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You are not Your Physical Body; You are Not the Physical Matter: You are Energy! And Everything what happened to You, happened for One Good Reason: to Merge Your Energy with the Energies of Others, with the Energies of Earths, with the Energies of Universes! The Mixed Energy is the Final Product of all Universal, Galactic and Planetary Games. The Culmination of this Blending Process for this Universe will be in December 2013: the Final Stage of the Universal Shift!
Lydia Monroe

Visible Sun and a Pentagon, Elliott Heads Rivermouth, 20 Jan. 2010
This picture of the visible sun with a pentagon is taken by me in January 2010 in Elliott Heads rivermouth, Queensland, Australia. Just compare this Sun with the island in the centre of the rivermouth.

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Kinesiologist, Stephanie Relfe

I personally read "The Mars Records" and  "The Mars Force, Pat's Story", written by Stefanie and Michael Relfe and  that impressed me a great deal. What a wonderful couple these 2 beings are! Each one of us is so different and each one of us is adding something new to the same 4th Density Holographic Consciousness of our Planet. I'm not religious or a guru follower, I only try to follow Universal Laws and one of them is the Law of Allowence.
Extremely important subjects are discussed on S&M.Relfe's websites, one of them is Kinesiology and possibility to clean yourself, your children, your partner, your friends and relations up from nasty sabotaging Wernicke's commands and negative emotions.
Kinesiology is closer to understanding our Human Holographic Energy Fields than many other ways of healing!

Holographic Kinesiology is good to do with a partner, but in case you don't have one I would recommend for the same goals to do RECAPITULATION. It's very simple and helped me a lot. All the details how to do it on
 More Truths About Women  link. Both, Recapitulation and Kinesiology, are Holographic and could help a great deal to cope with having Multiple Personalities and unite all your Alters. Here is the website I would recommend first :

Relationship Troubles may be Caused by Commands Inserted into the Brain during  Alien Abduction

When I first met Michael at an alternative science conference, and looked into his eyes, I felt that he might be the man for me. And yet often at times after that day, there seemed to be an unusually large amount of suppressed rage inside of him. This rage would erupt occasionally and we would then have large arguments. After knowing him for a while, I offered him some clearing sessions using a biofeedback meter, in an attempt to rid him of this anger.
After a number of sessions, his anger reduced so much and his personality improved to the extent that when he asked me to marry him, I accepted. We married in Australia August 1997 and then moved to the USA. We have now been happily married for eight years. During that time we have had a lot of fun, a lot of growth and a lot of support for each other. My most important criteria for a relationship was that it was “never boring” at the same time that it supported my major life goal – and it has certainly never been boring!
However, the road has not always been smooth. Michael continued to improve over the years with more and more clearing sessions and kinesiology.
Michael was previously pretty much of a loner, with very little luck with relationships. We discovered that this was partly due to implanted commands which had been given to him deliberately to keep him on his own. How these commands work, and how you can locate and remove them from the brain are described at
The commands he had been given which related to relationships included included:
“You can't trust anyone” (given by the doctor).
“You have no friends”

“Women are sluts”

“You don't need anyone”

“Women don't interest you"
And various implants regarding sex, which are in “The Mars Records” Book One, and some commands which affected his testosterone levels which are in “The Mars Records” Book Two. (See A few months after the testosterone commands were removed, Michael’s testosterone levels rose from those of LESS THAN A 90+ YEAR OLD MAN when he was 45 years old, to the level of a 20–29 YEAR OLD. In addition, we found that he then had more DHEA than a TWENTY YEAR OLD!!!!
I began to come to the realization that many people I knew who had great problems with relationships were also the ones with the most metaphysical abilities. I had always presumed that somehow having metaphysical abilities made having a relationship difficult. I began to see this differently – having metaphysical abilities means that one is highly likely to have been abducted, and also to have been given commands to keep one on one’s own.
I tested this out with two close friends of mine, a man and a woman. There was no connection between these two. They are two of the most metaphysically gifted people I know. Both had been deliberately given commands to prevent them having a relationship. The woman had been given the following commands:
Relationships are crap (from reptilians)
When we removed this command, beings that I call “Emissaries of Lucifer” started interfering with the session. They created a hook from that person to another dimension. This is very damaging and makes the person feel terrible. This was interesting as this woman was not a Christian and I don’t think she thought about whether or not Lucifer exists. Although she does believe in God. Michael removed the interference with deliverance and I then removed the following:
Men cause suffering (from insectoids)
Your heart is bound (from ceremonial magicians – We learned this term from Bill Schnoebelen. These are humans who have done so much black magic that they become so demonized that the body no longer recognizes them as human, as indicated by muscle testing).
Love kills you (from Draconians) (This last one was a particularly nasty command to be given).
Within seven months of removing these commands, this woman started dating a man who she felt was her soul mate.
The man likewise had commands to be on his own. Up until then he had been a serial dater for years. He became happily engaged to be married within eight months of these commands being removed.
Recently we had another breakthrough. We had dinner with a friend of ours and at that dinner met a man who I will name Peter. Peter and Michael seemed to hit it off immediately, which is not always the case. I myself also really enjoyed the evening. After Peter went home, Michael and I shared our thoughts of Peter with each other – that we both felt he had been to Mars.
The next morning I felt GREAT. I had tons of energy. I felt that I could do tons of work. Although I normally had a fair amount of energy, this day was extra special. I hadn’t felt that good in years. Then I asked Michael an ordinary question – I asked him for a phone number of a person we had met recently. He then did what he had done to me on some other occasions – he said curtly that I was ‘always giving him orders’ and psychically ‘zapped’ me.
If you have read “The Mars Records” which are available for free from you may remember that Michael was mind controlled and used by the military as a Tactical Remote Viewer. This involved using his metaphysical abilities in an offensive as well as defensive way. On occasion, a tiny amount of that offensive energy would leak out and knock me out of balance, especially because I naturally did not have any barriers up between us to protect me from him, and because I am also fairly sensitive to others emotions. (That is, I am an ‘empath’).
After Michael “zapped’ me, my head felt like it was full of cotton wool, and I became very tired. Because I had felt SO good before Michael zapped me, and I felt SO awful afterwards, I began to wonder how much this had been going on in our marriage. Often when I had been tired, I had put it down to getting older, rather than to anything related to Michael’s programming.
I felt that somehow Michael had been doing something to me on an energetic level ever since we had been married, and that for some reason he stopped doing that while we were with Peter. That was why I felt so good that night and the next morning until Michael zapped me.
I started a clearing session on the biofeedback meter with Michael, but got no results.
Then we looked for Wernicke’s commands and got the jackpot. We found and removed the following nine wernicke’s commands:
"Zap those you love"
"Zap your friends"
"Don’t zap your comrades"
"Suppress your loved ones"
"Suppress your friends"
"Don’t suppress your comrades"
"Swat your loved ones". (It took a while to find this one. We discovered that the term ‘swat’ is jargon which is used on Mars to mean ‘psychic zapping’).
"Swat your friends"
"Don’t swat your comrades"
This was amazing! This explained why we had had some of the problems we had. And it also explained why I felt so great during the dinner with Peter – because he was a ‘comrade’, and therefore Michael’s programming was turned off (‘don’t zap your comrades’), until the next morning when Peter was gone.
We believe that anyone who has advanced metapysical abilities and has problems with relationships has similar programming by the people or beings who abduct and mind control them.
Why do ‘they’ want some people to never have a relationship, or at least a good one, you may wonder? We can think of a number of answers:
They want to have access to you 24 hours a day.
It’s easier for you to get free when you have a partner living with you – your partner gives you feedback, such as changes in your personality, points out weird things that happen around you etc.
Your partner will notice if you are gone. So the controllers have to go to more trouble when abducting you (such as put the partner to sleep, use time travel etc.)
Some people are abducted by human agents entering their house, rather than by teleportation or hypergate. That is why we recommend portable hotel door locks on every door of the residence. This obviously becomes much harder with a partner present.
The partner may pursue paths of personal growth, and encourage you to do the same. This may result in you getting your memories back and even preventing the abductions and ending the mind control.
You may eventually go on to have a happy marriage and have children with extraordinary metaphysical abilities. This would require you doing something to stop them from ever being abducted (such as changing the Quantum Matrix inside everyone in the family twice a week - see The Mars Records Book 2 Appendices). You would also do lots of other good things for your children like removing all toxins from the body of both parents for several years before conceiving, having a home birth in a water tank to avoid trauma, doctors and drugs, not circumcising your sons to avoid further trauma associated with women, breastfeeding for at least two years (until your child has teeth) while you eat only good food, never drinking water with flouride which calcifies the pineal gland, never vaccinating and even home schooling to avoid mind control from outdated school systems and the thinking of the sheeple in the schools.
The above commands were not all that we uncovered in that session. Wernicke’s commands, and indeed all kinesiology corrections, occur as though they are ‘layers of an onion’. That is, you cannot discover and remove priority No. 2 until you discovered and removed priority No. One.
Over the years I had looked for the ‘normal’ type wernicke’s commands which most people have hundreds of. I was seldom able to find any on Michael, which did not make sense to me.
However, ONCE I REMOVED THE ABOVE NINE COMMANDS, suddenly the body presented TWENTY ‘normal’ type commands which affected his relationships. They are ‘normal’ in that they were not implanted intentionally. They came from parents, friends, workmates, society etc. Michael was not previously aware that he had these as unconscious programming. These were:
Fight back
You never listen
You’re thick
Men make decisions
It’s your fault
It’s not my fault
It’s their fault
It wasn’t my fault
She’s to blame
Girls cause problems
If there’s a way to mess up your life, a woman will find a way (from a guy in the Navy)
Woman are trouble
Girls are trouble
Women cause problems
Only men should command
Only men should give orders
Women are irresponsible
Women screw up things
Women are crazy
Women are insane
This list may seem extreme, but if you do enough wernicke’s commands on enough people, I think you will get to see, as I have done, that most people have dozens of similar commands in their brain. That is a major reason why there are so few happy, long lasting marriages these days.
Remember, most people pick these up accidentally – they are not put in DELIBERATELY. If a mind controller, whether human, alien or reptilian, puts any commands in deliberately, then the commands have much more power, because they are implanted with force.
After we removed these 20 commands, we also did deliverance on:
Something in his mind called a ‘grinder’ which does a very low, continuous zap to other people at all times
A very low level energy vacuum, to suck energy off others (thereby making them not want to hang around him)
So, if you have problems with relationships, I highly recommend that you receive the Wernicke’s correction and search out as many commands as possible. The best thing to do is to learn Touch for Health and then do the Wernicke’s correction on another so that you can swap sessions. See Also, see if you have any of the nine wernicke’s commands that Michael did. Then check again for any other commands.
Please note that as well as programming many people to NOT have relationships, they sometimes also programme people to HAVE relationships with the wrong people. This can be for breeding purposes, or to set a person up with someone who is also controlled or who controls you, so that they can carry out their various schemes. Or to weaken you by setting you up with someone who is not your equal psychically. Or to study emotions – the possibilities are endless. There is more information on this at
If you have not yet read “The Mars Records” Books One and Two, and “The Mars Force – Pat’s Story” Books One and Two, I highly recommend that you do so, to learn more about wernicke’s commands. These are free to download from
Also, we would welcome you joining our egroup for wernicke’s commands at  (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)
To help you create and/or recognise your ideal relationship, please read:
"How to have what you want" at
"Possible Problem Producers" at
Copyright ©: Stephanie Relfe - 2004
Feel free to distribute this story without alteration, if you mention

You will find the interview with Stephanie and Michael Relfe  on this website:   Surfing Interview (

The following is an exclusive interview that Surfing The Apocalypse conducted with Michael and Stephanie Relfe.

