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 Мои Параллельные Личности в картинках (My Parallel Personalities in pictures)

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Higher Selves and Core Selves

White Oval Energy Bodies of Higher Selves on 5th Level, with extended into the 3rd Level, Energy Cords with small hanging balls (our Spirits), attached to our Parallel Personalities on 3rd Level of Consciousness, each Parallel Personality has many layers around herself, like layers of an onion (etheric, mental etc.) ! The highest in Vibration is a Core Personality. There is also such a thing like by-location, when a person is able to created a double of himself in a form of visible etheric body, this way turning up in two places, simultaneously.

Высшие Существа (Души) игроков Планитарной Игры выглядят как Белые светящиеся медузы, полные Душ отдельных Личностей, состоящих из Белой Энергии Баланса (на верхней и нижней картинке). От Высших Существ (медуз) в 3ий физический Уровень спускаются белые энергетические шнуры с кусочком Души на конце (размером с теннисный мяч), который прикрепляется к физическому телу Параллельной  Личности ; Личность самой Высокой Вибрации считается - Коренной; каждая Параллельная Личность имеет слои вокруг себя (эфирный, ментальный и .т.д.), напоминают матрёшки или слои лука, обрастающие вокруг сердцевины.

Higher Selves and Core Selves

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Информация о Параллельных Вселенных и моих Параллельных Личностях

More information about my Parallel Personalities and about Parallel Universes

Role of Women and Sexual Energy in C. Castaneda's books

Role of Naguals (Роль Нагуала-Лидера-Учителя)

Lives of Naguals - interesting facts

Статьи о наших Параллельных Личностях
Articles about Alters in english and russian

Merging of People on 4th non-physical Level
Слияние Людей на 4м нефизическом Уровне

Description of our Video called "Departure of Our Higher Selves to Higher Levels"

our Higher Selves

Tears of Laughter are the purest Transparent Plasmic Energy of Balance, the same as Tears of Loneliness, they come from our Spirits through our eyes! And Human Tears are exactly the same Energy, as  Plasmic Transparent Luminous Clouds seen at night in many parts of the World !
I personally never was able consciously fly out of my body and see anything there, including my Higher Self and remember it, like it happened to the author of 'Matrix 5' (which I find unfair), though I always wanted to achieve it.
I couldn't do it, because I had always not enough Energy for such travels and some force was constantly dragging me back to my body! My Energy was constantly used up for breeding with other races, like the Energies of other Women of Earth and it wasn't our idea!
R. Monroe's and Carlos Castaneda's books don't describe Higher Self in details (most likely their descriptions of Higher Selves were censored out of the books), they don't even mention much the words like Higher Self. Though there is a description of how Robert Monroe is moving through Energy connection (a Tube), which joins all his Higher Selves together, "Far Journeys", p. 120-123.

This video and the extract in english and russian are on this link and also on links : В Кругу Друзей    Home Page (russian)   Home Page (english)   Our Videos    Androgynous Leaders
I don't have any other detailed description of Higher Selves, than in Matrix 5, so I have to use the extract from this book and trust, that it is true. In this video you will see how difficult is the work our Higher Selves (You) have been doing; you will see how Higher Selves of those couples, who truly loved each other on Earth, are dancing together; you will see how Higher Selves are moving up Level after Level and how Higher Selves on 5th Level are merging with their parts on 6-7-8 Levels and become bigger. It is the Finale after the Earth's Implosion and releasing of Inner Sun (Earth's Soul)!

Matrix 5 - Quest of the Spirit, Chapter - The Higher Self (I - There), p. 28-
29 (some words in this extract I either deleted, if I found them inappropriate, or added other, more simple words for better understanding) :

"I journeyed up the Energy Connection ('silver cord') from within my physical. It has some similarity to ...a circular, brilliant tunnel.
(This is why near-death-experience people say, that they saw Light at the end of the Tunnel. It is this silver cord (tunnel) leading to the Light of their Higher Self! LM).
One passes up through this Energy and emerges into the Higher Self. From within, I saw the Higher Self as opaque, but glowing with natural Energy. The oval shape has the image of each incarnation (player, LM)...In the centre of the 'floor' of my Higher Self is a pillar of Energy, topped by an Energy shaped like a multi-faceted crystal globe. The Energy pillar is where the impulses (emotions, memories, experiences etc.) of each player are centrally processed and stored. The globe is where access to any individual player may be retrieved. The access to the Higher Self is possible for all players with Higher Awareness...
In a later visit, I looked up and saw a Circular Energy Vortex, which will eventually be the path for the completed Higher move to the next Level up...From outside, the Higher Self looks like a jelly-fish...
oval with a Luminescence ... Extending from the bottom are Energy tendrils, one for each player on 3-4 Levels. The Higher Self is opaque from the outside as well...I saw several other Higher Selves ...similar to mine... all with Energy tendrils reaching into 3rd & 4th Levels of Consciousness...The 'silver cord' (a tendril), attached to a player...terminates as You. This is extension from a Higher Self. It passes through your physical body when you are astral journeying. It is this cord's contact with the physical, that keeps it alive. The 'silver cord' is  what you access to enter your Higher Self. By moving up this cord , you enter , your Higher Self. Only you can do this for you. When this cord is snapped out of the body, the body dies... after death of the body...the Spirit is pulled back into the Higher Self with a small White Flash of Energy of Balance (like in the movie "Ghost", LM)...Life of a player cannot be terminated in any other way except from the Higher Self..."

The Energy Cord only snaps, if your Higher Self (not a player) decides to take you out of the Game. Higher Self is becoming more advanced after its players participated in a Planetary Game and became Graduates, then Higher Self starts moving a Level up higher.
More about Internal Circular Energy Vortex of every Higher Self on every Level. These Vortexes have 2 way movement.
Downwards: Impulses of important Universal Info are sent from HS on 6th Level to HS on 5th Level.
Upwards: processed and stored info of experiences of all players in a form of pulses is sent from HS on 5th Level to HS on 6 th Level.

There is also another mentioning of the structure of our Higher Selves by D. Cannon in her "The Convoluted Universe", part 2, pp. 591-601, written in 2005:

D - for Dolores; M - for Michelle, an Australian female, a client.

"D: Is this to be your first life as a human being on Earth?
M: This part of me, yes. It’s much more complicated. It reminds me of a diamond, and those different parts of a diamond. The different facets. This facet has never been here before. The other two facets have.
I think that my soul has more than one part to it. The different parts are the different facets.

D: Can one of the facets know about the other facets?
M: (Surprised) Yes, they can! They will. They will take turns in this life. They won’t be able to manage the whole thing by themselves. The first facet will be there up until age ten. The second facet will be there till age twenty-one. Then the third facet will be there for the remainder.
D: Why does there have to be different facets for the different parts of the life?
M: That’s the only way this can be done successfully.
D: It would be difficult for one facet to go through. It wouldn’t be able to?"
(Like Facets of a Diamond. As you can see: one soul from this particular Higher Self is entering at birth and stays in the body till the age of 10; then it's exchanged with another, more evolved soul from the same Higher Self and stays in the body till the age of 21; then it's exchanged with even more mature/evolved soul and this soul stays in the body till the rest of the life of the body, LM). 


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Robert Monroe was shown the support from his Total Self, "Far Journeys":
"...thousands of hands reaching out to touch me, eyes staring at me with joy and hope, overwhelming radiance, I knew as love sweeping over me and into every part of me being, all of these was my Total Self, and emotion from success to the pain of parting, mixed with fun and laughter, the blindness of belief, the beauty, the sound of singing voices. There was more, than ten thousand times more. All the other clusters I saw that were bonded to us. There was a tremendous surge of love, brotherhood and sisterhood...".
(Tunnel - an Energy Cord is made from transparent Shining Plasmic Energy of Balance, connecting all his Higher Selves, starts from 'silver cord' to a player, LM),
"(I am in a bright White Tunnel and moving rapidly. No, it is not a Tunnel  but a Tube, a Transparent, Radiating Tube. I am bathed in the Radiation, which courses through all of me, and the Intensity and Recognition of it envelop my Consciousness and I laugh with great joy. Something has changed, because the last time, they had to shield me from the Random Vibration of it. Now, I can tolerate it easily, the actual Energy itself. The Radiation Flow is two-directional in the Tube. The Flow moving past me in the direction, from which I came is smooth, even, and undiluted. The Flow, that I am is moving in the opposite direction and appears much different. It is organized in a more complex form. It is the same as the Wave moving past me, but it contains a Multitude of Small Waves, impressed upon the Basic (small waves of his Alters, LM).
I am both the Basic and the small Waveforms, moving back to the Source. The movement is steady and unhurried, impelled (propelled) by a desire I know, but cannot express. I vibrate with joyous ecstasy just by the Knowing.
(The Tube seems to become larger as another joins it from one side, and another waveform melds into me and we become One. I recognize the other immediately, as it does me, and there is the great excitement of reunion, this other I and I. How could I have forgotten this! We move along together, happily exploring the adventures, experience, and knowledge of the other. The Tube widens again, and another I joins us, and the process repeats itself. Our Waveforms are remarkably identical and our pattern grows stronger, as they move in phase. There are variegations (multicolored) in each, which, when combined with another related anomaly, create a new and important modification of the Total, that we are.
(The Tube expands again and I am no longer concerned with its walls as still another I enters the Wave-form Flow. This is particularly exciting, as it is the first I perceive as returning from a completely nonhuman sojourn. Yet the intermesh was near-perfect and we became so much more. Now we know that, somewhere, a consciously controlled physical tail, much like a monkey's, is useful in ways far more, than balance and acting as a third hand for holding things. It can be a very efficient means of communication, far beyond a super sign language, just as eloquent (persuasive, fluent, graceful), as the spoken word.
(Steadily and surely, one I after another joins us. With each, we become more aware and remember more of the total. How many does not seem important. Our knowledge and ability is so great, that we do not bother to contemplate it (consider thoughtfully). It is not important. We are One!
(With this, we divert from the underlying Waveform and move away from it. We watch motionless in unified respect, as the action of it continues away from us into an Infinity. We also perceive easily the smooth originating Wave, coming from such Infinity and dissolving into the pattern (Ball of Sun Energy, LM), from whence we came.
(Flowing through all of us is a coherent Energy (of Balance, LM), that is our Creation, that displays immensely the Reality of the Whole as far greater, than the Sum of the parts.
What our Higher Selves can do:
"Our Abilities and Knowledge seem without limit, yet we know at this point such is valid only within the Energy Systems of our experience. We can create Time, as we wish or the need arises, reshaping and modifying within the Percept itself. We can create Matter from other Energy Patterns, or change the structure thereof to any degree desired, including reversion (return to a former condition) to original form.
We can create, enhance, alter, modulate, or eradicate any percept within the Energy Fields of our experience. We can transform any such Energy Fields one into another or others, except for that which we are. We cannot create or comprehend our Prime Energy, until we are complete (?).
(I am not sure that it's right, it contradicts Robert's writings about generation of Energy of Balance. LM).
(We can create physical patterns such as your Sun and your Solar System, yet we do not. It has been done. We can adjust the environs of our Planet Earth, yet we do not. It is not Our Design. We can and do monitor, supplement, and enhance the Flow of Human Learning experience, as well as other Learning experiences of similar content throughout Time-Space. This we perform at all Levels of Human Awareness, so as to prepare those entraining units (future humans) of our Prime Energy (Energy of Balance) for the Entry and Meld into the Totality, that we are becoming. It is the Essence of our Growth to do so. Such Assistance and Preparation is forthcoming from us only by request from one or more Levels of Consciousness within the entraining unit. Thereafter, a Bonding is in effect, through which many forms of communication pass between us, until the ultimate transformation occurs.
We know, who we are, and one I laughs and we all laughs at the name this I had given us. We are an Inspec, just one. There are many others around us.
- You are still Incomplete. There are parts of you yet to be transformed, including that visiting portion so filled with curiosity. Each of us is incomplete. That is why we remain at this point, to reach back and gather additional and remaining parts of us, until we are Complete. Our curiosity desires the effect of  Completion. We move into the Creative Return Flow again, the waveform, that brought you here. When we do so, we leave this Reality.
Can this be demonstrated?
It is not possible. It is not within our Knowledge to do so. When you have transformed and melded totally into your Whole, you will comprehend.
That is why this point came into being. It is not possible to continue until Completion.
Continue to what destination?
We believe it to be the Source of the Radiation (the Source of All Life) , the Creative Emission and Return. Communication is closed with those, who have continued. The desire to continue occurs upon Completion. It is more, than your curiosity, as you call it, and difficult to transmit in a form we can understand. There have been attempts by those completed, who are to continue, without success.
The Ultimate Home? (the Source, LM).
(A good beginning Concept. A design, which unfolds as Perception grows. It is necessary now, that you terminate your visit and return. We will be with you our curious I.)
Return where! (Your physical environs)...Where is that? ...(In-human, your physical body)...Oh, yes, I had forgotten...Do I have to go back?
(Reach for us and we will be with you in many ways. You have much to do. Go get them, tiger!)
(And a rote, as you call it, to play with.)"

"I knew where I came from, how I got here and became a human, why I hung around, my final departure schedule, and where I would go when I left. What else could have had any importance? Anything else was mere detail..." from Robert Monroe's "Ultimate Journey", Chapter 2, p. 15.

Перевод этого отрывка на русский

Роберту Монро оказали поддержку все его Высшие Существа на каждом Уровне (его Тотальное Высшее Существо), "Далёкие Путешествия". Что здесь написано всё это всем предстоит когда-нибудь испытать:

"...тысячи рук выбросились чтобы тронуть меня, глаза, смотрящие с радостью и надеждой, всепоглощающее Излучение, я знаю как Любовь, захлёстывает меня и каждую часть моего тела, всё это было моё Тотальное Высшее Существо, и чувства от успеха до боли расставания, смешаны с шутками и смехом, ослепление вероисповеданиями, красота, звуки поющих голосов. Это было больше чем в десять тысяч раз. Все Скопления других (соседних) Высших Существ, связанных с нами. Невероятная Атмосфера Любви, Братства и Женского Сплочения!"

(Туннель - это Энергетическая Связь/Шнур между Высшими Существами, и между Высшим Существом и физическим телом человека/инопланетянина, состоит из Прозрачной Плазменной Энергии Баланса. ЛМ).

"(Я - в Светящемся Белом Туннеле и быстро двигаюсь. Нет, это не Туннель, а Труба, Прозрачная Излучающая Труба. Я купаюсь в этом Излучении, которое льётся через всего меня, и Яркость, Интенсивность, Глубина и Признание, Осознание этого
обволакивает моё Сознание, и я смеюсь от невероятной Радости. Что-то изменилось, так как последний раз им (Inspec Friends - Интеллигентам) пришлось прикрыть, защитить меня от спонтанных ВибрациЙ Излучения (Энергии Баланса, ЛМ). Сейчас я уже с лёгкостью справлялся с этим, с настоящей, могучей Энергией Баланса (или Солнца). Поток Излучаемой Энергии в Трубе двигается в двух направлениях. Поток, проходящий мимо меня в направлении, по которому я двигался, гладкий, ровный и не разбавленный. Поток, в котором нахожусь я, двигается в противоположном направлении и похоже сильно отличается. Он представляется в более сложной форме. Это - то же самое что и Волна, двигающаяся мимо меня, которая состоит из Множества маленьких волн (вибрации его Параллельных Личностей, ЛМ), вдавленных в Основную Волну. Я - оба: Основная Волна и маленькие волны, двигающиеся назад в Источник Всей Жизни. Скорость - постоянная, медленная, мотивирующая знакомым желанием, которое невозможно выразить. Я дрожу от радостного экстаза только от того, что это мне Знакомо.
(Труба похоже становится шире, как только другой Я присоединяется сбоку, и другая волна (вибрация) смешивается со мной: Мы превращаемся в Одно Целое! Я его сразу узнаю, и Он меня тоже, и наступает глубокое Волнение от Воссоединения меня и этого другого Я. Как я мог забыть его! Мы двигаемся вместе, весело вспоминая его приключения, переживания и знания. Труба опять расширяется и следующее Я присоединяется к нам, процесс снова повторяется. Наши Вибрации удивительно идентичны (одинаковы) и наш стиль, модель, характер становятся сильнее по мере их продвижения в той же фазе. Есть вариации цветовых гамм в вибрациях каждого, но когда собраны и присоединены к похожей аномалии, создают новое и важное Изменение в Тотальном Существе, чем мы являемся.
(Труба расширяется опять и я больше не обращаю внимания на её стены, т.к. другой Я вливается в Поток Вибраций. Это особенно восхитительно, потому что это - Первый (как я чувствую), кто возвращается из совершенно Нечеловеческого путешествия. Тем не менее стиль - почти совершенный и Мы становимся намного больше. Сейчас Мы знаем, что где-то, сознательно контролируемый, хвост, такой как у обезьяны, полезен во многом, не только в сохранении баланса или как третья рука, помогая держать вещи. Хвост может являться эффективным средством коммуникации, намного продуктивнее чем супер-язык Знаков, настолько же убедительный и искусный, как и наша разговорная речь.
(Уверено, с постоянством, один за другим Я, объединяются с Нами. И с каждым из них Мы становимся более осознанными и больше припоминаем наших из Тотального Высшего Существа! Как много - не имеет значения. Наши Знания и Способности - такие огромные, что мы уже не заботимся изучать или предполагать. Это - уже неважно! Мы - Одно Целое!
(С этой мыслью, мы поворачиваем в сторону от Основной Волны и двигаемся прочь от неё. Мы неподвижно наблюдаем с общим уважением как Основная Волна движется дальше и дальше от нас, исчезая в Бесконечность. Мы также легко ощущаем сглаженную Первоначальную Волну, прибывающую из той же Бесконечности и растворящуюся в форму (Шар Солнечной Энергии, ЛМ), из которой мы произошли.
(Cкрепляющая Энергия (Баланса) протекает через Нас Всех, это - наше Творение, оно показывает насколько велика Реальность Целого по сравнению с суммой отдельных частей."

На что наши Высшие Существа способны:

"Наши Спосбности и Знания - не имеют границ, однако, на сегодняшний день, мы знаем, что это так только в пределах Энергетических Систем, с которыми люди знакомы (но не с Энергетическими Системами, в которых не ступала нога человека, ЛМ). Мы можем создать Системы Пространства и Времени, если пожелаем или если будет нужда в них, реформируя и изменяя само Восприятие. Мы можем создать массу/вещество из других форм Энергии, или изменить его структуру в желаемой степени, включая возврат к первоначальной форме. Мы можем созидать, увеличивать, изменять, или уничтожать любой объект в пределах Энергетических Полей, знакомых нам по опыту. Мы можем трансформировать (изменять) любые подобные Энергетические Поля из одного в другие, кроме тех, чем являемся Мы (Энергия Баланса, ЛМ). Мы не можем создать или понять нашу Первоначальную Энергию, до тех пор пока Мы не станем тотальными (?).
(последнее предложение не соответствует тому, что Роберт Монро написал о производстве Энергии Баланса на Земле, какая-то ошибка. ЛМ).
(Мы можем создавать физические (плазменные) формы такие как ваше Солнце или ваша Солнечная Система, но мы не создали. Это уже было сделано. Мы можем отрегулировать внешнюю среду Планеты Земля, однако мы не вмешиваемся. Это - не наш Дизайн. Мы можем и осуществляем наблюдение, снабжение и увеличение Потока Опыта, полученного Человеком в Планитарной Игре, также как и другой Опыт на других похожих Планетах повсюду в Пространстве и Времени Вселенной. Это Мы выполняем на всех Уровнях Человеческого Воспрятия, чтобы подготовить следующую группу тренированнных единиц (Выпускников Игры) нашей Первоначальной Энергии к Переходу и Слиянию с Тотальным Существом, которым Мы становимся. В этом заключается Сущность нашего Роста. Такая Помощь и Подготовка приходит от нас только по просьбе одного или больше Уровней Сознания внутри тренирующейся единицы (человека). После этого образуется постоянная Связь, через которую многочисленные формы коммуникации используются между нами пока не происходит окончательная Трансформация.
Мы знаем, кто мы и если один Я смеётся, то смеёмся все Мы над прозвищем этот Я (Роберт) нам дал. Мы - Inspec, только - один. Есть много других вокруг нас.
- Ты всё ещё - Неполный. Есть части тебя, которые должны быть трансформированы, включая и ту Личность Визитёра, полную любопытства. Каждый из нас - Неполный. Вот почему мы пока остаёмся на том же месте, чтобы пойти назад и собрать дополнительные и оставшиеся части Нас, тогда Мы будем в Полном Составе. Любопытно какое это ощущение: быть в Полном Составе! Мы снова вольёмся в Основной Поток (Баланса, ЛМ), который возвращается в Источник Созидательной Силы, Волна, которая привела тебя сюда. Когда это произойдёт, Мы оставим этот Мир.
Можете ли вы это продемонстрировать?
Это - невозможно. Мы не знаем как это сделать. Когда ты трансформируешься и всецело сольёшься с Тотальным Существом, тогда ты поймёшь.
Вот почему Мы остановились на этой Точке. Невозможно продолжать пока Мы не будем в Полном составе.
Продолжать до какой Точки?
Мы думаем что это - Источник Излучения, Созидающих Лучей и Возвращение. Связь с возвращающимися в Источник, прервана. Желание продолжать Уход появляется после того, когда Все - в Полном Составе. Это больше, чем просто любопытство, как ты это называешь, и это трудно передать в той форме, которую мы бы поняли. Были попытки (связаться с другими) со стороны тех, кто уже в Полном Составе и кто возвращается (в Источник), но неудачно.
Настоящий Дом?"

Роберт Монро, "Окончательное Путешествие", часть 2, стр. 15:

"Я знал откуда пришёл, как я сюда попал и стал человеком, почему я тут околачивался, знал дату моего финального ухода, и куда я двинусь после Игры. Что могло быть более важным, чем это? Всё остальное было просто мелочью..


Recapitulation - это - Возврат своей Энергии; это вспомнить всё, что забыто, все свои жизненные ситуации и действия с людьми/животными; это втянуть в себя свою, оставленную там, Энергию и выбросить из себя чужую ненужную Энергию и Эмоции с помощью веерообразного Дыхания-Выдыхания (метод Магов и Шаманов). Отрывок из книги Карлоса Кастанеды "Искусство Выходов из
Тела (Dreaming)" ("The Art of Dreaming"), стр. 147-152. Перевод с английского сделан мной (я помню когда этим серьёзно занималась почти летала по комнатам и лестницам):

"Ты (Карлос) ещё не готов для Настоящего Смешивания Других Миров (в твоих выходах из тела) с Миром Повседневной Жизни," заключил он (Дон Хуан, его Учитель). "Ты опять должен проработать воспоминания своей Жизни (Recapitulation)."
"Но я уже сделал всё в этом направлени", запротестовал я. "Я годами занимался Recapitulation. Уже ничего не осталось, что я мог бы вспомнить из своей Жизни."
"Нет, тебе осталось сделать намного больше," твёрдо сказал Дон Хуан,"потому что ты просыпаешься от собственных криков!"
Идея заниматься Recapitulation снова, была мне не по душе. Я всё уже сделал и был убеждён, что сделал так хорошо, что мне уже никогда не придётся заниматься этим снова.
"Recapitulation наших Жизней никогда не прекращается, неважно как хорошо ты это сделал однажды," сказал Дон Хуан. "Причиной, почему у обычного человека недостаточно Выбора, Воли во снах, является недостаток Энергии: они никогда не занимались Recapitulation и их Жизни до отказа набиты, ненужными им, своими или чужими эмоциями, связанные с воспоминаниями, надеждами, страхами, горестями, неудачами и т.д.
Маги, в отличии от этого, достаточно очищены от мусора тяжёлых, связывающих эмоций, потому что они постоянно занимаются Recapitulation. И если что-то их останавливает, как это останавливает тебя в этот момент (нежелание делать Recapitulation), вывод таков: что-то всё ещё осталось недоделанным в Recapitulation, а что - неизвестно."
"Recapitulation - это уже слишком, Дон Хуан. Может быть есть что-нибудь ещё, что я бы мог делать вместо этого?"
"Нет. Другого ничего - нет! Recapitulation и Dreaming идут рука в руку. По мере того, как мы вырываем из наших Жизней ненужное, мы становимся легче и легче."
Дон Хуан опять дал мне очень точные и ясные инструкции как делать Recapitulation. Они заключались в том, чтобы опять пережить все переживания, весь опыт своей Жизни, вспоминая каждую, даже самую маленькую, деталь в ней. Дон Хуан рассматривал Recapitulation как существенный фактор в Redeployment of Energy (выбросить из Жизни то, без чего можно обойтись, т.к. это забирает Энергию).
"Recapitulation освобождает Энергию, заключённую в нас, а без этой освобождённой Энергии Путешествия вне тела - невозможны." Это было его заключение.
За годы до этого, Дон Хуан учил меня составить список всех людей, которых я встретил в своей Жизни, начиная с сегодняшнего дня. Он помог мне классифицировать его на секции, как род занятий: работы, которыми я занимался, школы, университеты, которые посещал и т.д. Затем он проследил, чтобы я начал без всяких отклонений с самого первого человека в моём списке до самого последнего, вспоминая и вновь переживая каждый контакт с ними. Он объяснил, чтобы избавиться от чужой Энергии и вытащить свою, сначала нужно вспомнить событие в голове, обращая внимание на всё, что относится к делу. Реконструция события часть за частью, кусок за куском, начиная с воспоминаний  физических деталей окружающего, потом перейти к человеку, с которым произошёл контакт, и тогда перейти к себе, к анализу своих чувств в тот момент. Дон Хуан показал мне как Recapitulation делается с помощью простого натурального ритмического Дыхания.
Сначала держишь сцену в голове во всех деталях, потом поворачиваешь голову направо. С этой точки начинаешь мягко и медленно двигать голову налево (к левому плечу), выдыхая из этой сцены всю чужую энергию, свои и чужие ненужные эмоции. Дойдя до левого плеча, начинаешь идти в обратном направлении (к правому плечу), медленно вдыхая в себя всю свою Энергию, оставленную в
этой сцене (сцену держите постоянно в голове). Набирайте побольше воздуха в лёгкие, а если не успеете всё сделать с первого раза, то повторяйте всю сцену опять, иногда столько деталей в сцене, что приходится её повторять много раз, пока не будешь чувствовать себя комфортно. Затем переходите к другому эпизоду вашей Жизни.
Дон Хуан называл это движение головой с одной стороны в другую - "веерообразным" (как махать веером, ЛМ).
Разум досконально рассматривает все детали события от начала до конца, пока голова крутит и крутит справа-налево и слева-направо. Дон Хуан сказал, что Древние Маги изобрели Recapitulation и рассматривали Дыхание как Магический, дающий Жизнь, способ и естественно использовали его Магическую Силу; при Выдохе - выбрасывали всю ненужную Энергию, сохранившуюся в них с момента контакта; при Вдохе они втягивали в себя назад свою Энергию, которую сами оставили в этой сцене. В силу моего академического образования, сначала я принял Recapitulation только как за метод Анализа своей Жизни. Но Дон Хуан настоял на том, что Recapitulation - это намного глубже, чем просто интеллектуальный психо-анализ..."

Merging of People on 4th non-physical Level

Below are a few important thoughts from Carlos Castaneda books:

"Eagle's Gift", chapter 10. "The Nagual's Party of Warriors:
"Then, at don Juan's request, Juan Tuma began to talk about his (astral) journeys. He was a factual Man. I became mesmerized by his dry accounts of things beyond my comprehension. To me the most fascinating was his description of some Beams of Light or Energy, that allegedly criss-cross the Earth. He said, that these Beams do not fluctuate, as everything else in the Universe does, but are fixed into a Pattern. This Pattern coincides with Hundreds of Points in the Luminous Body. Hermelinda had understood, that all the Points were in our Physical Body, but Juan Tuma explained that, since the Luminous Body is quite big, some of the Points are as much, as three feet away from the Physical Body. In a sense they are outside of us, and yet they are not; they are on the periphery (edge of something) of our Luminosity and thus still belong to the Total Body. The most important of those Points is located a foot away from the stomach, 40 degrees to the right of an imaginary line,  shooting straight forward. Juan Tuma told us, that that was a Center of Assembling for the Second Attention (non-physical state), and that it is possible to manipulate it by gently stroking the air with the palms of the hands..."

"Eagle's Gift", chapter 13 "The Intricacies of Dreaming":

La Gorda: "Male Warriors must be given serious reasons, before they safely venture into the Unknown. Female Warriors are not subject to this and can go without any hesitation, providing, that they have total confidence in whoever is leading them...The Nagual had told us, that you had to be forced to give up your holdings, but that was nothing new. Every Male Warrior has to be forced by fear. Silvio Manuel had already taken me behind that Wall (this Wall is Yellow Foggy Border between our Daily World and the Negative World of Orange Vibration, LM) three times, so that I would learn to relax. He said, that if you saw me at ease, you would be affected by it, and you were. You gave up and relaxed."
Carlos Castaneda: "Did you also have a hard time learning to relax?" I asked.
La Gorda: "No. It's a cinch (something easy to accomplish) for a Woman. That's our advantage. The only problem is, that we have to be transported through the Fog (Yellow Wall). We can't do it on our own."
"Why not, Gorda?" I asked.
La Gorda: "One needs to be very heavy to go through (the Wall) and a Woman is light. Too light, in fact."
Carlos Castaneda: "What about the Nagual Woman? I didn't see anyone transporting her."
La Gorda: "The Nagual Woman was special. She could do everything by herself. She could take me in there, or take you. She could even pass through that deserted plain, a thing, which the Nagual said was mandatory for all travelers, who journey into the Unknown...
Don Juan commented, that Women (not Men) are capable of such a Master Stroke: they can permanently maintain a New Position of the Assemblage Point (of their Spirit in the Luminous Ball, LM)."

"Eagle's Gift", chapter 8 "The Right and the Left Side Awareness", p. 137:

"I (Carlos) wanted to hold her (La Gorda's) hand. I tried, but I could not move my arm. Because I had some experience with moving in that (non-physical) state, I willed myself to go to la Gorda's side. My desire was to embrace her, but instead I moved in on her so close, that we merged. I was aware of myself as an individual being, but at the same time I felt I was part of la Gorda. I liked that feeling immensely. We stayed merged, until something broke our hold."

I am Losing my Human Form and turning into a Sun !

Информация о Параллельных Вселенных и моих Параллельных Личностях

Я пишу только когда у меня вдохновение, на одном дыхании, так сказать. Иногда читатели мне пишут о том, что они окружены людьми, которые настолько низкой вибрации, что с ними невозможно говорить на темы, которые поднимаются на нашем сайте. Другими словами их ничем не пробить, посадить зерно знаний, чтобы оно потом выросло, в них - трудно: вы встречаете шквал агрессии, страха или полного равнодушия и у вас опускаются руки продолжать это дальше, вы замыкаетесь в себе. Я лично это испытываю уже 30 лет. Приведу личный пример, в котором многие узнают свою собственную судьбу и который сможет многое объяснить.
Вся моя жизнь была сплошной серией ошибок, через которые мне пришлось пройти и исправить их (сейчас я такого бы уже не сделала), по-английски это - to go through trial and error. То есть у человека нет учителей и она познаёт жизнь на своём личном опыте через свои ошибки. Вот так было и со мной.
У меня не было личного учителя Высших Знаний (хотя я и искала), который бы мне открыл тайны Вселенной как у Карлоса Кастанеда (Дон Хуан), или у Жоржа Грин (представители Высшего Уровня, кто надиктовали Жоржу содержание книг "Путеводитель на Высший Уровень" - "Handbook for the New Paradigm", или учителей у Алекса Колие (Морэнэй и Висэус - инопланетяне из Галактики Андромеда), кто да ему информацию для его лекций и книги; не было клиентов, которые бы мне рассказывали под гипнозом свои необычные истории, чтобы я потом поместила их в свои книги, как это произошло с Dolores Cannon; я не испытывала Кундалини (не знаю с чем его едят), которое якобы открывает перед тобой мир (как Дэвид Айк "The Biggest Secret"); у меня никогда не было нефизических друзей на Высших Уровнях в виде мощных светящихся шаров или человеческих образов (Inspecs), которые бы поделились со мной своими знаниями, как у Роберта Монро; я никогда осознанно не вылетала из тела или помнила свои прошлые жизни как Вильям Булмэн (но очень старалась); я не участвовала в экспериментах по выходу из тела с Робертом Монро в его Институте и не контактировала с Инопланетянами более высоких вибраций как Розалин Макнайт. Хотя из их книг я знаю, что мы все вылетаем из тел когда засыпаем, и живём другими нефизическими жизнями, параллельно физическим жизням на Земле или других Планетах.
Единственным личным учителем электроники и других предметов в колледже был Юра (а точнее - Роберт Монро в образе Юры, если вы понимаете о чём я говорю), так как мне было трудно  разобраться в этих трудных предметах (да ещё и на английском) первые годы в Австралии. Многое я узнала из своего личного опыта и из общедоступной литературы на английском; кое-что я узнала интуитивно, обмозговывая пережитое, можно сказать - самоучка; а Главное я узнала позже - от Белого Солнца, которое чуть ли не каждый день я вижу с балкона нашего Центра в Австралии и с которым я часто мысленно или вслух разговариваю, делюсь или совещаюсь! Я привыкла, что Солнце за мной следит, меня приветствует и мне всегда улыбается, а иногда и смеётся над моими проделками, но никогда не наврёт и не подведёт! Для меня наше Солнце - это - УЧИТЕЛЬ и САМЫЙ БЛИЗКИЙ ДРУГ, БЛИЖЕ НЕ БЫВАЕТ !
Жорж, мой бывший муж и отец нашего сына Роберта, русский, из дворян с обоих сторон, дедушка его был царский генерал, которого расстреляли после революции; гувернантки-служанки, французский язык - всё кончилось, троим братьем пришлось бежать в Харбин, Китай, среди них Юрин отец; там же собралось огромное количество эмигрантов со всей России, там же отец Юры женится на его матери, все дворянские манеры передаются Юре, первые 4  десятилетия всё было хорошо для эмигрантов в Харбине, но в конце 50х грянула Китайская революция и жизнь из хорошей превратилась в ад для многих русских и не русских; голод, всё с прилавков мгновенно исчезло, многие бежали или обратно в Россию или в другие страны; после расстрела в России, бежавших туда, родственников, семья решает ехать в Сидней, в Австралию и просидела на чемоданах, ожидая разрешения, 5 лет; наконец Юра в Австралии и ему 12 лет, никогда не ходил в школу в Китае, его дома учил отец, который был частным преподавателем английского и мама; Юру сразу берут в третий, не то четвёртый класс первоначальной школы; ему помогают учиться два умных интеллигента - его отец и дядя. Юра заканчивает школу, университет и аспирантуру в Сиднее; потом встречает меня на теннисном корте в Сиднее в конце 70х.
Юра вобрал в себя и культуру дворянина и смекалку обыкновенного рабочего (как говорится, голь на выдумки - хитра, жизнь, а вернее Китай - заставил), по натуре - славный, простой и скромный, знает подход ко многим (даже ко мне), очень популярен среди всех, с кем соприкасается, хотя чувства юмора у его Параллельных Личностей - нет, шутить они не умеют и шуток не понимают (это может быть и результатом ношения слухового аппарата).
Юра - очень способный к предметам, относящимся к Планетарной Игре, но понимания Высших Знаний у него - нет (во всяком случае я за все эти годы не заметила)! Иногда его принимают за Женщину и внешне и по телефону (ведь у него также есть и Женские Параллельные Личности, как и у меня - Мужские).

