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Robert Morning Sky in Australia

"Eden, Atlantis and the UFO Myth" by Robert Morning Sky

Robert Morning Sky in Australia

There is a video of Robert Morning Sky taken at Warriewood, Sydney in 1992. His videos are highly recommended!
That video is covering his talk about the role of the women in future developements of events.
Here is an extract from his talk in Maleny, Queensland, Australia on 8th of February, 1992:

"...The main issue of their teaching was PURSUE YOUR PASSION, follow your own way, do your own thing, don't be pressured into being anything, but what and who you are. A medicine man is not necessarily a healer, they are people, who do their own thing with a passion, ie one, that will make you practice your practice, your own medicine, two, feel better - medicine people make both things one and the same.
A warrior is a living example of passion. What is passion, it is an inner feeling, a love activity. It is that, which makes time flow quickly... Passion is the unity of union of love between man and woman, which has more power and energy, than anything on earth and, if harnessed, can be unbeatable. Harmony occurs, when ones own heart beat moves in time with another, ie the drum music of the dance, the heartbeat of chosen one, the heartbeat of a nation, the heartbeat of the Universe and the Earth. Think about your passion, if it makes you feel good, and shivery, it is your passion. It is your passion, that makes all things possible.
(for women only, men can't hack this bit, especially Aussies!!!)
The Hopi tradition is, that it is man's job to make all things possible for the womenfolk. They must attract, but the women must chose. The reason for long hair is enhancement of beauty and the "Indian love handle" - he mentioned, that the caveman used to pull their women around by their hair, he says it was wrong, the Indian women catch their men by their hair!
Men must see the world through the eyes of women!

1. Passion - The fire, the individuality, the you. It is internal, we are told to be, what you are supposed to be, don't be anything else. We have a Life Force and energy, that if harnessed, could cause more damage, than an atomic explosion. But we need to practice harmony and frequency. We find our own frequency and can raise it to match another and harmonise, match it, don't contend with it or anything else, or you will be destroyed. The first sensation we receive, is our mother's heartbeat. We all need to be one harmonious heartbeat.
2. Body - your job is to master your own body, if you don't master your body, nothing will work for you.
3. Spiritual - anything else is spiritual, the trees, air, water etc. To attain oneself, you have to move outwards, not grow inwards or else you will become like the black stars and implode. Shape-shifting - is possible by becoming that shape - my feeling is, that in making self believe so much, that a superimposed image forms in your mind and the mind of those around you - by increasing your own frequency you can become anything ie a microwave, than excite water, so that it changes and becomes hot. When our energy rise, so does our body temperature. We have the ability to raise our own and other peoples frequencies..."

"...Robert Morning Sky believes the changes began three years ago, and is at a higher pitch right now. As we stated "the volume has been turned up". More and more people are beginning to 'feel' the Shift. Yes, even those, we may have viewed as "unaware". They may not be able to define what is happening, as perhaps you or I may attempt to do, but they know "something" is going on. For example: only three years ago, my mother would simply say "that's okay, we love you anyway".
Of course this came after my attempt to explain the Sun-Earth connection and various other Shifts I had been reporting on. And now today she will say "there really is something going on, isn't there. The weather sure is changing just as you had been talking about. Perhaps you better tell me more of what is going on".

A similar reaction is happening all over the world. And yes, even in the science community. Perhaps I should say, especially in the science community. Just last week, I was sent a letter confirming my 'Equation'. It was signed - Lead Researcher "NOAA". I promised I would not disclose their name. But that was not all. The letter went on to state they are pursuing their own journey and have become open to some form of 'esotherical' shift, that is becoming more evident everyday

"Eden, Atlantis and the UFO Myth" by Robert Morning Sky

This material can be found on this website:

Chapter I - The Green World

The young man was bent over, his hands were on his knees. He was gulping in huge breaths of air. Beads of perspiration trickled from his forehead down to the bridge of his nose. He watched them drop to the ground. It was getting easier. He raised his head and looked at the Master, standing at the doorway to the House. The Master stood there smiling at him. "How does he do that?" -  the young man wondered.
He is nearly three times my age and yet he left me far behind. Now he stands there...smiling. How does he do that? As he watched, one of beads almost struck a tiny ant scurrying past his feet. The ant shuddered for a split second and then returned to his travels. Matu kept watching. He leaned forward. Another droplet was on the end of nose. Moving so that he was directly over the ant, he watched as the drop fell and again nearly struck the ant. Once again, the tiny black ant stopped and shuddered... and then continued on.
Does he see me? Matu wondered. Is he aware, that I am the cause of the great rain and thunder, that he suffers? He wondered. Does this tiny ant believe, that his labors on this Earth will earn him a greater reward in an afterlife? Does he believe in an afterlife? Matu looked intently at the ant. Are you aware, little one, that I exist...and that I can put an end to your life with no more than a whim as my motive? Then suddenly it dawned on him. He stood up and looked up into the sky. "Are there beings up there, that I cannot see?" - he wondered. Are there beings, that I cannot comprehend...and yet, they have power of Life and Death over me, as I have the power of Life and Death over the tiny ant? "Can I see them?" - he wondered...even if I try. He scanned the sky. "Are the clouds the footprints of beings so large, that I cannot see them?"
He wondered to himself. He stared at the sky for a long time. "Are they up there?" - he wondered. When finally he looked down again, the Master was right in front of him.
"It is time, Matu..." Master Per lyr said, " is time, that you learn the history of the Ancient Ones'."
Matu was shocked...and he was pleased. It was one of the things that he had wanted to learn about, since he had joined the Order. He smiled. "Get your papers, Matu..." the Elder said. Meet me in the library as soon as you have washed and changed... I will wait for you there." Matu nodded to him and nearly ran up the stairs to his room. Matu changed and made his way to the Library. Per was there, looking out of the window at the setting Sun. As Matu entered, Per turned to him. "This will be the first review of the history of the Stars of our Galaxy, which you must learn, Matu..." the Elder began, "Begin slowly, listen carefully to the names and learn the words, which I shall teach you. You will see them again and again, and you will need to know, how to use the words and how to decipher them."
Matu nodded as he sat down. The excitement still held him. The words of the 'Ancient Ones', the secret was his dream come true. He placed the capers carefully beside him, easily within his grasp.
He had learned to heed his Master's words well. In but a few weeks with his teacher, he had written pages and pages filled with words and names. His scroll was full of notations and scraps of information which he had managed to career over the course of the first few conversations with the Elder.
"Long, long ago..." Per began, "...there was nothing, Matu. There was no light, there was no dark and there was no essence...there was only...Nothingness."
Matu sat at his table, trying to imagine what nothing was like. No light? No dark? How could such a thing be? He wondered.
"After the UUAH exhaled..." Per continued. Matu remembered the story of the exhaling of the Void.

And how the "Ancient Ones' had believed the Void to be the Universal Female giving birth to the Universe. "The essence of the Universe came spilling out from the center of the void Herself..."
Per said, making grand sweeping gestures with his hands.
"Swirling and tossing, wave after wave of 'Waters of Essence' crashed out into the Nothingness." "As the ancient streams of the Energies of the Universe arc of Life itself flowed outwards, they formed huge swirling columns of Black 'Essence', billions and billions of miles long, looking like giant Serpents, twisting and turning through the Great Nothing. Sometimes they slithered off into the Nothingness by themselves...but sometimes...sometimes they swirled together, like huge primordial snakes, writhing and joining, as if they were in a giant mating dance. Crashing and colliding together, they spun around each other...faster and
faster with every new moment. They squeezed and crushed into each other, causing heat and enormous pressures between their entwined bodies..."
He stopped and looked directly at Matu.
"And there, Matu...there in the midst of their gigantic writhing, the very first atoms of the Universe were born..." Per said to him. "In the 'Dance of Creation' of the first Serpent-like primordial strands of Essence... the first atoms were born."
Matu was mesmerized. He was completely caught up in the images in his head. Giant Snakes of the Original stuff of the light no dark...'something' spilling out into nothing. Essence Serpents, squirming and twisting together..."Amazing!" - he thought to himself, "Absolutely amazing!"
"There in the bodies of the Snakes of Creation, the atoms began to multiply. Simple atoms of hydrogen were born. Time and time again, the crushing dance of the primordial Serpents pressed together the first atoms of the Universe!" Per continued and then suddenly Per paused. Matu leaned slightly forward. "BOOM!" Matu jumped! Per smiled at him and moved to his favorite chair. Matu was surprised at the Elder's sudden outburst.
"Something happened", Matu, "There in the middle of the Passion Dance of the Giant swirling Serpentine Essences, that could fill a Universe...there a tiny spark was ignited! And that tiny little spark, Matu, that tiny little spark made all the difference in our Universe."
Matu knew there was a message for him in Per's words.  "A spark of passion created our Universe...?" he offered with a bit of hesitance. Per smiled. "Bravo, Matu!" he said to the apprentice, as he leaned forward.
"From the tiniest spark of passion (White Energy of Balance) can come an entire Universe! You can create a whole new world with but one tiny spark of true passion, my young friend. Never forget that, Matu...
from one tiny spark of pure passion...a Universe can be born!"

Matu nodded his understanding. He loved the insights, that Per offered.
"That spark, and the other sparks of passion, that were freed by the Creator Dance of these enormous Snakes of Essence, they set off a series of Explosions, that changed the Universe forever! Because suddenly, Matu...suddenly the darkness of the Universe was filled with the explosions of the first Suns!"Per paused. Matu looked at the Elder, wondering what was next.
"And then..." Per said simply, "...then there was light."
Matu sat back with a smile on his face. "So there it is", he thought to himself, "From giant writhing Strands of Essence, that had come from the Void, the atoms and the gases and the Suns of the Universe had been born. And then there was Light...
Matu grinned. "But wait..." he suddenly sat up.  "Is that how Life was formed, Master? In the bodies of the Serpents of Creation? Was Life formed in the Dance of Creation, as you said?"
Per looked at the young man.

"In the dance of creation, the atoms of Life were formed... yes. But the essence of Life, Matu...the essence of Life was in the breath exhaled by the Void..."  he answered.
Matu sat silently, staring at the Elder, trying to figure out the words. The 'atoms of Life' and the 'essence of Life', he repeated to himself. The essence of Life was already in the 'breath' of the Void...does that mean that Life existed from the moment of the birth of the Universe? But if that is true...
Per began again, interrupting Matu's thoughts.
"Again and again, the writhing primordial serpents crushed together, forming more gases and creating more sparks. Again and again, more suns were born. Swirling together in a bright shining whirlpool, they came together, spinning furiously like a giant merry-go-round that was billions and billions of light years across."
Matu tried to keep up. He tried to imagine the mating of giant universal serpents of 'essence'...and the birth of stars.
"These were the galaxies of the Universe, Matu!" Per was smiling again. "In time, one of those swirling galaxies would come to be known as ERIDANUS." Matu wrote down the name. Per stood up and walked to the window.
"What you are about to learn, Matu, is the history of the galaxy of ERIDANUS and some of the stars and the star beings of the galaxy...but in particular, my friend, we shall speak of the history of one tiny planet in that galaxy...and the origins of a group of star beings known as...Humankind."
Humankind! Humankind! Matu was excited...and he was nervous. He really wanted to know…that was why he had tried so hard to make the Order choose him. He did not know what the Truth was, maybe he wouldn't like it... but he had to know. He had actually had moments of doubt in those first months. Every time Master Per showed him something, another of the Truths he had always held to was undone. 'Up is is white...and everything you have ever been taught is a lie.'Those were some of the first words he had heard from Per. They were hard to hear in the beginning, but the more he learned, the more Matu found them to be true. And it made him angry. Not at Per, but at the education system that had betrayed him...and Humankind. When he had joined the Order it was for his own reasons, for his own purposes. He had been searching for the Truth for himseif. But now, now he remained for another reason... for a more important he remained for his daughter's sake. He didn't want her to be betrayed as he was. He turned to look at his mentor. Per recognized the look. It was the look of compassion...and determination. It was good. This was the look that all teachers searched for. Per returned to the table where Matu was sitting. Per began again...
In the swirling new galaxies, Matu...the process of creation continued. Swirling in on themselves, the galaxies continued to press the essences together, pounding and crushing it into primitive atoms. Then, here and there...again and again...there was an explosion. A fiercely burning star fell in on itself until it exploded. Bursting outward, the exploding star created newer and more powerful energies...
and from the center of the fiery explosion, more atoms were formed. But these, Matu, these atoms were more complex, than the primitive atoms of one electron and one proton. These had four, five and six electrons in their outer shells...with just as many protons in its heart. Atoms of carbon, nitrogen and oxygen were formed...flung out into the galaxy to join with other atoms formed from other

stars that had exploded."
Per paused. "From the chaos of dancing stars came the atoms of the elements of our bodies, Matu..." he said. "We are the children of the fury of a dancing star, that gave itself to the Galaxy and to the Universe. We are born of gigantic explosions and supernovas... we walk in bodies, that were once Stars. Are we Star people, Matu? Yes...literally."
Matu was stunned. We really are 'Star People' he thought to himself. We are STAR people! My God, what does that say of us?
Per leaned forward with his brows furrowed. Matu seldom saw such a serious look on the Master's face.
"In the time of the first explosions of the time of the formations of the very first primitive marriage of electrons and protons...this, Matu...this was the original Atom and the Eve of Creation."
Matu's eyes popped open. Per leaned back and smiled at him. Matu almost burst out laughting. Good one, Master! Matu thought to himself. Good one, Master. You got me. .
"Many times this happened, Matu..." Per continued. "From the writhing (twisting) dance of the primordial snakes of essence...from the first-born stars that grew and fell in on themselves ...from the super explosions of stars a thousand times larger than our own sun...the atoms of the galaxy and of Life itself were formed. Clouds of gas a million degrees hot and gravity that would make a pinhead weigh a million pounds, each galaxy swirled and spun its own atoms, as if it were cooking its own broth of Life and Substance."
(According to the String Theory they are not just atoms: they can also be tiny strings or waves, they change all the time. LM).

Matu could almost feel the heat.
"Atoms began to cling together, tiny little partnerships of two and three atoms, holding tightly to each other. Then another...and another. Each new particle joining to make the colony of atoms stronger. Too tiny
to be seen by the eye, these microscopic colonies swirled together in the gigantic primordial whirlpool. From these colonies of atoms, Matu, the gases and solids of the galaxy were born. A hundred years, a thousand years... a million years later...some of the colonies of atoms grew to become tiny specks of dust. Then another thousand years later, the colonies of specks of dust grew larger, becoming pebbles...
then rocks...then boulders. In the giant mixing bowl of primitive elements that swirled around infant stars, a small glob of rock and gas was forming, becoming larger and larger. In the swirling womb of the

gases and dust...' In the swirling womb of gases a planet was about to be born. ...A small world was being created..."  "But there were more elements, that needed to be added. The atoms of newly born gases had also begun to collect around the building primitive worlds. Gases, sometimes trapped between the stones in the crust of the new world and sometimes from inside the stones themselves, were released by the tremendous heat at the core of the infant planet. Here and there on the surface of the forming world, small clouds of nitrogen and oxygen gathered. Like a tiny puff of smoke at first making its wispy way across
the shifting land plates...the gases slipped through the dust and gas. Sometimes the hydrogen and oxygen gases trapped in the slowly forming worlds were crushed together to form water droplets. Slowly or through an internal explosion, the water particles made their way to the surface. Sometimes the tiny molecules came from a hurtling stone that was flung through space by another exploding world. In many different ways, tiny little droplets of water gathered and covered the primordial cooling crust of the new world."

Rain? Matu thought to himself.
"Clouds smaller than your hand, Matu..." Per described. "Growing larger, forming larger and larger clouds...they cooled and warmed, cooled and warmed, again and again over millions of years in the process. Eventually, droplets condensed...and rain fell."
It is always so simple when Per explains it, Matu thought.
"On the thin hardening crust, the heated stone layers turned each droplet of rain into steam. The vaporized drops of water rose upwards...and were cooled. And the process began again. As the cycle continued, the ball of hot rocks became a globe of molten stone with a hardened and cooled crust. Steam was everywhere, gases circulated through the atmosphere. Here, Matu...were the beginnings of a new world."
Matu could imagine the steamy world.
"In time, as the steam condensed into droplets and fell once again on the surface of the new world, some of the drops remained in small puddles on the surface. More drops fell... puddles became ponds, ponds became lakes, and lakes became oceans. The heat and steam were everywhere...but the birth was near complete. A steamy misty world complete with land and sea had formed."
Per was making sweeping gestures with his arms. Matu enjoyed watching the Elder get carried away by his teachings.
"Oceans tossed and turned and crashed on virgin shores, the cooling lands expanded and contracted. Enormous cracks formed, mountains were pushed upwards and others were forced under the creeping
plates of land. Volcanoes exploded, erupting and adding their molten innards to the surface, sometimes creating towering peaks, other times creating small islands. Rain and snow storms moved inland, pounding away at the craggy mountain-tops, covering them with ice and snow. On the highest peaks, melting snow formed small ponds and lakes, then turned into rivers, that made their way down to the lands below. Creation, Matu..." Per emphasized. "Creation is a wondrous thing, to see a Planet being formed is no less a miracle, than watching the birth and development of a child. It is the miracle of Life on a grand scale.
A child is born...a world is born, both a miracle of Creation."

Matu loved these stories. Per paused for a moment to let the images sink into his apprentice's mind.
"In time, time, the violence of birth calmed to a roar. Constantly moving and always creating, the oceans became calmer. At times, in fact, they were almost silent..." Per began again, " least on the surface. But do not be fooled, Matu. What you see on the surface is not always an indication of what goes on underneath. For there, in the deepest regions of the virgin seas, small pockets of newly formed Life began to gather."
"Wait...wait, Master...” Matu stopped Per.  "Excuse me, but was not Life born of lightning bolts, that flashed through the gases, that had collected on the surface of the waters?"
(The Universe was born from the Source of All Life to be exact and lightning bolts
and many other things just helped to spread, expand life, LM).

"Well, done..."Per smiled at the apprentice. "Yes, it is true that one can create the necessary elements for physical Life by sending a lightning bolt through primordial gases, but so can the heat and gases emitted by an underwater volcano also bring forth the elements of Life. The falling of a comet into the waters of a new world, the explosion of a star, the collision of two small worlds...that too can create the elements of Life...any number of events can create them. Be not quick to commit to only one possibility."
Matu had not thought about an underwater volcano. I guess it could happen, he thought to himself. And a falling comet could do it too. "And..."
Matu almost dreaded the 'And' that would occasionally pop up in Per's teachings. It was usually a revelation that Matu had not even thought of.
"...when you create the elements of Life..." Per said,  " do not create Life, you only create the foundation blocks that could sustain Life."
Matu was surprised.
"Are you saying, Elder..." he wondered, "...that Life did not begin with that first bolt of lightning?"
Per smiled. "When you create an engine out of metal, you have created the shell that could move enormous vehicles or hurtle airplanes through the air. But you have not produced a creation that moves on its own, it needs a driving force, an impetus."
"It needs fuel..." Matu offered.
"It needs fuel..."  Per agreed. "It needs a motivating force."
Matu thought for a moment. "Consciousness?"he wondered aloud.
"It has been called consciousness..." Per answered. "It has been called the soul and it has been called the 'higher self."
Matu thought about it for another fleeting moment.
"Where did the consciousness come from then, Master?" he asked. "Surely not from the lightning bolt or the gases?"
Per smiled again. "Well done,, the consciousness was not born of a bolt of lightning or a cloud of gas."
He stopped. Matu knew something was coming.
"It was born of the Breath of the Void..." Per said.  "The Consciousness of the Void filled the newly born Universe, as did the essence of Life. The birth of the elements of Life produced only the shell, which would later house the Consciousness..."
(according to R.Monroe, life in our Universe is coming from the Emitter in a form of a Beam of White Energy of Balance, which creates Mind-Field and it is a part of the Creative Force. More on that on : 
Robert Monroe info

Matu leaned forward, ready to ask his next question. "...and how that happened, Matu...we shall save for a later time.'
Per smiled that devilish smile again. Matu sat back. Damn it! He thought to himself. He did it to me again! Per sipped at a drink he had before him, letting Matu's thoughts run wild. Per put his drink down.
"It has happened in many, many different ways in our Universe, Matu. On some Worlds of distant Galaxies, the first cell of Life was born from an underwater volcano, on another World it was born from a lightning bolt streaking through a cloud of water and gas. A storm of ionized gas penetrated by meteorite, an exploding Star flinging the elements of Life through Space into some far distant waters of a Planet light years as many ways, as there are Stars, in countless ways in countless Galaxies, the first cells of Life were born in the Universe."
So Life was not just born on one single Planet, Matu thought to himself. But then..."Were all the cells the same, Master?" he wondered. "Were all the original cells of Life the same in their make-up?" Per smiled again at the young man. "No..." he answered. "They were not the same, Matu. The wonder of the Universe is that: there are many, many forms of Life, each with its own shape and make-up. There were thousands and thousands of different cells, that were born in the Galaxies. Each ceil gave birth to a different Race of Beings, and each Race was born to a different path. Look not at the Universe and assume, that all Life is as we see it, young Matu. Even in our own Galaxy. Life comes in many forms." Per leaned forward and directed his full attention to Matu.
"Remember this, Matu..." he said in a most serious tone. "The ant climbing on the side of a tree cannot recognize the man, who stands staring at him. Man is not in the realm of perception of the ant, Man is an inconceivable form of Life to him. His senses are not capable of registering the complete form of Man."
He saw me! Matu suddenly started. He saw me watching that ant!
"So too, the senses of Humankind are unable to register the forms of Life beyond our comprehension. The best of our scientific inventions are but an extension of our senses. To the ant, Matu, we are so large, so incomprehensible, that he cannot imagine that we are a form of Life. We are so big, that he cannot imagine how such an enormous 'thing' could possibly contain Life as he knows it. So too, Matu, Human Beings cannot imagine how such a tiny creature could possibly contain a Life of Consciousness, as we know it."
"Does an ant have a concept of an afterlife? ...Does an ant have a sense of right and wrong? In our perception, he does not. But that is because the ant does not live according to our concepts of right and wrong. Humans believe themselves to be superior to the ant. But why, Matu? Why are we superior? Because we can change our environment? Is that a sign of wisdom...or a sign of ignorance of the Balance of Nature?" "Look to any city streets, the scurrying around of Human Beings in their everyday lives any different from the scurrying, which the ant does? Are the cities of Humans any different from the colonies of ants? Are the wars of Human Beings any different from the wars of ants? If the millions of years of existence of our Planet reveals anything, is that the ant colony is dedicated to the common good of the ant...while the Human colonies are dedicated to the good of an elite few. Remember this, Matu...the ants have been here for millions of years, adapting to their environment and coexisting with it. Human Beings, for all their supposed superiority, have been destroying their environment. When the food sources for Humans are gone, the ant will continue to survive and thrive. When the comet strikes the Earth and obliterates Life as we know it, the ant will survive (noone would survive, LM)...  Are Human Beings truly the 'Chosen Ones'...?"
Matu was stunned. My God, he thought to himself. It is true. If there is such a thing as an 'obedient servant', it is the ant. We destroy the gifts... the world and our own people, we destroy ourselves...while the ant continues to serve the entire colony. I can't believe it, he marveled. The ant accomplishes, what we can only dream about. If there is a God, the ant is His obedient servant. Per sat back to let the words sink in. Matu sat silently for a moment. "An ant cannot see me, sir...* he began. "That I can understand. But what then, Master, what must be hidden from me...simply because I am a Human Being?"
"That is precisely the point, Matu..." Per answered. "If you desire to gain the Wisdom of the Ant, you must think iike the Ant. If you wish to gain the wisdom of the Owl, you must think like an Owl...and if you wish to gain the Wisdom of Star Beings, you must stop thinking like a Human must think like a Star Being!"
Matu marveled at the simplicity of the words...and the difficulty of them. Matu was about to ask a question when Per began again.
"In the Galaxy of ERIDANUS, there are as many Life forms, as there are Stars, Matu. And here is a curious thing, my young friend. In this Galaxy, in our Galaxy...the Humanoid form is the general path, that all life forms take. It is not, as many might think, the exception. Quite the contrary, it is the general rule."Matu remembered the many Life forms, that the Master had described to him before. There were Humanoids in the Galaxy, who had evolved from ancestors, that were insects, and there were Humanoids, who had evolved from fish ancestors. There were Humanoids descended of reptiles, birds and even forms of Life, that Matu was sure he would never even see in his lifetime. This was not hard for Matu, we, Human Beings, were, after all, descended from ancestors, who were apes, he knew that. But the Reptilian Humanoids... Human Beings born of reptilian ancestors...that fascinated him.
"Will you speak of the Reptilian Beings again?" Matu asked his teacher. Per looked at his young student.
"We must, Matu..." he answered. "For they are the source of the institutions of Humankind. They are the reason why we are here." Matu was never comfortable when Per said that. Somehow the thought of Reptilian Beings as the guiding force for Humankind seemed repugnant to Matu. Per saw the discomfort in his apprentice: "It is something, which you must learn, Matu..." he reminded the youth. "What is important to know in the pursuit of Truth is this: Truth does not reside in what should be or what could be, Truth resides in what is."
"But are we then to set aside our dreams of what could be or what ought to be, Master?" Matu asked.
"No, Matu..." the Elder responded. "Dreams and thoughts of what could be are what give us our goals, they give us reason to move and achieve. But in order to acquire those goals and those dreams, we can
only utilize what is... The house is built by the person, who uses what is at hand. A carpenter should have a hammer, but if only stones are available, he uses the stone as a hammer. A carpenter should have a saw, but if no saw is available, he uses an axe or a knife. A Warrior uses what is at hand, and focuses not on what he or she should have."
Matu mulled over the words of the Elder. Truth lies in what is... not what ought to be or what could be. A Warrior uses what is at hand, how simple, he said to himself, how simple. Per sat back again. "Rest now, Matu..." he said. "When we sit again,I want to talk about the Worlds of the Stars of Orion... and the Queen, who is the source of all of the religions of Humankind."

Matu sat in awe for a moment, staring at his Teacher. How much will you share with me, he wondered. He could only hope. As he rose to leave to take his time to rest, he turned back to look at the Elder... Per was looking up at the Stars. Matu had gone for a walk in the trees beyond the Great House. The silence of the forest seemed to act as a blanket protecting Matu from the outside World and from petty thoughts of life in the city. He was alone with his thoughts, his best companions.' Sometimes he battled with them, sometimes he challenged them...oftentimes he found, that he had been betrayed by the thoughts, that had been with him all of his life. As he sat in the trees, he could only smile, as he thought how unimportant the things of the city really were. He loved the trees and the isolation, it was as if he was becoming aware of his primitive self again. Hmmph! He thought to himself. I am becoming a primitive...a savage! How ignoble! As he gazed back to the Great House, he saw the light in the library was still on. He jumped up...maybe Per is still there, he thought. Maybe we can still continue tonight! He turned and began to run back to the House. Matu burst through the door. He looked around the room, but could not see the Master.