Stephanie Relfe is the author of THE MARS RECORDS, a chronicle of biofeedback meter sessions where Michael R. regained hidden memories of military service on Mars.

During these sessions which began in 1996, the two discovered that while Michael was in the United States Navy he served for twenty years at a base that was established on the planet Mars.

Through the clearing sessions, a complex set of memories began to surface. Memories that included remote viewing, time travel, age recession of 20 years and on-going intrusive abductions. These memories were found buried beneath the false memories that had been implanted so that Michael would not remember.

The Book THE MARS RECORDS is a result of these sessions. It is available online and is free to download at:
   The Mars Records (

Where possible, when certain technologies or people are mentioned in the interview, links to information on those subjects and/or people are provided. It is highly recommended that you follow these links and review the information contained there, as well as search out information on your own.

Surfing the Apocalypse is denoted as SURFING, Michael R. as MICHAEL, and Stephanie Relfe as STEPHANIE.

This interview was conducted via email over a period of several weeks by Theresa de Veto for Surfing The Apocalypse.

The views expressed here are not necessarily the views of Surfing The Apocalypse, the interviewer or any of the affiliated websites."

This interview is worth reading and copying, but permission is required to use it, LM.

Wernicke Correction (  (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)
From the desk of:
Michael Relfe
Did I get your attention? Are you hoping this is not going to be another one of those “hyped up” sales letters? Don’t worry, it won’t be. In copywriters lingo the above announcement is called the “primary headline”, also sometimes called “the hook”. It is supposed to get your attention and encourage you (read that “force you”) to read further. The correct headline should actually be closer to:
How a Secret Australian Health System can increase your energy, reduce your stress, fix your back and help you get Rich all at the same time.
Who am I? My name is Michael Relfe and I helped produce “The Perfect Health System”. My wife Stephanie supplied the talent, healing expertise and the raw determination to create a training system that would allow anyone to learn kinesiology and possess a technology that would help them make fantastic improvements in their life. I supplied the technical support: Audio, Video, Lighting, Editing, etc, etc.

I want to tell you a little about myself and why you need Disk 11 (The Wernicke’s Correction). I have spent 24 years in the IT industry and have been an employee or consultant for Fortune 50 companies such as AMEX, IBM, American Airlines and The US Navy. I hold a degree in Computer Science and am a graduate of United States Naval Nuclear Power School. I am not sharing these things to attempt to impress you or to be a smartass. I want to help you understand that your success in life and the completion of your goals is in your hands and that with kinesiology….a special kind of kinesiology, you now have the technology to change your situation and get what you want out of life.
I know you have heard it before. Personal Development. I know you have read the words, propaganda and horse manure from the big boy millionaires. Promises. Testimonials. Thousands of dollars for seminars from some clown that only cares about stuffing your money into his bank account. Some of these guys get $5,000 or more for a weekend seminar. Other "Big Boys" can get $20,000 for a 2 week “workshop”. You get people talking at you, using hypnosis and NLP on you, and all the while trying to “upsell” you on the next big seminar. Does it work? Who knows. At the end of it all you are still “you”. The worst thing about all this is that many people who attend these workshops do not make any real changes in their lives. And now they are thousands of dollars in debt.
Well now there is something new and the “big boys” don’t have it. And it doesn’t cost $20,000.

It's free with "The Perfect Health System".
Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do some people seem to get all the breaks and other people are constantly being broken? Why is it that someone else seems to have the best relationships, best career and the most money? And why are other people so happy all the time?
Let me share with you some startling information. Scientists have discovered that the instructions and commands that people receive during their lives can be stored in the Wernicke’s area of the brain. And many of these commands can have long term negative effects on those people.
Wernicke’s commands could be YOUR worst enemy! Imagine dozens or even hundreds of tiny “computer programs” or “CD records” screaming into your sub-conscious commands such as “You’re no good”, “You will always be poor”, “You’ll always be fat” “You’re really stupid” “You’ll never make anything of yourself” “ You never remember anything” and “You’ll never get married”.
And they “go online” at the worst times. When you are under stress. Working on projects. Making life changing decisions. And they interfere and cause you to make the wrong decision. Is it any wonder why people are looking for ways to change their lives in areas such as money, relationships and health.
It can be really tough to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself if your subconscious mind is sabotaging you at every turn. How can you get out of that rut?

How can you escape… from yourself?
You never had a chance.
Now You Do! You can learn the Wernicke’s Correction.
It is one small part of "The Perfect Health System"
The Wernicke’s Correction can change your life.
The Wernicke’s Correction is a revolutionary new Kinesiology Correction created by Genius Australian Kinesiologist David Bridgeman. Utilizing three different healing modalities, he created the world's first kinesiology correction that can eliminate self sabotage commands from a person's brain. Instantly.

No courses. No seminars. No credit cards. No B.S.
It is possibly the most important kinesiology correction for personal development and life improvement ever discovered.
In “Perfect Health with Kinesiology and Muscle Testing”, my wife, Australian Kinesiologist Stephanie Relfe is bringing the Wernicke’s Correction outside of Australia and making it available to the world for the very first time.
The Wernicke’s Correction is quite simply an instant relationship course in a box.

And an instant cash flow course in a box.

And an instant self-improvement course in a box.

By eliminating the self sabotaging commands stored in your brain, you can finally achieve the things in your life that you have been working for.
In “Perfect Health with Kinesiology and Muscle Testing” you will learn the complete procedure for the Wernicke’s Correction. Nothing is censored. Nothing is held back. There is no “upsell product”. No further courses are necessary for you to learn the Wernicke’s Correction and to start applying it to you and your loved ones or to your healing practice. You really can remove self sabotaging commands and improve your life. This is just one small part of this amazing course.
Please note that this is not meditation, visualization, affirmations, hypnosis, NLP or any other "mind science" type of system. I know some people love such programs because of their high energy delivery and their claims of instantaneous results. But there is a problem with these systems. They are not removing the underlying cause of the person's difficulties. They are adding a new "program" on top of the old "program". There is no point in putting jam on top of moldy bread. What is needed is a scientific procedure for removing the underlying cause of the problem and then letting the person sort out their own life. Do you really want someone to "program" you with their latest seminar or audio tape?

Kinesiology is scientific. Chiropractors and Licensed Massage Therapists using Kinesiology put treatments on insurance. And this is the actual hands on, repeatable, meat-and-potatoes kinesiology correction. Some kinesiology corrections are for your body. This kinesiology correction is for your brain. And it is demonstrated completely in "Perfect Health With Kinesiology & Muscle Testing - Disk 11".
And no, it's not available separately. You need to learn Kinesiology from the other disks before you can use it correctly.
But let me warn you. The Wernicke's Correction is easy to learn. It is easy to perform. But for some people that refuse to change and like being the way they are, it could be tough for them to actually sit down and take the time to do it. Wernicke's commands are like the layers of an onion. They will not come out all at once.
The Wernicke's Correction will not do everything.

But it can do what no other healing modality in the world can do.

Remove self sabotage commands.

If you are a practitioner, the Wernicke's Correction is a powerful addition to your arsenal of healing modalities. The Wernicke's Correction will allow you to have even more ways to help your clients and they will have even more reasons to book in with you.
So after all these years of trying to find the “missing link” to your success, maybe the Wernicke’s correction is it. You will have to invest the few hours it takes to learn kinesiology. Then you will have to invest the time to do the corrections. The results? Everyone is different but I can tell you that with the help of my wife Stephanie, I have had many hundreds of self-sabotaging commands removed from my mind and things get better all the time.
The Wernicke’s commands are real. And negative commands are deadly to anyone’s Health, Wealth & Happiness. I no longer allow them to control my life.
What will you do?
Michael Relfe
P.S. Read that first headline again. After you start eliminating those Wernicke’s commands, let’s hope your new business will give you more than $200K a year.
P.P.S. If you don't know what Kinesiology is, please visit the website below.
P.P.P.S. The "gurus" don't know about this one. Lets keep it that way."

George and I bought a set of DVD's and books from Stefanie and Michael and are studing Kinesiology.
You can do it too (if you want to) through their websites, though we are not involved in selling any products of anybody.
Here is one of them :   (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)

Synergistic Kinesiology (  (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)