Коренную личность Жоржа (Юры) я почти не помню, прожив с его Параллельными Личностями 36 лет, мы и сейчас вместе, но живём как просто друзья и помощники друг другу. Мало того, я также очень смутно помню Старую Коренную Вселенную, знаю только, что там очень жарко, Солнце палит нещадно, много пожаров и запах гари часто просачивается именно из Старой Коренной Вселенной во все остальные ! Помню, что меня постоянно перебрасывали из одной Параллельной Вселенной в другую, где я с детства жила с Параллельными Личностями своей матери, сестры, брата, иногда встречалась с Параллельными Личностями отца и отчима. А в основном я жила с Параллельными Личностями детей очередного детского дома или интерната, и так всё моё детство. Конечно тогда у меня не были такие знания, какие у меня сейчас, и просыпаться духовно я стала только во время своей мучительной беременности и родов нашим сыном Робертом (30 лет назад) без всякого медицинского вмешательства (как в джунглях - это был мой выбор). Тогда я, наконец, заинтересовалась метафизической литературой и родами под водой, вместо обычных учебников. Наш сын Роберт был рождён под водой дома в маленьком бассейне. Вода особенно не помогла при родах и я чувствовала что после родов всё моё тело изнутри дало трещины! Месяцы мучительной беременности и жуткие часы, а то и дни схваток, пока, наконец, тело ребёнка не будет вытолкнуто из тела Женщины - жуткий опыт, который не пожелаешь и врагу, напоминает средневековую пытку инквизиции - растягивания человека на дыбе в течении многих дней! И после таких родов женщину ожидают видеть с новорождённым на руках и с мягкой и счастливой улыбкой материнства (как в кино), когда кроме ужаса, отупения и боли она ничего не испытывает (если только она не одурманена какими-то наркотиками)! Вот отсюда и страх забеременеть у многих женщин Мира и страх умереть, потому что нередко Женщины на родах умирают от боли. Среди Женщин много матерей-одиночек по всему Миру и помимо, уже перечисленных болей, Матерям-Одиночкам часто приходится проходить через горечь и волнения, стыд и оскорбления, страхи и побои со стороны окружающих (мужчин и женщин). Миллионам
Матерям-Одиночкам даже негде жить: они живут в палаточных лагерях, не имея таких необходимых вещей как чистая вода; часто они должны передвигаться с младенцами на руках из одной страны (где небезопасно) в другую пешком (все страны Африки, например).
Я чуть ли не 5 лет кормила грудью сына без передышки и даже по ночам, потому что ребёнок всё время кричал и требовал. Силы уже покидали меня и я чувствовала, что опять умираю как во время беременности и родов (уже в 3й раз). Оказалось, что все эти годы я одновременно кормила молоком (своей белой энергией Баланса) ещё множество малышей-гибридов (инопланетян), рождённых от меня, но о которых я понятия не имела (также как миллионы других Земных Женщин). Вся наша Планета - это не что иное как огромная ГЕНЕТИЧЕСКАЯ ЛАБОРАТОРИЯ, в которой Женщины являются  СЫРЬЁМ, т.е. самым важным ГЕНЕТИЧЕСКИМ МАТЕРИАЛОМ ДЛЯ ОПЫТОВ. Кстати среди учёных-генетиков и врачей не только в лабораториях, но и в больницах-госпиталях Мира, большинство -  Негативные инопланетяне или евреи (часто мужчины), которые больше наносят вреда, чем пользы. Современные госпитали Западного мира выглядят больше как cупер-ГЕНЕТИЧЕСКИЕ ЛАБОРАТОРИИ или hi-tech-БАСТИОНЫ, из которых так и хочется выскочить на свежий воздух!
Женщины просыпаются и больше не хотят быть СЫРЬЁМ, они хотят той же свободы как и мужчины, вот почему они борятся против доминирования со стороны мужчин ! Но вернёмся к Жоржу.
Его Параллельные Личности никогда не интересовались не только метафизической литературой, но и знаниями классом повыше как книги Роберта Монро, его вылеты из тела и его открытие Hemi-Sync, помогающее вылетам, хотя он и старался немного их читать (под моим нажимом); не интересовали Жоржа и книги Карлоса Кастанеды, Вильяма Булмана, Алекса Колие, Роберта Морнинг Скай и т.д.
Параллельные Личности Жоржа только интересовались электроникой и компьютерами в силу его работы (он - инженер и Master Degree in Electronics - по русски что-то вроде доцента, в своей компании выполнял работу за десятерых). В силу необходимости он также занимался бухгалтерией, банковскими делами и платежами налогов, всеми видами инженерии, столярным, слесарным и строительным делом, в его руках всякая работа кипела, несмотря на проблемы со слухом (одного уха не было с рождения, а другое ухо всегда могло слышать только с помощью слухового аппарата (hearing aid). Тем не менее, мы с Жоржем своими руками построили в Сиднее дом, где прожили 20 лет, переехав потом в Куинсланд (Queensland) и поселившись в нашем Центре. Меня удивляло его полное равнодушие к книгам таких гигантов литературы как Роберт Монро, пока я, наконец, не поняла, что только Коренная Личность человека может заинтересоваться такими темами.
Естественно, ни одной строчки для нашего сайта Жорж никогда не написал (кроме технической информации к нашим видео), а писала/пишу, перевожу, читаю, осмысливаю и посылаю на наш сайт новый материал с других сайтов, фотографирую, создаю наши видео - всё это входит с мои обязанности.
Легче слона научить Высшим Знаниям за 30 лет, чем Жоржа - думала я, не понимая что передо мной не настоящий Юрий, а его очередная Параллельная Личность и что живём мы не в Коренной Вселенной, а в одной из Параллельных, среди людей низкой вибрации (где люди и смеяться то не умеют), и так происходит со всеми Коренными Личностями. Таким образом мы годами постоянно находимся среди Параллельных Личностей, боремся и ссоримся с ними, сопротивляемся их агрессии и потокам всякой Негативной Энергии, проходим через Непонимание, Душевные и Физические Муки, и Одиночество, тем не менее, мы, незаметно для себя, медленно повышаем не только свою Вибрацию и Вибрацию окружающих, но и Вибрацию Планеты и всей этой Параллельной Вселенной ! Лично мне Коренные Личности удаётся видеть только в старых фильмах, да и то не во всех. И опять вернёмся к Жоржу.
Жорж сам никогда не читал/не читает наш сайт, если только я не попрошу его что-то прочесть или подправить на нём (хотя будет слушать меня, если я ему объясняю что-то, связанное с Высшими Знаниями, а спроси его об этом позже, он ничего не помнит)! И неудивительно, его мозги заняты не тем, ведь на его плечах наш дом (ремонт трещин, улучшения, добавления) и наш сайт (электронная слаженная работа наших компьютеров, их замена на новые и более мощные модели, и слаженная работа нашего сайта).
Каждый раз когда я просила или прошу Жоржа вместе создать наше следующее видео, тут же выползает его Негативная Параллельная Личность и я прохожу через его сопротивление, его плохое настроение, стоны и жалобы на усталость, и бесконечные ссоры - работа уже не кипит в руках Жоржа и я натыкаюсь на его желание поскорее отвязаться от этого, ненужного ему, занятия! Мне приходится его убеждать и давить на его Параллельную Личность, чтобы она могла претворить в жизнь мои идеи, а без сайта мне жизни - нет! Просила его много раз научить меня этим программам, хотела делать видео сама (чтобы ему не кланится), но встречала непреодолимую стену отказа. С Коренной Личностью Жоржа таких проблем бы не было: она бы с удовольствием справилась с этим заданием.
Тут и так приходится держать под контролем свои собственные 300 Параллельных Личностей, чтобы какого вреда не наделали на сайте, а тут ещё и с Негативными Личностями Жоржа приходится возиться! Вот так и живём.
Так и в этот раз с нашим новым видео, оно уже появилось и прошло через, так называемый, Export на Интернете, затем Жорж сделал Compression, но результат мне не понравился (ошибок много, краски поблекли) и Жорж на следующий день, ворча и скрепя сердцем и всеми своими остальными внутренностями, начал перерабатывать видео, я без смеха на него смотреть не могла. Результат получился - неплохой и сейчас на сайте. Когда-нибудь планируем сделать видео о наших Высших Существах и Параллельных Личностях.
Что меня больше всего удивляет, так это то, что рядом с Жоржем (Юрой) трудно сидеть: вам станет непомерно жарко, он обжигает и я шучу: с тобой сидеть рядом хорошо зимой, а летом будешь обливаться потом! О чём это говорит?
Да о том, что под этой личиной Параллельной Личности находится настоящий Жорж, его Коренная Личность, у которой Душа за 36 лет нашей совместной жизни разрослась из размера теннисного мяча в большой шар Солнечной Энергии! Вот и представьте себе что было бы с Планетой, если все Коренные Личности из всех стран на Земле, да и ещё и в Коренной Вселенной собрались?
Параллельные Личности, также как и Параллельные Вселенные напоминают матрёшки или слои лука вокруг сердцевины (Сore, корень - самой Высокой Вибрации), где находится Коренная Личность или Коренная Вселенная. И также как люди, домашние и дикие животные, птицы и водные обитатели, знакомые и незнакомые нам,  перемещаются из Коренной Вселенной в Параллельную и наоборот. Я часто встречаю на берегу бродячих собак из Параллельных Вселенных, которые через день-два-три исчезают в другие Миры, также загадочно, как и появились. После общения с ними я поняла, что некоторые собаки имеют вибрацию Коренных Личностей, а некоторые явно Параллельные. Так что не удивляйтесь и не бейте тревогу, если ваши питомцы на время исчезнут куда-нибудь в другую Параллельную Вселенную, наши коты и собаки исчезали и появлялись опять много раз - там становились бродячими на какое-то время, и с нашими Параллельными Личностями такое тоже иногда происходит.

Мои Параллельные Личности (а среди них есть и Мужчины) не только вредят, но и помогают, живут они своими жизнями в разных странах и цивилизациях, на разных Планетах и в разных Параллельных Вселенных, но это не мешает им влиять на меня. Иногда это нужно, а иногда это может раздражать, некоторые из них можно найти на Страницах нашего сайта (на фото).
Тема Параллельных Личностей - полезная для всех и увлекательная. Я часто разговариваю с некоторыми своими Личностями ментально или вслух. Для начала я составила список первых 26 своих Личностей, и познакомившись с ними, вы увидите какие мы - сложные (а потом, постепенно, и с другими познакомлю):

1.  Секретарь - Оплот Здравого Смысла, помогает и напоминает что сегодня нужно сделать на сайте или по дому, подсказывает ментально и часто вслух, какие действия шаг за шагом я должна предпринять, чтобы не запутаться;
2.  Хозяйка - House Decorator, которая готовит, стирает, убирает, шьёт, ходит гулять с собаками и вносит уют в дом;
3.  Мыслитель - Thinker, обдумывает Высшие Знания, обмозговывает свои Мысли, анализирует сны (хотя их мало, они - неясные и большей частью - ерунда) или прожёвывает прочитанное на английском и на русском, как только возвращается из виртуального мира;
4.  Манагер (Manager), держит ситуацию и все остальные мои и Юрины Параллельные Личности под контролем (кроме Visionary и Мыслителя), особенно Негативные, т.е. всегда - начеку ;
5.  Комик - Юморист, Личность, которая ищет новые сюжеты, часто смеётся, готовая подшутить над всеми, и которая отбирает и посылает смешные картинки на сайт и к ним пишет текст; она заведует всеми Страницами Юмора нашего сайта (на русском и английском);

6.  Visionary - Nagual, имеет прямую связь с Источником, оттуда вычерпывает Высшие Знания, Гармонию, Спокойствие и Смех, отличается трезвостью мышления, выдержкой и выносливостью; обучается  Солнцем-Учителем в Высшей Школе на нефизическом Уровне, когда тело спит (как описано Робертом Монро), а также общается с нашим Солнцем: когда делает важное открытие для себя, то Солнце одобряет это -  Вспышкой, даже если закрыто тучами; является Гидом и Учителем для колдунов-шаманов, обладает экстра-ординарной Энергией, эта Коренная Личность смотрит далеко вперёд, в будущее; идеи наших видео исходят от этой Личности, она - самая Главная Личность из всех;

7.  Переводчик с английского на русский, знает, думает, пишет и говорит на русском и английском, много лет работала со словарями ;
8.  Переводчик с русского на английский, знает, думает
, пишет и говорит на русском и английском, много лет работала со словарями ;
9.  Учитель, готовая поделиться своими знаниями на русском или английском, бесплатно, в любой обстановке, с любым количеством людей, если это необходимо и если будут слушать, не перебивая; эта Личность толкала меня учиться в школах, колледже и институте.
10.  Lady in Waiting, Пожизненная ЖЕРТВА БЕСПРЕДЕЛА, Лузер и Нытик, которой на всё наплевать, и которая всё время будет вспоминать о своей тяжёлой доле и плакаться в жилетку, часто впадает в КОМУ ОТ БЕЗДЕЛЬЯ : от неё никакого толку нашей Вселенной;
11.  Танцовщица, Певунья-Хохотунья, Шутник и Весельчак, Душа компании (сейчас мало появляется - на пенсии, заморожена до лучших времён, как говорится);
12.  Исследователь - Следопыт, самая любопытная Личность, ответственная за все мои путешествия, неустанно ведущая все жизненные расследования;

13. тринадцатая - Snobish, в ней многое от Рептилии: красивая и заносчивая, эгоистичная и самовлюблённая, властная и сварливая, грубая и напористая, готовая в любой момент вылететь как пробка из бутылки, но обычно, ленивая и злая натура, любящая красивую жизнь (смахивает на Жириновского), транжира, которой все просто глубоко безразличны, и за которой нужен глаз да глаз!
Эта Личность уже лет 10 не имеет власти надо мной (с ней Юра здорово помучился первые годы нашей совместной жизни, за это ему от всей Вселенной - Огромное Спасибо);
14. четырнадцатая - Писатель - Самородок, всё что написано на сайте или в моих электронных письмах, написано им;
15. пятнадцатая - Натуралист - Любитель, наблюдатель и защитник Природы и животных;

me and a cockatoo

16.  Деловая Лэди, отвечает за все деловые вопросы моей жизни, нашего сайта и т.д.
17.  Необузданный Спортсмен - неутомимый Игрок Планетарной Игры, Око за Око, Зуб за Зуб, этот вам с лихвой отплатит если что; такой наверно в боевых действиях на Майдане участвовал (за моей спиной); способен на тяжёлые спортивные тренировки и физические работы, померится силами с любым в Галактике, и, так сказать, горы может своротить, а это, в Конце Игры, буквально - необходимо !

18.  Пожизненный Заключённый - "К
оролева Пчёл", которая всё время мечется по клетке (Земная Жизнь), стараясь вырваться наружу и видеть всю Вселенную, даже если это стоит ей  жизни, мечтает о жизни на Высших Уровнях и Возвращению Домой, в Источник. Настоящая королева пчёл или пчелиная матка, вовсе не королева, а пожизненный заключённый, которая всю жизнь должна оставаться на одном месте, всю жизнь плодить новое потомство до смерти, кто не имеет свободы летать, познавать Мир и собирать нектар с цветов; у этой Личности такая же роль, но вместе с этим она должна смешивать свою Энергию со всеми остальными Существами Вселенной, таким образом поднимать их вибрацию, как бы не было это трудно !
19.  Тихоня - Пакостник (еврейского типа), очень даже неглупая, исподтишка, но умно вредит везде, где придётся в моей жизни, особенно с людьми или тайком старается навредить на сайте (что-то вроде Тролля), так что всё приходится проверять и переделывать;
20.   Музыкант - Поэтесса, Исполнитель, Слушатель и Знаток Музыки и Пения Людей и Птиц, Ценитель всего прекрасного на Земле;
21.  Критик - Борец за справедливость, готовый наброситься на Троллей, если они заведомо вредят сайту, критически относится к себе и другим, за что часто наживает врагов. Такой вызовет к себе шквал позитивных эмоций у пользователей Интернета. Когда человек само-критичен, смеётся над собой и своими ошибками (и я это часто делаю) - это уже большой плюс;
22.  Робот - Раб, послушно выполняет всё, что в него запрограмировано, каким бы плохим оно не было. Руки сжимаются в кулаки, короче: с ним у меня постоянная война. У меня на теле выжжена маленькая пирамида (клеймо) не знаю кем, но подозреваю, что теми, кто каждую ночь светится в моём окне спальни в виде жирной белой точки в тёмном небе (НЛО). Куда они меня сонную, без моего ведома, забирают, я понятия не имею? Хочется позвать гринписс, чтобы он прекратил это безобразие;
23.  Русофоб - Сепаратист, живёт в России (но в душе русских боится), прекрасно знает русский (вроде Задорного), такого стараюсь держать в узде, чтобы много рот не открывал и не вякал.
24.  Учёный - Speaker, пишущий доклады и выступающий на конференциях, высокий, белой расы, но какой-то стерильный, сухой по своим манерам (dry as a toast), сторонился, говорить со мной отказывался, всё куда-то исчезал и появился только в конце путешествия, уткнувшись в Laptop computer, Высших Знаний - нуль, был с женой, которую Высшие Знания интересовали. Эту свою Личность я повстречала в поезде в Норвегии год назад (ехали из одного города в другой 5 часов), я подумала с досадой - неужели такой имеет отношение ко мне, даже не верится (но бывает и хуже).
И вообще в Норвегии очень много высоких Женщин и Мужчин, я их встречала и думаю, что он из них (Tall Whites - из подземных цивилизаций). Наше Высшее Существо устроило эту неожиданную встречу и ещё несколькo c другими Личностями в разных местах!
25.  Вшивый Политик - Демагог, всю жизнь занимающийся трепалогией; пышущий от важности, а сам гвоздя вбить не может; таких как он - множество на Белом Свете.
26.  Валентина Толкунова - русская певица эстрады, кто уже ушла из этой жизни.

И всё-таки я глубоко убеждена на собственном опыте, что Высшие Знания о Вселенной можно достигнуть без учителей, без подсказки с чьей-либо стороны, я также знаю что без незаметной помощи многих людей на Планете (знающих или не знающих это), я бы не выросла и не достигла тех Знаний, которые достигла сейчас, и наш сайт не был бы таким, какой он сейчас! Так что всем Спасибо -  от Души!

Закон Цели/Намерения (Law of Intent) во Вселенной - очень важен, не знаю как другие, но и я ему следую и не только ему, но и всем Законам Вселенной, особенно в вопросах нашего сайта, а Параллельный Жорж - нет. Поясняю: мои знания Электроники не такие высокие, несмотря на изучение Электроники в течении 2х лет в Сиднее (вместе с другими предметами). Я закончила 4х летний курс Телевизионной Школы в Сиднее, Австралия, в одной из Параллельных Вселенных и хотела специализироваться в области Звука (Audio) в начале 80х годов, как и Роберт Монро (звуковой инженер), хотя о Роберте и его книгах я узнала через 15 лет, после смерти его физ. тела в 1995 году. Но из этой затеи ничего не вышло: моё Высшее Существо имело другие планы для меня.

Grass, violet flowers and Rainbow opposite our Centre in Australia, 2014

More information about my Parallel Personalities and about Parallel Universes (26 April, 2014)

I write only when inspired by the subject. Sometimes readers of our site write to me, that they are surrounded by people, who are of such a low vibration, that it is impossible to talk to them about the subjects, presented on our site. In other words, nothing gets through to them, they can't plant a seed of Truth in them to  see it grow. Instead, such people meet a flood of agression, fear or total indifference, their hands are tied and they have no desire to go on, they becoming introverts (keep everything to themselves). Frankly, I have been experiencing that for the last 30 years of my life. I can give my personal example, which will ring a bell for many and they might recognize their own destiny.

All my life was nothing, but a series of mistakes, it seemed, that noone could make more stupid mistakes, than me, I didn't know that I was playing a Game. I had to go through trial and error, correct them and not to make them again. I never had a personal Teacher of Higher Knowledge (thou I was looking for one), who could uncover for me Secrets of the Universe like Don Juan did for Carlos Castaneda, or Former Humans (Graduates), who gave George Green the information for his book "Handbook for the New Paradigm", or teachers from Andromeda, like Moreney and Visaus, who taught Alex Collier everything, so he could later write a book. I never experienced Kundalini like David Icke, which supposedly opens the Third Eye (The Biggest Secret"), I never had non-physical friends and teachers (Inspecs) on Higher Levels, never met Shining figures like Robert Monroe; in fact, I never consciously flew out of my body (but tried) or had past lives like William Bullman or like Rosalin MacKnight during sessions at the lab at Monroe Institute (to contact Higher Intelligences). Though from their books I know, that we all flying out of the bodies when we fall asleep, we live other, non-physical lives in non-physical worlds simultaneosly with our physical lives on Earth and other Planets. Now I know why: because I had not enough energy left in me after my body have been deployed (depleted) of it on a regular basis. All my life I was used in breeding programms, like many other women. It means being impregnated, abducted by spaceships, scooped, and constantly providing energy for growing hybreds apart from monthly menstruations.
The only personal teacher for me was George (or rather My Higher Self in the image of George, if you know what I mean), but not in the subject of Higher Knowledge, but in Electronics, TV Theory, Sound Theory and other subjects of TV School in Sydney, Australia (the beginning of 80's), in one of Parallel Universes. It was very difficult for me and my english was not that good then. Almost 6 years ago George finally helped me to set up our website (after years of asking him).
Many things I've learnt from my personal experiences or from popular literature from the Internet and only in english; something I understood by using 6th sense or by logic and thinking a lot, self-taught, I would say. But the most important things came to me from our White Sun, which I see almost every day, I share my Thoughts and Moods with It. I got used to see Sun smiling and watching me, Sun would never lie, Sun is a TEACHER and the CLOSEST FRIEND FOR ME, I can't have any closer in this World !
George is my former husband and a father of our son Robert, russian, speaks russian and english, George's ancestors were from higher society, his grandfather was a Csar's General, who was killed after the revolution in 1917; French and servants were forgotten, 3 brothers escaped to Harbin, China and among them was George's father (George inherited all their manners); many migrants from Russia and other countries escaped to China then, his father married his mother, who graduated gymnasium for Women with best results and whose father was an engineer, building a railway between Russia and China. First four decades life of migrants in China was not too bad, cultural centre, you could buy anything there : many people called Harbin "a little Paris", but at the end of 50's, after Chinese revolution, life turned into hell for many russians and non russians. Starvation, there was nothing in the shops, chinese wanted to get rid of all europeans and  russians had to escape either back to Russia or overseas; George's parents decided to go to Australia, because of Stalin's regime; finally, after 5 years of waiting of permission from Australia, they moved to Sydney. At the age of 12 George started going to school, he never went to school in China, but had a tuition from his father (English teacher) and mother, so he was allowed to attend classes of his age, 2 intelligent men, his father and his uncle were helping him to finish school, then George graduated Uni in Sydney and then Master Degree in Electronics. Later he meets me on a tennis court in Sydney at the end of 70's.
George absorbed 2 Cultures: the manners of high society from parents and sharpness, mother wit of an ordinary worker, who had a tough life in China. Nice, simple, modest, unselfish, a man ready to help others, he knows how to deal with all kinds of people, he was always popular among collaborators and tennis players, but doesn't have sense of humour, doesn't  understand or make jokes (that could be the result of constantly wearing a hearing aid).
George is very capable to understand subjects, related to the Planetary Game, but not Higher Knowledge (at least I didn't noticed after 36 years living with him). Sometimes he is taken by people for a woman, either by his image or his voice and I am not surprised: he has females among his Parallel Personalities, as well as males; the same is with me: I have males among my Parallel Personalities, as well as females.
Core Personality of George
I don't remember, after spending 36 years with his Parallel Personalities, we still are together, but became just friends and supporters of each other and our son. Moreover, I don't remember much Earth of our Old Universe, just know, that it was very hot there, Sun is harsh and there are many fires, smell of burning (smog) is often seeping into Parallel Universes from there, from our Core Universe. I remember, in my childhood, being constantly moved from one Parallel Universe to the other one, to live and socialise with children and adults, to adapt to new vibration of that particular Parallel Universe. I didn't know why then, but I know now: so that in future to be able to fly there to do some tasks, but what kind of tasks I still don't know. In my childhood and my youth I had similar home in Moscow on every Parallel Earth, lived with Parallel Personalities of members of my family or of children in orphanages and internat-schools till I grew up.
Of course I didn't have such Knowledge of Planetary Game then, which I have now, waking up spiritually I started only when I got pregnant with our son Robert 30 years ago (at 38). Long excruciating pains of pregnancy and hours of torturing delivery without medical intrusions of any kind (my choice) at home in a small water pool (like in amazonian jungle), that woke up my consciousness ! I started reading about alternative medicine and some metaphysical literature first (instead of usual boring text books), and later more complex books, til I ran into Robert Monroe's books in 1996. I remember, that water didn't make much of a difference and didn't take the Pain away, as books say it would. Lies, lies, as usual. After many hours of delivery my body cracked in many places! Months of pregnancies and hours or days of deliveries are horrific experiences, which I wouldn't wish to an enemy, but nevertheless millions of women of Earth have been forced to experience it and I don't understand why, if human bodies can be grown from a cell in labs. Modern deliveries remind me one of a Med-evil inquisition torturing techniques: stretching a strapped human body on
a wooden platform for days, till it cracks.
No wonder that women often die after such "deliveries" (tortures is a better word), but hospital personel and relatives expect from a woman a soft and a happy smile of motherhood, who will take a newborn in her arms, like in a movie, and if she doesn't, she would be branded a bad mother, when in fact a woman becomes torpid, grows dull, feels nothing, but Pain and Horror, unless she is on medications (drugs)! The whole Earth is nothing, but a Huge Genetic Laboratory, where Women are the Major Genetic Material ! But Women don't want to be genetic material any longer, they want to be as free as men are, that's why Women fight back. Men can't understand what it's like, because they don't go through that ordeal. That's why most women of the World are so afraid to get pregnant and give birth to children. There are many reptillians and jews among medical personel and there is a reason for that: they are mindcontrolled to interfere with womens' bodies directly or indirectly, they often do more harm, than good. I remember breastfeeding my son for almost 5 years: he was often screaming and demanding my energy at nights, I couldn't have a proper rest, I felt that I was dying again like during pregnancy and delivery (the 3rd time). What I didn't know then, that I was included into a breeding program, growing fetuses of hybreds inside my body and feeding them my energy directly or in a form of breastmilk (White Energy of Balance) simultaneously with feeding our child with my energy.
But let's go back to George.
His Parallel Personalities were never interested in alternative and metaphysical literature, not to mention something of a higher class like books and techniques of Robert Monroe, his out-of-body experiences and discovery of Hemi-Sync, which helps astral travelling (though he tried to read them under my pressure). The same happened to other authors like Carlos Castaneda, Alex Collier, Rosalin MacKnight, William Buhlman and others. I was surprised that Perfectionist-George never had any desire to ever research their books. "It was easier to teach an elephant higher knowledge for all these 30 years, than George" -
I thought to myself
, till it dawned on me, that I never dealt with his Core Personality, but with a variety of his Alters and that we always lived together in Parallel Universes (not in the Original, Core One) among people of low vibration (someone's Alters), who can't even laugh. And we are not alone in such situation: all Core Personalities considerable part of their lives live among somebody's Parallel Personalities and mainly in Parallel Universes, where we fight and quarrel with them; resist their aggression and streams of other Negative Energy; going through Misundestanding, Emotional and Physical tortures, and Loneliness. Nevertheless, we slowly raising not just our own vibration and vibration of surrounding Alters, but also the vibration of Parallel Earth and that Parallel Universe (without noticing it) ! I personally see Core Personalities only in some old movies (not in real life). Let's again return to George.
Only Core Personality (of higher vibration) could understand writers like Robert Monroe, but George's Alters were only interested in Electronics and Computers, because of his work in a firm, where he performed workload for 10 people and would come home totally exhasted. Out of necessaty he had to learn: accountancy and taxation, computer banking/paying bills, all types of Engineering, loved woodwork/metallwork/
building anything. Annoyed with his hearing problems since birth and wearing hearing-aid, George is still a Jack of All Trades, brilliantly completing any job he starts. Parallel George and I built our own house in Sydney, where we lived for 20 years, moving to Queensland and settling down in our Centre later.
Naturally, George, hardly ever read our site, never himself wrote or translated even one sentence for it, except technical info for our videos and some bits of other technical info. All work of writing, translating, photographing for our site; reading, sorting out and posting info on our site
from other sites is done by me and noone else. We never had helpers in physical form at our Centre. Though George would listen to me if I try to explain Higher Knowledge, but if asked to repeat, could never remember. No wonder, his brain is busy with so many things like: gardening, improving, cleaning and repairing everything in our house and the house itself; all technical work, connected to our computers (like replacing them with new models) and connected to our site; creating videos with me etc. But each time I ask George to make together our next video, one of his Negative Parallel Personalities would start creeping out of him and I have to go through a series of Negative attacks: his resistance, bad moods, moaning and complaints of being so tired,  unending quarrels, and I run into his only wish - to get rid of this unpleasant and boring work! I can't recognize my old George anymore and start persuading him, pressing into his Alter with all my might, in order to start our next project, to insert my ideas into our new video and give it life. It might take a few days. Without our site I can't imagine my life. Many times I asked George to teach me those programs, to be able to make my own videos without George, but met a wall - his reply always was: it was too complex. I am sure that with his Core Personality, I wouldn't have such problems: making videos is not a Pain, it is a Pleasure for his Original Personality !
Well, looks like apart from my own 300 Alters, I have to watch George's Negative Alters to avoid unpleasant surprises in my life and in my website work. That's Life! The same happened to our last video, after  George finished it, then "Exported" and compressed it, I didn't like the result (many mistakes, worn out colors) and asked him to correct and improve the video the next day. Grumpy and frustated George, reluctantly agreed to remake the video. I couldn't watch him without laughing and the result we posted on our site.
What surprises me most, that it is difficult to sit next to George: you will become unbearably hot. And I joke: it is good to sit closer to you in winter, George, than in summer, one will sweat near you. What does it say?
It tells me that there is real George under the cover of that Alter, whose Spirit have grown considerably in size after 36 years of us living together !
Just imagine what would happen to the Original Planet in the Original Universe, if Original Selves of all humans on Earth gather together?
Alters, same as Alternative Universes remainds layers of an onion around Core (of the highest vibration). Original Self is also of the highest vibration out of all Alters, the same is with Original Universe: it is of the highest vibration compare to its
Alternative Universes.
All animals/birds/sea creatures, same as people, constantly move from Original Universe to Alternative Universes (and back, if that's necessary). Occasionally I see unfamiliar stray dogs from other Universes on our shores, who would vanish in a day or two, but where, I don't know, it could be back to owners or elsewhere. After dealing with such dogs I saw the difference in their energy: some of them belonged to the  Original Universe, but some of them - to Parallel Universes. Well, don't be alarmed, if your dog or cat vanish temporarily to another Universe, our dogs and cats disappeared and reappeared a few times. They were stray dogs/cats in other Universes, same is happening to our Parallel Personalities and that is a useful experience.

There are also Negative Alters among my Parallel Personalities, there are males as well as females, who are living their separate lives in other countries and other civilizations of Parallel Earths and other Planets in other Universes, but that doesn't stop them influencing me somehow. Sometimes it is necessary from my Higher Self's point of view, but occasionally my and George's Negative Alters irritate me, photos of some of my Alters you can see on our site. This subject is useful and interesting for everyone.
I often communicate with some of my Alters orally or mentally and for a start, I made a list of my first 26 Alters, after you learn more about them, you will see how complex we all are:

1.  Personal Secretary - Pure Practicality, reminding me what I need to do for our site, home or elsewhere today,
helping me not to get confused; talking to myself and my other Personalities mentally or orally; reminds me a big brigade, working together (only I don't see them).
2.  House-Keeper, House-Decorator - recently retired, used to cook, wash, clean the house, sew, walk the dogs, decorate the house to make it cosy.
3. Thinker - humble, thinks in english and in russian, analizing: books, personal Thoughts, emotions and feelings, Higher Knowledge, dreams, as soon as I return from vitual reality (though I can hardly remember dreams, but whatever I can is not much of an interest).
4.  Manager - keeps all my Alters and George's Alters (especially Alters of low vibration) in iron hand (except Nagual-Visionary, Thinker and Teacher), keeps all situations under control, sort of a personal guard;
5.  Humourist - Comic, laughs at her own mistakes, tirelessly looking for new funny pictures, expressions, situations everywhere in life to have a belly laugh; ready to make a joke; enjoys smart jokes from others; ready to make fun of those, who deserves it; posts funny pictures on our site and sometimes makes comments in them; this Alter is the creator of our all Fun Links on our site in english and in russian.

  Nagual - Visionary, a booster, who is an intermediary between the Source of All Life and general public; gets Higher Knowledge, Peace, Harmony, Laughter mainly from the Source of All Life; features: Sobriety of Mind, Stamina, High Tolerance, Patience, Depth of Thought; taught by Sun-Teacher at Higher School on 4th non-physical Level, communicating with our Sun and makes discoveries; natural Guide for non-visible shamans-sorcerers (readers of our site); ideas for our videos are coming from this Nagual, who also makes corrections, if finds distorted information on our site;

7.  Interpretor -
Translator from english into russian, who knows, speaks, writes and thinks in both languages: russian and english; worked with dictionaries for many years.
8.  Interpretor -
Translator from russian into english, who knows, speaks, writes and thinks in both languages: russian and english; worked with dictionaries for many years.
9.  Teacher - Lecturer, ready to share her Knowledge in english and in russian for free, in any country and any situation, with any number of people or aliens, if it is necessary and if they listen, without interrupting my Thoughts; the one, who was pushing me to study at schools, Institute and college.
10.  Lady in Waiting - life-long "Victim", chatterbox and moaner, focused on thoughts about her terrible life; weary with dullness, irritable, selfish and lazy, often falls into Coma from Boredom; not usefull for our Universe.
11.  Entertainer - Dancer and Singer, playful, capricious, witty, natural Performer, but at present - out of action, frozen for future 'Promiced Land' in virtual reality.
12.  Explorer - the most curious Alter; Curiosity is the Force of Intent, Explorer-Pioneer has a lot of it; responsible for all my travels in life, organized links on our site, devoted to travels.

13.  Snobbish - this Alter has a lot from Reptilians: handsome and selfish (Service to Self), pushy and rough Player of Planetary Game, dominant and moody (ready to show his teeth any time), full of fears, but loves to be admired by public, suffers from Self-Importance and Narcissism; money spender, loves good, easy life; indifferent to others (reminds Zhirinovsky); I need to keep an eye on him; this personality doesn't have power over me for the last 10 years (George had a most difficult time with this Alter first years of our life together; big thank you from the whole Universe).
14.  Writer - self-taught, everything, what written on our site or in my mail, is written by this Personality.
15.  Nature - Lover and Observer of Nature, defends animals.
16.  Business Lady - responsible for all my buisness and travel arrangements and schemes, solving ordinary life technecalities and technical problems with our site. Fully absorbed by the Planetary Game.

17.  Unrestrained Sportsman - capable to withstand hours of hard training and physical work, tireless Player of Planetary Game. I wouldn't be surprised if he participated in confrontations between Russia and Ukraine (behind my back).
18.  Life Prisoner - "Queen-Bee", who is taken to different civilizations of Earth to mix her Energy with the locals to raise their vibration, and who is constantly on the run in the same cell (Earth Life), trying to get out even if it cost her life, dreaming about getting rid of physical body and moving to the 5th Level of Consciousness and later Home, to the Source! Real queen-bees are not really queens, but prisoners, because they have to stay on the same spot and just reproduce till they die, they don't have freedom like other bees to fly everywhere and collect nectar.
19.  Meek Creature - (jewish type) mean and nasty, but not stupid, he knows what he is doing in an underhand way; poisoned my life; stealthily spoiling my relations with people or harming our website whenever he can (reminds a Troll), so I need to keep a permanent eye on him and constantly check and correct our site.
20.  Musician - performer and listener, writes poetry, Expert on True Music and True Singing of People and Birds, Connoisseur of All Beauty of Live Earth!
21.  Critic and Fighter for Justice, emotional and self-destructive, ready to attack Trolls, when they harm our site; critically evaluates her own and other people's Thoughts and Actions, has to withstand numerous attacks of Negative Energy of people and aliens. When a person reached that level and is capable to laugh at herself, at her own actions and mistakes (and I often do it), it is already a big plus.
22.  Robot - Slave, obidiently performs whatever has been programmed into him, even the most evil things; I am in permanent war with that Alter. I have a small brown triangle on my arm, a brand, made by someone, I suspect by those, whose spaceship I see in the window as a fat white dot in dark sky, and who is waiting for me every night to take me somewhere and bring me back in the morning. What am I involved with, I have no idea. I need to call 'GreenPeace' to sort it out!
23.  Russophob - Separatist, lives in Russia (though scared of russians), expert in russian language (someone like humorist Zadorny); he's got a big mouth and needs to be restrained.
24.  Scientist - Speaker (I feel he is from Tall Whites), writing dissertations and reports, speaking at conferences; I met him in Norway a year ago, in the train, going from one city to another for 5 hours, he was with his wife, who was interested in Higher Knowledge (her husband had no interest in it); she joined my talking about Higher Knowledge to another woman (she knew english); he was very tall, white race, but sterile, emotionless, dry as a toast, didn't want to talk, then dissappeared and turn up just before our arrival, only to stare at his laptop. And I thought why our Higher Self decided to introduce me to him? It seemed unbelievable, that such a person has any connection to me, but there are even worse. In fact I met many very tall men and women and, surprisingly, very high tecnology in everything esp. in mountain roads, bridges and tunnels in Norway (influence of Tall Whites' civilization).
25.  Lousy Politician - Demagogue, a leader, who obtains power by means of impassioned appeals to the emotions of populace; spoilt, useless talker, who can't even drive in a nail; full of self-importance and there are many like him on Earth.
26.  Valentina Tolkunova - well known russian performer - singer, who are not alive any longer.

And still, I know from my personal experience, that Higher Knowledge can be obtained without any kind of teacher, without prompts from someone.
Knowledge and Language are two different things, Knowledge can be obtained without thinking, talking, reading or writing. I also know, that without imperceptible help from many people on the Planet (knowing it or not), I wouldn't have grown and wouldn't have reached Higher Knowledge, and our site wouldn't have become the way it is now. Thank All of You from my Soul !

Universal Law of Intent is very important, I don't know about others, but I follow it and all other Universal Laws, esp. when working with our site, but Parallel George doesn't. My knowledge of electronics is not that good, inspite of studing it for 2 years at North Sydney Technical Colledge (4 years course - TV Operational Techniques) in one of Parallel Universes. I wanted to specialise in Audio in the beginning of 80s like Robert Monroe (sound engineer), though I learnt about him, his books and Hemi-Sync 15 years later, after death of Robert's physical body in 1995. But I didn't become an audio-technician: my Higher Self had other plans for me.

Improved Video of Multiverse Tunnel with Moving Luminous Balls (us) in Furrows of different Universes

"For instance, they (Shamans of Mexico) perceive Energy, as it Flows freely in the Universe, Energy free from the bindings of socialization and syntax (the system of rules in operation), pure Vibratory Energy. They called this act of Seeing.
Don Juan's prime objective (presented factually) was to help me to perceive Energy as it Flows in the Universe. In the world of shamans, to perceive Energy in such a manner is the first mandatory step toward a more engulfing (overwhelmed by), freer view of a different cognitive system (of getting knowledge)...To see Energy as it Flows in the Universe meant , to Don Juan, the capacity to see a Human Being as a Luminous Egg or Luminous Ball of Energy, and to be able to distinguish, in that Luminous Ball of Energy, certain features shared by women/men in common, such as the point of Brilliance in the already brilliant Luminous Ball of Energy. The claim of shamans was that it was on that point of brilliance, which those shamans called the Assemblage Point, that perception was assembled. They could extend this
thought logically to mean that it was on that point of Brilliance that our Cognition (getting knowledge) of the World was manufactured...For the shamans of ancient Mexico, Intent (Law of Intent) was a Force they could visualize when they saw Energy (White Energy of Balance, LM) as it Flows in the Universe! They considered it an all-pervasive Force (spread throughout, permeate), that intervened (appeared) in every aspect of Time and Space. It was the Impetus (a Stimulus, an Impulse) behind everything; but what was of inconceivable (unbelievable) value to those shamans was the Intent - a pure Abstraction - was intimately attached to women/men. Women/men could always manipulate it. The shamans of ancient Mexico realized that the only way to affect this Force was through impeccable behaviour...(Universal) Time was something like a thought ... (Universal) Time was like a Tunnel of infinite length and width, a Tunnel with reflective furrows. Every furrow was infinite, there were infinite numbers of them. Living creatures (inc. humans) were compulsorily made, by the force of life, to gaze into one furrow (and only in one direction, LM). To gaze into one furrow alone meant to be trapped by it, to live that furrow... Warriors, who have succeeded in turning the "Wheel of Time" can gaze into any furrow and draw from it whatever they desire. To be free from the spellbinding Force (entranced, one that holds others) of gazing into only one of those furrows means, that warriors can look in either direction (past and future): as time retreats (Past) or as it advances on them (Future)... those shamans understood not only The Universe, but the processes of living and coexisting in our World..."
Yes, physical Universe was largely female, but now it is coming to true equal, which is Balance! Here is an interesting info, p. 103:
"...sorcerers' knowledge, that the Universe is markedly female and that maleness, being an offshoot of femaleness, is almost scarce, thus, coveted (strongly desired)."