"Long, long ago..." Per began. Matu turned to the window. The Master was standing there, almost hidden in the darkness. Matu made his way to the table, he loved that beginning.
"...on a New World, still steaming and covered with a green mist, somewhere near the surface of its newly formed oceans, tiny little wriggling creatures thrived and lived. These were the first life forms of the Green World. The tiny beings lived in the waters just above the very dangerous cold and dark World of the deep, and just below the very bright World of the warm surface waters. With each generation, the little wrigglers came closer and closer to the surface waters. In time, they reached the surface waters, seeking the safety of the shallow depths, when the oceans became violent, basking in the warmth when the seas were calm. But even when the waters were relatively peaceful, the waves brought the tiny creatures closer and closer to the land at the edge of the Water World. For many generations, the tiny creatures managed to avoid the land...but destiny would not be denied. In time, the churning ocean waves carried some of the tiny squirming creatures tossing and tumbling over the waters, hurling them onto the white sand beaches. Many of the primitive wrigglers did not survive the tossing and turning of the destructive waves and many did not live through the sudden fall onto the coarse sands...but a precious few managed to survive. Thrown into stagnant pools on the beach or in hollows of rocks and cliff faces, the tiny creatures endured the chaos of the waves. They had lived! But the travails were not over...for suddenly, though they were still alive, they found themselves confronting a new life in a New World. It was true, that the waters were much quieter in the stagnant pools, than the constantly moving World of Waves, that they had come from. There was no pounding of waves and no surf, no crashing and thrashing about...and ...there was very little food...but some of the tiny primordial creatures held on. They adapted to their New World. They learned to feed on the tiny plants in the pond itself and survive on the bits of vegetation, that fell on the pond's surface. Some died, but some lived. Those, that lived, became stronger, and as they survived, they multiplied and became larger in number. This was good, but yet, it was also bad. Soon, the food resources of the pond were not enough to provide for them all. And as it has happened on so many Worlds with so many beings, the tiny wrigglers began to feed...on each other. Survival demanded, that only the strongest creatures would endure life in the tiny ponds."
Cannibalism, Matu thought to himself. I guess it's everywhere.
"Over the course of time, some wrigglers made their way to the edges of the pond. While feeding, they learned to lift their tiny heads out of the water and eat of the moss and tiny plants hanging from the rocks. The tactic worked...for a while. In time, in order to find food, some of the tiny wrigglers were forced to leave the water entirely, laboriously edging their bodies out of the water, eating what they could, then rolling back into the safety of the water. Generations later, they had learned to leave the water entirely, scurrying a small distance from the water to the vegetation in the mud and rocks, then hurriedly returning to the soothing water of the pond before the Rays of the Sun killed them." "It was a dangerous life, Matu. Wriggling on the land and mud often caused many of the venturing wrigglers to become trapped in the mud or in small holes in the ground. Some wrigglers failed to return to the waters before the Sun's Rays dried out their skins. Foraging on land for food had exposed them to new dangers and created hazards, that they had never encountered before, but it had also provided an entirely new source of food for the little creatures. As they continued to evolve and adapt, their tiny wriggling muscles gave way to tiny primitive legs.
Their skins became hardened, and their fins turned into grasping claws. But even more importantly, the tiny creatures began to develop lungs, that allowed them to breathe in the newly formed atmosphere.
In this way, Matu, the very first of the primitive crawling insects was born on the misty Green World." Matu pictured the tiny wriggling insects as not much bigger, than a grain of rice, maybe even smaller.
Per stood up.
"As the crawlers ventured outward, they found other pools, larger, than those at the edge of the sea. Here Life was a little easier, not often subjected to the unexpected wave, that crashed down on the tiny pool
of the early survivors. The inland migration continued, pools gave way to ponds, and the World of the primitive wrigglers expanded to unparalleled size. The ponds became host to numerous races of insects,
and it provided food resources, that had not been available in the shallow pools. Life was better. But Life on the primordial Green World was a never ending battle for survival. It was demanding, it was grueling and it meant death to any creature, who gave up the battle or who was simply too weak. Over millions of years, the tiny insect continued its battle to survive. Its life on the land was spent constantly searching for food, while attempting to survive the Rays of the Suns above, the drying mud-traps and the harsh blowing winds. Its life in the water was not much better. The tiny insect was constantly defending itself from other small insect predators, who were also fighting to survive their primordial World. All of the tiny primitive creatures fought to eat...and they fought not to be eaten."
Per walked to the window.
"One day, after eons of struggle and Evolution, one tiny serpentine figure sat on a small rock at the edge of the water. As it sat quietly, searching for its next meal, it spotted another smaller creature swimming
by in the water below. Without pause and without thinking, it leapt from where it sat onto the unsuspecting creature. In a split second, its small muscles had reacted from pure survival instinct. These same survival instincts had caused the tiny wriggler to do the unthinkable, it had left the safety of its perch, and it had pushed itself outward and into the sky! And this was an important event, Matu...for even though
the jump was nothing but a minuscule hop a fraction of an inch, the success of the action, the fact, that the tiny jump had supplied the creature with the food that it needed, had ingrained the behavior into its memory banks. When once again the situation confronted the tiny insect, it did not stop to think, it just reacted ...again. And it succeeded...again. Slowly and surely, as time progressed, the tiny insect learned to perch on its ledge and wait for its next victim. Other insects learned to do the same. Generations later, the little wrigglers had learned to leap across the water, skipping and hopping across the surface of the water in their unending search for food. With each success, the wrigglers became stronger and quicker...and more deadly. After hundreds of thousands of years, their tiny legs became stronger and their bodies became slimmer and more tapered...squirming had given way to hopping, short hops had become long leaps... the Evolution of insects had taken a giant step forward." Per turned to Matu. "This is how you will become a Warrior of the Stars, Matu..." he said to him. Matu was caught off guard. He was startled by the words: "I do not understand, Per..." he managed to say.
"You will stop behaving and thinking like a Human Being bound to the Earth. You will begin thinking and acting like a Star Being. You must leap from the safety of your perch, that you call being 'Human' and feel the power of existence as a Star Being. Think like a Star Being, Matu! Do it often, do it many times, do it all the time. If you can do this, the actions and thoughts of a Star Being will become natural, they will become a part of your everyday behavior. Then, and only then, will you begin the evolutionary path to becoming a true Star Warrior!"
Matu pondered the thought. That's why an athlete practices constantly! In time, the practiced motions become natural, they become instinctual. Incredible! To react like a Star Warrior without thinking...that would be an accomplishment!
Per sat down again. "One day, while it basked on a small rock, sunning itself to make its blood warm, the small insect spotted a tiny creature crawling on the ground below. Reacting with the same instincts, that had become part of its existence, it leaped from its perch. And as it had happened so many times before, the surprise of the attack left the victim no chance to defend itself. The learned behavior was rewarding the tiny insect. But this time... this time, the leap was different. As it flew through the air, the victim of the attacking insect moved! It moved away! Already in the air, the tiny insect suddenly threw its legs forward, trying to reach for every micro-millimeter of distance, that it could get. And it happened! The small flap of its arms had lifted it upwards for but a split second...enough for the insect to still reach its prey! And this, Matu...this was the first act of true flight! Once again...Evolution had taken a turn. Flapping its arms had worked once, so the tiny insect tried its newly acquired skill again. Time and time again, the daring leap from the ledge, accompanied by the flap of its arms...was successful. One flap gave way to two, two flaps became the tactic was passed on from one generation to another, the leaps became longer as their legs and budding wings grew stronger. And incredibly, Matu, the flapping arms of the tiny insect became lighter and filmy. The primordial tiny insect was evolving a set of wings. From a tiny creature with little hairs, that propelled it forward through the water, to a wriggling swimmer with tiny fins, from a crawler with little legs to a hopper with powerful jumping limbs...and then, a creature with wings and the power to fly...the primordial flying insect was born."
Matu was amazed by the story. It was astounding. From a tiny wriggling creature to a flying insect...amazing, he thought to himself, simply amazing! He always kept going, Matu thought to himself. He is relentless.
"Many other primitive creatures of the pond also learned to fly in the misty Green World. Millions of years later, numerous creatures with wings began to move from the ocean's edge further and further into the steamy jungles, that were inland. Some creatures gave up life in the ponds and stagnant pools altogether, moving into the tree tops or the marshy swamps. Others chose to remain near the ponds and lakes, that had always been their home and sanctuary. Dozens of different types of insects now began to move through the lands of the Green World, and through the skies, bringing life to the unexplored edges of the prehistoric World. Time passed..." Master Per continued. "The winged insects became larger and more complex in their bodily structure. Hundreds of flying insect forms were born in the Green World, many lived for only a few thousand years before dying off. But others established their tiny footholds in the prehistoric primitive world. And here, Matu, here in this primordial World of misty ponds and insects are the roots of the Reptilian Beings."
Matu sat forward: "Oh...that's right! Reptiles are born from insects!...Why hadn't I seen this before, he wondered. Reptiles are born from insects! Of course! Matu was beside himself. Master Per saw the interest in the young apprentice suddenly become stronger.

"That is good, he said to himself, - that is good. The insect, which began to dominate the World of the ponds, Matu..." he began again, " resembled, what we call a Dragonfly here on Earth."
A Dragonfly! Matu was even more excited. A Dragonfly!

"And yet it was more..." Per explained. "It also had traits like the bee here on Earth."
Holy cow! Matu was surprised. A dragonfly and a bee combination! What an incredible insect, that must have been!
"What was it called, Master?" he asked. "Did it have a name?"
"The 'Ancient Ones' called the dragonfly-bee a 'kheb', Matu..." Per answered.
"A 'keb'?" Matu repeated.
"It is a guttural 'k', Matu..." Per corrected him. "It is more like 'khh-eb'... like in the sound of the 'ch' in Loch Ness monster... 'khh-eb'."
"Khh-eb..." the apprentice repeated. "Khh-eb." Matu tried to picture an insect that was a combination of a dragonfly and a bee.

"Remaining in the World of ponds..." Per continued his story, "...the primitive dragonfly-bee, the 'kheb, held tight to its little World. The many stagnant shallow ponds along with their surrounding marshy grounds allowed the 'kheb' to find food both in the water and on the ground for their off-spring and for themselves. The power of flight and the experience of millions of years as a predator species had given them considerable advantage in the hunt and the kill. Their skills and the abundance of food sources in the World of the ponds had allowed them to grow strong. But there were other insects, that were evolving in the Green World, and other wrigglers and flying insects, that were appearing on the primordial Planet. New forms of insect life brought new forms of violence and predation, even the dragonfly-bees were threatened by other hunters...and it forced them to become even more vicious.."
Per stopped to take a sip of his drink. Matu sat back. He could see the misty Green World in his mind. He could actually see the primordial insects swarming through the mists, and he could imagine the wrigglers squirming in the ponds and mud pools. Everything was green in his images...and it was hot and steamy. The dragonfly-bees laid their eggs in the still ponds..." Per began again. "The eggs were tiny little things, that were covered in a jelly-like film. When they were born, the little 'kheb' looked like microscopic scorpions...and, as if they had been born of the devil itself, the tiny 'kheb'-scorpions were instantly ready for battle. They had tails with tiny stingers on the end and tiny pincer claws on their forelegs, that were constantly pinching at the air."
Matu was astounded...and impressed. "Devil insects...scary!" - He thought to himself.
"As soon as the tiny 'kheb' dragonfly-bees were born, they immediately began to fight with their siblings for their own little territory. With pincers flying and tails jabbing at their nest-mates, the scorpion-like babies were vicious and deadly. In between the battles with their brothers and sisters, the 'kheb' infants fed on the passing mites and tiny organisms, that floated by in the water. These were dragonfly-bee infants, a form of reptilian insect, that was vicious in its hold on Life, and unwilling to surrender to anything without a battle. But as dangerous, as the dragonfly-bees were, Matu, the developing new World and
its many new creatures, that existed beyond its ponds brought constant dangers and challenges to their existence. Other insects were changing and adapting to the jungle environment. They evolved new offensive and defensive tactics, and they too increased their size and strength. The 'kheb' were slowly being caught and overpowered. Without change, the death of the dragonfly-bee species was not far away."
Matu was hard pressed to believe, that these 'devil' insects would die away.
"But Life is adaptation, Matu..." Per emphasized. "That is the rule of the Green World, and it is the rule of the Galaxy and it is the rule of Life in the Universe. And no one knows how or why...but somehow, the dragonfly-bees did something, that would forever change the history of the Galaxy. They did something no other creature had ever done before."
Matu leaned forward.
"In order to survive, the dragonfly-bee learned to make two complete transformations of its form during its lifetime, two complete changes of its body. The first transformation occurred as the scorpion infants reached the age of maturity. After crawling onto a branch or rock, the tiny dragonfly-bee infant attached its scorpion-like body firmly and securely to a ledge. As its outer skin hardened into a tough shell, its inner organs began to change. When finally the young dragonfly-bee emerged, it no longer had the form of a tiny, it looked more like a mantis. Gone was the wriggling and stinging water infant, born was the stalker, who scurried over the land. Looking more and more like the deadly reptile, that it would eventually its new form, the developing young 'kheb' honed its predatory skills."
A chill went through Matu. If this was the ancestor creature of the Reptilian Beings then...that's exactly why... Per interrupted Matu's thoughts,
"...but this was only the first transformation, that the dragonfly-bee would undergo, Matu. In the second stage, after shedding its outer shell, the maturing dragonfly-bee emerged with long limbs, claws and a stinger, that was more highly developed. And it also came out with a double set of wings and a multi-purpose long snout. In its new form, the 'kheb' was a far more efficient flying and killing machine. This was the reptilian-
insect, the dreaded dragonfly-bee, the true Kheb. And it was this creature, that would eventually rise into the skies of the Green World and conquer it...completely."

Matu could believe that.
"As the adult dragonfly-bees flew through the air, they looked like armored mosquitoes, Matu. They had external skeletons, that were made of hardened bony shell. The plates protected their vulnerable internal organs and made them nearly invincible opponents in the flying insect wars...They had four powerful wings, that lifted them through the air, each wing moving independently of the others. Because of this, the adult 'kheb' could hover in place or quickly move forwards or backwards. They could dash and dart through the air with a skill, that was unmatched by other insects. It had long, long arms with small, but powerful claws, that allowed it to cling to leaves and branches, and to grasp firmly any of its hapless victims. With one quick slash of its claws, the dragonfly-bee could kill its enemy or rip open the body of its prey.
Then, standing over the still body, it could insert its long snout into the body and suck greedily at the once life-giving fluids of its victim...In the early days of Life in the Green World..." Per told the apprentice, "...the dragonfly bee, the 'kheb', a primitive form of reptilian-insect, was the single most intimidating enemy any flying creature could meet...In the final stage of their lives, after the second shedding of their skins, the 'kheb' had become full-fledged adults. At this time in their lives, Reptilian Females were ready to conceive, ready to bear off-spring. But in order to bear their young, the internal organs of 
Reptilian Females had changed even more dramatically, than the systems of the Males. Where once Reptilian Females could survive on the nectar of plants or on the flesh of other insects, now Reptilian Females needed to feed on the bodily fluids of other creatures in order to produce the chemicals in their bodies, that would permit conception. The Reptilian females needed to feed on the bodily fluids...on the blood ...of other creatures."
Damn! Matu thought to himself...more and more like vampires!
"After the Female 'kheb' gorged themselves with the blood of other creatures, they returned to their nest to await 'the change'. When they were ready, they rose up into the sky, flying as high as they possibly could, and awaited the approach of the drone-Males. By rising as high as they could in the sky, Females were assured, that only the strongest and the most determined Males would be able to reach them.
This would insure, that they would have strong and vitally healthy off-spring. Capable of mating several times, the Females remained in their 'heavenly place' until they were filled with Male seed. Then, by descending to their chosen ponds, the Females deposited their eggs and returned to their nests...and the cycle began again. This, Matu...", Master Per emphasized, "...this was the way of life of the ancestors of the Reptilian Beings."
Matu sat quietly. Beings... Human Beings... born of ancestors, that were dragonfly-bees. Who would ever believe that? But then, we are descended of some form of primate, he thought to himself. Perhaps not an ape, but a relative of the apes and the chimpanzees. And the primates came from four footed creatures, who lived in the trees millions of years ago. And where did they come from, if not from a primitive reptilian creature. It is not so far-fetched, Matu thought to himself. We, too, have a 'reptilian cortex' in our brain. Would it be so wrong to call ourselves reptilian humanoids? He wondered. No...he said to himself...I think not."

(we, humans on Earth, have been genetically mixed with 22 different races, inc. Reptilian, according to the Andromedan info and that makes sense. This is the reason why we are so resiliant, LM).

Per gazed out the window.
"Over the billions of years of its Evolution, the dragonfly-bee became larger. And as it evolved into its larger form, the first signs of its Humanoid destiny began to show itself. Its long appendages began to look more like long gangly arms and legs. Its thorax took the form of a torso with a pinched waist, and its triangular head with its huge crystalline eyes began to taper and look more human. In the air, it looked like a miniature primitive Human Being with wings... not quite a fairy, perhaps more like a fury. As it sat in a tree, silently waiting for its innocent victim to fly by overhead, it looked like a dark gargoyle."
Matu sat back, the images in his head were frightening.
"But sources of food were not only to be found in the sky, Matu. There was also prey, that walked on the ground. Larger wings had helped the 'kheb' to become efficient hunters in the air, but the large wingspan had also restricted movement in dense forests and thick brush. Sheer survival demanded, that the Reptilian Dragonfly-bee Humanoids learn to hunt on the ground. By tucking its wings in close to its body, the 'kheb' learned, that it could run quickly through the trees. Its legs and lower extremities adapted to movement on the ground, and its clawed feet became more flexible. Its backbone adapted to erect movement and its tail disappeared. And though its new form allowed it to become a deadly predator on the ground in the forests and jungles, its upper torso and wings never lost their incredible ability to lift the creature up into the sky and dart through the air."
They sound like Dragon-People..." Matu said out loud.
Per nodded. " is an image that is appropriate."
"Were they really reptiles, Per?" Matu asked.
"Yes, Matu..." Per answered. "They were winged reptilian creatures on their way to becoming Humanoids."
"Were they cold-blooded, Master?" he asked.
"That is correct, Matu..." the Elder answered. "Scales and plates do not keep the heat of the body in very well. As even the reptiles of Earth must do, the early 'kheb' had to Sun themselves often. It was also their practice to live in the warm regions of their World."
"You said they had scales...?" the young apprentice was curious.
"Yes, Matu..." the Elder responded, " the beginning. Eventually they lost their scales and their bony shell covering. You see, for many millions of years, the primitive Male 'kheb' had bony plates all over his body and his arms and legs, much like the dinosaurs of Earth in the long ago prehistoric eras. They had a ridge of short plates with semi-sharp edges, that began near their forehead, trailed back and over their skull and down their backs, gradually tapering down on their short slender tail. They also had long sharp claws on the hands that they were developing. They could cut and rip with savage quickness, and they had large square jaws with sharp ridged teeth, that could cut a limb off with one snapping bite. They had powerful legs, that let them run quickly and leap through the air with extraordinary speed and agility. Their emotionless black eyes could intimidate the hardiest enemy warrior...and remember, Matu...they could fly. The drone 'kheb' were among the most vicious creatures of the Green World. And they were black, Matu..."
Per narrowed his eyes, looking straight into Matu's eyes, "...their bodies were a deep black. In the darkness, the Male-drones were nearly invisible. Hidden in the blackness of night, an attack by Male-drones was both fierce and merciless. Descending with stunning speed and quickness on enemy nests or bands of ground creatures, attacks by dragonfly-bee Males seldom failed. Born with the instincts of dragonfly drones, 'kheb' Males would continue to fight...even if their heads had been cut off. Enemy drones, who survived the initial surprise attack of the 'kheb', had little chance of living through the subsequent onslaught. Time and time again, the lightning attacks of the drone dragonfly-bees succeeded...and time and time again, they expanded their primordial insect lands."

"But as feared as the 'kheb' Males were, Matu... Reptilian Females were even more terrifying to the creatures of the Green World. In their evolution, as the Females were developing into humanoids, they remained smaller, than the Males and they had smaller plate coverings on their bodies, with exposed areas, that were covered with a fine fuzzy hair. But their lack of armor did not make them less dangerous. Their claws were still sharp and their smaller size made them quicker and faster, than their Male counterparts."
The Master spoke in almost a whisper, "...they were poisonous!" Matu made a face, "Are they not deadly enough already? They feel a need to become poisonous?
"Over the billions of years of their evolution, something happened to the Female 'kheb', that did not happen to the Males. The changes in their bodies, that produced the hormones necessary for the production of off-spring also produced a fluid, that was acidic and highly poisonous to other creatures! The kheb' Reptilian Females could protect themselves and their nests by spitting a natural venom into the eyes and faces of their victims (like snakes, LM). A stream of hot acidic fluid, that struck the face of an enemy could cause nerve-numbing paralysis or blindness. If there was an open wound or the venom entered the gullet of the
victim, death was almost always certain. And woe be to any enemy, that felt the fangs of the Female 'kheb'.

 "So, Matu, while the 'kheb' drones could draw blood with their bites, that in and of itself did not cause death.
But the 'kheb' Females...because of their natural venom the Females could kill with, but the slightest scratch from their fangs. The battles between the evolving creatures of the Green World and the 'kheb' Males always heavily favored the dragonfly-bees, but when the areas near the 'kheb' nests were endangered or threatened, the destructive fury of the females always produced a victory."
Per looked Matu in the eyes. "Though this might sound almost trite, this Galaxy, it is the Female of the species, that should be is the Female of the species, that is the most deadly."
Per sat back, letting his words sink in. Chills went up Matu's back. Buzzing bees terrified him, the idea that there were swarms of drones descending on him was frightening. Facing a Man-sized Dragonfly was
also terrifying, but the thought of a hand-to-hand battle with a Female, that looked like a gargoyle... and, who had saliva, that could kill...that was too much. Matu thought to himself, I hope I never have to confront one. Then a thought occurred to him :"But that was millions of years ago, is that not so, Master? he asked hopefully. "And on another world in a faraway Star system, is that not right, sir?"
Per smiled at Matu's concern. "Yes..." Per assured the apprentice. "That is how they appeared many, many years ago ...millions of years ago. They no longer look quite as frightening, as they once did."
Matu was relieved. "What do they look like now, Master?"
"Well, Matu..." Per resumed his story. "In the early stages of the evolution of the 'kheb', they looked like strange armored Mantis-Humanoids. But over the millions of years, their bodies became tall and lanky,
their arms and legs were long and slender. The torso with the pinched waist that is so familiar to bees and dragonflies gave way to a humanoid body with a small waist. Their large triangular heads developed
into a more rounded head with a tapering pointed or square chin. The huge black eyes, that had once dominated the entire head became large dark piercing eyes."
Matu shuddered, he was sure, he had seen one of them in town earlier in the month.
"The early 'kheb' humanoids..." Per stopped and smiled.
Matu wondered what happened. "Are you okay, Master?"
The elder looked at Matu. "The early 'kheb' humanoids were the equivalent of our cave-man, Matu. I guess they could be called 'kheb' Men and 'kheb' Women..." he smiled.
Matu smiled, too. Another good one, Master, another good one. 
"The early 'kheb' humanoids were tall and rather slender, but their slim build was deceptively powerful. They were very limber and fast, capable of running on narrow trails and passing through thin passages.
And they could fly, up and down, side to side and so fast that they seemed a blur. They were efficient and deadly hunters...and they were cold-blooded killers. Of all the species, that would evolve on the Green World,
 it was the reptilian bee-humanoids the kheb', who would rise to become the most dominant life-form of the world."

“I'll bet!” Matu thought to himself.
"As the kheb' humanoids evolved, just as it happened on Earth, they formed primitive societies, that eventually became civilizations. They evolved from a primordial nest existence to primitive mud huts and shelters and then to large sophisticated cities. From a life struggling in a pond, to life as a reptile, and then to Life as a humanoid; from tiny gurgles to buzzing and then to complex languages: from mud nests, to glyphs to magnificent art; and from bartering to markets and then to complex financial institutions...the primitive reptilian-insect humanoid gave way to sophisticated Reptilian Man (and Woman). The reptilian people had become...civilized."
Matu wondered, if the path of development was the same throughout the Universe, if all of the beings of the Galaxy followed the same trail. And he wondered... "Do the Reptilian people, the 'kheb' look like snake people or mantis people, Master?" he asked. "Do they still have scales?"
Per grinned. "No, Matu..." he shook his head.  "As Human beings on Earth have lost the large amounts of hair, that their primate ancestors once had, so too, the Reptilian beings have lost their scales."
"Are they green, Master?" he wondered.
"No, my young friend..." he smiled again.  "They are not green-skinned, they never were. Their dark skins no longer have scales and they do not look like the insect-reptiles, that they are descended of."
Whew! thought Matu. But I wonder what... hold it! Per began again.
"As the millions of years of their evolution continued to go by, the 'kheb' people lost most of the very distinct reptilian and insect features of their ancestors. But not all their physical traits disappeared entirely.
Though their height began to vary slightly, the 'kheb' people generally remained tall and quite slender. And, as is the case with all beings born of Reptilian ancestors, they possessed little or no hair on their bodies
and they had very little hair on their heads. Their torsos retained the hour-glass shape of their long-ago dragonfly-bee ancestors. Males had broad chests with narrow waists, large and powerful buttocks with strong thighs and tapering calves. Reptilian females had the same shape, but with a more delicate and feminine curve to their bodies. Their faces were still triangular, tapering to a pronounced yet soft point. They had large dark eyes, larger, than most humanoids, but they possessed an almost hypnotizing beauty. Their mouths were also larger, than most beings, but with smaller lips. When closed, the mouth of the Reptilian people seemed almost to disappear. And though they had lost the extremely large fangs of their ancestors, their 'eye' teeth were still long and sharp...and quite functional. The long proboscis used to drain the blood of their victims was also gone, it had given way to an angular nose, sharp and narrow, and it too was strangely appealing."