"Wernicke's Commands" in the Brain
Cause Self Sabotage
This correction was first presented in the USA at the Annual Conference of the USA Touch for Health Kinesiology Association in Florida July 2000 by Stephanie Relfe. See
The mind in not the brain. The mind is an energy field. The brain is a physical 'switchboard' between the mind and the body.
Research has shown that words are stored in a specific area on the left side of the brain. What is not so well known is that there is an equivalent area in the right half of the brain which is also involved with language. Both these areas are called the Wernicke's area.
According to Professor Julian Jaynes, lecturer in Psychology at Princeton University, up until around 3,000 years ago, mankind was basically not conscious as he is today. He did not think in terms of concepts, and he was not introspective (i.e. he did not 'turn inwards and think about himself).
Instead he operated with what is called a "bicameral mind". The bicameral mind was man's mind before he developed self consciousness. Early man did not make any decisions on his own. The concept of "self", of being independent and self-reliant, did not exist.
Whenever a decision had to be made, early man looked for a "sign" from an outside authority, such as a king or a god, to tell him what to do. For example, if he went along a road which divided into two roads, he might throw some stones into the air to see which way they fell, to tell him which road to take.
Other signs that early man used to determine what action he should take when he was faced with a decision were often "voices" which he heard in his head and which brought immediate obedience.
Experiments have shown that if the Wernicke's area in the left half of the brain is electrically stimulated during speech, it will interfere with the ability to talk properly, almost halting speech.
The same type of stimulation to the Wernicke's area in the right brain, however, causes a person to hear "voices" or "commands". These are usually of an authoritarian or dictatorial nature, and can be identified as the voice of one who was feared, admired or "looked up to" by the person being stimulated. We call these commands "Wernicke's commands", because they are commands stored in the Wernicke's area of the brain.
The two Wernicke's areas are connected to each other by a thin bridge of tissue. This is where the term "bicameral mind" comes from. It seems that the "voices of the gods" were in fact internal dialogue coming from the right half of the brain.
If mankind was to become civilised, this simple mind had to greatly improve and consciousness had to develop. However, the bicameral tendency is still present today! It is the bicameral mind, the right side of the Wernicke's area, which we "hear" when we hear those little words of self-invalidation and sabotage.
The 'authorities' who might have put commands into this mind are no longer "gods" - they are anyone that we might have looked up to at some time. These can include parents, teachers, peers, politicians, and doctors.
Have you have ever been told to "grow up", "shut up", "eat up", "forget that" or "give up"? Have you ever been told "you're mad", you're bad", "you're stupid" or "you'll never make it"?
If somebody you thought was powerful said "you're too fat", "you'll never change", "you'll forget", "you're a slow learner", "eat ALL your food", you're not good enough", "strong enough", "pretty enough", "clever enough" "you'll go to hell" etc. etc. then they may have made an 'entry' in your right Wernicke's area, an implanted command, which is still influencing you to this day! We call these commands "wernicke's commands".
Wernicke's commands are not all powerful, but they can affect people, sometimes quite a lot. They particularly affect people during times of stress.
When people do any work or therapy to get rid of negative beliefs, the beliefs they try to get rid of things are usually worded as "I …" eg. "I'm not good enough" or "I'm too fat". But "find the truth, and it will set you free". These beliefs are not filed in the brain (which is like a super powerful computer) under an "I" point of view. The commands are entered as said by another person, as if the person is right there, talking to you! For example, the belief may be "I'm no good" but the original command (which is stored in the brain) was "You're no good".
Normal kinesiology has a correction called a Goal Balance which is designed to get rid of negative beliefs. However, it seems to me that it does not work very often.
However, in 1996 Australian kinesiologist David Bridgman made an astounding discovery. He realised how to remove negative beliefs from the brain!
The key to removing these beliefs is that they are stored in the brain as though another person said them e.g. "You won't remember". The brain then tries to make sense of a command and translates it, for example, as "I won't remember". This command then interferes with the person. To get rid of the command you must find the EXACT wording of the command, which in this case is "You won't remember".
This specific kinesiology procedure enables a person to REMOVE the sabotaging commands from the brain. Instant improvement is generally noted in the person who has done this.
These commands can be put in our brain either unintentionally (as by our parents) or intentionally (as by the mind controllers).
These commands are hidden in the brain a bit like the way that 'drop down menus' are hidden on the computer screen. Sometimes you can't see the menus, but they are still there. When you do the correct kinesiology procedure, the sabotaging commands "drop down" and then you can delete them. But they do not all appear at once. It can take a number of sessions to get rid of them.
This is a simple, revolutionary and very powerful procedure.
The key to doing these corrections successfully is to get the EXACT wording. Generally, throughout these sessions it would take up to seven attempts each time to get the precise wording. Mostly the correct wording would be found after two or three attempts. Throughout these sessions, I did not record our incorrect attempts to find the commands. Only the successful attempts were recorded.
I can still remember the evening when a group of about 30 kinesiologists learned the Wernicke’s correction for the first time from David Bridgman. After being taught by David, we paired up to work on another person and to be worked on.
I was surprised how easily the man who was working on me was able to help me to work out what the sabotaging commands in my brain were. He didn’t look particularly sensitive or psychic, but after I told him what areas in my life I was having trouble with, he asked me a few questions and within a few attempts he had the sentence we were looking for.
When it was my turn to work on him, I saw that it was almost as if the sentence was written on his forehead!
The next day I had a very powerful experience. I was feeling VERY happy, after having a number of Wernicke’s commands removed from me. I was sitting on a bus in the early morning, traveling with a lot of people who were going to work.
I was seated at the front of the bus facing the rest of the people. I was observing how very sad and depressed they looked, and that they almost had a ‘grey’ color to their faces.
Suddenly, it was almost as though again I could “see” the Wernicke’s commands written on their foreheads – and there were hundreds of them!!! Some of them were VERY negative.
Now I almost cringe when I hear the things that people say to their children, for example in the supermarket. I wish I could explain to them that they need to find a more supportive way to say what they need to say. I was told once at a seminar that a study showed that many children hear over 300 negative things a day, and about 30 positive ones.
By now, you might have begun to realize the absolute importance of not invalidating or evaluating others at any time. Especially, I hope you see how absolutely critical it is if, when in conversation with someone, if you won’t stop yourself from saying something negative, that at the very least you don’t generalize. Generalizations can become very powerful, negative commands. Instead, be specific.
Never, ever say things like “you are stupid” or "You're a bad boy". You may give them a Wernicke’s Command that may affect them for the rest of their life. Instead, you could say something specific like “that was a silly thing you did" or "that was a naughty thing to do".
Never say things that apply forever like “you’re never on time”. Just say instead something specific such as “you’re late today”.
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The Mars Force: Pat's Story

How Pat's membership in a Military Cadet Program
led to Military Abductions and the Suppressing of her Psychic Abilities.

First Published June 13 2002


In 2001 a woman in her early 50s named Pat contacted me after she read "The Mars Records" ( and decided to have clearing and kinesiology sessions. She lived quite a distance from where I was, but eventually she was able to make the journey and spent a week undergoing sessions with me.

Pat had been involved in the research and investigation of UFOs from 1978 to 1987, but she was not consciously involved with that activity at the time she saw me. She came to me mainly because she had experienced a great deal of trouble completing projects: sometimes she would just lie on her bed and stare at the ceiling, unable to do anything, for hours at a time!

When she read the Mars Records, she suspected that mental blocks and "Wernicke's commands" ( - Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)  were at the core of her problem and felt that I could help her remove them. She also had frequent flashback memories of violent incidents where she was struggling against restraints and vague scenes of fighting people that were trying to harm her. Pat also had missing time episodes during the years she was a UFO investigator. She also wanted to improve her memory.

When she came on the first night I found that she also wanted to end what are termed "negative hallucinations". These are NOT hallucinations. This term means that she sometimes could not see things that were present - for example, a person sitting opposite her. She was not sure how often they happened, but thought that it could be every couple of months.

During the sessions, I also discovered that she periodically went into a trance for several minutes, where she could hear and see everything but could not move a muscle or speak. She did this three times in my presence, the first when I was driving her back to her hotel. It was quite an eerie feeling to be with someone who had to all appearances turned into a living statue. Several months after the sessions, Pat reported that these trance states had decreased in frequency so much that she rarely experienced them anymore. She also reported that she was more motivated and able to get projects completed. In fact, her physical energy and mental focus had significantly improved.

In addition, Pat said that there were times when she "could swear she was dying or having a heart attack". Later in the sessions I also found that she had had strong mental impressions that she had killed people. This was surprising as Pat is a happy, kind, intelligent, ladylike woman. Since that memory did not fit into her present life, she had wondered if she had lived another time line.

When Pat came to see me she stayed in a motel a few miles from our home. I felt very strongly that she was going to need a portable door lock when she got here, so we gave her one when she arrived. (It is highly recommended that anyone who suspects that they are being interfered with by the secret government use one of these every night, especially when traveling. We have found that their agents are able to open all the locks and chains that are on doors, but the portable door lock keeps them from physically walking in the door).

"The Mars Force" refers to others besides Michael Relfe (the man described in "The Mars Records") who discover, through undergoing clearing sessions, that they have been transported to Mars and used as psychic soldiers.

© Stephanie Relfe 2002

Any part of this book may be copied at anytime, provided that:
(1) It is not taken out of context or modified in any way.
(2) Credit is always given to or to the original publisher.  (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)


Session 1: Violent Reaction
Sunday September 23 2001
Michael and I picked Pat up at the bus station. Although she had come a long way, I felt that I should give her a short kinesiology session that evening. The session was done in my home. It was lucky that God was looking after us and
made sure that the first session was on a Sunday, because Michael was at home and he was definitely needed!. Pat lay on the massage table but almost as soon as I started to muscle test her I got a violent reaction. After doing sessions on
hundreds of different people, I had never seen anything like this. She was blocked, which is not unusual. What was unusual was that as soon as I tried to unblock her she began to scream. Plus her left arm started moving in circles all by itself. It would start at her side and then move in a jerky movement across her body. Then move back to her left side and then start off again. I felt that it was her body reliving a time when it was pulling against restraints. Pat thought it might have been her deflecting energy, possibly in some way connected to the “alters8” that we later discovered she had.
I called in Michael to help me and it was only through the deliverance that he did, with the help of Jesus Christ, that I was able to continue at all. The first session was quite frenetic and I did not take many notes, although it was taped and we were able to later on hear again the screams that suddenly came out of Pat’s mouth – a lady who until then had appeared very gentle, soft spoken and ladylike. I got that she had metaphysical alien circuitry on her and began to remove it, while Michael was praying for her. She also seemed to have metaphysical implants in her which I removed as best I could. Her central nervous system, small intestine, and spleen were out of balance (as they are in many people). Her Psoas muscle, which relates to the kidney, was also out of balance, but I was not able to rebalance it until I removed a wernicke’s command which was: “Don’t remember this”
As soon as we got this wernicke’s command, we again got a very big reaction from Pat. More gasps, body jerks etc. Michael had to do tons of deliverance. As he did this, pains began to manifest and disappear in different parts of Pat’s
body. At one time she even started gagging and threw up a small amount.
 Alter: A split personality, generally one that has been created artificially by mind control.

I was not able to complete a full 14 muscle balance on her, even after one hour. Normally this would take me only about ten minutes. Pat needed sleep and we decided that enough had been done so I drove her back to her motel. On the way back in the car something very odd happened. While stopped at a light I remembered that I hadn’t asked her to do something that I normally do at the end of a session. In order to help people to get present after a session, and
to fill in any ‘holes’ in their space that may have been created by clearing stuff away, I get the person to name things that they can see around them out loud. I asked Pat to do this. She was doing it quite slowly, when suddenly she went
into a trance. It was very eerie. She sat as stiff as a statue beside me in the car. She didn’t answer anything I said. Her eyes were open. I didn’t know what to do, and said I was taking her back to Michael, when suddenly she snapped out of
it. She said that this had happened to her before. She was able to hear everything I said, but wasn’t able to move or speak.