Multiverse Tunnel with Luminous Balls (us) and Furrows

Multiverse Tunnel with Moving Luminous Balls (us) in Furrows (different Universes)! This video you can find on this link (below), as well as on : Carlos Castaneda's Info
This extract is about the Size of the Souls of Naguals and the Role Naguals play in everybodies' lives, esp. in Sorcerers' ones, from Carlos Castaneda "The Power of Silence", p. 4-5 :

"... Then he (Don Juan) explained the Role of the Guide in the Lives of Sorcerers. He said, that a Guide is called "the Nagual," and that the Nagual is a Man or a Woman with Extraordinary Energy, a Teacher, who has Sobriety, Endurance, Stability; someone Seers See as a Luminous Sphere having Four compartments, as if four Luminous Balls have been compressed together. Because of their Extraordinary Energy, Naguals are intermediaries. Their Energy allows them to channel Peace, Harmony, Laughter, and Knowledge directly from the Source, from Intent (Law of Intent), and transmit them to their companions.
Naguals are responsible for supplying what Sorcerers call "the minimal chance": the Awareness of one's Connection with Intent..."


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Туннель Времени в Мульти-Вселенной c Бороздами (Волнами) для каждой Вселенной, по которым движется каждый их нас, иногда меняя их (зависит от решения Высшего Существа каждого человека)

Карлос Кастанеда2. Первая Стадия в процессе Видения
"Например, они (шаманы Мексики) воспринимали Энергию как свободно перемещающуюся во Вселенной, чистую вибрационную Энергию, свободную от оков искусственных и действующих законов и правил! Они называли
эту способность ВИДЕТЬ. Представленные Дон Хуаном факты, помогли мне видеть Энергию Вселенной в движении! В мире шаманов Восприятие Энергии таким образом является первым и обязательным шагом к более объёмному и свободному взгляду на другую познаваемую систему приобретения Знаний... ВИДЕТЬ  движение Энергии во Вселенной означало для Дон Хуана иметь способность видеть человека как Светящееся Яйцо или Шар Энергии!
Быть способным различить в Светящемся Шаре Энергии определённые черты/признаки, свойственные и женщинам, и мужчинам, такие как самая Яркая Точка в уже Светящемся Энергетическом Шаре (человека). Шаманы утверждали что в этой Яркой Точке, которую они называли "Точкой Настройки Души", было сосредоточено Сознание человека. Логически это означало, что именно в этой самой Яркой Точке создавалось наше Представление об окружающем мире... Для шаманов Древней Мексики Вселенский Закон Намерения-Цели были Силой, которую они могли представить когда видели Белую Энергию (Баланса), текущую во Вселенной! Они брали во внимание эту, везде проникающую Силу, которая проявлялась в каждой точке Пространства и Времени. Это являлось Стимулом для Всего Существующего в физическом мире; но что ещё было невероятно ценным для шаманов так это Цель - чистая Абстракция -  и эта Цель глубоко привязана к женщинам и мужчинам (они всегда умели манипулировать её). Шаманы Древней Мексики поняли, что единственным путём подействовать на эту Силу было безупречное поведение... Линия Времени Вселенной казалась шаманам вроде Туннеля бесконечной длины и ширины, Туннель c отражающимися Бороздами. Каждая Борозда (волна) бесконечна, существует бесконечное их число. Живые существа (вкл. людей) были силой заставлены Законами Жизни глядеть и следовать только одной Борозде и только в одном направлении. Следовать только одной Борозде означало быть пойманным ею и жить только в том мире...Шаманы-борцы, кто сумел повернуть "Колесо Времени", могут смотреть и следовать любой Борозде и взять из неё всё, что желают. Освободиться от невероятной Силы, которая заставляет всех остальных следовать одной из этих Борозд, означало, что борец мог идти в любом направлении (в Прошлое и в Будущее, ЛМ): по мере того как Линия Времени уходит назад (в Прошлое) или движется вперёд (Будущее)... те шаманы поняли не только  работу Вселенной, но и процессы жизни и сосуществования в нашем Мире..."

Да, физическая Вселенная всегда была большей частью Женской, но сейчас Вселенная приходит в Равенство, что означает Баланс во всём! Ниже интересная информация из той же книги Карлоса Кастанеда "Искусство Перехода в другие Миры" (не "Искусство Сновидения"), стр. 103: "Шаманы знали, что Вселенная в значительной мере Женского начала и что Мужское начало, являясь ответвлением от Женского начала, присуствует во Вселенной в незначительных количествах и поэтому очень ценится."

Multiverse Tunnel

Символический Туннель нашей Вселенной, в котором двигаются Светящиеся Шары (мы) по Бороздам Параллельных Вселенных, разной волны, перепрыгивая и меняя Вселенные с одной на другую! Our Old Universe's Tunnel with Moving Luminous Balls (us) in Furrows of different Parallel Universes, which we occasionally changing! Из за проблем проигрывания, даны три способа посмотреть это видео.

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ЭЛЕКТРОННЫЙ АДРЕС(на "Символический Туннель Мульти-Вселенной"):

Role of Naguals (Роль Нагуала). Naguals' Alters

All Parallel Personalities of Nagual Julian we have, so it would be useful for you to know, that you also do materialise some of your Alters and use them from time to time, from occasion to occasion. For instance, when you need to play a role in a movie or in a theatre, or in life. Here is an unusual scene, described by Carlos Castaneda, "The Power of Silence", p.p. 97-98:

"...We were on a mountain-top, looking down over exquisite flatlands with mountains in the distance. This beautiful prairie was bathed in a Glow that, like Rays of Light, emanated from the land itself. Wherever
I looked, I saw familiar features: rocks, hills, rivers, forests, canyons, enhanced and transformed by their Inner Vibration, their Inner Glow. This Glow, that was so pleasing to my eyes, also tingled out of my very Being.

"Your Assemblage Point has moved," don Juan seemed to say to me.
The words had no sound; nevertheless I knew, what he had just said to me. My rational reaction was to try to explain to myself, that I had no doubt heard him as I would have, if he had been talking in a vacuum, probably because my ears had been temporarily affected by what was transpiring.
"Your ears are fine. We are in a different Realm of Awareness," don Juan again seemed to say to me. I could not speak. I felt the lethargy of deep sleep preventing me from saying a word, yet I was as alert, as
I could be. "What's happening?"
I thought.
"The cave made your Assemblage Point move," don Juan thought, and I heard his thoughts, as if they were my own words, voiced to myself. I sensed a command, that was not expressed in thoughts. Something ordered me to look again at the prairie. As I stared at the wondrous sight, Filaments of Light began to radiate from everything on that prairie. At first, it was like the Explosion of an Infinite Number of Short Fibers, then the Fibers became long Threadlike Strands of Luminosity, bundled together into Beams of Vibrating Light, that reached Infinity. There was really no way for me to make sense of what I was seeing, or to describe it, except as Filaments of Vibrating Light. The Filaments were not intermingled or entwined. Although they sprang, and continued to spring, in every direction, each one was separate, and yet all of them were inextricably (incapable of being freed) bundled together.
"You are seeing the Eagle's Emanations (Earth's White Threads of Balance, LM) and the Force, that keeps them apart and bundles them together," don Juan thought.
The instant I caught his thought, the Filaments of Light seemed to consume all my energy. Fatigue overwhelmed me. It erased my vision and plunged me into darkness...I had just seen the Eagle's Emanations (Earth has given Life to the Threads of Mind Field), and don Juan had said, that it was impossible for Sorcerers to have a sustained view of the Eagle's Emanations in any way except in Dreaming, therefore I had to be Dreaming. Don Juan had explained, that the Universe is made up of Energy Fields, which defy description or scrutiny (surveillance). He had said, that they resembled Filaments of ordinary Light, except, that Light is Lifeless, compared to the Eagle's (Earth's) Emanations (of Energy of Balance), which exude (come gradually through an opening, make felt) Awareness. I had never, until this night, been able to see them in a sustained manner, and indeed they were made out of a Light, that was alive...
What a strange feeling: to realize, that everything we think, everything we say depends on the position of the Assemblage Point (of our Spirits, attached to our bodies)," he remarked. And that was exactly, what I had been thinking and laughing about. I know, that at this moment your Assemblage Point has shifted," he went on, "and you have understood the Secret of our Chains. They imprison us, but by keeping us pinned down on our comfortable spot of self-reflection, they defend us from the onslaughts of the Unknown."
I was having one of those extraordinary moments, in which everything about the Sorcerers' World was crystal clear. I understood everything.
"Once our chains are cut," don Juan continued, "we are no longer bound by the concerns of the daily World. We are still in the daily world, but we don't belong there anymore. In order to belong, we must share
the concerns of people, and without chains we can't. Sorcerers are no longer in the World of daily affairs," don Juan went on, "because they are no longer prey to their self-reflection."

Below I extracted an interesting information about Parallel Personalities of Nagual Julian, the Teacher of Nagual Don Juan from Carlos Castaneda's
"The Power of Silence", p.p. 8-9
-10-11, 135-146. This book can be found on this site in full electronic form on : Carlos Castaneda Books - The Power of Silence

"...I had the incredible good luck to be taught by two Naguals," don Juan said and broke the mesmeric grip the wind had on me at that moment. "One was, of course, my Benefactor, the Nagual Julian, and the other was his Benefactor, the Nagual Elias. My case was unique."
"Why was your case unique?" I asked.
"Because for generations Naguals have gathered their apprentices years after their own Teachers have left the World," he explained. "Except my Benefactor. I became the Nagual Julian's Apprentice eight years before his Benefactor left the World.
I had eight years' Grace. It was the luckiest thing, that could have happened to me, for I had the opportunity to be taught by two opposite temperaments. It was like being reared by a powerful father and an even more powerful grandfather, who don't see eye to eye. In such a contest, the grandfather always wins. So I'm properly the product of the Nagual Elias's Teachings. I was closer to him not only in temperament, but also in looks. I'd say, that I owe him my Fine Tuning.
However, the bulk of the work, that went into Tuning me from a miserable Being into an impeccable Warrior I owe to my Benefactor, the Nagual Julian."
"What was the Nagual Julian like physically?" I asked.
"Do you know that to this day it's hard for me to visualize him?" don Juan said.
"I know, that sounds absurd, but depending on his needs or the circumstances, he could be either young or old, handsome or homely, effete (exhausted of force and vitality) and weak or strong and virile (male strength and vigour), fat or slender,
of medium height or extremely short."
"Do you mean he was an actor acting out different roles with the aid of props?
"No, there were no props involved and he was not merely an actor. He was, of course, a great actor in his own right, but that is different. The point is that he was capable of transforming himself and becoming all those, diametrically opposed,  Persons. Being a great actor, enabled him to portray all the minute peculiarities of behavior, that made each specific Human Being - real. Let us say, that he was at ease (quick) in every change of being. As you are at ease in every change of clothes."
Eagerly, I asked don Juan to tell me more about his Benefactor's Transformations. He said, that someone taught him how to elicit (draw out, evoke) those Transformations, but that, to explain any further, would force him to overlap into different stories. "What did the Nagual Julian look like, when he wasn't transforming himself?" I asked.
"Let's say, that before he (Julian) became a Nagual, he was very slim and muscular," don Juan said. "His hair was black, thick, and wavy. He had a long, fine nose, strong big white teeth, an oval face, strong jaw, and shiny dark-brown eyes. He was about five feet eight inches tall. He was not Indian or even a Brown Mexican, but he was not Anglo White either. In fact, his complexion seemed to be like no one else's, especially in his later years, when his ever-changing complexion shifted constantly from dark to very light and back again to dark. When I first met him he was a light-brown old man, then as time went by, he became a light-skinned young man, perhaps only a few years older than me. I was twenty at that time.
But if the changes of his Outer Appearance were astonishing,"
don Juan went on, "the changes of mood and behavior, that accompanied each Transformation, were even more astonishing. For example, when he was a fat young man, he was jolly and sensual. When he was a skinny old man, he was petty and vindictive (bitter, spiteful, revengeful). When he was a fat old man, he was the greatest imbecile there was."
"Was he ever himself?" I asked.
"Not the way I am myself," he replied. "Since I'm not interested in Transformation, I am always the same. But he was not like me at all."
 Don Juan looked at me, as if he were assessing my inner strength. He smiled, shook his head from side to side and broke into a belly laugh.
"What's so funny, don Juan?" I asked.
"The fact is that you're still too prudish (excessive in morality) and stiff to appreciate fully the nature of my Benefactor's Transformations and their Total Scope," he said. "I only hope, that when I tell you about them you don't become morbidly (infectiously) obsessed."
For some reason I suddenly became quite uncomfortable and had to change the subject. "Why are the Naguals called 'Benefactors' and not simply Teachers?" I asked nervously.
"Calling a Nagual a Benefactor is a gesture his apprentices make," don Juan said. "A Nagual creates an Overwhelming Feeling of Gratitude in his disciples. After all, a Nagual molds them and guides them through unimaginable areas."
I remarked, that to teach was in my opinion the greatest, most altruistic act anyone could perform for another.
"For you, teaching is talking about patterns," he said. "For a Sorcerer, to teach is what a Nagual does for his apprentices. For them he taps the Prevailing (dominant) Force in the Universe: (extracts or exploits Force of Intent as a source of Energy)
Intent - the Force (the Energy of Balance), that changes and reorders things or keeps them as they are.
The Nagual formulates, then guides the consequences, that that Force can have on his disciples. Without the Nagual's Molding Intent  there would be no Awe (Great Admiration of Power), no Wonder for them. And his apprentices, instead of embarking (set out on a venture), on a Magical Journey of Discovery, would only be learning a trade: healer, sorcerer, diviner, charlatan, or whatever."
"Can you explain  Intent  to me?" I asked.
"The only way to know Intent" he replied, "is to know it directly through a living connection, that exists between  Intent  and All Sentient Beings (Conscious Beings). Sorcerers call  Intent  -  the Indescribable ,  the Spirit ,  the Abstract ,  the Nagual
I would prefer to call it Nagual, but it overlaps with the name for the Leader, the Benefactor, who is also called Nagual, so I have opted (to make a choice) for calling IT :  the Spirit   Intent   Abstract

(And All these terms mean the same thing -  Sun Energy of White Balance! LM).

"...We were in the outskirts of Guaymas, in northern Mexico, on a drive from Nogales, Arizona, when it became evident to me, that something was wrong with don Juan.
For the last hour or so he had been unusually quiet and somber. I did not think anything of it, but then, abruptly, his body twitched out of control. His chin hit his chest as if his neck muscles could no longer support the weight of his head.
"Are you getting carsick, don Juan?" I asked, suddenly alarmed. He did not answer. He was breathing through his mouth. During the first part of our drive, which had taken several hours, he had been fine. We had talked a great deal about everything. When we had stopped in the city of Santa Ana to get gas, he was even doing push-outs against the roof of the car to loosen up the muscles of his shoulders.
"What's wrong with you, don Juan?" I asked.
I felt pangs of anxiety in my stomach. With his head down, he mumbled, that he wanted to go to a particular restaurant and in a slow, faltering (hesitant, stumble, stagger) voice gave me precise directions on how to get there. I parked my car on a side street, a block from the restaurant. As I opened the car door on my side, he held onto my arm with an iron grip. Painfully, and with my help, he dragged himself out of the car, over the driver's seat. Once he was on the sidewalk, he held onto my shoulders with both hands to straighten his back. In ominous silence, we shuffled down the street toward the dilapidated building, where the restaurant was. Don Juan was hanging onto my arm with all his weight. His breathing was so accelerated and the tremor in his body so alarming, that I panicked. I stumbled and had to brace myself against the wall to keep us both from falling to the sidewalk. My anxiety was so intense I could not think. I looked into his eyes. They were dull. They did not have the usual shine.
We clumsily entered the restaurant and a solicitous (waiter rushed over, as if on cue, to help don Juan.
"How are you feeling today?" he yelled into don Juan's ear.
He practically carried don Juan from the door to a table, seated him, and then disappeared.
"Does he know you, don Juan?" I asked when we were seated. Without looking at me, he mumbled something unintelligible. I stood up and went to the kitchen to look for the busy waiter.
"Do you know the old man I am with?" I asked when I was able to corner him.
"Of course I know him," he said with the attitude of someone, who has just enough patience to answer one question. "He's the old man, who suffers from strokes."
That statement settled things for me. I knew then, that don Juan had suffered a mild stroke, while we were driving. There was nothing I could have done to avoid it, but I felt helpless and apprehensive. The feeling, that the worst had not yet happened, made me feel sick to my stomach. I went back to the table and sat down in silence. Suddenly the same waiter arrived with two plates of fresh shrimp and two large bowls of sea-turtle soup. The thought occurred to me, that either the restaurant served only shrimp and sea-turtle soup or don Juan ate the same thing every time he was here. The waiter talked so loudly to don Juan, he could be heard above the clatter (loud rattling sound) of customers.
"Hope you like your food!" he yelled. "If you need me, just lift your arm. I'll come right away."
Don Juan nodded his head affirmatively and the waiter left, after patting don Juan affectionately on the back. Don Juan ate voraciously (ravenous, eager to consume large amount of food)+, smiling to himself from time to time.
I was so apprehensive, that just the thought of food made me feel nauseous. But then I reached a familiar threshold of anxiety, and the more I worried the hungrier I became. I tried the food and found it incredibly good. I felt somewhat better after having eaten, but the situation had not changed, nor had my anxiety diminished. When don Juan was through eating, he shot his arm straight above his head. In a moment, the waiter came over and handed me the bill. I paid him and he helped don Juan stand up. He guided him by the arm out of the restaurant. The waiter even helped him out to the street and said goodbye to him effusively (demonstrative). We walked back to the car in the same laborious way, don Juan leaning heavily on my arm, panting and stopping to catch his breath every few steps. The waiter stood in the doorway, as if to make sure I was not going to let don Juan fall. Don Juan took two or three full minutes to climb into the car.
"Tell me, what can I do for you, don Juan?" I pleaded.
"Turn the car around," he ordered in a faltering (stumble), barely audible voice. "I want to go to the other side of town, to the store. They know me there, too. They are my friends."
I told him I had no idea what store he was talking about. He mumbled incoherently and had a tantrum (a fit of bad temper). He stamped on the floor of the car with both feet. He pouted (protrude the lip displeased) and actually drooled (dribble) on his shirt. Then he seemed to have an instant of lucidity. I got extremely nervous, watching him struggle to arrange his thoughts. He finally succeeded in telling me how to get to the store. My discomfort was at its peak.
I was afraid, that the stroke don Juan had suffered was more serious, than I thought. I wanted to be rid of him, to take him to his family or his friends, but I did not know, who they were. I did not know what else to do. I made a U-turn and drove to the store, which he said was on the other side of town. I wondered about going back to the restaurant to ask the waiter, if he knew don Juan's family. I hoped someone in the store might know him. The more I thought about my predicament, the sorrier I felt for myself. Don Juan was finished. I had a terrible sense of loss, of doom. I was going to miss him, but my sense of loss was offset by my feeling of annoyance at being saddled with him at his worst. I drove around for almost an hour looking for the store. I could not find it. Don Juan admitted, that he might have made a mistake, that the store might be in a different town. By then I was completely exhausted and had no idea what to do next. In my normal state of Awareness
I always had the strange feeling, that I knew more about him, than my reason told me. Now, under the pressure of his mental deterioration, I was certain, without knowing why, that his friends were waiting for him somewhere in Mexico, although
I did not know where. My exhaustion was more, than physical. It was a combination of worry and guilt. It worried me, that I was stuck with a feeble old man, who might, for all I knew, be mortally ill. And I felt guilty for being so disloyal to him.
I parked my car near the waterfront. It took nearly ten minutes for don Juan to get out of the car. We walked toward the ocean, but as we got closer, don Juan shied (shy) like a mule and refused to go on. He mumbled, that the water of Guaymas Bay scared him. He turned around and led me to the main square: a dusty plaza without even benches. Don Juan sat down on the curb.
A street-cleaning truck went by, rotating its steel brushes, but no water was squirting (eject liquid) into them. The cloud of dust made me cough. I was so disturbed by my situation that the thought of leaving him sitting there crossed my mind.
I felt embarrassed at having had such a thought and patted don Juan's back.
"You must make an effort and tell me where I can take you," I said softly. "Where do you want me to go."
"I want you to go to hell!" he replied in a cracked, raspy voice.
Hearing him speak to me like this, I had the suspicion, that don Juan might not have suffered from a stroke, but some other crippling brain condition, that had made him lose his mind and become violent. Suddenly he stood up and walked away from me. I noticed how frail he looked. He had aged in a matter of hours. His natural vigor was gone, and what I saw before me was a terribly old, weak man. I rushed to lend him a hand. A wave of immense pity enveloped me. I saw myself old and
weak, barely able to walk. It was intolerable. I was close to weeping, not for don Juan, but for myself. I held his arm and made him a silent promise, that I would look after him, no matter what. I was lost in a reverie (musing, daydreaming) of self-pity, when I felt the numbing force of a slap across my face. Before I recovered from the surprise, don Juan slapped me again across the back of my neck. He was standing facing me, shivering with rage. His mouth was half open and shook uncontrollably.
"Who are you?" he yelled in a strained voice.
He turned to a group of onlookers who had immediately gathered.
"I don't know, who this man is," he said to them. "Help me. I'm a lonely old Indian.
He's a foreigner and he wants to kill me. They do that to helpless old people, kill them for pleasure."
There was a murmur of disapproval. Various young, husky men looked at me menacingly.
"What are you doing, don Juan?" I asked him in a loud voice. I wanted to reassure the crowd, that I was with him.
"I don't know you," don Juan shouted. "Leave me alone."
He turned to the crowd and asked them to help him. He wanted them to restrain me, until the police came.
"Hold him," he insisted. "And someone, please call the police. They'll know what to do with this man."
I had the image of a Mexican jail. No one would know where I was. The idea, that months would go by, before anyone noticed my disappearance, made me react with vicious speed. I kicked the first young man, who came close to me, then took off at a panicked run. I knew I was running for my life. Several young men ran after me. As I raced toward the main street, I realized, that in a small city like Guaymas, there were policemen all over the place patrolling on foot. There were none in sight, and before I ran into one, I entered the first store in my path. I pretended to be looking for curios (bric-a-brac, curious object of art). The young men running after me went by noisily. I conceived a quick plan: to buy as many things, as I could. I was counting on being taken for a tourist by the people in the store. Then I was going to ask someone to help me carry the packages to my car. It took me quite a while to select what I wanted. I paid a young man in the store to help me carry my packages, but as I got closer to my car, I saw don Juan standing by it, still surrounded by people. He was talking to a policeman, who was taking notes. It was useless. My plan had failed.
There was no way to get to my car. I instructed the young man to leave my packages on the sidewalk. I told him a friend of mine was going to drive by presently to take me to my hotel. He left and I remained hidden behind the packages I was holding in front of my face, out of sight of don Juan and the people around him. I saw the policeman examining my California license plates. And that completely convinced me I was done for. The accusation of the crazy old man was too grave. And the fact, that I had run away would have only reinforced my guilt in the eyes of any policeman. Besides, I would not have put it past the policeman to ignore the truth, just to arrest a foreigner. I stood in a doorway for perhaps an hour. The policeman left, but the crowd remained around don Juan, who was shouting and agitatedly moving his arms. I was too far away to hear what he was saying, but I could imagine the gist (essence) of his fast, nervous shouting. I was in desperate need of another plan. I considered checking into a hotel and waiting there for a couple of days, before venturing out to get my car. I thought of going back to the store and having them call a taxi. I had never had to hire a cab in Guaymas and I had no idea if there were any. But my plan died instantly with the realization, that if the police were fairly competent, and had taken don Juan seriously, they would check the hotels. Perhaps the policeman had left don Juan in order to do just that. Another alternative, that crossed my mind was to get to the bus station and catch a bus to any town along the international border. Or to take any bus leaving Guaymas any direction. I abandoned the idea immediately. I was sure don Juan had given my name to the policeman and the police had probably already alerted the bus companies. My mind plunged into blind panic. I took short breaths to calm my nerves.
I noticed then, that the crowd around don Juan was beginning to disperse. The policeman returned with a colleague, and the two of them moved away, walking slowly toward the end of the street. It was at that point that I felt sudden uncontrollable urge. It was as if my body were disconnected from my brain. I walked to my car, carrying the packages. Without even the slightest trace of fear or concern, I opened the trunk, put the packages inside, then opened the driver's door. Don Juan was on the sidewalk, by my car, looking at me absentmindedly. I stared at him with a thoroughly uncharacteristic coldness. Never in my life had I had such a feeling. It was not hatred I felt, or even anger. I was not even annoyed with him. What I felt was not resignation or patience, either. And it was certainly not kindness. Rather it was a cold indifference, a frightening lack of pity. At that instant, I could not have cared less about what happened to don Juan or myself. Don Juan shook his upper body the way a dog shakes itself dry after a swim. And then, as if all of it had only been a bad dream, he was again the man I knew. He quickly turned his jacket inside out. It was a reversible jacket, beige on one side and black on the other. Now he was wearing a black jacket. He threw his straw hat inside the car and carefully combed his hair. He pulled his shirt collar over the jacket collar, instantly making himself look younger. Without saying a word, he helped me put the rest of the packages in the car. When the two policemen ran back to us, blowing their whistles, drawn by the noise of the car doors being opened and closed, don Juan very nimbly (agile, quick) rushed to meet them. He listened to them attentively and assured them they had nothing to worry about. He explained, that they must have encountered his father, a feeble old Indian, who suffered from brain damage.
As he talked to them, he opened and closed the car doors, as if checking the locks. He moved the packages from the trunk to the back seat. His agility and youthful strength were the opposite of the old man's movements of a few minutes ago.
I knew, that he was acting for the benefit of the policeman, who had seen him before. If I had been that man, there would have been no doubt in my mind, that I was now seeing the son of the old brain-damaged Indian. Don Juan gave them the name of the restaurant, where they knew his father and then bribed them shamelessly. I did not bother to say anything to the policemen. There was something, that made me feel hard, cold, efficient, silent. We got in the car without a word.
The policemen did not attempt to ask me anything. They seemed too tired even to try. We drove away.
"What kind of act did you pull out there, don Juan?" I asked, and the coldness in my tone surprised me.
"It was the first lesson in Ruthlessness," he said. He remarked, that on our way to Guaymas he had warned me about the impending (imminent) lesson on Ruthlessness. I confessed, that I had not paid attention, because I had thought, that we were just making conversation to break the monotony of driving.
"I never just make conversation," he said sternly. "You should know that by now. What I did this afternoon was to create the proper situation for you to move your Assemblage Point to the precise spot, where Pity disappears. That spot is known as the Place of No Pity.
"The problem, that Sorcerers have to solve," he went on, "is that the Place of No Pity has to be reached with only minimal help.
The Nagual sets the scene, but it is the apprentice, who makes his Assemblage Point move.
"Today you just did that. I helped you, perhaps a bit dramatically, by moving my own Assemblage Point to specific position, that made me into a feeble and unpredictable old man. I was not just acting old and feeble. I was old"
The mischievous glint in his eyes told me, that he was enjoying the moment.
"It was not absolutely necessary, that I do that," he went on. "I could have directed you to move your Assemblage Point without the hard tactics, but I couldn't help myself, this event will never be repeated, I wanted to know whether or not I could act, in some measure, like my own benefactor. Believe me, I surprised myself as much, as I must have surprised you."
I felt incredibly at ease. I had no problems in accepting, what he was saying to me, and no questions, because I understood everything without needing him to explain. He then said something, which I already knew, but could not verbalize, because I would not have been able to find the appropriate words to describe it. He said, that everything Sorcerers did was done as a consequence of a Movement of their Assemblage Points, and that such movements were ruled by
the amount of Energy Sorcerers had at their command. I mentioned to don Juan, that I knew all that and much more. And he commented, that inside every human being was a gigantic, dark lake of Silent Knowledge,  which each of us could intuit.
He told me I could intuit it perhaps with a bit more clarity, than the average man, because of my involvement in the Warrior's Path...
And right there I had, for the first time in my life, a clear Knowledge of a Dualism in me. Two obviously separate parts were within my Being. One was extremely old, at ease, indifferent. It was heavy, dark, and connected to everything else. It was the part of me, that did not care, because it was equal to anything. It enjoyed things with no expectation. The other part was light, new, fluffy, agitated. It was nervous, fast. It cared about itself, because it was insecure and did not enjoy anything, simply because it lacked the capacity to connect itself to anything. It was alone, on the surface, vulnerable. That was the part, with which I looked at the World. I deliberately looked around with that part. Everywhere I looked I saw extensive farmlands.
And that insecure, fluffy, and caring part of me got caught between being proud of the industriousness of man and being sad at the sight of the magnificent old Sonoran desert turned into an orderly scene of furrows and domesticated plants.
The old, dark, heavy part of me did not care. And the two parts entered into a debate. The fluffy part wanted the heavy part to care, and the heavy part wanted the other one to stop fretting, and to enjoy..."

These extracts are about the Role of Naguals in the lives of Sorcerers and some basic points about Universe and Human structure, from Carlos Castaneda "The Power of Silence", p. 4-5 :

"...Then he (Don Juan Matis - a Nagual) explained the Role of the Guide in the Lives of Sorcerers. He said, that a Guide is called "the Nagual," and that the Nagual is a Man or a Woman with extraordinary energy,
a Teacher, who has sobriety, endurance, stability; someone SEERS See as a Luminous Sphere having four compartments, as if four Luminous Balls have been compressed together. Because of their Extraordinary Energy, Naguals are Intermediaries. Their Еnergy allows them to channel Peace, Harmony, Laughter, and Knowledge directly from the Source, from Intent (Law of Intent), and transmit them to their companions. Naguals are responsible for supplying what Sorcerers call "the minimal chance": the Awareness of one's Connection with Intent (one form of Intent is - CURIOSITY, Intent is Energy of Balance! LM)."

1. The Universe is an infinite agglomeration (collection,
mass of a round form) of Energy Fields, resembling Threads of Light.

2. These Energy Fields radiate from a Source of inconceivable proportions -
(Threads of Energy of Balance, coming from the Source of All Life through Emitter and forming Mind-Field in the Universe. When Universe completes its Life, these Threads would no longer be transmited from the Source. Our Luminous Balls consist of these Threads of Mind Field. LM).

3. Human Beings are also composed of an Incalculable Number of the same Threadlike Energy Fields (Mind-Field). These Threads form an encased agglomeration, that manifests itself as a Ball of Light the size of the person's body with the arms extended laterally, like a Giant Luminous Egg.

4. Only a very Small Group of these Energy Fields inside this Luminous Ball are lit up by a Point of Intense Brilliance (Spirit) located on the Ball's surface.

5. Perception occurs when the Energy Fields in that small group, immediately surrounding the Point of Brilliance (Spirit) , extend their Light to illuminate identical Energy Fields outside the Ball. Since the only Energy Fields perceivable are those, lit by the Point of Brilliance (Spirit), that Point is named "the point where perception is assembled" or simply "the assemblage point." (It must be called - Spirit, LM).

6. The Assemblage Point (Spirit) can be moved from its usual position on the surface of the luminous ball to another position on the surface, or into the interior. Since the brilliance of Spirit (the assemblage point) can light up whatever Energy Field it comes in contact with, when it moves to a new position it immediately brightens up new Energy Fields, making them perceivable. This perception is known as Seeing.

7. When Spirit (its Assemblage Point) shifts, it makes possible the perception of an entirely different World - as objective and factual, as the one we normally perceive. Sorcerers go into that other World to get Energy, Power, Solutions to general and particular problems, or to face the unimaginable.

8. Intent is the pervasive Force, that causes us to perceive. We do not become aware, because we perceive; rather, we perceive as a result of the Pressure and Intrusion of Intent.

9. The Aim of Sorcerers is to reach a State of Total Awareness in order to experience all the possibilities of perception available to human. This State of Awareness even implies an alternative way of dying."

"...And then I understood not only why Heightened Awareness was the Portal of Intent, but I also understood what Intent was. And, above all, I understood, that that Knowledge could not be turned into words. That Knowledge was there for everyone. It was there to be felt, to be used, but not to be explained. One could come into it by changing Levels of Awareness, therefore, Heightened Awareness was an Entrance. But even the Entrance could not be explained. One could only make use of it. There was still another piece of Knowledge, that came to me that day without any coaching: that the Natural Knowledge of Intent was available to anyone, but the command of it belonged to those, who probed it...

What a strange feeling: to realize, that everything we think, everything we say depends on the position of the Assemblage Point (of our Spirit)," he remarked. And that was exactly, what I had been thinking and laughing about. I know, that at this moment your Assemblage Point has shifted," he went on, "and you have understood the Secret of our Chains. They imprison us, but by keeping us pinned down on our comfortable spot of self-reflection, they defend us from the onslaughts of the Unknown...
I was having one of those extraordinary moments, in which everything about the Sorcerers' World was crystal clear. I understood everything.
"Once our chains are cut," don Juan continued, "we are no longer bound by the concerns of the daily world. We are still in the daily world, but we don't belong there anymore. In order to belong, we must share
the concerns of people, and without chains we can't.
Sorcerers are no longer in the World of daily affairs," don Juan went on, "because they are no longer prey to their self-reflection... And he commented, that inside every human being was a gigantic, dark lake of Silent Knowledge,  which each of us could intuit. He told me I could intuit it perhaps with a bit more clarity, than the average man, because of my involvement in the Warrior's Path.

