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Picture of Sun above Elliott river in Queensland, Australia, taken by me on 16th Jan 2009

Ball of Energy of Human Thoughts and Earth Consciousness

R. Monroe's Big Love

younger R.Monroe

Robert Monroe in His Younger Years

Time when Law of Attraction works under unbalanced Planetary Game conditions is when  2 humans experiencing a spiritual connection, Big L. When Core Selves (pure souls) of people are attracted to each other and it doesn't matter the gender, age, physical appearance, financial situation. This has been described by R. Monroe in"Ultimate Journey" p.79 in"The Big Nugget":

"Because this item of universal interest is so misunderstood and misconstrued, it took a special extended investigation to reduce it to anywhere near a rational level. The following Rote (info), passed to me by a friend, is at least a beginning. Once  it is absorbed, it will expand as it is contemplated (intended).
"Love can't be taught, can't be bought. Love can't be learnt. It is generated within the individual in response to an external stimulus. The individual has no control over this generation. Once initiated, it maybe layered over or sublimated but never destroyed. Physical death has no effect upon the reality of its existence, as such energy is neither dependent upon nor a part of time-space.
It is a radiation that cannot be grasped and held on to. Instead it is perceived, experienced as it passes through the individual, who adds to it that additional portion which has been generated by this passing. The energy is thereby enhanced and the individual becomes a constant contributor and recipient thereof. "
With the heavy emphasis on sexual arousal and the myth of romance, it is no surprise that so many claim to experience what we may call the Big L in their relationships. Not so. The only way you can obtain it is through shared life experiences, and even then there is no guarantee. On the other hand it will grow on you. You don't have to work at it, despite what the books say. Time is not a vital factor. The deeper, more intense the shared experience, the less time it takes.  
Other attractions are not necessarily destructive or valuless but they do fall into another category. The difference is that the Big L is indestructible and eternal, and never dependent on local habits and customs. Friendships, for example, might be construed as a shadow of the Big L, or at least a kissing cousin.
The greatest problem lies in misidentification. We become entrapped into believing we found the Big L, often with disastrous results, when the ideal is not adhered to by the "loved" one.
The mostconsistent and visible facet of the Big L is probably mother love(he didn't say father love, though there are some exceptions with both genders, LM). It meets the tests admirably, although it often gets heavily layered with protocol. Men find the Big L in other men and women in other women usually as a result of profound experience over sometime, although extended experience does not automatically evoke the Big L. Yet when it does happen, sometimes effortlessly and without conscious awareness, it is permanent in the full meaning of the word. If you work together, play together, live together, fight, suffer, laugh, and team together, the probability is increased. The main characteristic of the Big L is that it does not diminish with physical death and you cannot extinguish it during physical life. Out of necessity, propriety, or for reasons beyond your control you may sublimate it, yet it will always be there, glowing quietly within you. Why the expression "till death do us part" became part of our culture is a mystery. Perhaps it was inserted so that the physical survivor would feel emotionally free to remarry and beget more  offsprings to further ensure the continuation of the species. Otherwise it makes no sense."

p.81, "Ultimate Journey":

"The Big L is the Core Self at its finest distillation. Reflecting on all this, I think that the source of the missing Basic is now clear—the Core Self. But how do you really get to know you?"

P.71, "Ultimate Journey". Definition of Core Self:

This is the intrinsic, original Human Mind. Starting from  this inner core,we are the essence of the sum of our experiences, without limitation.  The inner coreis composed of the following:
what we have lived and consciously thought to date;
the emotions we have experienced;
the love we have expressed and experienced;
the dreams we have experienced, whether we remember them or not;
the pains and pleasures;
the daydreams, wishes, and hopes;
all of the above during our nonphysical activity (sleep, etc.);
all the above during any and all previous life activity; unidentified elements, (this is an interesting sentence, where R.Monroe mentioned his Core Self's previous life activity. He, once, mentioned in his book about his previous life as a woman:  he didn't like it, because he lead a dull, hard life of a woman  and raised children, he had been raped and beaten up by her husband and his mates, LM).

"To avoid confusion, call it Super Love (SL). Knowing the difference is the key, as the ident love has been used so broadly as to have lost any significant meaning. Try this crude overlay for starters: SL is indestructible, as stated. Once activated, no subsequent thought, emotion, or event can have any effect upon it. SL is not in any way dependent upon manifestation in physical matter, or activity therein. SL has no object, animate or inanimate, although such may be one of the catalysts to trigger the generation thereof. SL is a continuous radiation, totally nondependent upon like reception or any other form of return whatsoever. SL is."  R.Monroe

Below you will find a powerful writing of R.Monroe about one of his past lives from "Far Journeys" p. 115:

I am standing in front of a stone building with a tall spire. Wide steps lead down to the cobbled square, and the square is filled with a flow of people, horse-drawn wagons and carts, and the dusty smell of human sweat, animals, cooking, and excrement from all manner of living things. I am a Priest, and although it is hot, I am wearing my brown-hooded robe that reaches to my ankles. It is cool inside the church, yet I am loath to enter. The Ritual is about to begin, and I must attend and participate as part of the duties of my calling. I am sick in heart at what I must do. It is so different from that which I dreamed those years ago, my life in the service of the Almighty. The glory of the tolling bell in the spire, the rich voices of the choir echoing throughout the arched roof in Holy Harmony, the majesty and mystery of the Processional, the bowed heads of the reverent, kneeling people, they are the same. These are the parts that brought open the rising need in me, and I answered. Now they are the same, but I am not. Where is the need? It has left, unfulfilled. Where is the mystery? It has vanished under the weight of the unfolding years and that which my eyes have seen and my ears have heard . . . the bell begins its tolling, and that is the signal that I must enter and join the others. I turn and pass through the smaller door to one side and into the Great Hall. I move slowly down the main aisle to the waiting group at the Altar. The High Priest stands in front of the Altar, wearing his white robe with the golden braided symbols across the front. On his head is the Holy Crescent Moon. Behind him are the Seven Keepers of the Realm, each holding a staff atop which is one of the Seven Sacred Stars lighted by a flaming taper. As I approach the Altar, I know what I will see upon it, and I am correct. A young girl attired in a flowing gown of bright red to hide the blood is lying upon its stone surface. Silken cords are attached to her ankles and wrists, then to large rings on the sides of the Altar. I know well the Ritual although I have never performed it. Once I have completed the Sacred Act in the name of the Almighty, I will transcend that status of a lowly Priest and become an Alternate Keeper of the Realm. When one of the Seven dies and departs for Chimmon, the Land of Eternal Joy and the Throne of the Almighty, I will become one of the Seven. When the High Priest departs, one of the Seven will take his place and assume his Power and Glory as the direct Communicant with the Almighty. Perhaps I may be that one . . . but now I am not sure. The dream of years past flickers within me and it is not this. If I do not perform the Ritual, I will be stripped of my robe, cast out into the street, where I will be stoned to death by the populace. I move next to the Altar, and the High Priest hands me the Ritual blade, a slender, sharply pointed knife with a carved silver handle. I have been instructed carefully where to insert the Ritual knife at various spots on her body so as to keep from causing her death immediately, but to engender exquisite ecstasy within her while the High Priest and the Seven give their Blessings . . . I raise the blade for the first swift insertion . . . and I stop, arm upraised. I am looking into the eyes of the girl. In them are fear, puzzlement, resignation . . . and beyond these, a knowing, a depth that carries me past the distortion of my dream and into what I was sure was always there . . . I lower my arm, turn, and drop the silver knife, only a knife, in front of the fat man who calls himself a High Priest . . . I cannot do it, no, I will not do it . . . and I am free! . . . and a bright white ray comes through the ceiling of the Great Hall and centers on me, flashes through my entire being, the silver knife melts to a mound of metal, the silk cords drop from the girl, and the Altar trembles and splits open as the girl rises from it and stands . . . the men in the robes kneel transfixed, their eyes staring into blindness at the brilliant white ray . . .