"It may surprise you, Matu...but the Reptilian people were a physically beautiful people. Their limbs were graceful, their bodies were alluring and shapely. And with their large dark eyes and fluid walk, the Reptilian females were known to be some of the most beautiful Women in the Galaxy. The Reptilian people were handsome and fearsome, beautiful and deadly...and they could fly. In ceremony, when dressed in their flowing robes, in the best finery their World had to offer, the Male and Female Reptilians could hover lightly, as if on angelic wings...but they were the Hand of Death itself, hidden in shining gossamer."
Devils, that look like angels...amazing," thought Matu. Or perhaps I should think of them more like angels, that act like devils?
"Over the billions of years of the evolution of the Green World, many races of Reptilian people had evolved. And as it has happened on every world in our Galaxy of ERIDANUS, the races went to war over their
own World. Without fail, the success or failure of the Reptilian armies always hinged on the extraordinary ability of the drone warriors to maneuver in flight. Males and females alike could fly on wings, that
seemed far too delicate to carry their lanky bodies. They were exceptionally quick on the ground, but in the air the Reptilians had no peer. From a distance, the approaching armies of flying warriors looked like a huge black cloud of giant dragonflies, a faint angry buzzing betraying their intent. But even though the enemy might visually detect them while still some distance away, in the blink of an eye the Reptilian winged warriors covered the ground, that separated them from their enemies. In less than a heartbeat, the viciousness of the Reptilian warrior descended on its enemy like the wrath of a cruel and bloodthirsty... Though they would eventually lose their natural bony covering, because of the forces of evolution, the Reptilian drone warriors compensated for the loss by wearing fabricated body plate armor, much like the knights of the Middle Ages in Earth's history. While the loss of natural body armor had made them somewhat more vulnerable, the loss of the body plates had also made the Reptilian warriors lighter and quicker...and therefore, more deadly."
Damn! Matu thought to himself. Why do they keep getting deadlier? Don't they ever develop some sort of weakness? Matu shook his head. Per noticed Matu and stopped.
"No, Elder..." Matu apologized, " is nothing. I am sorry."
Per sat back and continued. "The World Wars of the Reptilian humanoids were many, Matu. The balance of power swung back and forth between many aspiring realms. Empires and Kingdoms rose and fell.
But in time, one race of Reptilian people surfaced as the dominant people of the planet. They were known as the NEKH, or the fearsome 'Black Ones'. Through the victories of the Black Warriors and the political manipulations of the Black Kings, the world of the Reptiles was eventually united under one King and one Kingdom."
Matu repeated the name to himself...the NEKH...the 'Black Ones'. Yep, its scary.


Chapter II, Empire of the NEKH Kings

Per pressed on, "It is important to keep something in mind when you learn of the history of the Reptilian people, Matu.
In the nest of a Reptilian insect, it is the Females, who do the work and it is the Queen around whom Life revolves. The drones serve two purposes, their first purpose is to mate with the Queen or the Royal Female. Their second function is to protect the Nest from any enemies or invaders. As the 'kheb' (Reptilian insects) evolved from a primitive insect to an evolved humanoid form, the same roles became part of their primitive Humanoid existence, and it carried over into their civilized stages. On the battlefields and in territories away from the Home, the humanoid Males fought the battles and took control of the events... but in the realm of the Home, much as in the nest, it was the Females, who controlled the day to day events. As the 'kheb' humanoids evolved, the Females continued to do all of the work around the Central Colony. Males defended the colonies, but because of their wellknown ferocity, they were seldom attacked. With little to do around the colonies, the Males began to venture out into the surrounding countrysides, invading the territories and colonies of other humanoid races. In short time, the 'kheb' Males conquered the weaker males of neighboring lands and began to expand their wars of conquest. In the newly conquered territories, the 'kheb' Males declared themselves Kings, ruling with an iron hand over their subject populations. At home, however, in the central lands, the Queens continued to control. As the conquests continued, Kingdoms rose and fell.
But the institutions remained the same, the 'kheb' Monarchs maintained rigid control of the governments and armies of all of the conquered realms, and even the political institutions of the central Realm itself...
but the day to day administration of the Home Colony and its cities remained the domain of the Reptilian Queen. While the Reptilian Kings permitted the Females minimal participation in the decision making process of the over-all Kingdom, the Monarchs quickly yielded to their Queens, when it came to matters of the Homeland itself. In short, the over-all Empire was the realm of the King, but the Home...that, Matu...was the sole realm of the Queen.

Matu sat back. Incredible, he thought to himself.
Incredible! What a system, the Home is the domain of the Female, the conquered lands are the domain of the Male. The Home is the domain of the Woman, the outside World is the domain of the Man. My God, Matu realized, it is but another way of saying, what we have always been taught about Men and Women in our world...a Woman's place is in the Home, a Man's place is in the outside World. It's the same thing... but with an entirely different meaning!
Per continued. "Life advanced quickly under the hand of the Reptilian NEKH Kings, Matu. Science and technology, originally developed to assist in the Wars of Conquest by the Kings, leaped forward by leaps and bounds. While weaponry and the science of conquest continued to have the highest priority in research and development, the inventions and tools, that resulted from the new technologies were often adapted for everyday use by the average 'kheb human." Much as it has been done here on Earth, Matu said to himself.
"In time, the Kheb' Kings abandoned their destructive Wars of Conquest and focused their attention on new wars for power. These wars were not fought on the battlefield, they were fought in the marketplaces
of the Green World. As a cooperative effort to achieve a profitable united front throughout the Globe, the 'Kheb' Monarchs began to work together, not for the sake of peace, but for the sake of monetary gain.
Wars of destruction would no longer be tolerated in the major Kingdoms of the New World, peace and order would reign, prosperity and happiness would belong to everyone. Business became the new
battlefield. The New World Wars, officially known as the NEKH World Wars, were fought in the business centers of the Green World. Assassinations and murders still took place, but they were no longer a result
of heated passions and sheer hatred...'it wasn't personal... it was business."
Holy cow! Matu sat up. 'It isn't's business!' The world has certainly heard that one before! And its billions and billions of years old!
"In the New World, one family of 'kheb' beings surfaced to control the wealth and power bases of the entire globe, they were the first descendants of the early NEKH Kings, and were known as the NEKH-KHEB. Under their manipulations, Peace was achieved, and a new era was realized. All of the kingdoms of the Green World fell under the flag of the Association of Kheb States, another way of saying the Association of Reptilian States. The strength of the New World could be expressed in a simple phrase...'and a profit shall lead them'. With the institutions of the New World Era in place, the NEKH Empires began to look to the skies above. They began, as Human Beings of Earth have, to explore their moons. They carefully developed their technologies, landed on the surface of their moons and began to establish footholds.
Generations later, their moons were colonized and exploited, mined for their resources, and became fully equipped stepping stones to the Planets and Worlds beyond. The Reptilian NEKH astronauts reached out and conquered the Worlds of their own solar system, establishing new bases and more colonies, exploiting and developing the many new satellites of their neighbors. The NEKH established a Solar System community of Reptilian Beings, the first Association of Reptilian Worlds."
An Association, thought Matu. Strange choice of names... "Excuse me, Master..." Matu interrupted. "But why do they call it an Association of Reptilian States? Do they refer to themselves as Reptiles?"
"No, Matu..." Per answered. "They do not call themselves Reptilians, no more than we call ourselves Ape Men.
You must understand, that to them the word 'kheb' means Human Being. To them anything that is not Reptilian, anything that is not 'kheb' would be referred to with a qualifying term. For example, we would not
be known as 'human beings', we would be referred to as 'Ape Men' or 'Apes', because of our ancestry. Beings whose ancestors might have been wolves, would be referred to as 'Wolf Men' or even 'Wolves' by
the 'kheb' people. 

You must understand this, in the eyes of each Race of Beings, they believe themselves to be the one true 'Human Being'. All others are referred to by their ancestry...'Wolf Men', 'Fish Men', 'Bird Men', 
etc. Unfortunately, in order to try to tell you this story in a way in which you will understand. I too am forced to use qualifying terms in order to make my explanations a little more understandable. If I should try to be precisely correct. I should never use the descriptive term Reptilian to you, but then you would probably have greater difficulty keeping track of who is who in the history of our Galaxy. My apologies, Matu...
but I use qualifiers to aid in your learning."
"Oh no. Master..." Matu answered quickly. "I am thankful that you have done this. I am sure, that you use the best words possible in order to teach me...Do not apologize, Master. I must thank you for being so wise. Thank you, Master." Per nodded his appreciation. The young man was wise indeed.
The Association of Reptilian Worlds..." Per paused and smiled at Matu. "The Association of Kheb Worlds was but the first step, Matu. The NEKH Kings began to reach out beyond the boundaries of their solar system Empire into the outer reaches of other solar systems and their worlds. Possessed of extraordinary technology and weaponry, with vast resources and coldly calculating Star Warriors, the NEKH Kings began to explore and exploit Other Worlds. As they had done on the Green World, and as they had done in their own solar system, they began yet another series of Wars of Conquest. And it was on these Wars of Conquest, that the Reptilian people confronted the other humanoids of the Galaxy of ERIDANUS."
Here we go! Matu said to himself. Look out Galaxy!
"When the NEKH Star Ships made first contact with beings of Other Worlds, they were predictably cautious, of course ...but to the surprise of the Reptilian Star Warriors, the Other World beings welcomed them with open arms. Since the Other World leaders had not managed to develop their own space technology, the new civilization looked with awe and near reverence on the ships of the NEKH. Conquest of their
Planet was simple."
Of course, thought Matu to himself. Superior technology inevitably dominates inferior forces...especially, if the inferior forces openly welcome their conquerors.
"As the Other Worlds fell to the NEKH Star Warriors, the Kings were quick to establish their own puppet governments with their own NEKH Administrators in the seats of power. All Other Worlds would function under the same systems established in the NEKH Empire. All newly conquered populations would obey and live by the institutions of the NEKH Worlds, and all conquered populations would pay homage to the NEKH King of the Stars, who sat on the Throne of the NEKH Empire... All Hail King NEKH! All Hail the King of Heaven!"
Matu shook his head. It is the same everywhere, he marveled. On Earth, in the Stars... it simply does not change.
"But the campaign of conquests was not always easy, Matu. As the Reptilian Star Warriors continued to move onto unknown Worlds, they soon found, that there were other species of warriors, that were not so easily defeated. Some Star races were defended by warriors with exceptional physical strengths and abilities, that the Reptilian warriors had never seen before. To the dismay of the NEKH Kings, some wars of conquest were lost."
Bravo! Matu thought. I was wondering, if anyone could stand up against them.
"The Era of the First Star Wars was ended. And for a time, there was a tentative peace in the Stars. The NEKH Kings had been slowed down."
The Era of the First Star Wars, Matu wrote down. Definitely suggests a Second Era. "Even with all of their advanced technologies and the inherent viciousness and coldbloodedness of their Reptilian Warriors, the NEKH Kings found themselves taken to a higher level of intensity and deadliness in War. 
Tactics and weaponry had to be did the make-up of the warrior on the battlefield. As a result of the demands made by these ultra-level 'Star Wars', no Reptilian Warrior could be summarily dismissed
or ignored...regardless of gender. In reviewing the history of the successful wars of the Reptilian Empire, it was soon recalled, that Reptilian Females had once fought side by side with the drone warriors in the Wars
of the Green World. Their participation played no small part in the victories of the old wars. There was no reason to believe, that they could not contribute to victories in the new wars. As had once happened many, many years earlier, Reptilian Females were once again recruited and placed on the battlefield beside their Male counterparts."

Scary, Matu thought to himself.
"What would happen next, Matu..." Per said, "...was completely unexpected." Uh-oh, Matu stopped writing.
It was difficult to believe, that the Reptilian Drone Warriors needed help, but if that was true...God help the enemies, who had to face the Reptilian Females.
"After a short time of peace, the hostilities in the Stars began again. The Kings of the Reptilian Empire began to move forward...again. But this time, the Star forces of the Kings were equipped with redefined weaponry and new technologies...and fighting side by side with the drone Males were the deadly Reptilian Females."
Damn, Matu thought. I think I'd quit right then and there. It's too scary to imagine!
"Shortly after the Era of the Second Star Wars began, it was discovered, that battlefield conditions on far distant Worlds created astonishing changes in the metabolism of Reptilian Females. On their Home World, Females were bathed constantly with harsh solar radiation from their multiple Suns. Pulsing solar storms forced a rhythmic fluctuation in their reproductive cycles, forcing them to produce a chemical in their bodies, that would assist in regulating the birth and conception process. But in the vast reaches of Space, away from the Home World Suns and away from the forces, that generated internal bodily cycles, the
Female fluctuation stopped...entirely! The menstrual cycles of the Female Reptilians ceased altogether! In Space, Reptilian Females could still conceive and bear children, but only through the direct and
deliberate stimulation of the conception hormones  (and rest from battlefields, LM)!What this means, Matu..." Per leaned forward, " that Reptilian Women had no menstrual cycle. They could completely
choose when and if they wanted to become pregnant! What is important to note here is, that the menstrual cycle was a result of the solar fluctuations of their home Suns!"
(This is bullshit, written by a male, who doesn't know much about why Human women have menstrual cycle, but Reptilian women don't! The real reason is that Human Females' fetuses are used for food and all kind
of things like for genetic experements, for Human breeding etc. This is the reason why most Human females have been scooped of their energy in a form of a fetus being taken out of her once or twice a month.
But if females are fighting together with males or they are heavily involved in sport, the quality of the fetuses is very poor because of stress Females are in and in this case Females are not menstruating!
Menstruating is not a natural thing: it's a monthly abortion. In Human Females, their genital chakras, the antennas for Universal Knowledge are damaged by constant abortions. The reason is, that Reptilian Queens know far too well, that if the damage of antennas is not done, Human Females would overpower the Queen. If their antennas are not damaged and their energies are not taken out of them regularly by monthly abortions, sex, constant pregnancies and breast-feeding, then Human Females would overpower not just Reptilian Females/Males, but also Human Males, LM).

Matu pondered the idea. "Could it mean, Master...?" he began.
"It means, that free of the Sun's radiation, Women of Earth would be free of menstrual is that simple."(another bullshit, LM)
Matu was shocked. "Sir..." he was nearly shaking. "Are you saying, that the menstrual cycle of the Women of Earth is a direct result of the fluctuations of the radiations of our own Sun?"
"Yes, Matu..." Per answered. "But not the radiations precisely. Were Women subject to the flare-ups of our Sun, every cycle would be based on completely random occurrences. It is the result of the radiations caused by the rotation of the Sun, Matu..."
Matu was still stunned. "...and the direct control of yet another body in the sky, which regulates the cycle of Women so precisely."
Another body in the sky? Matu wondered.
Per began again, leaving Matu no time to pursue the thought. "Remember, Matu, the venom, that the Reptilian Women produced in their bodies, acted as a trigger, that enabled reproduction to take place. Solar radiation triggered the venom, that in itself triggered conception capabilities. Without the influence of their Sun's radiation, the venom was not triggered and conception could not take place. Mating could occur,
 but no pregnancy could ever happen."
Natural childbirth, thought Matu.
"But though the conception process was absent ...the naturally produced venom continued to flow through the systems of Reptilian Women Warriors to the surprise of the Reptilian Association of Medical Arts,
and the Reptilian Women themselves, the venom began to transform itself once again. Where once the venom was a regulator and a natural defense mechanism, under Other World conditions and new Solar forces, the venom returned to its most basic function...a poison used for self-defense. everyone's surprise, the natural venom of the Reptilian Females became even more deadly, than it had ever been before!
Under battlefield conditions, the rush of adrenaline running through the bloodstream of Women added to the potency of the venom..."

Geez, Matu winced. When does this stop? How deadly can the Females get?
"To the pleasant surprise of the Kings, and to the misfortune of their enemies, because of the natural transformation of the venom, and because of the added adrenaline influence, the naturally produced venom
of the Reptilian Females rendered them far more dangerous...and far more deadly, than any of the Male Reptilian Warriors. Still capable of spitting a hot deadly poison at the eyes of their enemy, the new venom now virtually assured death to any soldier on the battle field, who confronted the Reptilian Females."
Matu just sat there shaking his head.
Per smiled. The point was being made. "And of course, Matu..." he added, "...the Females were also more naturally vicious."
Of course, Matu agreed, throwing his hands up in the air.
"When provoked to battle, the Females did not permit logic or sentiment to interfere with their and complete victory was their end-all. The Females were not fighting for glory or conquest, they were fighting for their World and their lives. When angered, no one was deadlier, than the Reptilian Females. These factors changed the course of many battles between the races of Star Beings of our Galaxy."
Of course, thought Matu to himself. Who would have a chance?
"Though many of the most decisive battles were fought in the skies over the 'Other Worlds', ground forces were still necessary to maintain the edge won in the skies. In these situations, no one could compete with
the Female Reptilian Warriors. In hand to hand combat, the Reptilian Females could inject their poison into the blood-streams of their opponents by biting them or by spitting on their blades and wounding them
with poisoned knife edges. Even injury from the clawed nail of a Reptilian Female could bring on paralysis and death. Other World leaders and military commanders feared the blades and claws of the Reptilian Females, choosing to negotiate with the Kings, rather than face the cold-blooded Females with death in their eyes."

Good move, thought Matu.
"And so too, Other World populations yielded to the presence of the Reptilian Female guards, put in place to control the new governments. Hostile crowds were easily controlled by Reptilian Females, who were
armed with little more, than long-bladed knives and spears. When puppet governments were installed, no diplomat dared to challenge the authority of any Reptilian Female left in charge of the newly established administrations. The legends of the deadly potency of the venom in Reptilian Women were spread far and wide. Few Beings of Other Worlds had not lost a friend or relative to the venom of a Reptilian Female.
Success after success in the conquest and control of other Worlds, was based in large part, on the participation and influence of the Reptilian Female Warriors. In the historical records of the Green World, it was the 'Wars of the Black Ones' from which the Empire of the Reptilian people was born. In the later records of Life in our Galaxy, it was the 'Wars of the Stars', from which the Star Empire of the Reptilians was born.
But in both cases, Matu, it was the Reptilian Female Warriors, about whom the horror stories were told. Lightning quick attacks by overwhelming forces, deadly battles with black Reptilian Males, streams of poison from Reptilian Females, unwavering control of Other Worlds by venomous Females...all of these factors and more led to the legends...and status...of the Reptilian Empire, as one of the greatest powers, that would
ever surface in the Ninth Realm of the Galaxy of ERIDANUS. By the time the Era of the 'Black Star Wars' was over, the NEKH Empire of the Reptilian Warrior Kings had left its bloody mark on hundreds of Planets.
From a primitive beginning to a highly advanced society, the Reptilian Humanoids had firmly established themselves in the annals of the Ninth Sector."

Matu sat quietly. Images of flying Reptilian Warriors still filled his head. "But the Epoch of the Reptilian Black Kings, Matu...was soon to end." Matu was nearly exhausted, he had a dozen questions. Matu gazed
out the window. It must be very late, he thought to himself. I am not sleepy, though...but I am tired. Per began again, almost without breath.

"During the expansion of the Reptilian Empire under the NEKH Kings, Males led on the battlefield and in government, but it was the Reptilian Females, who effectively administered to the needs and demands
of the institutions and the govemments of the many Other Worlds. It was also the Reptilian Females, who maintained direct contact with the rulers and peoples of the Empire, and it was the Reptilian Females,
who administered to and maintained the channels of power. What was interpreted by many as loyalty to the Reptilian Kings by the Reptilian Females was an exercise in the cunning and hidden methods of the Reptilian Queens... While the Reptilian Kings initially held real power in the Era of the Wars of Conquest on the Green World, by the time of Other World expansions, it was the Queens and their loyal Female administrators, who were the real Center of Power in the Empire. In any Empire, run by a 'secret power", figure-heads are always the loudest and the most highly visible. The Empire is even given to believe, that the issuance of commands comes solely from the figure-head. In truth, sometimes the figure-heads even believe, that they really are issuing the royal commands. But it is the person, who actually sees to the execution of those commands, who truly holdsthe reins of power. And in every case, it was a Female administrator, who was responsible for the enforcement of Royal commands... It is the Female of the 'kheb' race, that does the work. The Males are the Warriors and the Mates of the Queen. On the Green World, and on the Other Worlds, it was the Females, who actually administered to the affairs of the World."
Of course, Matu thought to himself. The World of the 'kheb' does not revolve around the Male, it revolves around the Female.

"Kings routinely issued orders intended for enforcement in the entire Empire, and it was the Queens and their Female-administrators, who routinely altered or delayed the execution of the royal commands.
To the credit of the cleverness of the Queens, the Kings were absolutely convinced, that as Monarchs, they were the sole true power of the Empire. When the Reptilian Empire, under the hand of the NEKH Kings, began to show considerable influence in the stars of the Ninth Sector, the Queens began to reconsider their 'behind-the-scenes' roles. Administering to the new Star Empire had placed greater power and responsibilities in the hands of the Reptilian Females. And they had neither faltered ,nor failed. The Reptilian Females had proven themselves to be effective and efficient administrators, and they had proven themselves on the battlefield. But with the new status of the Empire, as a Powerhouse in the Stars, the Female Reptilian Queens began to press the throne for a more visible position in the ruling of the Empire.

I don't think I'd get in their way, Matu mulled.
In order to avoid difficulties at Home and to placate (pacify) the Queens and the Reptilian Women-administrators, the Reptilian Kings grudgingly granted the Queens new responsibilities. The Queens became more visible, and became a greater part of the State ceremonies, that the people always relished. Minor programs were handed over to the Queen and her loyal Female Forces...but in the control of the Empire, the Kings would never relinquish (give up) their authority...It would have to be wrested away."
Whoops, thought Matu. Not good! Bad move!
"And to their surprise and dismay, it was. What the Kings had not realized was, that by granting additional powers in the administration of the Empire, particularly by granting a greater visible role, they had also granted the Queens additional the eyes of the people of the Empire. This error would prove to be fatal for the Era of Kings. In the eyes of the King, the Queen of the Empire sat on the throne, as the
Head-Female of the Empire. Her duties were very simple: it was her task to present to the other Worlds of the Reptilian Kingdom and to Other Worlds of the Ninth sector, the very clear and emphatic impression, that all of the Females of the Reptilian Empire were solidly and passionately behind their King. Even the Queen's High Court was ordered to present the same image to the Worlds of the Ninth Sector. And since
 all Females, including the Queen, answered directly to upper level Male representatives of the King, the King was persuaded, that the Queen's role was one of grand illusion and little influence. To the King, the Queen was an ornament for the Court and a decoration for the Monarch to fawn over...her presence was purely perfunctory... Or at least... so thought the King."
Town fool...Matu reflected. Per began again.
"The legend of the 'Night of Tears' tells us the following: the daily early morning meeting of the King's Royal staff was called to order. The affairs of the Empire were always the first priority in the morning. Members of the Royal Staff were surprised, when the Queen entered the chamber instead of the King. Soldiers of her Royal Elite Female-Guards followed close behind her. As the Female-Soldiers lined the walls of the Royal Chamber, the Queen sat down, not in her chair, but in the King's chair! Several of the King's staff jumped to their feet and loudly protested her outrageous action. When the Queen's Elite-Guard stepped forward, the Males sat down and remained silent. The announcement was quick and simple: The King had been assassinated in the middle of the night. The Queen herself had barely managed to escape the assassins. Were it not for her loyal Elite-Guard, the Queen might not have survived the night. Though the Male murderers were immediately killed, they could not be recognized, nor could the source of the assassination plot be ascertained. In order to keep order, in order to prevent riot and pandemonium, the Queen had immediately seized control. To avoid a coup by the unscrupulous unknown Male power, who must have been behind the assassination, the Queen issued commands to all Female Reptilian-Commanders and Administrators to take control of their appropriate circles. To avoid a take-over by this unscrupulous and unknown Male power, all Males were to be removed from their positions of control...for the sake of the Empire! Until the Queen could reasonably insure the safety of the Empire and its people, the Reptilian Realms would be run by the Female-Administrators, who were already in place. When the Queen was satisfied, that peace and security were assured, she would relinquish authority to the King's heir apparent."
Whoa! Matu said to himself.
"Protests by Reptilian Males, who were in power were loud and plentiful. But the Queen would not be swayed. That fateful night, later to become known as The Night of Tears', was the single most crucial day in the history of the Empire."
Probably crocodile tears, Matu thought.
"To the horror of the people of the Empire, and in seeming confirmation of the Queen's prediction of a coup attempt, over the course of the next few time periods many of the highest level Male-Commanders
and Administrators died under the most mysterious circumstances. It seemed, that the Queen's precautions had proven quite wise and extraordinarily timely. And there were further complications during this time.  Descendants and heirs of the Reptilian King were also mysteriously assassinated. High level representatives of the King in key positions on other Worlds of the Empire also died. The plot was ruthless and thorough...But the Queen was firm and resolute. She assured her people, that she would never let them down. She would remain in control and would protect her people with her dying breath. She also assured them, that traces of Female Venom found in the bodies of many of the assassinated Male leaders were deliberately planted by the secret unknown Male power, who sought to undermine the entirety of the

Empire of the Reptilian people. The devious attempt to turn Reptilian Male against Reptilian Female would not work, the Queen would see to that. The Queen promised to lead her people through their time of crisis. The 'Night of Tears' would not bring down the Empire, the Queen vowed to her people! Your Queen shall not fail you, she promised them! For the next few periods, Males, who held positions of power, Males, who were blood relatives to the King, and Males, who were potential aspirants to the throne were mysteriously murdered. Some simply disappeared. Female military Commanders and Administrators
took stronger control and tightened their security measures. To maintain order, all administrative, all military and all political programs were stream-lined and made more efficient. The Empire of the Reptilian Queens became a highly efficient and well-oiled machine... And there were other events of significance at that time. Many Other World enemies of the Reptilian Empire believed, that the assassination of the King and the  take-over' by the Queen and her Females was a sign, that there was a weakness in the defenses of the Empire. The Kings had always run the Empire, the Queens had always served as secondary figures. The Reptilian Queens must be weak, enemy Kings believed... They were wrong...dead wrong. Attacks were planned and launched against the Empire of the Reptilian people...and they failed miserably. The death of the Reptilian King of the Empire had not weakened the resolve of the people at all, in fact, somehow, it seemed to strengthen it. And the seizure of power by the Queen was not restricted to the Empire of the Reptiles alone. Many neighboring Star Worlds watched, as the changes occurred in the Reptilian Empire. Invading forces flooded the Realms of the, already conquered, Other Worlds seeming to keep control of subject populations. What the neighboring Worlds did not expect, however, was, that the invading forces did not stop at the borders of the Reptilian Realm. They crossed the territorial lines and invaded the Worlds of the nearest Stars."
(All this was only possible because of the approaching End of the Old Universe. Then things started changing to the Original Order, when Universe was predominantly Female and run by Human or Alien Females! Only at the near End of our Universe all Females have been given some instructions and help from Higher Forces to brake the Power of Males and take the administration of the whole Universe in their hands! Looks like Females can lead to our Androgynous state much better! LM).