Luminous Ball

Luminous Egg


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Светящийся Шар Человека и его/её Души в нём

Luminous Ball

Luminous Egg

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Нажмите здесь мышкой для проигрывания видео "Светящаяся Шаровая Форма Человека" на Адоб

ЭЛЕКТРОННЫЙ АДРЕС (на "Светящаяся Шаровая Форма Человека"): 

а потом на:

Mind Control is done with Moving Our Spirit's Assemblage Points! Our Perception is not in the Brain, as we were taught at schools, institutes and universities. Our Perception is in the Shiniest Point of our Spirits, called the Assemblage Point.
If you move this Point in the Luminous Ball of a Human (a picture of Human Luminous Ball is above), her/his Perception will change, because Universes and Worlds in them will change.
If before some of us could see mirages of Worlds of other Universes, soon all of us will see mirages of other Worlds - permanently. Assemblage Points of our Spirits will be moved to the Position of Silent Knowledge (the Third Point), we all will be able to Bi-Locate, it means being in two places simultaneously!
First Humans on Earth (but not all) used to do that, because their Assemblage Points were on the Position of Silent Knowledge (the Third Point) and we stayed in that World longer, than in today's World ! Then we started fluctuating between World (Position) of Silent Knowledge and Worlds of Reason (Point of Reason), eventually the Humanity's Position of Assemblage Points of our Spirits was deliberately moved to the Place of Reason permanently (Our Daily World) and we lost our abilities. Here are some extracts about the meaning of BI-LOCATION. BI-LOCATION is created by coming back to the Position of Silent Knowledge (like in old times) or at least, fluctuating the Assemblage Point of our Spirit between Place of Reason (Daily World) and Place of Silent Knowledge. From highly recommended - "The Power of Silence" by Carlos Castaneda:

Lives of Naguals. Interesting Facts

"He (Don Juan) repeated a story he had already told me; the story of how he had met his benefactor, the Nagual Julian. Don Juan had been cajoled (persuade by flattery, coax) by two crooked men to take a job on an isolated hacienda. One of the men, the foreman of the hacienda, simply took possession of don Juan and in effect made him a slave. Desperate and with no other course of action, don Juan escaped. The violent foreman chased him and caught him on a country road, where he shot don Juan in the chest and left him for dead. Don Juan was lying unconscious in the road, bleeding to death, when the Nagual Julian came along. Using his Healer's Knowledge, he stopped the bleeding, took don Juan, who was still unconscious, home and cured him.The Indications of the Spirit gave the Nagual Julian the signs about don Juan, and they were, first, a small cyclone, that lifted a cone of dust on the road a couple of yards from where he lay. The second Omen  was  the Thought, which had crossed the Nagual Julian's mind an instant before he had heard the sound of the gun a few yards away: that it was time to have an Apprentice-Nagual. Moments later, the Spirit gave him the third Omen, when he ran to take cover and instead collided with the gunman, putting him to flight, perhaps preventing him from shooting don Juan a second time. A collision with someone was the type of blunder (foolish, stupid remark or act), which no Sorcerer, much less a Nagual, would ever make. The Nagual Julian immediately evaluated the opportunity. When he saw don Juan, he understood the reason for the Manifestations of the Spirit : here was a Double Man, a perfect candidate to be his Apprentice-
All of a sudden he
(Don Juan) said, "I am going to tell you a story about the Nagual Elias and  the Manifestations of the Spirit . The Spirit  manifests itself to a Sorcerer, especially to a Nagual, at every turn. However, this is not the Entire Truth. The Entire Truth is, that  the Spirit  reveals itself to everyone with the same Intensity and Consistency, but only Sorcerers, and Naguals in particular, are attuned to such revelations.
Don Juan began his story. He said, that the Nagual Elias had been riding his horse to the city one day, taking him through a shortcut by some cornfields, when suddenly his horse shied , frightened by the low, fast sweep of a falcon, that missed the Nagual's straw hat by only a few inches. The Nagual immediately dismounted and began to look around. He saw a strange young man among the tall, dry cornstalks. The man was dressed in an expensive dark suit and appeared alien there. The Nagual Elias was used to the sight of peasants or landowners in the fields, but he had never seen an elegantly dressed city man, moving through the fields with apparent disregard for his expensive shoes and clothes. The Nagual tethered (tie by rope) his horse and walked toward the young man. He recognized the flight of the falcon, as well as the man's apparel (attire, clothing), as obvious  Manifestations of the Spirit , which he could not disregard. He got very close to the young man and saw what was going on. The man was chasing a peasant woman, who was running a few yards ahead of him, dodging (quickly shifting, moving) and laughing with him. The contradiction was quite apparent to the Nagual. The two people cavorting (playful skip, hop, leap) in the cornfield did not belong together. The Nagual thought, that the man must be the landowner's son and the woman a servant in the house. He felt embarrassed to be observing them and was about to turn and leave, when the falcon again swept over the cornfield and this time brushed the young man's head. The falcon alarmed the couple and they stopped and looked up, trying to anticipate another sweep. The nagual noticed, that the man was thin and handsome, and had haunting, restless eyes. Then the couple became bored watching for the falcon, and returned to their play. The man caught the woman, embraced her and gently laid her on the ground.
But instead of trying to make love to her, as the Nagual assumed he would do next, he removed his own clothes and paraded naked in front of the woman. She did not shyly close her eyes or scream with embarrassment or fright. She giggled, mesmerized by the prancing (to walk or move about in a lively manner) naked man, who moved around her like a satyr, making lewd (lustful, indecent) gestures and laughing. Finally, apparently overpowered by the sight, she uttered a wild cry, rose, and threw herself into the young man's arms.
Don Juan said, that the nagual Elias confessed to him, that the Indications of the Spirit  on that occasion, had been most baffling. It was clearly evident, that the man was insane. Otherwise, knowing how protective peasants were of their women, he would not have considered seducing a young peasant woman in broad daylight a few yards from the road and naked to boot. Don Juan broke into a laugh and told me, that in those days to take off one's clothes and engage in a sexual act in broad daylight in such a place meant: one had to be either insane or blessed by  the Spirit . He added, that what the man had done might not seem remarkable nowadays. But then, nearly a hundred years ago, people were infinitely more inhibited. All of this convinced the Nagual Elias from the moment he laid eyes on the man, that he was both insane and blessed by the Spirit . He worried, that peasants might happen by, become enraged and lynch (hanging) the man on the spot.
But no one did. It felt to the Nagual, as if time had been suspended. When the man finished making love, he put on his clothes, took out a handkerchief, meticulously dusted his shoes and, all the while making wild promises to the girl, went on his
way. The Nagual Elias followed him. In fact, he followed him for several days and found out, that his name was Julian and that he was an actor.
Subsequently, the Nagual saw him on the stage often enough to realize, that the actor had a great deal of charisma. The audience, especially the women, loved him. And he had no scruples (regrets) about making use of his charismatic gifts to seduce female admirers. As the nagual followed the actor, he was able to witness his seduction technique more than once. It entailed showing himself naked to his adoring fans as soon as he got them alone, then waiting, until the women, stunned by his display, surrendered. The technique seemed extremely effective for him. The Nagual had to admit,  that the actor was a great success, except on one count. He was mortally ill. The Nagual had seen the black shadow of death, that followed him everywhere. Don Juan explained again something he had told me years before - that our death was a black spot right behind the left shoulder. He said, that Sorcerers knew, when a person was close to dying, because they could see the dark spot, which became a moving shadow the exact size and shape of the person to whom it belonged. As he recognized the imminent presence of death, the Nagual was plunged into a numbing perplexity. He wondered, why the Spirit  was singling out such a sick person. He had been taught, that in a natural state replacement, not repair, prevailed (widespread) . And the Nagual doubted, that he had the ability or the strength to heal this young man, or resist the black shadow of his death. He even doubted, if he would be able to discover, why the Spirit  had involved him in a display of such obvious waste. The Nagual could do nothing, but stay with the actor, follow him around, and wait for the opportunity to see in greater depth. Don Juan explained, that a Nagual's first reaction, upon being faced with the manifestations of the Spirit , is to see the persons involved. The Nagual Elias had been meticulous about seeing the man the moment he laid eyes on him.
He had also seen the peasant woman, who was a part of the  Spirit's Manifestation , but he had seen nothing that, in his judgment, could have warranted the Spirit's Display . In the course of witnessing another seduction, however, the Nagual's ability to See took on a new depth. This time the actor's adoring fan was the daughter of a rich landowner. And from the start she was in complete control. The Nagual found out about their rendezvous, because he overheard her daring the actor to meet her the next day. The Nagual was hiding across the street at dawn, when the young woman left her house, and instead of going to early mass, she went to join the actor. The actor was waiting for her and she coaxed (persuade by pleading) him into following her to the open fields. He appeared to hesitate, but she taunted (mock, provoke) him and would not allow him to withdraw. As the Nagual watched them sneaking away, he had an absolute conviction, that something was going to happen on that day, which neither of the players was anticipating. He saw, that the actor's black shadow had grown to almost twice his height. The Nagual deduced from the mysterious hard look in the young woman's eyes, that she too had felt the black shadow of death at an intuitive level. The actor seemed preoccupied. He did not laugh, as he had on other occasions. They walked quite a distance. At one point, they spotted the Nagual following them, but he instantly pretended to be working the land, a peasant, who belonged there. That made the couple relax and allowed the Nagual to come closer.  Then the moment came, when the actor tossed off his clothes and showed himself to the girl. But instead of swooning (becoming ecstatic) and falling into his arms, as his other conquests had, this girl began to hit him. She kicked and punched him mercilessly and stepped on his bare toes, making him cry out with pain.
The Nagual knew, the man had not threatened or harmed the young woman. He had not laid a finger on her. She was the only one fighting. He was merely trying to parry (avoid) the blows, and persistently, but without enthusiasm, trying to entice (attract by arousing) her, showing her his genitals. The Nagual was filled with both revulsion and admiration. He could perceive, that the actor was an irredeemable libertine (incapable of being saved, one, who acts without moral or sexual restrain) , but he could also perceive equally easily, that there was something unique, although revolting, about him. It baffled the Nagual to See, that the man's  Connecting Link with the Spirit  was extraordinarily clear. Finally the attack ended. The woman stopped beating the actor. But then, instead of running away, she surrendered, lay down and told the actor he could now have his way with her. The nagual observed, that the man was so exhausted, he was practically unconscious. Yet, despite his fatigue he went right ahead and consummated his seduction. The Nagual was laughing and pondering, that useless man's great stamina and determination, when the woman screamed and the actor began to gasp. The Nagual saw how the Black Shadow struck the actor. It went like a dagger, with pinpoint accuracy into his gap. Don Juan made a digression (turn aside) at this point to elaborate on something he had explained before: he had described the gap, an Opening in our Luminous Shell at the height of the navel, where the Force of Death ceaselessly struck. What don Juan now explained was, that when death hit healthy Beings, it was with a ball-like blow - like the punch of a fist. But when Beings were dying, Death struck them with a dagger-like thrust (stab) . Thus the Nagual Elias knew without any question, that the actor was as good as dead, and his death automatically finished his own interest in  the Spirit's  designs.
There were no designs left; death had leveled everything. He rose from his hiding place and started to leave, when something made him hesitate. It was the young woman's calmness. She was nonchalantly (cool, indifferently) putting on the few pieces of clothing she had taken off and was whistling tunelessly, as if nothing had happened. And then the Nagual saw, that in relaxing to accept the presence of death, the man's body had released a protecting veil and revealed his true nature. He was a double man of tremendous resources, capable of creating a screen for protection or disguise - a natural Sorcerer and a perfect candidate for a Nagual-Apprentice, had it not been for the black Shadow of Death. The Nagual was completely taken aback by that sight. He now understood the designs of  the Spirit , but failed to comprehend, how such a useless man could fit in the Sorcerers' Scheme of things. The woman in the meantime had stood up and without so much as a glance at the man, whose body was contorting with death spasms, walked away. The Nagual then saw her Luminosity and realized, that her extreme aggressiveness was the result of an Enormous Flow of Superfluous (Excessive) Energy. He became convinced, that if she did not put that energy to sober use, it would get the best of her and there was no telling, what misfortunes it would cause her. As the Nagual watched the unconcern, with which she walked away, he realized,  that  the Spirit  had given him another  Manifestation . He needed to be calm, nonchalant (cool). He needed to act as if he had nothing to lose and intervene for the hell of it. In true Nagual fashion he decided to tackle the impossible, with noone,  except  the Spirit  as witness. Don Juan commented, that it took incidents like this to test whether a Nagual is the real thing or a fake. Naguals make decisions.
With no regard for the consequences, they take action or choose not to. Imposters ponder and become paralyzed. The Nagual Elias, having made his decision, walked calmly to the side of the dying man and did the first thing his body, not his mind, compelled him to do: he struck the man's Assemblage Point (place of Spirit) to cause him to enter into Heightened Awareness. He struck him frantically again and again, until his Assemblage Point moved. Aided by the Force of Death itself, the Nagual's blows sent the man's Assemblage Point to a place, where Death no longer mattered, and there he stopped dying. By the time the actor was breathing again, the Nagual had become aware of the magnitude of his responsibility.
If the man was to fend off (resist) the Force of his Death, it would be necessary for him to remain in deep Heightened Awareness, until death had been repelled. The man's advanced physical deterioration meant: he could not be moved from the spot or he would instantly die. The Nagual did the only thing possible under the circumstances: he built a shack around the body. There, for three months he nursed the totally immobilized man.
My rational thoughts took over, and instead of just listening, I wanted to know how the Nagual Elias could build a shack on someone else's land. I was aware of the rural peoples' passion about land ownership and its accompanying feelings of territoriality. Don Juan admitted, that he had asked the same question himself. And the Nagual Elias had said, that  the Spirit  itself had made it possible. This was the case with everything a Nagual undertook, providing he followed the  Spirit's Manifestations . The first thing the Nagual Elias did, when the actor was breathing again, was to run after the young woman. She was an important part of the Spirit's Manifestations . He caught up with her not too far from the spot, where the actor lay barely alive.
Rather than talking to her about the man's plight (difficult situation) and trying to convince her to help him, he again assumed total responsibility for his actions and jumped on her like a lion, striking her Assemblage Point a Mighty Blow.
Both she and the actor were capable of sustaining Life or Death Blows. Her Assemblage Point moved, but began to shift erratically once it was loose. The Nagual carried the young woman to where the actor lay. Then he spent the entire day
trying to keep her from losing her mind and the man from losing his life. When he was fairly certain he had a degree of control, he went to the woman's father and told him, that lightning must have struck his daughter and made her temporarily mad. He took the father to where she lay and said that the young man, whoever he was, had taken the whole charge of the lightning with his body, thus saving the girl from certain death, but injuring himself to the point, that he could not be
moved. The grateful father helped the Nagual build the shack for the man, who had saved his daughter. And in three months the Nagual accomplished the impossible. He healed the young man. When the time came for the Nagual to leave, his sense of responsibility and his duty required him both to warn the young woman about her excess energy and the injurious consequences it would have on her life and well being, and to ask her to join the Sorcerers' World, as that would be
the only defense against her Self-destructive Strength. The woman did not respond. And the Nagual Elias was obliged to tell her what every Nagual has said to a prospective apprentice throughout the ages: that Sorcerers speak of Sorcery as
magical, mysterious Bird, which has paused in its flight for a moment in order to give man hope and purpose; that Sorcerers live under the wing of that Bird, which they call the Bird of Wisdom, the Bird of Freedom; that they nourish it with their dedication and impeccability.
He told her, that Sorcerers knew the flight of the Bird of Freedom was always a straight line, since it had no way of making a loop, no way of circling back and returning; and that the Bird of Freedom could do only two things, take Sorcerers along, or leave them behind. The Nagual Elias could not talk to the young actor, who was still mortally ill, in the same way. The young man did not have much of a choice. Still, the Nagual told him, that if he wanted to be cured, he would have to follow the Nagual unconditionally. The actor accepted the terms instantly. The day the Nagual Elias and the actor started back home, the young woman was waiting silently at the edge of town. She carried no suitcases, not even a basket. She seemed to have come merely to see them off. The Nagual kept walking without looking at her, but the actor, being carried on a stretcher, strained to say goodbye to her. She laughed and wordlessly merged into the Nagual's party. She had no doubts and no problem about leaving everything behind. She had understood perfectly, that there was no second chance for her, that the Bird of Freedom either took Sorcerers along or left them behind. Don Juan commented, that that was not surprising. The force of the Nagual's personality was always so overwhelming, that he was practically irresistible, and the Nagual Elias had affected those two people deeply. He had had three months of daily interaction to accustom them to his consistency, his detachment, his objectivity. They had become enchanted by his sobriety and, above all, by his total dedication to them. Through his example and his actions, the Nagual Elias had given them a sustained view of the Sorcerers' World: supportive and nurturing, yet utterly demanding. It was a world that admitted very few mistakes..."The Nagual Elias's story is another matter. Although it seems to be a story about people, it is really a story about Intent. Intent creates edifices before us and invites us to enter them. This is the way Sorcerers understand what is happening around them...That Woman was so powerful, that she could dance circles around anyone. Her name was Talia."
...Nagual Elias, he would have wound up just like his benefactor (Nagual Julian), all action and very little understanding.
"What was the Nagual Elias like?" I asked, to change the subject.
"He was not like his disciple at all," don Juan said. "He was an Indian. Very dark and massive. He had rough features, big mouth, strong nose, small black eyes, thick black hair with no gray in it. He was shorter, than the Nagual Julian and had big hands and feet. He was very humble and very wise, but he had no flare. Compared with my benefactor, he was dull. Always all by himself, pondering questions. The Nagual Julian used to joke, that his Teacher imparted wisdom by the ton.
Behind his back he used to call him the Nagual Tonnage.
"The Nagual Elias felt, that Our Lives and Our Personalities were quite similar," don Juan continued. "For this reason, he felt obliged to help me. I don't feel that similarity with you, so I suppose I regard you very much the way the Nagual Julian used to regard me."
Don Juan said, that the Nagual Elias took him under his wing from the very first day he arrived at his benefactor's house to start his apprenticeship and began to explain what was taking place in his training, regardless of whether don Juan was capable of understanding. His urge to help don Juan was so intense, that he practically held him prisoner. He protected him in this manner from the Nagual Julian's harsh onslaughts.
"At the beginning, I used to stay at the Nagual Elias's house all the time," don Juan continued. "And I loved it. In my benefactor's (Nagual Julian) house I was always on the lookout, on guard, afraid of what he was going to do to me next.
But in the Nagual Elias's home I felt confident, at ease. "My benefactor (Nagual Julian) used to press me mercilessly. And I couldn't figure out why he was pressuring me so hard. I thought that the man was plain crazy."
Don Juan said, that the Nagual Elias was an Indian from the state of Oaxaca, who had been taught by another Nagual named Rosendo, who came from the same area. Don Juan described the Nagual Elias as being a very conservative man,
 who cherished his privacy. And yet he was a famous Healer and Sorcerer, not only in Oaxaca, but in all of Southern Mexico. Nonetheless, in spite of his occupation and notoriety (infamous), he lived in complete isolation at the opposite end of
the country, in northern Mexico...
Don Juan laughed, and, since he had made me aware of the question, I asked how it had been possible for the Nagual Elias to be in two places at once.
"Dreaming is a Sorcerer's Jet Plane," he said. "The Nagual Elias was a Dreamer, as my benefactor (Nagual Julian) was a Stalker. He was able to create and project, what Sorcerers know as the Dreaming Body, or the Other, and to be in two distant places at the same time (bilocation). With his Dreaming Body, he could carry on his business as a Sorcerer, and with his natural self be a recluse."
I remarked, that it amazed me, that I could accept so easily the premise, that the Nagual Elias had the ability to project a solid three-dimensional image of himself ...
He said, that the Nagual Elias had a very inquisitive mind and could work well with his hands. In his journeys as a Dreamer he saw many objects, which he copied in wood and forged iron. Don Juan assured me that some of those models were of a haunting, exquisite beauty.
"What kind of objects were the originals?" I asked.
"There's no way of knowing," don Juan said. "You've got to consider that because he was an Indian the Nagual Elias went into his Dreaming Journeys the way a wild animal prowls for food. An animal never shows up at a site, when there are signs of activity. He comes only when no one is around. The Nagual Elias, as a solitary Dreamer, visited, let's say, the junkyard of Infinity, when noone was around - and copied whatever he saw, but never knew what those things were used
for, or their source...
"Visiting him (Nagual Elias) was for me the ultimate treat," he said, "and simultaneously, a source of strange guilt. I used to get bored to death there. Not because the Nagual Elias was boring, but because the Nagual Julian had no peers and he spoiled anyone for life."
"But I thought you were confident and at ease in the Nagual Elias's house," I said.
"I was, and that was the source of my guilt and my imagined problem. Like you, I loved to torment myself. I think at the very beginning I found peace in the Nagual Elias's company, but later on, when I understood the Nagual Julian better, I went his way...
It was as cool and quiet in the patio of don Juan's house as in the cloister of a convent. There were a number of large fruit trees planted extremely close together, which seemed to regulate the temperature and absorb all noises. When I first came to his house, I had made critical remarks about the illogical way the fruit trees had been planted. I would have given them more space. His answer was that those trees were not his property, they were free and independent warrior trees, that had joined his party of warriors, and that my comments - which applied to regular trees - were not relevant. His reply sounded metaphorical to me.
What I didn't know then was, that don Juan meant everything he said - literally. Don Juan and I were sitting in cane armchairs facing the fruit trees now. The trees were all bearing fruit. I commented, that it was not only a beautiful sight, but an extremely intriguing one, for it was not the fruit season.
"There is an interesting story about it," he admitted. "As you know, these trees are Warriors of my Party. They are bearing now, because all the Members of my Party have been talking and expressing feelings about our definitive journey, here in front of them. And the trees know now, that when we embark on our definitive journey, they will accompany us." I looked at him, astonished.
"I can't leave them behind," he explained. "They are Warriors too. They have thrown their lot in with the Nagual's Party. And they know how I feel about them. The Assemblage Point of Trees is located very low in their Enormous Luminous Shell, and that permits them to know our feelings, for instance, the feelings we are having now as we discuss my definitive journey...
He reminded me of something he had told me often: that volunteers were not welcome in the Sorcerers' World, because they already had a purpose of their own, which made it particularly hard for them to relinquish (abandon) their individuality.
If the Sorcerers' World demanded ideas and actions, contrary to the volunteers' purpose, the volunteers simply refused to change...Don Juan assured me that, although I might have had notions to the contrary, my apprenticeship had not been as onerous (troublesome) to him, as his must have been to his benefactor (Nagual Julian). He admitted, that I had a modicum (a small amount) of self-discipline, that came in very handy, while he (himself) had had none whatever. And his benefactor, in turn, had had even less. "The difference is discernible (perceptible) in the Manifestations of the Spirit," he continued. "In some cases, they are barely noticeable; in my case, they were commands. I had been shot. Blood was pouring out of a hole in my chest. My benefactor had to act with speed and sureness, just as his own benefactor had for him. Sorcerers know, that the more difficult the command is, the more difficult the disciple turns out to be...Everything,  connected with my benefactor, was very difficult," he said and began to laugh. "When he was twenty-four years old, the Spirit didn't just Knock on his Door, it nearly banged it down."

He said, that the story had really begun years earlier, when his benefactor (Nagual Julian) had been a handsome adolescent from a good family in Mexico City. He was wealthy, educated, charming, and had a charismatic personality. Women fell in love with him at first sight. But he was already self-indulgent and undisciplined, lazy about anything, that did not give him immediate gratification. Don Juan said, that with that personality and his type of upbringing - he was the only son of a wealthy widow who, together with his four adoring sisters, doted (lavish excessive love) on him - he could only behave one way. He indulged in every impropriety  (improper act) he could think of. Even among his equally self-indulgent (absence of restrains) friends, he was seen as a moral delinquent (tendency to indulge in anti-social behaviour), who lived to do anything, that the World considered morally wrong. In the long run, his excesses weakened him physically and he fell mortally ill with tuberculosis - the dreaded disease of the time. But his illness, instead of restraining him, created a physical condition, in which he felt more sensual, than ever. Since he did not have one iota of self-control, he gave himself over fully to debauchery, and his health deteriorated, until there was no hope. The saying, that it never rains, but it pours, was certainly true for don Juan's benefactor then.
As his health declined, his mother, who was his only source of support and the only restraint on him, died. She left him a sizable inheritance, which should have supported him adequately for life, but undisciplined as he was, in a few months he had spent every cent. With no profession or trade to fall back on, he was left to scrounge (sponge, search) for a living. Without money he no longer had friends; and even the Women, who once loved him, turned their backs. For the first time in his life, he found himself confronting a harsh reality. Considering the state of his health, it should have been the end. But he was resilient. He decided to work for a living.
His sensual habits, however, could not be changed, and they forced him to seek work in the only place he felt comfortable: the theater. His qualifications were that he was a born ham and had spent most of his adult life in the company of actresses. He joined a theatrical troupe in the provinces, away from his familiar circle of friends and acquaintances, and became a very intense actor, the consumptive hero in religious and morality plays.
Don Juan commented on the strange irony, that had always marked his benefactor's life. There he was, a perfect reprobate (a scoundrel), dying as a result of his dissolute (debauched) ways and playing the roles of saints and mystics. He even played Jesus in the Passion Play during Holy Week. His health lasted through one theatrical tour of the Northern States. Then two things happened in the city of Durango: his life came to an end and the Spirit knocked on his Door. Both his Death and the Spirit's Knock came at the same time - in broad daylight in the bushes. His Death caught him in the act of seducing a young Woman. He was already extremely weak, and that day he overexerted (strained) himself. The young Woman, who was vivacious (lively, spirited) and strong and madly infatuated (possessed by powerful passion), had, by promising to make love, induced (persuaded) him to walk to a secluded spot, miles from nowhere. And there she had fought him off for hours. When she finally submitted, he was completely worn out, and coughing so badly, that he could hardly breathe. During his last passionate outburst he felt a searing (burning) pain in his shoulder. His chest felt as if it were being ripped apart and a coughing spell made him retch (vomit) uncontrollably. But his compulsion (irresistable impulse to act) to seek pleasure kept him going, until his Death came in the form of a hemorrhage (bleeding). It was then, that the Spirit made its entry, borne by an Indian, who came to his aid. Earlier he had noticed the Indian following them around, but had not given him a second thought, absorbed as he was in the seduction.
He saw, as in a dream, the Girl. She was not scared, nor did she lose her composure. Quietly and efficiently she put her clothes back on and took off as fast as a rabbit chased by hounds. He also saw the Indian rushing to him trying to make him sit up. He heard him saying idiotic things. He heard him pledging (promising to do something) himself to the spirit and mumbling incomprehensible words in a foreign language. Then the Indian acted very quickly. Standing behind him, he gave him a smacking blow on the back. Very rationally, the dying man deduced, that the Indian was trying either to dislodge the blood clot or to kill him. As the Indian struck him repeatedly on the back, the dying man became convinced, that the Indian was the Woman's lover or husband and was murdering him. But seeing the intensely brilliant eyes of that Indian, he changed his mind. He knew, that the Indian was simply crazy and was not connected with the Woman. With his last bit of consciousness, he focused his attention on the man's mumblings. What he was saying was, that the Power of Man was incalculable (hard to estimate), that Death existed only, because we had intended it since the moment of our birth, that the Intent of Death could be suspended by making the Assemblage Point change positions. He then knew, that the Indian was totally insane. His situation was so theatrical - dying at the hands of a crazy Indian mumbling gibberish - that he vowed, he would be a ham actor to the bitter end, and he promised himself not to die of either the hemorrhaging or the blows, but to die of laughter. And he laughed, until he was dead.
Don Juan remarked that naturally his benefactor could not possibly have taken the Indian seriously. Noone could take such a person seriously, especially not a prospective apprentice, who was not supposed to be volunteering for the Sorcery task...

"...Sorcerers knew, by means of their practical actions, that as soon as their Assemblage Points move, their Self-Importance crumbles. Without the customary position of their Assemblage Points, their self-image can no longer be sustained. And without the Heavy Focus on that self-image, they lose their Self-Compassion, and with it their Self-Importance. Sorcerers are right, therefore, in saying, that Self-Importance is merely Self-Pity in disguise. He then took my experience of the afternoon and went through it step by step. He stated, that a Nagual in his role Leader or Teacher has to behave in the most efficient, but, at the same time, most impeccable, way. Since it is not possible for him to plan the course of his actions rationally, the Nagual always lets the Spirit decide his course.
For example, he said he had had no plans to do what he did, until the Spirit gave him an indication, very early that morning when we were having breakfast in Nogales. He urged me recall the event and tell him what I could remember. I recalled that during breakfast I got very embarrassed cause don Juan made fun of me.
"Think about the waitress," don Juan urged me.
"All I can remember about her is that she was rude."
"But what did she do?" he insisted. "What did she do while she waited to take our order?"
After a moment's pause, I remembered, that she was a hard-looking young woman, who threw the menu at me and stood there, almost touching me, silently demanding, that I hurry up and order.
While she waited, impatiently tapping her big foot on the floor, she pinned her long black hair up on her head. The change was remarkable. She looked more appealing, more mature. I was frankly taken by the change in her. In fact, I overlooked her bad manners because of it.
"That was the Omen," don Juan said. "Hardness and Transformation were the indication of the Spirit."
He said that his first act of the day, as a Nagual, was to let me know his intentions. To that end, he told me in very plain language, but in a surreptitious manner, that he was going to give me a lesson in Ruthlessness.
"Do you remember now?" he asked. "I talked to the waitress and to an old lady at the next table."
Guided by him in this fashion, I did remember don Juan practically flirting with an old lady and the ill-mannered waitress. He talked to them for a long time while I ate. He told them idiotically funny stories about graft (extortion) and corruption in government, and jokes about farmers in the city. Then he asked the waitress if she was an American. She said no and laughed at the question.
Don Juan said that that was good, because I was a Mexican-American in search of love. And I might as well start here, after eating such a good breakfast. The Women laughed. I thought they laughed at my being embarrassed. Don Juan said to them, that, seriously speaking, I had come to Mexico to find a wife. He asked if they knew of any honest, modest, chaste (virgin) Woman, who wanted to get married and was not too demanding in matters of male beauty. He referred to himself as my spokesman. The Women were laughing very hard. I was truly chagrined (humiliated). Don Juan turned to the waitress and asked her if she would marry me. She said, that she was engaged. It looked to me as though she was taking don Juan seriously.
"Why don't you let him speak for himself?" the old lady asked don Juan.
"Because he has a speech impediment (fault)," he said. "He stutters horribly."
The waitress said, that I had been perfectly normal when I ordered my food.
"Oh! You're so observant," don Juan said. "Only when he orders food can he speak like anyone else. I've told him time and time again, that if he wants to learn to speak normally, he has to be ruthless. I brought him here to give him some lessons in ruthlessness."
"Poor man," the old woman said.
"Well, we'd better get going, if we are going to find love for him today," don Juan said as he stood to leave.
"You're serious about this marriage business," the young waitress said to don Juan.
"You bet," he replied. "I'm going to help him get what he needs, so he can cross the border and go to the Place of No Pity."
I thought don Juan was calling either marriage or the U.S.A. the Place of No Pity.
I laughed at the metaphor and stuttered horribly for a moment, which scared the Women to death and made don Juan laugh hysterically."

"Don Juan then began his Story about his benefactor and the descent of the Spirit. He said, that the Story started right after the Spirit had knocked on the young actor's door. I interrupted don Juan and asked him why he consistently used the terms "young man" or "young actor" to refer to the Nagual Julian.
"At the time of this Story, he wasn't the Nagual," don Juan replied. "He was a young actor. In my story, I can't just call him Julian, because to me he was always the Nagual Julian. As a sign of deference for his lifetime of Impeccabitity, we always prefix 'Nagual' to a Nagual's name."
Don Juan proceeded with his story. He said, that the Nagual Elias had stopped the young actor's death by making him shift into Heightened Awareness, and following hours of struggle, the young actor regained consciousness. The Nagual Elias did not mention his name, but he introduced himself as a professional healer, who had stumbled onto the scene of a tragedy, where two persons had nearly died. He pointed to the young woman, Talia, stretched out on the ground. The young
man was astonished to see her lying unconscious next to him. He remembered seeing her as she ran away. It startled him to hear the old healer explain, that doubtlessly God had punished Talia for her sins by striking her with lightning and making her lose her mind.
"But how could there be lightning if it's not even raining?" the young actor asked in a barely audible voice. He was visibly affected, when the old Indian replied, that God's ways couldn't be questioned.
Again I interrupted don Juan. I was curious to know if the young woman really had lost her mind. He reminded me, that the Nagual Elias delivered a shattering blow to her Assemblage Point.
He said, that she had not lost her mind, but that, as a result of the blow, she slipped in and out of Heightened Awareness, creating a serious threat to her health. After a gigantic struggle, however, the Nagual Elias helped her to stabilize her Assemblage Point and she entered permanently into Heightened Awareness.
Don Juan commented, that Women are capable of such a Master Stroke: they can permanently maintain a new position of the Assemblage Point (of their Spirit).

And Talia was peerless (unequal). As soon as her chains were broken, she immediately understood everything and complied (act in accordance with) with the Nagual's Designs. Don Juan, recounting his story, said, that the Nagual Elias -
who was not only a superb Dreamer, but also a superb Stalker - had seen, that the young actor was spoiled and conceited (self-important), but only seemed to be hard and calloused (unfeeling). The Nagual knew, that if he brought forth the idea of God, sin, and retribution (pay back), the actor's religious beliefs would make his cynical attitude collapse. Upon hearing about God's punishment, the actor's facade began to crumble. He started to express remorse, but the Nagual cut him short and forcefully stressed, that when Death was so near, feelings of guilt no longer mattered. The young actor listened attentively, but, although he felt very ill, he did not believe, that he was in danger of dying. He thought, that his weakness and fainting had been brought on by his loss of blood. As if he had read the young actor's mind, the Nagual explained to him, that those optimistic thoughts were out of place, that his hemorrhaging would have been fatal had it not been for the
plug that he, as a healer, had created.
"When I struck your back, I put in a plug to stop the draining of your Life Force," the Nagual said to the skeptical young actor.
"Without that restraint, the unavoidable process of your Death would continue.  If you don't believe me, I'll prove it to you by removing the plug with another blow."
As he spoke, the Nagual Elias tapped the young actor on his right side by his ribcage. In a moment the young man was retching (vomiting) and choking. Blood poured out of his mouth as he coughed uncontrollably. Another tap on his back stopped the agonizing pain and retching. But it did not stop his fear, and he passed out.
"I can control your Death for the time being," the Nagual said when the young actor regained consciousness. "How long I can control it depends on you, on how faithfully you acquiesce (accept) to everything I tell you to do."
The Nagual said, that the first requirements of the young man were total immobility and silence. If he did not want his plug to come out, the Nagual added, he had to behave as if he had lost his powers of motion and speech. A single twitch or a single utterance would be enough to restart his dying. The young actor was not accustomed to complying with suggestions or demands. He felt a surge of anger. As he started to voice his protest, the burning pain and convulsions started up
"Stay with it, and I will cure you," the Nagual said. "Act like the weak, rotten imbecile you are, and you will die."
The actor, a proud young man, was numbed by the insult. Nobody had ever called him a weak, rotten imbecile. He wanted to express his fury, but his pain was so severe, that he could not react to the indignity.
"If you want me to ease your pain, you must obey me blindly," the Nagual said with frightening coldness. "Signal me with a nod. But know now, that the moment you change your mind and act like the shameful moron you are, I'll immediately pull the plug and leave you to die."
With his last bit of strength the actor nodded his assent (agree, concur). The Nagual tapped him on his back and his pain vanished. But along with the searing pain, something else vanished: the fog in his mind. And then the young actor knew everything without understanding anything. The Nagual introduced himself again. He told him, that his name was Elias, and that he was the Nagual. And the actor knew what it all meant. The Nagual Elias then shifted his attention to the semiconscious Talia. He put his mouth to her left ear and whispered commands to her in order to make her Assemblage Point stop its erratic shifting. He soothed her fear by telling her, in whispers, Stories of Sorcerers, who had gone
through the same thing she was experiencing. When she was fairly calm, he introduced himself as the Nagual Elias, a Sorcerer; and then he attempted with her the most difficult thing in Sorcery: moving the Assemblage Point beyond
the Sphere of the World we know. Don Juan remarked, that seasoned Sorcerers are capable of moving beyond the World we know, but that inexperienced persons are not. The Nagual Elias always maintained, that ordinarily he would not have dreamed of attempting such a feat, but on that day something other, than his Knowledge or his Volition was making him act. Yet the maneuver worked. Talia moved beyond the World we know and came safely back. Then the Nagual Elias had another Insight. He sat between the two people stretched out on the ground - the actor was naked, covered only by the Nagual Elias's riding coat - and reviewed their situation. He told them, they had both, by the force of circumstances, fallen into a trap set by the Spirit itself.
He, the Nagual, was the active part of that trap, because by encountering them under the conditions he had, he had been forced to become their temporary protector and to engage his Knowledge of Sorcery in order to help them. As their temporary protector it was his duty to warn them, that they were about to reach a unique Threshold; and that it was up to them, both individually and together, to attain (reach) that Threshold by entering a mood of abandon, but not
recklessness; a mood of caring, but not indulgence. He did not want to say more for fear of confusing them or influencing their decision. He felt, that if they were to cross that Threshold, it had to be with minimal help from him. The Nagual then left them alone in that isolated spot and went to the city to arrange for medicinal herbs, mats, and blankets to be brought to them. His idea was, that in solitude they would attain and cross that Threshold. For a long time the two young people lay next to each other, immersed in their own thoughts. The fact, that their Assemblage Points had shifted meant, that they could think in greater depth, than ordinarily, but it also meant, that they worried, pondered, and were afraid in equally greater depth. Since Talia could talk and was a bit stronger, she broke their silence; she asked the young actor if he was afraid. He nodded affirmatively. She felt a great compassion for him and took off a shawl she was wearing to put over his shoulders, and she held his hand. The young man did not dare voice what he felt. His fear, that his pain would recur if he spoke was too great and too vivid. He wanted to apologize to her; to tell her, that his only regret was having hurt her, and that it did not matter, that he was going to die - for he knew with certainty,  that he was not going to survive the day.
Talia's thoughts were on the same subject. She said, that she too had only one regret: that she had fought him hard enough to bring on his death. She was very peaceful now, a feeling, which agitated as she always was, and driven by her great strength, was unfamiliar to her. She told him, that her death was very near, too, and that she was glad it all would end that day. The young actor, hearing his own thoughts being spoken by Talia, felt a chill. A surge of energy came to him then and made him sit up. He was not in pain, nor was he coughing. He took in great gulps of air, something he had no memory of having done before. He took the girl's hand and they began to talk without vocalizing. Don Juan said, it was at that instant that the Spirit came to them. And they saw. They were deeply Catholic, and what they saw was a vision of heaven, where everything was alive, bathed in Light. They saw a World of Miraculous Sights.
When the Nagual returned, they were exhausted, although not injured. Talia was unconscious, but the young man had managed to remain aware by a supreme effort of self-control. He insisted on whispering something in the Nagual's ear.
"We saw heaven," he whispered, tears rolling down his cheeks.
"You saw more, than that," the Nagual Elias retorted. "You saw the Spirit."
Don Juan said, that since the Spirit's descent is always shrouded, naturally, Talia and the young actor could not hold onto their Vision. They soon forgot it, as anyone would. The Uniqueness of their experience was that, without any training and without being aware of it, they had dreamed together and had seen the Spirit. For them to have achieved this with such ease was quite out of the ordinary.
"Those two were really the most remarkable Beings I have ever met," don Juan added..

"The Second Attention is like an Ocean, and the Dreaming Attention is like a River, feeding into it. The Second Attention is the condition of being aware of Total Worlds, Total like our World is Total, while the Dreaming Attention is the condition of being aware of the items of our Dreams."

"...I'm going to tell you the Story of my Death."