. . . Yes! . . . and somewhere in man's history, a legend is born . . . the event is only a dim memory to me, if even that . . . but the emotion I felt, I experienced . . . that is clear and strong . . .
(What you call emotion is essential to the basic learning process. It is a specific observable result of exposure to the loosh/love radiation. Therefore, it is the driving force, the creative energy which motivates human thought and action. Without it you would remain as animals.)
But animals show something, it is very close to what I know of as emotion . . .
(What you perceive is a reflection, a response to human radiation of such energy, which has been self-generated or transformed by the human. We will demonstrate this for you if you wish.)
That would be great, I would enjoy that very much . . .
(We shall see, as you put it.)
. . . Our little dog with the funny name, Steamboat, he is walking with me along the road in early morning . . . he is such a friend . . . his
bright gladness at seeing me . . . he actually grins when he wants you to know what a nice guy he is, just because that's what his human close-by god does . . . his seeming need to be with you, enthusiastically do what you want to do . . . just a word from me, and he comes running to me joyfully . . . it's much more than the fact that I feed him, most of what we do has no relationship to such . . . we have a bond that might be called friendship, he's succeeded in making friends with his god, doing things together, that's pretty good stuff, making friends with your god . . . now he's been diverted into the wooded bank alongside the road, eagerly seeking an ever-elusive rabbit, but after a short search, he will return, bounding across the road to walk just in front of me again . . . then I hear a vehicle, a car or truck, approaching behind the blind curve and I call to Steamboat to come to me, stand and be where it is safe . . . it is a truck, and it comes around the curve quickly, too quickly . . . just ten feet away from passing me, Steamboat leaps down the bank from the woods and directly under the wheel of the truck . . . there is a rending scream as the wheel grinds over the lower half of his body, flattening it completely . . . the truck moves away and stops, and the driver gets down from his cab, sadly apologetic . . . I get to where Steamboat is still trying to come to me, his front legs trying to drag the crushed half across the road to where I am . . . I sit down on the road in front of him, and he stops trying to move as I reach out and rub his head, tears forming in my eyes as minuscule evidence of the deep sorrow within me . . . through my hand, I feel the heavy tremors moving through his body from the pain, and he licks my hand and looks up at me, asking, hoping his god will take care of the pain . . . I look at his body, the damage so irreparable there is no hope . . . he licks my hand again . . . and I accept the  
I get up and move to the waiting truck driver, removing my pullover shirt as I go . . . a look passes between us and he knows
that I do not blame him, that he should harbor no guilt . . . sadness shared, yes . . . but no guilt . . . I was responsible, not he . . . I move
to the truck, remove the cap from the gas tank, and push the shirt into the tank, soaking it with fluid . . . then I remove the dripping cloth and move back to Steamboat, who has watched me expectantly, too weak to do more . . . I sit down, and his head drops into my lap, eyes looking up to me, asking, asking . . . gently, I move the cloth over his nose with one hand and place the other on his head . . . his eyes look at me deeply and the tremors in his neck subside slowly and are gone . . . I see and know the closeness we share is eternal, and he somehow knows this, too . . . the conscious awareness in his eyes dims and is gone . . . and they are only eyes with my tears in them . . .
. . . But that didn't happen! Steamboat is alive! He is back where I came from, somewhere near my physical body . . .
(That is correct. The event occurred earlier in this physical life, a different animal, dog as you call them. You identified it as your present attachment. In the earlier episode, uncontrolled emotion overwhelmed you and you were helpless. You did nothing to fulfill your responsibility. In your present state of awareness, you exercised the control that is so important, which displays your growing ability even in our synthesized demonstration. The paradox attached to such vital energy, emotion as you call it, is the opportunity for growth it provides and the simultaneous possibility of stasis and retrogression. Control and direction thereof thus becomes a prime purpose
in the evolving human experience. Understanding and comprehension is the resultant and flows without effort. At no point is the goal to repress or suppress such energy. Instead, it is enhanced when directed and focused into the channels for which it was originally designed. What you call your curiosity is perhaps the most unrecognized and undistorted form of such energy. Yet it is the underlying force that produces what humans consider their most outstanding historical achievement.)
. . . This is coming too high and fast, I'll have to put this particular rote away and run it later . . .
(Do you wish to participate in your final demonstration?)
. . . As it is the last one, I assume it is the most stringent . . . if I could just remember it is only a demonstration, as THEY call it, seems more like a test . . . but if I could remember, it wouldn't be a test . . . there's something similar here to all of human physical experience, this not-remembering business and the importance of it . . . the final test, yes! . . .
. . . I am sitting alone in the house and it is quiet . . . even our furry friends seem subdued . . . both dog and cat lie half asleep in the front hall, facing the door, waiting . . . the sun has just set and twilight is moving in . . . soon it will be dark, and I can sit in the dark and see the house full of things, things she selected and liked so much, things she made do with, until there was better, things her grandmother used, thing she placed or hung in each room or put in closets and drawers where only she knew, where they were . . . all an expression of her and bearing her reflection . . . but she is gone, she is not here as I expected . . . I don't need light to see the things to remind me she was here . . . the sight of them does not disturb me and I would not change or remove them, because they have her strong imprint . . . I can find her in the dark or in the light, it makes no difference . . . she taught me so much without knowing she did . . . the very female human response to moments large and little, uncovered, uncolored except by her own perspective . . . all of these she shared with me . . . so that I lead not one but three lives, hers, mine, and our meld . . . and she helped me learn release from one of the most difficult of all, that physical sexual drive is not the fundamental of this energy I don't know what else to call but Love, but one of the most common inducements to kindle the process . . . once the full flame is created, the inducement is not even the fuel that feeds it, but instead a multileveled minor physical note in an infinite chord . . . I now understand a mother and physical motherhood without being one . . . why a woman likes to be a wife and the admix of the idealistic and the realistic that forments such liking... she goes with me and I go with her . . . aloneness is an illusion . . . here or there, the flame is eternal and we carry within us that, which we have received and created . . . she is returning now as I knew she would . . . and we will not exchange goodbyes or forwarding addresses, our idents in one another are indelible . . . just one final moment in this point of time . . .  

(Your perception was quite clear, Ashaneen. The demonstration was successful.)
. . . It was very strange . . . one of us had released from the physical, and I thought she was the one . . . then as it developed, I momentarily became unsure, it could have been I . . . and I finally realized it didn't make any difference which of us . . . the result was the same . . . now, of course, I don't have to ask if it has happened, but I know it will one day in our serial time . . .
(That is correct. The result is the same...)"


10 Reincarnation Stories That Will Open Your Mind!  

Jun 22, 2016. Re-incarnation has been discussed for over a thousand years and experts like the late Canadian Psychiatrist Dr Ian Stevenson, researched the subject and wrote books showing that there was much evidence to prove that reincarnation existed.


The Girl With 10 Lives. Mar 19, 2015.  
Reincarnation is actually a very widely held belief in the world...but this girl claims to have remembered her previous ten lives. Could someone actually recall the past ten lives that they had? From the time Joey Verwey was just three years old, she was telling her family amazing stories that she was able to remember from her previous ten reincarnations. Stories that were so unusual and detailed, there was no way that she could have learned them on her own. By the time she was five, she was meeting regularly with parapsychology professors, reincarnation gurus, regressive hypnotherapists, and investigative journalists, who all concluded that this innocent child offered the most convincing, modern evidence, that reincarnation really exists. Her first life was a cave dweller about 200 million years ago. She remembers being chased by a dinosaur, and leaving stone and bone tools behind in a cave. Today, she was able to lead investigators to a series of caves in South Africa, that she had never seen before. These were the exact same caves, where Royal Society Fellow, Robert Bloom, discovered the missing link between apes and humans, Australopithecus Africanus. Twice she lived as an Egyptian slave, and remembers with perfect accuracy the conditions on board a slave galley, and their ancient techniques of paving stone roads. There are other, less undefined memories from other ages, where she remembers wearing a heavy veil, and seeing a Princess riding in a carriage on the back of an elephant. She remembers details from her life as a persecuted Christian, during Roman Emperor Nero's wicked reign of terror in the first century, where she may have met St. Peter. She also recalls living in South Africa in the early 1900's, as a grandchild of then President Paul Kruger, and then growing up to have two husbands, and ten children. On investigation, these people proved to be real, and it was discovered that one of her children was still alive and in her nineties. Five year old Joey met this elderly woman, who was instantly reminded of her own mother, and the two had long, convincing discussions about their past family life together. From Elisabeth Kubler-Ross "Children Who Have Lived Before: Reincarnation Today."


New videos of R.Monroe on Youtube

Monroe Institute
The Monroe Institute

Out of Body Experiences Art Bell interviews Robert Monroe on Coast to Coast Am 17th of July, 1994
December 12, 2008

Robert Monroe - Coast to Coast with Art Bell - 17 of July 1994 - 1 of 10
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Robert Monroe - Coast to Coast with Art Bell - 17 of July 1994 - 7 of 10 (human mind is the creator of carbon life)
Robert Monroe - Coast to Coast with Art Bell - 17 of July 1994 - 8 of 10
Robert Monroe - Coast to Coast with Art Bell - 17 of July 1994 - 9 of 10
Robert Monroe - Coast to Coast with Art Bell - 17 of July 1994 - 10 of 10

Sometimes you find the sound of Bob's voice was delibarately diminished or distorted or some music superimposed on his voiceor Bob couldn't get through to the radiostation inspite of all his efforts. All this was to make Robert's voice hard to hear for listeners. You can find nothing much of Robert Monroe's ideas on TMI's website or their personel's lectures for instance on Skip Atwater's videos, which are posted on the bottom of this link for comparison.  

December 11, 2008
Open Mind (OM) hosted by Bill Jenkins, an old radio show similar to C2C AM.
An interview with Robert Monroe on everything OBE

Open Mind with Robert Monroe - Far Journeys (OBEs) - Part 1
Open Mind with Robert Monroe - Far Journeys (OBEs) - Part 2
Open Mind with Robert Monroe - Far Journeys (OBEs) - Part 3
Open Mind with Robert Monroe - Far Journeys (OBEs) - Part 4
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February 24, 2009
In the 1980s, radio station KABC carried the ground-breaking radio program "OPEN MIND" with host Bill Jenkins. The subject matter covered included UFOs, alternative energy, spirituality, ancient re...

Robert Monroe - Out of Body Travel - KABC 1980's 1 of 9
Robert Monroe - Out of Body Travel - KABC 1980's 2 of 9
Robert Monroe - Out of Body Travel - KABC 1980's 3 of 9
Robert Monroe - Out of Body Travel - KABC 1980's 4 of 9
Robert Monroe - Out of Body Travel - KABC 1980's 5 of 9
Robert Monroe - Out of Body Travel - KABC 1980's 6 of 9
Robert Monroe - Out of Body Travel - KABC 1980's 7 of 9
Robert Monroe - Out of Body Travel - KABC 1980's 8 of 9
Robert Monroe - Out of Body Travel - KABC 1980's 9 of 9

Lifeline residential program


R.Monroe on Our Long Journey from Creative Force back to Creative Force

Our Final Journey to merge with the Creative Force and this goal, each one of us, eventually achieve. The description of R.Monroe approaching the Aperture on the highest Density, behind which is the Creative Force (our souls are part of  it), p.p.211-214 "Ultimate Journey", published in 1994,(the 3 dots are the words which were taken out of the book by the publisher):

"..the Flow, look at the Flow . . . all moving in the same direction, from all dimensions . . . must join in before I fall asleep again . . . the dream . . . parts keep coming back . . .
. . . must stay moving with the others . . . but they are all so much larger than I am . . . I'm just a speck . . .  so small
You are indeed, little one. Stay with me. I will help you.  
. . . the one next to me, yes . . . so big I cannot see it all . . . a strong surge of energy coming down to me . . .good, that does help . . . my consciousness is filling out more . . . remembering how it happened . . . yes . . . was part of the   Whole . . . one by one, parts were placed  here and there, taken from the  Wholeand placed . . . where?"
" Can't see it clearly . . . the excitement . . . joy at a new adventure . . . one by one, those around me were placed . . . then it was my moment . . . the wrenching (sudden twist, pull) . . .
the uncertainty . . . then the  
Wholewas gone . . . what terrible loneliness . . . alone . . . need to get back to the  Whole. . . consciousness falling apart . . . fall asleep . . . sleep . . . what
is sleep? . . . losing consciousness, falling apart . . . that was it . . .