"And they did not stop. The deadly Female Reptilian Warriors expanded the realm of the Queen's Empire more quickly and with greater devastation, than the armies of the Kings ever had. Though the
Commanders of the Reptilian Forces were all Females, Male Reptilian Warriors joined with their Female counterparts to bring glory and treasure to the Throne of the Queen. Most believed in their Queen and
their Throne, others fought out of fear for their own safety. But regardless of the reason, the rewards of victory for the soldier were greater. The Empire of the Reptiles became a realm of complete and total
Female domination and control. Where once the Reptiles had lived and prospered under the Era of the Reptilian Warrior Kings, during the Dynasties of the Reptilian Queens, the Empire expanded, as never
before and it leapt to the forefront, as the most powerful of all of the Star Empires in the Ninth Realm of ERIDANUS. The fierce Empire of the Reptilian NEKH Kings had become a nearly invincible Dynasty of NEKH-T Reptilian Queens."
Per suddenly stopped. He said no more. He just stared at the Stars. Matu was relieved...and he was overwhelmed. He sat back in his chair. He looked out the window at the Stars. He stared intently at them. Somewhere out there, he said to himself, somewhere out there, there is a World of Reptilian Beings. Here I sit, he reflected. I am the product of an ancient primate being, call him Cro- Magnon or whatever...and out there in the Stars are Reptilian Beings, who are descended of an ancestor called 'kheb'. How arrogant we are, Matu thought to himself. How arrogant."

Chapter III Empire of the Reptilian Queens

"How did you sleep, Matu?" Per asked him.
"I had dreams, Master..." the apprentice answered him.
"Dreams of...?" the Elder probed.
Matu smiled weakly.
"I had dreams of the Queen of Reptiles, Master..." he answered. " least, I think, that she was the Queen, Master. She was hideous...she was terrifying. She had scales and she had dripping fangs...and she was green. Very green. And she was tall, Master, very, very taIl. Maybe 12 or 15 feet tall. And she was going to eat me, sir. I was scared woke me up! I did not sleep much after that dream."
"Oh, Matu..." Per smiled. "You have forgotten something." Matu could not imagine what the Elder was talking about. "You have forgotten, Matu..." Per was still smiling.
"The Reptilian People no longer look like Reptiles. They are not frightening in their appearance at all now. Do you remember, that I told you, that they were a very beautiful people now, perhaps the most beautiful people in our Galaxy at this time. Your dream was a fabrication of your imagination, Matu. It is not the way things are today."
Matu looked at the Master. Well, that's some relief he said to himself. Beautiful, huh? Well, not this Queen...not the one in my dream. She was a real...

"It is time, that you learn of the ways of the Reptiles, Matu... You must learn of their institutions and their traditions...and you must learn them well. For in the ways of the Reptiles, you will find the keys to many of the secrets of the 'Ancient Ones'... As the Reptilian Humanoid Beings evolved, because of the peculiar construction of their mouths, there was always a lingering hiss as they spoke. It is similar to what we call a lisp in our world, Matu. If they said the word 'stone', for example, it would come out 'sss-tone'. If the 'S' sound was at the end of a word, it seemed to be even longer, like 'horse', for example. The Reptilian people would say, 'hor-ssss'. Throughout the many generations of the Reptilians, the '-sss' sound became a signature of their languages. As a result, in all of the Other Worlds, the sound '-sss' itself came to represent the Reptilian people. The Reptilian people became known throughout the Other Worlds as the 'SSS' or the 'SSS-A'."
Quite appropriate, Matu thought to himself. Reptilian people, who would be known by the hiss of their speech. Probably scary, too. Then it occurred to him: "Were they not known as the NEKH. Master?"
"That is true, Matu On their Home Worlds, they called themselves the descendants of the NEKH. But on the Other Worlds, all Reptilian descendants were called the SSS."
Matu nodded his understanding to the Elder.
"Now here is something very important to remember. As the most powerful Female in the Reptilian Empire, the Queen was the Ultimate Symbol and embodiment of the SSS people. She was known, in the words of the Other World people, as 'SSS, the Supreme One', or even SSS, the Ultimate One'...But there is a tradition in the Stars, that is held to by the Kings and Queens of the Empires of the Galaxy. In order to show their power, their title, they doubled their names to indicate their regal position. Thus, the Reptilian Queen was officially known in the Stars, and in her Empire, as 'Her Majesty, Queen SSS-SSS'. On some of the Other Worlds, her name was pronounced in a slightly different manner. Here she was known as 'Her Majesty, Queen SSS-A-SSS' or 'Her Majesty, Queen SS-A-SS'. In some cases, she was even called 'Queen SSA-SSA'."
Queen SS-A-SS or Queen SSA-SSA, Matu began making notes. This was important, he was sure of that.
"As you write, Matu..." Per stopped him. "...also write these words down. The term 'UR' means 'the First and Foremost of or 'the Original of'. When it is used as a suffix, it implies the 'First One of the group or perhaps even a 'Noble Person of...The suffix '-I' means 'One who is at the side of, much as a personal assistant or a direct partner...The suffix '-IM' is the plural of -I. It means 'Those, who are at the side of, personal assistants or partners..."
Matu was writing quickly.
"And add these to your list too, Matu..." Per continued. "The suffix '-US' means 'One who is of... NOT the same as '-I'. The suffix '-US' means a 'follower of or a 'subject of while the suffix '-I' means 'an assistant of,
a much higher position, than a simple 'follower of or a 'subject of"
Matu kept writing...'follower not assistant'.
"And add yet another suffix, Matu...the ending '-U', which is actually the plural of '-US' The ending '-U' means 'those who are of."
Matu wrote that term down, too.
"Can I repeat them to you, Master?" he asked. "Just to make sure that I have written them down properly?"
"Yes..." Per answered him.
"This is my list, Master..." Matu said. "SSS is the name of the Reptilian people in general..."
"...the ending '-UR' means 'the First and Foremost' or 'the Original'..."
"...the ending '-US' means 'One, who is of..."
"...the ending '-U' means 'Those, who are of..."
"...the ending '-I' means 'One, who is at the side of."
"...and the ending '-IM' means 'Those, who are at the side of." Per nodded to Matu.
Those are all correct, Matu..." he said with a smile. "Remember...each of these suffix endings means someone, who is of something. Now let us put those terms to use. If the Queen of the Reptiles is the 'First and Foremost citizen of the realm, what would be her official title?"
Matu looked at his list.
"She would be the SSS..." he began, "...with the ending '-UR'. So she would be the Queen SSS-UR, Master?"
Per smiled. "Well done, Matu. But, as 'First and Foremost' Citizen of the Realm, she is not called the Queen. She is simply known as The SSS-UR,' or 'The SSA-UR', or even more simply, The SSA-R' of the Empire."
Holy cow! Matu thought to himself. "Is that where the title Czar here on Earth comes from, Master?" he asked excitedly.
Per nodded. "Yes, Matu. As we proceed, you will find, that many of the titles, used on our own Earth, are rooted in the titles for the Queen of the Reptiles in the faraway Stars. Now, as the Queen of the Empire, Matu...remember, she would double her names and titles. As the 'First and Foremost Citizen' and as the Royal Queen, one of her many titles would be 'Her Majesty, Queen SS-SS-UR', or 'Her Majesty, Queen SSASSA- R'."
Caesar! Matu nearly jumped. Caesar!
"Now, Matu..." Per addressed him again. "Can you tell me what the assistants of the Queen would be called? Remember, they are Royal assistants."
Matu looked at his list. "SS-IM...?" he ventured. "No...wait, wait. That is not Royal assistants, each would be called an SS-SS-I, and as a group they would be SS-SS-IM, right, Elder?
"That is correct, Matu!" Per smiled. "Each would be called an 'SS-SS-IM'!"
"Assass-im? Assass-in...Assassins!" Matu blurted out. Then he stopped. Assassins?
"Yes, Matu..." Per said. "The ASS-ASS-IM were Warriors, who stood at the side of the Queen and executed her every command and desire with a ruthlessness and ferocity, that was beyond compare. To make
sure, that the ASS-ASS-IM were always ready, always fierce and volatile Warriors, ready to destroy at an instant, the Queen kept her 'assassins' constantly under the influence of a drug by her MAKH scientists,
a group we shall speak of more later, Matu."
Matu remembered the explanation given for the name 'assassin' by the experts. The name was supposed to have come from a drug called 'hashashim'. But according to Per, it was the drug, that was named first, for the ASS-ASS-IM. Amazing! In both cases, in the Reptilian Empire and here on Earth, it was a drug that produced, ruthless and violent warriors. Per was still talking.
"But note this, Matu. What would be the title, given to the assistants of the Reptilian Females assigned as administrators on Other Worlds? Remember, the Females on the Other World would also be referred to as SSS Females."
"They would be called..." Matu looked down at his notes again, "...they would becalled SS-I as individuals, and SS-IM as a group."
Suddenly, the name made him remember something. "Essenes!" he let out. "Essenes!" But wait a minute he said to himself. "How could that be?" he asked Per. "The Essenes couldn't have been assistants to Reptilian Female administrators, Master." He looked at the Elder with a quizzical look, wondering where he was wrong.
"No, Matu..." Per sat back. "You are not wrong. In time, you will learn the secret of the Essenes of our history books. They were guardians of a religion based on the Reptilian Queen, that we have been learning about. But patience, young one. We shall arrive there.... Now, Matu...what would be the name of the followers of the Queen of the Reptiles?" Per interrupted his excitement.
"They would be..." Matu looked at his notes, " ..they would be called the SS-U, while just one follower would be called SS-US." SS-US...Zeus? He looked up at the Master.
"Well, done, Matu..." Per replied. "You must learn to apply these terms to other titles of the Queen, which we shall look at. Keep this list to heart, young man. They are priceless, in what they shall reveal to you."
Matu would make sure of that.
"Tell me the names of the assistants, that you have learned of so far..." Per asked of the apprentice.
"This is my list of titles, sir..." Matu said.
"...each of the Queen's Royal assistants would be known as an SS-SS-I."
" a group, the Royal assistants would be known as the SS-SS-IM."
"...the Assistants of the Reptilian Female administrators on the Other Worlds would be known individually as an SS-I."
"...the Assistants of the Reptilian Female administrators on the Other Worlds wouldbe known in a group as the SS-IM."
Per nodded his approval.
"Well done, Matu...but let us not stop here, let us continue."
Matu kept repeating the names...SS-I...SS-SS-I...SS-IM...SS-SS-IM...

"In the early days of the Reptilian Empire, when war was fought claw to claw, Reptilian drone Warriors had a special way of confronting any enemy, that they faced. At first, they stood as tall as they could, spreading their wings, trying to frighten its enemy with its size. Then, they would begin to slowly drop to a crouching position, much like a cobra, whose head drops slightly, as it makes ready to strike. Moving slowly from side to side, the drone let out a slow warning hiss, 'sss-sss'. Then, as a final warning, it opened its jaws and bared its fangs, letting out a guttural rush of air from deep within its body. It sounded like a Komodo dragon, Matu ...the sound came out...'khaaaa' "
Khaaa-aaa! Matu exaggerated the sound. He had heard the fearsome sound of the Komodo dragons, the loud exhale, that seemed to vibrate everything around it.
"It was often the last sound that most enemies heard..." Per added. "But the sound, that terrified more enemies, than any other was the sound made by the Reptilian Females. Just as the Male drones crouched
and hissed, so too the Females lowered themselves just before their attack. But as they began to hiss, here was the difference and that terrified their enemies. At the end of their hiss, the females would spit their venom into the eyes of their enemies. The sound was something like 'sss-sss' and then a loud 'ttt' sound. Sssss-ss-ttt! And then the venom came spraying out. Blinded or paralyzed, the enemy had little chance of surviving, what would come next. The claws, the fangs or the writhing death, that meant, that the venom had found its way into the blood all cases, death was virtually certain. In time...the spitting sound, the 'ttt' came to represent the Reptilian Females themselves. A way, in which people of Other Worlds distinguished between the Reptilian Males and Females, was to call the Males, the SSS, and the Females, the SSS-TT. Some people would never know the Reptilian Females as anything, other than the TT. TT meant 'Reptilian Female', Matu thought to himself, actually it was the sound of the spit. SSS-TT
meant 'Female of the Reptiles'. Not too confusing, he told himself.
"But now, Matu..." Per stopped. "Let us test your newly acquired knowledge again."
Matu smiled, he was ready.
"What Matu,.." Per began slowly, "...what would the title of the Queen be as the Royal Female of Females?''
TT-TT!" Matu nearly exploded.
"Correct!" Per smiled. "People of Other Worlds referred to her as 'Her Majesty, Queen TT-I-TT'. or 'Her Majesty, Queen TTA-TT' or even 'Her Majesty, Queen TTI-TTI' or 'Her Majesty. Queen TTA-TTA'."
TTI-TTI...Matu smiled inside. QUEEN TTI-TTI at that!
"And what, Matu..." he continued, "...what would the title of the Queen be when she is the First and Foremost of the Reptilian Females?"
Matu thought for a moment. "The Supreme TT-UR..." he answered. "And as the Supreme Royal Female, she would be known as 'Her Majesty, the Queen TT-TT-UR."
Per smiled again. "Excellent, Matu!" he congratulated him. "TTA-TT-UR is yet another pronunciation, but you seem to have a grasp of the basic idea."
"If I may be so bold, sir..." Matu was encouraged. "May I try to recite the titles and names of the various members of the administration of the Queen?"
"Yes, Matu..." Per agreed. "Please do."
"The Royal Assistants to Queen TTI-TTI would each be known as TT-TT-I..."
" a group, the Royal Assistants would be known as the TT-TTIM..."
"...the individual followers of Queen TTI-TTI would be known as the TT-TT-US..."
" a group they would be known as the TT-TT-U."
Per had a wide grin on his face. "Well done, young one!" Per congratulated him. Matu was really proud of himself.
"I shall now introduce another term for your list, Matu..." Per told him. "Throughout the Ninth Sector of ERIDANUS, the word, that symbolized and meant 'the Highest' was the word 'N' or 'AN'. Since the Empire of the Reptilian Queens had risen to become the most powerful realm of the time, in essence, the 'highest realm', many Star people began to use the term AN as the name for the Reptilian Empire itself... When AN
 or N is used as a suffix, it means the 'Highest One of, usually as in a very high-ranking individual or being..." Per explained. "Now, Matu...from the time of the 'Night of Tears', when the Males of the Empire began
to die and/or disappear, the administrators and representatives of the Queen on Other Worlds were always Reptilian Females. They were...They would be known as TT'..." Matu answered.
"Yes..." Per nodded. "Well done. Now, the Females, who were Heads of State, who were the highest ranking representatives of the Queen would be known as...?"
"They would be known as 'AN'...a suffix, that would be attached to TT. The title of the Heads of State would then be known as...TT-AN? Is that right, Master?"
"Yes, correct..." Per agreed. "The term is TT-AN, or the TAN, a term, which literally means 'Reptilian Females - the Highest'. Every Female representative of the Queen of the Reptilian Empire, who had the highest status was known as a TT-AN. But tell me, Matu, what would be the title of the Queen assigned to any of the Other Worlds?"
Matu looked at his notes. "As a Royal Female, she would be TT-TT..." Matu began. "As the highest Royal Femaleshe would be the...TT-TT-AN?"
"Yes..." Per smiled. "That is correct, Matu!" TT-TT-AN! TT-TT-AN! Titan! Matu repeated. It is the word Titan! This is the word that even expert linguistic specialists have never been able to find the root for!
"It is important to remember, that the Female representatives of the Reptilian Queen ruled with an iron hand. No one on any Other World could ever do anything without her approval. Any deliberate transgression was punishable by death." Of course...that is where the concept of nearly invincible warriors would come from! "Since the Queen assigned to the Other Worlds was known officially as 'Her Majesty, Queen TT-TT-AN'...can you tell me what her Elite Female Warrior guards would be called, Matu?" Per asked.
"Warrior Guards?" Matu wondered. He could find nothing in his notes to indicate, what the title of a Warrior would be.
"They would be 'of the Queen, Matu..." Per hinted.
"TT-TT-AN...US?" Matu wondered. "TT-TT-AN-US for individual Warriors. TT-TTAN-U for the group, Master?"
"Yes, Matu, yes..." Per confirmed, offering him support for his attempt "The royal title TT-TT-AN-US was reserved for a member of the Elite Female Warrior-guardians, who protected the Queen herself. They were known as the Royal TT-TT-AN-US and were often referred to as the TT-TT-ANS...Female Reptilian Warriors, who were without fear...and without equal. And TT-TT-AN-U was the title of the entire Elite Forces."
That's it! Matu was sure! It's not the Queen, it's the Elite Guard! The TT-TT-AN-US or the TT-TT-AN-S!! Bravo! That's it! Matu was excited. Per could see the sparkle in Matu's eyes. He decided to press on. "Now, Matu..." he began, "...let us combine some of the pieces, which you have put together." Matu sat up. He was looking forward to the challenge.
"What was the term, that distinguished the Male Reptilians from the Female Reptilians?" Per asked him. "Be not respond hastily."
Matu thought it over carefully. "The distinguishing term was SS-TT, sir..." he answered.
Per sat quietly, staring at him. Matu was surprised, he was sure the Master would smile and tell him, that he was correct. But he simply sat there.
"Oh..." it came to Matu in a flash. "The distinguishing term was actually TT, Master!" This time Per smiled.
"That is correct, Matu!" he congratulated him. "But I wish to explain a curious term here. The Reptilian people were known as the SSS, you are aware of that. But you must remember, that the contact most Other World people had on a day to day basis was with the Reptilian Females. As a result of this one-sided contact, many Other Worlders came to refer to all of the Reptilian people as the SS-TT or the SSA-TTA. While this is not technically correct, the term SS-TT became an accepted term for the Reptilian people. Now, the Queen of the SS-TT people, can you tell me what the official title of the Queen would be?"
"She would be known as 'Her Majesty, Queen SSTT-SSTT or maybe 'Her Majesty, Queen STI-STI' or 'Queen STA-STA'..." Matu guessed. "That is correct..." Per responded. "But she was most often known as 'Her Majesty, Queen AST-AST', Matu.... But now. Matu...tell me..." he looked at his apprentice. "What would the title of the Queen be as the 'First and Foremost' Reptilian Female?"
SST-UR or maybe SSTA-UR, sir..." he answered without hesitation. And AST-UR..." Per added. "And what would her title be as the 'First and Foremost' Royal Reptilian Female of Females?"
SST-SST-UR..." Matu answered. Sister, he was thinking. "No, Master, wait. If her most commonly used name was Queen AST-AST, then she was probably better known as the AST-AST-UR."
"Correct! Now what is the title of the Royal Assistants to the Queen?" Per continued.
"AST-AST-IM, sir..." he replied quickly. The 'system'? he wondered.
"What is the title of the Assistants to the Reptilian Female Administrators on Other Worlds, Matu?" the Master asked next.
"AST-I for each individual, Master..." he responded, "...AST-IM as a group."
"Keep going, Matu..." Per told him.
"AST-AST-US are the individual followers or subjects of the Queen..."
"AST-AST-U are the followers or subjects taken as a group..."
"AST-AN is the title of the female administrators on Other Worlds..."
Matu stopped, thinking, that there must be more. Per smiled at him. He was proud of the young man. "Is there more, Master?" the young man asked.
"Titles of the Queen..." Per hinted.
Matu thought for a moment. "...AST-AST-AN is the title of the Queen in her role as the Highest Reptilian Female!"
Per sat back. "That is extraordinarily well done, Matu..." he said. "You are doing extremely well." Matu smiled a big smile.
"There is one more detail, that I would like to share with you, Matu. Over the many eons of the Dynasty of the Reptilian Queens, the throne of the Queen itself became known as the Throne of AST-AST', or the AST Throne. In time, in partial tribute to the power of the Queen of the Reptilian people, the Throne itself came to be called simply The AST'. Over the course of the history of the Galaxy, the Star people of all Worlds would eventually come to call their own thrones the AST of their Empire. As the Empire of the Reptilian Queens grew to include thousands of Other Worlds, it became necessary to streamline the institutions of government for maximum efficiency with minimal maintenance. To avoid difficulties, a single form of government was instituted throughout the Empire. The day to day duties of running the business and military affairs of the Worlds of the Reptilian Empire were always handled by the SSS-T Reptilian Females, who had been appointed by the Queen. Any and all Female and Male assistants to the SSS-T were held to strict and rigid measures of control. No detail, however minute, would go unscrutinized by the SSS-T Female administrators. And no government was permitted to deviate in any way from the institutions set in place by the Reptilian Empire. Any and all assistant administrators to the Female Head of State on the Other Worlds were known as the SSS-T-IM. They had to perform the duties assigned to them, exactly and without deviation. In fact, deviation from the standard meant death to those, who committed the sin. In time, the term SSST-IM was applied to not only the assistant administrators, but to the institutions themselves.
In this way...the SSS-T-IM, or the 'system' was born."
I knew it! Matu celebrated in his mind. The 'system' had to come from the name for the administrators, the SSS-T-IM!
"Now, Matu..." Per sat back. "Now, we shall introduce yet another term for your list...Earlier, I spoke of the loud guttural sound, that was uttered by the Reptilian Warriors, the sound 'khaaa', that immediately preceded the strike of death."
Matu remembered, that the sound reminded him of Komodo dragons.
"The sound 'khaaa' would, in time, give birth to the word KHAA, a term, that came to mean 'Death' itself. The SSS Reptilian Warriors, who administered Death to their enemies with such ease, both Male or Female, came to be known as SSSA-KH, a deceivingly simple term, that literally meant 'Reptilian Beings - Death of, or in a more understandable form. 'Death from Reptilian Beings'... All of the titles, which we have been looking at. Matu...are titles of the Queen in her role as the Ruler of the Empire. What we want to look at now are some of the titles of the Queen in her role as the Queen Mother."
Whoops! Here we go again, Matu thought, as he pulled out another sheet of paper.
"Motherhood was represented by the term, MA, the same root which we use on Earth today. As the epitome of the essence of Motherhood, the Queen as Mother was called simply The MA'. But in her role as the Royal Mother, she was known to everyone as 'Her Majesty, Queen MA-MA', the Mother of the First Mother and First Citizen of the Empire, she was known as the MA-UR, or to put it more simply, the 'Great MAR'... as the Royal First Citizen and the embodiment of Motherhood in the Reptilian Empire, she was referred to as 'Her Majesty, Queen MA-UR-MA-UR', or 'Her Majesty, Queen MAR-MAR'." " the Queen Mother and the Ultimate Female of Females of the Empire, the Queen was known as 'Her Majesty, Queen MA-TT." "...and perhaps her most majestic and sweeping title, as the Queen Mother of the Realm, the Ultimate Female of the Empire, and as the 'First and Foremost' Female of the Empire, the Queen was known as 'Her Majesty, Queen MA-TT-UR'." MATTUR...Mater...Mother!
Matu was amazed! The revelations of the titles of the Queen opened up the doors to the mysteries of where so many of the words came from.
"What is important to note here, Matu..." Per emphasized, " that as the Queen of the Reptilian Empire, one of the most powerful realms in the Galaxy, the Queen was the embodiment of the Empire itself.
To all of the beings in her realm, she was known as 'Her Majesty, Queen MAR', the 'Queen of the Galactic Waters'. In time, the 'Waters of Heaven' and the Queen herself would be equated in identity and scope. Both would be addressed by the same title...the 'Great MAR'."
Wow! Matu thought. 'Mar' is the Latin word for 'ocean'!
"Now let us look to your list again and try to construct the names and titles of the Queen's assistants, Matu."
Matu took his list out again...and another sheet of paper.
Per began again.
"The individual Royal Assistants to the Queen Mother were the MAR-MAR-I..."
" a group, they were known as the MAR-MAR-IM..."
"...Female Heads of State on Other Worlds were known as the MAR-AN..."
"...individual followers of the Queen were known as the MAR-US..."
"...and the followers as a group were known as the MAR-U."

"The mating of the Reptilian Queen...was unlike the mating, that we know about."
Matu sat back, his eyes were wide open. Per had his attention.
"When the Queen mated, Matu, she was able to carry the semen of her mate for the rest of her life."
"She what?" Matu was caught completely off-guard. He sat up.
"Do you remember, that I told you, that the ancestors of the Reptilian people were insect like, almost like dragonfiies and bees. If you did not know it. Matu, the Queen of the bee-hive here on Earth mates just once in her life. She carries the semen in a special pouch and, from that pouch she can fertilize all of the eggs she lays from that time on. When the Reptilian humanoids evolved from their insect stages, the Reptilian Queen had retained her ability to do the same thing. She was able to keep the semen of every mate, that she had ever been with."
"Did all of the Reptilian Females have that ability, Master?" Matu asked.
"Yes..." Matu's teacher said, leaning forward. "But here is a very important thing to remember, Matu."
Matu leaned forward.
"All Reptilian Females have the ability to conceive and produce off-spring...but only the Queen can have Royal off-spring."
Okay, Matu thought to himself. I think I can understand that.
"You see, Matu...every egg, that a Queen lays, which is fertilized with the semen from her pouch...every one of them will become a Female!"
"Every one, Master?" Matu said incredulously.
"Yes..." Per answered, "...every one!"
Matu thought it over.
"But where do the Males come from then, Master?" Matu asked his Elder.
"The Males, Matu..." Per paused again, "...the Males come from eggs, which are not fertilized."
Matu had to sit back. What?
"The eggs are not fertilized, Master?" he was confused.
"That is right, Matu..." Per answered. "The Males born to the Queen, her sons, have no father...the egg they came from was not fertilized."
"That is the way of the Royal Kheb families, Matu. The Males have no father. Believe it or not, to this day, the bees of our Earth behave in the same way. The drones of a hive are born from eggs, that are
not fertilized...the Females are born, displaying an aura and a scent, that all other Reptilians can feel and smell. No other Females carry themselves or smell like a Royal Female... The Royal Male off-spring of the Reptilian Queen have no father...And the Royal Female off-spring have a distinct sense to them...and a distinct smell. It is one of the most entrancing scents one can ever encounter and it is an aura, that is virtually irresistible. There are few Males of any species, that can resist the allure of a Royal Reptilian Female."

Holy cow! Matu was thinking to himself. Holy cow!
"The Queens of the Kheb Empire, as their ancestors had done before them, always mated with the strongest and most powerful Males. In the primordial days, the Reptilian-Insect ancestral Queens soared into the sky to find the strongest and most able Males. In later times, when the kheb' humanoids evolved, rituals were conducted, in which the most able Males were pitted in contests with each other, running, jumping, performing feats of strength and fighting with each other, until one Male proved himself to be the best. As part of the reward, he was given the opportunity to mate with the Queen...and she would carry his seed with her for the rest of her life. This contest, Matu, is what has inspired the creation of the contests between Males here on Earth. The original purpose of the competitions was to produce a fitting mate for the Queen of the Stars... Throughout her lifetime...the Queen mated only with the finest Males of the Empire. This insured, that her off-spring would have only the finest genetic material in their make-up. This also insured, that the Royal mating was always vigorous and enduring."
I'll bet, Matu thought to himself. Prime athletes...yes, vigorous...I'm sure that's right.
"But in time, Matu, the running of the Empire with its thousands of Worlds and its huge numbers of people, even though the Queen had the most able administrators...the running of the Empire and the bearing of children became far too difficult for the Queen. And perhaps more importantly, it became a task, that the Queen simply did not wish to go through any more. At her command, the scientists of the Empire came up
with a solution. It had always been the practice of the Queens, who ascended to the Throne to terminate the life of the Queen, who had preceded her, even though the sitting Queen had very likely been her own
mother. But now, the deposed Queen could serve a purpose. Reptilian scientists were instructed to remove the eggs, and the semen from her matings, out of the body of the Queen, who sat on the Throne. Once removed, the eggs and semen were transplanted into the womb of the elder Queen! In this way, the genetic material was taken from the Queen in power and transplanted into the closest compatible surrogate...
her own mother! And even though the elder Queen carried and delivered the off-spring, they were all still the genetic children born of the eggs of the Queen sitting on the throne. With this procedure, the Queen
of the Empire was freed to spend her time in pursuit of the activities, which were crucial to the welfare of the realm...and pleasurable to herself."