He began to recount what had happened to him after his arrival in Durango, still disguised in women's clothes, following his month-long journey through central Mexico. He said, that old Belisario took him directly to a hacienda to hide from the Monstrous Man, who was chasing him. As soon as he arrived, don Juan - very daringly in view of his taciturn (laconic, untalkative) nature - introduced himself to everyone in the house.
There were seven beautiful Women and a strange unsociable man, who did not utter a single word. Don Juan delighted the lovely Women with his rendition (performance) of the monstrous man's efforts to capture him. Above all, they were enchanted with the disguise, which he still wore, and the story, that went with it. They never tired of hearing the details of his trip, and all of them advised him on how to perfect the Knowledge he had acquired during his journey. What surprised don Juan was their poise (composed, in balance) and assuredness, which were unbelievable to him. The seven Women were exquisite and they made him feel happy. He liked them and trusted them. They treated him with respect and consideration. But something in their eyes told him, that under their facades of charm, there existed a terrifying coldness, an aloofness (reserved, withdrawn) he could never penetrate. The thought occurred to him, that in order for these strong and beautiful Women to be so at ease and to have no regard for formalities, they had to be loose (prostitutes) Women. Yet it was obvious to him, that they were not. Don Juan was left alone to roam the property. He was dazzled by the huge mansion and its grounds. He had never seen anything like it. It was an old colonial house with a high surrounding wall. Inside were balconies with flowerpots and patios with enormous fruit trees, that provided shade, privacy, and quiet.
There were large rooms, and on the ground floor airy corridors around the patios. On the upper floor there were mysterious bedrooms, where don Juan was not permitted to set foot. During the following days don Juan was amazed by the profound interest the Women took in his well-being. They did everything for him. They seemed to hang on his every word. Never before had people been so kind to him. But also, never before had he felt so solitary.
He was always in the company of the beautiful, strange Women, and yet he had never been so alone. Don Juan believed, that his feeling of aloneness came from being unable to predict the behavior of the Women or to know their real feelings. He knew only what they told him about themselves. A few days after his arrival, the Woman, who seemed to be their leader, gave him some brandnew men's clothes and told him, that his Woman's disguise was no longer necessary, because whoever the Monstrous Man might have been, he was now nowhere in sight. She told him he was free to go whenever he pleased. Don Juan begged to see Belisario, whom he had not seen since the day they arrived. The Woman said, that Belisario was gone. He had left word, however, that don Juan could stay in the house as long, as he wanted - but only if he was in danger. Don Juan declared he was in mortal danger. During his few days in the house, he had seen the Monster constantly, always sneaking about the cultivated fields, surrounding the house. The Woman did not believe him and told him bluntly, that he was a con artist, pretending to see the Monster, so they would take him in. She told him their house was not a place to loaf (spend time lazily). She stated, they were serious people, who worked very hard and could not afford to keep a freeloader. Don Juan was insulted. He stomped out (tread heavily) of the house, but when he caught sight of the Monster, hiding behind the ornamental shrubbery bordering the walk, his fright immediately replaced his anger. He rushed back into the house and begged the Woman to let him stay. He promised to do peon (peasant-laborer) labor for no wages, if he could only remain at the hacienda. She agreed, with the understanding, that don Juan would accept two conditions: that he not ask any questions, and that he do exactly, as he was told without requiring any explanations.
She warned him, that, if he broke these rules, his stay at the house would be in jeopardy.
"I stayed in the house really under protest," don Juan continued. "I did not like to accept her conditions, but I knew, that the Monster was outside. In the house I was safe. I knew, that the Monstrous Man was always stopped at an invisible boundary, that encircled the house, at a distance of perhaps a hundred yards. Within that circle I was safe. As far as I could discern, there must have been something about that house, that kept the Monstrous Man away, and that was all I cared about.
"I also realized, that when the people of the house were around me the Monster never appeared."
After a few weeks with no change in his situation, the young man, who don Juan believed had been living in the monster's house, disguised as old Belisario, reappeared. He told don Juan, that he had just arrived, that his name was Julian, and that he owned the hacienda. Don Juan naturally asked him about his disguise. But the young man, looking him in the eye
and without the slightest hesitation, denied knowledge of any disguise.
"How can you stand here in my own house and talk such rubbish?" he shouted at don Juan. "What do you take me for?"
"But - you are Belisario, aren't you?" don Juan insisted.
"No," the young man said. "Belisario is an old man. I am Julian and I'm young. Don't you see?"
Don Juan meekly (patiently) admitted, that he had not been quite convinced, that it was a disguise and immediately realized the absurdity of his statement. If being old was not a disguise, then it was a transformation, and that was even more absurd. Don Juan's confusion increased by the moment. He asked about the Monster and the young man replied, that he had no idea what Monster he was talking about.
He conceded (, that don Juan must have been scared by something, otherwise old Belisario would not have given him sanctuary. But whatever reason don Juan had for hiding, it was his personal business. Don Juan was mortified (humiliated)
by the coldness of his host's tone and manner. Risking his anger, don Juan reminded him, that they had met. His host replied, that he had never seen him before that day, but that he was honoring Belisario's wishes as he felt obliged to do.
The young man added, that not only was he the owner of the house, but that he was also in charge of every person in that household, including don Juan, who, by the act of hiding among them, had become a ward of the house (person under protection of others). If don Juan did not like the arrangement, he was free to go and take his chances with the Monster no one else was able to see. Before he made up his mind one way or another, don Juan judiciously (had sound judgement)  decided to ask, what being a ward of the house involved. The young man took don Juan to a section of the mansion, that was under construction and said, that that part of the house was symbolic of his own life and actions. It was unfinished.
Construction was indeed underway, but chances were: it might never be completed.
"You are one of the elements of that incomplete construction," he said to don Juan. "Let's say, that you are the beam, that will support the roof. Until we put it in place and put the roof on top of it, we won't know whether it will support he weight. The master carpenter says it will. I am the master carpenter."
This metaphorical explanation meant nothing to don Juan, who wanted to know what was expected of him in matters of manual labor. The young man tried another approach.
"I'm a Nagual," he explained. "I bring Freedom.
I'm the Leader of the people in this house. You are in this house, and because of that you are a part of it whether you like or not."
Don Juan looked at him dumbfounded, unable to say anything.
"I am the Nagual Julian," his host said, smiling. "Without my intervention, there is no way to Freedom."
Don Juan still did not understand. But he began to wonder about his safety in light of the man's obviously erratic mind. He was so concerned with this unexpected development, that he was not even curious about the use of the word Nagual.
He knew, that Nagual meant Sorcerer, yet he was unable to take in the total implication (indirect suggestion) of the Nagual Julian's words. Or perhaps, somehow, he understood it perfectly, although his conscious mind did not. The young man stared at him for a moment and then said, that don Juan's actual job would involve being his personal valet (male-servant) and assistant. There would be no pay for this, but excellent room and board. From time to time there would be other small jobs for don Juan, jobs requiring special attention. He was to be in charge of either doing the jobs himself or seeing, that they got done. For these special services he would be paid small amounts of money, which would be put into an account kept for him by the other members of the household. Thus, should he ever want to leave, there would be a small amount of cash to tide (support) him over. The young man stressed, that don Juan should not consider himself a prisoner, but, that
if he stayed, he would have to work. And still more important, than the work were the three requirements he had to fulfill. He had to make a serious effort to learn everything the Women taught him. His conduct with all the members of the household must be exemplary (commendable, being imitated), which meant, that he would have to examine his behavior and attitude toward them every minute of the day.
And he was to address the young man, in direct conversation, as Nagual, and when talking of him, to refer to him as the Nagual Julian. Don Juan accepted the terms grudgingly (reluctantly). But although he instantly plunged into his habitual sulkiness and moroseness (gloom, bad temper, silent protest), he learned his work quickly. What he did not understand was, what was expected of him in matters of attitude and behavior. And even though he could not have put his finger on a concrete instance, he honestly believed, that he was being lied to and exploited. As his moroseness got the upper hand, he entered into a permanent sulk and hardly, said a word to anyone. It was then, that the Nagual Julian assembled all the members of his household and explained to them, that even though he badly needed an assistant, he would abide (tolerate) by their decision. If they did not like the morose and unappealing attitude of his new orderly (male-attendant), they had the right to say so. If the majority disapproved of don Juan's behavior, the young man would have to leave and take his chances with whatever was waiting for him outside, be it a Monster or his own fabrication. The Nagual Julian then led them to the front of the house and challenged don Juan to show them the Monstrous Man. Don Juan pointed him out, but no one else saw him. Don Juan ran frantically from one person to another, insisting, that the Monster was there, imploring (pleading, begging) them to help him. They ignored his pleas and called him crazy. It was then, that the Nagual Julian put don Juan's fate to vote. The unsociable man did not choose to vote. He shrugged his shoulders and walked away.
All the Women spoke out against don Juan's staying. They argued, that he was simply too morose and bad-tempered.
During the heat of the argument, however, the Nagual Julian completely changed his attitude and became don Juan's defender. He suggested, that the Women might be misjudging the poor young man, that he was perhaps not crazy at all and maybe actually did see a Monster. He said, that perhaps his moroseness was the result of his worries. And a great fight ensued (followed). Tempers flared, and in no time the Women were yelling at the Nagual. Don Juan heard the argument, but was past caring. He knew, they were going to throw him out and that the Monstrous Man would certainly capture him and take him into slavery. In his utter helplessness he began to weep. His despair and his tears swayed (some of the enraged Women. The leader of the Women proposed another choice: three-week trial period, during which don Juan's actions and attitude would be evaluated daily by all the Women. She warned don Juan, that if there was one single complaint about his attitude during that time, he would be kicked out for good.
Don Juan recounted (narrated) how the Nagual Julian in a fatherly manner took him aside and proceeded to drive a wedge of fear into him. He whispered to don Juan, that he knew for a fact, that the Monster not only existed, but was roaming the property. Nevertheless, because of certain previous agreements with the Women, agreements he could not divulge (disclose, reveal), he was not permitted to tell the Women, what he knew. He urged don Juan to stop demonstrating his stubborn, morose personality and pretend to be the opposite.
"Pretend to be happy and satisfied," he said to don Juan. "If you don't, the Women will kick you out. That prospect alone should be enough to scare you. Use that fear as a real driving force. It's the only thing you have."
Any hesitation or second thoughts, that don Juan might have had were instantly dispelled at the sight of the Monstrous Man.
As the Monster waited impatiently at the invisible line, he seemed aware of how precarious (unstable) don Juan's position was. It was as if the monster were ravenously (greedy, voracious) hungry, anxiously anticipating a feast. The Nagual Julian drove his wedge of fear a bit deeper.
"If I were you," he told don Juan, "I would behave like an angel. I'd act any way these Women want me to, as long as it kept me from that hellish beast."
"Then you do see the Monster?" don Juan asked.
"Of course I do," he replied. "And I also see, that if you leave, or if the Women kick you out, the Monster will capture you and put you in chains. That will change your attitude for sure. Slaves don't have any choice, but to behave well with their masters. They say, that the pain, inflicted by a Monster, like that is beyond anything."
Don Juan knew, that his only hope was to make himself as congenial (agreeable, sympathetic) as he possibly could. The fear of falling prey to that Monstrous Man was indeed a powerful psychological force. Don Juan told me, that by some quirk (whim, oddity, peculiarity) in his own nature, he was boorish (rude, ill-mannered) only with the Women; he never behaved badly in the presence of the Nagual Julian. For some reason, that don Juan could not determine, in his mind the Nagual was not someone he could attempt to affect either consciously or subconsciously. The other member of the household, the unsociable man, was of no consequence to don Juan. Don Juan had formed an opinion the moment he met him, and had discounted him. He thought, that the man was weak, indolent (habitually lazy), and overpowered by those beautiful Women. Later on, when he was more aware of the Nagual's personality, he knew, that the man was definitely overshadowed
by the glitter of the others. As time passed, the nature of leadership and authority among them became evident to don Juan.
He was surprised and somehow delighted to realize, that no one was better or higher, than another. Some of them performed functions, of which the others were incapable, but that did not make them superior. It simply made them different. However, the ultimate decision in everything was automatically the Nagual Julian's, and he apparently took great pleasure in expressing his decisions in the form of bestial jokes he played on everyone. There was also a Mystery Woman among them. They referred to her as Talia, the Nagual Woman. Nobody told don Juan who she was, or what being the Nagual Woman meant. It was made clear to him, however, that one of the seven women was Talia. They all talked so much
about her, that don Juan's curiosity was aroused to tremendous heights. He asked so many questions, that the Woman, who was the leader of the other Women, told him, that she would teach him to read and write, so that he might make better use of his deductive (pedantic) abilities. She said, that he must learn to write things down, rather than committing them to memory. In this fashion he would accumulate a huge collection of facts about Talia, facts, that he ought to read and study, until the truth became evident. Perhaps anticipating the cynical retort (pay back) he had in mind, she argued that, although it might seem an absurd endeavor, finding out, who Talia was, was one of the most difficult and rewarding tasks anyone could undertake. What, she said, was the fun part. She added more seriously, that it was imperative for don Juan to learn basic bookkeeping in order to help the Nagual manage the property. Immediately she started daily lessons and in one year don Juan had progressed so rapidly and extensively, that he was able to read, write, and keep account books.
Everything had occurred so smoothly, that he did not notice the changes in himself, the most remarkable of which, was a sense of detachment. As far, as he was concerned, he retained his impression, that nothing was happening in the house, simply because he still was unable to identify with the members of the household. Those people were mirrors, that did not yield Reflection.
"I took refuge in that house for nearly three years," don Juan went on. "Countless things happened to me during that time, but I didn't think they were really important. Or at least I had chosen to consider them unimportant. I was convinced, that for three years all I had done was hide, shake with fear, and work like a mule."
Don Juan laughed and told me, that at one point, at the urging of the Nagual Julian, he agreed to learn Sorcery, so that he might rid himself of the fear, that consumed him each time he saw the Monster keeping vigil (watch). But although the Nagual Julian talked to him a great deal, he seemed more interested in playing jokes on him. So he believed it was fair and accurate to say, that he did not learn anything even loosely related to Sorcery, simply because it was apparent, that nobody in that house knew or practiced Sorcery. One day, however, he found himself walking purposefully, but without any volition on his part, toward the invisible line, that held the Monster at bay. The Monstrous Man was, of course, watching the house as usual. But that day, instead of turning back and running to seek shelter inside the house, don Juan kept walking. An incredible surge of energy made him advance with no concern for his safety. A feeling of total detachment allowed him to face the Monster, that had terrorized him for so many years.
Don Juan expected the Monster to lurch out and grab him by the throat, but that thought no longer created any terror in him. From a distance of a few inches he stared at the Monstrous Man for an instant and then stepped over the line.
And the Monster did not attack him, as don Juan had always feared he would, but became blurry. He lost his definition and turned into a misty whiteness, a barely perceptible patch of fog. Don Juan advanced toward the fog and it receded as if in fear. He chased the patch of fog over the fields, until he knew there was nothing left of the Monster. He knew then, that there had never been one. He could not, however, explain what he had feared. He had the vague sensation, that although he knew exactly what the Monster was, something was preventing him from thinking about it. He immediately thought, that that rascal, the Nagual Julian, knew the truth about what was happening. Don Juan would not have put it past the Nagual Julian to play that kind of trick. Before confronting him, don Juan gave himself the pleasure of walking unescorted all over the property. Never before had he been able to do that. Whenever he had needed to venture beyond that invisible line,
he had been escorted by a member of the household. That had put a serious constraint on his mobility. The two or three times he had attempted to walk unescorted, he had found, that he risked annihilation (destruction) at the hands of the Monstrous Being. Filled with a strange vigor, don Juan went into the house, but instead of celebrating his new freedom-and power, he assembled the entire household and angrily demanded, that they explain their lies. He accused them of making him work as their slave by playing on his fear of a nonexistent Monster. The Women laughed as if he were telling the funniest joke. Only the Nagual Julian seemed contrite (humbled by guilt), especially when don Juan, his voice cracking with resentment, described his three years of constant fear.
The Nagual Julian broke down and wept openly as don Juan demanded an apology for the shameful way he had been exploited.
"But we told you the monster didn't exist," one of the Women said. Don Juan glared at the Nagual Julian, who cowered meekly (cringed, recoiled submissively).
"He knew the Monster existed," don Juan yelled, pointing an accusing finger at the Nagual. But at the same time he was aware he was talking nonsense, because the Nagual Julian had originally told him, that the Monster did not exist.
"The Monster didn't exist," don Juan corrected himself, shaking with rage. "It was one of his tricks."
The Nagual Julian, weeping uncontrollably, apologized to don Juan, while the Women howled with laughter. Don Juan had never seen them laughing so hard.
"You knew all along, that there was never any Monster. You lied to me," he accused the Nagual Julian, who, with his head down and his eyes filled with tears, admitted his guilt.
"I have certainly lied to you," he mumbled. "There was never any Monster. What you saw as a Monster was simply a surge of energy. Your fear made it into a monstrosity."
"You told me, that that Monster was going to devour me. How could you have lied to me like that?" don Juan shouted at him.
"Being devoured by that Monster was symbolic," the Nagual Julian replied softly. "Your real enemy is your stupidity. You are in mortal danger of being devoured by that monster now."
Don Juan yelled, that he did not have to put up with silly statements.
And he insisted they reassure him there were no longer any restrictions on his freedom to leave.
"You can go any time you want," the Nagual Julian said curtly (abrupt, gruff).
"You mean I can go right now?" don Juan asked.
"Do you want to?" the Nagual asked.
"Of course, I want to leave this miserable place and the miserable bunch of liars, who live here," don Juan shouted. The Nagual Julian ordered, that don Juan's savings be paid him in full, and with shining eyes wished him happiness, prosperity, and wisdom. The Women did not want to say goodbye to him. They stared at him, until he lowered his head to avoid their burning eyes. Don Juan put his money in his pocket and without a backward glance walked out, glad his ordeal was over. The outside World was a question mark to him. He yearned for it. Inside that house he had been removed from it. He was young, strong. He had money in his pocket and a thirst for living. He left them without saying thank you. His anger, bottled up by his fear for so long, was finally able to surface. He had even learned to like them - and now he felt betrayed. He wanted to run as far away from that place as he could. In the city, he had his first unpleasant encounter. Traveling was very difficult and very expensive. He learned, that if he wanted to leave the city at once, he would not be able to choose his destination, but would have to wait for whatever muleteers were willing to take him. A few days later he left with a reputable muleteer for the port of Mazatlan.
"Although I was only twenty-three years old at the time," don Juan said, "I felt I had lived a full life. The only thing I had not experienced was sex.
The Nagual Julian had told me, that it was the fact I had not been with a Woman, that gave me my strength and endurance, and that he had little time left to set things up, before the World would catch up with me."
"What did he mean, don Juan?" I asked.
"He meant, that I had no idea about the kind of hell I was heading for," don Juan replied, "and that he had very little time to set up my barricades, my silent protectors."
"What's a silent protector, don Juan?" I asked.
"It's a lifesaver," he said. "A silent protector is a surge of inexplicable energy, that comes to a Warrior, when nothing else works.
"My benefactor knew what direction my life would take once I was no longer under his influence. So he struggled to give me as many Sorcerers' options as possible. Those Sorcerers' options were to be my silent protectors."
"What are Sorcerers' Options?" I asked.
"Positions of the Assemblage Point," he replied, "the infinite number of positions, which the Assemblage Point can reach. In each and every one of those shallow or deep Shifts, a Sorcerer can strengthen his New Continuity."
He reiterated (repeat), that everything he had experienced either with his benefactor or while under his guidance, had been the result of either a minute or a considerable Shift of his Assemblage Point. His benefactor had made him experience countless Sorcerers' Options, more than the number, that would normally be necessary, because he knew, that don Juan's destiny would be to be called upon to explain, what Sorcerers were and what they did.
"The effect of those Shifts of the Assemblage Point is cumulative," he continued. "It weighs on you whether you understand it or not. That accumulation worked for me, at the end.
"Very soon after I came into contact with the Nagual, my Point of Assemblage moved so profoundly, that I was capable of Seeing. I saw an Energy Field as a Monster. And the point kept on moving, until I saw the Monster as what it really was: an Energy Field. I had succeeded in Seeing, and I didn't know it. I thought I had done nothing, had learned nothing. I was stupid beyond belief."
"You were too young, don Juan," I said. "You couldn't have done otherwise."
He laughed. He was on the verge of replying, when he seemed to change his mind. He shrugged his shoulders and went on with his account. Don Juan said, that when he arrived in Mazatlan he was practically a seasoned muleteer, and was offered a permanent job running a mule train. He was very satisfied with the arrangements. The idea, that he would be making the trip between Durango and Mazatlan pleased him no end. There were two things, however, that bothered him: first, that he had not yet been with a Woman, and second, a strong, but unexplainable urge to go north. He did not know why. He knew only, that somewhere to the north something was waiting for him. The feeling persisted so strongly, that in
the end he was forced to refuse the security of a permanent job, so he could travel north. His superior strength and a new and unaccountable cunning enabled him to find jobs even where there were none to be had, as he steadily worked his way north to the state of Sinaloa. And there his journey ended. He met a young widow, like himself a Yaqui Indian, who had been the wife of a man, to whom don Juan was indebted. He attempted to repay his indebtedness by helping the widow and her children, and without being aware of it, he fell into the role of husband and father. His new responsibilities put a great burden on him. He lost his freedom of movement and even his urge to journey farther north.
He felt compensated for that loss, however, by the profound affection he felt for the Woman and her children.
"I experienced moments of sublime happiness as a husband and father," don Juan said. "But it was at those moments when I first noticed, that something was terribly wrong. I realized, that I was losing the feeling of detachment, the aloofness
I had acquired during my time in the Nagual Julian's house. Now I found myself identifying with the people, who surrounded me."
Don Juan said, that it took about a year of unrelenting abrasion (merciless, wearing down) to make him lose every vestige of the new personality, he had acquired at the Nagual's house. He had begun with a profound, yet aloof (reserved) affection for the Woman and her children. This detached affection allowed him to play the role of husband and father with abandon and gusto (relish, zest). As time went by, his detached affection turned into a desperate passion, that made him lose his effectiveness. Gone was his feeling of detachment, which was what had given him the power to love. Without that detachment, he had only mundane needs, desperation, and hopelessness: the distinctive features of the World of Everyday Life. Gone as well was his enterprise. During his years at the Nagual's house, he had acquired a dynamism, that had served him well when he set out on his own. But the most draining pain was knowing, that his physical energy had waned. Without actually being in ill health, one day he became totally paralyzed. He did not feel pain. He did not panic. It was as if his body had understood, that he would get the peace and quiet, he so desperately needed, only if it ceased to move. As he lay helpless in bed, he did nothing, but think. And he came to realize, that he had failed, because he did not have an Abstract Purpose.
He knew, that the people in the Nagual's house were extraordinary, because they pursued Freedom as their Abstract Purpose. He did not understand what Freedom was, but he knew, that it was the opposite of his own concrete needs. His lack of an Abstract Purpose had made him so weak and ineffective, that he was incapable of rescuing his adopted family from their abysmal (extremely poor) poverty. Instead, they had pulled him back to the very misery, sadness, and despair, which he himself had known prior to encountering the Nagual. As he reviewed his life, he became aware, that the only time he had not been poor and had not had concrete needs was during his years with the Nagual. Poverty was the state of being, that had reclaimed him when his concrete needs overpowered him. For the first time, since he had been shot and wounded so many years before, don Juan fully understood, that the Nagual Julian was indeed the Nagual, the Leader, and his benefactor. He understood what it was, his benefactor had meant, when he said to him, that there was no Freedom without the Nagual's intervention. There was now no doubt in don Juan's mind, that his benefactor and all the members of his benefactor's household were Sorcerers. But what don Juan understood with the most painful clarity was, that he had thrown away his chance to be with them. When the pressure of his physical helplessness seemed unendurable, his paralysis ended as mysteriously, as it had begun. One day he simply got out of bed and went to work. But his luck did not get any better. He could hardly make ends meet. Another year passed. He did not prosper, but there was one thing, in which he succeeded beyond his expectations: he made a total recapitulation of his life. He understood then why he loved and could not leave those children, and why he could not stay with them, and he also understood why he could neither act one way,
 nor the other. Don Juan knew, that he had reached a complete impasse (dead-end), and that to die like a Warrior was the only action congruous (appropriate, harmonious) with what he had learned at his benefactor's house. So every night, after a frustrating day of hardship and meaningless toil (continuous labor), he patiently waited for his death to come. He was so utterly convinced of his end, that his wife and her children waited with him - in a gesture of solidarity, they too wanted to die. All four sat in perfect immobility, night after night, without fail, and recapitulated their lives while they waited for death. Don Juan had admonished (remind mildly) them with the same words his benefactor had used to admonish him.
"Don't wish for it," his benefactor had said. "Just wait, until it comes. Don't try to imagine what death is like. Just be there to be caught in its flow."
The time spent quietly strengthened them mentally, but physically their emaciated (abnormally thin) bodies told of their losing battle. One day, however, don Juan thought his luck was beginning to change. He found temporary work with a team of farm laborers during the harvest season. But the Spirit had other designs for him. A couple of days after he started work, someone stole his hat. It was impossible for him to buy a new one, but he had to have one to work under the scorching sun. He fashioned a protection of sorts by covering his head with rags and handfuls of straw. His coworkers began to laugh and taunt (mock) him. He ignored them. Compared to the lives of the three people, who depended on his labor, how he looked had little meaning for him. But the men did not stop. They yelled and laughed, until the foreman, fearing that they would riot, fired don Juan. A wild rage overwhelmed don Juan's sense of sobriety and caution.
He knew he had been wronged. The moral right was with him. He let out a chilling, piercing scream, and grabbed one of the men, and lifted him over his shoulders, meaning to crack his back. But he thought of those hungry children. He thought of their disciplined little bodies, as they sat with him night after night awaiting death. He put the man down and walked away. Don Juan said, that he sat down at the edge of the field where the men were working, and all the despair, that had accumulated in him, finally exploded. It was a silent rage, but not against the people around him. He raged against himself. He raged, until all his anger was spent.
"I sat there in view of all those people and began to weep," don Juan continued. "They looked at me as if I were crazy, which I really was, but I didn't care. I was beyond caring.
"The foreman felt sorry for me and came over to give a word of advice. He thought I was weeping for myself. He couldn't have possibly known, that I was weeping for the Spirit."
Don Juan said, that a silent protector came to him after his rage was spent. It was in the form of an unaccountable surge of energy, that left him with the clear feeling, that his death was imminent. He knew, that he was not going to have time to see his adopted family again. He apologized to them in a loud voice for not having had the fortitude (courage) and wisdom, necessary to deliver them from their hell on Earth. The farm workers continued to laugh and mock him. He vaguely heard them. Tears swelled in his chest as he addressed and thanked the Spirit for having placed him in the Nagual's Path, giving him an undeserved chance to be free. He heard the howls of the uncomprehending men. He heard their insults and yells as if from within himself. They had the right to ridicule him.
He had been at the Portals of Eternity and had been unaware of it.
"I understood how right my benefactor had been," don Juan said. "My stupidity was a Monster and it had already devoured me. The instant I had that thought, I knew, that anything I could say or do was useless. I had lost my chance. Now, I was only clowning for those men. The Spirit could not possibly have cared about my despair. There were too many of us - men with our own petty private hells, born of our stupidity - for the Spirit to pay attention.
"I knelt and faced the southeast. I thanked my benefactor again and told the Spirit I was ashamed. So ashamed. And with my last breath I said goodbye to a World, which could have been wonderful, if I had had wisdom. An immense wave came for me then. I felt it, first. Then I heard it, and finally I saw it coming for me from the southeast, over the fields. It overtook me and its blackness covered me. And the light of my life was gone. My hell had ended. I was finally dead! I was finally free!"
Don Juan's story devastated me. He ignored all my efforts to talk about it. He said, that at another time and in another setting we were going to discuss it. He demanded instead, that we get on with what he had come to do: elucidate (clarify) the Mastery of Awareness. A couple of days later, as we were coming down from the mountains, he suddenly began to talk about his story. We had sat down to rest. Actually, I was the one, who had stopped to catch my breath. Don Juan was not even breathing hard.
"The Sorcerers' struggle for assuredness is the most dramatic struggle there is," don Juan said. "It's painful and costly. Many, many times it has actually cost Sorcerers their lives."
He explained, that in order for any Sorcerer to have complete certainty about his actions, or about his position in the Sorcerers' World, or to be capable of utilizing intelligently his New Continuity, he must invalidate (nullify) the Continuity of his old life. Only then can his actions have the necessary assuredness to fortify and balance the tenuousness (weakness) and instability of his New Continuity.
"The Sorcerer Seers of modern times call this process of invalidation (nullifying) the ticket to Impeccability, or the Sorcerers' symbolic, but final death," don Juan said. "And in that field in Sinaloa, I got my ticket to Impeccability. I died there.
The tenuousness (weakness) of my New Continuity cost me my life."
"But did you die, don Juan, or did you just faint?" I asked, trying not to sound cynical.
"I died in that field," he said. "I felt my Awareness flowing out of me and heading toward the Eagle. But as I had impeccably recapitulated my life, the Eagle did not swallow my Awareness. The Eagle spat me out. Because my body was dead in the field, the Eagle did not let me go through to freedom. It was as if it told me to go back and try again.
"I ascended the heights of blackness and descended again to the Light of the Earth. And then I found myself in a shallow grave at the edge of the field, covered with rocks and dirt."
Don Juan said, that he knew instantly what to do. After digging himself out he rearranged the grave to look, as if a body was still there, and slipped away. He felt strong and determined. He knew, that he had to return to his benefactor's house. But, before he started on his return journey, he wanted to see his family and explain to them, that he was a Sorcerer and for that reason he could not stay with them. He wanted to explain, that his downfall had been not knowing, that Sorcerers can never make a bridge to join the people of the World.
But, if people desire to do so, they have to make a bridge to join Sorcerers.
"I went home," don Juan continued, "but the house was empty. The shocked neighbors told me, that farm workers had come earlier with the news that I had dropped dead at work, and my wife and her children had left."
"How long were you dead, don Juan?" I asked.
"A whole day, apparently," he said.
Don Juan's smile played on his lips. His eyes seemed to be made of shiny obsidian. He was watching my reaction, waiting for my comments.
"What became of your family, don Juan?" I asked.
"Ah, the question of a sensible man," he remarked. "For a moment I thought you were going to ask me about my death!"
I confessed, that I had been about to, but that I knew he was seeing my question, as I formulated it in my mind, and just to be contrary I asked something else. I did not mean it as a joke, but it made him laugh.
"My family disappeared that day," he said. "My wife was a survivor. She had to be, with the conditions we lived under. Since I had been waiting for my death, she believed I had gotten what I wanted. There was nothing for her to do there, so she left.
"I missed the children and I consoled (comfort) myself with the thought, that it wasn't my fate to be with them. However, Sorcerers have a peculiar bent. They live exclusively in the twilight of a feeling best described by the words "and yet . . ." When everything is crumbling down around them, Sorcerers accept, that the situation is terrible, and then immediately escape to the twilight of "and yet. . ."
"I did that with my feelings for those children and the woman. With great discipline - especially on the part of the oldest boy - they had recapitulated their lives with me.
Only the Spirit could decide the outcome of that affection."
He reminded me, that he had taught me how Warriors acted in such situations. They did their utmost, and then, without any remorse or regrets, they relaxed and let the Spirit decide the outcome.
"What was the decision of the Spirit, don Juan?" I asked.
He scrutinized me without answering. I knew he was completely aware of my motive for asking. I had experienced a similar affection and a similar loss.
"The decision of the Spirit is another Basic Core," he said. "Sorcery Stories are built around it. We'll talk about that specific decision, when we get to discussing that Basic Core.
"Now, wasn't there a question about my death you wanted to ask?"
"If they thought you were dead, why the shallow grave?" I asked. "Why didn't they dig a real grave and bury you?"
"That's more like you," he said laughing. "I asked the same question myself and I realized, that all those farm workers were pious (devoted) people. I was a Christian. Christians are not buried just like that, nor are they left to rot like dogs. I think they were waiting for my family to come and claim the body and give it a proper burial. But my family never came."
"Did you go and look for them, don Juan?" I asked.
"No. Sorcerers never look for anyone," he replied. "And I was a Sorcerer. I had paid with my life for the mistake of not knowing I was a Sorcerer, and that Sorcerers never approach anyone. From that day on, I have only accepted the company or the care of people or Warriors, who are dead, as I am."
Don Juan said, that he went back to his benefactor's house, where all of them knew instantly what he had discovered.
And they treated him as if he had not left at all. The Nagual Julian commented, that because of his peculiar nature don Juan had taken a long time to die.
"My benefactor told me then, that a Sorcerer's ticket to Freedom was his Death," don Juan went on. "He said, that he himself had paid with his life for that ticket to Freedom, as had everyone else in his household. And that now we were equals in our condition of being dead."

Story of Nagual Rosendo ("The Art of Dreaming")

"...Because yours is the Confidence of a Fool," he said. "I am going to tell you a Sorcerers' Story, that is apropos (relevant). I didn't witness it myself, but my Teacher's Teacher, the Nagual Elias, did."
Don Juan said, that the Nagual Elias and the Love of his Life, a Sorceress named Amalia, were lost, in their youth, in the Inorganic Beings' World. I had never heard don Juan talk about Sorcerers being the Love of Anybody's Life. His statement
startled me. I asked him about this inconsistency.
"It's not an inconsistency. I have simply refrained (curbed, stayed away) all along from telling you Stories of Sorcerers' Affection," he said. "You've been so oversaturated with Love all your Life, that I wanted to give you a break.
"Well, the Nagual Elias and the Love of his Life, the Witch Amalia, got lost in the Inorganic Beings' World," don Juan went on. "They went there not in Dreaming, but with their Physical Bodies."
"How did that happen, don Juan?"
"Their teacher, the Nagual Rosendo, was very close in Temperament and Practice to the Old Sorcerers.
He intended to help Elias and Amalia, but instead he pushed them across some deadly boundaries. The Nagual Rosendo didn't have that Crossing in mind. What he wanted to do was to put his two Disciples into the Second Attention, but what he got as a result was their Disappearance."
Don Juan said, that he was not going to go into the details of that long and complicated story. He was only going to tell me how they became lost in that World. He stated, that the Nagual Rosendo's miscalculation was to assume, that the Inorganic Beings are not, in the slightest, interested in Women. His reasoning was correct and was guided by the Sorcerers' Knowledge, that the Universe is Markedly Female and, that Maleness, being an offshoot of Femaleness, is almost scarce, thus, coveted (much desirable).
Don Juan made a digression (turn aside from the main subject) and commented, that perhaps, that scarcity of Males is the reason for Men's unwarranted (Having No Justification) dominion (rule) on our Planet.
I wanted to remain on that topic, but he went ahead with his Story. He said, that the Nagual Rosendo's Plan was to give instruction to Elias and Amalia exclusively in the Second Attention. And to that effect, he followed the Old Sorcerers' prescribed technique. He engaged a Scout, in Dreaming, and commanded it to Transport his Disciples into the Second Attention by Displacing their Assemblage Points on the Proper Position. Theoretically, a Powerful Scout could Displace their Assemblage Points on the Proper Position with No Effort at all. What the Nagual Rosendo did not take into consideration was the Trickery of the Inorganic Beings. The Scout did Displace the Assemblage Points of his Disciples, but it displaced them on a Position, from which it was easy to Transport Them Bodily into the Realm of the Inorganic Beings.
"Is this possible, to be Transported Bodily?" I asked.
"It is possible," he assured me. "We are Energy, that is kept in a Specific Shape and Position by the Fixation of the Assemblage Point on One Location.
If that location is Changed, the Shape and Position of that Energy will Change accordingly. All the Inorganic Beings have to do is to Place our Assemblage Point on the Right Location, and off we go, like a bullet, shoes, hat, and all."
"Can this happen to any one of us, don Juan?"
"Most certainly. Especially if our Sum Total of Energy is Right. Obviously, the Sum Total of the Combined Energies of Elias and Amalia was Something the Inorganic Beings couldn't overlook. It is absurd to Trust the Inorganic Beings. They have their own Rhythm, and it isn't human."
I asked don Juan what exactly the Nagual Rosendo did to send his Disciples to that World. I knew it was stupid of me to ask, knowing, that he was going to ignore my question. My surprise was genuine when he began to tell me.
"The steps are simplicity itself," he said. "He put his disciples inside a very small, closed space, something like a closet. Then he went into Dreaming, called a Scout from the Inorganic Beings' Realm by voicing his Intent to get one, then voiced his Intent to offer his Disciples to the Scout.
"The Scout, naturally, accepted the Gift and took them away, at an unguarded moment, when they were Making Love inside that Closet. When the Nagual opened the Closet, they were no longer there."
Don Juan explained, that Making Gifts of their Disciples to the Inorganic Beings was precisely, what the Old Sorcerers used to do. The Nagual Rosendo did not mean to do that, but he got swayed by the Absurd Belief, that the Inorganic Beings were under His Control.
"Sorcerers' maneuvers are Deadly," don Juan went on. "I beseech (beg of you) you to be extraordinarily aware. Don't get involved in having some idiotic confidence in yourself."
"What finally happened to the Nagual Elias and Amalia?" I asked.
"The Nagual Rosendo had to go bodily into that World and look for them," he replied.
"Did he find them?"
"He did, after untold Struggles. However, he could not totally bring them out. So the two young people were always semi-prisoners of that Realm."
"Did you know them, don Juan?"
"Of course I knew them, and I assure you, they were very strange."

Role of Women and Sexual Energy in C. Castaneda books

He was of the opinion, that Self-Importance is not only the Sorcerers' supreme Enemy, but the Nemesis (relentless destruction) of Humankind. Don Juan's argument was, that most of our Energy goes into upholding our importance. This is most obvious in our endless worry about the presentation of the self, about whether or not we are admired or liked or acknowledged. He reasoned, that if we were capable of losing some of that importance, two extraordinary things would happen to us. One, we would free our Energy from trying to maintain the Illusory Idea of Our Grandeur; and, two, we would provide ourselves with enough Energy to enter into the Second Attention to catch a glimpse of the actual Grandeur of the Universe.

I deemed (considered) of great importance, such as the feeling, that I was rolling into a ditch just as I was falling asleep (like Robert Monroe).

"What exactly is the Energy Body?"
"It's the Counterpart (a double) of the physical body. A Ghost-like Configuration, made of Pure Energy.
"But isn't the physical body also made out of Energy?
"Of course it is. The difference is, that the Energy Body has only appearance, but No Mass. Since it's Pure Energy, it can perform acts, that are beyond the possibilities of the physical body.
"Such as what for example, don Juan?
"Such as transporting itself in one instant to the Ends of the Universe. And Dreaming is the Art of tempering (adjust, tune) the Energy Body, of making it supple (flexible) and coherent (sticking together) by gradually exercising it.
"Through Dreaming we condense (compress) the Energy Body, until it's a Unit, capable of perceiving. Its Perception, although affected by our normal way of perceiving the Daily World, is an independent Perception. It has Its Own Sphere.
"What is that Sphere, don Juan?
"Energy. The Energy Body deals with Energy in terms of Energy. There are three ways, in which It deals with Energy in Dreaming: It can Perceive Energy as It Flows, or It can Use Energy to Boost itself, like a rocket into unexpected areas,
or It can Perceive, as we ordinarily perceive the World."
"What does it mean to Perceive Energy, as It Flows?
"It means to See. It means, that the Energy Body Sees Energy directly, as a Light or as a Vibrating Current of sorts or as a Disturbance. Or it feels it directly, as a Jolt or as a Sensation, that can even be Pain.
"What about the other way you talked about, don Juan? The Energy Body using Energy as a Boost.
"Since Energy is its Sphere, it is no problem for the Energy Body to use Currents of Energy, that exist in the Universe, to propel itself. All it has to do is: isolate them, and off It goes with them.

This section is going to consist of many interesting extracts about the role of Women and Sexual Energy in lives of Carlos Castaneda, Don Juan, Nagual Elias, Nagual Julian and other Sorcerers from the books of C.Castaneda. But it is up to you how you understand and use this valuable infomation. "The Power of Silence", p. 35:

"...He told me that the Nagual Elias's house had an open, roofed section in the front, where he had a forge and a carpentry bench and tools. The tiled-roof adobe house consisted of a huge room with a dirt floor where he lived with Five Women Seers, who were actually his wives. There were also four Men, Sorcerer-Seers of his party, who lived in small houses around the Nagual's house. They were all Indians from different parts of the country, who had migrated to northern Mexico.
"The Nagual Elias had great respect for Sexual Energy," don Juan said. "He believed it has been given to us, so we can use it in Dreaming. He believed Dreaming had fallen into disuse, because it can upset the precarious (lacking in stability) Mental Balance of susceptible people.
"I've taught you Dreaming the same way he (Nagual Elias) taught me," he continued. "He taught me, that while we dream the Assemblage Point moves very gently and naturally. Mental Balance is nothing, but the Fixing of the Assemblage Point on one spot (of Spirit) we're accustomed to. If dreams make that point move, and Dreaming is used to control that natural movement, and Sexual Energy is needed for Dreaming, the result is sometimes disastrous, when Sexual Energy is dissipated in Sex, instead of Dreaming. Then Dreamers Move their Assemblage Point Erratically and lose their minds."
"What are you trying to tell me, don Juan?" I asked, because I felt that the subject of Dreaming had not been a natural drift in the conversation.
"You are a Dreamer" he said. "If you're not careful with your Sexual Energy, you might as well get used to the idea of Erratic Shifts of Your Assemblage Point (your Spirit). A moment ago you were bewildered by your reactions. Well, your Assemblage Point moves almost erratically, because your Sexual Energy is not in Balance."
I made a stupid and inappropriate comment about the Sex Life of adult Males.
''Our Sexual Energy is what governs Dreaming," he explained. "The Nagual Elias taught me - and I taught you - that you either Make Love with your Sexual Energy or you Dream with it. There is no other way. The reason I mention it at all is,  because you are having great difficulty Shifting your Assemblage Point to grasp our last topic: the Abstract.
"The same thing happened to me," don Juan went on. "It was only when my Sexual Energy was freed from the World, that Everything fit into Place. That is the Rule for Dreamers. Stalkers are the opposite. My benefactor (Nagual Julian) was,
you could say, a Sexual Libertine (No Morals) both as an average man and as a Nagual."

p. 54-68:

"I've already told you the story of how the Nagual Julian took me to his
(Nagual Julian's) house after I was shot and tended my wound, until I recovered," don Juan continued. "But I didn't tell you how he dusted my link, how he taught me to stalk myself.
"The first thing a Nagual does with his prospective apprentice is to trick him. That is, he gives him a jolt on his Connecting Link to the Spirit. There are two ways of doing this. One is through seminormal channels, which I used with you, and the other is by means of outright Sorcery, which my benefactor used on me."