Session 2: A Reptilian Attacks Pat’s Heart

Monday September 24 2001
Because of what happened yesterday, we didn’t do a session until the evening when Michael was able to be in the house in case he was needed again. He was for part of the session, although it was not anywhere near as bad as yesterday.
Pat was in balance, so yesterday’s work had done something. With her eyes open, her gaits and cloacals were out of balance. I then tested her with eyes shut. Her hyoid and cloacals were out of balance with her eyes shut. Muscle testing indicated the cause of this was an emotion “withholding at 34 years old, related to a grey alien abduction). When we got to this part in the session, her left arm started to move again in the same weird way. Pat began to get pictures of restraints, as though her arm was trying to pull away from something. I was getting the same pictures/idea as Pat, although I didn’t tell her this. I had to remove some wernicke’s commands. These were:
1. “It’s useless to try” (from a reptilian scientist)
2. “Don’t even think about it” (from a grey)
3. “You’ll die if you remember this” (reptilian)
4. “Have a heart attack if you remember this” (grey) – note that she had
previously had many fears of having a heart attack
5. “Have a stroke if you remember this” (reptilian)
6. “Kill yourself if you remember” (government – MK Ultra)
7. “Kill whoever helps you remember”
8. “Kill whoever helps you to remember” (Since commands No. 7 and No. 8 were basically the same, it was interesting that they put basically the same command in twice. To find a Wernicke’s command, every single word must be found EXACTLY. Presumably this was to make extra sure that the command sunk in).
Page 33
At this stage, we both got that a remote viewer appeared and was putting hooks into Pat. They started attacking her heart. We prayed it off. Then a reptilian appeared in spirit. He wouldn’t go no matter what any of the three of us did.
tried to command him to leave. I got angry. No response. Then I had a brilliant idea. I gave him a great, big, very loving hug. He took off on the instant. As soon as this happened, the pain that had appeared in Pat’s heart stopped.
continued removing Wernicke’s commands:
9. “Don’t tell anyone about this”
10. “You will die if you remember this”
11. “Stab to death the person who helps you remember this”
When I was driving Pat home I asked her to name things again in the car. The same thing happened as last time – she went into what looked like a trance. This time I just kept driving. She snapped out of it by the time we got to her motel.
Page 34
Session 3: Interview
25th September 2001
Summary: I first gave her a kinesiology balance. She was mostly in balance. Her spleen was out of balance. Muscle testing indicated the cause was “hostility” at 18 years old. When we did this she had images of seeing a meteorite.
As is done with all new clients, an interview was done to find out which areas were the ‘hot items’ to be looked at first, and to see if there were any areas that could cause a problem with the sessions.
Metabolism .8”
(Questions to check Pat has had enough food, sleep etc.)
Start of Session
(5.4 , 4.9, Note high TA).
The weird thing in all of Pat’s sessions was that the meter never showed that she had enough metabolism to run a session. I don’t think she ever gave me a full 1” movement of the needle after taking a breath, which is what I was taught is required. But since she had come such a long way, and looked in good shape, we pushed on. The sessions
always worked out fine.
Stephanie: Is someone interfering with this
session? (This is not a standard question to ask someone at the start of a session!) But I felt that we DID have someone interfering, and felt that I needed to ask this question.
Pat: Yes
Stephanie: Say ‘hello’ to it till it answers (She does so). What species is it?
Pat: Reptilian.
 Note that we don’t get a read on this.
It can be quite hard with a new client to work out what’s going on, since they are not yet used to how this works.
Stephanie: Ask it what is it’s purpose? SF 4.8
(Notes unclear here).
Pat:  I read him his
rights. He has the right of every spirit to his own self determinism, to his own sanity, to play any game and to leave any game. He decides to leave the game. 
Stephanie: From 0-10, overall, how are you doing in life? (We start to run through questions about family. I get no reads so I ask again). Is anyone interfering with this session? Locate where they are.
Pat: Not here. In a control room. In a building.
Stephanie: What planet?
Pat: Earth
Stephanie: Country?
Pat: USA
Stephanie: State?
Pat: Washington (SF 3.9 Note the read)
Stephanie: Pray to break off the control line 
Pat: I still feel a connection
Stephanie: Is it the same one?
Pat: No. It’s nearby. Implant (metaphysical implant)
Stephanie: Say ‘hello’ to the implant. (We read the implant it’s rights). Then ask it what it now wants to do.
Pat: Fly.
Stephanie: Tell it it’s free to go. (We do the same for another implant in the heart). Is there anything else interfering?
Pat: No (We then looked at her past, her family, relationships etc. Then I asked her the following questions which are standard questions in the initial interview:
Stephanie: What spiritual, mental or growth
work have you done?
Pat: Polarity therapy
Stephanie: What else?
Pat: Things I’ve started and not finished. I feel uncomfortable with that question (Note the big read – the biggest so far, and the sudden drop in TA)
Stephanie: Have you ever had an out of body experience?
Pat: Yes 
Stephanie: Do you ever feel like you are somebody else?
Pat: There’s another ‘me’.
Stephanie: How many of you are there?
Pat: Three. I feel compartmentalized
Stephanie: Tell me about that
Pat: It has something to do with (a Military Cadet Program) when I was in Junior High School. I’m attracted to uniforms.
(Because we had already had a chance to talk with Pat earlier, I had made a few notes of some areas that I felt might be worth looking at. I asked her about these: Tell me about the battleship
Pat: I don’t remember
Stephanie: Tell me about visiting the house of the CEO.
Pat: It was an open house. I was by the staircase. (Note the read – interesting – why should standing by a staircase have charge on it?)
Stephanie: Tell me about the rectangles that appeared on your arm I noticed them one day. One was perfectly shaped Pat said more about this after the session:
Pat: “They appeared two
separate times, on different days, both on my left arm. Just the top layer of skin was gone and they were a perfect rectangle 1/4” x 1/8”. They appeared during the time I was actively intestigating UFOs. I don’t recall which years”.
We ran through a few more
questions, then:
Stephanie: "Are you running your own life?"

Pat: No (SF Note the read, and the answer to this question)
Stephanie: Who is?
Pat: Them. The government.
Stephanie: The first thing that came into my mind when you said that was MK Ultra. Another one I’ve not heard of before – “Cover memories". Do you have any losses not mentioned?
Pat: Freedom. My mind.
Page 37
Session 4: Remote Viewers Interfere
26th September 2001
Summary: We start to look at an incident related to a certain Military Cadet Program and visiting a famous CEO’s house. We are continually interrupted by a remote viewer who wants to stop Pat from remembering.
(We run through the preliminary questions about food and sleep etc.) Note the rock slam.
Pat: I feel a presence around me 
Stephanie: Contact it.
Pat: I get “no contact”
Stephanie: Well, when they communicated that to you, that was a contact.
Pat: I get it’s a remote viewer and his boss
(We try a few things which don’t
work. Eventually):
Stephanie: Pray for the remote viewer. Put up a blue bubble around you. It is flexible and everything sent to it bounces off.
Start of Session
Stephanie: What’s happening?
Pat: Someone is whispering in my ear “come”
Now what is happening is that someone, in present time, is interfering with the session. She is referring to something happening right now, not in the incident.
Pat: I ask “come where?” They say “with us”. I ask “where?” They say “You don’t need to know”.
This refers to what the Remote
Viewer and his boss were saying to her.
Stephanie: Who is it?
Pat: A man in a suit
Stephanie: Where is he?
Pat: Here in Norfolk. He’s in the same building as the remote viewer. It’s the same room. Someone’s saying “it’s not
Body jerks. Now she is reporting on what is
happening as we speak.
Stephanie: Pray for the boss
Pat: They’re mad (“Mad” in this case means “angry”)
Stephanie: Put the blue bubble back to protect us (Pat had forgotten about this, which allowed the attack to come through and cause the jerking).
Pat: The remote viewer went out of the room. They said “This is not supposed to be two-way”
Stephanie: Is this an incident in restimulation? 
Pat: No It’s happening as we speak. I see myself walking between two men. Now I believe we’re in an incident from some time in the past.
Stephanie: Move through the incident telling me about it as you go.
Pat: I’m walking between two men. It’s night. The sky is moving like it’s fluid. The sky is moving to the right in a circle. There’s something inside – it’s light. We step through. We’re someplace else. It’s a building complex We’re outside
The remote viewer says “It’s just your imagination”
(Body jerks) The remote viewer who is listening to
us tries to interrupt the session again
Stephanie: Say “thank you” to him

Pat: One of them says “it’s breaking down” (Body jerks)
Stephanie: What happens next? I try to get Pat’s attention away from the remote viewers and back to the incident we were looking at.
Pat: It’s stuck 
Stephanie: Repeat “it’s stuck”
It’s stuck, It’s stuck etc.  I’m walking toward a building. It looks white or adobe brick. It looks southern. This is the same stuff that came up with the psychiatrist.
Before Pat came to see me she had gone to a psychiatrist and asked him to acknowledge whatever she said,
while she tried to do a clearing session on herself, by repeating things like “I can’t remember” and seeing what came up. Note: This is NOT be recommended! One cannot do clearing on oneself, until one has done many hours with another, and been trained.
Pat: We’re inside. I pass through a room. I’m blocked from seeing.
Stephanie: Repeat “I’m blocked from seeing”  I’m blocked from seeing, I’m blocked from seeing I don’t know why. It’s not that unusual. It’s a lobby to a building. We go into the elevators. We don’t go up. We go down. They’re interfering again – saying it’s your imagination (Note the read. This is from the remote viewers who want to stop this session).
Say “thank you” A good acknowledgement has a lot of power in it to stop unwanted attention.
Pat: Thank you. We’re still going down. We are back in the incident.
Stephanie: How far do you go?
Pat: Twenty four floors (F Note the read) I begin to feel scared. One says to the other to do something to put me back into the state where I wasn’t feeling or reacting. Something is pressed against my arm. I feel spaced. They move me forward out the door, I feel really as if I’m asleep (body jerks. Note body reaction) I feel sick. I may have gagged. It’s in my throat or stomach. I feel cold, like it’s air conditioned. I’m laid down. They want to wait till the drug wears off
Stephanie: Make this room sound proof and thought proof. (I get this idea to tell Pat, to stop the remote viewer eavesdroppers). (She) laughs. (Note the read & Pat’s laugh). She is reacting to what she is ‘seeing’ the remote viewers do.
 Pat: They called you names. (She is referring to the remote viewers)
. Gasp! That makes so much sense! I’ve woven an energetic cocoon around us. It’s thought proof and sound proof. When I was younger I watched “Bewitched” and “I Dream of Jeannie”. I always felt inside that I could do that. When I was doing Polarity Therapy I felt I was destined to manipulate energy. I just wove that cocoon. I couldn’t do that before. I didn’t even think it. The remote viewers are very upset.
Pat is back to looking into what is going on right now with the remote viewers.
Pat:  They’re planning what they’ll do.
“Will take other measures”. “We can’t let this happen”. “I told you this would happen”. “We can’t let her develop”. “Then think of something” (stop for ten minute break)
Page 40
(When we come back from the break, I have started to get a headache. 5.2 TA has suddenly gone up, since we took the break)
Stephanie: Move to the incident, to the part you were up to
Pat: I’m getting interference from the
remote viewer.
Stephanie: You have your abilities back – stop him. (she does so)
Pat: I put him to sleep  (4.7 Note sudden drop in TA)
(My headache has now gone) Note the disappearance of my headache as soon as Pat put the remote viewer to sleep.
Two guys are wondering what happened to the remote viewer. They’re trying to wake him but can’t.
(Back to the incident):

Pat: I’m sitting on the table, looking around (Back to the remote viewers): I still feel under attack from the two men.
Stephanie: Acknowledge that, block it and continue. What’s that? (referring to the read)
Pat: I’m weaving the cocoon, making it stronger (Back to the incident): I see an instrument. It looks long and cylindrical. A woman has it. She presses it against my arm. I feel floating. My head feels really light. They’re talking to me. They ask, “When did it start?” “What do you feel?” I told them I felt connected as if stepping into a stream or linking to a link. They don’t leave me alone.  I’m getting a headache (in the incident). The drug gave me a headache. (Back to the remote viewers): I can still see the remote viewers. They’re listening. They look as though they’re losing something. They’re shaking their heads, as though there’s nothing they can do. (Back to the incident): I’m sitting on the table now. I can’t quite get this.
Page 41
Stephanie: Repeat “I can’t quite get this”
Pat: I can’t quite get this, I can’t quite
get this... There’s more than one man and a woman. They’re all human.
The woman is holding a clipboard.
The men are talking to me, and to each other and to her. They’re putting stuff into action. They’re questioning me about my childhood. About when I first do something (SF Note the read). Something
 I did that was psychic.