Matu wondered aloud, "Was the Empire then possessed of two Queens, Master?"
"Yes...There was the Queen of the Empire, who was the ultimate source of power in the realm...and the Queen Mother, who was the bearer of the Royal Off-spring, but who had only minimal power in guiding the affairs of the Empire. She was simply, the 'Queen Mother'...
The Queen Mother, Matu smiled. Holy cow! the Queen Mother! So that's where it came from!
"The Reptilian Queen, who sat on the throne of the Empire always took the name 'AY', a name, which simply means The First' or The One'. As the Queen she was, of course, known as 'Her Majesty, Queen AY-AY', Matu..." Per continued. "Over billions of years, the title AY-AY came to be known to some beings of the Other Worlds as 'Her Majesty, Queen AYA'."
AYA! Amazing, Matu thought to himself. ELLA in Spanish means 'she'. AYA! Wow!
"And here is a fact that you must remember in your studies, Matu..." Per stressed to the young man. "The curious construction of the mouth and throat of the Reptilian beings often resulted in the T sound being pronounced as a sort of 'L' sound. The name AYA sometimes sounded like ALLA."
"That happens in some Spanish languages, Master..." Matu added.
"That is correct, Matu..." Per smiled. "The double 'L' in the Spanish word for yellow 'amarillo', is pronounced as a 'Y'. You are absolutely correct."
Matu beamed.
"So remember..." Per continued. "The name of the sitting Queen is 'AY-AY' or 'AYA but in some cases, the name came to us as 'ALLA'."
The young apprentice wrote it down.
"Now, I do not wish to confuse you, Matu, but there is one more variation of the name of the Queen, that you should be aware of. In the ancient languages of humankind, the sound of the letter 'L' was often interchanged with the sound of the letter 'R'."
I knew that, Matu thought to himself.
"Sometimes you will hear the name pronounced or you will see the name written dowr in the ancient languages of Man with the 'L' and 'R' sounds changed. Thus, the name of the Other Worlds, the first Reptilian influences were very suppressive. Instead of administrators, perhaps the better choice of words would be 'Overlord', an iron-handed ruthless 'Overlord'. And for the most part, Matu, remember...they were
Females.Now, can you tell me what the title would have been for the Heads of State appointed by the Queen? They were the...?" the Elder stopped, waiting for Matu to complete the thought.
"The female Heads of State would be the AYA-AN..." he answered.
"And the other names, Matu?" Per asked.
"They could have been known as the ALLA-AN...or the ARRA-AN..." Matu replied.
"Correct, Matu!" Per said. "The reptilian 'Overlords on Other Worlds became known as the 'ARRA-AN's or the 'ALLA-AN's..." Per paused and looked at Matu. Matu knew that he was about to make a point. "Consider this, Matu..." Per began, "...Beings from the Stars were known to the people of the Other Worlds as the 'ALLA-AN's..."
Matu listened to the words, '...beings from outer space are ALLA-AN's. ALLA-ANs...
Suddenly, it hit him. ALLA-ANs... Aliens!! Beings from outer space were aliens! But wait...!  he wondered. "How can it be that a word that may be millions of years old can be almost the same as a word that we use in a contemporary language like English? Would the word not have changed or at least have been spoken in an ancient language instead of one of the languages of today?"
Per smiled. "Yes...Matu. It would make sense, that the word should properly be found in the ancient languages of long, long ago. But you should also be aware, that the systems put into use on Other Worlds were those, that had been developed and refined over billions of years. And the wonder of a 'system,' that works over billions of years is that it maintains a core of rules and institutions, that are virtually unchanging. With the ferocity of the enforcement of the systems, put into play by the Reptilians, you will find that a rule, a law, a method of government, and even the words used will be nearly the same on all Other Worlds
...they will exist in almost the same form, allowing only for environmental adaptations, they will be put into operation in almost the same fashion...and the words, particularly the 'key' words will be virtually unchanged, because of either time or location... What I am saying is, that the sound of a word like ALLA-AN will be nearly the same on all Other Worlds, and it will survive the test of time...simply because of the ruthless efficiency of the 'System'...the SS-SS-TT-IM."

Matu was nearly floored. The enforcement of a system, that would endure thousands of different worlds and millions of years speaks to the extreme efficiency of the system and the total enforcement of the system, are they that thorough?"
"Throughout the Other Worlds, Matu...the ARRA-AN were the iron-handed symbols of the power of the SSS Empire. As a result, the populations of the Other Worlds began to apply the name of their Reptilian Overlords, the ARRA-AN, to all Reptilian People and to the Empire itself. And that is why the central Worlds of the Reptilian Empire came to be known as the 'Worlds of the ARRA-AN', and the entire Empire itself was known as 'ARRA-AN'. Today we call them the Stars of...ORION."! Matu said slowly. ORION! ARRA-AN! The stars of the reptilian people are the stars of Orion! But wait... "Master..." Matu started. "Excuse me...I still wonder. How can the name Orion, the name of the stars in can that have been the name of the stars in ancient times? Would it not have been something else?"
"Yes..." Per admired the challenge. "The earliest name for the stars of Orion in the annals of Humankind is actually an Akkadian name, Matu...and it is pronounced URUANNA And as you can see, even though the name is millions of years old, it remains a near match for the name ARRA-AN."
Matu was impressed. Incredible, he thought! The stars of Orion are the home stars of a reptilian people who have been influencing the Galaxy for billions and billions of years! Incredible! As Matu was reflecting on the power that had given rise to such an incredible Empire, Per moved to his favorite place near the window.
"You have done well, Matu..." Per praised him. "You seem to be grasping rather easily the derivation of titles in the reptilian Empire. Now that we have learned some of the names and titles associated with the Queen who sat on the throne, let us now look at some of the names and titles that were given to the Queen in her role as the Mother of the Empire."
Matu pulled out another piece of paper, he noticed that his supply was dwindling.
"If you will recall..." the Master reminded the young apprentice, " the early days of the Empire, the Queen who was de-throned was usually terminated. This prevented the new Queen from having any potential rivals to the throne in the future. Oftentimes, it was one of the Princess Daughters who seized the throne."
"You mean one of her own daughters executed the old Queen?" Matu asked with a look of incredulity on his face.
"Yes, Matu..." Per confirmed. "The Daughter terminated the Mother, when she secured the Throne. But with the developing sciences, the relegating of the old Queen to the status of Queen Mother solved many problems. For one, it freed the new Queen to focus strictly on her duties to the Empire. It also removed the dangers and health considerations, that accompany childbirth. After the eggs of the new Queen were removed and placed in the body of the old Queen, the new Queen took steps to insure that her off-spring had every opportunity to become strong and healthy. The surrogate 'Queen Mother' was constantly monitored by the personal Royal physicians and nurses who had no other responsibility. Nutrition and proper exercise, sufficient rest and all the things a Mother must do to remain healthy were the only duties assigned to the Queen Mother. To take advantage of her experiences, however, the new Queen would always keep the Queen Mother on the Councils and Courts of the Empire, providing the Queen and the Realm with the benefit of her many years on the Throne. Pampered and waited on hand and foot, her every need fulfilled and her happiness paramount, the status of Queen Mother was not without its benefits.
In the language of the Orion people, the sound 'B' literally meant 'the container of, or 'the House of. Now...when the 'B' sound is pronounced with the long sound of the letter 'E' right after it... means to 'come out of, or to 'give birth'. This written with the letter T...BI, but is pronounced BEE. Remember, Matu, it means 'to come out of or 'to give birth'. When a pregnant Female 'gives birth', she is called a 'Bl'...a 'bee'. The name given to the Royal Queen Mother would also be 'BI'. Thus, her official title was The Royal Queen Mother, BI', and would be pronounced The Royal Queen Mother, BEE'."
Queen AY and Queen BI? Matu smiled. It was almost funny, he thought to himself. Then it occurred to him...Queen BI...Queen BEE! Matu started to ask...
"In the language of the ARRA-AN, the sound V is the diminutive of the sound 'B'. That means, that it has an inferior value, but maintains the same essence. The sound 'V means the 'bearer of or the 'carrier of instead of the 'container of."
Matu could see the difference. "As the 'bearer of, or the 'carrier of, the eggs of the Queen herself, a secondary title of the Queen Mother was Queen 'V, or Queen EVE, as she was referred to on the Other Worlds. In the Stars of ARRA-AN, Matu... EVE was the Female, who gave birth to the off-spring of the Divine One."
Eve, the first Mother of Life on Earth, according to some scripture, was the First Mother of Life in the Stars of Orion! Holy cow!
"Now, Matu..." Per began. Matu barely had a chance to get another sheet of paper. "The daughters of Queen AYA, born of the Queen Mother BI, were Reptilian Females the TT. To express this in the ARRA-AN language, you must first write down what you wish to focus on in the word. Since we wish to address the Princess Daughters, we shall first write down the term TT, Reptilian Females. Then, in order to show where they came from, we would place the term Bl in front of TT. Thus we have BI-TT, a word which literally means 'container' -'Reptilian Females who are of."
"It would be MA followed by TT, Master..." he said. "I would have to write down the word MA-TT and it would mean 'Reptilian Females from the MA', or the 'Mother'...I would write down the word MA-TT."
"Well done, Matu..." Per smiled. "Can you tell me what the name would be for the 'Reptilian Females from heaven'?"
'N'...Matu wrote down. And then TT.
"N-TT..." Matu looked over to his teacher. "You would write N-TT, Master." Matu noticed that Per had nodded, but he had a furrowed brow, a questioning look, must be missing something, he thought to himself.
Matu looked at what he had written. N-TT... N-TT.."Master!" he was surprised. "N-TT...that is the name of the Goddess of the Sky ir ancient Egypt. N-TT or Nutt is the ancient Goddess of the Sky!"
Per smiled, his brow relaxed. "That is correct, Matu..." he agreed. "That is absolutely correct. In time, you will find, that most of the names of the ancient deities can be deciphered through the use of the language of the ARRA-AN, which I am showing you."
"The title of the Reptilian Females born of the Queen Mother BI would be...?" Per waited for Matu to answer.
"BI-TT..." Matu looked at his notes and repeated the name.
"And as Princess Daughters, Matu?" Per asked. "Remember...they are royalty." "It would be the term BI..." Matu began, "...but with a double TT. So it would be the title BI-TT-TT..."
Matu noticed the curiosity. "Almost like the name Betty, Master..." he said.
"Exactly like the name Betty, Matu..." Per corrected. "The title of a Princess Daughter' born of Queen Mother BI would be BI-TT-TT as you say."
Betty...Matu said to himself. Betty...that's short for Elizabeth. Elizabeth! Princess Daughter assigned the role of Queen on Other Worlds could be called Elizabeth! Holy cow!" - he kept repeating.
Though she was the bearer of the Royal Offspring of the Empire, she served completely...and the whim and pleasure of her daughter, the Ultimate Power of the Empire, 'Her Majesty Queen AYA'."
That would be a good thing not to forget, Matu thought to himself.
"To aid in the administration of the Empire, Queen AYA chose seven of her Princess daughters to help her administer to the Empire. Though numerous eggs would be born, only the seven Females, who showed extraordinary abilities, incredible beauty, ruthless cunning and a cold-blooded willingness to execute the will of the Queen, would be permitted to remain on the Central Worlds to assist with the running of the Empire. While the Princess Daughters assigned to Other Worlds could hardly be distinguished from their sisters on the Central Worlds, never-the-less, only seven were chosen to assist the Queen of the Empire directly. As Reptilian Females, the Seven were SSS-TT. But as the daughters of Queen AYA, they were the 'First and Foremost' UR Females of the Royal Court, surpassing all other Females, except the Queen herself. As such, each Princess was known as a SSST- UR."
A SSS-T-UR! A sister! Matu wrote down his incredible discovery.
"Each SSS-T-UR was responsible for one of the seven realms of the Empire and answered only to the Queen. In the Empire of ARRA-AN, only the Queen held more power, than the Seven SSS-T-URs."
The 'Seven Sisters', Matu nearly jumped!
"Master..." he had to ask. "The 'Seven Sisters'...the 'Seven Sisters' is a name given to the Stars of the Pleiades, Master, not the Stars of Orion. How can that be?"
"That is true, Matu..." Per nodded with a devilish grin. "What you do not know is that the original title of the 'Seven Sisters' was given to the Stars of Orion. The two shoulder Stars, the two Stars of the lower skirt and the three belt Stars were originally symbolic of the 'Seven SSS-T-URs. On our World, at a much later date, the name 'Seven Sisters' was transferred to the Stars of the Pleiades."
Of course...Matu made a note on the switch.
"Can you tell me, Matu..." Per asked. "What would the title of the 'House of Royal Reptilians'...what would their title be?"
Matu made some notes again. 'Royal Reptilians'...SSS, and then House...B. "The title would be SSS-B, Master..." he answered.
"That is absolutely correct, Matu..." Per nodded. "The seven Princess Daughters of the Queen constituted the seven members of the 'Family of the Royal Reptilians' or the 'House of Royal Reptilians', the 'SSS-B'. They were the Supreme Family and the Highest House of the SSS Worlds. Can you tell me, Matu, what title would be given to this Highest House', or 'Highest Family', of the SSS Empire?"
House of Royal Females...SSS-B, he wrote. AN...the Highest. 'SSS-B-AN..." he answered. "Seven!" Matu blurted out. "Seven! That is where the number seven comes from!"
Per smiled. "Almost, young Matu. SSS-B-AN, the House of the Seven Princess Daughters is where the symbolism of the number and the name came from. Yes...but there is more, that we shall learn later, which we will need to examine before this is completely clear."
Matu was still excited. "The SSS-B-AN SSS-T-UR would be a title for the seven Princesses of the Royal House of the Empire!" Matu offered.
"Exactly, Matu!" Per was happy for the revelations, that were coming to the apprentice. " you remember the suffix, that meant 'death'?"
Matu flipped through his notes.
"Yes, Master..." he found it. "It was the suffix '- K'. That is where the name SAKH came from. It meant 'death from Reptiles'."
"Good, Matu..." the Elder said. "The seven Princesses, as the highest representatives of the Queen had the power to administer death sentences to anyone they might choose, for any reason they desired.
They were the final judges of their realms. So too the Queen Mother had the right to execute anyone, who did not serve her every need or who might interfere with her duty as the Queen Mother. Of course, the Queen herself had the power of administering death to anyone at any time for any reason. In short, Matu, all of the Royal Females had the power to administer death. Because of this, the people of the Other Worlds, and the Reptilian People of the Home Worlds called the House of the SSS-B by another them, it was the House of the SSS-B-AN Judges, the House of the SSS-B-K, and the House of Reptilian Death. Now, Matu..." Per said to the young man, "...remember this, the Supreme Court of the Empire, the 'Highest Court' was called the N Court, or the AN Court. All Females, who were members of the Royal Court N bore the Royal title N-N, NAN or NIN. Male administrators and assistants, who, it must be said, could serve in the Royal Court only, if they were totally loyal and subservient to the Lady NIN, these Male members were known as the EN."
The NIN and the EN, Matu wrote down.
"Now, my young friend..." Per said, "...we shall leave the Supreme Court and take a look at the military forces of the ARRA-AN Empire. Can you tell me, Matu, what was the original name of the Reptilian Warriors?"
Matu flipped through his notes. "They were called the SAKH, Master..." he answered, "...and the Warriors of the early Reptilian Kings were called the NEKH."
"Correct, Matu..." Per confirmed, "...but the term for Reptilian Warrior is technically SAKH. In regards to the SAKH Warriors, can you tell me...were they Male warriors or Female warriors?".
Matu searched frantically. He could find no notation, that could tell him whether the SAKH were Male or Female.
"Both..." Per answered himself. "Both Males and Females made up the early SAKH forces, young one. Remember, SAKH means 'death from Reptiles', all Reptiles!"
Matu nodded, he would not forget again.
"In the early days of the Empire, when the NEKH Kings were still in power, an elite guard was assigned to protect the Queen. Remember, Matu, that at this time she was still giving birth to the Royal off-spring.
In those days, she was still the Queen MA. The warriors, who were assigned to the Queen, were among the finest warriors of the Empire. SAKH soldiers, who had excelled in battle, but who could no longer be in the field because of injury or some form of incapacitation, could be appointed to the elite guard as a reward for their services. Intelligent and experienced, these skilled and vicious warriors were also given the newest technology to assist them in the protection of the Queen. Warriors, who were assigned to the elite guard of the Queen MA were known as...the MAKH. As time passed, the Queens preferred to have Female MAKH Warriors beside them. By the time of the 'Night of Tears', the MAKH forces were comprised almost completely of Female-Warriors. In the dangerous times, that immediately followed, it was the MAKH warriors who stayed loyally at her side, protecting her from the various assassination attempts on her life. In the later eras, it was the warriors of the MAKH forces, who developed the technologies of Mind Control, that would prove to be one of the most important developments of the Empire.''
Mind Control? Matu's ears perked up. Mind Control?
"In the days of the Empire, when Reptilian Drone Kings ruled, conquered populations had but one choice: submit or be destroyed. Far too often, the People of conquered Worlds refused to give in. In the Era of the Queens, it was an early Matriarch, who realized, that the destruction of conquered Populations was also the destruction of a potentially productive Work Force.
Turning to the scientists of her Elite Forces, the MAKH Forces, she instructed them to actively research and develop the science of Mind Manipulation. The early Queen had hoped, that rather than destroy the
dissenters, the MAKH scientists could find some way to 're-program' the Minds of the conquered Populations."
Smart move, Matu move.
"And, Matu, they succeeded. At first, through the simple use of electromagnetic stimulation of the brain, the MAKH were able to create a 'reward and punishment' system, that could be used to control the resistant masses. But over many millions of years of research and development, the manipulation of the brain was successfully accomplished, through many different techniques. From long-distance influence and control, to the immediate programming of Minds in the laboratory, the MAKH Mind altering technologies became the foundation of the administrative programs put into practice on the newly conquered Worlds. The military forces of the conquered Worlds were always the first subjects to undergo the re-programming of their Minds. After their Minds had been altered, the conquered Forces obediently professed their complete loyalty and dedication to the Queen. Once tested and confirmed, all warriors and military forces of conquered Worlds were placed into the combined Warrior Forces of the Reptilian Empire.
As newly dedicated soldiers of the Queen (TT-TT), they were trained to become the most vicious and skilled warriors in the Ninth Realm, and were given some of the most advanced lethal weapons and death-dealing technologies. As a result of their training and the available weaponry, the Warriors of the Queen's Forces became the unquestioned champions in the delivery of Death on behalf of their Matriarch. The Combined Forces were known as the 'Queen's Death', the mighty and invincible TT-TTKHAA, or more simply...the TAKH. But a distinction is necessary here, Matu. The TAKH Forces, which remained in place in their home Worlds, performing their duties as defenders and protectors of their home regions, were known as TAKH, that is true ...but the Forces, which were taken into the heart of the Armies of the Empire and conducted the Wars of expansion and conquest on behalf of the Queen and the SSS realms ...these Combined Forces were known as the SSS-TAKH or the SSS-TAKH-A."
The swastika! Matu was astonished again! The swastika! The Combined Forces of the ARYAN Armies of Hitler fought under the banner of the SWASTIKA. The Combined Forces of the ARRA-AN armies also fought under the banner of the SSS-TAKH-A!"
Matu was honored to have been allowed to learn the secrets of the Brotherhood, and he hated knowing, that he had been lied to during his life in the Real World. Hmmph! He grunted. The 'Real' World...if only people knew the Truth.

"The people of the ARRA-AN Stars knew, through their scientists, that all Life in the Universe had been born of the Great Void. In a great expulsion of the Breath' of the Void, in a primordial exhale, all of the elements necessary for creating Life in all its forms were ejected into our Universe. In this way, Life was born. But the scientists had also discovered, that one day the 'Great Void' would inhale, that the entire Universe would fall back into itself. Life would return to where it had begun. When the Reptilian People attempted to imitate the sound of the 'Breath' of the Void, they opened their mouths wide, and exhaled a long and hard breath. Because of the peculiar structure of their larynx, they emitted a hard hissing breath sound...'khaaaaa'. From this odd hissing sound of the reptilian 'breath' came the name, that the SSS people would use to represent the Void...the KHAAA. Even in the Era of the Kings, it was accepted, that the Void, the Great KHAA, which gave birth to all things...was Feminine in essence. Only a Female essence could give birth to the Universe.

(It might be true, but 
Creative Force is both Female and Male energies. The Energy of Balance is coming from the Emitter and creating a Universal Hologram, (Mind) Field for everyone to create and superimpose their own life holograms onto the Main Hologram, LM).

Emerging from the womb of the Void, the Life of the Universe was born. When the Queens rose to the throne, because of her great power, it was soon believed, that the reigning Queen of the Empire, AYA, was the ultimate representative and embodiment of the 'Great Void' itself. She was the One and Only manifestation of the Grand Creatrix...She was the Ultimate Heavenly Mother...She was Eternal, She was Omnipotent and She was Omniscient." (This is far from the Truth: without all the others under her power, she would be - Nothing! LM).

"In this title of the Queen, Matu, in the title Divine 'KHAR', lies one of the secrets of the 'Ancient Ones', the Teachers of Old, who began this Brotherhood, Matu. The Queen of the Stars of ARRA-AN had the power and wealth of thousands of Stars at her fingertips. She could do anything she wanted, she could go anywhere she wanted, and she could have anything she wanted. With such power and wealth at her disposal, the Queen made it her duty, and her responsibility, to pursue knowledge, to find wisdom, to collect the finest art treasures, and to amass the wealth of all of the cultures under her control. And most important of all, Matu, she made it her duty to enjoy enjoy all of the pleasures of her realm. Her day was consumed in enjoying the delights of art, music, dance and culinary treats...and especially, she enjoyed pursuing and indulging in the joys of physical pleasure!" (Culinary treats? They only eat others alive. Somethings wrong here. In reality the Queen and others have been mixing their energies with the host of other Races, which is very desirable, though it can take unpleasant forms! Those? who know that they are not their bodies, but the Energy of Balance, will understand me pretty well. LM).

