliott Heads!

 Fake orangy colors of Sunset in Elliott Heads! But the ultra-violet stream of Energy through the Sun seems genuine!

Sunset in Elliott Heads on the computer!

 Sunset in Elliott Heads is on the computer! You still can see Aquamarine Aura around the dark Blue-Violet  Black Hole of the Sun!

Sunset in Elliott Heads on the computer! You can see Aquamarine Aura around Sun!

And here is even more obvious Aquamarine Energy surrounding the Sun!

What I've been observing in the World, that most people tend to go from one extreme to another : they either sell themselves cheap, moan and complain about others, about the Regime, about the Life in general or attempt to control our Universe, but are avoiding to follow the Plan given to all of us by the former humans from Higher Levels of Consciousness, which was printed in "Handbook for the New Paradigm" by George Green ! According to this Plan, there are 2 important things each one of us (who wants a Change) needs to do!
First is: to take a Personal Responsibility for each step you do; Second is: to create a World in your imagination, the World, where you would rather be, where you would like to move to, the World without those things, which you don't like on Earth! You'll never go wrong if that World will be the Source of All Life, Our Real Home! There you need to keep your Focus!
We all need to create this Dream in our imagination and our Celebration up there ! The Main thing is the Idea: it is the Key! Just imagine 500 million people are dreaming the same Dream of Celebration at Home on the Highest Level of Consciousness! The Power of this Mutual Dream will propel us there in No Time
: There is No Other Way! I know it sounds strange, but we need to Dream our Way out of this Reality together! Robert Monroe was writing about similar situation and the extracts are on  New Earth and Old Earth , read it again, that'll help! Also there is an important information from "Far Journeys" p. 27- 29. It is a description of the experiments conducted by R.Monroe and other volunteers in USA at the beginning of Bob's establishing his Institute. These experiments are proving that, if enough of people wish for something (for example, for the moving 500 million people together with our Universe), that will happen! This feature of ours is very important and will be used at the time of the Event. This Special Mental Energy is Growing into a visible pattern of Light above our Monroe Research Centre in Elliott Heads, Australia: nothing and nobody will stop it ! There is also some info there, concerning this subject from Dolores Cannon's "The Convoluted Universe", book 2, p.619-625 in section "Developments of the New Earth" and below is just a part of it:

"More info about how our bodies and the entire world will go through the dimensional Shift process, and it will be undetected by those around who do not make the shift or change: "Our bodies and everything around are now increasing their vibratory rate and adjusting to a new frequency. Every cell of the body begins to vibrate at such a fast rate that it turns into light. When this begins, the temperature of the body increases and the body starts to glow with light. When every cell is vibrating  at a very high rate, you will disappear from normal vision and move into a higher dimensional reality. This is because the body has moved in vibration beyond the third dimension and is now vibrating on a much higher dimensional level. This then means that you will not go through the death process, as you will then have a Light Body. Aging will not exist for you, and you will have stepped into the next dimensional reality. You can then access the next stage of spiritual evolution.”
“They” have emphasized that this has happened down through time to certain individuals and small groups of people. But what makes it unique now, is that it will be the first time that an entire planet (Planet and people together, LM) will make the shift into another dimension. This will be the new Earth and the new world. ... The others who are not ready, will be left behind... They (the people) will not even be aware that anything has happened. Those who have not become enlightened, will have to return to another, denser planet that is still involved with negativity... They will not be allowed to come to the "new Earth", because their vibration will not match...
The Earth will remain within this UV beam for approximately 17 hours of your time, and it will interpenetrate every electron of precious Life energy. This beam is radiant fluorescent in nature, blue/magenta in color (this Event has already happened, LM). Although it resonates in this frequency band, it is above the color frequency spectrum of your universe, so it will not be seen. However, due to the nature of your soul it will have an effect. The effect is that every thought and emotion will be amplified intensely one million-fold. Every thought, every emotion, every intent, every will, no matter if it is good, bad, ill, positive, negative, will be amplified one million times in strength (get ready for that: it is already taking place! My son Robert has been going crazy from all normal sounds of our household, like running water from the tap, for instance. The feeling is like someone put sound amplifiers into his ears. He's been going crazy for many months and driving us crazy. That could be familiar for many people out there, LM).
Since all matter manifest is due to your thoughts, i.e. what you focus on, this beam will accelerate these thoughts and solidify them at an accelerated rate, making them manifest a million times faster than they normally would. The Violet Light will bathe every person on the planet. It has the potential of transforming the way Humanity thinks and feels. It will create a new, easier pathway for Earth’s Ascension into the next dimension.
(Not the Earth Ascension, but a Jump 2 Levels up, it wouldn't be the 4th Level of Consciousness, but the non-physical Balanced 5th one! There is a big difference in vibration between the 4th and the 5th Levels! LM).
This is the beginning of awesome influxes of Light that will move this planet up the Spiral of Evolution by quantum leaps and bounds! So it appears that it has begun!"

 I happened (mid-July 2011) to learn from the Internet about Jill Bolte Taylor, her videos and her book  "My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey", which I found fascinating!

Jill Bonte Taylor spoke at the Conference "Power of Women" on 11th of August 2011, and there I met her. There is some info below, but about my personal experience with
this conference I've written on the new link : My Travels in Parallel Earths, 2011

External opening

External opening

External opening

It isn't accidental that the color of the last picture (out of three) is violet. This is the color of our Sun on the 5th Level of Consciousness!

Here are appropriate extracts from "Handbook for the New Paradigm"and the rest of it is on:
"Handbook for the New Paradigm" by George Green
   for those, who is not familiar with this book. But if you are familiar with it, I advise you to read it again:

Personal has the true meaning of the harmonious, expression of the fragment of Creator Energy expressing radiantly by continuing the Flow of Expansive Energy into whatever dimension it is within...
The days are now upon us for gathering the focus that will bring about the transformation of the mass consciousness. It will be an interesting process of inter-linking various consciously begun projects at different places on the planet. There are more than one ground crew with purposeful assignments... All are now in place, or nearly enough so that the concerted beginning can be initiated. It is necessary that the resolve, intent and purpose be held securely within the scope of each of you, as the days ahead may seem discouraging. You must hold to your commitment with a calm and trust that does not waver (become unsure)... If followed with dedication and resolve through application of the Universal Laws of Attraction, focused Intention to create a New Paradigm of experience and Allowance through lack of resistance, return to Balance and Harmony must be the end result... The ego has been distorted so that it loves to pontificate and to excuse so that personal responsibility can be avoided. It is so much easier to talk that to do when changing established patterns are involved. It can be overcome by ignoring it and placing the focus beyond the chaos of change and instead to visualize the end result. Picture bypass the intellectualizing process. In order to come up with a statement of purpose, the parenting groups must spend personal time visualizing (dreaming) what each can conceive through imagination and then attempting to put it into concise wording. The process can begin with words, then mental movies, then words again, etc. This would bring into practice purposeful meditation, a wonderful tool of higher dimensions. I believe it has been referred to as "becoming that which you desire". Those known as shamans and oracles use this technique and walk in two "worlds". There are nuances of the Universal Laws that serve the intended purpose of experiencing your way back to the Source of all. It is an adventure offering challenge and joy far beyond 3rd dimensional physical challenges. These leave the empty feelings that ones feel can only be filled with more challenging experiences that bring the same frustrating results of emptiness... What you are attempting to do is to cause this process to manifest on a Planetary Scale, because Earth’s vibratory environment is so distorted that individuals can no longer accomplish it...  this is timed at the exact moment of a Galactic Shift. How will you know? That is our job.

"Example: "But, what can one person do?" Sound familiar. Answer: "More than you can possibly imagine, but first you must realize that you have the power!"

When the conditions of deterioration surround you, how can I comment that this is a glorious day? Indeed, it is, for those conditions are drawing to a close. The ending may contain many surprises. Your Armageddon will arrive, but it shall not be in a format that you have been told to expect. The forces of Light and darkness shall not parry and thrust in a format of war, but nonetheless the situation will have moments of what might be called confrontation, but it will not be in a 3rd dimensional battle of armaments. This should be comforting, for the power of even those 3rd dimensional devices can destroy the planet.
If indeed the Creator (rather the Creative Force, LM) is a focus of (Unconditional) Love or Balance
, then methods of destruction would not be possible. These are only possible within the distorted use of negative polarity energy. Within the two foci of positive/negative energy lies the center point of Harmony (Balance and Love as well, LM). This is the goal of all manifested energy, to exist within this harmonious point. However, it has one disadvantage in that the still point existence would allow for no movement at all, thus it can be maintained for only a relatively short period. As a result there is constant movement away from and returning to this ideal. Within the totality of the Galaxy, there is a Balance between portions of it moving away and toward this still point.
This is seen in the movement of planets and what you perceive as the Mazaroth or Zodiac as they move in cycles around the center point of the Galaxy. Within these revolving movements are many smaller cycles that you cannot observe. When a distortion occurs within one of the smaller cycles it is allowed up to a certain point. When it reaches a point at which this distortion begins to affect larger cycles, then attention is focused to correct this distortion. This attention is now on planet Earth. Destruction would indeed affect other cycles. One planet in your solar system was destroyed. Balance was maintained with great difficulty, but the loss of another planet would cause chaos that would be far reaching indeed. For this reason a great deal of attention now being paid to your situation.
If it were not for the limiting factor of the Freewill of the inhabitants, Balance could have been obtained long before this point. This emphasizes the importance of obtaining consent through deception of the inhabitants for the introduction of atomic destruction devices. Plans are afoot to create the very Chaos that planetary destruction would bring. The stakes are very high indeed in this Game of Control. The Plan behind this destruction is ambitious beyond your imagination.
It involves the creation of a Negative Polarity Universe/Galaxy. To the perpetrators of this situation, you are not even small fry in the Game. This is confrontational at the level of the Creator of this Universe/Galaxy. Have we made this up? Indeed we wish we could tell you that, but it is the usurping of your ability to make Freewill decisions as to whether to cooperate or not that is the small key to the success of their Plan. This will allow you to understand the multiple levels of Control that have been used and why your complete control (which of course is impossible) has been used as the manipulation behind your deception. Indeed, there are many levels of Control of the people on your planet. Those who think they are in control and planning this scenario are just as controlled as their plan for you. As this plays out, there are elements of this situation that are going to be more surprised than your general populous. However, perhaps that surprise will be at a higher level than even that plan includes.

What must be remembered in the greater perception of this is that all that exists and that does mean ALL, does so out of the potentiality that underlays manifested Creation
(in our case it is our Universe, LM).
In following the layers of Energy that coagulate into manifested realities in reverse order, the building blocks become finer and finer (faster and faster, higher and higher, LM) in vibrational quality until it reaches beyond what the Cabala calls Ain Soph or pure potentiality.
In order to cause an entire Galaxy to change polarities it would be necessary to return to this point to cause such an event to happen. Needless to say, this is an extremely simplistic explanation, but should give you an understanding of the audacity of the idea and the relative chances for its success. However, the attempt to do this by working backwards through existing Creation to accomplish this goal holds within it the possibility of a pattern of resulting chaos of no small proportion.

(That explains such an interest of paid astrophysisists, astronomers, matematicians and their employers, the Draconians themselves, in "Big Bang", which is a fallacy, or in how our Universe was born ! LM).
Now to come upon the realization that your conscious consent had to be obtained in order to accomplish this should give you cause to take notice of your responsibility in all of this. Unless you wake up and change the path down which you are moving, there is great responsibility to be faced. Granted you have been lulled into a zombie like existence, but that has been your choice through lack of personal responsibility toward yourselves and your fellow men and women. At the end of this sojourn into Life experience, you stand and recount your experience in the light of full understanding and it is you who judge your own actions. Noone judges you. You are then aware of what might have been had you lived your experience through extending the Love that created you rather than in pursuit of distractions that gave you no real satisfaction.
What now do you do at this pivotal point in your time? In the knowledge of this picture, which you are hardly able to acknowledge may even be a possibility, what can you do? First you must contemplate upon this understanding and come to face it within your own conscious thinking process. You must consider it as possibly being true...
The greatest understanding that enables the limited mind to connect with the totality of Universal existence is through mathematics. Energy exists within precise cycles that can be read as mathematical equations. In order for Universal existence to continue, all the pieces of the puzzle must fit together. Since life expressing is not a static existence, that indicates that changes are going on within the totality of the puzzle on a continuing basis. Variations are constantly being recalculated to continue their inclusion within the whole, which is far greater than can be imagined by finite minds. Thus it is that catastrophic events cause chaos and recalculation down to intricate details and these ripple outward influencing the Universal Whole... The problem is bridging the gulf of misunderstanding that has been set as a trap by ones that have become caught up in the distorted misuse of the aspect of Freewill. These pitiful ones have become so caught up as to perceive themselves as powerful enough to reach not only total equality with the Totality of the Source of All, but that they can reach a place of Superiority...
The Energies as projected by those that would insnare the inhabitants of Earth in its plans to change the destiny of this planet moves in ever tightening circles as they attempt to incorporate the wheels within wheels that constitute a partial understanding of the cycles of creation. They are, oh so, careful to check each cog so that none are out of sequence. Linear thought is still the basis of their Game for there is no spiraling toward Evolutionary change. Evolution is the term given to change in your language. There is a lack of understanding what the process is. What are they evolving toward?
The enslavement of the remaining population is the goal, but for what purpose? A stagnant Utopia? What makes them think that the Universe could or would support them in that process? To rebel against the Process of Creation is one possibility, but to maintain themselves outside of the focus of Creation would incorporate an ever-escalating process within its totality, and it is doomed to failure. To hijack a Planet is one thing; to create an Anti-Universe is indeed grandiose, for there would be no other way. From where would that kind of Energy come? Do they plan to hijack an entire Universe?
I doubt that, which you call God, is so impotent as to allow that. Again I say "welcome to the winning side!" This may seem impossible to believe in view of the above comments. From one perspective that kind of arrogance is humorous. Of course it is not for those experiencing the day to day flexing of the muscles of their power and viewing it from the basis of 3rd dimensional (physical) experience... This time you must go a step farther in your refusal to play the Game according to their rules. You must change your tactics completely so as to cause their plans to be as impotent as they have schemed to make you. You must transcend those plans. Much ado (fuss) has been made for "ascending" and for "rapture’’. Well, this indeed shall be our version of that, accept "Jesus" will not do it for you. You must do more than claim to be a "Christian". It will not be necessary to get your hands dirty in the blood of your enemy. Neither shall you be required to turn the other cheek and look away ... for you shall have plans of your own that will employ God’s methods that you have until now forgotten. The Armageddon of their vision shall never occur. There shall be an Armageddon, but it shall be played out on a different field and there shall be no conflict as has been envisioned for you... Fear not, for you have on your side the Energies that create Solar Systems, Galaxies, Universes and Cosmos, indeed All That Is. Could you ask for more support?... The pot boils, the steam builds and the Universe holds its breath as the moment approaches. Could the process fail? No, but the degree of advantage taken within the opportunity shall affect all within this Universe. Remember that the Creator focus uses all within the Flow of Ever Moving Energy in Creation. Chaos is especially Pregnant with opportunity for Change. It is not to put pressure on you that this Knowledge is being shared, but to add to your understanding of the opportunity that is being brought into the situation that appears so hopeless. You must have your eyes open and use your ability to observe and analyze the actions that are taking place about you... In order for the chances of Success to be at their Greatest Potential, certain sequential events and circumstances must be in pivotal positions. The Mass Consciousness of the Planet has to reach a Particular Level of both the Knowledge of the Truth and a Level of Frustration within the Feelings of Resistance to Recognizing the Changes Coming upon Them... Let us considerate it the leavening of the bread (to produce fermentation) to lift your Intent to an even Greater Focus. Know that all this is given with the greatest of Love, for you are more valuable to the Light (to our Universe, LM) than to them (to the Negatives, LM). You are our Key to the Lock that now holds the totality of this Planet in Prison... There is within the organization of those with negative intentions for this Planet and their contacts with the Extra-terrestrials Masterminding the Entirety of this planned Raping of Earth, a good deal of miscommunication. Each has their separate agenda. Each has plans of reaching their clandestine goals at the expense of the other. Herein lies a vulnerable point in their coordinated effort. It is like two pieces in a puzzle that almost, but not quite fit together. Inasmuch as we look at situations in terms of Holographic Energy composites or Matrix pictures, we are able to determine points of vulnerability. So, the point of this is that there is Not a United Effort within their reality of experience.
The second weakness in their methodology is that of feeding upon the Negative Energy that is created by the competition that is encouraged within their organization. When a weak link or defection is found or manufactured within the members of their groups, there is almost a feeding frenzy upon that departing Energy. It is far more satisfying to them than the same event happening to one of the uninvolved human beings. There is more of their own energy to feed the void of separation that must be maintained in order to continue on their path. They do "eat up" the (Negative Emotional Energy of) competition of sporting events ... Though your spearheading action is the Key in the Lock, there are Forces at play here that are stacked up behind a Dam that holds back Energies that dwarf your ability to imagine them.
Do not underestimate the Importance of Your Role however, for it is the Trigger that Releases This Energy Build Up. The Forces of Creation are hardly Impotent, however they must work within the Laws that create and maintain All of Creation ...
(It could be that the Transition of our Earth together with the inhabitants to the 5th Level of Consciousness is a Trigger for the rest of the Galaxy or even the entire Universe to move to the 5th Level of Consciousness in the same manner forming a chain reaction! That can explain why the whole Galaxy has been showing such an interest towards our Planet for so long, LM)
It is as if there is a Holding of the Breath until Your Freewill Participation begins the Shift in the Flow of Energies...
We on the one hand must encourage and guide you in your Desire to Fulfill Your Purpose and assist you to be ready to act so that you can participate in the Flow of Events that will Manifest as this Flood of Energies is Released into Movement. Thus we are something like your sports coach, always with our Game Plan, but having to adjust and figure ways of compensating for the Fluctuations in your Synchronistic Interactions, the movements and intentions of the adversary (opposing) forces and the freewill aspects of manifested experience... Other levels of your awareness are being instructed in this process as well as in this way.
We are pushing you, but once the process has begun, it shall move more quickly than you imagine for the pressure builds. The understanding of the hell that is planned for each and every human spirit shall cause the focus of a new paradigm to appeal to each contact (a person) at a spiritual level to a profound degree. A desire to participate and to help with the solution to the planetary dilemma will be like letting go of a long held breath within the spirit of each...
The understanding that at long last there is a way, a plan to take shape and the forces of Creation are indeed here to give help. This shall be a pivotal point within each consciousness that will bring a change of attitude and will begin to draw in multitudes of awakening people. It is not that the message of the Truth of what is present and surrounding them will be different at this stage, but there will be a certain underlying attitude that will be the first trip of a trigger to each listening awareness. It will begin to be discussed and the message passes from one to another in a gathering momentum. No longer will it be limited to only those who listen to the talk shows and lectures. Those who have read and informed themselves shall be asked to inform and explain. Faithful tellers of the awful tale, you are the avatars of this time! But in the new paradigm victim/martyrdom has no place. It is not in the plan to allow that pattern to continue...
However, the desire to move through this experience and return this planet as a whole to its rightful place within the Creation is a "freewill" decision. When an internal boiling point is reached within each consciousness by the pressure being applied, don’t you think that there shall be a call within each for help from their Creator? There is a point when those who are under the spell of religions that require an intermediary to their God will bypass that belief and undertake a call within themselves that shall awaken the understanding of their true connection. When that reaches a critical level, then that shall join in the new point of focus being formed at the center of the real circle (bubble) of existence which within Creation has always existed...