Stephanie: What did you do? (Back to the remote viewers):
Pat: The
remote viewers are upset that I’ve connected with this I can’t remember
Stephanie: Repeat “I can’t remember”
Pat: I can’t remember, I can’t remember... What comes through is something to do with the space-time continuum.
I can influence it.

Stephanie: When is this incident?
Pat: 1984, It might be something else (F Note the read)
Stephanie: What year?
Pat: 1963.  It was when I was 14 years old, when I was in (a Military Cadet Program)
Stephanie: How old were you when you did the psychic thing?
Pat: 1963, I was wondering, how many times have they taken me?
Stephanie: How many times have they taken you? (Ten F Note the read)
Pat: I keep thinking this is my imagination
Stephanie: Is this your imagination?
Pat: No (Back to the remote viewers):
They’re talking with each other, asking how they can handle this. (Back to the incident): I’m looking around the room, but I don’t feel scared. They ask, how do I do it? I say, I don’t know
Stephanie: What happened so they noticed you?
Pat: I don’t know how to explain. There are two images. One is of a battleship. The other is being at an important CEO’s house. (I ask her about this) I don’t know
Stephanie: Repeat “I don’t know”
Pat:  I don’t know, I don’t know
. It’s to do with time.
Stephanie:  Move to the incident where they
first noticed you and tell me when you are there (she does so). Move through the incident telling me about it as you go Where are you?
Pat: In a house (Note: The ‘house’ is a mansion). It’s the CEO’s house (SF,F Note the reads).
Stephanie: What happens?
Pat: This is kind of wild. I’m standing in my guard area. I’m bored. Next, a man walks up to me, asks me to go with him. He takes me to another area of the house (F Note the read). I have no idea why he’s taking me there. They’re testing me. It’s like a random test. It’s something they do all the time (F Note the read). We go down a ramp, away from everyone else. There are other young people there. Some adults are there. There are some children not in cadet uniform. I sit down. A whole busload of us went to the house. We were stationed alone, not in pairs (of young people). I see a couple walk out, with adults.
Stephanie: Is something blocking this session?
Pat: Yes
Stephanie: Is it wernicke’s commands? Remember that these things are like layers of an onion. Each layer shows up only when the previous layer has been peeled away.
Pat: Yes
Page 43
We stopped and did kinesiology. I looked for wernicke’s commands that were blocking the session. As so often happened when I worked on Michael, there were ten commands. Some of these were the same that Michael has had.
guess there are only so many ways you can say “you won’t remember this”.
1. “You won’t remember this”
2. “If you remember you will feel pain”
3. “Forget everything that you have seen”
4. “This didn’t happen”
5. “You can’t remember this”
6. “This is just your imagination”
7. “You remember nothing about this”
8. “This is all a dream”
9. “Forget all about this”
10. “You weren’t here”
Page 44
Session 5: Testing members at a famous CEO’s House
27th September 2001
Testing Pat with kinesiology, she was in balance today. Pat’s Military Cadet Unit is used to guard different areas of an important CEO’s very large house during an ‘Open House’ when she is 14 years old. Pat is stationed on her own in an area where there are no people. Because she is a new cadet she is taken for testing. They give her a stimulant to activate parts of her brain to test for psychic abilities. Pat’s test takes so well that a wall of glass that is part of the testing equipment is broken. She is then given a drug and hypnosis to forget that the incident happened.
(Questions to check Pat has had enough food, sleep etc.)
Start of Session
Stephanie: Move to the CEO’s House incident SF
Pat: I’m standing guard. I’m bored. I’m proud I’m doing this. A man asks me to go with him. I’m told to follow orders (referring to why she goes with him). He’s talking to me. We’re going downward, down a ramp.
Stephanie: Are there any drugs blocking this?
Pat: Yes
We do kinesiology. There is one drug to balance out. Then we return to the meter. Thinking of blockages.
Stephanie: Are there blockages?
Pat: Yes. I’m not quite sure what went on here, since we continue anyway. Hand signals. I’m in the incident. I’m getting a feeling of panic, as though I’m startled. We go through a door. I’m sitting down. I’m feeling more emotional this time (meaning, this session, as opposed to yesterday’s session). I’m questioning. The man who walked me there smiles at me and walks away. Two young people walk out. Two walk in. I’m a bit confused. They go in different directions. I feel a tightness in my stomach (SF Note the read). Like I’m on the wrong train or bus. But I’m trained to take orders. They come out. I go in behind a woman. She tells me to sit on a table. I do. I’m really getting scared. SF I’m close to crying.
I feel like they know what they’re
doing, but I don’t understand (Grief, Tears, Note the tears). But I’m scared. I’m so scared. They leave me there. I’m looking for a way to get out, but I don’t see a door knob on the inside of the door. I’m really scared. I feel sick. My stomach is turning over and over. I become calm, but still kind of sick. I’m not panicked any more. I’m waiting.
Stephanie: How long do you wait?
Pat: Ten minutes. Two men and a woman walk in. I don’t know the men. I feel stuck
Stephanie: Repeat “I feel stuck”
Pat: I feel stuck, I feel stuck ...
Stephanie: Is someone stopping this session? There’s an interference. Locate the source of the interference
Pat: It’s like somebody said I wouldn’t remember before they even did anything. They used hypnosis, something mental.
(communication lag) I’m seeing the man and the woman, as if they’re in slow motion (communication lag). I’m lying down. One swings my legs onto the table. I’m lying down. Something is being given to me. (SF,SF Note the reads).
It seems so hard to think
Stephanie: Repeat “It seems so hard to think”
Pat: It seems so hard to think, It seems so hard to think. I can’t get everything.
Stephanie: That’s okay, just give me what you get.
Repetition leads to discovery.
(I explain that it’s okay that she doesn’t get everything when ever we go through an incident).What we don’t get one time through will be seen another time through. This is because the charge is like layers of an onion, that we have to peel away one at a time.
Pat: I feel jumpy and nervous, like it was a stimulant, not a relaxant. I’m getting real worked up and tight
(LF, LF, Shudders, Gasp, Gasp 3.4, Note the big reads, body reaction and large drop in tone arm).
It’s a strange feeling. I feel very tense physically but relaxed mentally. Pain in my shoulders and back and neck and arms and stomach is coursing through (Note pain appearing, F). I can hear one of them saying “she’ll make it”. They were just standing watching. A warm feeling like blood coursing through. Such tension in my chest and body! I just want them to stop. The woman says “It’s okay. It won’t be long. We just have to know something.” It hurts right in my solar plexus. Gasp. She says “Look over there”. I do. This is fragmented – I see a glass behind the glass. I feel a current not through me but through the wall. “It’s just a test. It’s nothing to worry about.” “It won’t be long” from the man. One is talking about something being scaled down in miniature. It’s way beyond me. I feel something in my head now. It’s coming up my spine, up to the top, behind my ears, it’s spreading. It’s like an energy build up. I’m sweating, from whatever they gave me. (See notes on right).
I failed to write down what happened
at this point. Pat later reminded me of what happened here;
Pat: “There was a
physical effect. I remember gasping and jerking back as if startled, from ‘seeing’ (sensing) a sudden, brilliant flash of white light. I saw it two or three times before the damage was noticed”. There’s some damage to the glass in one corner from these bursts – they don’t look too happy about that – they’re wondering if they’re safe. More bursts “It’s taking too well” The woman is talking about the drug. The man says “shut it down”. Now I’m sitting and talking to a man. He leans into me and he’s talking very intensely. I hear from the side “hurry up, there’s not much time”. He says “If I’m to do it right, I need time”. “Give her something, just make it quick”. He waves someone into the room. (F Note the read). Presumably this is the needle that Pat next refers to.
Pat: That hurt. It hurt like a needle.
“Look at me”. I seem to hang on every word (of this man) He’s saying “You won’t remember this”. What she gave me was to make me more susceptible. I’m being taken out with two this time. One is my commander (SF,F Note the reads). My God! How can he be here? (Grief, tears Note the tears). I feel betrayed and upset.
 Betrayal after trust can be one of the
most hurtful of all incidents.
Pat: He is waved away. They say “It won’t hold if you’re here”. He (the other man, not the Commander) keeps holding and holding me by the arms, like you would with a person’s who’s hysterical. I go calm. He walks me back and thanks me.  I have a memory that I went to another location in the house. My commander came because it was taking longer than it should have."
What is the next view point to be run? Since we are Beings, not bodies, we can take any viewpoint and position at any time. Getting someone to look at an incident from the point of view of anyone in the incident who also had a lot of charge on the incident can clear things up quickly, as well as give new information. I explain this to Pat.
Stephanie: The Commander (F Note the read). Be the Commander,(she does so). When did this incident start for the commander?
Pat: When he sends someone...
Stephanie: Move to the beginning of the incident. Move through the incident from the Commander’s point of view, telling me about it as you go. It’s systematic. Pat was new.
 Pat: New cadets are in out of the way places, where people won’t notice they’re gone.
Stephanie: (now as the Commander)
Pat: I’m being asked “who’s going
next?” I say “Take Pat”, and say where she’s stationed.
I turn back to activities. It’s an open house, inviting public, but also key people who are supposed to be here. These are important people. I check when they’re back. Pat’s not back yet – what’s holding it up? I feel uncomfortable that I have to slip out. I go look for her. I know where it is, and they don’t like me going down there, but it can’t take too long.
I see them still processing her, or testing her. (F, F, Note the reads) Why are they still sitting?  I ask, “what is the delay?”
“She exhibited more than we had planned for”. They’re looking for a receptive area in the brain. “It’s not hard science. Things can happen that we don’t know about.” “She’s got to go back” (from the commander). I can feel nervousness and almost impatience, warmth, sweating – we must get her back, we have to go. “Wait here” What are they testing for? (F Note the reads). Psychic abilities. Which psychic abilities – what could a person do with them? Anything. Examples? I’m not privy to everything I’m getting a headache (that is, the commander is getting a headache). God-damned people, what are they doing to me? I feel it’s coming from the people or the place. It’s about time.
Whoa! You said she was under – get her under – she looked at me, she recognized me. She’s upset. She’s fighting.
Stephanie: Be Pat.
Pat: That was weird. I could feel his emotions. It must have been near the end of the day. I don’t have the memory of the other place they thanked me in. (F Note the read on “other place”)
Stephanie: Was that a false memory?
Pat: Yes. What were they doing? (she answers herself) – seeking potential. To see what happens if that part of the brain is activated. For a lot of people, nothing would happen. They realized there is a danger so they suppressed that part of me. Very good indicators. Maybe future ones (incidents) were to see if it’s still holding. Why would they give me a “You’re not psychic” if they wanted to use it? (Laughs). I feel really good. I feel fantastic!
This session went very well. I decided that we had completed this incident, since we ended with the three things you need to end an incident:
1. Very good indicators (client looking bright and happy)
2. Floating Needle
3. Realisations
We looked and found three wernicke’s commands that needed removing. Two were normal ones. One seemed related to the session:
 “You are not psychic” (not recorded who this was from)
Page 50
Session 6: Mind Control on a Decommissioned Naval Ship
28th September 2001