(Wholeis the Creative Force; each of us had been split off as a small piece (a Soul) from the Creative Force and started an independent journey from the highest density down to the lowest 3rd Level of Consciousness, to become bigger and bigger and after the 3rd/4th Density Planetary, Galactic, Universal Games we are going back up the same way, picking up the lost parts of ourselves, to become complete, with the gifts of experiences and love/balance and merge with the Whole,LM).

Now I am moving back . . . back to the Whole, where I belong. I can feel the beginning of the radiation (of Creative Force, LM) becoming more intense as we move . . . what joy to return. . .
What  gifts do you bring, little one? I perceive none.
. . .  Gifts? Gifts?I have only the need to return to  the Whole where I belong, where there are others like me . . . I am what I have always been . . . Gifts? That means more,
than I am or was . . . there is nothing more . . . only the
dream . . .
There is something different with you. You bring no gifts and you are alone. You areincomplete.
. . . Incomplete? How can that be? I am the same as when I left the Whole . . . I will be complete when I return. . . I do not understand . . . all I need do is return . . .
You do understand, but you have covered it over. We have reached under the covering. Let us help you remember how it began.
. . . What? Not the dream, but connected to it . . . before the dream began. It was good, but the Wholeneeded more . . . and the Whole is . . . yes, that is when it happened . . .
the Whole
distributing parts to grow . . . to reproduce . . . to add to the Whole . . . is that it? Then the giftswould be more of me . . . ? It has to do with the dream . . . something in it, or the entire dream . . . must open my memory of the point when I was not conscious here . . . careful  . . . don't want to splinter my consciousness again . . .
That cannot happen.  It will be a blending of what you are now with the awareness of what you call the dream. It is the total of thatexperience which is your Gift.
 You will understand why you are incomplete, why you are small. Observe.
. . . the memory of the dream opens up, and the awakening . . . but now I am the observer . . . trying to move upstream . . . before . . . a flash of light energy as I was inserted into the play of  KT- 95. . . the boredom . . . the curiosity . . . departure . . . a lonely migration, seeking, seeking . . . bright Suns of energy in endless array . . . joining others like me in the search . . . search for what? It is inexpressible . . . then the radiation of  a blue planetsatellite of a  yellow Sun
(p.213, blue planet is Earth; a yellow Sun is our old 3rd Density Sun; now we are between 2 levels of Consciosness: the 3rd and  4th, our Sun is white,higher frequency; LM)

. . . Entry, entry to become what? Human yes, human! It is very real even as I observe it. Moving into a physical Being, composed of distorted energy, physical matter, energy locked into limited expression, the heavy feeling of that limitation, yet the inborn drive to maintain energy in the physical matter and keep it operating, a very wonderful, yet contradictory design. Next comes the need to search, being converted into acts and reactions in another modality, not succeeding in this maintenance and trying again and again;  so many passages in and out, from the first small creature with the furry face; the rise and fall of awareness and intellect again and again through millennia of passages lifetimes the sum of all these are the Gifts (experiences) brought back to the Whole, but I do not have them with me now I see the reason for the distribution of parts; what Gifts I have from the dream!
And I am, I am all of those life passages, all of them. What did I call the  
Total, the I-There of me. But I am only a part of that.
That is why you are small and incomplete. There is more.
Yes, others who are waiting, clusters of other  I-There. We go as a unit . . . yes . . . So in the dream I was  an . . . an advance agent . . . a scout . . .
When all have been assembled you will come withyour Gifts(experiences). You will no longer be small, but much as we are. All of the others will come with you."
"I recalled my meeting with the nameless great being near the  Aperture. I was  Incomplete, I had been told.
I was too  "Small."There was not "enough"of me. And I knew nothing of the  "Gifts"that were to accompany me through the  Aperture."
"I understand now. Also I understand what  "small" meant, why I was  "incomplete,"and what the  "gifts"were.  I know why I became involved in the "retrieval" process of those, who had left the physical. And I understand why I felt the need to share my experiences through books and writing, why I put all my physical assets and years of personal effort into the development of learning systems, so that others could achieve states of consciousness similar to those  I had experienced. It was not ego gratification; I had no desire to become a guru or "spiritual" leader  (I have no desire either, LM).It was not fame; my other life activities had taken care of that. It was not fortune; I had done well enough in this respect long before my first OBE. Nor was it the many personalities of me in the  I-There of me. Individuallythey were as unknowing as I. They were simply part of the mosaic.
It was the  Basic;the collection and unification of the "parts," not only the errant and missing ones in my own  I-There, but the parts of the entire  I-Therecluster to which I am bonded.
I have no idea how many others are in the cluster. It may be thousands or hundreds of thousands. Why is there this need for total unification? So that we can become truly One
(One with your Total Self and then One with the Source, LM). 
Complete,and with a multitude of Gifts of experience and Love(Balance, LM).Then we  (R.Monroe's Total Self, LM),as a totality can wink out and pass through the  Aperture.
And what then? The answer is unknown.
 The schedule for this Earth departure is apparently in the thirty-fifth century." (p.227)
And another frase from p.270
"And don't forget: at the very least, you know that your Silver Queen will be with you at final departure when wewink out in the thirty-fifth century."

Could this 'thirty-fifth century' be connected to another Earth in the Newly-Formed Physical Universe?  The book "Ultimate Journey", these lines are from, was printed in 1995 after the death (or rather transition) of R.Monroe the same year.

R.Monroe on Gathering all the parts of his Total Self

"But we cannot leave until we have gathered back all of the parts of each I-Therein our cluster—a massive task. So we shall be in the retrieval mode as needed, as parts of us drop out of the physical bewildered and uncertain, or fall through a crack in a belief system that has held them entrapped for so long.
My role, I could see, was that of a facilitator.  The Basicneeded to be incorporated into our activities and learning systems. I had been unaware of what we had been leading up to. I was unaware also of the probability that within our methods and techniques to improve human consciousness there was  some kind of Signalthat may have alerted and attracted those who are from their own I-Therebonded within our cluster. I wondered how many of the thousands who had participated in our programs belong to our particular cluster. There is no way of knowing, yet.
For more than fifteen years our programs have been providing working knowledge of human consciousness up to the
very edge of time-space (and beyond the time-space, LM)."
Here is the extract from "Far Journey", p.120-123, describing Robert Monroe's experience of merging with other parts of his Total Self and the conversation between him and the other part of him. I find it very similar to the situation with those who are moving with the planet Earth to the higher vibrations.
There is a good explanation of the meaning of being "complete":

"(Iam in a bright white tunnel and moving rapidly. No, it is not a tunnel, but a tube, a transparent, radiating tube.
 Iam bathed in the radiation which courses through all of me, and the intensity and recognition of it envelop my consciousness and I laugh with the great joy. Something has changed, because the last time, they had to shield me from the random vibration of it.
Now I can tolerate it easily, the actual energy itself. The radiation flow is two-directional in the tube. The flow moving past me in the direction from which I  
came is  smooth, even, and undiluted (the flow of the energy coming to Earth is smooth, even, and undiluted, LM) .
The flow that I am is moving in the opposite direction and appears much different. It is organized in a more complex form. It is the same as the wave moving past me, but it contains a multitude of small waves
 impressed upon the basic. I  am both the basic and the small waveforms, moving back to the Source. The movement is steady and unhurried, impelled by a desire  I know but cannot express.  Ivibrate with joyous ecstasy just by the knowing  (the flow of his energy going from Earth is the same basic wave with the multitude of small waves impressed upon it; LM) .
(The tube seems to become larger as another joins it from one side, and another waveform melds into me and we become one. I recognize the other immediately, as it does me, and there is a great excitement of reunion, this other I and I. How could I  have forgotten this! We move along together, happily exploring the adventures, experience, and knowledge of the other. The tube widens again, and another I  joins us, and the process repeats itself. Our waveforms are remarkably identical and our pattern grows stronger as they move in phase. There are variegations  (marked irregularly with different color patches, LM) in each which, when combined with another related anomaly, create a new and important modification of the total that we are.
(The tube expands again and  Iam no longer concerned with its walls as still another  I enters the waveform flow. This is particularly exciting, as it is the first I  perceive as returning from a completely nonhuman sojourn. Yet the intermesh was near-perfect and we became so much more.  Now we know that, somewhere, a consciously controlled physical tail, much like a monkey's, is useful in ways far more than balance and acting as a third hand for holding things. It can be a very efficient means of communication far beyond a super sign language just as eloquent as the spoken word.
(Steadily and surely, one  Iafter another joins us. With each, we become more aware and remember more of the total. How many does not seem important. Our knowledge and ability is so great that we do not bother to contemplate it.  
 It is not important.  We are one. 
(With this, we divert from the underlying waveform and move away from it. We watch motionless in unified respect as the action of it continues away from us into an infinity. We also perceive easily the smooth originating wave coming from such infinity and dissolving into the pattern from whence we came.
(Flowing through all of us is a coherent energy that is our creation, that displays immensely the reality of  the whole as far greater than the sum of the parts.Our ability and knowledge seem without limit, yet we know at this point such is valid only within the energy systems of our experience.  We can create time as we wish or the need arises, reshaping and modifying within the percept itself. We can create matter from other energy patterns, or change the structure thereof to any degree desired, including reversion to original form. We can create, enhance, alter, modulate, or eradicate any
percept within the energy fields of our experience. We can transform any such energy fields one into another or others except for that which we are.
We cannot create or comprehend our prime energy until we are complete.
(We can create physical patterns such as your sun and solar system, yet we do not. It has been done. We can adjust the environs of your planet Earth, yet we do not. It is not our design. We can and do monitor, supplement, and enhance the flow of the human learning experience, as well as other learning experiences of similar content throughout time-space. This we perform continuously at all levels of human awareness so as to prepare properly those entraining units of our prime energy for the entry and meld into the totality that we are becoming. It is the essence of our growth to do so. Such assistance and preparation is forthcoming from us only by request from one or more levels of consciousness  
within the entraining unit. Thereafter, a bonding is in effect through which many forms of communication pass between us until the ultimate transformation occurs.
(We know who we are, and one  I  laughs and we all laugh at the name this  I  had given us. We are an INSPEC, just one. There are many others around us.)   (here is given a good explanation of the word "Inspec", LM)  
(You are still incomplete. There are parts of you yet to be transformed, including that visiting portion so filled with curiosity. Each of us is incomplete.That is why we remain at this point, to reach back and gather additional and remaining parts of us until we are complete .)Our curiosity desires the effect of completion.
(We move into the creative return flow again, the waveform that brought you here. When we do so, we leave this reality.)
(Can this be demonstrated?)
(It is not possible. It is not within our knowledge to do so. When you have transformed and melded totally into your whole, you will comprehend.
That is why this point came into being. It is not possible to continue until completion.)