The victim cannot be rescued, but must pull herself/himself up by her/his own boot straps and rescue herself/himself by being responsible for their own rescue... We have attempted to explain before that there is help available, that it is powerful and have even understated it. However, the key to the release of this awesome force lies within that which has created the situation in the first place. FREEWILL! If you were not of exceptional value beyond being the vehicle of change, other means of ending this could be employed... simply destroying the whole experiment is not an option, or why just messing up their plans is not enough. The Source, the Big Boss, wants it resolved and who are we to argue? ... Remember, if one tiny unit of energy is truly destroyed, then the totality of all is lost. The Source of All That Is is expansive in nature. The energy can change form through what appears to be the rise and fall, the birth and death of form, but the energy that is at the very basis of this phenomenon is always present... The intuitive aspects of each being begin to awaken for the energy atmosphere of the planet is resonating with the focus of attention placed upon this single planet by the entire Galaxy. Your fellow awake and aware co-inhabitants are certainly noticing what is going on here... The "battle" is not upon the surface of the Planet as you have been told, but it is within the individual awareness and it is by definition also within the planetary awareness. It is either understood or misunderstood, that within the Planetary Awareness, the minds of humanity in combination is the conscious awareness of the Planet itself... With the rapid advance of these technologies (devices) through the focus on heavy slow vibratory manifestation, what appears to be marvelous advancement is indeed quite the opposite. It represents a loss of ability to focus the formative, expansive use of the power of thought inherent within all Creation... The next level is based upon individual responsibility. Unless that is at the basis of the new paradigm the opportunity for the transcendence of this planet and its inhabitants will be lost... The importance of an already perceived outline to be the "prayer of requesting help" needs to be in place to supersede any chances of returning to the old. The help you need to bring this into being will then be assured. This help will not be military in any way whatsoever. It will be the Love of the Creator manifested and shall be genuinely welcomed as it shall interact with the Inner Being that is the forgotten direct connection to the Creator. Love connecting and interacting with Love shall bring changes beyond your imagining abilities. It is also appropriate to note that on a planetary level, the planet itself shall have a like experience... Through long planted misinformation by the religions on your planet, you think of the focused assistance as coming to you from the outside. You look outward at the surrounding lights in your sky at night and presume it is coming from "out there". Indeed, it is possible to exchange energies at the level of manifestation, however the flow of Creation is from the inside out. It is an expansive process. Again we must remind you of the in and out flow of the breathing process. What your scientists observe as burn out and destruction through Black Holes, etc. is instead evidence of the breathing process incorporating the spiraling changes of Shifts into higher Vibratory dimensions (not dimensions, but Levels of Consciousness, LM). As this happens, appropriate energy fields move through this process. If it was all energy, then what is observed would long ago have been "devoured" by one single Black Hole. (Here again you can begin to understand the magnitude of the plans of the negative focus in attempting to create through the process of pushing this Galaxy through a process opposite the creative flow into an opposing reality.) What is perceived by the scientists as the compaction of energy into a tiny ball of massive molecular weight, is of course, a total nonsense. The energy is expanding within the conversion process by increasing its vibrational levels as it moves into a New Paradigm of expression. Is this Galaxy, or a small portion of it going through the Black Hole process? There is no awareness of it. What if it was true? If it were to happen, it would hardly be a hellacious experience...
There is a Shift within the Consciousness that is reflected within the Holographic Activity that is You. In other words, theThought that Each of You Are, is Thinking and Acting within Itself. (The affirmation) -"I am a Graduate becoming, help me to become!" is powerful enough that simply reading it and considering it in a positive attitude Begins the Shift. The victim attitude is deeply ingrained within Humanity as a Whole. It shuts down the light of each child as soon as it is absorbed from the Parental Attitude. With the realization that Victim-hood is a Falsehood and an ideal to be released, the holographic pattern immediately begins to brighten!

This information is for your consideration. May your experience be filled with synchronicities and loving encounters..."

I hope that after reading this you will connect the dots and see why the Negatives are trying desperately to find the way to stop our Universe from returning to the Source! They even organized a competition with a big money prize between 3 best World Schools of Mathematics (Russian, American and Chinese) to find the best way to manipulate/rule/control and reverse the process of Evolution for our Universe! They throw a lot of money into this project and a lot of “scientists” are very busy thinking how to achieve it! One of them is a Russian Jewish “scientist” Grigory Perelman, who really thinks that he found the solution and he (and those, who are behind him) now can rule our Universe ("Formula Of The Universe"), which is impossible! Here is another extract from "Handbook for the New Paradigm" related to the Holographic nature of our Universe and us:

"Woman/Man is made in the essence of their Source. He/She is a tiny holograph of this Source (the Creative Force). A holograph is a tiny fragment of the Whole, that has the potentiality of projecting the Whole from which it came...Each fragment returns itself to the Source (the Creative Force) that projected it. Thus you are lead to understand the framework of the process you are within, for each of you are a holographic fragment of the Source of all that is in the process of self-contemplation.
Ah, panic, you will become as nothing, if you follow the path of the return. Indeed not! With each returning phase toward the Source of your entry into experience, your own self-awareness grows and it becomes greater and greater until you have the absolute potential to being a total equal within the greater Totality of that Source contemplating Itself. Does that boggle your finite minds? Indeed it should not. It should be the most comforting news that you have ever encompassed. Could there ever be a brighter picture of your future ever painted? What possible pleasures could ever compete with a future like that?... All fragments must return to the Source from which they were focused (projected) in order for that Source to remain in the Balance of Wholeness... It is important that you gather into your awareness the wholeness of this situation so that you can begin to contemplate the understanding that even those of darkest behavior patterns are valuable to the Source that you call God. They are a part of the totality of all that the word Source implies. Simply telling you that they are a part of "All That Is" has not brought with it comprehension that encompasses the necessary understanding and so another approach to it has been attempted here... Since the Paradigm can only be brought forth within a Holographic format that resonates in Harmony with the Wholeness of Creation... You are then left to combine the bits into a composite that formulates a sensible basis for moving into the creative process with confidence... The Handbook of the New Paradigm is a precious treasure given to you so that you may step into your radiant stance of service and fulfill your chosen destiny in the history of Planet Earth. Through this suggested process the burden of responsibility will transcend into the pure joy of bringing "en-light-enment" to a world of darkness.
Within the Holographic Process there is the element of Maintaining the Focus to enable Manifestation to Complete its Intended Cycle. The Focus of Thought is maintained for long periods of time by setting the vibratory oscillations within a range that emanates sound. This is duplicated in crude form by your music. In purity it can be grasped as being of a crystalline bell like quality. Tibetan bells give you an inkling of the reverberations that continue for long periods of time, beyond what the human ear can hear. Within a Holographic context, a continuous vibration is set forth in an over unity mode carrying forth the Expansive Paradigm. Each Holographic creation is unique, reminiscent of your snowflakes. It is present within each galaxy a continuous melody of bell like sounds which is perceived in part by some and referred to as the "the music of the spheres" which is a perfect description... Perfect resonance is attained through Balance...
In order for you to conceptualize a higher dimensional experience, it is necessary that you have some understanding of the experience of it from the creational perspective. Holographic interaction is basic to this understanding. Current methodology to produce this phenomenon involves a beam of light focused through a transparency that produces a floating dimensional replica. In an existing holograph (you) conceive a thought of a desire to be reproduced in like Holographic mode. This thought thinking (you) focuses by enlarging this Thought with details that further define the Holographic desire and increases the Energy of the Beam like Thought with Emotions of what the experience of enjoying this New Holograph will be like, therefore empowering it to come into form.
You call the Holographic concept 3D or third dimensional. How then is the 4th dimension different? 3D encompasses the conception of height, width and depth, but involves no motion within the holograph of its own volition. (3D movies involve dimensional glasses. Virtual reality is also a manipulation.) The next step into 4th dimensional experience superimposes the living or vibratory dimension of action within the purview of the Holograph itself. A true Holograph is projected through thought, not by a mechanism. Since thought has the power to act upon itself with further thought, it is self-aware. The higher the degree of self-awareness implies a higher vibratory rate or dimension of experience..."

I get some emails from people who think that I am R.Monroe's daughter and I am not. Bob Monroe and me are sharing the same Higher Self, so it is closer, than being his daughter/sister/wife/girlfriend (who have different Higher Selves). The reason I have Monroe as a surname, because I feel more comfortable with it, less confusion, than with any of my previous surnames.

White Streams of Balance entering Earth every second!

The Beam of Balance entering the Earth in Elliott Heads (rivermouth), Australia! The picture above was made six months ago! on the 20th October 2010!
And soon the Channels will cover the whole picture,  they, you-know-who, would have to blacken the whole picture! At the beginning of 2010 I saw only one tiny Channel of Balance, like tiny sparkling stream of water, coming into our Sun and going from the Sun into the Earth! But now I see maybe a hundred of them! It makes me very happy!

Increased number of Channels of Balance!

Violet Energy is coming into our Sun and from our Sun into our Earth!

White Energy of Balance has been coming from the Higher Sun into our Sun and Earth on this level through the Black Hole in the Sun, it is colored in Violet on our level!

Sparkling Ultraviolet Beam of Energy from the Sun is entering Aquamarine waters of Elliott river, Sep. 2010!

Sparkling Ultraviolet Beam of Energy from the Sun is entering Elliott river, Sep. 2010, Australia!

Here is a very useful table for those who would like to join the group of those 500 000 000 millions people (as Suns) moving higher up to the Source of All Life! I do not recommend "Attention to Yourself" or Focus on yourself instead of on our Real Home! I see it in life and it's reflected in this Table.

Widening the Scope of Attention

Please, do not use computers for translating this site's materials from English into your native language or from Russian into English (do it yourself, use a dictionary), because that will change the meaning of very important thoughts posted here and theinformationwill sound like one of those religious or metaphysical sites!!!

Многие страдают Депрессией и я заметила, что тоже страдаю этим только тогда , когда мои мысли об обеденной, тривиальной жизни, но когда я перевожу свои мысли
на темы этого сайта, у меня Депрессии ни в одном глазу !

Как найти секции на русском для русско-язычных читателей (Links from SITEMAP to material in Russian).

Пожалуйста не доверяйте компьторному переводу с английского на русский: в таких сложных материалах компьютеры искажают смысл написанного. Или переводите сами со словорём или ждите когда я сама переведу материал. А пока читайте на русском что имеется там и этого уже больше чем достаточно и будет больше! Вам надо иметь сначала базу, чтобы разобраться в более сложном! Со статьями написанными не мною я не полностью согласна, но тем не менее я их послала на наш сайт с их электронным адресом. Большая часть моих новых путешествий будет описана в новой секции:

Мои Путешествия по Миру, 2010

На пути к порту, август 2010, Таиланд!

I had a ride on a scooter to the port and I was laughing most of the way! I liked it so much: that was the best moment for me in Thailand! Phuket, Thailand, Aug. 2010!

Medvedev and his "Team"!

Presentation of the medals to the Olympic Team this year!

Medvedev and his "Team"!

Medvedev and his "Team"!

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Жизнь на Земле и Жизнь во Вселенной

Мои новые путешествия по Внешней, Внутренней Земле и по Параллельным Планетам Земля в 2010 году:

Мои Путешествия по Миру, 2010

Первая, полная книга Роберта Монро в электронной форме "Путешествия из Тела" на русском языке:

1я книга Роберта Монро "Путешествия из Тела" на русском языке

Вторая, полная книга Роберта Монро в элект. форме "Далёкие Путешествия" на русском языке:

2я книга Роберта Монро "Далёкие Путешествия" на русском языке

Третья, полная книга Роберта Монро в электронной форме "Окончательное Путешествие" на русском языке:

3я книга Роберта Монро "Окончательное Путешествие" на русском языке

Интересная, нерелигиозная информация повышающая уровень Сознания человека из книг/фильмов/аудио/видео/телевидения/новостей, а также информация о русской музыке, музыкантах и певцах на русском языке:

Информация из книг на русском языке

Полезные статьи на русском языке и мои переводы с английского из сайтов на Интернете и с Ютьюб:

Статьи с Интернета на русском

Статьи и фотографии о жизни в России, на русском и на английском языках:

Жизнь в России и Зарубежом

Интересные Полёты из Тела описанные русским писателем Владимиром Путником в его книге на русском (в электронной форме):

Книга Владимира Путника на русском

Фиолетовый ландшафт Нового Хэмпшаэ в США!