Don Juan again told me the story of how his benefactor (Nagual Julian) had convinced the people, who had gathered at the road, that the wounded man was his son. Then he had paid some men to carry don Juan, unconscious from shock and loss of blood, to his own house. Don Juan woke there, days later, and found a kind old man and his fat wife tending his wound. The old man said his name was Belisario and that his wife was a famous healer and that both of them were healing his wound. Don Juan told them he had no money, and Belisario suggested, that when he recovered, payment of some sort could be arranged.
Don Juan said, that he was thoroughly confused, which was nothing new to him. He was just a muscular, reckless twenty-year-old Indian, with no brains, no formal education, and a terrible temper. He had no conception of gratitude. He thought it was very kind of the old man and his wife to have helped him, but his intention was to wait for his wound to heal and then simply vanish in the middle of the night. When he had recovered enough and was ready to flee, old Belisario took him into a room and in trembling whispers disclosed, that the house, where they were staying belonged to a monstrous man, who was holding him and his wife prisoner. He asked don Juan to help them to regain their freedom, to escape from their captor and tormentor. Before don Juan could reply, a monstrous fish-faced man right out of a horror tale burst into the room, as if he had been listening behind the door. He was greenish-gray, had only one unblinking eye in the middle of his forehead, and was as big as a door. He lurched (roll, pitch suddenly) at don Juan, hissing like a serpent, ready to tear him apart, and frightened him so greatly, that he fainted.
"His way of giving me a jolt on my Connecting Link with the Spirit was masterful." Don Juan laughed. "My benefactor, of course, had shifted me into Heightened Awareness, prior to the monster's entrance, so that what I actually saw as a monstrous man was what Sorcerers call an Inorganic Being, a formless energy field."
Don Juan said, that he knew countless cases, in which his benefactor's devilishness created hilariously embarrassing situations for all his apprentices, especially for don Juan himself, whose seriousness and stiffness made him the perfect subject for his benefactor's didactic (moralising) jokes. He added as an afterthought, that it went without saying, that these jokes entertained his benefactor immensely.
"If you think I laugh at you - which I do - it's nothing, compared with how he laughed at me," don Juan continued. "My devilish benefactor had learned to weep to hide his laughter. You just can't imagine how he used to cry, when I first began my apprenticeship."
Continuing with his story, don Juan stated, that his life was never the same after the shock of seeing that monstrous man. His benefactor made sure of it. Don Juan explained, that once a Nagual has introduced his prospective disciple, especially his Nagual Disciple, to trickery, he must struggle to assure his compliance (flexibility). This compliance could be of two different kinds. Either the prospective disciple is so disciplined and tuned, that only his decision to join the Nagual is needed, as had been the case with young Talia. Or the prospective disciple is someone with little or no discipline, in which case a Nagual has to expend time and a great deal of labor to convince his disciple. In don Juan's case, because he was a wild young peasant without a thought in his head, the process of reeling him in took bizarre turns. Soon after the first jolt, his benefactor gave him a second one by showing don Juan his ability to transform himself. One day his benefactor became a young man. Don Juan was incapable of conceiving of this transformation as anything, but an example of a consummate (skillful) actor's art.
"How did he accomplish those changes?" I asked.
"He was both a magician and an artist," don Juan replied. "His magic was, that he transformed himself by moving his Assemblage Point into the position, that would bring on whatever particular change he desired. And his art was the perfection of his transformations."
"I don't quite understand what you're telling me," I said.
Don Juan said, that Perception is the hinge for everything man is or does, and that Perception is ruled by the location of the Assemblage Point. Therefore, if that point changes positions, man's Perception of the World changes accordingly.
The Sorcerer, who knew exactly where to place his Assemblage Point could become anything he wanted.
"The Nagual Julian's proficiency in moving his Assemblage Point was so magnificent, that he could elicit (evoke, draw out) the subtlest transformations," don Juan continued. "When a Sorcerer becomes a crow, for instance, it is definitely a great accomplishment. But it entails a vast and therefore a gross shift of the Assemblage Point. However, moving it to the position of a fat man, or an old man, requires the minutest shift and the keenest knowledge of human nature."
"I'd rather avoid thinking or talking about those things as facts," I said. Don Juan laughed, as if I had said the funniest thing imaginable.
"Was there a reason for your benefactor's transformations?" I asked. "Or was he just amusing himself?"
"Don't be stupid. Warriors don't do anything just to amuse themselves," he replied. "His transformations were strategical. They were dictated by need, like his transformation from old to young. Now and then there were funny consequences, but that's another matter."
I reminded him, that I had asked before how his benefactor learned those transformations. He had told me then, that his benefactor had a teacher, but would not tell me who.
"That very mysterious Sorcerer, who is our ward taught him," don Juan replied curtly (abruptly).
"What mysterious Sorcerer is that?" I asked.
"The Death Defier," he said and looked at me questioningly.
For all the Sorcerers of don Juan's party the Death Defier was a most vivid character. According to them, the Death Defier was a Sorcerer of Ancient Times. He had succeeded in surviving to the present day by manipulating his Assemblage Point, making it move in specific ways to specific locations within his total energy field. Such maneuvers had permitted his awareness and life force to persist. Don Juan had told me about the agreement,  that the Seers of his Lineage had entered into with the Death Defier centuries before. He made gifts to them in exchange for vital energy. Because of this agreement, they considered him their ward (guard, defence) and called him "the Tenant."
Don Juan had explained, that Sorcerers of Ancient Times were expert at making the Assemblage Point move. In doing so they had discovered extraordinary things about Perception, but they had also discovered how easy it was to get lost in aberration (deviation from a proper course). The Death Defier's situation was for don Juan a classic example of an aberration. Don Juan used to repeat every chance he could, that if the Assemblage Point was pushed by someone, who not only saw it, but also had enough energy to move it, it slid, within the Luminous Ball, to whatever location the pusher directed. Its brilliance was enough to light up the Threadlike Energy Fields it touched. The resulting Perception of the World was as complete as, but not the same as, our normal perception of everyday life, therefore, Sobriety was crucial to dealing with the moving of the Assemblage Point (of Spirit).
Continuing his story, don Juan said, that he quickly became accustomed to thinking of the old man, who had saved his life as really a young man masquerading as old. But one day the young man was again the old Belisario don Juan had first met. He and the woman don Juan thought was his wife packed their bags, and two smiling men with a team of mules appeared out of nowhere.
Don Juan laughed, savoring his story. He said, that while the muleteers packed the mules, Belisario pulled him aside and pointed out, that he and his wife were again disguised. He was again an old man, and his beautiful wife was a fat irascible (easily angered) Indian.
"I was so young and stupid, that only the obvious had value for me," don Juan continued. "Just a couple of days before, I had seen his incredible transformation from a feeble (weak, frail) man in his seventies to a vigorous young man in his mid-twenties, and I took his word, that old age was just a disguise. His wife had also changed from a sour, fat Indian to a beautiful slender young woman. The woman, of course, hadn't transformed herself the way my benefactor had. He had simply changed the woman. Of course, I could have seen everything at that time, but Wisdom always comes to us painfully and in driblets."
Don Juan said, that the old man assured him, that his wound was healed although he did not feel quite well yet. He then embraced don Juan and in a truly sad voice whispered, "the monster has liked you so much, that he has released me and my wife from bondage and taken you as his sole (only) servant."
"I would have laughed at him," don Juan went on, "had it not been for a deep animal growling and a frightening rattle, that came from the monster's rooms."
Don Juan's eyes were shining with inner delight. I (Carlos)  wanted to remain serious, but could not help laughing.
Belisario, aware of don Juan's fright, apologized profusely for the twist of fate, that had liberated him and imprisoned don Juan. He clicked his tongue in disgust and cursed the monster. He had tears in his eyes when he listed all the chores the Monster wanted done daily.
And when don Juan protested, he confided, in low tones, that there was no way to escape, because the Monster's Knowledge of Witchcraft was unequaled. Don Juan asked Belisario to recommend some line of action. And Belisario went into a long explanation about plans of action being appropriate only if one were dealing with average human beings.
In the human context, we can plan and plot and, depending on luck, plus our cunning and dedication, can succeed. But in the face of the unknown, specifically don Juan's situation, the only hope of survival was to acquiesce (accept) and understand. Belisario confessed to don Juan in a barely audible murmur, that to make sure the Monster never came after him, he was going to the state of Durango to learn Sorcery. He asked don Juan if he, too, would consider learning Sorcery. And don Juan, horrified at the thought, said, that he would have nothing to do with witches.
Don Juan held his sides laughing and admitted, that he enjoyed thinking about how his benefactor must have relished their interplay. Especially when he himself, in a frenzy of fear and passion, rejected the bona fide (genuine) invitation to learn Sorcery, saying, "I am an Indian. I was born to hate and fear witches."
Belisario exchanged looks with his wife and his body began to convulse (hiding laughter). Don Juan realized, he was weeping silently
(hiding laughter), obviously hurt by the rejection. His wife had to prop (helped) him up, until he regained his composure. As Belisario and his wife were walking away, he turned and gave don Juan one more piece of advice. He said, that the Monster abhorred (abominate, regard with horror) women, and don Juan should be on the lookout for a male replacement on the off chance, that the Monster would like him enough to switch slaves. But he should not raise his hopes, because it was going to be years before he could even leave the house.
The Monster liked to make sure his slaves were loyal or at least obedient. Don Juan could stand it no longer. He broke down, began to weep
(hiding laughter), and told Belisario, that noone was going to enslave him. He could always kill himself. The old man was very moved by don Juan's outburst and confessed, that he had had the same idea, but, alas, the Monster was able to read his thoughts and had prevented him from taking his own life every time he had tried. Belisario made another offer to take don Juan with him to Durango to learn Sorcery. He said it was the only possible solution. And don Juan told him his solution was like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Belisario began to weep loudly (hiding laughter) and embraced don Juan. He cursed the moment, he had saved the other man's life and swore, that he had no idea they would trade places. He blew his nose, and looking at don Juan with burning eyes, said, "Disguise is the only way to survive. If you don't behave properly, the Monster can steal your Soul and turn you into an idiot, who does his chores, and nothing more. Too bad I don't have time to teach you acting." Then he wept even more (hiding laughter). Don Juan, choking with tears asked him to describe how he could disguise himself. Belisario confided, that the Monster had terrible eyesight, and recommended, that don Juan experiment with various clothes, that suited his fancy. He had, after all, years ahead of him to try different disguises. He embraced don Juan at the door, weeping openly. His wife touched don Juan's hand shyly. And then they were gone.
"Never in my life, before or after, have I felt such terror and despair," don Juan said. "The Monster rattled things inside the house, as if he were waiting impatiently for me. I sat down by the door and whined like a dog in pain. Then I vomited from sheer fear."
Don Juan sat for hours incapable of moving. He dared not leave, nor did he dare go inside. It was no exaggeration to say, that he was actually about to die, when he saw Belisario waving his arms, frantically trying to catch his attention from the other side of the street. Just seeing him again gave don Juan instantaneous relief. Belisario was squatting by the sidewalk watching the house. He signaled don Juan to stay put. After an excruciatingly long time, Belisario crawled a few feet on his hands and knees toward don Juan, then squatted again, totally immobile. Crawling in that fashion, he advanced, until he was at don Juan's side. It took him hours. A lot of people had passed by, but no one seemed to have noticed don Juan's despair or the old man's actions. When the two of them were side by side, Belisario whispered, that he had not felt right leaving don Juan like a dog tied to a post. His wife had objected, but he had returned to attempt to rescue him. After all, it was thanks to don Juan, that he had gained his freedom. He asked don Juan in a commanding whisper whether he was ready and willing to do anything to escape this. And don Juan assured him, that he would do anything. In the most surreptitious
manner, Belisario handed don Juan a bundle of clothes. Then he outlined his plan. Don Juan was to go to the area of the house farthest from the Monster's rooms and slowly change his clothes, taking off one item of clothing at a time, starting with his hat, leaving the shoes for last. Then he was to put all his clothes on a wooden frame, a mannequin-like structure he was to build, efficiently and quickly, as soon as he was inside the house.
The next step of the plan was for don Juan to put on the only disguise, that could fool the Monster: the clothes in the bundle. Don Juan ran into the house and got everything ready. He built a scarecrow-like frame with poles he found in the back of the house, took off his clothes and put them on it. But when he opened the bundle he got the surprise of his life. The bundle consisted of women's clothes!
"I felt stupid and lost," don Juan said, "and was just about to put my own clothes back on when I heard the inhuman growls of that monstrous man. I had been reared to despise Women, to believe their only function was to take care of Men. Putting on Women's clothes to me was tantamount (the same as) to becoming a woman. But my fear of the Monster was so intense, that I closed my eyes and put on the damned clothes."
I looked at don Juan, imagining him in women's clothes. It was an image so utterly ridiculous, that against my will I broke into a belly laugh. Don Juan said, that when old Belisario, waiting for him across the street, saw don Juan in
disguise, he began to weep uncontrollably. Weeping, he guided don Juan to the outskirts of town, where his wife was waiting with the two muleteers. One of them very daringly asked Belisario if he was stealing the Weird Girl (don Juan) to sell her to a Whorehouse. The old man wept so hard, he seemed on the verge of fainting. The young muleteers did not know what to do, but Belisario's wife, instead of commiserating (feeling pity for Belisario), began to scream with laughter. And don Juan could not understand why. The party began to move in the dark. They took little-traveled trails and moved steadily north. Belisario did not speak much. He seemed to be frightened and expecting trouble. His wife fought with him all the time and complained, that they had thrown away their chance for freedom by taking don Juan along.
Belisario gave her strict orders not to mention it again for fear the muleteers would discover, that don Juan was in disguise. He cautioned don Juan, that because he did not know how to behave convincingly like a woman, he should act as if he were a girl, who was a little touched in the head. Within a few days don Juan's fear subsided a great deal. In fact, he became so confident, that
he could not even remember having been afraid. If it had not been for the clothes he was wearing, he could have imagined the whole experience had been a bad dream. Wearing women's clothes under those conditions, entailed, of course, a series of drastic changes. Belisario's wife coached don Juan, with true seriousness, in every aspect of being a Woman. Don Juan helped her cook, wash clothes, gather firewood. Belisario shaved don Juan's head and put a strong-smelling medicine on it, and told the muleteers, that the Girl had had an infestation of lice. Don Juan said, that since he was still a beardless youth it was not really difficult to pass as a woman. But he felt disgusted with himself, and with all those people, and, above all, with his fate. To end up wearing women's clothes and doing women's chores was more, than he could bear.  One day he had enough. The muleteers were the final straw. They expected and demanded, that this strange Girl wait on them hand and foot. Don Juan said, that he also had to be on permanent guard, because they would make passes.
I felt compelled to ask a question: "Were the muleteers in cahoots with your benefactor?
"No," he replied and began to laugh uproariously. "They were just two nice people, who had fallen temporarily under his spell.
He had hired their mules to carry medicinal plants and told them, that he would pay handsomely, if they would help him kidnap a young woman."
The scope of the Nagual Julian's actions staggered my imagination. I pictured don Juan fending off (turn aside) sexual advances and hollered (yell) with laughter. Don Juan continued his account. He said, that he told the old man sternly, that the masquerade had lasted long enough, the men were making sexual advances. Belisario nonchalantly (casually) advised him to be more understanding, because men will be men, and began to weep again, completely baffling don Juan, who found himself furiously defending Women. He was so passionate about the plight (situation of difficulty) of Women, that he scared himself. He told Belisario, that he was going to end up in worse shape, than he would have, had he stayed as the Monster's slave. Don Juan's turmoil increased when the old man wept uncontrollably and mumbled inanities (absurd silly remarks): life was sweet, the little price one had to pay for it was a joke, the monster would devour don Juan's soul and not even allow him to kill himself.
"Flirt with the muleteers," he advised don Juan in a conciliatory (peaceful) tone and manner. "They are primitive peasants. All they want is to play, so push them back, when they shove you. Let them touch your leg. What do you care?" And again, he wept unrestrainedly. Don Juan asked him why he wept like that.
"Because you are perfect for all this," he said and his body twisted with the force of his sobbing.
Don Juan thanked him for his good feelings and for all the trouble he was taking on his account. He told Belisario he now felt safe and wanted to leave.
"The Art of Stalking is learning all the quirks (oddities) of your disguise," Belisario said, paying no attention to what don Juan was telling him.
"And it is to learn them so well, noone will know you are disguised. For that you need to be ruthless, cunning, patient, and sweet."
Don Juan had no idea what Belisario was talking about. Rather than finding out, he asked him for some men's clothes. Belisario was very understanding. He gave don Juan some old clothes and a few pesos. He promised don Juan, that his disguise would always be there in case he needed it, and pressed him vehemently (intensity of emotion) to come to Durango with him to learn Sorcery and free himself from the Monster for good. Don Juan said no and thanked him. So Belisario bid him goodbye and patted him on the back repeatedly and with considerable force. Don Juan changed his clothes and asked Belisario for directions. He answered, that if don Juan followed the trail north, sooner or later he would reach the next town. He said, that the two of them might even cross paths again, since they were all going in the same general direction - away from the Monster. Don Juan took off as fast as he could, free at last. He must have walked four or five miles,
before he found signs of people. He knew, that a town was nearby and thought, that perhaps he could get work there, until he decided where he was going. He sat down to rest for a moment, anticipating the normal difficulties a stranger would find in a small out-of-the-way town, when from the corner of his eye he saw a movement in the bushes by the mule trail. He felt someone was watching him. He became so thoroughly terrified, that he jumped up and started to run in the
direction of the town; the Monster jumped at him lurching out to grab his neck. He missed by an inch. Don Juan screamed, as he had never screamed before, but still had enough self-control to turn and run back in the direction, from which he had come.
While don Juan ran for his life, the Monster pursued him, crashing through the bushes only a few feet away. Don Juan said, that it was the most frightening sound he had ever heard. Finally he saw the mules moving slowly in the distance, and he yelled for help. Belisario recognized don Juan and ran toward him displaying overt (open) terror. He threw the bundle of women's clothes at don Juan shouting, "Run like a Woman, you fool."
Don Juan admitted, that he did not know how he had the presence of mind to run like a Woman, but he did it. The Monster stopped chasing him. And Belisario told him to change quickly, while he held the Monster at bay. Don Juan joined Belisario's wife and the smiling muleteers without looking at anybody. They doubled back and took other trails. Nobody spoke for days; then Belisario gave him daily lessons. He told don Juan, that Indian Women were practical and went directly to the heart of things, but that they were also very shy, and that, when challenged, they showed the physical signs of fright in shifty eyes, tight mouths, and enlarged nostrils. All these signs were accompanied by a fearful stubbornness, followed by shy laughter. He made don Juan practice his womanly behavior skills in every town they passed through. And don Juan honestly believed he was teaching him to be an actor. But Belisario insisted, that he was teaching him the Art of Stalking. He told don Juan, that Stalking was an Art applicable to everything, and that there were four steps to learning it: ruthlessness, cunning, patience, and sweetness.
I felt compelled to interrupt his account once more. "But isn't Stalking taught in deep, Heightened Awareness?" I asked.
"Of course," he replied with a grin. "But you have to understand, that for some men, wearing women's clothes, is the door into Heightened Awareness. In fact, such means are more effective, than pushing the Assemblage Point, but are very difficult to arrange."
Don Juan said, that his benefactor drilled him daily in the four moods of Stalking and insisted, that don Juan understand that ruthlessness should not be harshness, cunning should not be cruelty, patience should not be negligence, and sweetness should not be foolishness. He taught him, that these four steps had to be practiced and perfected, until they were so smooth, they were unnoticeable. He believed Women to be Natural Stalkers. And his conviction was so strong,
he maintained, that only in a Woman's disguise could any man really learn the Art of Stalking.
"I went with him to every market in every town we passed and haggled (bargain) with everyone," don Juan went on. "My benefactor used to stay to one side watching me. 'Be ruthless, but charming,' he used to say. 'Be cunning, but nice.
Be patient, but active. Be sweet, but lethal. Only Women can do it. If a Man acts this way he's being prissy (fussy, finicky)."
And, as if to make sure don Juan stayed in line, the Monstrous Man appeared from time to time. Don Juan caught sight of him, roaming the countryside. He would see him most often after Belisario gave him a vigorous back massage, supposedly to alleviate a sharp nervous pain in his neck. Don Juan laughed and said, that he had no idea he was being manipulated into Heightened Awareness.
"It took us one month to reach the city of Durango," don Juan said. "In that month, I had a brief sample of the Four Moods of Stalking. It really didn't change me much, but it gave me a chance to have an inkling (a hint, a vague idea or notion) of what being a Woman was like."

Here is an extract from Castaneda's book "The Art of Dreaming", showing the effect of Feminine Energy, given to Sorcerers, when they lose their own Energy in the World of
Inorganic Beings. That happened to Nagual Elias and to Carlos Castaneda, the full book is on : "The Art of Dreaming", Carlos Castaneda

"...Don Juan explained, that upon Merging my Energy with the Scout, I had truthfully ceased to exist. All my physicalness had then been transported into the Inorganic Beings' Realm and, had it not been for the Scout, who guided don Juan and his companions to where I was, I would have died or remained in that World, inextricably (incapable of being freed) lost.
"Why did the Scout guide you to where I was?" I asked.
"The Scout is a Sentient (Conscious) Being from another dimension," he said. "It's a little girl now, and as such she told me, that in order to get the necessary Energy to break the Barrier, that had trapped her in the Inorganic Beings' World,
she had to take all of yours.
That's her Human Part now. Something resembling Gratitude drove her to me. When I saw her, I knew instantly, that you were done for."
"What did you do then, don Juan?"
"I rounded up everyone I could get hold of, especially Carol Tiggs, and off we went into the Inorganic Beings' Realm."
"Why Carol Tiggs?"
"In the first place, because she has Endless Energy, and, in the Second Place, because she had to familiarize herself with the Scout. All of us got something invaluable out of this experience. You and Carol Tiggs got the Scout. And the rest of us got a reason to Round up Our Physicality and Place it on Our Energy Bodies; We became Energy."
"How did all of you do that, don Juan?"
"We Displaced Our Assemblage Points, in Unison. Our Impeccable Intent to Save You did the Work. The Scout took us, in the blink of an eye, to where you were lying, half dead, and Carol dragged you out (Female's Energy helped, LM)."

His explanation made no sense to me. Don Juan laughed when I tried to raise that point.
"How can you understand this when you don't even have enough Energy to get out of your bed?" he retorted.
I confided (entrusted) to him, that I was certain I knew infinitely more, than I rationally admitted, but that something was keeping a tight lid on My Memory.
"Lack of Energy is what has put a tight lid on Your Memory," he said. "When you have sufficient Energy, your Memory will work fine."
"Do you mean, that I can remember everything if I want to?"
"Not quite. You may want as much, as you like, but if your Energy Level is not on a par (equal) with the Importance of What You Know, you might as well kiss Your Knowledge good-bye: it'll never be available to you."
"So what's the thing to do, don Juan?"
"Energy tends to be cumulative; if you follow the Warrior's Way impeccably, a Moment will come when Your Memory Opens Up."

I confessed, that hearing him talk gave me the absurd sensation, that I was indulging in feeling sorry for myself, that there was nothing wrong with me.
"You are not just indulging," he said. "You were actually Energetically Dead four weeks ago. Now you are merely stunned. Being stunned and lacking Energy is what makes You Hide Your Knowledge. You certainly know more, than any of us about the Inorganic Beings' World. That World was the exclusive Concern of the Old Sorcerers. All of us have told you, that only through Sorcerers' Stories do we know about it. I sincerely say, that it is more, than strange to me, that you've become,  in your own right, another Source of Sorcerers' Stories for us."
I reiterated, that it was impossible for me to believe I had done something, he had not. But I could not believe either, that he was merely humoring me.
"I am not flattering or humoring you," he said, visibly annoyed. "I am stating a Sorcery fact. Knowing more, than any of us, about that World, shouldn't be a reason for feeling pleased. There's No Advantage in that Knowledge; in fact, in spite of all you know, you couldn't save yourself. We saved you, because we found you. But without the Aid of the Scout, there was No Point in even trying to find you. You were so infinitely lost in that World, that I shudder (horrified) at the mere thought."
In my state of mind, I did not find it strange in the least, that I actually saw a Ripple of Emotion, going through all of don Juan's Companions and Apprentices.
The only one, who remained unaltered was Carol Tiggs. She seemed to have fully accepted her role. She was One with Me (her Energy helped him, LM).

"You did free the Scout," don Juan continued, "but you gave up your life. Or, worse yet, you gave up your Freedom. The Inorganic Beings let the Scout go, in Exchange for You."

"For a Sorcerer, the Spirit is an Abstract, simply because he knows it without words or even Thoughts...Our reluctance to accept the idea, that Knowledge could exist without words to explain it...Knowledge and language are separate," he repeated softly... He suggested, that if I would think about the proposition, that Knowledge might be independent of Language, without bothering to understand it, perhaps I could see the Light."

"... He (don Juan) reminded me of an event I had witnessed some months before in Mexico City, which I had found to be incomprehensible, until he had explained it, using the Sorcerers' Paradigm. What I had witnessed was a surgical operation, performed by a famous psychic healer. A friend of mine was the patient. The healer was a woman, who entered a very dramatic trance to operate on him. I was able to observe that, using a kitchen knife, she cut his abdominal cavity open in the umbilical (navel) region, detached his diseased liver, washed it in a bucket of alcohol, put it back in and closed the bloodless opening with just the pressure of her hands. There had been a number of people in the semidark room, witnesses to
the operation.
Some of them seemed to be interested observers like myself. The others seemed to be the healer's helpers. After the operation, I talked briefly to three of the observers. They all agreed, that they had witnessed the same events
I had. When I talked to my friend, the patient, he reported, that he had felt the operation as a dull, constant pain in his stomach and a burning sensation on his right side.

I had narrated all of this to don Juan and I had even ventured (doubt) a cynical explanation. I had told him, that the semidarkness of the room, in my opinion, lent (allow the use) itself perfectly to all kinds of sleight (skillful, cunning) of hand, which could have accounted for the sight of the internal organs being pulled out of the abdominal cavity and washed in alcohol. The emotional shock, caused by the healer's dramatic trance - which I also considered trickery - helped to create an atmosphere of almost religious faith. Don Juan immediately pointed out, that this was a cynical opinion, not a cynical explanation, because it did not explain the fact, that my friend had really gotten well. Don Juan had then proposed an alternative view, based on Sorcerers' Knowledge. He had explained, that the event hinged on the salient (striking) fact, that the healer was capable of moving the Assemblage Point of the exact number of people in her audience. The only trickery involved -
if one could call it trickery - was, that the number of people present in the room could not exceed the number, she could handle. Her dramatic trance and the accompanying histrionics (dramatics) were, according to him, either well thought - out devices the healer used to trap the attention of those present, or unconscious maneuvers, dictated by the Spirit itself. Whichever, they were the most appropriate means, whereby the healer could foster (encourage) the Unity of Thought, needed to remove doubt from the minds of those present and force them into Heightened Awareness. When she cut the body open with a kitchen knife and removed the internal organs it was not, don Juan had stressed, sleight (trickery) of hand. These were bona fide (true) events, which, by virtue (worthy practice) of taking place in Heightened Awareness, were outside the realm of everyday judgment. I had asked don Juan how the healer could manage to move the Assemblage Points of those people without touching them. His reply had been, that the Healer's Power, a gift or a stupendous accomplishment, was to serve as a Conduit for the Spirit. It was the Spirit, he had said, and not the Healer, which had moved those Assemblage Points.
"I explained to you then, although you didn't understand a word of it," don Juan went on, "that the healer's art and power was to remove doubts from the minds of those present. By doing this, she was able to allow the Spirit to move their Assemblage Points. Once those Points had moved, everything was possible. They had entered into the realm, where Miracles are commonplace."
He asserted emphatically, that the healer must also have been a Sorceress, and that, if I made an effort to remember the operation, I would remember, that she had been Ruthless with the people around her, especially the patient. I repeated to him what I could recall of the session. The pitch and tone of the healer's flat, feminine voice changed dramatically, when she entered a trance into a raspy, deep, male voice. That voice announced, that the Spirit of a Warrior of pre-Columbian Antiquity, had possessed the healer's body. Once the announcement was made, the healer's attitude changed dramatically. She was possessed. She was obviously absolutely sure of herself, and she proceeded to operate with total certainty and firmness.
"I prefer the word "Ruthlessness" to "certainty" and "firmness"," don Juan commented, then continued. "That healer had to be ruthless to create the proper setting for the Spirit's Intervention."
He asserted, that events difficult to explain, such as that operation, were really very simple.
They were made difficult by our insistence upon thinking. If we did not think, everything fit into place... "By intending the Movement of your Assemblage Point," he said. "Intent is beckoned (signal or summon by waving) with the eyes."
I told don Juan, that my mind was shifting back and forth between moments of tremendous lucidity, when everything was crystal clear, and lapses into profound mental fatigue, during which I could not understand what he was saying.
He tried to put me at ease, explaining, that my instability was caused by a slight fluctuation of my Assemblage Point, which had not stabilized in the new position it had reached some years earlier. The fluctuation was the result of left-over
feelings of Self-Pity.

"What new position is that, don Juan?" I asked.
"Years ago - and this is what I want you to recollect - your Assemblage Point reached the place of No Pity," he replied.
"I beg your pardon?" I said.
"The place of No Pity is the site of Ruthlessness," he said. "But you know all this. For the time being, though, until you recollect, let's say, that Ruthlessness, being a specific position of the Assemblage Point, is shown in the eyes of Sorcerers.
It's like a shimmering film over the eyes. The Eyes of Sorcerers are Brilliant. The Greater the Shine, the more Ruthless the Sorcerer is. At this moment, your eyes are dull."
He explained that, when the Assemblage Point moved to the place of No Pity, the Eyes began to Shine. The firmer the Grip of the Assemblage Point on its new position, the more the Eyes shone.
"Try to recall what you already know about this," he urged me. He kept quiet for a moment, then spoke without looking at me.
"Recollecting is not the same as remembering," he continued. "Remembering is dictated by the day-to-day type of thinking, while recollecting is dictated by the Movement of the Assemblage Point.
A Recapitulation of their Lives, which Sorcerers do, is the Key to Moving their Assemblage Points. Sorcerers start their Recapitulation by thinking, by remembering the most important acts of their lives. From merely Thinking about them, they then move on to actually being at the site of the event. When they can do that - be at the site of the event - they have successfully shifted their Assemblage Point to the precise spot it was, when the event took place. Bringing back the total event by means of Shifting the Assemblage Point is known as Sorcerers' Recollection."
He stared at me for an instant, as if trying to make sure I was listening.
"Our Assemblage Points are Constantly Shifting," he explained, "Imperceptible Shifts. Sorcerers believe, that in order to make their Assemblage Points Shift to precise Spots, we must engage Intent. Since there is no way of knowing, what Intent is, Sorcerers let their eyes beckon (signal) it...
Ruthlessness possessed you then. Ruthlessness makes Sorcerers' Eyes Shine, and that Shine beckons (signals) Intent. Each spot, to which their Assemblage Points move, is indicated by a Specific Shine of Their Eyes. Since their eyes have their own memory, they can call up the recollection of any spot by calling up the Specific Shine, associated with that spot."
He explained, that the reason Sorcerers put so much emphasis on the Shine of Their Eyes and on their gaze, is because the Eyes are directly connected to Intent. Contradictory as it might sound, the Truth is, that the Eyes are only superficially (be near the surface) connected to the World of Everyday Life. Their deeper connection is to the Abstract (Soul)...

Кое-какие отрывки и мои мысли о Нагуалах из книг Карлоса Кастанеда (на русском)

На нашем сайте в книгах Кастанеда я стараюсь его метафоры (вроде "закат моей жизни"), заменять на правильные названия, например: метафора - "Точка Сборки - Assemblage Point" на более правильное понятие "Точка, где находится Душа - Spirit" или метафора - "Сила Орла - Eagle Force" на "Сила Земли - Earth's Force" или метафора - "Нити Орла - Eagle Emаnations" на "Нити Энергии Баланса Земли - Earth's Threads of Light", тогда становится яснее содержание книг. Ниже отрывок из книги Карлоса Кастанеды "Могущество Молчания" о роли Учителей в жизни их учеников - Магов, Колдунов и Шаманов; таких Учителей называют Нагуал (мексиканское слово), стр. 4-5 :

"... Тогда он (Дон Хуан Матис - Нагуал) объяснил (Карлос) роль Гида (Нагуала) в жизнях Шаманов. Он сказал что Гида называют "Нагуал" и что это может быть Женщина или Мужчина экстра-ординарной Энергии, Учитель, у кого: Трезвый Ум, Выносливость и Стабильность; тот, кого Ясновидящие Колдуны ВИДЯТ как Светящиеся Белые Сферы, имеющие 4 Отделения, как-будто четыре, обычных Светящихся Сфер вокруг человека, были сжаты вместе
(а также вместо одного куска Солнечной Энергии Баланса (Душа-Spirit), размером с теннисный мяч, Нагуал имеет Душу в 4 раза больше обыкновенного человека. ЛМ).
В силу своей
экстра-ординарной Энергии, Нагуалы являются Посредниками между самыми Высокими Вибрациями и самыми Низкими, могут легко переходить из одной Вибрации в другую, то вниз, то вверх! Их Энергия позволяет им доставлять: Покой, Гармонию (Баланс), Смех и Высшие Знания прямо из Источника Всей Жизни, используя Закон Цели, Намерения (Любопытство - движующаяся Сила Закона Цели, ЛМ), и передавать всё это своим друзьям (ученикам). Нагуалы ответственны за объяснения и напоминания шаманам о их Связи с Законом Цели, без которого Источник Всей Жизни не может функционировать !

Мне хочется когда-нибудь своими словами больше рассказать о Параллельных Личностях Нагуалов (из той же книги) - о Нагуале Джулиан и Нагуале Элиас, которые были Учителями
Нагуалa Дон Хуана. Большую часть этих Параллельных Личностей мы все имеем и даже материализуем их время от времени, когда в этом есть нужда, как это делал Нагуал Джулиан, например когда нам нужно сыграть какую-нибудь роль в кино или в театре или даже в жизни.

Info About Alies (Inorganic Beings) from C. Castaneda Books. "The Art of Dreaming"

If we follow them (allies) to their source, they serve us as guides into areas of such Mystery, that Sorcerers shiver at the mere mention of such a possibility."

"He said, that Sorcerers have seen, that there are two types of Conscious Beings roaming the Earth, the Organic and the Inorganic, and that in comparing one with the other, they have seen, that both are Luminous Masses, crossed from every imaginable angle by millions of the Universe's Energy Filaments. They are different from each other in their shape and in their degree of brightness. Inorganic Beings are Long and Candlelike but opaque, whereas Organic Beings are round and by far the brighter. Another noteworthy difference, which don Juan said Sorcerers have seen, is, that the Life and Consciousness of Organic Beings is short-lived, because they are made to hurry, whereas the Life of Inorganic Beings is infinitely longer and their Consciousness infinitely more calm and deeper."

This act creates a distinctive Energy Charge, which attracts their (Inorganic Beings) attention. It's like bait to fish; they'll go for it. Sorcerers, by Reaching and Crossing the First two Gates of Dreaming, set bait for those Beings and compel them to appear.
"By going through the two Gates, you have made your bidding, known to them. Now, you must wait for a Sign from them."
"What would the sign be, don Juan?"
"Possibly the Appearance of One of Them, although, that seems too soon. I am of the opinion, that Their Sign will be simply some Interference in your Dreaming. I believe, that the Jolts of Fear, you are experiencing nowadays, are not indigestion, but Energy Jolts, sent to you by the Inorganic Beings."
"What should I do?"
"You must gauge (calculate) your expectations."
I could not understand what he meant, and he carefully explained, that our normal expectation when engaging in interaction with our fellow men or with other organic Beings is to get an immediate reply to our solicitation (request for something desired). With Inorganic Beings, however, since they are separated from us by a most formidable barrier, Energy, that moves at a different speed, Sorcerers must gauge (calculate) their expectations and sustain the solicitation for as long, as it takes to be acknowledged.
"Do you mean, don Juan, that the solicitation is the same as the Dreaming Practices?"
"Yes. But for a perfect result, you must add to your practices the Intent of Reaching those Inorganic Beings. Send a Feeling of Power and Confidence to them, a Feeling of Strength, of Detachment. Avoid at any cost sending a Feeling of Fear or Morbidity (gruesome, grisly). They are pretty morbid by themselves; to add your morbidity to them is unnecessary, to say the least."
"I'm not clear, don Juan, about the way they appear to Sorcerers. What is the peculiar way they make themselves known?"
"They do, at times, materialize themselves in the Daily World, right in front of us.
Most of the time, though, their invisible presence is marked by a Bodily Jolt, a Shiver of Sorts, that comes from the marrow of the bones."
"What about in Dreaming, don Juan?"
"In Dreaming we have the total opposite. At times, we feel them the way you are feeling them, as a Jolt of Fear. Most of the time, they materialize themselves right in front of us. Since at the beginning of Dreaming we have no experience whatsoever with them, they might imbue (saturate) us with fear beyond measure. That is a real danger to us. Through the Channel of Fear, they can follow us to the Daily World, with disastrous results for us."
"In what way, don Juan?"
"Fear can settle down in our lives, and we would have to be mavericks (an independent) to deal with it. Inorganic Beings can be worse, than a pest. Through fear they can easily drive us raving mad."
"What do Sorcerers do with Inorganic Beings?"
"They mingle (mix) with them. They turn them into Allies. They form associations, create extraordinary friendships. I call them vast enterprises, where Perception plays the uppermost (highest in priority) role. We are Social Beings. We unavoidably seek the Company of Consciousness. With Inorganic Beings, the Secret is not to fear them. And this must be done from the beginning. The Intent one has to send out to them has to be of Power and Abandon. In that Intent one must encode the message "I don't fear you. Come to see me. If you do, I'll welcome you. If you don't want to come, I'll miss you." With a message like this, they'll get so curious, that they'll come for sure."
"Why should they come to seek me, or why on Earth should I seek them?"
"Dreamers, whether they like it or not, in their Dreaming seek associations with other Beings. This may come to you as a shock, but Dreamers automatically seek Groups of Beings, Nexuses (bond, link) of Inorganic Beings in this case. Dreamers seek them avidly."
"This is very strange to me, don Juan. Why would Dreamers do that?"
"The Novelty for us is the Inorganic Beings. And the Novelty for them is one of our kind, Crossing the Boundaries of Their Realm. The thing you must bear in mind from now on is, that Inorganic Beings with their Superb Consciousness exert
(pull into vigorous action) a Tremendous Pull over Dreamers and can easily transport them into Worlds beyond description.
"The Sorcerers of Antiquity used them, and they are the ones, who coined the name "Allies". Their Allies taught them to Move the Assemblage Point out of the Egg's boundaries into the Nonhuman Universe. So when they transport a Sorcerer, they transport him to Worlds beyond the human domain."