(Continue to what destination?)
(We believe it to be the source of the radiation, the creative emission andreturn,  (The place of Creative Force, LM). 
Communication is closed with those who have continued. The desire to continue occurs upon completion. It is more than your curiosity, as you call it, and difficult to transmit in a form we can understand.There have been attempts by those completed who are to continue, without success.) 
(The ultimate home?)
(A good beginning concept. A design which unfolds as perception grows. It is necessary now that you terminate your visit and return.) (We will be with you, our curious I. ) Return where!  (Your physical environs). . . Where is that! . . . (In-human, your physical body) . . . Oh, yes, I had forgotten ... Do I have to go back?  (Reach for us and we will be with you in many ways. You have much to do..."
This description of merging parts of himself reminds me what R.Monroe experienced becoming an oak tree at the Super-Human School on higher density, where R.Monroe had experience as a cloud, an oak tree, a fish, a condor, a panther, a monkey; there is also another example of a little dog, a future Human, described by R.Monroe. Taisha Abelar gave another example in her book "The Sorcerer's Crossing"of the sorcerer's pet, a dog with a soul of a human, not of an animal. Looks like not all animals have an animal soul and not all humans have a human soul: soul could be human or non human.  As an Oak Tree, p.223-224, "Far Journeys":

"I am waving gently up and down and bending, flexing . . . coursing into me from the smallest part of me, which is long and narrow with many tubes running through it, comes my share of the glorious life force, coming from the Whole,  the family of which I am a part . . . and I know how much the Whole needs me and I gladly, joyously serve . . . as the energy, that makes me waver and flex flows past my flat sides . . . (Wait, that's just air, wind!) . . . I take from it the parts needed by the Whole and send it back through the narrow tubes, because it is needed . . . I do this so easily I don't think of it as work, it's breathing . . . it's what I'm for, to breathe for the Whole as I take ashes from the Whole and spread it out into
 the energy . . . my happy exchange . . . and the other, oh so important, my special shape . . . my profile, configuration . . . receives a special signal that the Whole understands, needs, and uses . . . all I do is receive it and send it on . . . and I'm happy, supremely happy . . . with a total knowledge of belonging, performing as I was designed to do . . . beautiful Balance, giving . . . receiving . . . security and strength of the Whole . . .

It will be a blending of what you are now with the Awareness of what you call the dream. It is the total of that  experience which is your Gift."

R.Monroe on true nature of Loosh/Love/Balance

Purified, distilled Loosh (Balance), which is produced by all Simultaneous humans with souls at the time of Planetary Game has WHITEcolour, not Golden colour M 5 trilogy author is so fond of. I know Reptilians love everything made of Gold or having Golden colour. I remember Credo Mutwa was describing a sick Chitauli (Reptilian) male, who was using the energy of a psychicly gifted virgin girl (not a boy), wraped into Golden (real Gold) blanket for the fast recovery. The girl was caught up, forced to lie in bed for a few days with this Reptilian. After the Reptilian recovered the girl was freed to run and then killed.
Robert Monroe never said, that Golden energy is the colour of Love-Balance, he saw that as being white. He even called Nancy my "Silver Queen" , not "Golden Queen": silver is closer to sparkling white. This white loosh energy is coming from us. Look at White Sun above you on a clear day: it is the same energy of Balance! It is rare now in Northern hemisphere: upper echelon is trying to cover it up. R.Monroe was even comparing the colour of loosh to cow's milk (white water, p.172). Here are some examples of loosh, having white colour, from R.Monroe's "Far Journeys" , p.175 :
"I released the loosh rote and turned deeply inward, scanning. It was easier from this perspective, or perhaps it was the presence of the INSPEC energy. It presented itself much as a simultaneous mixture and sequence of musical chords and short melodies, only it wasn't sound, it was patterns in colors of light. Scattered among the clutter of harmony, dissonance, discord, excitement, fun, fear, and emotion, and beginning shortly after birth, I had the percept of occasional surges of white . . . first from my mother and father, then smaller flashes I was unable to identify as to source. I kept scanning through my early years for any slight glimmer of white originating in me, that I put forth. To my dismay, all I could find was one small white glow for an Airedale dog named Pete. I was certain that the girl in high school, what was her name? . . . not even a flicker, either way... I went on through the mess that was I in a fast-forward mode, and I could spot sure and solid white surges here and there of whichI had then been unaware, and their reality depressed and saddened me—because I found no significant emission from me that was remotely similar. It was all coming in, and I took it and didn't respond. I finally cut it off, would go into it no further.
I wasn't much of a loosh producer. Too many other color chord patterns and melodies. Except for now. I knew some strong emissions in a few points were coming out of me.
Did it take that long!

(You understand waveforms. All come from the same baseline, the colors and the white. The difference is frequency and amplitude)..."

And here is a brief explanation of the nature of Loosh/Love , p.174 :
"I turned inward, picking up the loosh rote. Loosh, an energy generated by all organic life in varying degrees of purity, the clearest and most potent coming from humans—
engendered by human activity which triggers emotion, the highest of such emotions being—love? Is love loosh?

(Continue, Ashaneen.)
But according to the rote, loosh is thrown off when life ends its physical existence, when pain occurs, anger, hate...these can't be the same as love..."
(How would you define love in your terms?)
I knew that would be next in the order of things, and I couldn't come up with an answer. Throughout history, great minds and greater philosophers had given it a try, with only partial success, and I was none of these. I wouldn't even consider trying.
(But you know it exists. Love is not an illusion.)"

The biggest production of loosh is when a human (male/female) is experiencing loneliness ("Far Journeys" p.169). Jails, psychiatric institutions, hospitals, wars/natural disaster conditions or just people's artificial isolation at home, at work, in cities, inability to find friends of the same level of awareness - all that seems to create loneliness and consequently, places of the biggest production of loosh/love.
" Love is not an illusion, Love is Loosh Energy!" R.Monroe
The Loosh energy have been taken by the Collectors from all living things/beings on Earth , but Type 4 M units produced more than others, because of highly evolved souls and the  widest range of emotions, p.170. R.Monroe said, that at the beginning he wasn't much of a Loosh producer, but this ability came much later in life.

R.Monroe on the Storage of Loosh (White Energy of Balance) 

R.Monroe had a privilege to be taken to a place where Loosh (White Energy of Balance) was stored, the Source of All Life, to see just the reflection of it, p. 178, "Far Journeys" :

"...Maybe we could go just to the edge of Somewhere, so I could get a feel of the place/state where there was so much love (Loosh, LM), surely near it, but not in it, just to observe from a distance. It would answer so much . . .
(That is not too much to ask, Mister Monroe. We can arrange it. Close tightly . . .)
. . . Even closed tightly, the radiation was so strong that it was nearly unbearable . . . I felt as if sweat were pouring off me, I was melting . . . but it wasn't heat . . . and I began to heave with great racking sobs and I couldn't understand why . . . then the radiation eased, and I opened a little. There was a form between me and the radiation, shielding me, and I could perceive a corona effect all around the form from the radiation beyond. It reminded me deeply of religious paintings I had seen, only this was live and in something far different from pigmented color (white Light is a mixture of all the colours of Light. This is the most powerful energy called Balance, the colour of Creative Force, LM).  
(This is as close as you can tolerate. We are diverting most of the effective energy patterns, which are in themselves only the random residue, the leakage as you might call it, from the fundamental. Focus through us rather than the outer rim. It will help.)
With great difficulty, I narrowed and held on the center of the form . . . and I began to cool and calm down . . . slowly my rational and observing self began to emerge again, dominating the overwhelming emotional surge that had enveloped me . . . it was as if I perceived through a darkly tinted window and I had to work continually to keep the emotion below the threshold level, the wondrous and brilliant joy, awe, reverence, melded into one yet with flashes of each sparking momentarily . . . all coursing through me as I responded to the radiation, unable to prevent it and barely keeping it under control. This would most emphatically be the ultimate heaven, the final home . . .
(Observe more carefully. You are capable of doing so.)
I looked through the smoked-glass shield that was my INSPEC friend . . . and I was grateful, for I knew if Iresponded to this degree from just the reflection, the leakage, the full force of the radiation would have shattered me, I was not ready for it, if this was the percept from the distant edge . . . there, in the long view, was a radiant living form of incredible size, my first percept that of a tall standing humanoid, arms outstretched in front, palms upward . .  but just as quickly, it was not . . . instead, a shining globe, edges indistinct, behind it another, identical in appearance, behind it another, a continuous cascade moving away into infinity, beyond my percept ability . . . from each came numberless beams or rays, some huge in their diameter, others no wider than a pinpoint, all uniform in size throughout their length and beyond my percept as to their destination, some of them moving past me so close that I felt I could reach out and touch one . . .
(Would you like to do so? We will help you if needed.)
I hesitated, then with the warm assurance from the shielding INSPEC form, I stretched a part of me out, cautiously, and touched the smallest ray nearest me . . . in an instant, the shock spread throughout all what I thought I was, and I knew, and in knowing, knew that I would forget if I tried to remember, because what I was could not yet handle the reality of it . . . yet I never again would be the same even without remembering, except that it occurred and the indescribable joy of knowing only that it did take place and the echoes would reverberate in me throughout eternity, whatever my eternity was . . . gently, I felt myself being detached from the ray, and I collapsed behind the shielding form of my INSPEC friend (his other Self,LM). . . .
Friend? INSPEC? I realized then how provincial my percepts were. I also realized how limited they were . . . the radiating globes, the rays emitted. . .
(You responded very well for the initial exposure. Your human loosh/love energy is transmuted into the center of what you perceive. From there it is redirected into what you call the rays, to the points where it is needed most. When you have progressed, we can guide you to one of the destinations so you can observe the results.)
My percept was not strong enough to bring any flicker whatsoever as to what exposure to the full force of such rays might be. But my human curiosity wouldn't let the basic question go unanswered, now that I had smoothed somewhat.
(It was created. It was always there, we have no percept of a beginning. Are you ready to return now?)"