Violet Landscape in New Hampshire, USA!


Dark Energy is Aquamarine Energy (70%) and Dark Matter is Low Viscosity Plasma (26%) and the rest 4% is Cosmic Dust and Gas.
The Negatives call it Dark (kind of negative) Energy when in fact it is Evolutionary Energy ! In fact the 3rd physical level of our Universe is now mainly of Aquamarine Energy ! There is a huge layer of it around Earth and around some Sun as well as around every still remaining physical planet in our Universe ! White Sun we see belongs to the higher non physical 5th Level of Consciousness!

The Sun is White and is covered with external White Vibrations of Energy of Balance !

The controlled astrophysicists' favorite expressions : "Explosions of Stars have always been happening in distant Galaxies" or "Explosions of all Stars happened thousands of years ago or will be happening in a million years", but never at present and never close to us, which is not true!

Recent photo of Sun in Andorra!

Sun in Andorra!

All big cities are nothing but huge Portals to other Parallel Worlds and this is the reason why it is so hard to live in them: some people go crazy. Our place in Australia is a good example of it. And this is the reason why New York couldn't be destroyed, inspite of what Andromedans thought would happen. But the biggest and the hardest (to live in) Portals to Parallel worlds as well as to the lower 4th Level of Consciousness are South and North Polar Openings and they become wider and wider every day. Sometimes I talk to people who worked there and they say that many people, who works in those regions just go crazy or drink heavily. There is some info on that in Russian on our site and you yourself can find such materials on Internet, if you are interested. And I know from my experience how hard it is to live in a Portal, but, eventually, everything will become just one giant Portal!
By the way according to 2 American physicists, D.Coin from the University of California in Santa Cruiz and D. Cheng from Almadeo IBM Research Centre in San Hose, came to a sensational conclusion:
All Known Elementary Particles Could Become Miniature Black Holes!
Constant movement of Galaxies, Solar Systems, Suns, Planets, Cosmic Gas and Pieces/Dust is necessary for the proper Mixing of Energies in our Universe!
With the pictures below I wanted to show the increasing quantity of Aquamarine Energy collected by everyone and everything around and the meaning of it for all of us, especially for those people, who has a problem to understand what  I am writing about! Maybe these photos will help to open people's eyes!

Take as many pictures/videos of Aquamarine Energy as possible and find the way to spread them (send them to us, if you want and we'll post them on our site). For many years me and my son have been hearing the NEW SOUND at our place! This NEW SOUND came to our Universe together with the Aquamarine Energy and it is always accompaning it! NEW SOUND is increasing, but many people think that they have a problem with their ears!

Violet skies above Materhorn Mt. in Switzerland!

Violet-Pinkish skies above Materhorn Mt. in Switzerland and I had a deja-vu there!

Violet skies and Twin-Towers in Spain!

Violet-Pinkish skies and Twin-Towers in Spain!

Mt Ranier , Washington, USA

White Sun is covered by external yellow and pink vibration of Earth, Mt Ranier , Washington, USA

Most of the pictures from this table have been moved to the links:    Universal Life's Events   and

Parallel Universes and Time Travels

Aurora as seen above Northern Opening of planet Jupiter!

Aurora as seen above Northern Opening of planet Jupiter (perhaps 20 years ago, but now it's Violet)!

Indigo Sun 20 years ago!

Indigo vibration was covering White Sun 20 years ago, but now it's covered by Violet vibration of people !

Curved Space
Imagining space as a violet curved, two-dimensional plane, wormholes like this could be formed by two masses applying enough force on spacetime to create a tunnel connecting distant points in the Universe!

Supernova just happened in August this year 2010!

Supernova just happened in August this year 2010!

Violet-Indigo Energy of Galaxies!

Violet-Indigo-Magenta Energies of Galaxies!

Violet-Indigo Energy of Galaxies!

Violet-Magenta Energies of Galaxies!

Violet-Indigo Energy of Galaxies!

Destruction  of Physical Galaxies!

North Polar Opening to Hollow Earth!

North Polar Opening to Hollow Indigo Earth (perhaps 15 years ago, but now it's Violet)!

"The Earth is shaped like a huge doughnut," he says. "We live on the outer side of the doughnut."
Normally, the hole cannot be seen from the air because of the heavy cloud cover over the North Pole, and because the inhabitants of the hollow Earth keep it covered with electronic "light screens." The light screens give the illusion of vast fields of ice and snow through holographic manipulation of the real snow and ice that surrounds the opening, says Bork. But the screens fail from time to time, especially during periods when the sun is in an intensive sunspot phase as it was in 1968. "The hole is there and all we had to do was walk through the illusion," he says. Because the hole is so large, the slope down is very gradual and the explorers were hardly aware they were entering another world. Bork and his associates were elated, but not surprised, to find the Earth is hollow -- and inhabited. Belief that the world is hollow is thousands of years old, he explains. "Legends of a hollow Earth and people who live there go back to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Even the American Indians believed people lived under our feet."A number of other men claim to have entered the hole in the North Pole. They include William Shavers, a Navy pilot who crashed at the North Pole during World War II, and a tribe of wandering Eskimos who told a Canadian reporter in 1958 that they had found "a green land at the top of the world." Leif Erickson and other Norse sea explorers claimed to have found a "lush green land" near the Arctic circle. "Later map makers thought they were talking about Greenland, but Greenland is hardly green, much less lush," Bork says.Some satellite photos DO indicate anomalous areas near the north pole that could indicate the existence of a polar opening. The Earth IS hollow with a relatively thin shell of around 800 miles in thickness from the outside surface to the inner surface. The Earth DOES contain a small interior Sun (Violet) that gives light and life to the interior world and emits a solar wind that lights up the Auroras and fills the Van Allen Radiation belts with highly charged particles. The possibility of the interior inhabitants hiding the opening with holographic images of snow and ice is tantalizing and is a possible explanation why very little is known about it. The polar opening is large enough that the curvature into the interior is so slight that it would not be readily noticeable to polar explorers.
There ARE numerous legends from all over the world that the earth is hollow, including the Eskimos, American Indians, the Greeks, the Vikings, the Egyptians and others. There ARE several stories of pilots stumbling onto the polar opening and even finding land with lush vegetation up near the pole.

Admiral Byrd did fly over the pole in 1926, as confirmed in Admundsen's book, THE FIRST CROSSING OF THE POLAR SEA. And his relatives believe to this day that he discovered that the earth is hollow and inhabited within by a race of highly advanced peaceful humans beings with the added note that they are "very large in stature." Many of the UFO's, or flying saucers seen around the world DO originate from that nation living on the earth's inner surface, as evidenced by their flight patterns being generally north and south indicating they come out through the polar openings when visiting the exterior of the planet.
According to Bernard, p. 117, "The skies in the Arctic and antarctic circles reflect the surface of the earth, water and ice. No great enterprise is undertaken without first consulting the water-sky. "The sky shows a reflection of the ice and the pathways through it, which good explorers know to consult for the best passageway.  More on:    Hollow Earth

Одна из Эмблем Иститута Монро !

Aquamarine Energy stream is constantly moving into our Crown chakras and spread outside/inside our physical bodies! You can see on this picture dominant Violet and Aquamarine Layers around Earth.
It is a Symbolic picture of old Monroe Institute! Below are photos of humans and animals with Aquamarine eyes:

Aquamarine Eyed Cat

Aquamarine Eyed Fish

Aquamarine Eyes fish

a Dog with Aquamarine eyes, Russia

A Dog with Aquamarine eyes, Russia. You might get the same picture of the eyes of your pets! We also noticed the same effect with the eys of our dogs, when we shine the torch into the eyes of the dog at night or the light from something gets accidentely into the eyes and it could be any part of the eye!

Aqua Eyes

Aqua Fish

Aquamarine Energy accumulates in a worm and causes its death!

Aquamarine Layer on the fingers!

Aquamarine Energy on the fingers of a person!

The Aquamarine and Violet Energies are on the fingers of people and on tasers on above and below pictures! You will see it if you get up and look closer at these pictures on the screen of your computer !

Aquamarine Energy is on the fingers of a person!       Aquamarine Energy is on the fingers of a person!

Aquamarine Layer on the fingers!

Aquamarine Layer is on the fingers! Pictures are made from computer!

Аквамариновая Энергия на пальцах и на тэйзере!

Check it out right now by standing up, moving closer and looking at the screen ! What would you see?

Aquamarine Energy is on the bodies of people and you will see it if you look at the upper photo standing! The photo below is taken from the upper photo on the computer!

Aquamarine Energy is on people!

The same Aquamarine colored body like Avatar's body! Everything colored in Aquamarine is dying and everything which is colored in Violet is getting a New Life!

Sparkling Aquamarine Energy in the water in Bermuda, anomalous place!

Anomaly place in Bermuda Triangle. A Blend of Luminous (M) Field (pure White Energy of Balance) and Aquamarine Energy is around our bodies, in our Auras and shown at night in the water in many anomaly places like lake Baikal in Russia, in Biolumunance Bays of Puerto Rico and in Elliott Heads in Australia.

Thousands gather near Sydney Opera House (Anomaly Place!) for naked photo, Australia, March 2010.   Picturing naked people, Sydney, Australia, 2010

  Picturing naked people, Sydney, Australia, 2010     Picturing naked people, Sydney, Australia, 2010

Thousands of people gathered near Sydney Opera House (Anomaly Place, another Portal surrounded by water!) for naked photo, Australia, March 2010. It is a Reheasal before we all(naked), as a Planet in Unified Effort will wink out of the 3rd Density forever and move entirely into non-physical 5th Density (through 4th Density) and unite with our Sun (which is already there, in 5th Density) for further action! We will leave all our physical possessions behind. R. Monroe was writing about a similar situation in "Ultimate Journey", p.33-42, when about a million years ago more than 2 millions of naked people on Earth finally got the  Signal to wink out of the 3rd Density to the higher non-physical 4th Density vibration! Read about it on:    New Earth and Old Earth
I watched "Avatar" and the color of the skin on the main characters is Aquamarine: that doesn't surprise me!

Main character of the movie "Avatar"

I joined Twitter and started getting emails from people who say, that they will follow me, if I follow them (at least I got that impression)! Here is my answer: I am not going to follow anyone on Twitter or any other illusionary organization! Our mutual mission is not to compete with each other (for how many will follow you), but to unite those of the same vibration, to help to unite all the Nations together with our Earth and with the Great Being, our Sun for that Unified Effort, which Robert Monroe described in his books! And this is the reason why I send the info from this website to Twitter: for spreading the info only.
My advice to everyone is to pay more attention to our Sun, have this Unification on your mind constantly, give this Great Being your moral Support, because this Great Being has been sustaining our life on Earth. Our Sun supports all of us here and also plant/animal life and this Great Being will continue to love and support us like nobody else. Our Sun is growing up till you will see only the Energy of this Great Being occupying the entire Horizon !

Aquamarine Energy around the particles in Collider, Cern!

Aquamarine Energy, Magenta and Violet Energies are around the particles in Collider (Cern, Switzerland) and that was so unexpected for pseudo-scientists. Nothing and noone can stop the Transformation of the Consciousness of our Universe to the higher level! Cern, Oct. 2010!

Aquamarine and Violet Traking Station!

Aquamarine-Violet Tracking Station!

Aquamarine in all kinds of equipment!

Aquamarine in all kinds of equipment is destroing it!

Violet Nature!

Purple-Magenta Nature!

Violet colors of Nature!

Violet-purple colors of nature of Australia!

Violet Cows!

Purple Cows!

Violet Squirrel

Violet Squirrel was found in Pensilvania recently and specialists say they are natural ! Violet Cows in Switzerland and violet eggs in Israel !

Violet Eggs

Violet Eggs

Violet Eggs

Violet skinned Man

Violet skinned Man

Violet Squirrel

Violet carrots

Purple cabbage, potato and onions

Violet Colored Vancuver, Canada!

Violet-Pink hues, Vancuver, Canada!

Violet-Blue-Magenta colors of Waikiki in Hawaii!

Violet-Magenta skies of Waikiki in Hawaii!

Violet-Blue-Magenta colors of Maui in Hawaii!

Violet-Magenta colors of Maui in Hawaii!

Violet colors of Cuba!

Violet-Pink colors of Cuba!

Aquamarine Britain

Aquamarine and Violet-Pink Energies, Britain's Causeway!

Rainbow in Violet Skies, Easter Island!

Rainbow in Violet Skies, Easter Island!

Swans in Violet Skies of Alaska!

Swans in Pink Skies of Alaska!

Violet Energy of Washington!

Violet-Pink Energy of Washington!

Baobabs in Madagascar!

Violet-Pink skies over Baobabs in Madagascar!

Rainbow in Violet clouds at Night, Hawaii!

Rainbow in Violet Clouds at Night, Hawaii!

Violet Skies and a double rainbow at Niagra Falls!

Violet Skies and a double rainbow at Niagara Falls, USA!

Violet Skies and a double rainbow!

Violet Skies and a double rainbow!

Rainbow in Violet skies!

Rainbow in Violet skies!

Violet skies in Malasia!

Violet skies in Borneo, Malasia!

Gamma - Ray Sprites in Violet skies!

Gamma-Ray Sprites in Violet skies!

Gamma-Ray's Sprites in Violet-Pink skies!

Lightning strikes have ripped four-metre holes in roofs in Melbourne's southeast. About 40 people iayside Aspendale called for State Emergency Service (SES) assistance after storms wreake haViolet Skies with Sprites during Wild Storms!

Violet Skies with Sprites during Wild Storms!
Gamma-Rays create numerous Portals on our Earth and in our Universe to better mix all different Energies of different frequencies!

Violet Skies with Sprites during Wild Storms!

Violet-Pink Vibrations/Frequencies of people living in Brisbane!

Violet Skies with Sprites during Wild Storms!

Gamma-Rays create numerous Portals in Brisbane to better mix all different Energies of different frequencies!

Friday, December 17, 2010 � 09:01am

Energex recorded nearly 60,000 lightning strikes on Thursday and wind gusts of nearly 100km/h.

Violet colored Antarctica!

Violet-Pink colored Vibrations of Antarctica!

Violet Skies in Norilsk behind Arctic Circle, Russia!

Violet skies in Norilsk behind Arctic circle, Russia!

Faked Holographic Black Line is covering Sparkling Line of Balance in my room!

Fake Holographic Black Lines on the wall above the window are covering Violet Energy of our Sun of 5th Level of Consciousness and Sparkling White Streams of Balance inside my room (one black line was not enough for the Negatives, they've made two)!

2 Faked Holographic Black Lines are covering Sparkling Line of Balance in my room!

2 Faked Holographic Black Lines are covering Violet Energy of Sun in my room! 20th Oct. 2010

Fabric  of  Time

Pattern of Fabric Of Time on sky

On the upper photo you can see FABRIC OF TIME, imprinted into the sky! It is not often you can see it, because usually our skies are full of chemtrails or fake holographic colors to cover up
7 years ago I was lucky to witness FABRIC OF TIME in the sky above Pacific ocean and Elliott rivermouth. FABRIC OF TIME looked like stretched grey old fish net in the sky above me, swimming in the ocean,
the sight lasted only 15 min. Later I made photos of FABRIC OF TIME, imprinted in the wet sand of our beach during tides, there is one such photo below (other photos are somewhere on this site). Such photos could be made only in Portals of many beaches of the World, and I have seen the same FABRIC OF TIME pattern in Equadorian coastal beaches, for example. I also saw the same pattern, imprinted into the
calm surface of ocean water (from above), when I was flying from Bahamas to Miami last year! And I was always wondering: how physicists and astrophysicists know how to picture the FABRIC OF TIME in their works (books, films, videos), if they, supposedly, never seen one? Where did they get the right idea, if it has been covered up for thousands of years?