Pat woke up feeling terrible, exhausted and sore all over. Each night when I had
dropped her off I had reminded her to lock herself in with the portable door lock. For some reason I did not do so last night. (Was my mind blocked? I think so). There was another motel with rooms facing the same wall of motel rooms that Pat was staying in. Her door faced a verandah on the outside of the building). Last night Pat did not lock herself in. She remembered that she was about to do so when she was given a thought-command “Don’t do it”, and she followed this order. I gave her a balance. Sure enough, she was way out of balance again. Her central nervous system was out of balance. Muscle testing indicated the cause was hypnotism. Her cloacals were out of balance. Muscle testing indicated this was because she was interfered with last night. In addition her spleen was out of balance.
Summary of session:
First we look at Pat being abducted last night after she was mentally coerced into leaving the portable door lock off the door. Then we move onto another incident. Pat goes with ten young people on a Military Cadet outing to stay a couple of days and nights on a decommissioned ship – a battleship, or destroyer or frigate. During the session Pat called it a
battleship but later she said it might have been another any kind of naval ship. She is put in a berth with a girl she doesn’t know. At midnight Pat is taken in her pyjamas to a room where she is restrained in a chair, and told to look at lights which program three compartmentalized personalities in her. We also remove wernicke’s commands designed to have Pat kill herself and others should these memories surface. (Questions to check Pat has had enough food, sleep etc)
Start of Session
Stephanie: What’s been happening?
Pat: I woke up feeling terrible. Every muscle hurts. I could hardly get out of bed. Last night I was watching Crocodile Dundee on TV when a thought came in “Don’t lock the door”. So I didn’t. I see myself getting up around 4 am.
 (SF 4.7
Note the read) There was a person in the room with me.
I stopped and did kinesiology to find wernicke’s commands. I muscle
tested and thought there was only five, but once again, ten showed up:
1. “You won’t remember this
2. “This is your imagination”
3. “Don’t talk to Stephanie”
4. “Kill Stephanie” (Pat had some reluctance to tell me this one. After
we got rid of this one she reported that she had noticed a
fascination for a carving knife when she was in her motel room)
5. “Kill Michael” (She had even more reluctance to tell me this one)
6. “Kill yourself”
7. “You’re not psychic”
8. “You remember nothing”
9. “Your programming holds firm”
10. “Don’t do clearing”
Then we returned to the meter.
Stephanie: Move to the incident from last night
and tell me when you are there. I’m there. Move through the incident telling me about it as you go.
Pat: A man comes into my room. He’s in a suit. Another comes in, also in a suit. (Shudder, 5.2 Note body reaction and sudden drop in TA). They took me. I’m going out the door. Down the steps. Into a car (SF 5.1 Note the read)
Stephanie: Weave a cocoon to protect you from remote viewers
Pat: I’ve done it  (SF Note the read),
(Back to the incident): I feel movement
Stephanie: How long do they drive for?
Pat: Half an hour.
(I don’t pursue this. Pat
said later that it felt like ten minutes.)
We’re in an area that looks like a base, or a building. I’m inside. I’m in a room. They gave me something (SF Note the read).
We stop and do kinesiology. I balance out one drug. After I did that, Pat felt a headache
and really dizzy. Then we returned to the meter.
Pat: A part of me is tight. I’m aware on a level. They leave me for a while for the drug to kick in. They’re coming in. Two men come in. They are the bosses of the remote viewer from the other day. Another guy is with them, a doctor. One monitor says, “Get to it” He says, “It will take some time. I have to check her out, see why it went. They are aware (of our sessions), but they said it shouldn’t have gone so easily, (belly laugh, note her laughter). I’m in a drunken* stupor. I lean over and say “I know you” to one of the guys. (She meant in this case a “drugged stupor”) He doesn’t like it. He’s putting it back in. “You’re not psychic” ,“Pay attention” I’m not really paying attention. I said to them, “I’ll remember this”. They said, “No you won’t”. Now they’re upset with the doctor. They ask, “why is she saying and
doing this?” They say “Put in the lethal commands”. I’m not very happy now. I feel it’s becoming dangerous.
I’m getting blanker. Each time he talks he touches me, on the head, on the top of the forehead. Sometimes it hurts.
feel too strange to do anything about it now. I say “I want to go back” They say, “Not yet”. I’m seeing, they put something on my head. There’s a current. Not a huge amount of current.  “That does it”. “You’d better be sure of it”.
I feel ghastly
The phone rings. I answer it. It’s Michael at work. He wants to know what we are doing,
as he is under a lot of psychic attack. Then I return to the session.
Pat: I rally, get angry. I’m getting upset with them. Gasp. They’re grabbing me. Then I relax. I’m very drowsy. I’m back in bed. I sit up – it’s 4.18 am.
Stephanie: What time did they take you?
Pat: 3am. I’ve got my headache again. A word comes to me – “Washington (D.C.). They didn’t complete what they started, because I got upset. Pat said later about this comment that she thinks they were trying to program something into her, but she resisted and they couldn’t do as much as they had intended to do. (See “The Bus Trip Home” page 67). (Now I move onto another topic):
Stephanie: Do you have an incident in restimulation?
Pat: Yes
Stephanie: Move to the beginning of the incident and tell me when you are there. (She does so). Move through the incident telling me about it as you go.
Pat: It’s the decommissioned battleship we went on as part of (the Military Cadet Program). I come in with bags and clothes, cause we’re going to stay there a couple of days. We’re in a room with beds, talking and laughing. I normally have no memory of this.
Pat had already mentioned that her memory was not as it should be. She had a memory of being on a battleship as part of an outing, but was not sure how long the outing lasted.
Pat: Normally I have a slight feeling that I stayed over-night. The girl there is not my friend. She’s with them. There’s one of them assigned to each of us. They’re passed off as one of us.
Stephanie: How old are you?
Fifteen, It’s exciting. I’ve never been on a battleship
Page 54
(before SF. Head jerks, F) She means, before being on this ship
Pat: Something is in my head
Stephanie: Implant?
Pat: Yes. There’s another one on the other side
(For the third time since I have seen Pat, she goes into a trance, where she can’t speak or move, but can hear what’s going on. Her eyes are shut. I continue to talk to her. Several months after the sessions Pat reported that after the sessions there was a definite reduction in the number of times that this happened.
Stephanie: Send light to all those implants.
Use your psychic abilities to break up the implants, and put the pieces into your blood stream, to carry them away. (She then starts to speak again):
Pat: That did it. I have a feeling being on the battleship was to do with mind control. I’m getting the girl I was talking to being abusive. She counters whatever I say. She’s trying to scramble me as far as making sense of things.
(F, F 4.0, SF, Note the read) One moment friendly, the next abusive. Now there’s hardly any getting together with the group, just the people in the room. I think “it’s me – I’m being bad”. I don’t feel in any danger, I think this is just training. I’m being taken somewhere one night. There’s people. Some are in uniform, some aren’t. There’s a chair.
The chair is different – has electronics attached. (SF Note the read). They put me in and they’re not too gentle about it.
Strap my wrists down. Shudder! Gasp! (F Note her reaction) I feel what I felt. That really scares me, cause I don’t understand. (LF ¯3.3 Note the big read and blowdown in TA).
Page 55
One says, “Don’t be silly, it won’t hurt”. They’re having me look at something again in some lights. They say, “keep looking”. Gasp. There’s a current going through me. I pull against my wrists. It hurts my head. I close my eyes –
they say “Don’t close your eyes”. What’s this about? Someone says “This is a dream”. Every time I turn away, they turn
me back, and open my eyes. Sometimes the lights flash. I feel very calm. If this is all that’s to this, I can do it. Tired. Headache, hurts a lot. I feel my ears are working, but I don’t hear anything. A vibration in my ears. They turn the lights off. My body relaxes. I didn’t realize I was so tense. “That’s enough – take her back”. They half carry me back. I go to
bed. The girl is in my bedroom. “Don’t worry, she won’t remember”. I wake up next morning, but I don’t remember.
We were there for a weekend, this is the day I’m going on.
Later on I asked Pat to clarify this.
She said, “I felt that I was there for a couple of days, and when this incident occurred it was the night before the day I was to go home.”
Stephanie:  Move to the beginning of the
incident and tell me when you are there. (She does so). Move through the incident telling me about it as you go.
Pat: I see myself getting off the bus.
There’s ten of us. Right now I’ve got a headache.
Stephanie: Use your psychic abilities to send the headache into the ground. (she does so) How’s the headache?
Pat: Improved. This is north of the city. It’s a huge battleship. I’m going up the gang plank. Men watch us come on. I’m in the berth. (The men she refers to are maintenance crew, lower officers etc.)
. The girl who was with me. She’s the same age, kind of pretty. She’s asking me a lot of questions. I feel she’s keen to know me, but part of me is put off – They’re prying questions. She’s awake when they come in. I look to her to explain why these guys are here.
Stephanie: Her name?
Pat: Susan
Stephanie: Remember this name for what
happens later on
Pat: She doesn’t answer, just watches them take me. One of the men are talking about duty.
Stephanie: What time is it?
Pat: Midnight. I don’t understand – why would I go on guard duty in my pyjamas? My head hurts. They’ve given me something (some drug, LM). I see them pull me along. We’re back in the room again. They plonk me in the chair. I’m small. They put metal things over my wrists, not straps. I’m getting upset. My hands hurt. They say “It’s not going to hurt”. My biggest emotion is confusion – I’m not sure what’s going on. I’m watching the lights.
Stephanie: Tell me about them.