R.Monroe on the Creation of Earth Life as a Source of Loosh (White Energy of Balance)

R.Monroe described in detail the process of creation of the place (our Earth) for a huge production of white Loosh and it's Earth Planetary Game, p.162-170 "Far Journeys":

"Someone, Somewhere (or both, in millions, or uncountable) requires, likes, needs, values, collects, drinks, eats, or uses as a drug (sic) a substance ident Loosh. (Electricity, oil, oxygen, gold, wheat, water, land, old coins, uranium.)
This is a rare substance in Somewhere, and those who possess Loosh find it vital for whatever it is used for. Faced with this question of Supply and Demand (a universal law of Somewhere), Someone (like the Creator(s) of this Planetary Game, for instance, LM) decided to produce it artificially, so to speak, rather than search for it in its "natural" form. He decided to build a Garden (Earth Planetary Game, for instance, LM) and grow Loosh. In the natural state, Loosh was found to originate from a series of vibrational actions in the carbon-oxygen cycle and the residue was Loosh in varying degrees of purity. It occurred only during such action, and secondarily during the reactive process. Prospectors from Somewhere ranged far and wide in search of Loosh sources and new discoveries were hailed with much enthusiasm and reward.
So it was that Someone (The Reptilian/Draconian races, LM) and his Garden (Earth, LM) changed all this. Far off, in a remote area, he set to work on his experiment. First, he created a proper environment for the carbon-oxygen cycle, where it would flourish. He created a Balance with much care, so that proper radiation and other nourishment would be in continuous supply. He then tried his First Crop, which actually did produce Loosh, but only in small quantities and of comparatively low grade, not significant enough to take back to the heart of Somewhere. The problem was twofold. The life period was too short and the crop units themselves were too minute. This brought about limits in quality and quantity, as the crop had no time to generate Loosh in such close tolerances. Moreover, the Loosh could be harvested only at the moment of termination of the life span, not one moment before.
His Second Crop was no better, if as good. He changed the environment to another part of the Garden, where the density was gaseous rather than liquid and the higher-density chemicals formed a solid base (soil, LM) and thus were still available. He planted numberless units in many varieties in a new form, with a great increase in size, some many thousands of times larger and more complex than the simple unicellular First Crop. He reversed the carbon-oxygen cycle. Yet all had a basic uniformity. Like the First Crop, they would reseed at regular intervals and terminate their life spans automatically. To avoid the uneven distribution of chemicals and radiation which had been prevalent in the First Crop, he immobilized the Second Crop (plant life, LM). Each was designed to stay principally in its own section of the Garden. To this end, each was given firm tendrils (roots, LM) which burrowed deep in the more dense chemical matter (ground, LM). Attached to this was a stem or trunk which helped elevate the upper portion upward for its share of needed radiation. The upper portion, broad, thin, and somewhat fragile, was designed as a transducer of carbon-oxygen compounds to and from the crop unit. As an added thought, brilliant color radiators accompanied by small particle generators were mounted on each unit, usually near the top and symmetrically centered. He set up circulating patterns in the gaseous envelope around the crop, principally to aid in the reseeding process. Later, he discovered that the same turbulent effect served as a means of harvesting the Loosh. If the turbulence were violent enough, the Crop would be blown down, the life span terminated, and the Loosh would discharge. This was especially useful when an immediate Loosh supply was desired at a particular point rather than at Harvest Time.
Despite all of this, the Second Crop was most unsatisfactory. While it was true that a much greater quantity was attained, the unrefined Loosh produced was of such low grade that it was scarcely worth the effort. In addition, the growth period was now too long and no increase in quality resulted. Some vital element was missing. Someone hovered over his Garden for a long period in study before he attempted the Third Crop. It was indeed a challenge. True, he was partially successful. He had grown Loosh. Yet the product of his efforts fell far short of the wild, uncultivated variety. It was inevitable that he perceived the answer. The Third Crop was living proof of this Truth. The original carbon-oxygen cycle must be included. Mobility must be restored. Both factors had shown great promise in high-grade Loosh production. If size could be added to this, much could be accomplished.
 With this plan in the forefront, Someone removed various sample units from the First Crop, which was still thriving in the liquid portion (oceans, LM) of the Garden. He modified them to exist and grow in the gaseous area. He adapted them first to take nourishment from the Second Crop, which he permitted to abound for this very purpose. Thus it was that the first of the Mobiles (dinosaurs, LM), the Third Crop, came into being. The Mobiles took nourishment from the Second Crop, thus ending its life span and producing lowgrade Loosh. When each huge Mobile terminatedits own life span, additional Loosh was produced. The quantity was massive, but the frequency pattern of the Loosh residue still left much to be desired. It was by accident that Someone came upon the Prime Catalyst as regards Loosh production. The monstrous and slow-moving Mobiles had a life span far out of proportion to their nourishment input. The growth and life-termination process was of such length that soon the Mobiles would all but decimate the Second Crop. The entire Garden would be out of balance, and there would be no Loosh production whatsoever. Both the Second and Third Crop faced extinction.
As the Second Crop grew scarce, energy needs of the Mobiles became acute. Often two Mobiles would seek to ingest the identical Second Crop unit. This created Conflict, which resulted in physical struggle among two or more of the ungainly Mobiles.
Someone observed these struggles, at first bemused with the problem, then with great interest. As the struggles ensued, the Mobiles were emanating (White) Loosh ! Not in fractional amounts, but in sizable, usable quantities and of a much higher purity.
He quickly put the theory to the test. He removed another unit of First Crop from the liquid Garden area, redesigned it for the gaseous environment—but with one significant change. The new Mobile would be somewhat smaller, but would require the ingestion of other Mobiles for nourishment. This would solve the problem of overpopulation of Mobiles, and at the same time would create good quantities of usable Loosh during each conflict-struggle, plus a bonus if the new class of Mobile terminated the life span of the other. Someone would be able to transmit to Somewhere practical amounts of reasonably pure Loosh.
Thus it was that the Rule of the Prime Catalyst came into being. Conflict among carbon-oxygen cycle units brings forth consistent emanations of Loosh. It was as simple as that. Satisfied that he had found the formula, Someone prepared the Fourth Crop. He knew now that the Third Crop Mobiles were too large and too long in life span to be ultimately practical. If grown in large numbers, the entire Garden would have to be expanded and enlarged. There was not space enough to grow such massive single units and the proportionate leafy Second Crops to support them.
Also, he reasoned correctly that more rapid and increased mobility would expand the Conflict factor, with a resultant higher Loosh output. In one single motion, Someone terminated the life spans of all the lumbering Third Crop Mobiles. Going back to the First Crop in the liquid area, he modified and expanded them into a multitude of shapes and sizes, gave them complex multicellular structures of high mobility. He designed into them a pattern of balance. There were those that ingested a Second Crop type of carbon-cycle unit (basically immobile) as an energy source. There were others, very highly mobile, who required for energy the ingestion of other mobile Modified First Crop units. The completed circuit operated quite satisfactorily. The stationary Second Crop modification in the liquid environment flourished. Small, highly active liquid-breathing Mobiles (Dinosaurs, LM) took nourishment, "ate" the Second Crop modification. Larger and/or other active Mobiles consumed for energy the smaller "plant eaters." When any Mobile grew too large and slow, it became an easy target for the smaller Mobiles, who attacked in voracious numbers. The chemical residue from these ingestive actions settled to the bottom of the liquid medium and so provided new nourishment for the Stationaries (Modified Second Crop), completing the circuit. The result was a steady flow of Loosh—from the life-span termination of the Stationaries, from the intense conflict among the Mobiles to avoid ingestion, and finally from the sudden termination of the life spans of such Mobiles as the inevitable product of such conflicts.
Turning to another portion of his Garden—the gaseous area with a dense-compound base—Someone applied the same techniques with even more advanced improvements. He added many varieties of Stationaries (original Second Crop) to provide sufficient and diverse nourishment for the new Mobiles he was to create. As in the other Garden area, he made such Mobiles into a balance of two species, those who ingested and drew energy from the Second Crop Stationaries, and those who required other Mobiles for sustenance. He created them in literally thousands of original types, small, large—yet none so large as the Third Crop Mobiles—and ingeniously gave each some appurtenance for conflict. These took the form of mass, elusive speed, deceptive and/or protective coating and color radiation, wave-action and particle perceptors and detectors, and unique higher-density protuberances for gouging, grasping, and rending during conflict. All of the latter served neatly to add to and prolong the conflict periods, with the resultant increase in Loosh emanation.
 As a side experiment, Someone designed and created one form of Mobile that was weak and ineffective by the standards of the other Mobiles in the Fourth Crop. Yet this experimental Mobile (human physical body, LM) had two distinct advantages. It had the ability to ingest and take energy from both the Stationaries (plants, LM) and other Mobiles (Dinosaurs and other animals, LM). Second, Someone pulled forth a Piece of Himself (a Soul, a part of the Creative Force, LM) —no other source of such Substance being known or available— to act as an intensive, ultimate trigger to mobility. Following the Rule of Attraction, Someone knew that such infusion would create in this particular Mobile species an unceasing mobility. Always, it would seek to satisfy the attraction this tiny mote of Himself (Creative Force, LM) engendered as it sought reunion with the infinite Whole. Thus the drive for satisfaction of energy requirements through ingestion would not be the only motivating force. More important, the needs and compulsions created by the Piece of Someone could not be satiated throughout the Garden. Thus the need for mobility would be ever-present and the conflict between this need and that of energy replacement would be constant—possibly a continuous high-order Loosh emanator if it survived.
The Fourth Crop exceeded all of Someone's expectations. It became apparent that a consistent, useful flow of Loosh was being produced in the Garden. The balance of "life" operated perfectly, with the Conflict Factor producing immense amounts of Loosh and a steady supplement brought into being by the constant life-span terminations from all types of Mobiles and Stationaries. To handle the output, Someone set up Special Collectors to aid in the harvest. He set up Channels to convey the raw Loosh from his Garden to Somewhere. No longer did Somewhere depend principally upon the "wild state" as the principal source of Loosh. The Garden of Someone had ended that.
With the success of the Garden and the production of Loosh by cultivated means, Others began to design and build their Gardens. This was in accordance with the Law of Supply and Demand (Vacuum is an unstable condition), as the amounts of Loosh from Someone's Garden only partially met the requirements of Somewhere. Collectors on behalf of the Others actually entered the Garden of Someone to take advantage of those small emanations of Loosh overlooked or ignored by the Collectors of Someone. Someone, his work completed, returned to Somewhere and occupied himself with other matters. Looshproduction stayed at a constant level under the supervision of the Collectors. The only alterations were ordered by Someone himself. Under instructions from Someone, the Collectors periodically harvested segments of the Fourth Crop. This was done to ensure adequate chemicals, radiation, and other nourishment for the younger, oncoming units. A secondary purpose was to provide occasional extra amounts of Loosh created by such harvesting. To reap such harvest, the Collectors generated storms of turbulence and turmoil in both the gaseous envelope and the more solid chemical formations that were the base of the Garden itself. Such upheavals had the effect of terminating life spans of multitudes of the Fourth Crop as they were crushed under the rolling base formation or smothered under waves from the agitated liquid area of the Garden. (By peculiarity of design, Fourth Crop units could not maintain their carbon-oxygen cycle surrounded by the liquid medium.)
The Garden pattern of "Life" might have gone on thus throughout eternity had it not been for the perception and inquisitiveness of Someone. On occasion, he would study samples of Loosh from his Garden. There was no motive in doing so, other than the fact that Someone may have held a remote continuing interest in his project.
On a particular analysis of a Loosh sample, Someone had casually examined the emanations and was about to return it to the Reservoir—when he became aware of a Difference. It was very slight, but there it was. His interest centered immediately, he looked again. Woven delicately in with the more common Loosh emanations was a slender fragment of purified and distilled Loosh. This was an impossibility. Purified and distilled Loosh resulted only after the "wild state" Loosh had been processed many times. The Loosh from the Garden of Someone required the same treatment before it could be used.
Yet here it was—so finely graded in its refined radiations that it could or would not return into compound with the raw substance. Someone reaffirmed his tests, and the result still was positive. There was a factor in his Garden of which he was unaware.
Quickly, Someone left Somewhere and returned to his Garden. Outwardly, all seemed the same. The solid-base gaseous areas of the Garden were an endless carpet of green reflection from the thriving Second Crop. The Modified First Crop in the liquid area was in perfect accord with the Action-Reaction Law (a Division of Cause and Effect). Someone perceived without delay that the Difference—the source of distilled Loosh— lay neither with the First nor with the Second Crop.
He found his first momentary touch of distilled Loosh emanation in one of the units of the Fourth Crop (which by then had filtered throughout the plantings of the Second Crop).
The flash came during the unusual action of this unit as it entered into a life-terminating struggle with another Fourth Crop unit. This alone would not create distilled Loosh, Someone knew, and he probed deeper for the source. It was at that moment he discovered the Difference. The Fourth Crop unit was not struggling in Conflict over an ingestible remnant of a weaker Fourth Crop unit or a tasty frond from a nearby Second Crop stem—or to avoid termination of life and ingestion by the other conflicting Fourth Crop unit. It was in Conflict to protect and save from life termination three of its own newly generated species huddled under a large Second Crop unit waiting for the outcome. There was no doubt about it. This was the action that produced the flashes of distilled Loosh (mother's love, LM). With this clue, Someone examined the actions of other Fourth Crop units in the Garden. He found similar flashes when other Fourth Crop units took the same action in defense of their "young"(mother's love, LM).  Still, there was an inconsistency. The sum of all such flashes of distilled Loosh emanation from all such actions by the current Fourth Crop units would not amount to half of the total he had found in the sample from the Reservoir. It was obvious that another factor was present. Systematically, he (Dragon, LM) hovered over the Garden, extending his perception to all areas. Almost immediately, he found the source. High-order distilled Loosh radiation was originating from one particular section of the Garden. Quickly, he hurried to the spot.
There it was—an experimental Modified Fourth Crop unit (4 M unit, lonely humans,LM), one of those that contained a Piece of Himself (a piece of Creative Force, a Soul, LM) in its functional pattern. It was standing alone under the leafy upper portion of a large Second Crop unit. It was not "hungry." It was not in Conflict with another Fourth Crop unit. It was not acting in defense of its "young." Then why did it emanate distilled Loosh in such great quantity?
Someone moved closer. His perception entered into the Modified Fourth Crop unit and then he knew. The unit was lonely (human, and this is the reason to jail people, to get more Loosh and to move them to Parallel Earths, LM) ! It was this effect that produced distilled Loosh.    (famous DLP formula - distilled production of Loosh, LM) As Someone drew back, he noted another unusual inconsistency. The Modified Fourth Crop unit suddenly had become aware of His Presence. It had collapsed and was jerking in strange convulsions (crying) on the solid-base formation. Clear liquid (tears, LM) was being expelled from the two radiation-perceiving orifices. With this, the distilled Loosh emitted became even more pronounced. It was from this that Someone propounded his now famous DLP Formula, which is in effect in the Garden at this time. The balance of the story is well known. Someone included the fundamental in his formula: ". . . The creation of pure, distilled Loosh is brought forth in Type 4M units by the action of unfulfillment, but only if such pattern is enacted at a vibratory level above the sensory bounds of the environment. The greater the intensity of said pattern, the greater the output of Loosh distillate. . . ."
To put the formula into effect, Someone designed subtle changes in his Garden, all of them familiar to every historian. The spliting of all Crop units into Halves (male/female, to engender loneliness as they sought to reunite) and the encouragement of dominance of the Type 4M unit (humans) are but two of the most noteworthy innovations
(meaning that the ancient androgynous human was split into a male and a female for more production of Loosh, LM) .
As it appears now, the Garden is a fascinating spectacle of efficiency. The Collectors have long since become Masters at the Art of the DLP Formula. Type 4M units (humans, LM) dominate and have spread through the entire Garden, with the exception of the deeper portions of the liquid medium (rivers, lakes, oceans, LM). These are the principal producers of Loosh distillate.
From experience, the Collectors have evolved an entire technology with complementary tools for the harvesting of Loosh from the Type 4M units (humans, LM)..."