 Lydia in ocean

My other Alter

Roughly in mid of 2007 I was swimming in the rivermouth of Elliott river (Anomaly Place) entering Pacific ocean in the  North-East Coast of Queensland, Australia, where I live. The weather was perfect: sunny, no wind or clouds, high tide, crystal clear water, the Pacific ocean was as placid as a lake. I looked at the sky above the ocean and noticed at  some distance a strange thing: a wide, dark gray wall starting high in the sky and finishing at the water surface. The wall had a pattern of a slightly stretched black and old fish net full of holes. I didn't have a camera with me and soon it was gone! And at that time I didn't know what it was and I've seen it only once!
The same pattern was imprinted into the wet sand of the exposed riverbed at low tide, but not everywhere (above are similar pictures of Fabric of Time I took recently at the same place). It could only be seen at low tide, that pattern was made of tiny channels of water on the sand running back to the ocean. Many people probably, seen this particular pattern on the sand, but didn’t know the connection of it to the Fabric of Time and I didn’t know about it at the time.
Almost a year later (after reading of some materials on astrophysics) it dawned on me that I, finally, witnessed a piece of  the Holographic Fabric of Time. That was a fascinating subject for me for many years,
but I only read books or watched dvd's about it.
It's  high  time for all of us to see it! Remote viewers can see and describe the Fabric of Time: it's very  fragile! Here is the description of how David Morehouse was going through the Fabric of Time into the past and into the future from his book "Psychic Warrior":

"Concentrate on the movement. It's no different from the others you've done. Concentrate on moving forward or backward in Time (that fishnet layer, LM) until you see the surface below you."
Straining, I tensed my neck, rolled my head backwards, and closed my eyes. I began to feel something moving through me, like an energy fluid or an electrical charge (that's how the energy of Fabric of Time feels like, LM).
I rocked my head foward and opened my eyes to see Time peeling of the Earth day by day, the picture beneath me changing with each passing moment. "...that's unbelievable!"  I shouted.
"Concentrate. You have to stop quickly when you get the picture you want."
I watched in amazement. The terrain below me remained unchanged, but the cloud patterns flickered and strobed their way through Time, changing like a rabbit-fire slide show. I noticed the cloud cover beginning to dissipate, slowly chiseled away at its outer perimeter..."

The Pattern of Fabric of Time is printed on the sand! Elliott Heads, Sep. 2010

Low Tide. The Pattern of Fabric of Time is printed on the sand right above the place, where I have seen the Fabric of Time in the Sky over the Ocean a few years back (at the time of high Tide)! Elliott Heads, Sep. 2010

The Pattern of Fabric of Time is printed on the sand! Elliott Heads, Sep. 2010

This is how the pattern of Holographic Fabric of Time look and it is covering the Globe. This Timeline looks like 'an endless peel of potato'! It is generated by some equipment placed inside Earth in the regions of Alps (Austria or Switzerland), which would be stopped by Dec. 2012. At present the Fabric of Time is crumbling, leaving distorted patterns on sand!

The Patterns of Distorted Fabric of Time!

The Patterns of Distorted Fabric of Time!

The Patterns of Distorted Fabric of Time!

The Patterns of Distorted Fabric of Time!

The Patterns of Distorted Fabric of Time!

The Patterns of Distorted Fabric of Time!

The Patterns of Distorted Fabric of Time!

More Sink Holes in the sand of Elliott Heads, Australia, the yesterday's photo, 17 Oct.2010!

More Sinkholes in the sand and on the roads in Elliott Heads, Australia, 17 Oct. 2010!

More Sink Holes in the sand of Elliott Heads, Australia, the yesterday's photo, 17 Oct.2010!

I was going somewhere, but where?

I was going somewhere, but where? Oh, I remember, to the Source of the Creative Force !

Это объявление я видела в Метро Москвы!

This Ad in Moscow Metro says " Go to Cosmos!" and this is for real! I thought it was so appropriate for me!

My first speech in front of an audience of UFO Conference in Anomaly area of Perm, Russia, 2010

My first (and accidental) speech of that kind in front of Russian audience at the UFO Conference in Kesherty (Perm - Triangle), an Anomaly place, a huge Portal to other Parallel Earths near Perm, Russia, Summer 2010. Inside and outside that Triangle there are still a lot of Gulags and that has been going on for the last 40 years!

Moscow Journalist's House in the Centre of this city, in this area called Arbat

Moscow Journalist's House in the Centre of this city, in this area called Arbat

Moscow's House of Journalists, summer 2010

Moscow's House of Journalists, June 2010. The conference took place in this building, 16 June 2010

Moscow's House of Journalists, summer 2010

Kalian (Smoking Drugs) Cafe inside Moscow's House of Journalists (Дом Жур).
 The conference took place in this building, 16 June 2010   (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)

Egor, Russian peace poet
The scientific report below is so strange that I was not prepared to believe it or send it out to you until I contacted my old friend, peace poet, writer and translator, Igor Mikhailusenko in Moscow to find out if the scientist named below is a respected individual or just some kind of a kook. I can't really investigate the science but the least I can do is ascertain the reliability of the scientist.
Igor reports that the man is well-known and respected among Russian scientists and therefore I pass on the very interesting report below. We have always looked at the sun as very permanent and unchanging. But in fact we have recently been reading American scientists' reports of much larger magnetic storms on the sun than ever before. Sunspots have become larger or more numerous or the like, but no explanation has been offered. Now we may have it. I've not followed solar activity much but left it to others, not understanding that it could affect our real world situations.
Now it seems that what may really be happening is larger than just sun spot changes. It may actually be as Dr. Dmitriev seems to suggest that the entire solar system is moving into a new area where things are indeed different.
We've always known that just as our planet revolves around the sun and in doing that passes through different areas so there are more meteorites at certain seasons than at others, so also the sun itself with the entire solar system around it has an orbit of its own. Orbit ? That would suggest a center around which it revolves. I'm not sure of that, but it is clear that the entire solar system is not fixed in space. It must at least move with what some refer to as an "expanding universe".
So as it moves there is no reason to think that it cannot move into areas of different kinds of energy.


Hold onto your hats! Here goes:

This is the Russian perspective on earth changes. Hard facts that are going unreported in America. The atmospheres of the planets are changing. Dr. Dmitriev's work shows that the planets themselves are changing. They are undergoing changes in their atmospheres. For example the Martian atmosphere is getting sizably thicker than it was before. The Mars observer probe in 1997 lost one of its mirrors, which caused it to crash, because the atmosphere was about twice as dense as they calculated, and basically the wind on that little mirror was so high that it blew it right off the device.
Earth's moon is growing an atmosphere. Also, the moon is growing an atmosphere that's made up of a compound Dmitriev refers to as ''Natrium.'' Dmitriev says that, around the moon, there is this 6,000-kilometer-deep layer of Natrium that wasn't there before.
And we're having this kind of change in Earth's atmosphere in the upper levels, where HO gas is forming that wasn't there before; it simply did not exist in the quantity that it does now. It's not related to global warming and it's not related to CFCs or fluorocarbon emissions or any of that stuff. It's just showing up.
Magnetic fields and brightness of the planets are changing. The planets are experiencing sizable changes in their overall brightness. Venus, for example, is showing us marked increases in its overall brightness. Jupiter has gotten to have such a high energetic charge that there is actually a visible tube of ionizing radiation that's formed between its moon, Io. You can actually see the luminous energy tube in photographs that have been taken more recently. And the planets are having a change in their fields. The magnetic fields are becoming stronger. Jupiter's magnetic field has more than doubled. Uranus's magnetic field is changing. Neptune's magnetic field is increasing. These planets are becoming brighter. Their magnetic field strength is getting higher. Their atmospheric qualities are changing.
Uranus and Neptune appear to have had recent pole shifts. When the Voyager 2 space probe flew past Uranus and Neptune, the apparent north and south magnetic poles were sizably offset from where the rotational pole was. In one case, it was 50 degrees off, and in the other case the difference was around 40 degrees, both of which are pretty big changes.
The overall changes could essentially be broken down into three categories: Energy field changes, luminosity changes, and atmospheric changes.
Overall volcanic activity has increased 500 percent since 1975. On the Earth, we're seeing the changes even more completely.
For example, Michael Mandeville has done research that has shown that the overall volcanic activity on the Earth since 1875 has increased by roughly 500 percent. The overall earthquake activity has increased by 400 percent just since 1973.
Natural disasters increased 410 percent between 1963 and 1993! Dr. Dmitriev did a very elaborate calculation of natural disasters. He showed that if you compare the years 1963 through 1993, the overall amount of natural disasters of all different kinds - whether you are talking hurricanes, typhoons, mud slides, tidal waves, you name it - have increased by 410 percent.The Sun's magnetic field increased by 230 percent since 1901.
There's a study by Dr. Mike Lockwood from Rutherford Appleton National Laboratories in California, who has been investigating the Sun. He has discovered that since 1901, the overall magnetic field of
the Sun has become 230 percent stronger than it was before.
More than just Earth Changes
So, all in all, what we're seeing is a lot more than just what they call Earth Changes. Some people get into the idea that there is an interaction between the Earth and the Sun that's going on here. Very, very few people are aware of the work that is being done in the Russian National Academy of Sciences in Siberia, specifically in Novosibirsk, where they are doing this research. They've come to the conclusion that the only possible thing that could be causing this energetic change all throughout the Solar System is that we are moving into an area of energy that is different - that is higher.
The glowing Plasma at the leading edge of our Solar System has recently increased 1000 percent!
Now, check this out. The Sun itself has a magnetic field, of course, and that magnetic field creates an egg around the Solar System, which is known as the heliosphere. The heliosphere is shaped like a teardrop, with the long and thin end of the drop pointing in the opposite direction from the direction that we're traveling. It's just like a comet, where the tail is always pointing away from the Sun.

The Russians have looked at the leading edge of this heliosphere, and they have observed glowing, excited plasma energy there. This plasma energy used to be 10 astronomical units deep (an astronomical unit is the distance from the Earth to the Sun, 93,000,000 miles). So ten astronomical units represents the normal thickness of this glowing energy that we used to see at the front end of the Solar System.
Today, that glowing plasma has gone to 100 astronomical units deep! Although Dmitriev's paper does not give an exact timeline, we can assume that this increase happened in the same 1963 to 1993 period as the increase he found in natural disasters. Whenever it happened, that's a 1,000 percent increase in the overall brightness of the Energy at the front end of the Solar System!
And this means that the Solar System itself is moving into an area where the energy is more highly charged. That higher-charged energy (The Aquamarine Energy to be exact, LM)is in turn exciting the Plasma and causing more of it to form, so you see more luminosity, more brightness. This energy (Aquamarin) is then flowing into the Sun, which in turn emits the energy and spreads it out along its equatorial plane, which is called the Ecliptic. This in turn is saturating interplanetary space, which causes the solar emissions to travel more quickly and charge up the energy on the planets.
And this is conscious energy that is changing how the planet works, how it functions, and what kind of life it supports. The harmonics of the DNA spiral itself are altering. That's the real, hidden cause of spontaneous mass evolutions in previous epochs of time.
All this is happening all at the same time, and it's all working up to a crescendo where there is going to be a sudden shift.
In other words, we will get to the point where we are so far into the new level of energy that there will be a sudden expansion of the basic harmonic wavelengths that the Sun emits as it radiates energy
out of itself. This increase in energy emission will change the basic nature of all matter in the Solar System. The planets are pushed slightly farther away from the Sun and the atoms and molecules that
make them up actually expand in terms of their physical size."

About the importance of our thoughts from "Legacy From the Stars" by Dolores Cannon, p.306:

"P: ...Every moment of life on physical Earth, in our density, has the capability of change. Each thought that takes us into the comprehension of dimensions, and the belief of foreverness of consciousness and individuality. Every thought that’s generated by a human being helps to move the planet in a direction that will make the future I see... Thought is energy. Energy creates movement. So it’s like lights turning on everywhere. Then it’s not dark any more. This is so hard to explain.
Dolores: You’re doing very well. Then what it is you’re trying to tell the people?
P: First, that thought is a force that is eternal. So the absolute necessity is to think on the highest vibratory level possible. The way to enter another dimension is to raise vibration, or to speed up vibration.
Human can do that by using thought. If the human is not aware that they can use their mind to think these thoughts, then they won’t do that. They continue having their thoughts on the mundane level. Shoes, food and everything else. The absolute essentialness is of changing our thought, or just broadening our thought. Thoughts are really big things. (She laughed.)
Dolores: I’ve heard that before.
P: With what you do with your thoughts, each individual human has a determining effect on the entire planet. So there must be more people who are tuning into, or generating- I’ll say the word “generating”- thoughts of the capability of life everlasting, in a conscious form... a life of high vibration, then you are uplifting yourself and the Planet. And when you die you don’t die..."

Look again at the pictures on  More about Black Holes

Our Videos are not Linear, they are Holographic, they are a part of Our Universal Holographic Structure. The Impact they create on our minds, on our Holographic Collective Knowledge. They are not separated,
I mean our Minds, Our Society, our videos, our website and us, everything we do, our lives - all of it belongs to Our Advanced Holographic Structure!
Our website is not Linear, it is Holographic!
There is a lot of New Plasma Energy, which you can observe in those Videos and I never use lenses of filters or any other techniques when I video or take pictures! The very technical, but appropriate article is recommended for reading on  Parallel Universes and Time Travels  in the section "Universal Changes" and an extract from it is below:

ESI Programme on AdS Holography and the Quark-Gluon Plasma

Vienna, 2 August – 29 October 2010
Erwin Schrdinger -  International Institute for Mathematical Physics

"...Somewhat surprisingly it turned out, however, that the new state of matter created in RHIC collisions does not behave as a weakly interacting gas of quarks and gluons but rather as a liquid showing significant collective flow phenomena. Of particular interest is the so called elliptic flow that appears in non-central heavy ion collisions. The elliptic flow data indicate that the liquid of nuclear matter has an extraordinarily low viscosity. It even appears to be the most perfect fluid observed in nature so far, having a specific viscosity (viscosity to entropy ratio) at least an order of magnitude smaller than that of any previously observed liquid...
The temperatures reached in the heavy ion collisions at RHIC are around 350MeV, which is about twice the critical temperature of QCD. At these temperature QCD is still very strongly interacting and therefore the new state of matter created in RHIC collisions has been named the strongly coupled quark gluon plasma.
In addition an attempt shall be made to involve another scientific community: that of researcher in black hole physics and numerical relativity. Indeed many topics of black hole physics play a crucial role in the AdS/CFT application to the QGP:
the interpretation of the black hole entropy as the entropy of the field theory, the spectrum of black hole quasinormal modes to mention only two and we expect that other topics such as critical collapse or dynamical horizons will play an important role in the near future.
The ESI programme shall therefore make an effort to reach out to the community of researchers in black hole physics and numerical relativity. Leading scientists in this fields shall be invited to lecture on their research and to participate actively during the programme."