"And she enjoyed herself, Matu. She indulged in the physical pleasures of every World in her Empire, and she indulged in the physical pleasures with only the finest and youngest Males of her Empire. It had become the great passion of 'Her Majesty, the Divine Queen KHAR' to become one with the pleasures of the body."
KHAR...HAR...Whore! Matu's mind raced. Could that have been the source of that 'bad' word, that meant a horrible woman?
"Lest you think, that the pursuit of the pleasures of the body by the Queen was but the exercise of base animal desires, rest assured, Matu, that there was yet another reason for her incessant hunger. You see, not many people know, that when the body revels in the throes of passionate intimacy, there is an electrical energy, that is produced. Almost all people focus on the purely superficial and immediate feelings of pleasure. A precious few can enjoy the feelings, which follow the intensity of the pleasure, the so-called 'after-glow'. There are but a handful of Human Beings, who understand these things and are able to place their attention on the energies, that are created. In the pursuit of pleasure, the Queen of ARRA-AN sought more than the over-powering feeling of ecstasy...she sought to create the electrical energy, that
allowed her to expand her essence and further her link to the Great Void."
Matu was totally astounded...and quiet...Sex creates energy? Electrical energy?
"Be clear on this explanation, Matu..." Per emphasized. "This is not a justification for promiscuous is not. Unbridled sex does not focus on the potential energies, which are produced and could be utilized. My words to you are but an explanation, that there are great mysteries in the most basic and simple of human behaviors. Unfortunately, Humankind is not taught how to recognize the energy, nor is it taught how to harness the natural electrical forces, that can come from the expression of the passion of the Soul."
Matu sat stunned at what Per had just explained. Somewhere in the act of intimacy, there was an electrical energy, that could be harnessed. No judgment of good or bad, only the proper and improper use of electrical energy...incredible!
"Serving at the pleasure of the Queen were carefully selected Reptilian Males, who had but one duty to pleasure the Queen in any way she chose. Artists, dancers, musicians and experts in physical pleasures, only the finest specimens of SSS masculinity were permitted to be with the Queen. If any should fail or falter, they were immediately terminated and cast aside, forced to live on a faraway World for the undesirables. But if they were obedient and faithful servants, if they were exemplary in their service to the Queen, they were treated as the Supreme Males of the Empire. Beholding to 'Her Majesty, the Divine Queen KHAR, the Males, who were always at her side, were known as the KHAR-IM."
Matu nearly jumped...again! HAR-IM! Harem! A stable of pleasure Mates! But not Females...Males! ...What if the World really knew? I wonder what they would say, if they really knew, that a harem meant a stable of Males?
"To serve as one of the Royal KHAR-IM, young Males were chosen for their physical beauty and their ability to pleasure the Queen. In time, the Queen asked her MAKH scientists to develop a breeding program, that would provide the Queen with better and more beautiful KHAR-IM each and every generation. As the breeding program progressed, the Males did, in fact, become more and more handsome...and under the training aspects of the program, they became more and more adept in the Arts of Passion. And remember, Matu, the most successful Males provided the 'seed', which was used to bring forth the Princesses of the Empire. This also served to produce Reptilian Princesses, who were the most beautiful Women in the Empire. Under the KHAR-IM program, some physical attributes, which the Queen had found undesirable were bred out of the KHAR-IM Males. Since youthfulness was something the Queen found to be a desirable characteristic, KHAR-IM Males were bred to have short lifespans. This assured the Queen, that all of her lovers would always be young and healthy. And even though Males, who were 'long-lasting' in their ability to produce pleasure was desirable, the Queen insisted, that Males in the KHAR-IM program be bred, so that they would only have one or two 'peaks' of sexual pleasure. Since the Queen was capable of numerous 'peaks' of pleasure, restricting the Males to only one or two 'peaks' insured, that the Queen would have multiple partners during any of her times of pleasure. In this fashion, boredom would never set in for the Queen."
Matu could hardly believe what he was hearing. Males in the Stars of Orion were being bred to pleasure the Queen! What a concept!
"But the Queen was also wise, Matu..." Per continued. "To keep the Females in her service happy, she also extended the rewards of the KHAR-IM program to the most loyal and faithful helpers. Eventually all of the Males in the Empire became subject to the Breeding Program. In time, all Reptilian Males of the Empire passed away at a much younger age, than the Females. Reptilian Females would also be able to enjoy their own youthful partners, and because all Males were only capable of one or two 'peaks', they could also enjoy multiple partners, if they so desired.
(What is good for Reptilian Females would be very bad for Human Females: our wombs are antennas for Universal Knowledge and as a result of sexual intercorse, Human Females lose abilities to grasp Higher Knowledge, they are always tired and can't astral travel - it needs a lot of additional energy! LM).
Youthful partners also assured the Females, that they need not be concerned with Male egos, that needed to go on and on about their great experiences. And the extension of the KHARIM program to the rest of the home Worlds had other advantages. Keeping all Reptilian Males young, prevented them from achieving wisdom and maturity, something, that could potentially cause a problem for the Empire. Young and immature Males do not challenge the basic precepts of the Queen and her Empire. And long life was unnecessary for Reptilian Males anyway...their purpose was, after all, but to serve the Queen and provide some pleasure for her loyal followers. When the Reptilian Humanoids evolved, they generally built their shelters with a round floor plan and a covering, that made the hut resemble a dome. In later stages of their Evolution, the buildings of significance, from the Court of the Empire to the Meeting Halls and other central buildings favored tall towering spires with large circular central chambers, or dome-like buildings with round floor-plans. In the era of the Queens, official structures, dedicated to the Queen in her role as the KHAA, always had multiple spires and a round chamber at its core." 
SSS scientists, working with the MAKH development programs, had uncovered a special nutrient for the Queen, one, that assisted her in several ways. Drawing on the well-known fact, that special proteins in the blood of warm-blooded creatures assisted in producing the venom, necessary for conception and child-birth, SSS scientists began to develop extracts, based on warm-blood nutrients. This very special nutrient was known as SMA. The liquid acted as an 'enhancer" of the Queen's metabolism. It increased her energy levels, gave her more stamina and actually added to her physical strength."
Matu repeated the name...S-MA...S-MA...Could it actually be 'soma'? It sounds like it might be... and Soma was known as the 'Food of the Gods'! Per saw the look on Matu's face but did not stop.
"Here is another important fact, which you must know, Matu. In the language of the Orion People, the 'S' a prefix...was a 'causative'. It literally meant, 'it causes', it 'makes happen' or it 'makes go'.
Since in this case, the 'S' precedes the term MA, the title of the Queen as the Royal Mother, S-MA literally means 'makes go - the Royal Mother.
As the S-MA liquid was further refined and developed, other discoveries about its extraordinary properties were made. Continued use of the S-MA liquid, for example, increased the life-span of the Queen. Through the careful refining of various strains of S-MA, it was discovered, that the Queen's life could be extended well into hundreds of thousands of years. It also became evident, that S-MA kept the Queen's bodily functions youthful. It was the Queen's 'Fountain of Youth' and the 'Cup of Eternal Energy'. To prevent the possibility of other Females, including her daughters, from rising up from the ranks of Nobles of the Empire to become challengers to the Throne and to usurp her role as the 'Ultimate Female' of the Realm, the Queen immediately banned the S-MA liquid and any derivatives from the common market. Use of the liquid was restricted solely to the Queen. Lower grade derivatives, far less powerful, were granted to the Queen Mother and the Seven Princess Daughters. Anyone, other than a Royal family member, found possessing or using the drug were to be executed on site...S-MA was the nutrient for the Divine Ones only! "Under the S-MA program, the Queen further instructed her scientists to proceed with any research and development, that might uncover a way, in which to extend the life of the Queen and her family. In the later phases of the S-MA program, SSS scientists developed and refined the re-animation sciences, a program, that allowed restoration of life to anyone, who had died. After years of intense research, death became little more, than a disease, that could be cured. By creating special chambers, SSS scientists found, that they could re-animate the bodies of people, who had recently died. The bodies, of course, could not be in a state of decay, nor could they have suffered irreparable trauma. Assuming that there was insignificant damage,
significantly important workers in the field could be re-animated, if they were killed by an accident or even murdered deliberately."

"Can you imagine, Matu..." Per said with another of his devilish smiles. "What would the people of Other Worlds think, particularly, if they were primitive, if they saw a Being in long flowing robes descend from a bright silvery object in the skies? And what if this Being was able to pick up a fallen comrade, who had just died...and then bring him back to life? What do you think, Matu...what would the average primitive being think?"
"He would think he had seen an angel..." Matu had to say. "He would think, that he has seen an angel with the Divine power to bring a dead person back to Life."
"Yes..." Per agreed. "And he would see the re-animation as a sign, that the 'saved person was 'special' or 'blessed'. He would not see an administrator, saving a worker, who provides a profit margin, he would see a 'blessing' instead.
"Damn it!" - thought Matu. Business, not benevolence! Of course they would save a very devoted worker, he brings in a profit! Damn!"
"For the Queen, Matu..." Per continued, " significantly increased her lifespan, a trait worthy of the "Ultimate Divine One'. Should she suffer an accident or even a deliberate plot on her life, she could be re-animated."
Matu saw a flaw in the plan. "But it would be necessary to trust the individual at the controls, would it not, Master? " he asked. "Even if there were several people necessary for the reanimation process, would it still not be necessary to trust all those involved?"
"You forget something, Matu..." Per said. "You forget, that the MAKH sciences have given the Queen to program any of the people in her service. By re-programming the worker at the controls and anyone, involved
in the process...the Queen could assure, that they would obey her every command. Certainly it would demand, that the Queen know every detail of the process and that she would be the only one to hold the final codes, but let us not forget the ruthlessness and efficiency of the Queens of ARRAAN. It would not take a great stretch of the imagination to understand, that the
Queen would take every possible precaution to insure her safety in the re-animation chambers. I can assure you, Matu... She is very thorough."
She would have to be, he thought to himself.
"But in time, the success of the re-animation program brought an unexpected new complication to the fore. (Reptilian) Scientists discovered, that even with the advantages of the S-MA liquid nutrient, the continued re-animation  (cloning) of the Queen took its toll on her body. To solve the problem of wear and tear, the S-MA program scientists researched and developed the science of Regeneration in an effort to produce body replacement parts for the Queen. By taking cellular material from the Queen herself, the S-MA scientists were able to regenerate the entire body of the Queen, thus providing parts of her anatomy, which could be used to replace injured or completely destroyed parts of her body. In time, several regenerated bodies of the Queen were kept intact and vital for any emergency, that might require transplantation or replacement. With the success of this aspect of the development program, the Queen was once again given the power to extend her lifetime to even greater and almost unbelievable lengths. In one of the final phases of the S-MA program, the elite MAKH scientists, who were now known as 'Genesis' scientists, because of their ability to create and manipulate Life, were instructed to attempt to isolate and capture the 'consciousness' of a Being. It was hoped, that if the 'consciousness' (
a piece of  Soul) could be captured, somehow it could be transplanted into another body. Remember, Matu, these were the very scientists, who had been the developers of the mind-alteration sciences, used so successfully in the Population Control Programs. Though the task was monumental and seemed to offer little chance of success, over millions of years and countless failures, the MAKH Genesis scientists were successful.
Through tireless effort and sheer genius, a process was developed, that allowed complete consciousness (a piece of Soul) to be transplanted from one body to another. One of the difficulties encountered, however, was that the initial consciousness of the receiving body could not be completely eliminated without terminating the life of the body. As a result, after a 'consciousness' transfer, the new body was fully aware of two distinctly different personalities in its mind. To combat the potential confusion problems, the Genesis scientists were forced to add a secondary procedure to the transfer process. It was already known through the MAKH Mind-Control Programs, that Thoughts and Memories could be easily implanted into the brain of the target Being. And it was also known that some memories could be eliminated in the 'target' by merely enhancing the procedures, by intensifying the mind-erasure and implantation techniques, the mind of the receiving body in a 'consciousness' transfer could be made totally receptive to a new consciousness. After the procedure, the receiving body would believe that the new consciousness had always been the original 'consciousness' of the body. And what about the original 'consciousness'? It would be relegated to the body's subconscious where it would occasionally surface as a very vivid dream or an inexplicable vision."

Wow! Matu marveled. A whole new consciousness...In another body! Amazing!
"With the success of the MAKH consciousness transfer program, the Queen of the Stars of Orion had the power to transfer her entire consciousness into one of the regenerated ARRAN-BI bodies. Should the worst conceivable circumstances occur, should the body of the Queen be severely damaged, her consciousness could be completely transferred. Combined with the successes in the regeneration and reanimation programs, the Queen was able to extend her life-span beyond any lengths, that had ever been imagined. When her subjects and the populations of the Other Worlds claimed, that the Queen of the Empire was possessed of 'Everlasting Life'...they were virtually correct. Because of the Genesis Sciences advances she had come close to achieving immortality. While generations of her subjects lived and passed away, the Queen outlived them all. And by restricting the most elaborate processes of 'Extended Life' Sciences to herself, the Reptilian Queen insured, that she would live for millions of years and could remain the wisest, the most intelligent and the most experienced Being in her entire Empire."
"Amazing! Matu said to himself...just amazing!" Then suddenly, he had a thought. "But how could she trust the people, who performed the transfer procedures or the cloning processes, Master?" he wondered.
"Well considered..." Per answered him. 
"Any and every technician, scientist or individual, who might be connected with 'Extended Life' Programs were subjected to the MAKH Mind-AIteration Programs. Any and all Thoughts, which could be dangerous or threatening to the Queen, were completely eliminated, thoughts of total and complete loyalty and obedience were implanted. Through these safety precautions, the Queen could assure herself, that the scientists and people in charge of any of the operations or procedures of the 'Extended Life Programs' would do exactly, as she wanted. Believe me, Matu, the Queen made sure, that she would not be betrayed at any level...and in order to do this, she made full use of the MAKH programs...wherever and whoever it was necessary to control. And you would be surprised at some of the people, who were included in the MAKH programs.
To preserve the lives of high-level workers and administrators, who were invaluable to the on-going systems of the Empire, the Queen commanded the use of simplified versions of cloning and re-animation to be used on key - personnel. Vital commanders, administrators and assistants were included in the cloning and re-animation programs, and if their experiences and knowledge were important to the administration of the Empire, the 'consciousness transfer system' insured, that their 'consciousness' would not be lost to the Empire...and the Queen. To assist in keeping the SSS-T-IMs strong, much weaker versions of S-MA liquids were granted to the various important members of the Empire, with somewhat stronger fluids, reserved for the sole use of the Royal Family. But the Supreme S-MA, it was strictly reserved for the Queen herself. a final measure of security for herself, Matu, the Queen subjected the Queen Mother ...and her Daughters... to the MAKH Mind Control Program. In this way, the Queen felt, that no one, not even her family, could ever have a single thought of rebellion or challenge to her Rule."

Matu could only stare at him. What an extraordinarily ruthless ruler the Queen of Orion was...yet in a strange way, Matu could understand the precautions. Were he in the same place, he would probably do the same, he thought to himself. But still...a Queen of an Empire of thousands of Stars...a civilization of Reptilian-descended Beings in the Stars of Orion... Mind Control, re-animation, cloning and the transfer of consciousness...what would the rest of the World say, if it really knew, that these things existed...that we are not alone in the Galaxy? They probably wouldn't want to know, he answered himself.

Chapter IV. The Wolfen Kings of Ast-Ar

"Billions of years after the birth of the Green World and the Evolution of the SSS Reptilian Beings..." Per started, "...another Race of Beings evolved on another World far, far away. On this World, there were three Suns in the sky...a red Star, a white Star, and a black Star, that could not be seen, but that most certainly could be felt."
A black Star that could be felt? Matu was confused.
"Unlike the SSS people, who had evolved from a Reptilian-insect ancestor, these Beings had been born of and evolved from a Reptilian-Wolfen ancestor. Following almost the same path, that had led to the Evolution of the Reptilian People, these Wolfen Beings had also evolved from a primitive ancestor into Humanoids, that lifted themselves up from their primitive and simple beginnings to a complex civilization complete with its own culture and identity. The path, that has led to the Evolution of Humanoids, has been repeated many times in many ways in our Galaxy, Matu, and while the ancestors, who begin the journey, are of different forms, often the paths are nearly identical in their content. In many cases, the new life forms of a Planet cannot survive the harsh conditions of their own World. Sometimes, an errant asteroid or comet plunges down from the sky and destroys the Planet, perhaps an unstable and violent core literally tears the World apart. In many ways, a new World sees a premature end. Usually, however, the single most destructive force on these new Worlds is the evolving life form, that walks on the surface of the Planet. In so many cases, the Worlds, that survive, and the populations on it, endure, because the Beings, who walk on its surface have learned to control their own destructiveness and greed. The worst enemy of Life itself. On the Green World, Humanoids had evolved from a reptilian-insect, that had learned to fly and lift itself from the Worlds of the stagnant ponds. On the World of Three Suns, another group of Humanoids evolved from the water creatures, who emerged from the oceans and seas themselves. If you remember, Matu, in the Green World, the reptilian-insect ancestors of the SSS were originally sea creatures, who were tossed to the shore on ocean waves and deposited in stagnant ponds. On the World of Three Suns, however, the tiny creatures of the oceans remained in the sea and evolved to become fish-like creatures. In order to live and survive the great waters, these ocean creatures learned early in their Evolution to prey on other creatures. Unlike the Reptilian-insect ancestors, these Reptilian-amphibious creatures had begun their journey to becoming land creatures by developing ther hunting and killing skills long before they had reached the water's edge. By the time they had begun to search for food on land, they had sharp teeth and extraordinary strength and agility Their fins had already begun to take on the look and function of strong and extremely useful appendages. As the sea creatures explored the edges of the continents, the development of their powerful fin-like arms and legs readily adapted to crawling on land. In time, after
millions of years of crawling, the now Amphibious-Reptilian creature learned to walk and hunt on four legs. Millions of years later, as the creature continued to adapt to land life, its moist amphibian skin gave way to a tough outer skin, and its ocean-living traits were gone...gills and broad feet are hands, used for paddling in water, were replaced by lungs and large padded feet, suited for walking on virtually any terrain.
Still later, the steaming hot tropical climates began to take their toll on these primordial creatures. To survive, they adapted. After hundreds of thousands years, in place of toughened amphibian skin, they developed fur, and, instead of laying eggs, the primitive mammals gave birth to live young. Gone were the distinctly Reptilian Amphibian features of their ancestors, permanently acquired were the physical
characteristics of the species known as warm-blooded creatures. The Wolfen ancestor was born."
Matu made a face. Per saw him. "Is there something wrong, Matu?" he asked. Matu fidgeted slightly. "I am wondering, Elder..." Matu began. "How is it that the evolutionary paths of the Beings of our Galaxy are so similar. It is almost as if somewhere way back, even before the first cells were is almost as if there was a common Source of Life, as if one ancestor gave birth somehow to all of the creatures of our Universe."
"Of our Galaxy..." Per interrupted him. Matu glanced at him. "Yes..." he agreed. "Of our Galaxy..." Matu momentarily reflected on Per's correction. Why did Per say 'the Galaxy' and not the Universe? Is there something about our Galaxy... or the Universe... he is not telling? Is there...somehow...a common ancestor in our Galaxy?" Matu continued. "Is there a single Source of Life in Eridanus, Master? Can that be?"
Per hesitated. And the hesitation was enough to convince Matu, that there was, in fact something, that Per did not want to say. "As we proceed, Matu..." Per began, " shall find, that
the Void is the very Ultimate Source of Life in our Universe."
As soon as he finished, he began to talk on another subject. Matu was sure now. There was something else. Something else, or someone else, was somehow involved in the development of Life in the Galaxy.

"The World of Three Suns was soon filled with four-footed creatures. Furry walkers and amphibious walkers, walkers with bony shells and walkers with smooth skin...the new primitive World was now teeming with many different Races of creatures. But one species in particular, the Reptilian-Wolfen Creatures, was the most menacing. The early wolfen creatures had the appearance of both a large cat and a wolf. They were powerful and built low to the ground. Large muscular legs moved them quickly across the ground and allowed them to spring forward with astonishing speed and height. They were extremely agile and strong, and they possessed long sharp claws, that cut easily into the bodies of their victims. While they often ate easily acquired fruits and vegetation, they preferred a diet, that consisted of freshly killed flesh. The head of the primitive wolfen-beast was large and almost square in appearance. The beast had piercing, almost glowing eyes, that constantly searched the surrounding terrain for an unwary victim, and it had fangs, that could sink through almost any creature's hide. Males and Females both had manes, large coarse hair, that framed their faces like deadly portraits. They were covered with golden brown hair, though some wolfen races had dark brown to black hair. Long powerful tails, that would softly flicker at the end gave an air of deceptive calm to the wolf-beast as it lay waiting for an unsuspecting prey. And although the wolfen-beast looked more like a primitive lion, than a wolf, the primitive beast was most definitely canine in its make-up. Its roar was a combination of a low gutteral growl and a throaty bark. The sound of their roaring was more like a low deep rumble, that preceded an earthquake and was delivered with such intensity, that it could be heard many, many miles away. Firmly established as carnivores, who fed on flesh and savored the blood of their victims, the wolfen beasts eventually left behind most of their reptilian features and continued to evolve along the lines much like our own mammals of this World evolved. Co-existing with other creatures, that were often larger, than they were, the wolfen beasts accomplished with brutal violence and cruel cunning what their size could not provide. Hunting in packs and developing their skills at finding the weakness of their victims, attacking with merciless viciousness, the Wolfen Ones soon held their own in the primitive World of Three Suns."
Of course, thought Matu to himself. It is amazing how the most violent creatures are the ones, who establish themselves on the Planet, and then it is their descendants, if they move into Humanoid form, who conquer the Planet. But then, it was the same way with the Beings of our own World, he remembered. Humans were the most violent and the most vicious. As the Wolfen Ones did, we compensated with brutal cunning, what we lacked in size. Yes...I am sure, that it must be a rule of the Galaxy: he, who is the most violent...wins.
As with the Evolution of the SSS Beings, so too in the World of the 'Wolfen Ones', the path to Humanoid existence took millions of years. Learning to walk upright, conquering their environment and their fellow species, rising from wolfen dens to caves and then to constructed shelters, all of the same steps, with a slight variation, were steps, that the Wolfen Humanoids had to take. But it happened, Matu. They became humanoid. As is generally the case with most evolved humanoids of our galaxy, the primitive Wolfen humanoids passed through the many stages of evolution common to humanoids. From individual dens to primitive mud huts and shelters, and then to constructed homes with temperature-controlled air, and finally to large sophisticated cities with covered markets, the Wolfen Beings conquered their environment. Hunting gave way to butcher shops, scavenging gave way to markets, territories gave way to nations, and primitive survival gave way to organized conquest. From a life of pure basic survival instincts to a World complete with culture and art, science and technology, luxury and comfort; from primitive growls and howls to a complex language and developed writing; from leaders of the pack to Wolfen Kings...the Wolfen people rose from a primitive existence to a sophisticated existence."
Sophisticated? Matu thought. Right...big deal!
"Over the millions of years of the Evolution on their Planet, many Races of the Wolfen evolved. Sometimes Races of Wolfen Beings died through natural causes and planetary changes, sometimes because of disease and famine, but unfortunately, as it has happened on nearly every World in the Galaxy of ERIDANUS, over the millions of years of their evolution, the many Wolfen Races went to war...and it was War, that destroyed many of the primitive Wolfen civilizations. Fangs and claws gave way to knives and swords, spears and clubs gave way to guns and airships, skillful hunting gave way to the Art of War...and Primitive Wolfen Man gave way to Conquering Wolfen Man. Eventually one Race of Wolfen Warriors would rise to become the single dominant Race. Born of vicious conquering Kings, the Rulers of this new World were called the RRR."
The RRR, Matu wrote down. Strange name for a strange People...hey, wait a minute! "What did the Wolfen people look like, Master?" he asked.
Per turned to him and smiled. "I am remiss, Matu..." Per said. "My apologies. The Wolfen Humanoids were a strange looking People, who had the features of a dog...and the features of a cat."

Dog and cat features? Matu was confused.
"Primitive Wolfen Humanoid Males had broad chests and with little or no waists, large and powerful buttocks with strong thighs and thick calves. Primitive Wolfen Females had large chests and a very slight feminine curve to their bodies. They had large hips and muscular legs. And although they had lost most of their thick and coarse body hair, they still retained a fine dark hair all over their torsos. Their arms were large and muscular, their wrists were thick, and their hands broad and rounded. Unlike the long fingers of the Reptilian Beings of Orion the Wolfen Ones had shorter and fatter fingers. Their necks were also thick and quite short."
Whew! Matu said to himself. They sound like the Sumo wrestlers of the Orient.
"The large broad heads of their primitive primate ancestors had become slightly more rounded, but their square lower jaws still gave them a very imposing appearance. They had broad noses with piercing hunter's eyes, a large forehead, and small ears. And perhaps the most dominating feature of Lots of hair. The manes of their ancestors had given them coarse beards on the faces of the Males and long sideburns with chin whiskers on the Females. As Wolfen Women braided their hair, so too Wolfen Men braided their beards. Their hair and beards ranged in color from a golden brown to dark shades of auburn brown to a deep jet black. One race even had thick and long manes of deep red hair. When take-together, all of these features served to give the Wolfen People the distinct resemblance with Humanoid Lions."

Wow! Matu could see them in his mind. Lion-people! Lion-people, who had canine ancestors! Amazing!
"The physical features of their bodies also gave a lion-like appearance to early primitive Wolfen Humanoids. Both Male and Female, had feet, that were large and broad, and although their tails were gone, a few small bones, that remained left a tell-tale bump at the end of ther backbone. They had large powerful hands, that seemed to swallow whatever they held, and sharp pointed nails, vestiges of the claws of their ancestors. Early Wolfen Humanoid Beings were handsome and fearsome, beautiful and deadly... and...they were violently aggressive. Oftentimes the act of courtship and mating between Males and Females ended up in what might appear to anyone, who was watching, as an extremely violent physical battle. Wolfen Females, much like their ancestors, relished a hungry and powerful Male. Oftentimes, the Female herself would challenge a courting Male to a battle. If he was unable to defeat her, he was unworthy. Consummation of a passion was often violent. Relationships were based on sheer power, a dominant Male could possess as many females as he could keep under control. Females were sometimes stolen by other males, but if the first male could not steal her back, she remained quite happy with her new long as he was the dominant one in their relationship. Encouraged by these Female traits, the World of the Wolfen people remained quite violent...and very Male-oriented."

I wonder if Earth Women would like it there, Matu thought to himself.
"It has long been said, that if a Wolfen Being does anything, he...or she...does it with a ferocity, that is seldom seen in our Galaxy. During the course of their Evolution, it seemed as if the Wolfen Ones did not need to learn about violence or fierceness, quite the contrary, it seemed as if intense violence coursed through their veins instead of blood. If was as if they had been born from the heart of an angry primordial War God. Instead of a heartbeat, they were possessed of a drumbeat...a drumbeat of War. But because of this innate ability to be violent and fierce, the Wolfen Ones accomplished in a shorter time, what many civilizations had taken millions of years to develop. On the World of Three Suns, conquest of natural enemies and competing species came easily to the Wolfen Ones. Perhaps the most significant evidence of their barbarity was born out again and again on the battlefield. Descending on their victims with the wrath of 'dogs from hell', the Wolfen Warriors did not defeat their enemies, they destroyed their enemies.
After the battle was over, while still standing in the blood soaked fields, the Wolfen Warriors ripped open their enemies tunics, exposing the flesh to the sky...and then promptly, and savagely... began to devour the flesh! The bodies of enemy soldier, who had fallen in battle, provided the sustenance and the nourishment for hungry Wolfen Warriors. In short...the Wolfen Warriors ate their enemies."
What?! Matu was totally shocked. They ate them?! Matu had not expected this. Per saw the sudden sickened look on Matu's face.
"But the enemies who died in battle were the fortunate ones, Matu. Those, who had fallen from wounds were the unfortunate ones...they were devoured alive! Teams of Wolfen butchers moved in after a battle to dress and prepare the bodies of the fallen enemy soldiers. While the flesh was the basic source of food for the soldiers and kept in storage, some organs were carefully removed and sent back to the homelands to become delicacies in special meals and ceremonies. For Wolfen soldiers, war was waged not just for glory and conquest, or even for right and was also a source of food. This added incentive... hunger...turned the tide of many battles in the field in favor of the Wolfen Ones."
Matu shook his head. It is not as if the Reptilian Warriors were enough... now we have to deal with the 'Wolfen Ones'!? Damn...what chance have we got?
"Many frightening stories are told in the history of the World of the Three Suns, Matu. But none paint a more gruesome picture than those, which describe the battlefield after a victory by the Wolfen Warriors.
Can you imagine the horror of the sight? Smoke and mist mixing together in the twilight to create an eerie and surreal scene. Grunting and growls came from everywhere, the sounds of a wolf pack tearing at the flesh and devouring the meat. Sometimes, the growling eating sounds are punctuated by the screams and cries of their victims. In the dim light just before darkness, large bodies, that look like hairy lions are
bent over, feeding on the innards of fallen soldiers. Their manes and bodies are covered in blood, they tear at the flesh with their teeth and raise their heads time and again to howl at their victory...those, who have survived the onslaught of Wolfen Warriors, never forget the horror of what they have seen. It is one thing to see your comrade fall in battle beside you...but to see him being eaten and devoured with such frenzy...that was something, that brought nightmares to even the strongest and bravest soldier."

Matu shuddered. He could see the smoky silhouettes and the dripping blood. He ever saw the fangs tearing at the flesh and could hear the howls...he had to shake his head to stop the pictures in his head.
"The barbarity of the Wolfen Warriors and their cruel ferocity quickly gave birth to Kings and Kingdoms on the World of Three Suns, Matu. Seldom in the history of the Galaxy had a Race of Humanoids exhibited such violence. And while the home life of the Reptilian Beings of Orion had revolved around the Female, in the World of the Wolfen Ones, the Male was the unquestioned master of the home...and the World around them. The Male ancestors of the Wolfen Ones had often devoured their offspring, and though evolution had shown merit to maintaining the life of progeny, it was not uncommon for the Males to turn to their young ones as a source of food in difficult times. And don't you think, that the Females assured, that the Females were often willing participants in the gruesome feeding."
Damn! was all Matu could think of. Damn!
"The victories of the Wolfen Warriors were horrific in their carnage, efficient in the disposal of the victims. On the World of Three Stars, it did not take long for them to rise to domination over the many species of the Planet. Their conquests were decisive and their Kingswere ruthless and efficient. Populations, who suffered their invasions and were defeated, quickly yielded to their rule. Those, who resisted or refused to obey, quickly found themselves prime sources of nutrition for the Wolfen Ones. Because of a deep throaty growl, that permeated their speech, a hold-over from their canine ancestors, the Wolfen Ones became known to their victims and throughout the World of Three Suns as the RRR. Driven by a force seldom witnessed, they had managed to develop a civilization at a faster pace, than most Races of Star Beings in our Galaxy. It seems as if the best way, in which one can sum up the reason for almost everything the RRR Beings did, was actually one word: hunger. Hunger for power, hunger for wealth, hunger for food, hunger for sex, hunger for virtually everything. It is more, than greed, it is more than desire, it is more than selfishness, and it is more than righteousness, it is an instinct...hunger is, pure and simple, a gut level instinct."