As you can see everything is used these days to get more Loosh from us and 3rd/4th Density Planetary life (while the Game is still on)! I repeat : white colour has all the other colours together and considered the most powerful; Loosh has that white colour and it's the Color of Balance!

Spliting an Androgynous Human into Genders and getting back to Androgynous form again

One of the reasons for the spliting of the ancient, androgynous humans into genders was the production of more pure, distilled Loosh. That was  described by R.Monroe in
"Far Journeys", p.162-170:

"...The spliting of all Crop units into Halves (male/female, to engender loneliness as they sought to reunite)...
But when you are graduating this Planetary Game your only desire would become to join your separate female/male parts into one Being, Androgynous Being! Here is what R.Monroe is saying about it on Youtube:

#7 Monroe's Out-of-Body (OBE) Paranormal Transformation of Human Consciousness
That was the goal of R.Monroe: to become an Androgynous Being like Heshe, his Inspec friend and that info you'll find on this video.
This is the advice (which you don't have to follow): only when you overcome this last Loop of considering yourself above a human female and after becoming a true Androgynous Being, can you really Graduate this Game.
The extract from the video #7:

"Bob, would you tell us what this new Goal is?
R.Monroe: Well, it's not quite that simple. The new Goal that reawakened me out of this was, as happens,
I met another friend and this other friend I gave another type of name to simply because of the fact that I couldn't, how to put it? I couln't understand him. It's a Heshe and I didn't want to use Heshe name again. So what I call this new friend was Inspec, short for Intelligent Species, which meant that I wasn't an Intelligent Specie. And a very, very deep and warm relationship developed with this non physical Being. And I never saw him in a physical form: he didn't have a form. It was just an energy. And that went on for a number of years until suddenly, oh, I must say there is another part to that. And I asked where his home was. And he said:"Would you like to go, it's on the way to my home and I would like to show it?
Oh, my, yes, please, please!!!
So he did and that became my new Goal was to become an Inspec (an Androgynouus). One of these, because the exquisite...
All the things that we express that being ideally: Love, Joy, Relationships, all this type of melding and unification was expressed when I went and just on the edges of this Inspec's Home. It was a beautiful, beautiful Goal to be that and that became my Goal: to grow and be an Inspec. And my plans all shifted to go to that state of being and this Inspec gave me so many different beautiful things, such as escorting me into the Future to see my last time around as being human.

Spliting of ancient humans into 2 genders was described by Credo Mutwa on David Icke's websites :   http://www.davidicke.com http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_credo_mutwa_a.htm

As far as I remember Robert Morning Sky was talking about Spliting of ancient humans into genders too.
At  a talk in Australia he said: "Men must see the world through the eyes of women."

The Basics

Definition of Basic, p.271, "Ultimate Journey" - in developing a Different Overview, the knowledge and application of certain Basics are essential. A key Basic, for instance,would be the knowledge that you are more than your physical body and that you do survive physical death. Such Basics must be absolute Knowns, not just beliefs, to complete the growth. If one or more of the key Basics is missing, the development is inhibited (most of humanity doesn't know that they are more than their physical body and that they survive death, that's why their development is inhibited, LM).

Ronald Russell, Cambridge, England

Foreword :
"Monroe says that nothing in this book negates the validity of its two predecessors, "which represent stages of growth
and are accurate according to the   Knowns available through personal experience at the time." His personal experience
while working on his third book, however, took a sad and unforeseen turn when his wife Nancy was diagnosed with
cancer. His search for  the missing Basicwas intensified by the knowledge that for Nancy's sake there was little time to spare. It is good to record that he completed his exploration and found both  the new directionand  the missing Basicwhile Nancy was still with him in physical reality, and that he and others were able to apply the knowledge he gained  
to help her in her own ultimate journey."