Pat: They’re like a kaleidoscope, but not as detailed. There are flashes here and there. They’re very insistent I look at the lights.
Stephanie: What are they testing for? (I should have asked “What is the purpose of the lights?”)
Pat: They’re not testing. Something is being put in. I get the sense of a picture in the lights. It’s mind control
Stephanie: What are they programming you for?
Pat: So they can use me
Stephanie: How?
Pat: Psychically. This is after the incident at the CEO’s house. The woman keeps checking parameters.
Stephanie: “Look at the
lights”. What’s there?
Pat: Killing.

Stephanie: Have you ever killed anyone psychically?
Pat: Yes, but I don’t remember (SF Note the read)
Stephanie: What else?
Pat: Obey, Control
Stephanie: Tell me what is in the lights
Pat: I must be on another level (of consciousness, LM)
Stephanie: What else?
Pat: Being robotic, programmed. Oh! Oh my gosh!!! There’s something there about alters! (“Alter” is a word for a compartmentalized personality). I see two, then I see it divide again.
Stephanie: How many are there? 
Do both split again?
Pat: No
Stephanie: I repeat the question, how many are there?
Pat: Three. Myself and three alters. The commands are given to them. There’s me. One alter is ‘kill’
Stephanie: What is the name of that alter? 
Pat: Ann. That used to be my middle name (of my own choice)
Pat’s mother told her she could pick any middle name she wanted, and she went through a few. This happened during her “Ann” period.
Stephanie: The second alter, what is its job?

Pat: Sexual? (she says this with a questioning voice)
Stephanie: What is its name?
(Laurie, Pat said later that she has always
associated beauty and sexuality with this name).
Pat: The third alter is psychic

Stephanie: What is its name?
Pat: It’s nameless.
Stephanie: How do they identify it?
Pat: With a number. It’s Pat No. 3 
Stephanie: Is there anything else important about the lights?
Pat: They’re mainly purple. That’s my favourite colour. This fits. I’ve often asked – I’m a good person. So why do I get
images of killing people?
Note: Pat was so concerned about these images she got that she had even gone to a psychiatrist at one time.

Session 7: Transported to Mars

29th September 2001

Summary: We look further at the incident on the battleship. Pat is moved to
another area which she feels is Mars, although all she can see is a tunnel. A woman in uniform decided to “keep her”. We also remove many booby traps which were designed to kill her and others should memories of Mars surface. Questions about food, sleep etc.
Start of session:
Stephanie: What’s been happening?
Pat: I woke up this morning. Felt good. Still believed I was psychic. Feel more connected to the other “me-s”.
Stephanie: Move to the beginning of the incident and tell me when you are there.
Pat: I’m not at the start. I’m in the chair.
Stephanie: Move from there, telling me about it as you go.
Pat: Sometimes I see as an observer, and sometimes I’m in it.
Stephanie: Is that because sometimes you are out of body?
Pat: Yes. This is the actual programming. The lights were just to compartmentalize (the mind, LM). This could have gone on for hours
Stephanie: (F Note the read
) How many hours?
Pat: 6 ½ hours. They keep giving me stimulants to keep me going. The lights make the division. Now they’re interested in each of them (the alters, LM). They didn’t start with the killer (alter). They started with the psychic (alter), the one with least resistance. It took very well.
Stephanie: Are they making you more or less
Pat: They’re directing it. They’re testing. I’m getting interference. (Gasp).
Stephanie: Weave the cocoon. Make us invisible to thought and sound. (Jerks head, she does this silently) LF 4.3 Note the reads. (LF 4.1, 4.0, LF 3.8. It’s a full blown attack). Use tai-chi – step aside. Don’t try to stand up to him.
Some day after the day when Pat put
the remote viewer to sleep she tried it again. I think it was here she tried it.
It didn’t work this time – they were
expecting it and looking out for it. Also, this remote viewer had more ability than the other one.
Pat: (Laughs). I put up the ‘rubber ball’. Then I moved in close and kissed and hugged him, and washed his face. I used lots of light.
Stephanie: The “rubber ball” is an energy creation that I had told her earlier to make and place around us to prevent
interference from getting to us. Because it’s rubber, energies bounce off it.
Pat: There’s something else – a hook.
They have a back up (she fixes it). When they hit me, they seized up the thought.
Stephanie: Move to the incident and tell me when you are there (she does so). Move through the incident telling me about it as you go.
Pat: I feel tenseness
Stephanie: (I presume that here I asked her to locate the tense feeling). Say “hello” to the tenseness till it answers. Command it “Run out the incident that made you the way you are”. (she does so). Acknowledge it. (she does so). Command it
Pat: “Run out the incident
that made you stick to my body”.
Stephanie: (she does so). I then read the
entity it’s rights “You have the right of all spirits to your own sanity, your own self-determinism, the right to play any game you want and the right to leave any game you want”. Now it’s free to leave, what does it want to do?
Pat: Go away. I’m in the chair, scared. I get visions. I’m going through harmonics.  It’s an evaluation of what can be done with this alter. 
The lights are still there, but they’re not so concerned about them now. They’re holding things up to my head. One thing looks like a flashlight, without the light.
Stephanie: I remembered that they gave her a stimulant during this time, and I hadn’t balanced it
out. We stopped and using kinesiology balanced the stimulant out of her body. Then returned to the session. Did you have any thoughts while you were on the massage table?
Pat: I was listening to you. I was wondering if it was a good idea to get out the drug – the drug would make me more alert.
Stephanie: All drugs interfere with the brain. Would giving you cocaine make the session go better?
Pat: No 
Stephanie: Move to the beginning of the incident (she does so). Move through the incident telling me about it as you go.
(F Note the read) What’s that? (I am referring to the thought behind the read)
Pat: I’m in another incident.
Stephanie: Where?

Pat: There’s a lot of Mars in it
Stephanie: When?
Pat: I seem to have gone off from the battleship
Stephanie: What year is it?
Pat: 1964, same year as when I was 15.
Stephanie: Move through where you’re at ...
Pat: I’m being used psychically on Mars. I’m with a group Unit (SF, Gasp, Note the read)
Page 61
This ‘gasp’ was because Pat felt something was going wrong with her heart. She felt that she had ‘booby traps’ to stop her remembering Mars. We stopped and used kinesiology to find wernicke’s commands. Sure enough, there were ten.
It took one to five attempts to get the correct
wording for each command:
1. “You die if you remember this”

2. “You go insane if you remember this”
3. “Kill yourself if you remember this”
At this point we got interference. I got Pat to make ‘spongy stuff’ to absorb the attack, and then to make it so that the attack got directed to the earth. This seemed to work.
4. “Remembering Mars terminates you”
5. “You have a stroke if you remember the program”
6. “Your kidneys fail if you remember the program”
7. “Die now if you remember the program”
Pat mentioned that these felt much worse coming out of her head than the others had done.
8. “Terminate yourself if you remember going to Mars”
9. “You have a fatal asthma attack if you remember Mars” (Pat had a history of asthma)
10. “You have a fatal heart attack if you remember Mars”
Because this was Pat’s last day with me, we then continued with the session with the meter. Which group did the work on you on the ship?
Pat: Intelligence (F Note the read)
Stephanie: Which group of intelligence?
Pat: Naval Intelligence
(F Note): Pat said that before this she
had forgotten that the group that took Michael was Naval Intelligence.
Stephanie: Did you know this was the same group who took Michael to Mars?
Pat: When I read the Mars Records I read every word. But I was still
trying to not be influenced by it.
(Even if Pat HAD been influenced by
what she read, there is no way that that would have created all these reads, changes in TA and body reactions). I’m back in the chair, past the part with the ‘flashlight’. They’re discussing whether they want to send me or to develop the other alters. “Ship her up for a short orientation and we’ll deal with the other alters at another time” (SF Note the read. This is amazing! 4.3). I’m still in the chair (communication lag)
"Have they put you into one of your alters?" I ask this because Pat had stopped talking, and I was getting no reads
Pat: Yes
Stephanie: (SF Note the read)
Which one?
Pat: Pat No. 3
Stephanie: Be Pat No. 3. Move through the incident from the point of view of Pat No. 3.
Pat: I’m experiencing the body energy.
I feel really stimulated (Head jerks. Note body reaction). The energy was intense.
There are bursts of energy inside me. There’s a pain in my third eye area (SF, Gasp. Note read and body reaction).
I feel asleep, in the incident. I’m being moved. They’re carrying me some place. They’re talking about “just in time”. There’s a boring pain in the top of my head. Like a surge. It goes right through. I’m still asleep , but it’s a different feeling. There’s activity in my third eye. Someone’s moving me along. Whatever was on my head is taken off.  I feel almost numb.
Stephanie: Have they given you a drug?
Pat: No. I think it’s the thing on my head. It strengthens you. My heart is beating quite hard. They’re waiting for me to stabilize. There’s a doctor. He says “She’s okay”. There’s a very beautiful woman behind him. She looks very military-like. She’s wearing a uniform. It’s not the same (as the others). It looks different. The top comes to the waist, it’s more tight fitting, very sharp, greyish or greybluish. A hat cocked to one side, like a beret. Nice body, dark hair.
She tells me to go with her.
I do (SF Note the read). I’m beginning to collect my thoughts – there’s something way strange going on.
Stephanie: Are you still in your pyjamas?
Pat: No
Stephanie: What are you wearing?
Pat: A jumpsuit of some kind. Where am I? In (the Military Cadet Programm) we’re taught to obey and she’s in uniform. But this doesn’t look like the ship anymore. It looks like a tunnel, with roundish walls. We’re moving through a tunnel (F Note the read) Ow! I walk into an area – something is injected into the side of my neck. I feel a little weird.
Stephanie: What did they give you?
Pat: Something to slow me down (We stop and use kinesiology to balance out the drug put in the side of her neck).
I’ve collapsed forward. They’ve put me out. This was planned. They don’t explain much. They need you to go out and rest a while. (By ‘you’ she means ‘whoever they’ve been working on’). I’m moved into a room. They test while I’m unconscious. All kinds of biological tests. I feel they were contacted by earth about me, but they weren’t given
much info about me. After that I’m put in a recovery room. When I open my eyes there’s someone else. This one doesn’t look like a commander. She looks like my age. She’s really nice. Seems happy. Says “You’ll find out soon”.
I have a headache from the drug. I’m not enjoying the situation. There’s too much pain and wondering what’s going on.
Oh! They didn’t program me psychically on earth, they just evaluated me. Now I’m being programmed for specifics here. My third eye is hurting a lot. There’s a boring feeling into my third eye.
Stephanie: What colour is it?