"According to the Andromedans, it is the male aspect of ourselves that creates the thought and the feminine aspect of ourselves that makes things manifest through emotion". Alex Collier

To build something with just a Thought (male aspect) is good for non-physical 4th level and higher levels of Consciousness, but for the physical 3d level, Thought alone is not enough. And it's here on 3D Earth (and other 3D physical planets) everything you see has been manifested through emotions and kept from disintegrating by feminine aspect, by feminine energy (unless the world was destroyed by an outside force). Feminine Energy was/is stored more in females and much less in males. The whole 3d level of our Universe has been created according to this Basic Idea: Thought is a male aspect; Creation of all physical (and non-physical) Life, Thought Manifestation is a female aspect and it is the same principle in many other physical Universes!

Here is an appropriate extract from R.Monroe's "Ultimate Journey", p.109:

"What we need to do, whether in- or out-of-body, is to ignore or tear down the No Trespassing signs, the taboos (and copy rights), the notice that says Holy of Holies, the distortions of time and translation, the soft Black Holes of euphoria, the mysticisms, the myths, the fantasies of an eternal father or mother image, and then take a good look with our acquired and growing left brain. Nothing is sacred to the point where it should not be investigated or put under inquiry. We must grant that this requires a quantum leap for our Different Overview. It can be compared to getting out of local traffic with its confusion, snarls, and stoplights and taking the Interstate—a major highway into the Unknown. The map that we are developing will cover the route as far as our active consciousness patterns can extend it..."
If we are the Energy, then we don't need all these physical attachments, which are holding us back! We also don't need electronic things like mobile phones (women's great joy), and even computers: they interfere with us becoming telepathic, if we are telepathic, we are not dependant on electronics anymore! We will become totally telepathic before we move out of here, but not without a mental fight !!!
These tendency and ability of women to retain, rather than destroy our good-for-nothing Worlds is used by the Negatives and this is one of the reasons why more and more females have been chosen as political leaders.
You see, according to the info, given by Michael Talbot in his "The Holographic Universe",
Past, Present and Future are rapidly merging together.
That means that all the Negative Energies of the Past are more and more visible and felt at Present and according to the statistics Michael Talbot gave us(4:1)
the Negative experiences, which happened in the Past were 4 times more often than Positive experiences and their intensity was also much higher (battles, diseases' epidemics, natural disasters etc.). The same situation is with all of our Parallel Earths! Soon you will see other semi-transparent worlds, and how their images, emotions and sounds superimposing your world. Some people can already see and hear it and that drives them crazy! If they only knew that there is a way out, the one I've just described! What we really must doing first is to clean our environment from Negative emotions! You will suffocate if you have a house full of Rubbish (up to the roof) and that what we have on Earth right now!
Blows have been penetrating all the remaining Parallel Earths/Parallel Universes to cause them to implode faster and merge with the Core - the Original Earth/Original Universe faster.
You really need to change your Focus, your Goal from the Planetary to the Universal !

The Blows have been penetrating the Core of the Original physical  Earth and the Original Universe: this is where unbalanced energies are most concentrated! There is also another idea, that the Centre of the Universe is in every Point! When it is complete, we can move to the higher vibration ! The financial, political and religious systems are a major block in the Negative Holographic Structure! You need to mentally move this black energy out of Earth and out of this Universe through imaginary Black Holes. This way you are an active participant and not just an observer !

This action will create that "Domino, Resonance or Ripple Effect" or reveberation Alex Collier was talking about. The whole Negative Holographic Structure would collapse if we remove just one right brick from under the Negative Holographic Pyramid ! If one person created such a mess at New York' Stock Exchange on the 8th of May 2010, then can you imagine what a thousand of people can do if they don't have fear to mentally destroy this physical world? Remember that by cleaning Earth from the Physical structures, you are helping to clean up the whole Universe, our Earth and ourselves. Our Earth contains the whole Universe! Here are a couple of thoughts from "The Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot:
"In a holographic universe, a universe in which a slight change in attitude can mean the difference between life and death, in which things are so subtly interconnected "...Bohm's assertion that every electron in some way contains the cosmos..."
It looks like at certain Time, those women and men, who has more Feminine Energy and Intent, will manifest both: our Planetary Shift of Consciousness and our Universal Move to the Source of all Life!
Good News for the Addicts of 3d Level (Physicality): every world/reality/situation, which we created on Earth, does exist in non-physical 4th Level as well and you often visit them while Journing out of the Body at night, so you would feel comfortable there, when you lose your physical body. These Holographic Worlds look so real that you wouldn't see the difference! Robert Monroe portrayed a few of them in his books! And another thing. When you watch TV, what makes you so sure that it is not coming from non-physical holographic 4th Level worlds pre-recorded like a movie? A lot of energy is also being spent to re-create our physical worlds with robots on other planets in this Universe (short lived) and other Universes (for the addicts). It wouldn't be a bad idea to crush mentally similar restrictive Worlds on non-physical 4th level too and replace them with a New World,  exciting Reality without financial systems and other stuff, something unusual and rewarding for you and for all of us. Each one of us just need to use our imagination and we will have  it! We can't live in the ruins of an Old World, we need to replace it !
By ruining Old Physical Worlds we are finally merging with our upgraded Whole Universe!
"... Bohm's assertion that Thoughts are like vortices in a river."
I, personally, would start from creating a Celebration Party for all the participants of this Planetary Game (the Party of millions of us, former Earthers) on the non-physical level, where we all finally can meet each other! What a Powerful Event it is going to be!

How to find a Portal? Take pictures and look at them on your computer standing! A Portal could be in your house/flat (especially the place where you sleep or work and we are showing you one of such Portals on Video Part 5). Check your room out by having one light lamp with the shade switched on (preferably on the
ceiling) in the evening, close all the doors/windows, turn off all kind of motors/equipment (fans, airconditioners, TV's, radios, mobile phones etc.), then carefully watch the shadow of the lamp (if there is no shadow from the lamp, then find another place or a lamp in the room which would have a black shadow coming from the lamp). You look around: everything looks stable, but when you look at the shadow (without glasses or contact lenses) and see that it is not stable: it slightly moves, waves. It's not supposed to, because there is no wind, everything is closed and you've freezed everything with your stare except that spot! Then this is your Portal through which you can mentally go and blow this Negative Holographic system up in your own way! You might have the whole room waving, then you are in the right place! To help you to understand the mechanics of that, here are some extracts from "The Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot on  Michael Talbot's "The Holographic Universe"  p.33-36 (there will be the whole book on our site soon), from which you'll find out, that electrons can behave as particles and as waves and when you look at something your stare would freeze electrons and they become stable particles, then you see a stable picture, as soon as you turn away the picture would become wavy again. It is possible to find such places in outside country: forests, mountains, deserts etc. these days (Don Juan was teaching Carlos Castaneda how to find such a spot). When the Negatives talk about 'the stabilization' of the Planet and their financial system, what they really mean is to leave everything without any changes (as it was for thousands of years)!
When I close all the window/doors in my bedroom and look at the ceiling at night and see, that the only moving thing in the room is the black shadow from the lit up lamp on the ceiling, then I know, that I freeze everything with my stare except that spot around the lamp. If you can't freeze it, then it is the sign of Anomaly place, of the Inteference Pattern, of the Portal. Sometimes you can find these places in the ocean/sea/river/lake/waterfall. Just watch the waves how they constantly running into each other in some spots, creating these Inteference Patterns and this could be a Portal like a few of them we have in  Elliott rivermouth.
If you are not successful maybe you can create a Portal and act through your own computer or in a place of your meditation or create it yourself anywhere with your hidden ability to expand holographically. There are some useful Thoughts in "The Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot, p. 125:

"In thinking that is again similar to Bohm's, Jahn and Dunne propose that PK (PsychoKinesis - the ability to move objects with a thought) actually involves an exchange of information between consciousness and physical reality, an exchange that should be thought of less as a flow between the mental and the material, and more as a resonance between the two. The importance of resonance was even sensed and commented on by the volunteers in the PK experiments, in that the most frequently mentioned factor associated with a successful performance was the attainment of a feeling of "resonance" with the machine... To the extent that we're talking about a rather basic reliance on wave mechanical behavior, there is some commonality between what we're postulating and the holographic idea, " says Jahn. "It gives to consciousness the capacity to function in a wave mechanical sense and thereby to avail itself (take advantage of it), one way or another, of all of space and time." Dunne agrees: "In some sense the holographic model could be perceived as addressing the mechanism whereby the consciousness interacts with that wave mechanical, aboriginal, sensible muchness, and somehow manages to convert it into usable information. In another sense, if you imagine that the individual consciousness has its own characteristic wave patterns, you could view it—metaphorically, of course—as the laser of a particular frequency that intersects with a specific pattern in the cosmic hologram... So far, PK effects produced in the lab have been limited to relatively small objects, but the evidence suggests that some individuals at least can use PK to bring about even greater changes in the physical world.
...An electron is simply not an object as we know it... Although an electron can sometimes behave as if it were a compact little particle, physicists have found that it literally possesses no dimension... When an electron manifests as a wave it can do things no particle can...  a single category of somethings that are always somehow both... The electron, like some shapeshifter out of folklore, can manifest as either a particle or a wave. This chameleonlike ability is common to all subatomic particles. It is also common to all things once thought to manifest exclusively as waves. Light, gamma rays, radio waves, X rays—all can change from waves to particles and back again. These somethings are called quanta, and physicists believe they are the basic stuff from which the entire universe is made.
Perhaps most astonishing of all is that there is compelling evidence that the only time quanta ever manifest as particles is when we are looking at them. For instance, when an electron isn't being looked at, experimental findings suggest that it is always a wave. Physicists are able to draw this conclusion because they have devised clever strategies for deducing how an electron behaves when it is not being observed... Physicists have found compelling evidence that the only time electrons and other "quanta" manifest as particles is when we are looking at them. At all other times they behave as waves...
Physical universe— the very fabric of reality itself—possesses what appears to be an undeniable "holographic" property. Perhaps the most important considerations are the character and achievements of the two men who originated the idea...It is a way even the most accomplished men and women can seldom call their own, for it is measured not by mere intelligence or even talent. It is measured by courage, the tremendous resolve it takes to stand up for one's convictions even in the face of overwhelming opposition...Bohm and Pribram's commitment to stand up for what they believe in, regardless of the consequences, is also evident in the holographic model. As we shall see, placing their not inconsiderable reputations behind such a controversial idea is not the easiest path either could have taken. Both their courage and the vision they have demonstrated in the past again add weight to the holographic idea... Jahn and Dunne found that through mental concentration alone, human beings are able to affect the way certain kinds of machines operate.This is an astounding finding and one that cannot be accounted for in terms of our standard picture of reality.
It can be explained by the holographic view, however. Conversely, because paranormal events cannot be accounted for by our current scientific understandings, they cry out for a new way of looking at the universe, a new scientific paradigm."

We are not Humanity, we are Energy and this Energy needs to be used for the Evolution of our Universe!
Let's think logically. If we all originated from the same Source (Creative Force) and, eventually, we all are coming back to the same Source (Read R. Monroe's "Ultimate Journey"), then it makes us all connected to each other on a very high level of Consciousness. But it shouldn't stop you to move the Energy, which doesn't want to evolve higher than this level, out of here through a Black Hole (mentally) to another, New Universe, where they will continue to evolve!

Violet Clouds

Violet-Pinkish Clouds

Our Blue Sun - Our Spaceship!

Our White Sun with superimposed holographic white patch on it ! Change the angle and look at these pictures standing: you will see violet vibration, surrounding White Sun! October 2010

I also, for the first time, saw on our video today (18 Apr. 2010) some kind of chain and then a black narrow railway - like track of some sort being superimposed on White Sparkling and Pulsating Beam of Balance.
This White Sparkling Pulsating Moving Beam of Energy, as well as Moving Aquamarine Energy, they are sending us new information! What you would see on Part 4 Video are intermittent Sun flashes. This is the  language, a coded message to us and I don't know the content of it, maybe someone can decode it. These flashes are the same White Sparkling Pulsating Moving Energy from the Sun to Earth, which is heavily camouflaged with thick phony holographic white layer!
Phony Holographic Black Railway pattern or any other weird black/white or colored patterns as well as colored pentagons/triangles/rectangulars/tails etc. are being superimposed onto the Moving, Sparkling and Pulsating White Beam of Balance connected to the Earth and to the Sun!

For those, who wants to make pictures or videos of, moving into Earth, Energies, and are not afraid to damage their digital cameras, I would like to give a few advices:

1. Try to make pictures inside and outside everywhere, where the Sun can shine at least partially with as less wind/rain/clouds as possible, because you might get a surprise where you least expected it, you might get pictures similar to mine;
2. When you picture the Sun, try to patiently and slowly scan just above or below the visible Sun from left to right and back, little bit up, then little bit down a few times, till you finally catch the glimpse of  Sparkling white stream of Energy to  and from the Sun (or next to it) on the viewfinder;
3. You need to scan this Beam with your camera till you see what I've seen many times, that this stream of Energy is moving in fast pulses from up, down into the Sun (or next to the Sun) and from the Sun into the Earth. These Energy Pulses are the messages to us, same as Crop-Circles and Graffiti signs on fences/buildings. I also saw 2 separate streams of 2 colors: one was more like sparkling water and another one  was of aquamarine color, moving down from the Sun in Parallel to each other.
In his September 2009 talk at the conference Alex Collier was talking about the Holographic, more balanced Consciousness Structure of the New Earth we are creating to counteract negative Holographic Consciousness Structure (the full content of this talk will be on  Alex Collier's info  and partially on:

My Thoughts and Thoughts of other Writers

To know more about how Alters are created see  
Psychology of Multiple Personalities and link on our site. There is some vital info (Alex Collier's Information on Parallel Earths/Universes) about Parallel Earths/Universes on  My Travels in Parallel Earths and on

Defending Sacred Ground;

I add new pictures every day on all the links in any place of the link, so I advise you to look through all of them!!! Many new pictures are on Dolphin-Human Connection ,

Fun and Entertainment ,

Taisha Abelar's "The Sorcerer's Crossing"
and in the book by Bayard Stockton "Catapult: The Biography of Robert A. Monroe" ,

Anomalous Events ,

New Earth and Old Earth

William Buhlman's info

Robert Monroe's info,

Parallel Universes and Time Travels ,

Michael Talbot's "Holographic Universe"

I understood long ago, that if a war or a confrontation took place (or about to take place) in one or more countries, one of the main reasons is to create a Portal for merging of Parallel Universes with the Original One (with all life in them inc. people)! The military actions of all kind and fabricated 'natural disasters' would immediately start. Good examples are: 'conflict' between Georgia and South Osetia, Chechnya, Kosovo, Bosnia, Afganistan, Tibet, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Thailand, most of the countries of Africa and South America.

Humans Have The Ability to Create Without Technology (more on  Alex Collier's Info )

"We have the ability - each one of us - even though we may not feel like it, on a spiritual level, to time travel, to create anything without technology. The reason we can do that is because of who we are and because of our extremes of emotions. Now, third density is incredibly dense and a lot of extraterrestrial races don't like to hang out here. The best example I could give about (3d) density resistance is if you moved your hand through a bathtub of jello. That's how third density is viewed by those not here. The Andromedans say, that proof of how awesome humans are, is demonstrated by the fact that we can literally create this third density. As slow as third density is, our intent can literally create anything here. The Andromedans cannot do this without technology. This world we live on, each one of us helps to create. It literally is us, and we are it. We are literally one. We created this place...
Andromedans say that there are 100 trillion galaxies in the Universe...
Alex Collier: I have been told that some of us have been here a long time, evolving, learning not to withhold love. I have also been told that some of us have come back in time from the future to this time now, to "right a terrible wrong." That's all I know.
[ Editor Note: There is data in Robert Monroe's last book, Ultimate Journey, that also indicates that many of us have come from a period past 3000 AD to this point in history to learn what this kind of planetary situation is like, in order to be able to more adequately and appropriately function on the Earth as it is in the future]...