It was not ego, desire to become a guru or spiritual leader, not fame or fortune. It was the Basic (Knowns, not beliefs) the collection and unification of the parts, not just missing ones in his different Higher Selves clusters, but the parts of his entire Total Self cluster to which he was bonded. He had no idea how many others were in that cluster (thousands or hundred of thousands), LM.
 "Why is there this need for total unification? So that we can truly become One." R.Monroe

R.Monroe, "Ultimate Journey", p.23-24

"As you remember more, it will become clear to you. You are being human when your fundamental focus remains fixed 
within such concepts of consciousness. If you change this fundamental, you are no longer human.
I see . . . Thus I stay being human, awake or asleep, in or out of body, physically alive or dead, as long as my reference point is human.
That is correct.
But I retain all of my human memory and experience in whatever state of being.
Yes. You have learned much. This experience is of great value as a nonhuman. It is one of the basic purposes for your sojourn. You will draw upon it in many ways nonhuman, but your attention will be in another direction. The graduate from the human experience is very respected elsewhere.
p. 57-58
Do you mean I have outgrown you? That is impossible!
We shall always be with you. That will not change. But you will alter your polarities. Such communication as this will no longer be needed.
Alter my polarities? But I don't know how to do that!
You have done it already. Your return from what you identified as Home was performed solely by you. You learned  as you repolarized to achieve the change. You did remember. You have been using it.
You mean . . . that method of moving out of and back to the physical? As if in slow motion? What I call a quick switch?
That is correct. And there is more. There is also a Basic, an essential knowledge, as you would describe it, that you have yet to discover and explore. We wish you well on your journey...
The feeling of loss was overwhelming. And . . .  a missing Basic? A new direction? But in my loneliness, there was no place to look..."
However, there was one item I was sure of: whatever the direction, it was an integral part of a learning process whether I liked it or not. I turned again to  the Basic.What could it be?
p.61, "Ultimate Journey"
"Looking again at the Earth Life System, we see that the underlying competition theme seems to be a product of thecommand to survive. Each and every living unit competes for  the basicsof physical survival: food, water, oxygen, warmth, and sunlight.
"The basic pattern of the system is change. Stasis is entropy. Entropy is death. Thus imbalance is constant, which creates a steady adaptive response at all levels."
(the Loosh/Balance energy is constantly taken out to create imbalance to make everyone to work hard and produce more Loosh, LM)
So . . . Where is  the missing Basic?And what is  the new direction? Both seem well hidden. Perhaps it would help in the  search if we first find out and pin down what we really are.
As Human Minds, we are what we think. We also are 
what others think. Most of this has little to do with our physical bodies when we go below the surface. To deal with this more closely, let us create a model of the Human Mind as it is and operates in practice—a pragmatic model, if you like. Imagine it as structured in layers, something like an onion, and let
us work from "in" to "out."

Definition of Core Self.
This is the intrinsic, original Human Mind. Starting from  this inner core,we are the essence of the sum of our experiences, without limitation.  The inner coreis composed of the following:
what we have lived and consciously thought to date;
the emotions we have experienced;
the love we have expressed and experienced;
the dreams we have experienced, whether we remember them or not;
the pains and pleasures;
the daydreams, wishes, and hopes;
all of the above during our nonphysical activity (sleep, etc.);
all the above during any and all previous life activity;
unidentified elements, (this is an interesting sentence, where R.Monroe mentioned his Core Self's previous life activity. He, once, mentioned about his previous life, as a woman and  he didn't like it, LM),
p.81, "U.J."
The Big L is  the Core Selfat its finest distillation. Reflecting on all this, I think that the source of  the missing Basicis now clear—the Core Self.But how do you really get to know you?
So I came to a conclusion. Helping others goes with the job.  While you're helping yourself, you automatically lend ahand to others, if you can do so. But I was missing an important element. Why did this sequence of events suddenly pop up in my activity pattern? Was this another key to  the missing Basic?
Now, in pursuit of the missing Basic, instead of following the usual steps after phasing into out-of-body I put a hold on all of the urgent signals and began a probe around me, inward instead of out.Many such sessions spaced over a year were involved to get the information into workable form. This is what I found. The move out of physical phase and into my I-There was slow and careful. I formed the impression of an all-powerful, all-knowing giant who watched bemused as one of his fingers began an independent, self-willed exploration of the rest of his body.  I felt no fear because of the Known: I was I-There, I-There was I.Can one be afraid of oneself?
"And I knew that I had the missing Basic!...My awareness reaches out to the land, air, and sea which act in profound symbiosis to provide everything that is needed for millions—no, billions—of life-forms that inhabit this place. Which came first, the need or the idea? And there is the added layer on my brain that gave me the chance to think instead of merely exist. To be what I am. Was that planned in the design—or an experiment to observe the effect? Or was there another reason not yet understood? Chaos, organization, variables—they are all one and the same. Even if it all can be replicated eventually, I would like to meet the Original Designer. Once."
p.221, "Ultimate Journey"
As I started the breathing again, deeply, the body began slowly to warm up, to move back to normal, but the muscles were stiff, it would take several days to get them back working. But the essence of me however did not.
There was not simply a Different Overview, but a remembering of unlimited freedom, an ever so slight glimpse of an Ultimate Option. And I knew that I had the missing Basic! At least I now have tears I can shed, cheeks down which they can roll, and a loving hand to brush them away. As for the gifts when the time is right, I can take them with me. It may become harder and harder to stay here on Earth. The wanderer can not wait forever."
p. 223-225
The Basic—the missing Basic—was now a Known to me.Not a belief, hope, or faith; not conveyed by intuition or emotion; but a Known firmly fixed in my mind-consciousness. Indeed, it had been there all along, but I had failed to recognize the many patterns of evidence for what they were. Acceptance is not the same as Knowing.
So . . . the Known Basic.The physical universe, including the whole of humankind, is an ongoing creative process. There is indeed a Creator. Who or what this Creator is lies beyond the Emitter and the Aperture, and I have not been there. Therefore, that part I do not know. Not yet. All I have is the overwhelming experience in the Ray near the Emitter, and of the evolving creative process as it takes place in this world and in myself. This I perceive with my Different Overview.
The human mind-consciousness has speculated for aeons as to our Creator beyond that Aperture
(Aperture is Entry point into the beyond, the source of the creative force that organized our physical universe). I have not been able to engage in this for reasons I now recognize. Because of the continuing use of the label of "God" in a myriad variations, I had resisted any attempt at identification in any descriptive form. The discoloration and misconceptions would be too great. Now I know why I had resisted. The same applies to the word "spiritual" and many other commonly used terms.
These to me are Knowns:
This, our Creator (Creative Force):
• is beyond our comprehension as long as we remain human
• is the designer of the ongoing process of which we are a part
• has a purpose for such action beyond our ability to understand
• makes adjustments, fine tuning, in this process as needed establishes simple laws that apply to everyone and everything
• does not demand worship, adoration, or recognition
• does not punish for "evil" and "misdeeds"
• does not intercede or interdict in our life activity
The desire to return with Gifts (experiences) is an integral part of the design. Most important, I realized that no words I could write or speak, no music I could compose, would be able to transfer fully such Knowing to another human mind. As a belief it might be possible, but not as a Known. This could come only through direct individual experience. How to provide this was the essential item. Then I became aware that the process of transfer was two-thirds completed—in place and operating within the learning system we had devised
at our Institute."

It was  the Basic;the collection and unification of the "parts," not only the errant (mistaken) and missing ones in my own I-There, but the parts of the entire I-There cluster, to which
I am bonded. I have no idea how many others are in the cluster. It may be thousands or hundreds of thousands. Why is there this need for total unification? So that we can become truly One. Complete, and with a multitude of gifts of experience and love. Then we as a totality can wink out and pass through the Aperture. And what then? The answer is unknown.

The schedule for this Earth departure is  apparently(that's not for sure, LM)  in the thirty-fifth century.  
But we cannot leave until we have gathered back all of the parts of each I-There in our cluster—a massive task. So we shall be in the retrieval mode as needed, as parts of us drop out of the physical bewildered and uncertain, or fall through a crack in a belief system that has held them entrapped for so long. My role, I could see, was that of a facilitator needed to be incorporated into our activities and learning systems. I had been unaware of what we had been leading up to. I was unaware also of the probability that within our methods and techniques to improve human consciousness there was some kind of Signal that may have alerted and attracted those who are from their own I-There bonded within our cluster.
The BasicI wondered how many of the thousands who had participated in our programs belong to our particular cluster.There is no way of knowing, yet.
For more than fifteen years our programs have been providing working knowledge of human consciousness up to the very edge of time-space. The move beyond this border to begin gathering knowledge of the Basic was indeed an ultimate challenge. The problem was how to do this cleanly and clearly, to make the Basic a Known instead of a belief. This could only happen through personal experience.
p. 239   
And all the rest of it behind me in my search was the same, the product of a human mind-consciousness. The medical haven, Agnew's rigging, my father's recuperation room, and Charlie's cabin by the ocean. Charlie, I remembered, had even demonstrated how he put it together! All human creation!  The Basic!I know of the existence of our Creator, but are all of us really creators out of the same mold? Is my Core Self I accepted so casually a minuscule replica or clone of the Original? How far can we take this only partially expressed idea?
As if to prove the point of reality, a large orange parrot flew over my shoulder, chirped, and released a white dropping in my hand as he passed. I laughed as I tested the warm consistency of it between thumb and forefinger. It was certainly real!
p. 271 :
Basic - in developing a Different Overview, the knowledge and application of certain Basics are essential. A key Basic, for instance, would be the knowledge that you are more than your physical body and that you do survive physical death. Such Basics must be absolute Knowns, not just beliefs, to complete the growth. If one or more of the key Basics is missing, the development is inhibited.

 Cosmic Distances

R.Monroe's, W.Buhlman"s and my thoughts on that.

Cosmic distances are nothing. Our spirit travels faster than any spaceship ever will (anywhere and anytime) without the body (no cost), millions of light years in a second.

1. Astral travel will take you anywhere you want to go, any distance; flying over cities, countries, oceans, planets, galaxies, universes or just walking on the street.

2. In case you are lost, Silver Cord will bring you back to your body, start again (reorient yourself). Request to be where you want to be!

3. You might fly over the mountains, through the houses, bottom of the ocean, but the closer you get to your body, the stronger is its pull on you. It means the distance between your astral and physical is shorter. The further you are from your physical body the better the chance to go astral. Imagine yourself in another city, a familiar house, people; you can stay  in astral there for 30 minutes (compare to another room in the house - a moment). In a city about 100 miles away you can stay in astral up to 1 hour, compared to a room a few metres away where you can stay only a few moments.