Pat: Rose or red. (Note: Michael had a number of sessions were he saw a red light in his third eye. We still haven’t found out what that was. Pat later commented that she definitely did NOT remember this from The Mars Records). They make me hold my head very still. I’m not afraid – maybe on earth they gave me enough programming to not be afraid.
The girl is gone. The commander
is back. There’s a technician as well. I’m sitting, with braces on either side of my head. They are watching a screen, but I can’t see it.
Stephanie: For a second, hop out of your
body, and look at the screen. What’s on it?
Pat: Pictures. Earth type pictures of my life. The commander comes back because this needs her decision. She’s sizing me up.
Stephanie: What is she looking at?
Pat: A picture of my brain. This is taking a while.
Stephanie: How long?
Pat: Twenty minutes. It’s hard to hold still for twenty minutes. I’m very tired. Do you feel this is a good spot to end the session?
Stephanie:  It doesn’t look as though we are
going to be able to end this session with a floating needle – we may have a very long way to get to that. No. Keep going till you find a good spot to end.
Pat: I’m sitting there. This is going to go on a long time. She says “Keep her”. (F 3.9 Note the read).
(Pat later reported that
she felt an intense emotional reaction at this realization). I feel closure with that. I feel kind of good now. 
Page 65
We had one last look for any more wernicke’s commands, especially booby traps. There were more, eight this time:
1. “Your heart will stop if you remember this”
2. “Your organs will shut down if you remember this”
3. “All your systems will fail if you remember this”
4. “Your heart stops beating if you remember Mars”
5. “Do not look at these commands”
6. “There is nothing to remember”
7. “You have respiratory failure if you remember”
8. “You are ours” (this was from a reptilian doctor)


Pat phoned me soon after I dropped her off at her motel. This time I followed her up to her room, and didn’t leave her room until she had locked herself in with the portable door lock. Walking back down the stairs I felt (imagined?) people
watching me from the opposite motel. When Pat got to her room, there was a message waiting for her on the phone.
The message said: “Hello Patti! This is Susan from Home Realty, calling because you called and made an appointment to look at some rental property”. She left a phone number, but Pat didn’t write it down. This was about as weird as it gets. Note:
· Pat was many hundreds of miles from home, and was certainly not looking for any property anywhere
· Only her family had the phone number of the motel
· Patti was the name that Pat had when she was a young girl.
· Susan was the name of the girl on the battleship
Pat left the next day. We gave her a lift to the bus station. She told us that later that night she tried to phone us, but was told that our phone was out of order. In fact, it wasn’t. We got other calls that night. And that night Pat received a call
from home in her motel room.
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We were a bit concerned about Pat getting home, but we asked God to look after her and reminded her to be on the look-out. She promised that she would stay alert to any possible trouble as she boarded the bus in Norfolk.
Pat called us soon after arriving home to relate what had occurred during the trip. She told us that she picked up intense psychic vibes on the way to the Washington D.C. bus terminal, which made her feel extremely uncomforatable,
since she had to change buses there. The terminal was so packed with people that she had to shove her way thorugh just to find the waiting line for the next New York City bus. When she got in line, two men in front of her immediately turned and started talking to her. Even though they were very friendly, her inner alarm went off, and she became suspicious of their intentions. They were being too friendly, too quickly. It seemed like they were trying to make her relax and let her guard down. Pat tensed instead, remembering the words of a co-UFO investigator: “Don’t seek safety in a crowd. They can take you very easily in that situation. They’ll surround you with their agents, move in, sedate you, and whisk you out of the area without anyone else noticing because there’s just too many people around to actually see what’s happening”. Although Pat wasn’t absolutely sure this was such an attempt, she listened to her intuition and knew she needed to get out of the situation. At that moment, another bus, traveling an alternative route to her home was announced over the loudspeaker, and she heard “Go that way” in her mind. Pat didn’t question whether the thought was her own decision or inner guidance, she just acted on the advice without any hesitation. She hurried over to the departure door and gave her ticket to the driver. He looked at it and said, “You’re supposed to be on the New York bus.” Pat nodded but made no attempt to leave, waiting instead with a silent prayer on her lips. The driver stared at the ticket as if considering something – or was he listening to inner or divine guidance? – then he tore the New York and Scranton tickets off and told her to get on the bus. With a sigh of relief, Pat boarded the bus, and thanked God for getting her safely away from the terminal. She felt that she had definitely escaped something. The driver turned out to be “God-lovin’, America-lovin’ “ man. Everything went fine until a replacement driver took over later on and did a head count. He was supposed to have twenty people, but he counted twenty-one!
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Pat kept quiet. She had made it this far, and she trusted God to get her the rest of the way. The original driver suddenly announced that he would recheck the tickets for the new driver. “I’ll start at the back,” he stated, knowing that Pat was
sitting at the front. Halfway through the recheck, he quit and said, “You’re behind schedule. Check them at your next stop.” Then he gathered his belongings and left the bus. Pat watched him disappear into the terminal and sent him a
heartfelt, whispered, “Thank you!” Between that stop and the next, Pat kept working out what she would say to the
new driver when he found out that she was #21. She wasn’t nervous, though. It was as if someone were sitting next to her in the empty seat and constantly assuring her that “It will be all right.” When her ticket was finally checked, the
bus driver returned it to her without a word! Pat said another “Thank you” to her heavenly protector. There wasn’t anymore said about the mysterious extra passenger, and Pat made it home.
After Pat returned home she phoned us, and said she could hear clicking on our phone. A few days both Pat and we had a LOT of static on our phones. This continued to us the whole time we were in Norfolk. The static stopped immediately we moved to another state.
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A Personal Letter from Pat:
"Dear Reader:
Thank you for downloading and reading, "The Mars Force: Pat's Story."
When I first went to see Michael and Stephanie, I had no idea that I had been on Mars. In fact, it was when she requested that I say something that couldn't possibly be true that I blurted out, "I am on Mars and fighting the aliens in the ships," thinking that it would demonstrate the needle motion that indicated a false read. (She was attempting to show me the difference between a true and false statement in answer to a question I had asked.) Stephanie stared at the
biofeedback meter and said, "Say something that couldn't possibly be true." My eyes widened and my mouth fell open when I realized that she was implying that the statement I had just made had read true on the meter. I suspected that I had been abducted and programmed, but I never fathomed the depth of involvement that I had with the shadow government's covert, off-world operations. What I learned during the sessions amazed me, but I also found it hard to
believe. What made it difficult to dismiss, however, was the fact that it explained the inner me so well. For example:
I feel safe wearing sunglasses. During the years I saw a psychotherapist because of problems with altered states, I would wear sunglasses in the sessions. It was considered a major breakthrough the day the doctor got me to take off my glasses; but, even though I removed them, I felt totally vulnerable and open to attack without them. In the sessions with Stephanie, I found out that I had been forced to look at lights (sunglasses?), and when I tried to avert my gaze or turn away, my head was yanked back and restrained. My eyes were forced open if I tried to close them, and I was unable to prevent this because my wrists were strapped down. I felt totally vulnerable and open to attack. This also explains my aversion to anyone touching my face, eyes, or near my eyes. When Stephanie was removing Wernicke commands,
she had to touch all around my
eyes. I allowed it, but tensed inside each time she did it. As the sessions progressed,
it became less traumatic when she touched that area. Of course, I
completely trusted her and that helped. I am terrified of being restrained. If someone grabbed my wrists and refused to let go, I would do anything to get free, including begging, cursing, threatening, screaming, and hurting the person who is doing the holding. The longer my wrists are held, the more my rational thought vanishes, and I begin to function on a primal level. In the sessions with Stephanie,
I discovered that I had been
restrained by military doctors many times while I was given drugs, tested, and programmed. Since I didn't come from a family who habitually tied me to a chair when I misbehaved as a child, there is no other explanation, in my mind, for my intense fear of restraint, except what surfaced in the sessions.
I have constant mental impressions of being a psychic soldier. I always thought it was just my imagination, but now
I'm not so quick to explain it in those terms.
Why are the images so frequent, and why is the conviction so strong?
remember the night I watched the movie, "Conspiracy Theory." When Jerry (played by Mel Gibson) was abducted, restrained in the chair, drugged, and questioned, I suddenly started hyper-ventilating and shivering. Why did that
scene cause such a severe reaction in me? Having an imagination isn't traumatic, but having actually experienced what he was portraying is! I also have impressions of having killed people. It confused me because I'm a gentle person,
who highly respects another's right to life, or so I thought. I realize that none of this is part of the 'here and now' me, but stems from my alters which were created by the shadow government. My psychic alter is very powerful and deadly.
I found that out, quite by chance, in February, 2002.
I decided to try a mental exercise from the book, "The Silva Mind Control Method." It consisted of counting backwards while looking upward behind my closed eyelids at a 20-degree angle. For some reason, this position of the eyes automatically produces an Alpha state in the brain. (I find it interesting that the posters and pictures of Harry Potter depict him with this eye position. Does the shadow government want today's children to be in Alpha most of the time?
Parents, please take note and take action. The natural Alpha state produced by this eye position can be deepened to reach Lower Level Alpha by counting backwards from 100 to 1. I already knew how easily I slipped into an altered
state, so I shortened the exercise by 75 and counted backwards from 25 to 1. I did this once a day for three days, and each time, I felt myself go deeper. On the fourth day, something happened. I started my mental count as usual, but I only reached 12 when a massive surge of energy swept through my body. I had never felt such a powerful current of energy before. At the same instant, my mind opened to me like the pages of a book. I connected to my psychic alter and my killer alter. I 'saw' some of the psychic terminations that I had done, and I experienced the unemotional ruthlessness that was my 'mind set' when I completed them. This connection lasted only about 20 seconds, but it left me gasping afterwards. I remembered everything because it had been triggered by the exercise, not by the shadow government.
This incident has totally convinced
me that my psychic alter and killer alter do exist; logically, if these parts of me exist, then the other parts must exist as well. If the other parts exist, then, logically, something had to have happened to me to create them.
Page 70
I was only 14 when I joined the military cadet program and all of this started. I'm not saying that every cadet program is involved (although it is possible the cadet program concept was the creation of the shadow government to begin with - a good way to get to our nation's youth for military mind control and programming.) The reason that I wrote this letter to you was to outline some of the signs and symptoms that these experiences left me with, so you will be able to recognize the same ones in your child if your son or daughter is a member of a cadet program. If they demonstrate any of the behavior or mental impressions that I have detailed in this letter, please take them out of the cadet program and get help for them. I have withheld the name of the famous C.E.O. and the cadet program for my own safety. If anything happens to me, I have instructed Michael and Stephanie to publish the name of the C.E.O. and the cadet program online. I also left the same information and instruction with two friends. I state, here and now, I'm not suicidal, and if this should occur, it must be considered murder and the appropriate action taken. If you suspect mind-controlled involvement in the 'Mars Project' or any military black op, please contact the nearest clearing therapist to have biofeedback meter sessions. If you are lucky enough to live in Michael's and Stephanie's current location or near enough to make the journey, seek them out. I highly recommend them...

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