"This is for sure an ideal place to summon (call) your friends," he said.
"Why do you call them my friends?"
"They have singled you out themselves. When they do that, it means, that they seek an association. I've mentioned to you, that Sorcerers form bonds of friendship with them. Your case seems to be an example. And you don't even have to solicit
 (make a request) them."
"What does such a friendship consist of, don Juan?"
"It consists of a Mutual Exchange of Energy. The Inorganic Beings supply their high Awareness, and Sorcerers supply their heightened Awareness and high Energy. The Positive result is an Even Exchange. The Negative one is Dependency on both parties (but not at the End of Life of the Old Universe, when all Energies, all Parallel Universes need to blend with each other, LM).

I heard don Juan say, "You can open your eyes now." I opened them with no difficulty. I was sitting cross-legged on some rocks, which were not the same ones I had felt under me when I sat down. Don Juan was just behind me to my right. I tried to turn around to face him, but he forced my head to remain straight. And then I saw two dark figures, like two thin tree trunks, right in front of me. I stared at them open-mouthed; they were not as tall, as in my Dreams. They had shrunk to half their size. Instead of being shapes of opaque luminosity, they were now two condensed, dark, almost black, menacing sticks.
"Get up and grab one of them," don Juan ordered me, "and don't let go, no matter how it shakes you."
I definitely did not want to do anything of the sort, but some unknown drive made me stand up against my will. I had at that moment the clear realization, that I would end up doing what he had ordered me to, although I had no conscious intention of doing so. Mechanically, I advanced toward the two figures, my heart pounding nearly out of my chest. I grabbed the one to my right. What I felt was an electric discharge, that almost made me drop the dark figure.
Don Juan's voice came to me, as if he had been yelling from a distance away. "You drop it and you're done for," he said. I held on to the figure, which twirled and shook. Not like a massive animal would, but like something quite fluffy and light, although strongly electrical.
We rolled and turned on the sand of the gully for quite some time. It gave me jolt after jolt of some sickening electric current. I thought it was sickening, because I fancied it to be different from the Energy I had always encountered in our Daily World. When it hit my body, it tickled me and made me yell and growl like an animal, not in anguish (extreme pain), but in a strange anger. It finally became a still, almost solid form under me. It lay inert. I asked don Juan if it was
dead, but I did not hear my voice.
"Not a chance," said someone laughing, someone, who was not don Juan. "You've just depleted its Energy Charge. But don't get up yet. Lie there just a moment longer."
I looked at don Juan with a question in my eyes. He was examining me with great curiosity. Then he helped me up. The dark figure remained on the ground. I wanted to ask don Juan, if the dark figure was all right. Again, I could not voice my question. Then I did something extravagant. I took it all for real. Up to that moment something in my Mind was preserving my rationality by taking, what was happening, as a Dream, a Dream induced by don Juan's machinations. I went to the figure on the ground and tried to lift it up. I could not put my arms around it, because it had no mass. I became disoriented. The same Voice, which was not don Juan's, told me to lie down on top of the Inorganic Being. I did it, and both of us got up in one motion, the Inorganic Being like a dark shadow attached to me. It gently separated from me and disappeared, leaving me with an extremely pleasant feeling of completeness. It took me more, than twenty-four hours to regain total control of my faculties (parts). I slept most of the time.
Don Juan checked me from time to time by asking me the same question, "Was the Inorganic Being's Energy like Fire or like Water?"
My throat seemed scorched. I could not tell him, that the Energy Jolts, I had felt, were like Jets of Electrified Water. I have never felt Jets of Electrified Water in my life. I am not sure, if it is possible to produce them or to feel them, but that was the image playing in my Mind every time don Juan asked his key question. Don Juan was asleep, when I finally knew I was completely recovered. Knowing, that his question was of great importance, I woke him up and told him, what I had felt.
"You are not going to have helping friends among the Inorganic Beings, but relationships of annoying dependence," he stated. "Be extremely careful. Watery Inorganic Beings are more given to Excesses. The Old Sorcerers believed, that they were more loving, more capable of imitating, or perhaps even having feelings. As opposed to the fiery ones, who were thought to be more serious, more contained, than the others, but also more pompous."
"What's the meaning of all this for me, don Juan?"
"The meaning is too vast to discuss at this time. My recommendation is, that you vanquish (subjugate) fear from your Dreams and from your life, in order to safeguard your Unity. The Inorganic Being you depleted of Energy and then recharged again was thrilled out of its candlelike shape with it. It'll come to you for more."
"Why didn't you stop me, don Juan?"
"You didn't give me time. Besides, you didn't even hear me shouting at you to leave the Inorganic Being on the ground."
"You should have lectured me, beforehand, the way you always do, about all the possibilities."
"I didn't know all the possibilities. In matters of the Inorganic Beings, I am nearly a novice. I refused that part of the Sorcerers' Knowledge on the ground, that it is too cumbersome and capricious. I don't want to be at the mercy of any Entity, Organic or Inorganic."
That was the end of our exchange. I should have been worried, because of his definitely negative reaction, but I was not. I somehow was certain, that whatever I had done was all right.
I continued my Dreaming practices without any interference from the Inorganic Beings...

...And one day, while I was sitting at my desk, I got a reply to an unvoiced question about the Realness of Inorganic Beings. I had seen Inorganic Beings in Dreams so many times, I had begun to think of them as real. I reminded myself I had even touched one, in a state of semi-normal consciousness in the Sonoran desert. And my Dreams had been periodically deviated to views of Worlds, I seriously doubted could have been products of my mentality. I wished to give don Juan my best shot, in terms of a concise (clear) query, so I molded a question in my mind: if one is to accept, that Inorganic Beings are as real, as people, where, in the Physicality of the Universe, is the Realm, in which they exist? After formulating the question to myself, I heard a Strange Laughter, just as I had the day I wrestled with the Inorganic Being.
Then a Man's Voice answered me: "That Realm exists in a Particular Position of the Assemblage Point," it said. "Just like your World exists in the Habitual Position of the Assemblage Point."
The last thing I wanted was to enter into a dialogue with a disembodied Voice, so I stood up and ran out of my house. The thought occurred to me, that I was losing my mind. Another worry to add to my collection of worries. The Voice had been so clear and authoritative, that it not only intrigued me, but terrified me. I waited with great trepidation (alarm) for oncoming barrages (outpouring of words) of that Voice, but the event was never repeated. At the first opportunity I had, I consulted with don Juan. He was not impressed in the least.
"You must understand, once and for all, that things like this are very normal in the life of a Sorcerer," he said. "You are not going mad; you are simply hearing the Voice of the Dreaming Emissary (messenger, agent). Upon Crossing the First or Second Gate of Dreaming, Dreamers reach a Threshold of Energy and begin to See things or to Hear Voices. Not really plural Voices, but a singular Voice.
Sorcerers call it the Voice of the Dreaming Emissary."
"What is the Dreaming Emissary?"
"Alien Energy, that has Conciseness (succinct, lakonic). Alien Energy, that purports (means) to Aid Dreamers by telling them things. The problem with the Dreaming Emissary is, that it can tell only what the Sorcerers already know or should know, were they worth their salt."
"To say that it's Alien Energy, that has Conciseness doesn't help me at all, don Juan. What kind of Energy - benign, malignant, right, wrong, what?"
"It's just what I said, Alien Energy. An Impersonal Force, that we turn into a very personal one, because it has Voice. Some Sorcerers swear by it. They even See it. Or, as you yourself have done, they simply hear it as a man's or a Woman's Voice. And the Voice can tell them about the state of things, which most of the time they take as sacred advice."
"Why do some of us hear it as a Voice?"
"We See it or Hear it, because we maintain our Assemblage Points fixed on a specific New Position; the more intense this Fixation, the more intense our experience of the Emissary. Watch out! You may see it and feel it as a naked woman."
Don Juan laughed at his own remark, but I was too scared for levity (frivolity).
"Is this Force capable of materializing itself?" I asked.
"Certainly," he replied. "And it all depends on how Fixed the Assemblage Point is. But, rest assured, if you are capable of maintaining a degree of detachment, nothing happens. The Emissary remains what it is: an Impersonal Force, that acts on us, because of the Fixation of our Assemblage Points."
"Is its advice safe and sound?"
"It cannot be advice. It only tells us what's what, and then we draw the inferences (conclusions) ourselves."
I told don Juan then about what the Voice had said to me.
"It's just like I said," don Juan remarked. "The Emissary didn't tell you anything new. Its statements were correct, but it only seemed to be revealing things to you. What the Emissary did was merely repeat, what you already knew."
"I'm afraid I can't claim, that I knew all that, don Juan."
"Yes, you can. You know now infinitely more about the Mystery of the Universe, than what you rationally suspect. But that's our Human Malady, to know more about the Mystery of the Universe, than we suspect."
Having experienced this incredible Phenomenon all by myself, without don Juan's coaching, made me feel elated. I wanted more information about the Emissary. I began to ask don Juan whether he also heard the Emissary's Voice.
He interrupted me and with a broad smile said, "Yes, yes. The Emissary also talks to me. In my youth I used to See it as a friar (monk) with a black cowl (hooded robe). A Talking Friar, who used to scare the daylights out of me, every time.
Then, when my fear was more manageable, it became a disembodied Voice, which tells me things to this day."
"What kinds of things, don Juan?"
"Anything I focus my Intent on, things I don't want to take the trouble of following up myself. Like, for example, details about the behavior of my apprentices. What they do when I am not around. It tells me things about you, in particular.
The Emissary tells me everything you do."
At that point, I really did not care for the direction our conversation had taken. I frantically searched my Mind for questions about other topics, while he roared with laughter.
"Is the Dreaming Emissary an Inorganic Being?" I asked.
"Let's say, that the Dreaming Emissary is a Force, that comes from the Realm of Inorganic Beings.
This is the reason Dreamers always encounter it."
"Do you mean, don Juan, that every Dreamer Hears or Sees the Emissary?"
"Everyone Hears the Emissary; very few See it or Feel it."
"Do you have any explanation for this?"
"No. Besides, I really don't care about the Emissary. At one point in my life, I had to make a decision whether to concentrate on the Inorganic Beings and follow in the footsteps of the Old Sorcerers or to refuse it all. My teacher, the Nagual Julian, helped me make up my Mind to refuse it. I've never regretted that decision."
"Do you think I should refuse the Inorganic Beings myself, don Juan?"
He did not answer me; instead, he explained, that the whole Realm of Inorganic Beings is always poised (ready) to Teach. Perhaps, because Inorganic Beings have a deeper Consciousness, than ours, they feel compelled (obliged) to take us under their wings. I didn't see any point in becoming their pupil," he added. "Their price is too high."
"What is their price?"
"Our lives, our Energy, our devotion to them. In other words, our Freedom."
"But what do they teach?"
"Things pertinent (suitable) to their World. The same way we ourselves would teach them, if we were capable of Teaching them, things pertinent (suitable) to Our World. Their method, however, is to take our Basic Self as a Gauge (standard) of what we need and then teach us accordingly. A most dangerous affair!"
"I don't see why it would be dangerous."
"If someone was going to take your Basic Self as a gauge, with all your fears and greed and envy, et cetera, et cetera, and teach you what fulfills that horrible State of Being, what do you think the result would be?"
I had no comeback (reply). I thought I understood perfectly well the reasons for his rejection.
"The problem with the Old Sorcerers was, that they learned wonderful things, but on the Basis of their unadulterated (real) Lower Selves," don Juan went on. "The Inorganic Beings became their Allies, and, by means of deliberate examples, they taught the Old Sorcerers Marvels (wonders). Their Allies performed the actions, and the Old Sorcerers were guided step by step to copy those actions, Without Changing Anything About Their Basic Nature."
"Do these relationships with Inorganic Beings exist today?"
"I can't answer that truthfully. All I can say is, that I can't conceive of having a relationship like that myself. Involvements of this nature curtail (reduce) our Search for Freedom by consuming (taking) all our Available Energy. In order to really follow their Allies' example, the Old Sorcerers had to spend their lives in the Realm of the Inorganic Beings. The Amount of Energy, needed to accomplish such a sustained journey is staggering."
"Do you mean, don Juan, that the Old Sorcerers were able to exist in those Realms like we exist here?"
"Not quite like we exist here, but certainly they lived: they retained their Awareness, their individuality. The Dreaming Emissary became the most Vital Entity for those Sorcerers. If a Sorcerer wants to live in the Realm of the Inorganic Beings, the Emissary is the perfect bridge; it speaks, and its Bent is to teach, to guide."
"Have you ever been in that Realm, don Juan?"
"Countless times. And so have you. But there is no point in talking about it now. You haven't cleared all the debris from your Dreaming Attention yet. We'll talk about that Realm some day."
"Do I gather, don Juan, that you don't approve of or like the Emissary?"
"I neither approve of it nor like it. It belongs to another mood, the Old Sorcerers' Mood. Besides, its Teachings and Guidance in Our World are Nonsense. And for that Nonsense the Emissary charges us Enormities in terms of Energy.
One day you will agree with me. You'll see."
In the tone of don Juan's words, I caught a veiled implication (meaning) of his belief, that I disagreed with him about the Emissary. I was about to confront him with it when I heard the Emissary's Voice in my ears.
"He's right," the Voice said. "You like me, because you find nothing wrong with exploring all possibilities. You want Knowledge; Knowledge is Power. You don't want to remain safe in the routines and beliefs of your Daily World."
The Emissary said all that in English with a marked Pacific Coast intonation. Then it shifted into Spanish. I heard a slight Argentine accent. I had never heard the Emissary speaking like this before. It fascinated me. The Emissary told me about fulfillment, Knowledge; about how far away I was from my birthplace; about my craving for adventure and my near obsession with new things, new horizons. The Voice even talked to me in Portuguese, with a definite inflection (accent) from the Southern Pampas. To hear that Voice pouring out all this flattery not only scared me, but nauseated me. I told don Juan, right on the spot, that I had to stop my Dreaming training. He looked up at me, caught by surprise. But when I repeated what
I had heard, he agreed I should stop, although I sensed he was doing it only to appease (sooth) me.

Story of Nagual Sebastian

Carlos Castaneda "The Art of Dreaming":
"...But, for the moment, just let me tell you another farfetched Story about one of the Naguals of my Line, the Nagual Sebastian."

Don Juan told me then, that the Nagual Sebastian had been a sexton in a church in Southern Mexico around the beginning of the eighteenth century. In his account, don Juan stressed how Sorcerers, Past or Present, seek and find refuge in established institutions, such as the Church. It was his idea, that because of their superior discipline, Sorcerers are trustworthy employees and, that they are avidly sought by institutions, that are always in dire (urgent) need of such persons.
Don Juan maintained, that as long, as noone is aware of the Sorcerers' Doings, their lack of ideological sympathies makes them appear as model workers. Don Juan continued his story and said, that one day, while Sebastian was performing his duties as a sexton, a strange man came to the church, an old Indian, who seemed to be ill. In a weak voice he told Sebastian, that he needed help. The Nagual thought, that the Indian wanted the parish priest, but the man, making a great effort, addressed the Nagual. In a harsh and direct tone, he told him, that he knew, that Sebastian was not only a Sorcerer, but a Nagual. Sebastian, quite alarmed by this sudden turn of events, pulled the Indian aside and demanded an apology.
The man replied, that he was not there to apologize, but to get specialized help. He needed, he said, to receive the Nagual's Energy, in order to maintain his life, which, he assured Sebastian, had spanned thousands of years, but at the moment was ebbing (declining, fading away) away. Sebastian, who was a very intelligent man, unwilling to pay attention to such nonsense, urged the Indian to stop clowning around. The Old Man became angry and threatened Sebastian with exposing him and his group to the ecclesiastical authorities if he did not comply with his request. Don Juan reminded me, that those were the times when the ecclesiastical authorities were brutally and systematically eradicating heretical practices among the Indians of the New Worlds.
The man's threat was not something to be taken lightly; the Nagual and his group were indeed in mortal danger. Sebastian asked the Indian how he could give him Energy. The man explained, that Naguals, by means of their discipline, gain a Peculiar Energy, that they store in their bodies and that he would get it painlessly from Sebastian's Energy Center on his Navel. In return for it, Sebastian would get not only the opportunity to continue his activities unscathed (unharmed), but also a Gift of Power. The Knowledge, that he was being manipulated by the Old Indian, did not sit right with the Nagual, but the man was inflexible and left him no alternative, but to comply with his request. Don Juan assured me, that the Old Indian was not exaggerating about his claims at all. He turned out to be one of the Sorcerers of Ancient Times, one of those, known as the Death Defiers. He had apparently survived to the present by manipulating his Assemblage Point in ways, that only he knew about. Don Juan said, that what transpired between Sebastian and that man, later became the ground for an agreement, that had bound all six Naguals, who followed Sebastian. The Death Defier, kept his word; in exchange for Energy from every one of those men, he made a donation to the giver, a Gift of Power. Sebastian had to accept such a Gift, although reluctantly; he had been cornered and had no other choice. All the other Naguals, who followed him, however, gladly and proudly accepted their Gifts. Don Juan concluded his story, saying, that over time the Death Defier came to be known as the Tenant. And for over two hundred years, the Naguals of don Juan's Line honored that Binding Agreement, creating a symbiotic relationship, that changed the Course and final Goal of their Lineage. Don Juan did not care to explain the story any further, and I was left with a strange sensation of truthfulness, which was more bothersome to me, than I could have imagined.
"How did he get to live that long?" I asked.
"No one knows," don Juan replied. "All we've known about him, for generations, is what he tells us. The Death Defier is the one I asked about the Old Sorcerers, and he told me, that they were at their Peak three thousand years ago."

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Девушка-подросток, внезапно потерявшая сознание, шокировала своих родных, когда очнувшись, не признала никого из них. Как оказалось, обморок полностью стер из памяти школьницы все 16 лет ее жизни. Когда Рози Палей, которой сейчас 19 лет, проснулась в больнице, воспоминания о ее детстве стерлись из памяти и она даже не признала двух младших братьев и мать. Девушке из Уэст-Мидлендс было 16, когда у нее обнаружили энцефалит, вызывающий воспаление головного мозга.
За несколько часов школьница потеряла воспоминания о каждом моменте своего детства и даже забыла о своих любимых блюдах и музыкальных группах. Прошло три года с того момента, как девушка ежедневно собирает по крупицам воспоминания из своего детства. В этом ей помогают фотографии, рассказы родственников и детские игрушки. "Когда я просматриваю старые фотографии, я вижу, что у меня было восхитительное детство, но без них я бы ничего не помнила", - говорит Рози.
Благодаря помощи семьи девушка начала узнавать свою мать Хелен и братьев Риса и Олли, но потеряла детских друзей, поскольку так и не смогла вспомнить ни одного из них. "Я потеряла всех своих друзей детства, так как я не могу узнать их или вспоминать о старых временах", - сказала девушка. Впрочем, она не расстраивается и говорит, что целью ее жизни теперь является приобретение новых, еще более ярких воспоминаний. В августе 2011 года Рози внезапно потеряла сознание, когда находилась со своим бойфрендом. Ей удалось добраться до дома и лечь в постель, но вскоре случился еще один обморок, приведший к падению с лестницы. Медики остались озадачены поведением 16-летней девушки, поскольку ранее она не демонстрировала никаких симптомов. "Когда я впервые пришла в себя, мама принесла двух моих младших братьев, чтобы увидеть меня. Я понятия не имела, кто они такие и запаниковала", - рассказывает Рози. После того, как девушка успокоилась, состоялось ее знакомство с членами семьи. Она говорит, что старший брат любит рассказывать ей истории о всем том, что они делали вместе до того, как она потеряла память. В этом году Рози сдает выпускные экзамены в школе и уже выбирает платье на свой школьный выпускной бал. Несмотря на то, что она все еще борется с провалами в кратковременной памяти, она не унывает и полна решимости стать парикмахером... ее случай озадачил врачей, поскольку до перенесенного приступа у Рози не наблюдалось никаких признаков.

После удара по голове двоечник очнулся гением

Это никакой не синдром, а замена одной Параллельной Личности на другую в одном и том же теле и такое наши высшие Существа часто устраивают! А в этом случае Параллельная Личность, которая появилась скорее всего подземной или подводной Земной Цивилизации (они не смеются - правое полушарие, но в математике - сильны из-за более развитого левого полушария) и заменила более духовно развитую личность, если раньше он смеялся и был душой компании. То же самое что Индиго - дети. ЛМ.
Двенадцать лет назад Джейсон Паджетт не сдал вступительные экзамены в колледж и начал работать в мебельном магазине своего отца, но вскоре произошло ограбление в караоке-баре, которое изменило его жизнь навсегда. Тогда 31-летний мужчина любил порыбачить, ездил на красном Camaro и был душой компании. Но после перенесенной черепно-мозговой травмы Паджетт начал видеть мир в совершенно новом свете и стал одержим математикой и физикой. С тех пор он стал одним из всего лишь 40 людей, у которых был обнаружен приобретенный синдром саванта. В тех случаях, когда синдром, сокращенно также называемый савантизмом, является приобретенным, некогда обычные люди становятся специалистами в математике, искусстве или музыке после черепно-мозговой травмы. Все началось в ночь на 13 сентября 2002 года, когда Паджетт посетил караоке-бар недалеко от своего дома, где на него было совершено нападение. Двое мужчин набросились на него сзади и ударили в затылок, отправив в нокаут. Впрочем, в больнице обследовавшие мужчину врачи не обнаружили серьезных повреждений и утром, назначив лечение, отправили домой. Проснувшись после нападения, Паджетт обнаружил, что его видение изменилось и он начал замечать все до мельчайших деталей, которым раньше не придавал никакого значения. Его открытия начались в ванной комнате, когда он заметил струйки воды, исходящие перпендикулярно потоку. "Сначала я был поражен и обеспокоен, но это было настолько красиво, что я просто стоял и смотрел", - рассказал Паджетт New York Post. Паджетт перестал ходить на работу и проводил все свое время, изучая математику и физику, сосредоточив внимание на фракталах - повторяющихся геометрических узорах. Невзирая на то, что раньше таланта к рисованию у мужчины не наблюдалась, он начал крайне подробно зарисовывать фракталы, иногда тратя недели, чтобы закончить работу. Однако в его талантах был и недостаток. После травмы Паджетт стал замкнутым и начал проводить все свое время дома, прикрывая свои окна одеялами и не желая никого видеть. Он стал одержим микробами и мыл руки до тех пор, пока они не становились красными. Мужчина даже не обнимал свою дочь, пока она не помоет руки. Паджетт думал, что сходит с ума, но надежда пришла после просмотра документального фильма BBC о Даниэле Таммете, аутичном ученом. "Это то, что происходит со мной. Кто-то еще может видеть то, что вижу я!" - именно эта мысль пришла в голову Паджетта после просмотра фильма. Узнав о Таммете, Паджетт решил обратиться к доктору Даролду Трефферту, ведущему специалисту по савантизму, который поставил ему диагноз "приобретенный синдром Саванта". Паджетт еще лучше осознал, что с ним происходит после того, как побывал в Финляндии, где встретился с доктором Берит Брогаардом. Доктор Брогаард провел МРТ-обследование мозга Паджетта и обнаружил, что левая сторона была более активна, особенно в левой теменной доле, которую связывают с математическими способностями. Кажется, что после травмы нейротрансмиттеры в левом полушарии мозга Паджетта активизировались и, в конечном счете, изменили структуру, сделав из него гипер-специалиста. После того, как диагноз был поставлен, Паджетт решил применить свои приобретенные умственные способности и поступил в колледж. Сейчас 43-летний гений считает, что он является примером того, что в каждом человеке дремлет неиспользованный потенциал. "Если это может случиться со мной, это может случиться с каждым", - говорит он.

Дети-саванты – необычный подарок судьбы или проклятие гениальности
(они тоже могут быть нашими Параллельными Личностями. ЛМ)
Феномен савантизма всегда был в центре внимания ученых, но до сих пор вопросы, связанные с природой возникновения и механизмами этого редкого явления, остаются открытыми. Тем не менее, исследования в этой области могли бы не только помочь разработать новые эффективные методы реабилитации и интеграции детей с нарушениями психологического развития, но и обнаружить и развить скрытые способности у каждого человека. Синдромом саванта (от фр. savant – «ученый») называют состояние, при котором люди, имеющие нарушения развития, обладают выдающимися способностями в одной или нескольких областях знаний на фоне общей умственной неполноценности.

История вопроса
Впервые термин «синдром саванта» был употреблен Д.Л. Дауном в 1887 г., ученый описал 10 пациентов-савантов, которые встречались ему за 30 лет работы в психиатрической больнице Ерлсвуда (Лондон, Великобритания). Он отверг некорректный и устаревший французский термин «idiot savant» – «ученый идиот», который предложил Э. Сеген, впервые описав савантов с научной точки зрения в 1866 г. в работе «Идиотия и ее лечение психологическими методами». С ХIX в. в научной и популярной литературе начинают встречаться упоминания о савантах. Пожалуй, самым известным и уже ставшим исторической личностью был Том Уиггинс («Слепой Том»), описанный Сегеном, – чернокожий раб, живший в семье американского полковника Бетьюна с 1849 по 1908 гг.
Том был слеп и его словарь состоял не более чем из 100 слов, а до 5 лет он не говорил вообще, но уже в 13 виртуозно исполнял тысячи музыкальных произведений, стоило ему лишь один раз их прослушать, и создавал свои собственные пьесы. Его считали восьмым чудом света – Тома никогда не учили игре на фортепиано, но в детстве он часто слушал, как дочери полковника упражняются в игре на пианино, и в 4 года у него обнаружились феноменальные способности к музицированию, а в 6 он уже стал сочинять свои собственные произведения, к 8 заработал 100 тыс. долларов, к 11 давал концерты в Белом доме перед американским президентом. Он не только безошибочно имитировал когда-либо слышанные произведения, но мог играть, повернувшись к роялю спиной или одновременно исполнять несколько музыкальных произведений на разных роялях, напевая третий мотив. Хотя Сеген считал, что Том умственно отсталый, современные исследователи высказывают мнения, что его поведение было характерным скорее для аутизма. Американский психиатр, Д. Трефферт, занимающийся исследованиями этого явления, предложил, специфический термин для определения способностей савантов – так называемый остров гениальности, контрастирующий с общей несостоятельностью таких людей и являющийся вторичным образованием по отношению к нарушениям центральной нервной системы. Всего в научной литературе описано около 100 случаев савантизма, половина людей-савантов – наши современники. У 50% известных савантов диагностирован аутизм, остальные же имеют другие нарушения психического развития, при этом савантизм не всегда врожденный – он может быть приобретен вследствие черепно-мозговых травм, энцефалита, эписиндрома и даже деменции. В той или иной форме феномен встречается у одного из 10 аутистов и у одного из 2 тыс. людей с другими нарушениями. Гендерное соотношение частоты случаев также неравномерно – на одну женщину с синдромом саванта приходится от 4 до 6 савантов мужского пола. Коэффициент интеллекта таких людей редко выходит за пределы 40-70 баллов, однако в отдельных случаях интеллект остается сохранным (например, при высоко функциональном аутизме). В тех случаях, когда синдром саванта вторичен по отношению к различным формам психического дизонтогенеза, гениальные способности проявляются еще в раннем детстве, минуя предварительные фазы развития. Например, большинство савантов-художников никогда не учились живописи, но они идеально владеют методами изображения предметов, в то время как их сверстники пребывают на стадии изображения каракуль и точек. При этом сферы, в которых саванты демонстрируют свои умения, ограничены небольшой когнитивной областью: все они имеют феноменальную память, но обычно уже на ее фоне, до уровня гениальности, развиваются либо музыкальные, либо художественные способности, либо умения к сложным арифметическим подсчетам и вычислениям, реже – механические или способности к ориентации в пространстве, еще реже – лингвистические. Таланты савантов действительно непостижимы – они способны читать книги за считанные минуты, за секунду выдать результат умножения многозначных цифр, идеально исполнить симфонию Моцарта, услышав ее лишь однажды. Память савантов прежде всего отличается возможностью запоминать детали и частности, она конкретно-ситуативна, что порождает нарушения способности к селекции информации – наряду с главными признаками явлений они выделяют и второстепенные, что не позволяет им осознать суть явления в целом и обобщить жизненный опыт. Характерно, что память савантов, несмотря на безграничную глубину, лишена осмысляющего компонента – они могут запоминать огромные массивы информации, совершенно не понимания ее смысла, – этот симптом Даун назвал «вербальной адгезией» или словесным склеиванием. В пример он приводил одного из своих пациентов – мальчика, который прочитал и запомнил шеститомный труд «Закат и падение Римской империи», но при воспроизведении все время терял одну единственную строчку, даже не смотря на исправления врача.

Жизнь замечательных людей
Ким Пик – самый известный савант современности. Именно его жизнь вдохновила сценариста фильма «Человек дождя» на создание экранного образа аутиста, обладающего незаурядной способностью к счету. Впрочем, сам Ким имеет мало общего с экранным героем, блестяще сыгранным Дастином Хоффманом, прежде всего потому, что не страдает аутизмом. При рождении у Кима Пика обнаружили многочисленные аномалии развития головного мозга: черепно-мозговую грыжу, гидроцефалию, деформацию мозжечка, отсутствие мозолистого тела. Диагноз, поставленный ему впоследствии, – «неспецифическое расстройство, обусловленное аномалиями развития»; исследователи пришли к выводу, что данная аномалия может быть связана с мутацией Х- хромосомы. Феноменальные способности Кима относятся к трем областям: мнемонистике, счету и музыке. Его память действительно выдающаяся – он прочел и знал наизусть около 10 тыс. книг, мог с точностью воссоздать карту любого американского населенного пункта, помнил все почтовые индексы и телефонные коды США, прочитывал страницу за 10 секунд, досконально знал историю музыки, включая биографии музыкантов, и без труда мог сказать, на какой день недели выпадет празднование Нового года через пару сотен, а то и тысяч, лет. Способности Ким демонстрировал с раннего возраста – научился читать в 1,5 года, а в 7 лет уже знал наизусть Библию. И вместе с тем дефициты психического развития не позволяют сомневаться, что полноценного функционирования в обществе он был лишен. Ким научился ходить в 4-летнем возрасте, до конца жизни обладал шаткой походкой и низким мышечным тонусом (последствия патологии мозжечка), не мог обслуживать себя в быту. В общеобразовательную школу путь для него был закрыт, и за обучение Кима взялся его отец, который опекал и всячески поддерживал развитие способностей сына. Определить истинный уровень интеллекта Кима оказалось непосильным заданием для специалистов, так как при тестировании он каждый раз показывал разные результаты с широким разбросом – от почти нормального интеллекта до глубокого слабоумия (в среднем IQ был равен 87 баллам). И все-таки способность Кима к абстрагированию была существенно сниженной – к примеру, переносный смысл пословиц остался за гранью его понимания, а мыслил он конкретными образами, что типично для людей с умственной отсталостью. Однажды, во время семейного обеда в ресторане, отец попросил Кима понизить голос, на что он в буквальном смысле сполз под стол, чтобы его голос звучал снизу. Пристрастия Кима к чтению ограничивались определенными темами (таких всего насчитывалось полтора десятка – например, история, спорт, религия, кино и др.), а техника была весьма необычной – правую страницу он читал правым глазом, а левую левым, при этом сама книга могла быть расположена даже вверх ногами. В отличие от большинства савантов-эйдетиков, также схватывающих информацию за считанные секунды, Киму было доступно понимание смысла прочитанного во многих случаях. Удивительно, что человек, казалось бы, лишенный способности к обучению, смог развивать свои таланты – к концу жизни теоретический интерес Кима Пика к музыке обрел практическое применение – он научился отлично играть на фортепиано, несмотря на проблемы с координацией движений, в том числе и партии других инструментов. Неврологи предполагают, что секрет гениальности Кима связан с отсутствием мозолистого тела, соединяющего полушария мозга. Возможно, мозг Кима выработал резервные каналы связи между полушариями. Эта аномалия довольно редкая, однако большинство людей, у которых она врожденная, не обладают сверхспособностями, но и не имеют умственного дефекта, а вот при перерезании мозолистого тела в зрелом возрасте у людей возникает «синдром расщепленного мозга». Джордж и Чарльз Финн, братья-близнецы, содержались в специальных учреждениях с 7-летнего возраста с различными диагнозами – от психотического расстройства до аутизма и тяжелой умственной отсталости – сопровождающимися стигмами дизонтогенеза: волчьей пастью, непропорциональным черепом, врожденной близорукостью, тиками. Братья как две капли воды походили друг на друга не только внешне, но и жестами, привычками, голосами, поведенческими проявлениями. В 60-х гг. они прослыли «календарными калькуляторами» и успели поучаствовать в многочисленных шоу, демонстрируя свой талант. Близнецы обладали неограниченной числовой памятью и могли моментально назвать, на какой день недели придется любая дата в пределах 40 тыс. лет. При этом коэффициент интеллекта их был равен 60 баллам, и элементарные арифметические операции были им недоступны. Считается, что их способность к вычислениям связана не с памятью, а с подсознательно выработанным алгоритмом календарных вычислений, основным механизмом которого было не оперирование с числами, а непосредственное их представление, визуализация (сами братья объясняли свои способности к вычислениям одной фразой: «Мы это видим»). Тем не менее, они с бесстрастностью документалистов монотонными голосами, похожими на безжизненные звуки, издаваемые компьютерной программой, могли со всеми подробностями поведать о любом событии, происходившем с ними когда-либо, однако не имели общего представления ни о ходе истории, ни о прожитой ими жизни. Кстати, знаменитый эпизод из фильма «Человек дождя», в котором главный герой моментально подсчитывает рассыпавшиеся зубочистки, взят из жизни Джорджа и Чарльза, и описывается Оливером Саксом, исследовавшим их способности. Братья любили играть в загадочную игру, называя друг другу попеременно простые числа (при том, что прямого способа вычисления простых чисел в природе не существует), смысл которой так и остался неразгаданным. В 37-летнем возрасте близнецов разлучили, посчитав, что их симбиотическая связь мешает приобретать новые навыки. Джордж и Чарльз действительно сумели обрести некоторую независимость и освоить выполнение простых работ, но, лишившись общения друг с другом и числами, они лишились и своих способностей. Подобное приключилось и с Надией, аутичной девочкой, которая с 3-летнего возраста начала создавать графические рисунки лошадей с мастерством одаренного художника. Обычно в процессе развития способности ребенка к рисованию претерпевают изменения – все нормальные дети в своих рисунках проходят через стадию изображения каракулей, Надия же миновала этот этап – уже ее первые рисунки были созданы точными и уверенными линиями, по законам перспективы, с передачей игры светотени и индивидуальными чертами, которыми она наделяла всех персонажей своего творчества. В 7 лет девочку отдали в школу, где она начала проходить интенсивную речевую терапию. Надия действительно стала более социализированной, но ее способности к рисованию пропали. Ригидная фиксированность на одной теме характерна для аутичных детей, в том числе и для аутистов-савантов. Так, если Надия была одержима изображением лошадей, то художница-аутистка Джессика Парк рисовала только звездное небо и природные аномалии, а скульптор Алонзо Клемонс создает только скульптуры животных – ему достаточно 20 минут просмотра передачи «В мире животных», чтобы с поразительной точностью и элегантностью создать слепки увиденных зверей. Шотландский художник-аутист Ричард Вуоро специализировался на пейзажах, выполненных пастелью, которые он создавал по памяти, вспоминая когда-либо виденные уголки природы, морское побережье, дома и животных. Он не разговаривал до 11 лет, но, едва начав ходить, проявил большой интерес к рисованию. Удивительно то, что после операции по удалению катаракты Ричард ослеп, но это никак не отразилось на качестве его работ. Картины Вуоро коллекционировали Иоанн Павел ІІ и Маргарет Тэтчер. Замечательный художник из Великобритании Стивен Уилтшир, страдающий аутизмом, создает прекрасные зарисовки архитектурных сооружений, уличных сюжетов и панорам городов, в которых побывал. Стивен способен нарисовать точную панораму города после короткого полета на вертолете – он создал большие полотна с изображением Лондона, Нью-Йорка, Токио, Рима и других городов. Хотя ему сейчас 37, его способности к рисованию остались на том же уровне развития, что и в детстве (стоит ли говорить, что уже в 10-летнем возрасте Стивен владел этим мастерством практически на профессиональном уровне). В три года Стивену был выставлен диагноз раннего детского аутизма, он медленно физически развивался, сторонился других детей, почти не разговаривал до 6 лет, был склонен к стереотипному поведению, а его IQ равен всего 52 баллам. Впервые Стивен начал рисовать в 7 – тогда это были в основном машины (он и сейчас сохранил свое увлечение автомобилями, знает почти все марки и очень радуется, когда увидит на улице незнакомое авто), реже – животные и люди, но вскоре он переключился на архитектурную тематику. Обладая уникальной визуальной памятью, ему достаточно один раз взглянуть на здание, чтобы нарисовать его точную копию. Рисунки Стивена лишены символичности – в отличие от других детей, которые фантазируют в своих рисунках, он всегда рисовал то, что видел. Вместе с тем, художник не лишен способности к импровизации – иногда он может дорисовать в здании какие-то детали от себя, потому что «так красивее» или «удобнее». Кроме того, он обладает отличной моторной памятью и может повторить любое подмеченное движение, а также абсолютным слухом – услышав один раз песню, может повторить ее без ошибок. С детства Стивена не беспокоила сохранность его работ, и он запросто мог выкинуть только что нарисованный прекрасный вид одной из лондонских улиц. К похвалам он также абсолютно равнодушен, и лишь стараниями врачей и педагогов, которые всячески поддерживали талант юного художника, издатели смогли выпустить несколько альбомов его творчества. Многие саванты наделены музыкальным даром. Например, американский музыкант Лесли Лемке был рожден раньше срока. После того, как врачи диагностировали органическое поражение головного мозга, церебральный паралич, ретинопатию и глаукому, что привело к удалению глазных яблок, мать отказалась от ребенка. Лесли был усыновлен медсестрой, работавшей в больнице, где он появился на свет. Будущий музыкант научился самостоятельно передвигаться только в подростковом возрасте, тогда же обнаружились и его способностиУслышав однажды, как по телевизору передавали концерт Чайковского № 1, он неожиданно для всех следующей ночью сыграл его на пианино с мастерством выпускника консерватории. История англичанина Дерека Паравичини во многом схожа с историей Лесли Лемке. Он родился на сроке 25 недель, весил около 500 г и ослеп после кислородной терапии. Нарушения психического развития его столь серьезны, что он не в состоянии удовлетворить самостоятельно элементарные бытовые потребности, в 32 года его интеллект сравним с интеллектом 4-летнего ребенка. Способности Дерека обнаружились в 2-летнем возрасте, а в 4 года он уже давал полноценные концерты наравне со взрослыми коллегами. Имея абсолютный слух и феноменальную музыкальную память, он может сыграть музыкальное произведение, услышав его лишь раз, а за мастерскую способность к импровизации критики считают его одним из выдающихся джазовых музыкантов современности.Не многие знают, что сын нобелевского лауреата, японского писателя Оэ Кэндзабуро – тоже савант. Хикари Оэ родился с патологией развития головного мозга, подвергся серии операций по удалению черепно-мозговой грыжи, но ни умственная отсталость, ни эпилептические приступы, ни слабое зрение не помешали ему стать композитором. Хикари научился говорить лишь в 7-летнем возрасте (словарный запас его невелик и сейчас), в 11 начал заниматься музыкой и уже к 13 годам создал свое первое произведение. Рождение ребенка с особенными потребностями сильно повлияло и на творчество самого Оэ Кэндзабуро – образ сына неоднократно всплывает в его романах и всегда наполнен привязанностью и любовью. К талантам, проявляемым детьми с нарушениями развития, следует относиться очень бережно. Так, активные попытки социализации и обучения таких детей часто приводили к потере необычных способностей, но вместе с тем они становились болееадаптированными в обществе. Опыт же Кима Пика, Стивена Уилтшира и многих других савантов показывает, что при правильном отношении к таким детям, которое заключается в поддержке их одаренности, в течение жизни могут улучшиться не только творческие навыки, но и способности к общению, и даже развиться новые таланты. Дети-саванты, чувствующие поддержку родных и находящие признание своих талантов в обществе, мало похожи на обитателей специальных учреждений для инвалидов с печатью стигматизации на лице.