Not good, Matu thought as he wrote. Not good. Wealth and power are luxuries, that are the result of desire, and desire can be diverted or sublimated. Hunger, however, is a form of passionate instinct. A Warrior, who wants to kill his enemy, so that he can eat him, is a far more dangerous and deadly Warrior, than one, who simply follows orders.
Per continued, "As had happened on the World of the SSS Reptilian People, the World of the Three Suns was soon dominated by the Wolfen Ones, in particular, one Race, that came to be known as the 'Golden Maned Ones'. These Conqueror Kings eventually created a 'One World' Empire, with trillions of Beings, forcibly united under the RRR banner. And it should come as of no surprise to you, Matu, that the research and development of the sciences and technologies of Wolfen civilization were all oriented towards conquest and militarism. In the World of the RRR Wolfen People, political debate was virtually non-existent. Everything and everyone served only one purpose: to further the military might of the Empire and the Wolfen Kings. Even the first steps into Outer Space were designed not for exploration, but for exploitation. Early astronauts, that departed the home World of the Wolfen People, were not sure, that other Beings existed on the other Worlds of their Solar System, but their ships were always designed for self-defense and conquest. The healing technologies were all designed with the intent and priority of healing and providing speedy recovery for Wolfen Warriors; communications technologies were designed and developed for the specific purpose of providing dependable and encrypted messages between Warrior forces in the field; transportation vehicles were developed specifically with the intent of providing quick and reliable movement in the battlefield; and food preparation and nutrition sciences were all based on the needs of the Warrior on the field. Honors in academia and science were always presented for achievements in the fields of military and conquest sciences. Entertainment was always oriented towards militaristic themes, as were the games provided for the young Wolfen children. Everything, Matu...everything revolved around war. Athletic events and competitions generally resulted in the death of the losers, while legal cases of contract violations were tried in Wolfen courts only, if one of the complainants was not killed.
Police shot speeders and traffic violators on site, while prison populations were nearly non-existent. Generally, those, who were locked up, were simply in transition to their executions. In short, in the World of the Wolfen Beings, either an individual obeyed the law...or he was executed. But the use of violence was not restricted solely to enforcement of controls on the general populace. While ruthlessness and cold-blooded cunning were generally rewarded with advancement in the ranks, oftentimes upper level positions needed to be filled, because of the sudden and unexpected death of the individual, holding that position. In other instances, some high level officials maintained their position, because any potential challenger to his position also met with an unexpected death. It is a curious thing, Matu, that this very violent way of life assures, that only the most cunning and deadly individuals end up in the highest positions. And the throne of the Wolfen Kings itself was not spared. Monarchs generally rose to the throne through murder and assassination. Often, it was the son or a relative of the sitting King, who moved to seize the throne. To avoid such difficulties, it was common practice for the King to send his sons and heirs to far- distant Worlds, where difficult conditions often resulted in their deaths. Sons, who found favor with their King father, were permitted to remain in the Royal Palace, where they were systematically placed at odds with their sibling brothers. By pitting them against one another, the King was assured, that only the most worthy heir would be allowed to claim the throne after the King passed away. Even contests, that resulted in death were permitted. It would take an iron hand, a cunning mind, and a ruthless spirit. Sentimentality was for the weak, power demanded a cold-blooded, almost heartless, inner spirit. In a perverse manner, Kings were often seen smiling, as their son dealt with the final fatal blow in his assassination coup. Such was the way of the RRR Warrior Kings. While we may question the use of violence to enforce its
existence, a society, that will exterminate deviance, becomes quite One-Minded and Unified...whether it be voluntary or not. It is not wise to condemn the RRR Beings off-handedly. Matu. For their accomplishments often diminish the achievements of other Star Peoples, who have agonized over the morality of their actions. Ruthlessness breeds efficiency, violence eliminates hesitation...and the weak."
I guess so, Matu agreed. If I lived in a World, that does not permit hesitation or any form of challenge, most assuredly I would be ruthless and violent...if I wanted to survive. Matu was about to ask a question, when Master Per answered it.
"If a violent World is all you know...then one does not question the use of violence. It is as natural to the Wolfen People, as it is for Human Beings on Earth to stop to help an injured bird or a whimpering puppy. Violence is a way of Life, Matu, and as dreadful as it might seem, it is a very strong motivating force."
Per stood up and walked over to the window again. "The exploration of Space was seen in a different way by the Wolfen People. As I said before, when they looked to the Stars, they dreamed not of walking on strange new Worlds and meeting strange new Beings, but rather, they imagined themselves ruling as Kings of new lands and territories, of new populations and new forms of treasure. Other bodies in the sky were not to be reached for, they were to be seized. It is important to remember, Matu, that every aspect of Life in the Wolfen World, from daily work to home life, from the marketplace to the Empire, from personal life to public life ...everything was oriented towards conquest, expansion, and obedience to the Throne. It is here, Matu..." he began again, "...that I wish to tell you of the most ingenious invention of the Wolfen People. It is both a wondrous Starship...and a terrifying deathship. It was the principal vehicle in the conducting of the Wolfen Wars and the pivotal weapon in most of the conquests of the RRR Empire. It is a starship, that was known simply as...the AR."
The AR...Matu wrote it down. A sure derivation of the name RRR, I bet.
"Many civilizations of Star Beings developed and created starships, many of exceptional size and maneuverability. Most starships were huge round globes, the shape most efficient in the wide open spaces between Stars and Worlds. Constructed and fabricated of super-metals, these shiny and silvery ships were generally the vehicle most civilizations would develop, when they learned to travel the Stars. But here, Matu, here is yet another testimonial to the brilliance and cunning of the Wolfen Ones. Where most Star Races would develop and produce their starships from the supermetals of their Worlds, the RRR produced their starships in a most unique way. In the course of reaching for the stars, the Wolfen scientists began to develop methods to mine and exploit the natural resources of asteroids and meteorites of their solar system. Because of the highly unstable three Sun System, fragments of primordial Worlds, as well as newly destroyed Planets, were abundantly available. By burrowing into the core of the asteroids, instead of attempting to mine the surface, scientists were able to remove valuable and precious minerals in a far more productive and cost-efficient manner. What they had not anticipated, however, was that the mining process, that hollowed out an asteroid would result in a shell, that would become an extraordinarily deadly warship. It was extremely simple and amazingly clever.
By taking the remaining rock shell, often miles thick, and adding appropriate venting and exhaust ports, then by installing powerful star drives and death-dealing weaponry, the forces of the RRR Wolfen Kings found themselves in the possession of a warship, that was easily and inexpensively was easily hidden from the enemy. While other Star Races created enormous starships, that were laden with extraordinary offensive and defensive war weapons, the large silvery globes were easily detected. The hollowed out asteroid warships of the Wolfen Kings, however, could easily enter an alien Solar
System undetected. By hiding in the midst of other orbiting asteroids or simply by hurtling through the Star lanes, while emitting the 'appropriate' gases, the AR ships could move quietly into targeted Solar Systems. At the appropriate moment, thousands of asteroid warships began their devastating attack. It should come as no surprise, that most Worlds and their military forces were simply caught off guard by the Wolfen warships. And this, Matu, this was the brilliance of the techniques of war of the RRR Warriors. The methods were simple, but effective. Stealth was the greatest tactic of the Wolfen Warriors.
And the asteroid warship, christened the AR by the Wolfen Kings, became the power behind the space fleet of the RRR Empire."
Matu was stunned...again. An asteroid, that has been hollowed out! That is positively brilliant! How easy it would be to hide! Brilliant! Just brilliant!
"The victories of the Wolfen Warriors were quick and decisive. Through the vicious and cruel tactics of the soldiers on the battlefield to the stealth maneuvers of the AR warships, the invasions by the Wolfen Star Forces were lightning, sudden and devastatingly overwhelming. With these techniques, the expansion of the Wolfen Realm was limited only by the number of Wolfen commanders available to lead the Empire's invading armies. Unlike the Reptilians, who re-programmed the conquered populations, the Wolfen Ones simply devoured any resistance ...quite literally.
The incorporation of subjugated Armies into the Invasion Forces of the Wolfen Empire was difficult. Oftentimes military coups were attempted, almost all of them failed. Armies, who remained with the Wolfen Forces often did so out of fear...but given a chance, they would abandon the battlefield, running for the skies in desperate search of escape. For this reason, and others, any and all invasions had to be led by Wolfen Commanders. This, in and of itself, was the only factor, that prevented the wider expansion of the RRR Realms. Yet they were successful, that cannot be denied. The conquests of the Wolfen Kings had been exceptional in their expanse, no one seemed to be able to stop them. Until, however, their conquering ways had taken them a little too close to the Realms of the older, and infinitely more powerful, Empire of the Reptilian Queens."
Whoops! Matu smiled as he made notes. This ought to be good! Reptilian Warrior and Wolfen Warrior... Reptilian Queen and Wolfen King...whoa! This is going to be REAL good!
"Running from the Central Stars of Eridanus to the outer edges of the Galaxy is a very important interstellar 'trail', that connects Star to Star, World to World. It is a Passageway of both commerce and travel. Linking the primordial Central Worlds to the outer perimeter, the 'trail' was known as the PESH METEN, the Ninth Passageway. Running through the heart of the SSS Reptilian Empire, the Ninth Passageway provided vital links to the Inner Worlds and the Outer Worlds. Travelers, whether on business or political missions, were constantly on the Ninth Passageway. Commercial vehicles, carrying precious ores and valuable treasures, made their way on the PESH METEN. It was, without any question, vital to the security and welfare of the reptilian Queen's Empire. To the misfortune of the Wolfen Kings, their conquests had taken them to the very edges of the Ninth Passageway. The Queen had not been totally unaware of their movement, but she had not moved to stop yet. When they moved perilously closer to the heart of the Passageway, the Reptilian Queen could take no chances. She immediately sent a dispatch to the Wolfen King: 'Cease and desist your wars and movement upon the Ninth Passageway. Yield or be totally destroyed!' Such were the words of the Queen. The Kings had, of course, heard of the Reptilian Empire and had had minimal contact with them, but they had not considered, that their war campaigns had taken them within a range, that might be perceived as a threat by the SSS Queens. The Queen of the SSS Empire had also heard of the Wolfen Kings. She had found their conquering ways reluctantly admirable, if not just a bit barbaric. Perhaps, if they had extended their Empire in a different direction, she would not have interfered with them. But they had not. They had entered her Realm...and she would tolerate no interference with her Empire. She was also aware of their potentially deadly and unpredictable behavior. Barbaric Beings of this sort possessed a primitive mentality, that could hardly remain consistent and logical. It was also likely, that these Beings may not have the wisdom to know, when to cease their attacks. While this was a desirable trait for Warriors, it was a trait not to be welcomed, if one's enemies.
And at this point, Matu, we shall see the wisdom and extraordinary abilities of the Queen of the Reptilian Beings. In the communique, sent to the Wolfen Kings, the Queen issued a threat of devastating retaliation,
if the borders of her Empire were violated. But in an unexpected move, the Queen submitted an offer, that was seldom extended to any potential enemy...the Queen offered an Alliance between the two Empires. And it was an offer, that the Wolfen Kings could hardly reject."
Oh, great! Two of the most terrifying forces in the Galaxy...instead of fighting it out until one loses, decide to join forces. Great! Just great!
"If the Wolfen Kings would agree to align themselves with the SSS Empire, the Queen would grant them significant territories and trade routes, and she would officially sanction their continued expansion, as long as it remained distant and apart from the Reptilian Empire, and in particular, away from the Ninth Passageway. The Wolfen Kings would receive an immediate payment in precious metals and resources as a 'fee' for their acceptance of the proposed terms. The Wolfen Kings would have the authority to use the name of the Queen in any political negotiations, and, if itbecame necessary, the Forces of the SSS Queen would support their every move in the Stars. All enemies of the Wolfen RRR Kings became enemies of the Reptilian SSS Queen and her Empire. And, finally, should the Wolfen Kings accept the alliance, the Queen would elevate the Warrior Armies of the Wolfen Kings to the official status of Enforcers of the Empire, a rank higher, than any of the Armies of any Other Worlds, second only to the Elite Forces of the Queen herself. Wolfen Commanders would assume control of many of the key military forces of the Reptilian Queen's Armies and would have available to them the many resources and most advanced warships,  developed by the SSS War Sciences and Technologies. In short, the Wolfen Kings would have the power of the Throne of the Reptilian Empire behind them and at their disposal. This, Matu, was an extraordinary exchange for these extremely significant concessions, the SSS Queen demanded unhesitating loyalty and total obedience to her Throne. The Wolfen Kings would execute her every command, unquestioningly, unhesitatingly and with all of the force and fury, that they could muster. The Wolfen Kings would immediately turn over half of the wealth of the entire Wolfen Empire to the Queen, and would continue to send her half of any future gains. The Queen would immediately become the Supreme Being and the Ultimate Power of the Wolfen Empire. All official ceremonies and royal events would begin by addressing her power and by paying homage to her status as the Supreme Being. From the moment the Alliance was agreed upon, the King would relinquish his status as the most important individual in the Empire and would become known as the representative of the Queen. From the moment the Alliance was signed, no Wolfen King would ever hold on to the throne without a Princess Daughter of the Queen herself sitting by his side...and no Wolfen King could ever make any decision without the approval of the new Queen, the Princess Daughter herself. And she gave them one other extremely important benefit ...she allowed them to remain alive. The Queen was quite shrewd, Matu, she was an excellent military tactician. After sending her dispatch to the Wolfen Kings with its orders to cease hostilities...and her offer of an Alliance between the two thrones, the Queen allowed only a very short period of time for the RRR Monarchs to consider her message. It is, of course, standard practice to attempt to stall (to check the progress) the actions of any enemy, who approaches and threatens retaliation (respond to aggression). This has been done by numerous Empires in the Stars and has been a tactic used here on Earth.
As the final moments approached, the Wolfen Kings sent message, that they needed more time to consider the Queen's offer. At the precise moment the time limit had been reached...the SSS-TAK forces descended on three invading armies of the Wolfen Kings. In moments they were totally and completely obliterated...not just destroyed, Matu...obliterated. Even the AR starships had been totally wiped out.
As a matter of precaution, in fact, every asteroid in the vicinity of the three invasion armies were also destroyed. To further establish her position, the Queen made use of the incredible, pin point accurate,
Death Rays of the MAKH Warriors. Half a dozen of the King's personal staff were immediately terminated, their brains burned from the inside by Light Beams, that came from, 
seemingly, out of nowhere.
Several of the communications networks were also suddenly seized by carefully placed spies in the King's military administration. The quick and stunning display of the Queen's power was most effective.
There was little debate, Matu. The Wolfen Kings knew, that the Queen had the power to completely obliterate their armies
...and their Empire. The offer extended was one, that simply could not be refused.
While it seemed, that they would surrender much, without question, it was also clear, that they would also gain tremendous power...and they could live. There was no choice, but to agree. And, perhaps,
someday the Queen would slip and the Wolfen Kings might step in to 
take over the reins...yes, I'm sure they thought of that, Matu smiled.
"As part of the agreement, the Queen promised never to reveal how easily the Kings had been personally attacked. This would preserve their image as near invincible Kings with their subjects. The official story released in the Wolfen Empire portrayed the stunning skill and insight, displayed by the Wolfen Kings in their negotiations with the Queen. Based on their extraordinary bravery and courage, their fearsome abilities in war, the Queen of the Reptilian People had proposed an Alliance, rather than go to war with them. And though the Reptilian Empire was larger and possessed greater Death weaponry and ships, it was the cunning of the Kings, that allowed them to secure such a high position in the Empire of the Queen. And though the position of Enforcers might seem a secondary position, the power and technology gained, would portend...'great potential for the future of the RRR Empire'. The Wolfen People were quick to accept the assessment and judgment of their Kings, and readily assumed their position as Enforcers of the Empire. A grand display in the skies of the powerful new Deathships, that the Wolfen Warriors would now have access to, helped in giving the impression, that the Wolfen People had secured the upper hand in their relationship with the SSS Queen. A ground display of astounding Death Rays and sound guns, with other equally stunning weaponry finished off the ceremony, before the official signing of the Alliance.
With the signing of the Alliance, the Princess Daughter of the SSS Reptilian Queen was presented to the Wolfen people as their new Queen. Standing proudly beside her was the reigning Wolfen King of Kings. Her never-ending presence was a sign, that the Queen of the most powerful Empire in the Ninth Sector completely trusted the King and his subjects with the very life of her Daughter. And, it was also an assurance to the King and his subjects, that the Queen would never attack the Empire. For the Queen, however, the presence of her Daughter in the Royal Court at the side of the Wolfen King of the RRR Empire insured, that nothing, contrary to the 
wishes of the Queen, could ever take place in the Wolfen World Court."
She's good, Matu marveled. She's really good!
"The Alliance was made. The Queen secured the fierce and vicious Wolfen Warriors for her Star Forces, while the Wolfen Kings received the backing and complete support of the Reptilian Queen and her Empire. A 'marriage' had been made inheaven."

Eye of God

flying reptilian

Matu's nightmares were vivid. Huge scaly green Dragons towered over him, their claws were ready to rip him apart. Yellow venom fell as the Dragons drooled over him. They were staring at him with fiery red eyes, piercing his brain...filling his head with visions, that he was sure the Dragons wanted him to see. Images flashed through his mind...he was a good boy, he was a patriotic citizen, he was obedient...he was soulless. He could feel his spirit being drained from him... it was more, than frightening. For the first time in his life, he felt the need to run away. As he turned, in his dream, to run from the Dragons, he was suddenly confronted by dogs as large as he was. They had yellow eyes and their fangs were bared. They looked at him with a hunger in their eyes, and looked up and down at his body. One of them licked his lips. Matu did not know which one had lunged at him, all he knew was, that his leg was missing...a bright red stump was dripping blood. Something pierced the back of his head. His mind was being stirred, his body was being ripped apart. He woke up with a start. His heart was pounding and he was sweating. He stood up and began to get dressed. The Sun was not up, but he needed to go for a walk. When he had finished, he ran down the stairs and opened the door to the House. As he stepped outside, he looked up at the Stars. They were beautiful, he thought to himself. Then he cursed them. He began running down the trail towards the forest, but before he reached it, he stopped. The trees were dark... very dark. And they seemed to have taken a form. Matu was amazed. He was actually somewhat scared. Damn it! He whispered to himself. I am letting the stories of the Master get to me. He smiled to himself. I am  being like a child. How silly of me. Then he looked up at the Stars again. They are not 'stories', he reminded himself. Damn it! With that thought, he turned and began walking down to the water's edge. As he reached the white sands, hestared out at the waters. What creature is out there now, he wondered. Are we, Human Beings, but
a single step, that Life has taken on our Planet? Are we the final conquering Race, or are we temporary kings and queens of the 'middle ages' of our World's ultimate history? He turned and began walking on the sand. Back at the House, Per watched silently from the upper window of the library. Matu wasn't tired when he returned to the House. Thinking that he might read a 
book he made his way to the Library. When Matu entered the room, the candles were already lit. He looked around and didn't see anyone. As he sat down at his table, Per turned from the window and began talking again.
"With the signing of the Alliance, the Empire of the Wolfen Kings was essentially absorbed into the Empire of the Reptilian Queen..." he started. Matu nearly jumped out of his skin. Jeez, he said to himself. Where did he come from?
"But unlike other Empires, that disappeared when they became part of the SSS Empire, the Empire of the Wolfen Kings was immediately catapulted to the enviable position of the Enforcers of the Reptilian Empire. And it is in this context, as the second most powerful Beings in the Reptilian Empire, that we shall examine the titles and the institutions of the Worlds of the Wolfen Kings. As the Wolfen astronauts
began to make their way through Outer Space, they quickly learned, that the physical laws, that applied on their home Worlds, did not apply to the vast spaces between the Planets of their Solar System.
As they began to make their way beyond the Worlds of their Solar System, they found, that the laws of 
physics changed once again, Interstellar travel opens up many secrets of the Universe, cannot conquer travel through the 'heavenly waters' without becoming aware of the influence of the Great Void. It is not clear, Matu, exactly how the Wolfen People came to call the Great Void, the UAH, the sound of the exhaled breath, perhaps they learned the name from one of the many Worlds that they conquered, or perhaps they learned of the name from their monitoring of the many transmissions of Other Worlds. In some way, the Wolfen beings acquired the concept and name of the UAH. Considering themselves to be direct descendants of the Great Void, they called themselves the UAH-RRR, or as some people knew them, the UAHR. Yes, Matu..." he answered. "There is more...much more. But let us not lose sight of the point, which we are making at this moment. A Wolfen Person, be it soldier or worker, is one of the 'Enforcers of the Throne', that is why they were taken into the Reptilian Empire. It is because of their fierceness and violent natures, that the Queen made this most incredible offer to their Kings. Remember that, Matu, ferocity
and violence was the spirit, that gave birth to the UAH-ARRA-RRR. And it was the Queen's intent to keep that ferocity and violent nature intact under the newly formed Alliance. By offering the Wolfen Kings her complete support and her vast Death and War hardware, she had hoped, that they would be inspired to reach for previously unimagined heights of conquest and power. By offering them status and wealth, and the potential for even greater position and treasure, she had
sought to reward their violent ways in a manner, that exceeded even their own wildest dreams. She gave them the means, the opportunity, and the reward for remaining true to their inner proclaiming herself as the Supreme Being,  she had simply placed herself in the saddle and at the reins of this most extraordinary 'Beast of War'."
Whoa! Matu smiled. Great image!
"And do not forget, Matu. The very in-bred nature of the RRR Wolfen People made them obey the system and the Throne, regardless of who sat in it. For the people of the RRR Empire, the only thing, that had changed, was the figure on the seat of power, in the execution of their duties and day to day life, everything remained the same."
"But would not the Wolfen People..." Matu wondered, "...who are very Male-oriented, would they not refuse to accept a Female oriented World, Master?"
"Yes..." Per was pleasantly surprised at Matu's question. "They would. They would be quick and passionate in their rejection of such a World. But that is why the Queen changed nothing in the day-to-day Worlds of the Wolfen People. What she did was to simply introduce the 'Spiritual' side of existence to the very physically oriented Wolfen Ones."
The 'Spiritual' side? Matu was confused. "Do you mean 'religion', Master...?" he asked.
"Precisely, Matu..." Per confirmed. "You see, the lives of the Wolfen People had been focused almost completely on the physical aspect of their existence. Any concept of a 'spritual' existence, that they had,
was little more, than an acknowledgment of their 'warrior' spirit...there was nothing attached to it. What the Queen did, however, was to emphasize to them, that their violent nature was nearly identical to the very violent nature of the Cosmos itself. While one may choose not to see it as such, the changes, that occur on a Planet, the changes, that take place in the Stars, and the invisible storms, that rage through the
spaces in the Galaxy...these events are quite violent and destructive by their very essence. The Queen simply explained to the Wolfen Ones, that they were an extension of the 'Spirit' of the Galaxy ...they were 'One' with the basic violent Spirit of the Universe. And... since she was the embodiment of the Void...the manifestation of the Universe, they, the Wolfen People, were simply an extension of the Queen herself.
To take advantage of the Wolfen People's natural tendency towards violence and to help sway them in her favor, the Queen filled the Ceremony of the Alliance with grand displays of violent weaponry. Reptilian warships streaked overhead with light and sound weapons firing their enormous cannons; Reptilian Warriors pointed and fired their light weapons at empty vehicles, melting them into puddles of molten steel; and yet other warriors leveled buildings with their sound emitting rifles. The capabilities of the death technologies of the Queen were vividly and dramatically impressed on the minds of the Wolfen People.
In short, they were very impressed. Can you imagine, Matu..." he started, " the Wolfen People must have felt, when they saw this astonishing display of power...and were told simultaneously, that they
were an extension of the Queen...and that power? It was absolutely overwhelming.