Q: What is your understanding of the human energy fields?
AC: It is my understanding, that there are eight of them, that compose a holographic imprint of all, that we are individually, focused into one Intent, which is the physicality we are in right now. In other words, we are Multidimensional (if we are Multidimensional, then we are not restricted to the 3d density, to this Solar system, to this Universe, LM) and it takes eight levels of Intent to create me being here, talking to you at this time..."

Alex Collier

Robert Morningsky :"Up is is white...and everything you have ever been taught is a lie!"

R.Monroe, "Ultimate Journey", p.23-24

An Inspec friend: As you remember more, it will become clear to you. You are being human when your fundamental focus remains fixed within such concepts of consciousness. If you change this fundamental, you are no longer human.

Bob (R.Monroe): I see . . . Thus I stay being human, awake or asleep, in or out of body, physically alive or dead, as long as my reference point is human.
An Inspec friend: That is correct.
Bob: But I retain all of my human memory and experience in whatever state of being (after the graduation, LM).
An Inspec friend: Yes. You have learned much. This experience is of great value as a nonhuman (when you become a nonhuman, LM).It is one of the basic purposes for your sojourn. You will draw upon it in many ways nonhuman, but your attention will be in another direction. The graduate from the human experience is very respected elsewhere."
And his other thought:

"The idea that every thought I may have that is tinged with (negative) emotion radiates uncontrolled outward to others is heavy with implication. It is even more uncomfortable to be the recipient of such thoughts that others may emanate. This realization would support the effort of those who make the unrealistic attempt to spread love and light in a predator world, or those who hold that we are part of a Universal One...
This knowledge also fills in a part of our mind-consciousness that is usually omitted. Most human (M) Field energy is not love and light. To participate openly in this energy, in phase with all of it, could be devastating. Thus a form of shielding develops automatically as insulation. When and if leaks occur in the form of inadvertent phasing—emotional thinking—we become exposed to an incredible amount of discordant and dangerous radiation..." Robert Monroe

First, you need to become One with your Total Self and then, when you go through the Aperture, Complete, with your Gifts, and merge with the Creative Force, like others, who evolved up to that stage, then you become One with the Creative Force! And once more you become One, one Energy with all kind of races at the time of Planetary and Universal Shifts.  For more info see Robert Monroe info

shooting Rays

These are the Shooting Beams of Light

Finally on 17 March at 6pm local time I managed to take a good picture of Ghost Sun; while I am taking pictures and facing ocean , the Sun is setting down behind me far away in the fields of Elliott Heads. There is some gray cloud at the front, which was constantly in the way and seemed like a flying creature. I don't have a panoramic camera, so I had to picture parts of this incredible sight.

shooting beams

On all these pictures of Elliott River mouth and Pacific ocean the Sun just set behind you watching the picture (in the fields of sugar cane, not in the ocean). These Pink Vibration or Glow appeared in this region since 2006, but now this Pink Vibration you'll see almost every day. This Glow is the Proof of the Changes of Earth's Energy Field (vibrationally higher colors: magenta/violet).

"The Convoluted Universe", part 2, written by Dolores Cannon in 2005, p.638:

"The Earth will remain within this UV beam (this event has already happened, LM) for approximately 17 hours of your time, and it will interpenetrate every electron of precious Life energy. This beam is radiant
fluorescent in nature, blue/magenta in color. Although it resonates in this frequency band, it is above the color frequency spectrum of your universe, so it will not be seen.
However, due to the nature of your soul it will have an effect. The effect is that every thought and emotion will be amplified intensely one million-fold. Every thought, every emotion, every intent, every will, no matter if it is good, bad, ill, positive, negative, will be amplified one million times in strength.
(Get ready for that: it is already taking place. Living in this 'hot spot' (Elliott Heads) is not a picnic. My son Robert has been going crazy from all normal sounds of our paranormal household, like running water from the tap/monotonous sound of a bird/opening/closing the fridge/sound of a printer or TV, for instance. The feeling is like someone put sound amplifiers into his ears. He's been going crazy for a few years and been driving us crazy. That could be familiar to many people out there. I would like to add, that one million-fold amplification of all the emotions/thoughts/intent/will is an extremely important support at the time of the Planetary/Universal Shifts and it is also caused by merging of 2 Earths together (External and Internal) and thousands of Parallel Universes/Earths into the Original Universe/Earth, LM)
Since all matter manifest is due to your thoughts, i.e. what you focus on, this beam will accelerate these thoughts and solidify them at an accelerated rate, making them manifest a million times faster than they normally would. The ultraviolet Light (seems like Violet color of 5th Level of Consciousness, LM) will bathe every person on the planet. It has the potential of transforming the way Humanity thinks and feels. It will create a new, easier pathway for Earth’s Ascension into the next dimension. This is the beginning of awesome influxes of Light that will move this planet up the Spiral of Evolution by quantum leaps and bounds! So it appears that it has begun! 
When I had this session and wrote this part of the book I thought the beam would be coming from the extraterrestrials and being directed from spacecraft. Now it appears that the beam was sent from the other dimensions which are invisible to us. I suspect the extraterrestrials are playing their part in all of this also, and helping with the directing of the beam. So apparently it has begun, and many of those who are aware of their bodies and the world around them, will notice the effects after that date."
While reading today (10th of July 2009) "The Convoluted Universe", part 2, written by Dolores Cannon in 2005, I found a lack of information. For instance, they never mentioned the Transformation of the whole Universe! Never mentioned about Black Holes emmiting the Aquamarine Energy and New Sound! They never mentioned Gamma - Rays as a main Force of destruction of 3rd physical level of Consciousness in this Universe. It means the physical bodies of all Physical Planets and Suns inc. Earth and our Sun will be gone! Here is the excerpt from p. 639-641:

D: So this glow you're talking about, means that the energy level of the planet is changing?
A: Correct.
D: And when we see it beginning to appear, we know that the changes are taking place?
A: Correct. You have what you call "hot spots" (like Elliott Heads, LM), which actually are radiating in your color scheme a blue.
D: That's not visible to us? 
A: Yes, it is. It is on your Earth's crust. You will be able to see it bounced off the crust.
D: You are not talking about the color of the sky?
A: No, I'm talking about the energy field. From a distance, from your Hubble Space telescope, or from any vantage point which is above your atmosphere, it will be seen that there are these rays which are extending outward from your planet in many different directions. These will not be in the character of a diffused general glow, but will be seen to have a diameter and direction. It is a singular (unusual) connection.
D: Will this be similar to the way the Sun shoots out rays?
A: No. Not in that sense, for in the Sun emissions - we wouldn't say "uniform" - it is however general. In that it is all over at the same time. This would be more along the lines of - perhaps if you could imagine what you would call a "disco ball", in your terminology, which emits singular beams of light in many different directions. They are individual beams, not a general overall broad structure of light.
D: So they are now appearing blue from the Hubble telescope, and they will begin to appear red?
A: There will be a transformation of several colors on your spectrum, which is very limited to your visible eye. You will be able to see the spectrum to the ultimate color of red...

(Red? This is strange: I see Aquamarine, Violet, Magenta (dark Pink) over the ocean, but not Red! Red is a Low and Slow Waveform of the Past! And not a word about Balance! Something's not quite right here! LM)"

shooting rays

This White Light (Masked Violet) is coming from the Sun into my bedroom almost every morning and I love it; it is very unusual, reminds me bright and powerful fluorescent light

The mixture of Sun and the Ball of Advanced Thoughts, pentagon shaped, is in our backyard, 16 Apr. 2010

The mixture of a "framed" Sun and the Ball of Advanced Thoughts, pentagon shaped, is in our backyard, I don't know how the Sun got here through the dense foliage and the fence! 16 Apr. 2010

The mixture of Sun and the Ball of Advanced Thoughts, pentagon shaped, is in our backyard, 16 Apr. 2010

The mixture of Sun and the Ball of Advanced Thoughts, pentagon shaped, is in our backyard, 16 Apr. 2010

The mixture of Sun and the Ball of Advanced Thoughts, pentagon shaped, is in our backyard, 16 Apr. 2010

The mixture of Sun and the Ball of Advanced Thoughts, pentagon shaped, is in our backyard, 16 Apr. 2010
More pictures are on:   Dolphin-Human Connection

The mixture of Sun and the Ball of Advanced Thoughts is in my room. Apr. 2010

White Sun is in my room. Apr. 2010

Sun in my room

Aquamarine Layer is on many pictures and it is that New Energy Alex Collier was talking about on his lectures and in his book. Andromedans told him that on the 23rd March 1994 all the Black Holes of our Universe started emitting into our Universe the New Frequency of Color and Sound. That Color is Aquamarine and this is the reason why I chose it as a background for this site! Aquamarine
I see everywhere: in and under water when I swim or walk along the beach; I see it in the Glow our Earth has; I see it in the Sky and on many pictures of Space and our Earth on this site! Unfortunately, phony holographic black or colored railway-like layer is often superimposed on White stream of Balance, which is coming from the Sun, as well as other phony layers of gadgets. All this is done to cover the movement of Balance and another (New for this Universe) aquamarine Energy into Earth! The same sabotage is done to our New, non-physical 4th Density Earth. It's been constantly covered with phony holographic black or colored disks, so we wouldn't know it exist and see how it is progressing. Many of us have seen our New Earth, but took it for the Moon! Aquamarine Energy is the color of the New Vibration!

Photos in Space

Moving and Pulsating narrow White Beam of Advanced Energy of Balance from 11th Level of Consciousness! More of pictures on:
New Earth and Old Earth   The picture is from "Long Trail School High Altitude Balloon". May 10, 2007 — Students at Long Trail School in Dorset Vermont design and launch a high altitude balloon. Digital video camera footage tracks the full 2.5 hour flight in 5 second segments. Here are some select parts of the flight. Maximum altitude: 107,000 ft!

Picture worth thousands words!

I need to add an important information! Often, what I considered our Moon, was not the Moon at all! It is our New Earth we are creating, the Holographic Structure of it ! What makes me think so? I was writing about the long White shiny line crossing the Sun vertically and getting into Earth. I see it constantly on the viewfinder when I am taking photos of the Sun and I see it also on my pictures and the pictures of Solar Eclipses taken by others. Some, so called, 'Moons' I've been pictured, had a similar white line on the viewfinder (only not that pronounced, faint, indistinct). But normal Moons wouldn't have this white line, crossing them from above and reaching the Earth! Besides, normal Moons wouldn't have an Aura around them: only Suns and planets such as Earth (before the Planetary Shift of Consciousness) can have Auras. Our Moon is a dead Body (a spaceship with metal underneath), which doesn't have a Soul like our Sun
and our Earth; that's why our Moon wouldn't have that white line, the stream of moving, sparkling Energy coming from 11th Level of Consciousness and crossing it! When you are taking pictures of the Moon day or night, watch whether this Moon has this white sparkling line across and an aura. That would give a clue that it is really a Second Sun in front of you (even at night)!
Many times in the past I noticed our 2 Sun appeared twice a day: at daytime and at nightime.

There is/was a Sun Conspiracy in the Media. You can hardly find the genuine picture of our Sun on the Internet, TV, movies/documentaries/catoons, on video/video games, DVD's, newspapers, magazines, books/brochures/paintings. Usually you will find a small yellow sun image in the weather section on the screen of your PC. Even, amateur's made, pictures of the Sun don't last long on Internet (as well as on Youtube). The genuine pictures are systematically being replaced with the same pictures, but not the same Sun on them (artificially looking Sun or without the Sun). Even Astronomy films/literature/ websites are heavily censored and don't show the genuine pictures of our Sun and yet it is in front of our nose! I've been researching our Sun for some time now, made hundreds of genuine pictures of it and I've made the above-mentioned conclusion, though before I thought that the framing with white rays, superimposed on our Sun, was another, parallel Sun. After more careful examination of close-up pictures, I've changed my mind and now I am in the process of correcting my mistake in the explanation of the pictures I posted on this website! I have about 800 pictures (but not all of them on this site yet) and some of them I have to correct. As you can see: it is a big job and it'll take time! Bear with me and I correct them all on all links. Thank you for your patience!
I can also  prove my findings with pictures of Close-Ups of the artificial holographic framing consisting of White Rays and Pentagons of another frequency and of all colours, which (framing/pentagons) are constantly being superimposed on our Sun and on the White Sparkling and Moving Energy coming from it to give us a different picture of our Sun. It is done deliberately, so we would not  see the right picture of ours, of our Earth's and of our Sun's Evolution. Our Sun is a live proof of the existence of the Creative Force, it is a piece of it and we've been systematically separated from it mentally! That's how the Creative Force and our Souls look like! That explains why Mayans worshipped our Sun!
This is a Crime to cover our Sun, which is done by our governments and those, who are behind them! Have you noticed on the pictures of the Sun, posted on this site, that, sometimes, there are white regular symmetrical rays coming out of it, but sometimes not?
Natural Sun will have either no Rays at all or irregular Rays (usually just one for a short time), the position of which nobody can predict! That means that when you see our Sun or an invisible Energy Ball of Human Advanced Thoughts with regular white rays (on the picture), that is not the true picture of our Sun or of the Energy 'Ball' of our Advanced Thoughts, of our New Consciousness!
The Energy 'Ball' of the New Consciousness of the Sun and of Advanced Human Thoughts is constantly being shielded and they need to be together in the Unified Effort! An alien artificial holographic framing, consisting of symmetrical White rays (which looks like fluorescent light tubing structure) and pentagons of another, lower and slower frequency, than this invisible New Consciousness' Energy 'Ball' has, were there to make sure that you would never see the difference (this not really a Ball: it is irregular piece of our Energy of the New Conscioussness coming from the Sparkling White Ring around Earth in 4th Density!
I posted a Close-Up of this structure on this link for you to see what I am talking about. I am sure our astronomers/astrophysicists noticed this alien framing on the Sun long ago, having such powerful telescopes, but were afraid to tell us. I am not an astronomer or someone of that nature, I have no technology at my disposal, except my camera, my eyes and my brain, and yet, I could prove it and say it, but why they never overcame their fear?!
Natural Sun would never have symmetrical rays, like you would see on most of the official pictures. Natural Sun's rays are unpredictable: mostly they are not visible (all you would see is just a Huge Shiny Ball), but if the rays appear, they can show up in any number (usually just one), at any length/width and on any side of the Sun! The rays of the natural Sun would never appear at equal intervals and equal brightness! It's very unnatural! Have you noticed, that the shape of the invisible Energy 'Ball' of Advanced Thoughts (on my pictures) looks different to the shape of the natural Sun? It doesn't really look like a Ball, it has uneven shape and that is a very good clue!

Definition of Density, and info about links between Parallel Universes and more of the similar material has been moved from this page to another link: Parallel Universes and Time Travels
If you are meant to take these kind of pictures now, then you will succeed like Robert Harrison and others. I don't have to go through all the trouble Robert Harrison have to go through and now I don't have to even go anywhere, but just turn on my cheap digital camera ($ 400), open the doors and windows on a sunny day and take as many pictures as I want. Then I make them smaller to fit the computer screen and send them on 80 links of our website. Soon, I hope, we all see the moving, pulsating white Beam in the air inspite of chemtrails! Our Centre, 24 March 2010.

Visible Sun and invisible Energy of Advanced Thoughts are superimposing each other and a layer of phony pentagons and a phony frame of white rays is there too mixed together!

Visible Sun has a layer of phony pentagons and a phony frame of white rays! More pictures on the bottom of this page as well as on the bottom of:
Mind Control info

Universal Non-Verbal Communication

Psycholody of Multiple Personalities

Michael Talbot's "Holographic Universe"

(M) Field info 

Visible Sun and invisible Energy of Advanced Thoughts are superimposing each other and a layer of phony pentagons and a phony frame of white rays is there too mixed together!