Нейробиология синдрома саванта
В современной нейронауке существует точка зрения, что возникновение способностей савантов связано с вмешательством экзо-эндогенных патологических процессов в морфологию полушарий, а именно в межполушарную асимметрию. Как известно, с функционированием левого, ведущего, полушария связано абстрактно-логическое, вербальное, дискретное мышление, в то время как правое отвечает за пространственно-образное, невербальное, симультанное мышление, имеющее решающее значение для творчества. По результатам исследований, у большинства савантов левое полушарие в большей либо меньшей степени повреждено. Учитывая связь «правополушарного мышления» с эйдетизмом, музыкальными и художественными способностями, можно предположить, что правое полушарие компенсирует потери, которые понесла личность вследствие повреждения левого. Так, в ходе проведенных в 1975 г. пневмоэнцефалографических исследований были обнаружены повреждения левого полушария у 15 из 17 аутистов, 4 из которых обладали способностями савантов. Позднее данные о нарушениях функционирования левого полушария у аутистов по сравнению с более задействованным правым подтвердил Б. Римланд из Института исследования аутизма в Сан-Диего (США), проанализировав данные 34 тыс. людей с этим расстройством. Поражением левого полушария гарвардские ученые Н. Гешвинд и А.М. Галабурда объясняют, почему у мужчин чаще, чем у женщин, возникает не только синдром саванта, но также нарушения речи, гиперактивность и аутизм. Известно, что левое полушарие мозга развивается несколько медленнее правого и дольше остается уязвимым для нежелательных пренатальных влияний, а у эмбриона мужского пола более высокий уровень тестостерона может оказывать токсическое воздействие на развивающуюся нервную ткань. Таким образом, агрессивный тестостерон тормозит развитие левого полушария и провоцирует большую выраженность межполушарной асимметрии у мужчин.

В связи с адаптационной теорией савантизма, особый интерес представляют клинические случаи возникновения сверхспособностей у людей, не имеющих нарушений развития, мозг которых подвергся воздействию различных постнатальных патологических факторов. Например, известны случаи развития художественных способностей у людей с различными формами лобно-височной деменции при которых в нейродегенеративный процесс оказывалось вовлеченным левое полушарие. Интересно, что у таких пациентов ослабоумливающий процесс приостанавливался, и когнитивные нарушения развивались с меньшей скоростью. Психолог Т.Л. Бринк из калифорнийского колледжа Крафтон Хилс (США) в 1980 г. описал клинический случай 9-летнего мальчика, у которого после пулевого ранения в область левого полушария возникли правосторонний паралич, мутизм и глухота, но развились выдающиеся способности в механике. Если развитие умственных способностей большинства детей зависит от действия множества факторов, в том числе и социальных, то таланты детей-савантов имеют биологический характер, их интеллект в той или иной степени изолирован и кристаллизован, что представляет значительный интерес для ученых, стремящихся найти биологические паттерны одаренности. Тот факт, что способности савантов могут быть обусловлены не только генетическими аномалиями, ставит перед учеными серьезный вопрос о возможности раскрытия мощного творческого потенциала в каждом из нас. Австралийские нейрофизиологи Б. Миллер и А. Снайдер при сканировании электромагнитной активности мозга нескольких савантов обнаружили, что у них была повышена электромагнитная активность левой височной доли. Здоровые люди при стимуляции левой височной доли обнаруживали кратковременное улучшение способностей к рисованию и математическим вычислениям, их креативность возрастала на 40%. Разработка специальных методов, нейропсихологических упражнений, направленных на стимуляцию работы «зоны гениальности» и большее задействование в мыслительных процессах правого полушария – актуальная тема для научных исследований, ведь вполне вероятно, что в каждом из нас дремлет скрытый талант.

Люди-тени из параллельного мира

(они тоже могут быть нашими Параллельными Личностями. ЛМ)
Сущности с фотографий
Много загадочных случаев происходило в эпоху, когда еще не было цифровой фотографии. Так, в 1964 году британец Джим Тамплтон с семьей прогуливался недалеко от залива Солуэй-Ферт в безлюдном месте. Отец решил сфотографировать свою пятилетнюю дочь. Каково же было его удивление, когда на одном из снимков проявилась некая загадочная фигура, выглядывающая прямо из-за спины ребенка!
Семья Куперов из Техаса справляла новоселье. За столом решили сделать несколько снимков на память. При проявке оказалось, что на кадрах отобразилось что-то, похожее на человеческое тело, которое не то свисало, не то падало с потолка.
Дэвид Ли из Мэриборо (Австралия) сделал снимок своей беременной жены старым пленочным фотоаппаратом. После проявки пленки он обнаружил, что на животе женщины лежит чья-то темная рука с растопыренными пальцами. На негативах, помимо руки, были также видны плечо и часть туловища неизвестного, находившегося за спиной Сандры Ли. Впоследствии она вспомнила, что в момент фотографирования ее со спины обдало странным холодом, будто оттуда дул ветер.
Из-за ребенка выглядывает загадочная фигура.
Включите камеру!
Впрочем, иногда нечто подобное фиксируют и цифровые фото- и видеокамеры. Не так давно в Сеть попала фотография, которую сделала молодая мать после купания своего малыша. На первый взгляд, в снимке нет ничего странного: просто позади ребенка стоит женщина, одетая в летнее платье. Разве что изображение получилось не очень четким. Но на деле никакой женщины в ванной не было, а там, где она якобы стоит, находится глухая стена, уверяет автор фото. В прошлом году большой резонанс у интернет-пользователей вызвал ролик, в котором призрачная женщина спасает велосипедиста из-под колес грузовика, «оттаскивая» его в безопасное место.
При просмотре другого видео, отснятого в заброшенной квартире, в кадр попадает лицо маленькой девочки. Но очень уж оно жуткое и пугающее, как в фильме ужасов. Совсем недавно в Сети появился ролик, на котором видно, как мужчина идет по коридору и вдруг падает, и некто невидимый несколько метров тащит его за ногу по полу. Можно разглядеть на видео неясный силуэт существа, которое напало на незнакомца. Кадры запечатлела камера слежения в некоем жилом доме. Автор ролика сообщает, что от жильцов дома не раз поступали жалобы на атаки потустороннего существа. «Спрятанные» люди По словам парапсихолога Хайди Холлис, существует вид сверхъестествен-ных сущностей, которых она называет «люди-тени». Это такие же люди, как и мы, но только обитающие в другом измерении, иногда соприкасаю-щемся с нашим. В Индонезии ходят легенды об оранг буньян, что в переводе означает «свистящие люди». Местные считают их кем-то вроде лесных духов и боятся. Их нельзя увидеть. Однако можно услышать звуки барабанов оранг буньян, когда они устраивают свои церемонии. По поверьям, все оранг буньян обладают сверхъестественными способностями. Они живут намного дольше обычных людей, так как время у них течет по-иному, чем в нашем мире. В контакт с людьми оранг буньян вступают не так уж редко. Они могут красть человеческих детей, а порой уводят с собой и взрослых. «Свистящие люди» могут даже вступать с ними в браки, но тогда человек уходит жить в их общину и тоже становится невидимым для своих
прежних сородичей. Иногда можно обратиться к оранг буньян за помощью, например одолжить у них посуду, если к тебе приехали гости. Шаманы могут общаться с «лесными духами» во время своих ритуалов. Входы туда, где живут оранг буньян, отмечены валунами, которые почитаются местным населением как священные. Туда приходят с пожертвованиями для невидимок и обращаются к ним с различными просьбами. На старинном фото видна фигура старика, которого в момент фотографирования детей там не было Подобные легенды есть и в Малайзии. Там в гостиницах один из номеров всегда зарезервирован для «особых гостей». Впрочем, туда могут поселить и обычного постояльца, но при условии соблюдения определенных правил. Так, сначала надо постучаться в дверь номера, и только потом войти. Если в комнате оказалось очень холодно, необходимо выйти и попросить себе другой номер – значит, комната занята. Если же все в порядке, то надо сразу же включить освещение и отдернуть занавески на окнах. Перед сном необходимо поставить обувь таким образом, чтобы один из башмаков оказался перевернутым кверху подошвой. Если вам предстоит спать одному на двуспальной кровати, нужно положить на свободную половину какие-нибудь вещи. Тогда оранг буньян вас не побеспокоят. Подобные духи обитают и в Исландии. Исследователь Магнус Скарфединссон из Рейкьявика собрал более 700 свидетельств о встречах со «спрятанными людьми», как их здесь называют. По словам очевидцев, выглядят эти существа как обычные люди, но в старомодной одежде. В быту они тоже используют старинные вещи и орудия труда. Некоторые свидетельства не вызывают сомнения в их подлинности.
16 декабря 1936 года журнал Country Life опубликовал фото, сделанное в старинном английском замке, как свидетельство существования призраков
Потусторонний священник
В августе этого года загадочный эпизод был зафиксирован в штате Миссури. 19-летняя студентка Кэти Ленц попала в серьезную аварию. Ее автомобиль превратился в груду искореженного металла. Кэти осталась жива, но спасатели в течение полутора часов не могли вытащить ее из разбитой машины. В конце концов, они приняли решение развернуть «Мерседес» вертикально, что представляло опасность для девушки, так как ее тело было сдавлено. Внезапно рядом появился немолодой седовласый мужчина в одежде священника. Он принялся читать молитвы, а потом помазал девушку елеем из бутылочки, которая была у него с собой. После этого Кэти благополучно извлекли из разбитого авто, перенесли в спасательный вертолет и отправили в госпиталь. Девушка получила множество травм, но ее жизнь была вне опасности. Когда начальник команды спасателей Рэймонд Рид хотел поблагодарить священника за поддержку, он обнаружил, что тот исчез. Впоследствии его не оказалось ни на одном снимке, сделанном на месте аварии. Кроме того, журналисты местного издания The Blaze обошли все ближайшие церкви с фотороботом таинственного священнослужителя, составленным по по-казаниям очевидцев, но никто его не узнал… Еще один пришелец из параллельного мира?

Интересные факты о миражах
23 April 2014
«Хозяйкой» этого загадочного явления по преданию является Фата Моргана, мифическое создание, живущее на морском дне и обманывающее путешественников призрачными явлениями. Сложные явления миража с резким искажением вида предметов тоже носят название Фата-моргана. Миражи — явление оптическое, возникают они в атмосфере, фактически, это отражение света между слоями воздуха различными по плотности. Есть простые миражи, например, образ лужи на дороге или в поле, пустыне, а есть сложные -огромные города, висящие в небе. Миражи люди видели еще в глубокой древности. Самыми красочными миражами в истории описываются миражи Палестины, увиденные крестоносцами. А египтяне верили, что мираж это образ того, чего на свете больше нет, чего-то существовавшего и исчезнувшего с лица земли. В горах очень редко, при стечении определённых условий, можно увидеть «искажённого себя» на довольно близком расстоянии. Объясняется это явление наличием в воздухе «стоячих» паров воды. Интересно, что самые яркие и четкие видения возникают не в пустыне, как принято считать, а в условиях экстремального холода — на Аляске. Там даже создано общество по изучению этого явления, которое фиксирует все миражи в специальный журнал. В физике известно такое явление как рефракция, процесс искривления световых лучей от более теплых в сторону более холодных. Это происходит примерно таким образом: лучи от светлого неба идут к земле, а затем изгибаются, отталкиваясь от поверхности в сторону глаза. Получается, что формально мы видим небо, только значительно ниже, чем оно есть на самом деле. А эффекты движения и переливов вызваны неоднородностью теплых потоков, поступающих от теплой поверхности.

Загадка "Невидимых людей" в Исландии
(они тоже могут быть нашими Параллельными Личностями. ЛМ)

21 March 2014
Исландия - остров загадок. Из 300 тысяч населения более половины жителей даже не сомневаются, что бок о бок с ними обитают таинственные невидимки. Одни их видят, другие нет, однако для исландцев невидимки - отличные соседи, на помощь которых можно всегда рассчитывать. Когда исландцу Т. Эмилссону было 14 лет, его спасла юная девушка из... другого измерения. Однажды паренек должен был пригнать овец с дальнего пастбища, и за одним ягненком пришлось лезть в расщелину. Ягненка-то спас, а сам застрял. Уже темнело, а до ближайшего жилья многие километры. И вдруг над краем скалы появилось девичье лицо, а вскоре и сам Эмилссон чудесным образом оказался наверху в полной безопасности.
- Ты откуда? - удивленно спросил он спасительницу.
- С фермы Литенштаммер, - сказала девушка и указала рукой на типичный исландский дом, стоявший в нескольких сотнях метров от них.
- Но... Я хожу по этим горам всю жизнь, - пробормотал растерянно Эмилссон, - а эту ферму прежде не замечал!
- А ты и не мог ее видеть, - рассмеялась девушка. - Я из тех, кого вы называете "спрятанные люди". Мы из другого мира, параллельного вашему.
И пока юный Эмилссон глазел на незнакомку, не в силах подыскать нужные слова, с фермы донесся мужской голос: "Катерина!"
- Мне пора, - молвила она и стала быстро подниматься по холму.
- Я смогу увидеться с тобой снова? - прокричал он вслед.
- Может быть...
Эмилсон приходил в эти места до конца своих дней (а умер он в 1986 г.), но ни девушки, ни фермы никогда больше не видел... Впрочем, Т. Эмилссон вовсе не единственный в Исландии, кому довелось познакомиться со "спрятанными". Подобные истории собирает Магнус Скарфединссон, житель Рейкьявика, директор так называемой школы эльфов. За 23 года Магнус прочесал весь остров, прилежно записывая рассказы очевидцев и пытаясь разузнать подробности быта "спрятанных". К настоящему времени Магнус отыскал более 700 очевидцев, 200 из них уверяют, будто общались со "спрятанными", еще человек 40, что им удалось установить дружественные отношения с этими существами. Невероятно, но этим рассказам верят. А ведь 99,9% населения Исландии - люди грамотные, 82% - компьютеризированные. Тем не менее они убеждены, что существуют иные миры. Причем в Исландии с таинственными соседями считаются, и, если молва гласит, что в каком-то месте они себя особенно проявляют, там ничего не будут строить - все равно дела пойдут наперекосяк. Так случилось, например, при прокладке новой дороги в 1995г. Едва было решено убрать мешавший трассе огромный валун, как на стройке начались ЧП: выходила из строя техника, люди получали травмы. И лишь помощь медиума изменила ситуацию: женщина вошла в контакт с невидимыми существами, и те указали, куда именно следует передвинуть валун. Себя Магнус считает сторонним наблюдателем. Собирает информацию о том, как выглядят "спрятанные люди", что делают, где живут, и даже составляет карты. Однако никак не может понять, почему одни видят "спрятанных", а другие - нет. Самому Магнусу сталкиваться со "спрятанными" не приходилось. А вот поговорить с ними ему удалось, правда, через посредников, медиумов. "Спрятанные" пояснили, что могут перемещаться между своим и нашим мирами лишь при определенных обстоятельствах, особенно когда кому-то из нас срочно нужна помощь. "А вообще, - со смехом вспоминает Магнус, - одна "спрятанная" женщина пояснила, почему меня они ни в коем случае к себе не пустят: "Мы никогда не приглашали тебя в свои дома, - сказала она, - иначе вовеки бы от тебя не избавились - уж слишком много вопросов ты задаешь!" Доля истины в этом есть. Но ведь и Магнусу задают немало вопросов в возглавляемой им школе эльфов. Заведение это необычное, дети собираются там лишь по пятницам на четыре часа и то летом. Занятия проводятся на английском. Внутри уютно: нарядные "бабушкины" занавески, многочисленные цветные лампы, на полках и в шкафах полно картинок и статуэток - эльфы, гномики и т.п. На уроках Магнус рассказывает, что потусторонних существ в Исландии пруд пруди: эльфов - 13 типов, фей - 4 народа, троллей - 3 вида, гномов - 2, да еще и "спрятанные" люди. - Они выглядят совсем как мы, - поясняет Магнус, - только одежду носят старомодную, а орудия труда у них допотопные. Это люди из других измерений. И примерно 75% всех встреч с необычными существами приходится как раз на долю "спрятанных", - уточняет он. Одну из самых удивительных историй рассказывал Торлакур Стеффанссон. Однажды в 1936 г. в Северной Исландии, в местечке Скагфьордюр, он заблудился в лесу. Несчастный плутал много часов и сильно замерз. Вдруг
за деревьями он увидел свет, устремился к нему и вышел к фермерскому дому. Торлакур постучал в дверь, его впустили. Спросил название фермы, - ответили, что это Хеггстатир, Он удивился - никогда о такой ферме не слышал. Может, он забрел за пределы Скагфьордюра?
- Нет, - ответили фермеры, - вы все еще в Скагфьордюре, но мы из тех, кого называют "спрятанными". Просто вы не всегда нас видите.
Торлакур, понятно, забеспокоился, как бы не застрять в ином мире? Но ничего подобного не случилось. Путника накормили, высушили одежду, оставили ночевать. А на следующее утро, проснувшись, сквозь окно фермы он разглядел, где находится: оказалось, не так уж далеко от родного дома в Скагфьордюре! После завтрака Торлакур отправился в путь, периодически оглядываясь, чтобы помахать рукой да запомнить место, где стоит гостеприимная ферма. Пройдя метров триста, оглянулся еще раз, а дом словно в воду канул...Шокированный Торлакур решил вернуться к ферме по собственным следам, оставшимся на снегу. Каково же было его удивление, когда его следы вдруг оборвались, а ферма так и не появилась!
Магнус - человек дотошный и о "спрятанных" выяснил довольно много. Например, что религия у них похожа на христианскую - они тоже верят в Мессию. А вот кресту не поклоняются: мол, как можно поклоняться орудию убийства? Логика в этом, согласитесь, есть. Вообще же, по мнению "спрятанных", если лет 100 или 200 назад люди еще были чистыми душой и честными, теперь они стали самовлюбленными и заносчивыми, окончательно потеряв уважение к природе. Поэтому "спрятанные" боятся нас намного сильнее, чем когда-либо. Однако как можно бояться кого-то, если сам живешь в другом измерении? Оказывается, можно, ведь все миры взаимосвязаны и влияют друг на друга. Конечно, в случае опасности "спрятанные" будут защищены, нас будет разделять разница в пространстве и времени. "Но именно это и делает проблему особенно сложной, - сетует Магнус. - Окружающая среда у них и у нас практически совпадает, и если мы наносим вред нашей, она меняется и у них. А за последнее столетие мы понастроили в Исландии много новых дорог и зданий, совершенно не обращая на это внимания!"
Но, простите, как можно обращать внимание на их мир, если большинство из нас его даже не видит?! Неудивительно, что они боятся нас все больше и отваживаются на контакт все реже. Видимо, в городах им тяжко, а новостройки упорно наступают на природу. Ведь раньше, чтобы пообщаться, исландцы ходили от фермы к ферме пешком, а теперь ездят, причем на автомобилях. Какие уж там контакты со "спрятанными!
Эрмундур Роскинкранс "спрятанных" наблюдает всю свою жизнь, лет с четырех.- Ребенком я жил неподалеку от Хверагерди, что в 35 км от Рейкьявика, - рассказывает Эрмундур. - Наш дом стоял возле утеса. Однажды я играл во дворе и услышал звон колокольчика. Взглянув вверх, увидел семерых детишек лет от 4 до 10, темноволосых, одетых в белое. Полдня мы играли вместе, собирали цветы. За тот год я встречал их раз восемь или десять. Бывало, услышу колокольчик, и дети тут же появляются. А в конце года умер мой отец, мы уехали в Рейкьявик, и больше тех малышей я не видел. Забавно, но тогда Эрмундур не догадался, что общался со "спрятанными". Он понял это лишь 14 лет назад: "Когда мне было 30 лет, я спросил о них свою мать, и та сказала, что понятия не имеет, о чем я говорю. По ее словам, в Хверагерди у меня не было приятелей, поскольку мы жили слишком далеко от центра города".  А последняя встреча Эрмундура со "спрятанными" произошла уже в Рейкьявике, когда он сидел на берегу и смотрел на море.
- Я писал стихи и в тот момент как раз пытался найти подходящие слова. Вдруг кто-то подошел, сел рядом и начал со мной мысленно разговаривать. Одет в обычные джинсы и куртку, только странно прозрачный - я мог сквозь него видеть, - уточняет Эрмундур. - Я спросил, откуда он. Незнакомец сказал, что живет неподалеку, но явился из другого измерения. Тогда я полюбопытствовал, кем он работает. Оказалось, писателем. Никакого напряжения я не ощутил - это было совершенно спокойное, естественное общение. С той поры мы виделись еще дважды, но говорили только тогда, при первой встрече. Эрмундур вообще умеет видеть объекты, которые не замечает больше никто. Иной раз, когда он за рулем, ему приходится тормозить, ибо путь преграждает "стадо овец или лошадей, которого фактически там нет, или дорожное происшествие, случившееся в том месте какое-то время назад". Бывает и так: идет он по улице и вдруг кто-то начинает с ним разговаривать. "Я никогда не могу быть уверен, из этого измерения тот, кто заговорил, или из другого", - рассказывает он. Согласитесь, удовольствия от разговора с самим собой мало. Так что Эрмундур очень признателен сотовым телефонам: по крайней мере, ты уже не выглядишь подозрительно, когда рядом никого нет, а ты преспокойно болтаешь. "Лет двадцать назад за такое меня упекли бы в психушку", - смеясь, иронизирует он. Конечно, в подобные истории верят не все. Однако еще со времен викингов жители Исландии персонифицировали свою суровую природу не как злобную враждебную силу, а как помощницу и спасительницу. Может, именно благодаря этому разные миры могут сосуществовать здесь в согласии? Что бы ни лежало в основе феномена "спрятанных людей" - людское воображение или метафизика, - ясно одно: исландцы от этого соседства остались в выигрыше. Когда они переселились сюда из стран Скандинавии, Ирландии и Шотландии, именно "спрятанные" делились с ними едой, когда наступал голод, и дарили им надежду в минуты отчаяния. Подобная дружба дорогого стоит. А за добро нужно платить добром. И это отличный пример того, как можно ладить даже с теми, кто живет иначе, чем мы...

"Дедушка" домовой

(они тоже могут быть нашими Параллельными Личностями. ЛМ)
6 March 2014
В домашнего духа, домового, верят жители многих стран. Умение правильно общаться с домовым является гарантией домашнего уюта и спокойствия. С давних пор люди, которые мечтали об уюте и безопасности в своём доме, старались задобрить домашнего духа – домового. В домовых верили жители самых разных стран. Например, в Великобритании этих существ называли брауни. Их обрисовывали как маленьких волосатых старичков с глазами-плошками и ступнями-плавниками, как у лягушки. Брауни помогали трудолюбивым и заботливым хозяйкам. Ленивых же и злых эти духи могли и жестоко наказать. На Руси домовых почитали с начала 17 столетия (по некоторым данным – с 15 века). Называли их по-разному, но в каждом случае уважительно: «сам», «соседушка», «кормилец», «дедушка», «хозяин». Надо сказать, что и на Руси, и в других странах домовые не были представителями сил добра или зла. Они вели себя подобно людям и отличались своей обидчивостью. Считалось, что домового нужно обязательно задобрить, тогда он обязательно поможет хозяевам: прогонит из дома грызунов, присмотрит за хозяйством, сбережёт запасы и даже присмотрит за маленькими детьми, когда взрослые уйдут из дома. Если же дедушка обидится - добра ждать не придётся. Поэтому домовому старались угодить, а в случае переезда приглашали с собой в новый дом. Выполнялся с этой целью такой обряд: красивую коробку, веник или тапок опускали с поклоном на пол. Это был своего рода транспорт для домового. Сопровождали обряд таким приговором: Хозяюшка-домовой! Мы в новую хату уходим, Тебя, батюшка, с собой уводим, Хоромами управлять, Нас, своих соседушек, охранять. Раньше, если вы решили купить квартиру или переехать в новый дом, люди не спешили сразу разбирать вещи. Сначала нужно было поставить для домового тарелку каши или печенья и блюдце молока. В противном случае дух мог обидеться и уйти, а перед уходом набедокурить. Людям домовые показываться не любят, зато дети и домашние животные их видят довольно часто. С ними дедушка-шалун может даже поиграть. Если же хозяйке захочется отпустить с добром домового, она должна сшить для него одежду и оставить её на ночь на кухне рядом с очагом. Старичок обрадуется, оденется и сразу же покинет дом.

our Alters

Загадка доппельгенгеров - астральных двойников

(они тоже могут быть нашими Параллельными Личностями. ЛМ)
17 March 2014
Лет тридцать назад в редакции одного молодёжного журнала произошёл загадочный случай. Во время обеденного перерыва двое сотрудников отправились погулять и в переулке неподалёку от старинной церкви с удивлением заметили главного редактора. Поверить в то, что в недавнем прошлом инструктор ЦК ВЛКСМ мог интересоваться церковной архитектурой, было трудно, да и никто в редакции не видел, чтобы он выходил из здания. Под благовидным предлогом заглянули в кабинет к главному — тот сидел на месте, читал рукописи. Выходит, это был его «астральный двойник»?! В то время уже начинали говорить об этом загадочном феномене...
Гнев вождя
Петом 1950 года в Сочи случилось нечто такое, о чём говорил весь город. Утром, часов в одиннадцать, над пляжем на Ривьере появился товарищ Сталин. Причём один, без всякой охраны! Белый френч и неизменные мягкие сапоги, в руке трубка...Все, кто был на пляже, вскочили с лежаков и гальки и, как заворожённые, застыли, уставившись на «отца народов». Лишь десятка два сорванцов, за которыми, очевидно, не присматривали родители, помчались наверх. Остановились в десятке метров от Сталина, не решаясь подойти ближе. Вождь с улыбкой посмотрел на них, потом взмахом руки подозвал торговавшую неподалёку мороженщицу и велел раздать всё содержимое её тележки ребятне. И неторопливо удалился по кипарисовой аллее. Вечером я узнал обо всём этом от моих приятелей из сочинской ватерпольной команды. Они сами рискнули сбоку подойти к Сталину поближе. И все обратили внимание на то, что на портретах лицо у него доброе, с улыбкой, а тут очень строгое, даже хмурое. Трубка в руке, видимо, погасла, потому что он ни разу не поднёс её ко рту. А один из ребят утверждал, будто всё время Сталин не мигая смотрел в одну точку и глаза у него были какие-то неживые, словно бы застывшие. Тогда никому из нас не пришло в голову, что Сталин не мог без охраны появиться в людном месте. В день, когда он приезжал на отдых в Сочи, закрывалась вся трасса от вокзала к даче в Мацесте. А тут вдруг один на Ривьере, и движение в городе не перекрывалось. Через двадцать лет мне довелось отдыхать в санатории «Холодная речка» близ бывшей дачи Сталина под Гагрой. Бильярдной там ведал разговорчивый старичок Иван Кузьмич, отставной чекист. Он прекрасно помнил ту историю. В то лето вождь действительно отдыхал на сочинской даче, но, конечно, один в город не выезжал. И ему в тот же день стало известно о своём «общении с народом». Кто-то доложил, «доброхотов» в его окружении хватало. Иосиф Виссарионович разгневался, приказал найти наглеца, осмелившегося устроить возмутительный спектакль. На ноги подняли весь горотдел МГБ, задействовали агентуру. Опросили сотни людей, однако установить, кто тот «наглец», не удалось. Никто не видел, как псевдо-Сталин подошёл к пляжу и куда ушёл. По рассказам очевидцев получалось, что он буквально возник из воздуха...И тогда какая-то умная голова придумала гениальный выход: доложить Сталину, будто имела место «массовая
галлюцинация, вызванная безграничной любовью к вождю».
Невозможная реальность
Ещё в средние века было известно такое аномальное явление, как доппельгенгер, когда одного и того же человека видели одновременно в разных местах. По-немецки это значит «двойник» или «идущий рядом». Сейчас парапсихологи называют эти загадочные феномены «фантомными двойниками». Одно из первых достоверных свидетельств оставил английский поэт XVI века Джон Донн, автор множества весёлых баллад, элегий, эпиграмм. Однажды, когда поэт находился в Париже, в его гостиничном номере появилась жена с младенцем на руках. Джон не поверил своим глазам и больно ущипнул себя. Но супруга не исчезла. Она постояла минут пять, молча глядя на ошеломлённого мужа, а затем пропала Известный российский поэт князь Пётр Андреевич Вяземский был в молодости человеком неверующим, да к тому же открыто насмехавшимся над религией. Это продолжалось до тех пор, пока он не встретился со своим двойником. И двойник этот оставил князю некий текст, то есть реальный, физический след своего присутствия. Рассказ этот записал петербургский епископ Порфирий (Успенский) со слов самого поэта. «Однажды я ночью возвращался в свою квартиру на Невском проспекте, у Аничкова моста, и увидел яркий свет в окнах своего кабинета. Не зная, отчего он тут, вхожу в дом и спрашиваю своего слугу: «Кто в моём кабинете?» Слуга сказал: «Там нет никого», - и подал мне ключ от этой комнаты. Я отпер кабинет, вошёл туда и увидел, что в глубине этой комнаты сидит задом ко мне какой-то человек и что-то пишет. Я подошёл к нему и, из-за плеча его прочитав написанное, громко крикнул, схватился за грудь свою и упал без чувств; когда же очнулся, уже не видел писавшего, а написанное им взял, скрыл и до сей поры таю, а перед смертью прикажу положить со мною в гроб и могилу эту тайну мою. Кажется, я видел самого себя пишущего».
Любопытный случай появления доппельгенгера был связан и с английским поэтом Джорджем Байроном. В 1810 году, когда он, находясь в Греции, лежал с приступом жестокой лихорадки, люди, хорошо знавшие поэта, несколько раз видели его на лондонских улицах. Статс-секретарь Пиль писал Байрону, что в те дни он дважды встречал его на Сен-Жерменской улице. Отвечая на это письмо, Байрон писал с присущей ему иронией, поскольку сам не очень-то верил в реальность своих двойников: «Не сомневаюсь, что мы можем — как, это нам неизвестно — раздваиваться: причём возникающий при этом вопрос о том, какой из близнецов в данное время действителен, а какой нет, представляю на ваше решение». Аналогичных появлений «фантомных двойников» насчитывается довольно много. Например, Теодор Драйзер оставил запись о странном случае, который произошёл с ним. Один из его приятелей, посетив писателя, пообещал несколько необычным образом явиться к нему вечером того же дня, хотя должен был уехать в другой город. Через несколько часов Драйзер действительно внезапно увидел приятеля в дверях своего кабинета. Но когда изумлённый писатель попытался приблизиться к нему, двойник бесследно исчез. В 1905 году о встрече с «фантомным двойником» рассказал журналистам член британского парламента сэр Гилберт Паркер. Придя на очередное заседание палаты общин, он с удивлением увидел своего друга сэра Фредерика Карна Ра-ша, хотя тот должен был находиться в это время в постели, поскольку сильно простудился. Сэр Раш был очень бледен и выглядел совсем больным. Во время прений он ни разу не пошевелился и не изменил своей позы, что было на него не похоже. В перерыве сэр Паркер хотел попенять другу за то, что он не бережёт своё здоровье, но не смог найти его. Обеспокоенный Паркер отправился к нему домой. И узнал, что сэр Фредерик весь день пролежал в постели с высокой температурой.
Тайна «фантомных двойников»
Свидетельства очевидцев, конечно, значат немало, когда речь идёт о реальности такого феномена, как «фантомные», или, как их ещё называют, «астральные двойники». Но есть и другое доказательство, более корректное с научной точки зрения. Это эксперименты учёных. Первым серьёзным исследователем феномена стал французский врач и учёный Г. Дюрвиль, который в 20-е годы XX века проводил тайные и странные для того времени опыты. В тёмной комнате в присутствии многочисленных свидетелей он вводил человека в гипнотическое состояние и «выделял» из него его «фантомного двойника», который был виден, обладал чувствительностью, сам мог видеть, слышать и совершать определённые действия, вполне адекватно отвечая на обращенные к нему просьбы. Происходило это так. После пассов и манипуляций Дюрвиля справа и слева от загипнотизированного человека возникали потоки света. Затем поток света справа постепенно перемещался влево и сливался елевым потоком. После этого присутствующие наблюдали появление яркого белого луча, который как бы связывал поток света и самого человека, и, наконец, световая колонна начинала приобретать вполне конкретные формы, становилась очень похожей на человека, введённого в состояние гипноза. Дюрвиль провёл около тысячи документально зафиксированных опытов, и эффект был всегда один и тот же, вот только происходящее в комнате явственно видели не все люди, а лишь некоторые, судя по всему, наделённые особо тонким экстрасенсорным восприятием. Но даже те, кто не видел призрака, ощущали его присутствие и слышали звуки, которые тот производил. Дюрвиль описывал проделки «двойника». К примеру, он был способен по просьбе присутствующих открывать и закрывать дверцы стенного шкафа, нажимать на кнопку электрического звонка, передвигать предметы, выводить из состояния покоя весы. Но силы «фантомных двойников», судя по наблюдениям и расчётам Дюрвиля, были невелики, да и вес каждого доппельгенгера равнялся приблизительно 30 граммам. В опытах известного советского психиатра В.Л.Райкова участвовал сильный экстрасенс, создававший своего видимого «фантомного двойника». По команде «хозяина» «двойник» перемещался в соседнюю комнату, где находилась женщина, погружённая Райковым в гипнотический транс. До этого её не знакомили с экстрасенсом, она не знала, как он выглядит. Когда же испытуемую просили описать внешность «астрального двойника», она во всех деталях описывала внешность самого экстрасенса. Кроме того, женщин, а они менялись в ходе опытов, просили уколоть фантом иголкой, и всякий раз, не зная об этом, экстрасенс чувствовал боль.
Специалист в области биоэнергоинформации профессор А.Чернетский доказал, что «фантомный двойник» имеет многие характеристики живых объектов, в частности, массу и плотность. Вокруг него также существует биополе, регистрируемое приборами. Американский биофизик Р. Крукол считает, что такой двойник представляет собой точную копию человека, но только состоящую из другого вида материи. Что заставляет эти энергетические образования «отпочковываться» от человека? Известный исследователь и теоретик аномальных явлений профессор Б. Искаков полагает, что существуют две разные возможности «выделения» из физического тела человека части его энергетической субстанции, сохраняющей исходную форму, которая при определённых условиях становится видимой. Прежде всего, это непроизвольный выход «двойника» из тела, например, под влиянием сильных эмоций. Но они могут возникать и в результате целенаправленных действий самого человека. Во всех религиях есть тайные методики, описывающие, как добиться этого. Они использовались магами, колдунами и шаманами, творившими «чудеса». Согласно новейшей гипотезе, в тонком мире длительное время или даже вечно существуют энергоинформационные сущности, которые формируют для себя материальное тело в чреве матери. Они сохраняют обратную связь с человеком в течение всей его жизни, а после смерти путём реинкарнации перевоплощаются в новое тело. Но поскольку эти сущности наделены свободой действия, то на какой-то отрезок времени могут создать себе ещё одну такую же земную оболочку — «фантомного двойника». Зачем они это делают, неизвестно.

В Норвегии обнаружили загадочного мужчину с полной амнезией, говорящего на четырёх языках

(классический пример наших Параллельных Личностей. ЛМ)

Somebody's Parallel Personality,  Norway 2014

Somebody's Parallel Personality, Norway 2014
10 апреля 2014
На днях полиция Норвегии опубликовала фотографии таинственного мужчины, обнаруженного в декабре в сугробе недалеко от Осло, в надежде установить его личность. Мужчина явно страдает амнезией и говорит на четырёх языках, включая английский и русский. Пока полицейские склоняются к тому, что неизвестный стал жертвой уголовного преступления. Сам мужчина пока называет себя "Джоном Смитом”. Его отпечатки пальцев пробивались по всем возможным базам данных через Интерпол, но безрезультатно, передает ВВС. "При мужчине не было ничего, что могло бы помочь установить его личность, он не помнит своего имени, происхождения, как он попал в Норвегию и вообще никаких деталей из своей жизни”, – рассказал офицер полиции. "Он определённо европеец, свободно говорит по-английски с лёгким восточно/центально европейским акцентом, понимает чешскую, словацкую, польскую и русскую речь. Рост неизвестного – 187 см, глаза голубые, волосы русые”.
По прикидкам полицейских, "Смиту” двадцать лет с небольшим. Его обнаружили в сугробе индустриального района на окраине норвежской столицы. Потеря памяти такого рода обычно связана с тяжёлой травмой головы. Между тем неизвестный во всём остальном, что не касается подробностей его жизни, мыслит абсолютно ясно и рационально. Нечто похожее произошло в Норвегии в 2003 году, когда был обнаружен мужчина азиатской внешности – СМИ сразу окрестили его Мистером Икс. Последнее, что он помнил – как собирается ехать из Швейцарии в Норвегию, чтобы посмотреть на знаменитые деревянные церкви. В конце концов этот мужчина оказался японцем и только после возвращения на родину он понемногу начал собирать воедино "осколки” собственной личности.

Life on Parallel Earths in pictures

Sun Reflection in the sky in Russia, Vitebsk, April 2014

Sun in Russia Vitebsk, April 2014

Sun in Russia Vitebsk, April 2014

Sun in Russia Vitebsk, April 2014

St Helens, US

Violet-Pink colors of Mt. St Helens, US. Below - a Norway pet

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