Matu nodded his head. Absolutely, he agreed...absolutely.
"In order to further the new 'religion' centered on the Queen, immediately after the signing of the Alliance, the Queen continued to fill every moment in the lives of the Wolfen People with personal
communication images of the death
-dealing powers of the Queen."
What was that? Matu wondered. "Excuse me, Master..." Matu interrupted, "I am sorry, but can you tell me what 'personal communication images' are, please?"
"Certainly, Matu..." he answered. "These are images, that are beamed directly at the part of the mind, that receives electronic impulses. At any given moment, a transmission from the Queen, sent through special broadcast towers, will be perceived in the minds of all those Beings, who receive signals at a specific frequency. By varying the frequency of transmissions, in time, everyone will see the images, sent into their brains."
"Do you mean, that I would see images in my head, Master?" Matu was intrigued.
"Yes, Matu..." Per answered him. "Unless you learn to block out those frequencies, you would receive mental pictures, that were sent out by the Queen's towers."
"Whether I wanted to or not, Master...?" Matu asked.
"No, would not see the images, if you had learned how to close down those receivers in your mind. But most of the images sent to the Wolfen People got through, however. And in virtually every image, the Queen was depicted as an infinite Force of Power, and thus, an Ultimate Source of Violence. The words accompanying the images were clear: the Queen was the True and Ultimate physical embodiment of the violent side of the Great Void. Continual displays of violent and horrific destruction were constantly transmitted to the minds of the Wolfen People. Images of small Planets, that were being vaporized, large Worlds, that were being rocked with internal explosions, volcanoes, earthquakes and even the manipulation of weather...all of these pictures were continually sent as a concerted effort to convey the incredible powers of the Queen. The Wolfen People were overwhelmed with the image after image of the Queen's Power. It did not take long, it was clear to everyone...the Queen was truly the physical embodiment of the Great Void. All Hailthe Queen, Mother of Heaven and the Great Destroyer of the Universe. But the Princess Daughter of the Reptilian Queen, the new Queen of the Wolfen Stars and the personal manifestation of the Queen herself, conveyed to her newsubjects, that there was more that her mother, the Queen of Heaven, could add to the lives of the Wolfen People. Yes, there was a naturally violent part of the Universe...that was true...but there was also a creative side, a compassionate side, and the Queen of Heaven was the One and Only True embodiment of that aspect of the Universe as well.
The Queen of Heaven, Mother of All Things was the manifestation and embodiment of Creation and Destruction, of all aspects of the Great Void. She was the One, the only true physical incarnation of the Void itself. The new Wolfen Queen was quite eloquent in the praise of her Mother and of her new subjects: 'The Wolfen People are the physical embodiment of the Great Void', she told them, 'the living Warriors of the Void. The Queen of Heaven, my Mother and 
yours, is the spiritual embodiment of the Great Void and the complete manifestation of the Great Void. And because of this, she was the Supreme Being of the Universe."
Matu was impressed. That's quite a religion, that the new Queen was creating. The legend of the Queen as the Supreme Being was brilliantly presented.
"For the People of the Wolfen Empire, the Queen was the Ultimate Being...and they were ready to obey her every command. Such was the way of the Wolfen Ones...fierce and violent dedication to their superiors."
"Was this the beginning of the religion of the Goddess...?" Matu asked.
Per nodded his head. "Yes, Matu...for the Wolfen Ones, this was the beginning of the Way of the Goddess.The Words, which I would like to share with you now, are titles and names, that were applied to the Wolfen People in the language of the Stars of Orion. In some cases, we have the original words of the Wolfen People, but after the Alliance, it was the Orion titles, that were used and carried forward the significance of the rank or status of the person."
"Upon the signing of the Alliance, Matu..." Per began again. "The Wolfen Warriors were assigned to the TAKH forces of the Queen, the combined Forces of all of the Worlds of the SSS Empire. But they were not
 to become low-ranking soldiers, Matu... no, they assumed the roles of leadership. You see, the Queen had tremendous admiration for the fierce and violent nature of the Wolfen Warriors. Their tactics were brilliant in their simplicity, and their focus was unshakable, their courage was unparalleled, and their relentless hunger was also unmatched the mind of the Queen, they were very close to what the pure Warrior had to be. If there was anyone, who embodied what the Queen wanted in a Warrior, it was the Wolfen Warriors. It was a very important move for the Queen, Matu. As leaders and commanders of

her combined forces of the Empire, the Wolfen Warriors soon inspired their troops to a higher level of efficiency and deadliness...and a renewed spirit and morale. It did not take long for the Wolfen Warriors to personify exactly ,what the Queen wanted the spirit of the TAKH Warriors to be...they were, in the eyes of the Queen, the pure Warrior...they were the pure TAKH. In time, the Wolfen Warriors were known simply as the TAKH. When Other Worlds spoke of the TAKH Forces, it was the image of the Wolfen Warrior, that was captured in the mind of the People. Ferocity and violence became the trademark of the TAKH on the battle-field, ruthlessness and total obedience was the way of the TAKH in the handling of the affairs and the administration of the Worlds of the Queen. "And Matu..." Per nodded to him. "The Queen was very,
very happy." I'll bet, he thought. I'll bet she's happy.

"Upon the joining of the Warrior Forces of the Reptilian and Wolfen Empires, the AR deathship of the RRR was brought alongside the giant Deathship of the Queen. Now, if you will recall, the sound '-tt' came to
 be interpreted as 'death from a Reptilian Female'. Since each of the warships of the Queen was a form of 'Death from a Reptilian Female', each one of them came to be known as an AT. The flagship of the Queen,
the largest and the most deadly of her warships, was known, of course, as the AT-AT or the T-AT."

"Can you tell me, Matu, what the title of the Queen's flagship would be, if it was known as the 'Highest One of the Death from the Queen'?"
"AT-AN or AT-EN, Master...?" Matu guessed without looking at his notes.
"Bravo! Matu..." Per smiled. "And without looking at your notes! Well done. The most commonly used term was AT-EN."
ATEN! Matu wrote down. As he looked at it, he remembered...he had seen the name before. It was the name for the Sun, the power behind the Great Throne of the ancient gods of Egypt. The ATEN!
"Can you tell me now, Matu...what would be the title of the Queen's flagship in its role as the 'First and Foremost Deathship from or of the Queen'?"
"The AT-UR, Master..." Matu answered right away. "It would be the AT-UR!"
"Correct..." Per said. "Now, the upper quadrant of the enormous globe was an enormous dark concave depression, that housed the huge light cannon, the main weapon of the Queen's ATEN. By rotating the gigantic cannon towards its target, the AT-EN was capable of instantly vaporizing cities, regions, starships, aircraft and even small Planets with its intense beam. The 'Light' also had the ability to generate razorsharp cutting Rays, that could slice through any ship and penetrating pin-point Beams, that could isolate a single individual on a distant World as its target for elimination. From a distance, the gleaming globe looked like an enormous eye-ball, with a dark iris and a black pupil. As it rotated its enormous hull to target: its victims, the AT-EN took on the appearance of a gigantic eye, that was turning to look
at its intended prey. Also housed in the 'Light Cannon' quadrant were 'Sound Cutters' , that had the ability to generate sound waves, that could shake apart the molecular structure of most physical objects, stun
living Beings, and even produce a cutting and ripping Beam. Sound waves could also be concentrated into flat Beams, that could be used to lift extraordinarily heavy loads by aiming the beam under the object and simply raising the Beam itself. 

As the AT-EN loomed in the distance, the people of Other Worlds would look skyward and know that an emissary of the Queen, if not the Queen herself, was about to make an appearance. Immediately, they would begin to cry out her name...AY! AY! AY! In time, this cry would become Universal in the Empire... AYE! AYE! AYE! For many, the cry AYE! was interpreted as the name of the Deathship itself. This mighty starship, capable of death and destruction on a scale, that was unimaginable to most subjects of the Empire...this was the AYE of the Divine One."

Matu sat completely upright with such suddenness, that he dropped his pen! The mysterious 'Eye of God'! The 'Eye of God'! The ATEN is the mysterious 'Eye of God'. Which is not accurate anyway, because the 'Goddess' preceded God and so the 'Eye of God' is really the 'Eye of the Goddess'...which is absolutely...Matus mind was racing. Per looked at him as he sat frozen in his seat. Matu looked as if he had seen a ghost. "Are you all right, Matu?" Per asked him. "NO!" he almost yelled. Then he caught himself. "I mean Yes, Master... I am all right. I am sorry. It is just, that I think I have discovered something, that...but it just all fits...and I want to be able to...but there is so much that..."
Per said gently. "Calm yourself, Matu. Would you like to stop for a little while so that you can..."
"NO!" he almost shouted again. "I mean...I am sorry,, please do not stop" I am fine. Your teachings have become my passion. Your words are simply incredible in ther revelations. I am honored, sir. Please...please continue."
Per looked at him for a moment. "Very well, Matu. This is a story, that everyone on the Other Worlds told their children. Somewhere in the sky, hidden among the Stars or in the clouds, the 'AYE' of the Supreme Being was overhead...watching, always watching...waiting to rain down death and destruction on any people, who had done something wrong. Any evil or crime would be punished with a wrath, that could destroy the entire Planet! While the story scared many a child, the meaning of the tale was very clear...the forces of the Queen were always overhead, always monitoring the activities of the People on the Planet below. Though one could not always see the was there ...somewhere!"
"Another name for the AT-EN was the 'Royal Container of Containers', and even the 'House of Houses'. Can you tell, what the title for the AT-EN would be in this regard, Matu?"
Matu did not hesitate. "The House of Houses' or The Container of Containers' would be the B-B or BE-B..."
Matu answered. 'Babe'? Matu wondered as he said the words. 'Babe'?

"Remember, Matu..." Per cautioned him. "These titles we have derived are titles of the Queen's AT-EN, the enormous fabricated Deathstar of the Empire. What may be confusing in your future work is that the
AR Warship, the hollowed out asteroid ship of the Wolfen Kings, was oftentimes referred to by the same titles applied to the ATEN. Though these titles are technically incorrect, you will often find them used to describe the AR. It is a compliment to the abilities of the pilots of the Wolfen AR, that some confusion has arisen between the AT-EN Deathstar and the Wolfen Deathstar. Pilots trained to operate the AR Deathstar had learned, that the asteroid warship did not handle quite like a fabricated starship. As a result, the Wolfen pilots had developed not only new techniques of interstellar navigation, but they had also learned to develop a unique 'inner sense', that the Reptilian star-pilots in sleekly constructed craft had not been
able to develop and acquire. Where Reptilian star pilots were trained for instantaneous response to instruments, that monitored the Space around them, Wolfen pilots had been forced to learn to operate their ship, as if they were asteroid in Space, thus forcing them to predict, where the Flow of Interstellar 'waters' would take them. This required an immediate adaptation to the physics of the Space, that they were in, no small skill in Outer Space. Oftentimes, the pilots utilized the natural dynamics of the new Space by gliding on electromagnetic waves or solar winds. Because the AR pilots were essentially flying an asteroid, the most direct route to a target was often a path, that took the AR ship in a very circuitous course, that followed the Interstellar Flow between Stars and Worlds. But as time-consuming and demanding as this type of flying might have been, it was precisely this flying technique, that proved to be so deadly to their enemies. Solar Systems were seldom suspicious of an in-coming swarm of asteroids, and if they were, they simply could not monitor every meteor shower, that entered their System. The success of the Wolfe' Campaigns of Conquest were based on this very simple premise: every asteroid was a potential warship...a warship, that no one suspected. Wolfen pilots had become Masters at flying the currents of the 'heavenly waters between the Stars and the Solar Systems, using the Natural Flow of Space to attack its enemies. Reptilian pilots had become Masters of full frontal attack, breaking through the defense fields
and electro-magnetic nets with such force, that they could take direct lines towards the enemy. Technology was the strength of the Reptilian pilots, technique was the strength of the Wolfen pilots...when the two types of pilots were joined together in the armadas of the TAK forces of the Queen of the Reptilian Empire, no Star System was safe."

I'll bet, Matu said to himself. I dread thinking how Humankind can ever deal with these two Star Races. I see little chance of doing fact, I see little chance at all.
"Oh..." Per suddenly added. "Also keep in mind, Matu, that the AT-EN...and the AR. were both considered to be an extension of the Queen and her power. In fact, some people perceived the AT-EN and the AR to be the embodiment of the Queen herself. It is often the case, that some ancient Star People actually equated the AT-EN, the AR, and the Queen of Heaven. This too, Matu, should remain in the forefront of your knowledge about the history of the Stars of our Galaxy...and the Beings of the Stars of Orion and Sirius. Now, let us continue to look at some of the names given to this most astounding ship the mighty AT-EN of the Queen."
My God, does he not get tired? The Per is relentless, Matu marveled. How does he know all of these things? How does he keep these things in his head? Matu stopped to stare at the Elder for a moment as he continued to talk. Who are you, he wanted to know? Where did you come from? Really...
"Besides being the basis for the legend of the 'Eye of the All-Powerful One in Heaven the AT-EN, and the AR, gave birth to other stories, which were told around the fire or while sitting at the hearth of the homes on the Other Worlds. Many stories described the most horrible 'Beast of the Heavenly Waters'. A monster with one horrible eye, that could see everything and could spit fire. This was, of course a reference to the deadly AT-EN. Other stories told how the 'Beast of the Waters' traveled the 'rivers of heaven', and was capable of destroying ships and swallowing up their Human pilots. Obviously, since this 'beast' traveled the 'rivers of heaven', this was a reference to the Great AR. Since the 'Beast' was 'of the Waters' or the 'rivers of heaven', many stories about the horrible demon described it as a horrible 'Sea Monster' or a 'Demon Sea Creature'. Oftentimes fantastic elaborations were added to the descriptions, legends were embellished and often added details, that stretched the imaginations of the listener. But in each case, the 'Demon' Sea Creature' or the 'Sea Monster' referred to the AT-EN or the AR. With horrible powers of destruction and the ability to devour Men..."
The Wolfen Warriors on the AR! Matu guessed.
"...this was, of course, a reference to the deadliness of the AT-EN and the AR, and their ability to traverse the 'Waters of Space'. Keep these ideas in mind, Matu, it will become very important later on. Let us now turn our attention to specifically the AT-EN..." Per said. "The AT-EN of the Queen, the Royal Flagship of the SSS Starship Armada was the size of a small Planet. Actually, there are several types of AT-ENs, Matu, and they vary in size, but for our conversation, we shall address the largest of the globular Death Stars...the AT-EN Ship of the Queen. The completely fabricated globe is built to be completely self-sufficient.
It uses two primary types of drives, the 'push-pull' drive, and the 'fold' drive. The two different types of drives are necessary to travel through the two types of Space in our Galaxy. There is 'Real' Space and 'Universal' Space. In 'Real' Space, there are numerous heavenly bodies, Suns, Planets, asteroids and comets, all quite physical, all quite 'real'. In 'Universal' Space, there is no physical existence, there is no is the
'Breath of the Great Void' as yet unchanged or degraded to the World of physical things. To travel through 'Real Space', the most common drive was the 'Push-Pull' Engine. To travel through 'Universal Space', the 'Fold' Drive was developed. In the 'Push-Pull' Drive, the ship actually uses two methods to move through 'Real' Space. In one, the ship propels itself through the 'Waters of Space' by pushing itself against the 'stuff' of Space. Ancient oarsmen of long ago, for example, used oars to push against the water in the river to propel the ship forward. In later times, hot gases were emitted out of the back of the ship, sometimes called 'thrusters', propelling the ship forward or upward. Later drives would use light particles and electrical particles to propel themselves forward. In the second method, a point in Space, the exact same size as the ship, is pulled towards the craft with a device, that generates electro-gravitational force. Once the point has been pulled around the ship, the electro-magnetic drive is turned off. When Space and Time snap back to their original form, the point...with the ship inside now at the point's original Space and Time. While the occupants of the ship would feel nothing, the space around the ship would seem to be flying by. Observers from a distance would see a sort of stretching of Space, that suddenly snaps back in a blur with the ship inside. This is the 'pull' method, but is severely limited to distances that have no obstructions. To understand 'Universal Space', Matu..." Per leaned back. "We must return to the first moment in time...the Breath of the UAH. Some scientists have called this the 'Big Bang', the moment a tiny point exploded and gave birth to the Universe.

(The Truth is that 'Big Bang' never happened, instead at the beginning of Life of our Old Universe the Energy of Balance in the form of Mind-Field started coming from Emitter next to the Aperture on the highest Level of Consciousness! It has been transmitting (M)Field this way for millions of years. This Mind Field has been creating a Hologram of the whole physical Universe. The Beam from the Emitter is used by all live creatures to create their own holograms and to expand Universe and it has nothing to do with 'the Breath of the UAH' and the reptilian explanation of the Creation of Physical Universe, LM).

We shall not debate the actual event right now, Matu. Let us just agree, that there was a moment, in which the Universe came out of the Void. Now, imagine, that from this one tiny point, strands of matter came out, streaming into the Void as if they were strands of spaghetti. Those strands of spaghetti are where we live, Matu. These strands are what we call'the physical Universe' is where matter resides. Between the strands there is is the Void, that has not been filled with the 'Essence of Matter'. Now imagine one of those long strands of matter twisting and turning through the Void. Coils and loops, in and out, this is our Universe...or at least what we think is our Universe. If we are at one end of this twisting and turning strand and a bright Star is at the other end, light travels to us through the does not travel through the Space without 'Essence'. Light can only travel through this strand. And even though the light follows the looping, twisting and turning strand, we believe it has taken a direct...and straight...path towards us."
Amazing! Matu could picture the strand and the Star's light traveling through it, twisting and looping through the strand, yet we would think it was a straight line. Incredible!
"Now imagine the strand of the physical Universal bending back on itself, almost touching, but still apart at the ends. The light coming from the Star at one end flows out alone the strand, loops back and finally strikes our eyes. We see the path as a straight line, but the Light Rays have completely turned. But now, Matu, it is important, that you understand this. The Star and Earth are almost touching, yet if we follow the strand, we may very well be light years away from each other. Our
Universe (only physical of 1D, 2D, 3D Universe, LM) consists of many strands of matter. It is much like a spider web of strands, that go in many different directions, touching in some places, apart in others. To use the 'Fold Drive', one simply folds one strand of the physical Universe over, so that it touches another part. Travel is almost instantaneous.
The AT-EN of the Queen had both capabilities. Also inside the ship were all of the most sophisticated and most recent weaponry developed by the MAKH scientists. Light Beams, that cut and melt, sound waves that bend, lift and obliterate, heat, that can freeze its target, electro-magnetic waves, that re-structure the shape of an object, electro-gravitational waves, that pull Planets out of their orbit and the latest in Mind-Control technologies...any and every instrument and weapon, that had been recently developed, was found on the AT-EN. In the center of the enormous Death Star was an artificial Sun. On the inside surface of the globe, layers and layers thick, was an artificial rock and soil crust. Carefully maintained lakes and rivers, even small mountainsides and hills were designed on the artificial ground. Stabilizing atmospheric conditioners maintained a consistent temperature and climate. Domed cities with towering structures for business, military headquarters and private home life were incorporated into the design of the globe. Travel to and from domed city to domed city was accomplished through airships, that navigated the internal AT-EN skies. In short, Matu, within the AT-EN was a carefully designed and constantly monitored Miniature World. When inhabitants of the 'Inner World', as they referred to it, looked towards the center of the AT-EN globe, towards the artificial Sun, they were actually looking...'up'. When they looked towards their feet, 'down', they were actually looking away from the artificial core towards the outer hull of the ship. Though the World was inverted, Matu, it was a near perfect paradise for its inhabitants. In fact, generations of people were born and raised in the 'Inner World'. Some inhabitants had known no other life, and wanted nothing else."

Yes, but never getting out? Matu made a face. Is it possible, that these people would never want to get outside.
Per saw Matu's face. "Perhaps if I told you more about the 'Inner World', you would understand why these people might not want to leave, Matu..." Per offered.
Matu nodded. Perhaps, he thought. Better be good. "In the 'Inner World'..." Per began again. "The environment was completely clean. The air was safe to breathe without pollutants. The ships, that traveled through the internal skies were powered by electro-magnetic fields, that were carefully designed never to touch or come close to inhabited areas. The artificial Sun emitted no harmful radiation, nor did it ever become too hot. There were no solar storms, nor deadly solar wind. Rainfall was carefully plotted and could be turned on and off with split second precision. There was no fog or windstorms or snowstorms. Artificial bodies of water were stocked with appropriate forms of underwater Life, rivers flowed over clean rock beds and small mountain peaks were peppered with real generated snow. Inhabitants of the
'Inner World' could enjoy an artificial outdoors, that was safe from predators and chaotic and unpredictable weather conditions. It was never too cold, nor was it too hot. Day and night periods were carefully regulated, with a spectacular 
light show, that accompanied every transition. The artificial ground was mixed in such a way as to be contaminate free and superabsorbent in case of pollution spills of any sort.
It was also fertile and fully capable of supporting individual gardens and full-fledged farming operations. Vegetables and fruit grown on specifically designated farm units were also free of contaminates and dangerous insecticides. Only beneficial primitive Life forms were permitted in the 'Inner World'. There were no pests or life forms, that could spread disease and infections. There were absolutely no scavengers, that could endanger the safety and health of the inhabitants. Every exposed surface area could sustain Life... it was, in short, a Garden World. Carefully designed and constructed domed cities were safe.
Every movement was totally monitored, so that the inhabitants were completely unafraid of any criminal activity. There were no prison colonies, no holding centers or detention centers. Travel was done
through the airships or tube shuttles, that linked every point in the 
city to every other point, so there was no traffic congestion, pollution or accidents. There were fully equipped Medical Centers with the latest medical equipment, including Re-animation and Re-generation chambers. There were centrally located Entertainment Centers, that provided the latest holographic appearances by musicians and artists,
lecturers and speakers...even the Royal Family of the Queen herself. Every inhabitant had specific duties, but were permitted generous amounts of time for personal development and growth. Mates were carefully screened, and biological reproduction was programmed only when necessary. Any pleasure was permitted so long as it did not interfere with the running of the ship. Stimulation centers were available to everyone, but were seldom used because everyone was inherently happy.

Life spans were extraordinarily long because of the healthy and stress-free lives led by the inhabitants. Proper nutrition and eating habits were the norm, exercise regimens were part of every day life.
Inhabitants were safe, long-lived, healthy, intelligent, and happy. Every one of their needs was filled and every desire was satisfied. Life was idyllic. And when you live in a totally controlled environment, there is little to be said for living on the surface of a totally unpredictable and unstable Planet, with equally unpredictable and unstable people. In short, in the 'Inner World' was exactly like living in Paradise."

Hmmph! And probably quite boring Matu thought to himself.
Per saw the look on Matu's face. "No, Matu..." Per shook his head. "I can see a look of displeasure on your face, and you are mistaken. Life in the AT-EN was a near perfect existence for its inhabitants. In fact,
the requests for residency on the Starship were often turned down. To live on the AT-EN, an individual had to pass entrance examinations and qualifying health checks. Entrance requirements were stringent.
The only other way to win residency was to be born on the ship. In time, each AT-EN Starship had its own identifiable population, much as we Human Beings refer to our own nationalities. Citizenship on an
AT-EN Starship became an object of pride. Beings often referred to themselves by the Starship, that they lived on. Citizenship was a matter of great honor...and often considered to be the measure of the Man.
If an inhabitant of the AT-EN committed a crime or broke any of the rules, the penalty was severe... transgression meant immediate surrender of citizenship on the AT-EN. This, in and of itself, Matu...the potential loss of Paradise
...was sufficiently frightening to most inhabitants to insure, that no difficulties would ever occur. The greatest punishment any of the inhabitants of the AT-EN could suffer was banishment.
Loss of the Garden World meant a fate worse than death."

Matu sat bold upright...again! The loss of the Garden of AT-EN! Oh my God ...can it be? Can it actually be?

Chapter V. The Garden of Eden

"Master!" the young man was very animated. "Is it possible that the Garden of Eden was actually the 'Garden World of the AT-EN'? I am just excited about the possibility, that the 'Garden of Eden' and the 'Garden of the AT-EN' might be one and the same."
Per shook his head. "Be not afraid to challenge any of our teachings. You must not blindly accept my do not hesitate to question any of what I say to you. Accept nothing, question everything, challenge everyone. It is important, that you do so. If the words are true, they stand on their own and need not the reputation of the person, who utters them for their veracity. Now... Per said. "In regards to the possible link between the 'Garden of Eden' and the 'Garden World of the AT-EN'. Let us proceed together, Matu, and see if we can provide evidence for...or against...the argument, that the two might be the same place. In ancient languages, Matu..." Per began. "The sound of the letter T and the letter 'D' were interchangeable. Thus, AT-EN could have been written AD-EN. And of course, AD-EN and EDEN are apparent cognates. Assuming, that the 'Garden World of the AT-EN' is as I have described...then what do we know of the Garden of Eden?" Per asked. "Let us note, Matu..." Per began, "...that the very first line in the Holy Bible tells us that the 'Garden' is NOT Eden itself. It is not. What this passage tells us is that the 'Garden' is '...IN Eden'. It would actually be more accurate to call the Paradise, that Adam lived IN the Garden in EDEN. And if it is IN Eden...Then it is a perfect description of the Garden World, that is IN the ATEN..." Matu said.
"Correct, Matu..." Per smiled. "But let us for now say, that this is quite a remarkable coincidence, Matu...If we look to the ancient languages of Sumer and Akkad, we will find, that the word 'edin' means 'a plain', or 'a steppe', with the implication, that they are quite fertile. In essence, they carry the essence of 'fertile flat lands'..."

Th description by R. Morning Sky of the Sirian genetic scientists Prince EA and his sister Nin-Hur-Sag, designing animal and plant life on Earth, contradicts R. Monroe's description of the process of creation of Life on Earth. Robert Monroe considered Earth first of all the place for a huge production of Loosh (energy of Balance) and genetic scientists have been interested in that a great deal. 
Robert Morning Sky doesn't even mention in his book "Terra Papers" the most desired energy: the production and the use of Loosh (Balance-Love) generated by animal, plant, aliens and mostly Humans on Earth and this is the reason why "Terra Papers"is no longer on our site. R. Morning Sky talks just about the production of ore, prescious metals/minerals and some kind of elements. I found a lot of twisted info with a bit of Truth in "Terra Papers".
"Love is not an illusion, Love is Loosh Energy (White Energy of Balance)!" R. Monroe. All the details about Loosh (White Brilliant Energy of Balance) you can find on:  Robert Monroe info
According to Robert Morning Sky, the princess Nin-Hur-Sag was the creator of Human physical body, which is not true. The Human body was not designed, but modified by Sirian and Reptilian genetic scientists  (and later by other races). A Human Body existed in the previous Old Universe long before and, according to Andromedan information, the Human Race did not originally exist in Lyrae- it came from some other Galaxy (of long gone Universe), but first began to evolve in our Galaxy in the Lyran system. According tothe Andromedans, there are over 135 billion Human Beings in the 8 Galaxies closest to ours. More on p. 224:

"Q: Why would the group consciousness of the Paa Tal (on 11th Density) come into third density?

A: The Draconian legends, according to the Andromedans, talk about wars with the Paa Tal, who created the Humanform of physicality.Now, let's just pretend here, that we (as the Paa Tal) knew as a Race, that there was no way we were ever going to destroy this Reptilian Race. This war would go on forever. Now, being the Spiritual Beings, that we are, and here's just a concept or an idea. It could be, that we realized, that the only way to take care of the Negative Polarity (or rather turn the Negative Energy into Balance, LM) in our Universe was to come and incarnate at its lowest point, its lowest frequency, and alter that frequency so much, that everything in its path would evolve. You could do this, so none of the negativity could hide or defend itself. The transformation would be so fast, so instantaneous, that suddenly, they would be light. You've ended all wars. There's no more death and suddenly everybody is an Enlightened Being. There has only been a period of 200 years during the last 2000 years, when there hasn't been a war on Earth.
Q: But isn't that "forcing" enlightenment?
A: Well, we hold a frequency of war, and this frequency emanates into Space. Now, if this is truly us, then our minds are creating, firing or triggering other like consciousness everywhere. We're the Catalyst.
It's not by force. They have a choice. You change the Catalyst and there's no more fuel for anything else. Everything else just burns out." More info on:   Alex Collier info

Humans were not created by Reptilian genetic engineers, Humans were modified by them to suit Earth conditions! Humans have been created in the Old Universe, which finished its life millions of years ago and it was replaced by our Original Universe, which is also soon finishing its life.
In part 2 of the "Terra Papers" p.7 , R. Morning Sky writes :" ...Lord Ra, with the approval of the Rebel Queens, began to systematically remove of traces of the Mother Goddess presence. Henceforth, the Omnipotent One  was a male...the Sun God Ra himself. Males would dominate every aspect of life, it was time for females to relinquish (give up) their exalted (greater in their dignity) place of power..."

This is not the first time I come accross this kind of statements from different male - writers. There is also some evidence (below) about the arrival of ASA-RRR Ship of State ('massive DeathShip') close to Earth, which created 'enormous gravitational pull' and climatic upheavals, floods and loss of plant/animal life. This
DeathShip is our Moon!

Terra Papers Part 1 Page 36

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FROM "TERRA PAPERS",  PART 2 (page 4 is missing)

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