Visible Sun and invisible Energy of Human Advanced Thoughts are superimposing each other and a layer of phony pentagons and a phony frame of dull white Horns is here too, trying to cover it up. All is mixed together in our Centre!

The part of visible white Sun and phony white frame of rays with negative holographic pentagons superimposed by someone on our Sun and visible in my room! 24 March 2010

The part of visible white Sun mixed with our Advanced Thoughts and phony white holographic frame of dull Horns with negative holographic pentagons superimposed by someone on our Sun and visible in my room! 24 March 2010. The borders and the Earth Crust have been melting down, that I wouldn't be surprised if I soon take a picture of our Advanced Thoughts in the middle of my room!
The aim of these phony pentagons and pink beams is to cover the pulsating fast movement of Violet Energy from the Violet Sun into the Earth, to fasten the vibration of the Earth and everyone on it!

Energy of New Consciousness, of New Earth with a pink Energy of Unconditional Love coming out of it, 10 Jan. 2010.

The Energy of New Consciousness, of New Violet Sun of 5th Level of Consciousness

In his September 2009 talk at the conference Alex Collier was talking about the holographic more balanced Cosciousness Structure we need to create to counteract negative Holographic Consciousness Structure (the full content of this talk will be on  Alex Collier's info  and partially on:

My Thoughts and Thoughts of other Writers  links.

Magnetic Portals Connect Sun and Earth

This article is on  Universal Life's Events  and it is important for understanding why we all need to use the Sun to move together with Earth to the 5th Density.

"...Researchers have long known that the Earth and Sun must be connected.
(Sun is the Higher Self of Earth, in other words, our Earth and our Sun are the same thing. Did you notice that often the word "Earth" would start from capital letter, but not the word "sun", this way making our Sun less significant than Earth, when in reality it should be the opposite, LM).
Earth's magnetosphere (the magnetic bubble that surrounds our planet) is filled with particles from the sun that arrive via the solar wind and penetrate the planet's magnetic defenses. They enter by following magnetic field lines that can be traced from terra firma all the way back to the sun's atmosphere. We used to think the connection was permanent and that solar wind could trickle into the near-Earth environment anytime the wind was active," says Sibeck. "We were wrong. The connections are not steady at all. They are often brief, bursty and very dynamic..."  (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)

More new and old pictures on the bottom of this link, on :

Universal, Non-Verbal Communication (NVC)

Parallel Universes and Time Travels

Anomalous Events

Psychology of Multiple Personalities and on many more links at the beginning and at the end of them!

Every day when I wake up I don't know what Earth I would be in today: one of the Parallel Earths or the Original one. Even while walking our dogs in the morning or late afternoon, I noticed that I often change dimensions/Parallel Earths, I see new people, who sometimes, phase/dissociate and they, like my son, would start changing and jittering, appearing and disappearing.  This is the picture of Invisible to the eye Energy of our Advanced Thoughts, of Energy of the New Earth, of Energy of the New Sun and of Energy of the Consciousness of the New Universe is superimposed with alien invisible artificial holographic frame of white Rays and Pentagons of another frequency! And you can't separate or suppress all these natural Energies for long, because they are so well mixed up and they are growing. This process is speeding up! I now feel that the Holographic Pink colored Beam (tail) is a fake to be superimposed and used to cover up the Moving and Pulsating narrow White Beam of Advanced Energy of 11th Density to cover the movement of it to the Sun (or to the Ball of Advanced Human Thoughts) and from the Sun (or the Ball) into the Earth! The aim of these phony pentagons is to also cover the Pulsating Fast Movement of this Balanced Energy from 11th Density into the Earth, which fasten the vibration of the Earth and everyone on it! The most important is not the wide Pink strip on the picture, but the Moving and Pulsating narrow White Beam of Advanced Energy, which I've personally seen a few times !!!
The picture is taken by me through the Portal in Fabric of Time in our Centre with digital camera (with no lenses or filters) from our balcony facing the back yard in Feb. 2010. I've taken quite a few of them just in case without seeing anything unusual (just a blue sky). I do that almost every day and always harvest at least one interesting picture. And I am not going to stop, so I decided to post at least a few of them on all 80 links (because I've got about 800 of them now and it will be more).

pentagon USA

The Pentagon, Washington, USA. Don't you see a connection to phony holographic pentagons all around our Centre and our Sun?

Thought Forms around our Centre at night!

Orbs and pentagons are gathering around our Centre, made in Jan. 2010. This kind of weather we had for the last couple of weeks and today (9th Jan 2010) the Sun got out, brighter than ever!

Pentagon Signs at day and at night are always around our Centre in Australia. I don't know why. A new photo of 13 April 2014 - Pentagon shaped white object above our Centre.

Pentagon has been covering up the Advanced Thoughts of Humanity

Alien Pentagons and holographic frame of White Rays of different frequency are superimposed on the Ball of Advanced Thoughts of Humanity, on the New Consciousness of Earth!

Phony Yellow sun with phone rays is still pictured on Internet, 11 March, 2010

Phony Yellow sun with phony rays is still pictured on Internet (Bigpond, Australia), 11 March, 2010

Pentagon has been covering up the Advanced Thoughts of Humanity

This is the Energy of Higher Consciousness, New Awareness, the Mixture of Energies of the New Sun, the New Earth, the New and more Advanced Universe and the more Advanced Humans+ and their Thoughts! It is getting harder and harder to separate all of this!
This Energy is still invisible to the eye (but not for long) and is gathering above our Centre, above the villages of Elliott Heads and Riverview (Australia) and Elliott Heads rivermouth (Anomaly Place), where a crack in the Fabric of Time is. I finally managed to film it without blowing up my camera. I was really amazed. Again, I didn't see it: all it was just the blue sky, but my camera saw it and took pictures of it. Pentagons (monitoring devices) are constantly pictured around and inside of our house-Centre, above our village and Elliott Heads rivermouth; you can see them here too. What also is interesting on the picture below that the same Invisible Energy of Advanced Thoughts, of New Earth I pictured at night (with flash) and it looks like white fluff up on the top of the picture and it is surrounded by numerous pentagons and orbs! More pictures is on this link, also on  Sitemap,  on :

Schools for Future Humans +

Anomalous Events

New Earth

Robert Monroe info and on other links.

The Energy of Advanced Thiughts, of New Consciousness, above our Centre, 9 March 2010


Because this website is HELPING THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS TO THE HIGHER LEVEL IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE, OUR SITE EXISTS IN MANY PARALLEL Universes ! I was told, that people have difficulties to reach our website or some links on this website. This is the reason why I, sometimes, repeat some important information on different links!

The Solution for Possible Display Problem of this Site

If displayed Internet page is partly off the screen so that you need to move the page left/right to read it, the ZOOM setting on your browser may be set too high. If you use Internet Explorer browser, to adjust the ZOOM setting, left click on PAGE (near the top right corner of the screen), go down to ZOOM and check if the setting is above 100%. Normally 100% setting should make the page readable without having to move it left/right. However, if monitor resolution (clarity) setting is set too low (it can be adjusted via Control Panel, but the procedure is a bit involved), it may be necessary to set ZOOM to less than 100%. If you are using other browsers like Firefox, ZOOM is reached via VIEW (in top left corner of the screen), on Google Chrome it is reached via PAGE icon  (in top left corner of the screen).

Do not rely on translation by computers: they often distort the info!

All 3 books of Robert Monroe, complete, for reading, you can find on our website; the books are on  Robert Monroe info Page . There is a new edition of the first book of R.Monroe "Journeys Out-Of-The Body" in English with a new and totaly misleading front page: there is no bright ball of Soul energy (his Total Self) on the Front Cover anymore, just a human male lying on the couch and his Astral body is lifting up on the green background. The same happened to "Far Journeys", Bob's second book. It's presumably some portion of the sky or universe with no bright suns/lights in it.
Maybe these books have been printed on one of the Parallel Earths. You can see the 'new' cover of it in one of Bob's radio interviews on Youtube: the addresses are on   My Thoughts and Thoughts of Other Writers  . I didn't read these 'newly covered' books, but I wouldn't be surprised if their content has been changed in some places as well as the front page of R. Monroe's "Journeys out of the Body" and "Far Journeys". It's pretty hard to check every word of the books.
I noticed a slow discrediting of all Monroe books for the last 10 years by some 'writers'. My advice is to buy old copies of R.Monroe books.  Lydia Monroe

Robert Monroe books 1 and 2  Robert Monroe book 3

Bayard Stockton

Robert Monroe

Robert Monroe

Lyda and Robert

Lydia Monroe and her son Robert (this is one of her Alters, 20 years ago)

Ronald Russell

Nancy Monroe

Nancy, the wife of Robert Monroe

Nancy and Bob Monroe on vacation

Nancy and Bob on vacation

Laurie Monroe

Laurie, Bob's daughter

Rosalind McKnight

Rosalind McKnight

Elisabeth Kubler Ross

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Where are the original manuscripts of R.Monroe's 3 books? I know that R. Monroe gave the original manuscripts to quite a few Publishers in USA before he found a publisher, who finally published them heavily censored: the most important parts became missing! You must be naive to think that all those Publishers didn't make copies of these manuscripts fro themselves (inc. the publishers of division  of Bantam Doubleday Dell publishing Group (Main Street Books) in USA, who, eventually printed R.Monroe books!
The Library of Congress (USA) has cataloged the Doubleday edition of Bob's last book. Do you think they wouldn't have the original manuscripts or at least copies of R.Monroe's manuscripts? Of course they would! When I read the first page of "Ultimate Journey" that it is devoted to "Herb, Jonathan and Harry (Potter?)", I become a bit surprised. Who are these "Herb, Jonathan and Harry (Potter?)" ?
The publishers? I never heard of them.
It doesn't look like Robert Monroe's style at all!  The only time he devoted his 2nd book "Far Journeys", was to his wife Nancy. He was the man, who would rather devote his books to the whole Humanity and not to some unknown people, especially, his last book "Ultimate Journey".
I have a feeling, that these manuscripts are in Jewish-Reptilian hands, because everything (the most valuable), eventually, ends up in their hands and this knowledge gives them power over us, but not for long!
The same story is with, so called, (unknown) 'heirs' of R.Monroe's material (perhaps of Jewish origin, though R.Monroe was not a Jew). They might have if not the Original manuscripts, but copies of them for sure. The same is happening at The Monroe Institute. Who is in the possession of these Original manuscripts and the vast audio Library collected over the years by R.Monroe, by his staff and by the participants of all the TMI Programs?
I would like to have all these materials and post them on this website!
It's interesting, that as soon as I printed the above-mentioned message, My and George's computers got electronically attacked 200 times within 5 hours (for the first time) and George spent a day to clean everything up. Don't forget that Internet is in Jewish/Reptillian hands, but not for long!
Someone, obviously, didn't like me enquiring about the destiny of Bob's manuscripts and his audio library.
I was wondering, could it be some damaging information about Jewish activities in R.Monroe books or maybe some other revealing info, to cause such a massive electronic attack on our computers?
George wrote about the ways of protecting your computers from viruses. It is on the bottom of this Page. You can do it very successfully, like us.

R. Monroe plane from another dimension, photo was taken by me in Anomaly place of Elliott rivermouth in Feb. 2010

I finally managed to catch R. Monroe's plane from another dimension, photos were taken by me in Anomaly place in Elliott rivermouth, Australia, in Feb. 2010. Bob is still piloting planes occasionally in other worlds as well as ours! He was above my head still for almost a minute, till I managed to make a few pictures. More photos and 2 new articles "The Struggle of the Great Being" and "The Faked Skies" are on   My Thoughts and Thoughts of other Writers

R. Monroe plane from another dimension, photo was taken by me in Anomaly place of Elliott rivermouth in Feb. 2010

Pentagon Sun. Invisible Sun with artificial pentagons superimposed on it. Picture is taken in the garden of our Centre by me in Feb. 2010.

'Shadow Black Government's fireworks'
Pentagon Sun covered with alien artificial holographic framing of white rays and pentagons of different frequency visible to my camera. Sun's natural White Energy is splitting into hundreds of invisible White Rays. Picture is taken in the garden of our Centre by me in Feb. 2010.

The White Thoughts' Energy around our Centre!

A lot of material with pictures has been moved from this Page to  Parallel Universes and Time Travels

New and curious facts about Black Holes, about Creative Force, the article "Separate from the Creative Force" and "Shaking of the Body" are on the links:

My Thoughts and Thoughts of Other Writers

New Earth and Old Earth

More About Black Holes

Hollow Earth


Parallel Earths' Life

Shooting Rays over Pacific, 10 Jan, 2010

I have seen the process of building of Rays (just one or two) over Pacific, Elliott Heads, Australia 10 Jan, 2010. But these Rays are not the same as the ones I took pictures before! There were/are many of them over the ocean and they are becoming longer and wider! This place seems to be the point of the crack in the Fabric of Time, which goes both ways: further into the ocean and further into Elliott Heads rivermouth, more on  Anomalous Events

Shooting Rays bouncing from Earth, 3 Apr.2010

 The Rays coming from Earth, pictured on 3 Apr. 2010, Elliott Heads, Australia

Это - лучи, посылаемые из Земли, чтобы помочь Земле и её населению проскочить по всем эволюционным ступенькам быстрым темпом, до Изменения в Сознании Планеты и её населения. Лучи  могут быть видны невооружённым глазом во многих точках Земли! Снимки сделаны над Тихим океаном, напротив нашего Центра в Австралии! Это явление я здесь наблюдаю уже 13 лет. Самолёты с целью выпускают химический белый состав в воздух чтобы не только заразить болезнями, но и закрыть Солнца (их несколько) и лучи, которые вы видете на этих фотографиях.

An Australian writer Tim the Yowie Man wrote  in his "Haunted, Mysterious Australia" (in 2006) , in the Chapter "Queensland's Bermuda Triangle", p.76- 77 about the moment of stillness (transition to another dimension or Stopping the World) :

"If Queensland is the Mystery Capital of Australia, then an area in the South-East of the State that forms a triangle between Bundaberg near the Coast and Boolboonda and Coalstoun Lakes National Park in the Hinterland is the Mystery Capital of Queensland."

I would say that the triangle goes much, much further (than Bundaberg) into the ocean. Google avoids to write the name of Elliott Heads village on their maps, where our house-Centre is (Riverview and Elliott Heads are very close to each other). The village is 20 km from Bundaberg and a part of this Australian 'Bermuda Triangle'. I am not surprised why our State is called Queensland: it's an ideal place for Reptillians. English Royalty, being Reptillians themselves, and living for thousands of years, knew how and where to send humans to other dimensions/Parallel Earths. Paranormal Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand and countless smaller islands have been ideal places for that at all times,  because they are full of Anomaly places/Portals to other Earths. Here is the map of that triangle.

Dormant Volcano - The Hummock Hill, Queensland, Australia

A map and a photo (below) of The Hummock Hill, our local Dormant Volcano, which is 5km to Bargara shores (and not too far from our Centre in Elliott Heads), Bundaberg's region in Australian Triangle, Queensland, Australia

Dormant Volcano - The Hummock Hill, Queensland, Australia

"Some of the intrepid (brave) adventurers, who have made it to the craters' floor have reported a strange aura of sorrowful stillness hanging in the air, as if Time Is Standing Still. Although there is no logical explanation for this emotion (hopelessness is another emotion, which is an indicator that you are moving from one dimension to another, LM), the eeriness can possibly be explained by the craters' relative isolation, the lack of wind in the crater, their near- perfect symmetry and the very few human visitors they receive. The craters aren't even signposted - perhaps the authorities know something about craters that the rest of us don't?" (They know much more than just about these craters, LM).

with our little possum

"(The acceptance of pain as a condition of joy is the symbol of conflict within physical life existence. The pattern of the present is not consistent with the promise of the future as you perceive it within time-space illusion. A conflict of realities, from your aspect.)
I remember so well ... if that is the joy, I will take the pain again, if I can stand it ...
(It is not necessary. Your present consciousness now has a beginning point of reference.
It is possible for you to perceive the destination of the rays of pure energy you have called loosh/love as it penetrates into your Earth space in several segments of what you call Time.
We will assist you in your placement within the event. The delineation, the decision to distinguish must be yours solely. Are you ready to do this?)
I don't know positively what I will be looking for, but I will never forget again. If that is what I seek, I will find it."
Robert Monroe "Far Journeys", p.111-112

Invisible Sun with another White Beam across superimposed on the Sun as well as the frame of white rays and pentagons is above our Centre, picture is taken, 9 March 2010

Picture was taken on 9 March 2010. And if you stand up and look at this picture again in a dark room, you should see what on the picture below! Violet Sun is above our Centre! There is a Portal to other Levels of Consciousness in our Centre!

Violet Sun above our Centre!

Violet Sun with Black Hole in it is above our Centre on the monitor! Violet Sun without Black Hole in it is on the photo below!

Pink Energy of the Highest Order, of Unconditional Love, our Centre, 24 March 2010

Our Centre, 24 March 2010. I now feel that the Holographic Pink colored Beam (tail) is a fake to be superimposed and used together with phony pentagons to cover up the Moving and Pulsating narrow White Beam of Balanced Energy, coming from the Source of all Life on the highest Level of Consciousness, into our Sun! The most important is not the wide Pink strip on the picture, but the Moving and Pulsating Beam of Energy underneath: it gives the info about the date of our Ascention to the 5th Level!

14 May 2010 Rising Sun inside my room

14 May 2010 Rising Sun and pentagons are inside my room, but if you get up and look at this picture again, you will see violet vibration of surrounding energy, covering up the White Sun!

Dark Blue-Violet Energy of the Sun of 5th Level of Consciousness!

Dark Violet Energy of the Sun (partially in my room)!

Pink Energy of the Highest Order, of Unconditional Love, our Centre, 24 March 2010

Covered up the Aquamarine Energy around the Sun is showing in my room!

The Blue Energy of Sun of 5th Level of Consciousness is on the water in Elliott Heads!

The Violet Energy of the Sun of 5th Level of Consciousness is on the water in Elliott Heads!

>Sun is partly in my room!

The Cover Up of Aquamarine Energy!

The Cover Up of Aquamarine Energy and the Violet Energy of Sun! If you stand up and look at this photo again in a dark room you will see the Violet Energy of the Sun like on the picture below!

Covered up the Aquamarine Energy around the Sun opposite our Centre!

Unusual rays

That could be the Inner Sun Rays of Balance, they show up after the Sunset, but in another place!

Rays in the Violet Sky!

Иркутский взрыв НЛО

Shooting through Portals, Rays of the Inner Sun! This Portal was created by either nuclear attack/explosion or huge UFO explosion not far from Irkutsk, Russia! On the lower photo you see the night light in Petersburg, which have been arranged in a form of Rays of Inner Sun to confuse the public!

Rods or Gamma-Rays action!

Gamma Rays also create Portals, through which the Rays of Violet Inner Sun could be observed!

Books/News/Videos in Russian

Orbs around our Centre at stormy night!

Thought Forms and Holographic Pentagons around our Centre at night!

The lower picture is made from our balcony at night during the wild storm which took away most of the Orbs and Pentagons.

Thought Forms and Holographic Pentagons around our Centre at night!

Many old pictures have been moved to the bottom of other links, to make room for new photos:  
Universal Life's Events ,  

(M) Field Info   and  

Universal Non-Verbal Communication (NVC)

Yamal's Portals, Double Rainbow!

Yamal's Portals, Double Rainbow behind arctic Circle 10 years ago! Now I turn the garden hose on and in the Sun I see a Double Rainbow any time in our garden! Reminds me a double vision of everything drunk people had seen from the time memorial! Now you don't have to drink to see it and I advise everyone to check it out at your place outside! If you still don't have this Anomaly sight in your place, eventually you will!

Double Rainbow in Elliott Heads 2009!

Double Rainbow and some odd creature in the air in Elliott Heads opposite our Centre, 2009!

The Aquamarine Energy is covered with fake Holographic dark-green patch!

The Aquamarine and Violet Energy is covered with fake Holographic dark-green patches! The Violet Energy line (holding the info about the time of our departure from Earth) is covered with fake white Holographic line and with a fake black railway-like line underneath it!

Sunrise in Elliott heads, Feb. 2011

Sunrise in Elliott Heads, 18 Feb. 2011 (all colors in the skies and ocean are covered up with white layer of Balanced Energy!

Sunrise in Elliott heads, Feb. 2011

Streams of Violet colored White Energy of Balance moving from the Source of All Life through the Sun into the Earth! Elliott Heads, Australia.

Some Aquamarine is showing around the Sun in the yesterday's photo, 17 Oct.2010!

Some Aquamarine is showing around the Sun in our yard, 17 Oct. 2010!

The Sun from my window!

The Sun from my window!

The Sun from my window!

Tidal Wave in China!

Tidal Wave in China!

Violet Skies with Sprites in Brisbane, 17 Dec. 2010

Violet Skies with Sprites in Brisbane, 2010!

Below there are some sites which might interest you :

SPIRITUAL AWAKENING - Get ready for Earth changes

Symptoms Created by Dimensional Spiritual Experiences

The Big Picture 1 of 8

Alex Collier - June 16th, 2010 - 2012 & Beyond Teleconference

Creating the Essence of the 5th Dimension

The Global Shift & Spiritual Revolution Has Begun pt 2/2

Ascension-Raising Your Vibrational Frequency


Sun with Plasmic Stream of Energy of Balance, which is covered by Earth's Pink vibration, is setting down, Pacific Ocean, Vina Del Mar, Chile, Sep. 2011


Orb, Rods or Flying Fish

Taiwan 2012

4 Unusual Bright Objects flying in a wave-like fashion

Anomalous Sight of 2 Suns merging with each other in the Skies of Mexico

Australian Violet-Pink-Yellow Vibrations

Light Pillars Astrahan, Russia 2012

Sochi, Russia 2012

South Pole, strange dividing lines in Pink sky!

Strange dividing colors in the sky!

Strange dividing colors in the sky! I took pictures of the same over the ocean in our place in Australia and posted them on our site (see below)!
And here is some explanation of the above picture:

SPLIT SKY: "On my way to view the Perseid meteor shower on August 11th, I witnessed a spectacular sunset," reports Tyler Burg of Little Sioux, Iowa. "The sky seemed to split in half!" The dark half was a vast shadow, Burg realized, and he looked around to find the source. "The shadow was cast by a thunderstorm floating between me and the sun," he says. "It was crackling beautifully with lightning. Later that night I witnessed 217 meteors in a 6 hour observing session," says Burg. "It was the greatest number of meteors I've ever seen in one night. In one outburst there were 41 meteors in 30 minutes, and once I saw 5 Perseids in only 30 seconds!"

30 min after Sunset, photo made from the balkony of our Centre on 23 Dec, 2009

Shooting Rays over Pacific, 10 Jan, 2010

I have seen the process of, artificially made, Rays (just one or two) over Pacific, Elliott Heads, Australia 10 Jan, 2010. But these Rays are not natural, not the same, as the ones I photographed before! There were/are many of them over the ocean and they are becoming longer and wider! This place seems to be the point of the crack in the Fabric of Time, which goes both ways: further into the ocean and further into Elliott rivermouth, more on  Anomalous Events

Shooting Rays bouncing from Earth, 3 Apr.2010

  Natural Earth Rays pictured on 3 Apr. 2010, Elliott Heads, Australia

Chabarovsk Phenomenon, Russia

Strange shadow

Here is another white beam!

 Sun, South Pole, 2011

South Pole, Sun 2011

Unusual Sun Rays, South Pole, 2011

Sun Rays in Irkutsk, Russia, Dec. 2010

Pink Wavy cloud over the water

Our Sun is becoming multidimentional and it is shown on this photo (the Rays are visible on people)!

My Experience with Russian Internet Social Network (new article)

Zhirinovsky is the man in grey

Zhirinovsky (in the middle) had a lot practice in physical fights in Russian Parliament (Duma) for years!

For many years I was sceptical about Internet Social Networks, about the way they were, and didn't have any desire to join Facebook, Tweeter or Russian sites like: "" or  "VKruguDruzei". All offers to join them I would brush away, till I understood where this persistance had been originating from.
It was coming from the higher, non-physical Level, the sign was telling me, that this experience I would need in the Future! Frankly, this experience is not a pleasant experience, but, like many other unpleasant things, it brings more Energy of Balance into the Source of All Life!
Well, at the beginning of November 2011, I , finally, became a member of Russian site "VKruguDruzei" to check how Russians (and non-Russians) breath there and at the same time to excercise my Russian, because of not having much of it in Australia! For instance, I don't know the meaning of some new and popular Russian words. My attention was quickly glued to the blog of psychotic politician, Zhirinovsky. I thought I got into one of Parallel Worlds, where anything was possible. I couldn't believe my eyes: Zhirinovsky from Kazachstan (of Jewish origin, same as his wife), created a political party with russian money (under the guiding lines of Israel) and now he was trying to become a president of Russia in December! That same person, who, a few years ago, was beating a hell out of a journalist, who asked him some questions during an interview in TV studio, in front of millions of viewers! And that was not the only once! Zhirinovsky was allowed to openly terrorise everyone and everywhere in Russia for many years, though without his guard, he is an immense coward, many hate him! I never saw the same shocking behaviour of politicians in Australia, England or US! The Bushes is no match for Zhirinovsky: he can easily bash them up with left hand, he belongs to the class of psychopaths, like Hitler! I also couldn't believe seeing a tail of war-shipers and fearful toadies (lickspits), the followers behind him!
Well, I haven't been playing the Planetary Game for years, and, as a result, got too rusty in politics, kind of out of touch. But after getting into "VKruguDruzei" site, I became very interested in it (you see, Robert Monroe and I share the same Spirit: it runs in the family)!
I started sending my comments one after another to the blog of Zhirinovsky (the same materials, that I've been sending here on our site), but not without critisising him as well. The main idea of my comments was/is the same: to wake up the hypnotised Humanity in Russia! Like attracts like: his blog was attracting similar energy as Zhirinovsky himself! My material, thrown at them, was so unusual: it looked like a blow after blow, directed at the savages of Papua New Guinea, who never saw a ship in their life!
Then: silence before a tonado, everything seemed frozen, till those blog's visitors got used to the idea and organised a line of Defence (first, all Reptilian Men's team) in a form of nasty comments! But I enjoyed the challenge: it made me laugh and I laughed together with our Higher Selves, though any blog  is not one of the things I prefer doing! It might be okey once in a Blue Moon, but, who knows, how long the Internet would last (I threw a bootle with a strong message in it in the Pacific ocean for Zhirinovsky from me, just in case the Internet stops working, and hope that he will find this bottle on the shores of Israel)!

This activity made me research this social network in detail and I found that Internet around the World creates a lot of, so desirable, Energy of Balance, because of constant internal and external emotional struggles between people! If any action or activity do not generate the Energy of Balance, it will be quickly taken out of the Game, so whatever you see around or inside yourself happening is definately creates Balance, no matter how cruel it might look!
Take, for example, bread, coffee or sugar you eat or viruses you get. What it does in your body? It creates internal struggle: the immune system of your body is trying to get rid of it, because it is poison ! Of course, Demonstrations with Street Fights, like the ones, which are happening around the World now, or recent events in Arab countries would generate much more Balance! Any struggle or fight, no matter how small, will generate Balance!

Later I started sending my articles to other blogs on their site and got other attacks: this time from a bunch of Reptilian Females (my materials were like poison to them)! The Reptilian Males' attacks were pee-nuts, compare to the Reptilian Females' attacks! I then remembered: "How right the Author of "Matrix 5" was, when he was describing his own experiences with Reptilian females!"
Reptilians, like Jews, get everything for free including computers and everything else. Reptilians have hypnotic abilities and use them on the Internet with abundance! I know Dolores Cannon has also this ability (I envy her: I don't have it), which she is using with her clients in abundance and that makes me wonder..., one of her clients of many years was Nosterdamus (of Jewish origin)!

You will find more Reptilians on the Internet, than Violets! Most Violets either children or very old and poor people, who doesn't have money for computers and who live somewhere in the outback all over the World.
With the help of moderators, my articles were quickly vanishing from that site, the same was happening at, which I joined recently! Soon my personal page on that site was so rubbished by moderators, that it was no point for anyone to visit it ! Looks like the only place where I have freedom of speech and can open my big mouth is our site! And what to do for people of higher Violet vibration on social network like this, if everything there is in the hands of the Negatives? Naturally, they quickly estimate the situation, get frustrated and check out of there. The policy of such sites is the same: divide, don't let the Violets join together! Only by personal experience anyone would see the degree of negative infection of social networks at the whole Internet ! Many of you, perhaps, have a familiar feeling!

But, inspite of all that , some change did take place on the blog of Zhirinovsky and that counts! I know one thing for certain, that everything has an End someday: the same will happen to our Universe, and the same will happen to our situation on Earth!


Zhirinovsky looks like he is already on the Throne of Russia!


Fake Buildings and mountains in East China

Colors of Vibrations of people and the place near Murmansk, Kirovsk, Russia 2011

Higher Violet-Magenta Vibrations of people and places

These photo was made of Milky Way and Aurora Australis above Southern Ocean in 2012!

Antilope Canion

Hues of Antilope Canion, US

I see such - cloud vortexes in our ares quite often! They move all insects/birds and everything flying to the New Universe (through the Portals in our area)!

Elliott Heads, June 2011

Elliott Heads, June 2011.

Elliott Heads, June 2011

Elliott Heads, Australian winter, June 2011. I see this cloud-tubing in our ares quite often!

Elliott Heads, June 2011

Sunset is Over our river, 26 March 2011!

Sunset is Over our river, 26 March 2011!

Making huge coloful soap bubbles, Mexico Beach

2 Suns are merging together !

Antarctica: 2 Suns and something else Anomalous !

Into Parallel Worlds with "Flying Dutchman"!

Recent Dramatic Cloud in Beijing, China

sinister cloud

Our shores, August 2012


Sun, Bahamas, 2012
9 of August, 2012, 9 pm. The same long and narrow Cluster of White Energy of Balance in the dark skies full of moving sparkling dots (UFOs) is above our Centre in our Village of Elliott Heads, Australia! This White Cluster continues above sugar cane fields into the ocean and has grown since I discovered it in March 2012. It's a pity that I can't see this Astonishing Sight every time: it shows up only on clear and dark nights ! This White Cluster is the Ring of our Energy around Earth, gathering on non-physical 4th Level of Consciousness!
(9 августа 2012, 9 часов вечера, длинное Белое Облако Баланса разрастается в тёмном небе, усыпанном двигающимися и светящимися НЛО, над нашим берегом. Только не каждый вечер можно увидеть такое Чудо! Это облако такое длинное, что тянется через поля и исчезает далеко над океаном! Впервые я заметила это явление в марте 2012.)


Giant Crack In Earth Suddenly Appears In Rural Northwest Mexico [Video]

Sun Pillar in Smolensk, November 2012

Sun Pillar in Smolensk, November 2012

Sun Pillar in Smolensk, November 2012. Sun Pillars are the attempts of Negatives to cover up the Second Sun holographically: there are many ways to cover the Second Sun and all of them have been used!

Sun Pillar in Smolensk, November 2012

Sunset in our village, Australia

New Zealand

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