4. You can’t reach someone and you want it. Just astral travel to find them.

5. To help to pin down your location when you are astral travelling:
(a) LIGHT LEVELS- astral day and night are brighter than day and night in the physical world. During astral day light is quite intense; astral night is when you can still see clearly.
(b) SLEEP TIME- You will occasionally notice newly arrived spirits who seem to be dormant or sleeping. This is because they don’t realise that sleep is unnecessary in the astral here - now, but on Earth at least 10 hours a day (with crystals if you can’t fall asleep). Practice Inner Silence.

6. What you also should know that Earth grew up and became bigger over the thousands of years and the same things you will find exist in the rings around the Earth, like ocean, mountains, forest and parks, cities and villages, people, birds and animals, aliens (only less dense).
7. You can go through the sun or the ocean. I wouldn’t advise you to go to some places on the Earth or inside of it, for instance Military Bases. There could be some astral traps, but everything you want to know about them you can learn in the Library on Focus 27.

8. Don’t travel to imaginary places, space photographs of other planets were a great help for astral travelling. You have to be accurate and quickly move yourself by will yourself to the place (request firmly and a guide will take you there).

9. Travelling into the future or the past should be requested even though you don’t see the guide, they can see and hear you very well (and they are from your cluster), but only after a good deal of experience you reach the right frequency to go into the past or the future (but not always precise time and date).

10. There are windows in time when you can travel like for instance you can’t travel 2 hours ahead of time or 2-3 weeks, but COULD travel a week or a month ahead, (same applies for the past). That also varies from person to person. The further you go into the future, the longer the cycles get. Philadelphia experiment was a good example. For travelling into the past and the future they used major Earth cycle in time 12 August 1943, when the whole ship with the help of electronics was sent into the future. Many sailors died or had mental breakdowns. Two of them turned up in 1963 and 1983 couldn’t find each other and other people who were involved in this for a while. There is a series of books on this subject starting from “Montauk Project”, which would tell you more about it. You might be able to travel one year, 10 or 500 ahead, but not 2-3 years. Same applies to the past. Because the whole pattern shifts every day as “future” crosses “present” and becomes “past”, tomorrow you will be able to travel into new time zones but will lose access to old ones and soon the time zone into which you were able to travel last week is gone from you until the cycle brings it back for use. The most common explanation is that our reality intersects the realities (worlds) of other time zones at constantly changing locations.

11. Time in Time
As you progress forward in time, so time stretches. For instance you are in year 2500, you will find that you can spend days or even weeks in this time zone, but returning to your physical body, only a few minutes have passed. When you travel back into past the opposite will occur, for instance, if you are in year 1500, spend just a few seconds there, returning to your body after a few minutes. EXAMPLE: when Alex Collier spent 3 months on Andromedan Mother-ship, upon returning to Earth only 15 minutes have passed, because the Mother-ship was in 4th or 5th Density (means future- frequency is faster).

12. Many people don’t like to travel more than a thousand years either way. You could spend a whole life time in the higher density world while your physical body “me” is waiting - and then continue life here. Many reptilians left their bodies in cryogenic state under the South Pole ice regions to start waking up by this time to participate considerably in the future of this planet. Their spirits spent the rest of the time in other places or densities of our Universe.

13. Did you notice, when you sleep long hours, you don’t feel like eating? The more you sleep the better you fight indulgence in everything, especially food, smoke, alcohol, drugs.
When you travel into the bands around Earth you will notice that your colour perception is slightly dulled: things are not as bright as on Earth. But when you start moving away from Earth or forward into the future- colours become more brilliant up to the point of being overwhelming and painful to the “I”.
When you travel into the past (history) the faded colours are worse than on Earth at present up to the point, that they become black and white.  And further into the past the black outline becomes fuzzy, blurry, misty.

14. Sound changes the same way: more intense if you move forward in time and less if you move backwards.

15. Average astral body weight is 56gm (2 oz). The instance you start to travel back in time your astral power decreases to zero. You can’t have any influence on the past (change it).

16. But in the future you can affect scenes, reality, as you can in your own body in the real world. You can travel into the future and see what is going to happen in your life, yourself as you appear as a snapshot (a moment), but not all future life. And that still can change. Things you do today in the real world will affect your future.

17. If your physical body “me” is threatened, you can always go into astral travel.

18. Gateways. Higher gateways are more difficult to pass. Apparently it’s not usual for an incarnate to go through upper Gateways 4 and 5.

  Earth Human Civilization a million years ago

It looks like there was a big group of humans from 4th Density, who dropped to 3rd Density Earth to train animals to live together with humans on physical Earth  about a million years agobefore the Game started. Robert Monroe was among them, but later he supposedly left to a higher level and gave the Signal to all the humans living on physical Earth then to follow him. And they all, probably, did wink out of physicality and got into non physical 4th density Earth. Looks like now with the creation of New Earth and a half a million people following it to the higher level, we have a similar situation. One (or more) need to give a Signal for everyone, matching the same frequency, to wink out of here with the New Earth at certain moment.
 Here is an extract from  
"Ultimate Journey", p.33-42 :  

The glowing figure began to move. I stayed close by until suddenly it started to dwindle (diminish). My response was automatic. The energy pattern of the Earth dissolved into blackness . . .then out of the blackness a landscape emerged. Just ahead of me, the glowing INSPEC waited motionless.
We were some thousand feet over a wide valley, which appeared to be eight to ten miles long and about five miles
wide. Snowcapped peaks surrounded the valley on three sides. Beyond the open side were forests and fields extending to the horizon. A bright sun hung in a blue sky studded with small cumulus clouds.
Directly below us was what appeared to be a large settlement stretching nearly to the base of the mountains. There
was a mass of trees of a variety of shapes and sizes with variegated foliage in every possible shade of green. Among the
trees was a complex and extensive network of narrow paths. But there were no houses or buildings, no smoke or smog. The air was totally clean and clear.
I turned to the INSPEC.
No houses? No buildings?
Sleeping quarters are underground, and the places for artisan activity.
Where are all the people?
They are among the trees. Each is performing an individual function.
How many are there?
Just over two million, as we understand it.
Two million!
That is so.
How many settlements are there like this? It is our planet Earth, isn't it?
It is indeed and it is the only such place. These are the only humans in residence.
The only ones on all of Earth?
That is correct.
I won't ask what happened that brought the numbers down from billions . . . So this is what we can expect in the future?
You are thinking in the wrong direction, my friend.
What do you mean?
This is a place of the past, as you express time.
The past! There is nothing in our history that remotely resembles this! It must be very far back.
It is. Nearly a million of your years.
The inhabitants . . . are they human? Such as I am?
Slightly different but definitely human.
Can we go down?
We can indeed. That is our purpose.

...Will they be able to see us? Can we communicate with them?
Yes, with no difficulty.
They won't resent our intrusion?
On the contrary. They will welcome us.
We drifted down toward the trees and then into an open area about the size of a football field. It was a park, or perhaps a huge flower garden, with neat, irregular beds of flowers and plants, none of which I recognized. Wide, grass-covered walks wound around among the beds in sweeping curves. I even thought I could feel the grass under my feet.
You do feel it. Just as you are able to see, in a physical manner. But you are not physical (not 3rd Density, LM)
I turned. The glowing figure of the INSPEC was beside me. Walking rapidly toward us were four people. They seemed
about five feet tall, each with a different tone color of hair and skin. Their hair was uniform in length, just below their ears. Their faces and bodies were those of active, athletic thirty year-olds, but without bulging muscles. Two were men and two were women. It was easy to tell, because they wore no clothes.
They have no need for clothes.
What about keeping warm? Or protection from the weather?
Each has an individual control system for that purpose.
I don't see anything.
It's all in the mind, as you would say.
I gather you have been here before.
That is so . . . in a manner of speaking.
The four approached and stood before us, smiling happily. They had beautiful bodies, in perfect condition. I wondered
how we could communicate—what language they used. Could they even see us?
One of the men took a step forward and nodded.
"Yes, we can see you, Robert. And communication is easy. We will use your English. OK?"
The OK was what got to me. There was something wrong here. How would he know American slang from the future ?
"We absorbed it from your mind. No problem."
Then I noted that his lips had not moved, and saw the twinkle in his eyes. We both laughed—mentally. I had found a
new friend who could read minds, probably every last bit of what I thought or felt. From then on, all of the talk was
mental—thought transference, you might call it.
"This is a beautiful place," I began.
"The weather is very pleasant. We stir up a thunderstorm every afternoon to clean off the leaves and provide water for
the plants."
"With lightning?"
"Yes, but we direct the intensity and where it will make contact. The electrical charge is vital to all carbon-based life."
"And the wind . . . do you control the wind too?"
"The wind? Would you like it stronger?"
"No, it's all right . . . it's fine . . ."
He smiled broadly. "You are wondering what we eat."
"You all look well fed and healthy."
"No sickness or injuries, and so on."
"You come from a strange world! Do you really have difficulty maintaining your physical body?"
"That is our major difficulty."
"How sad. Our history has a record of such problems many thousands of years past."
"No bugs? No viruses? No one is killed or injured?"
"I understand what you are saying. The bugs and viruses work with us, Robert. There is no conflict. As for being killed
. . . we stopped what you call dying long ago."
Thoughts and questions flooded my mind. One rose to the surface.
"Then you must control your . . . reproduction?"
"Oh yes. And as for the rest of that thought—we still enjoy the ritual!"
"But no children . . . "
"We have many children. Would you like to meet some of them?" (they can create a body without giving a birth, just by thought, LM)
"Yes, I would."
"I will call them."
A series of different whistles sounded in my head, like songs of birds, almost a form of music. Out of the trees came
several kinds of animals, large and small, all bounding up to the four people, who rubbed and patted them. Some resembled cats, others were reptilian, like small alligators and large snakes. Others were monkey-like, and still others could have been deer, but with long manes and tails. A swarm of huge bees surged out of a tree and made diving, playful swoops past our group. Overhead, a pair of large, brilliant green birds soared in circles, looking down at us. 
A small blue bird dropped down on my friend's shoulder and chirped in his ear. He turned to me.
"Our children."
"I would like to call my own animals children so easily."
"You will remember the sound, and with practice you can."
"Is all of the earth like this? The animals, I mean?"
"Only here in the valley. The rest is much what you would expect, from reading your books. You know of the food chain

"I do. So the animals die."
"Yes, in the natural order of events. So do these, our children. A balance is achieved and we do not disturb it."
"Then what do you eat? Vegetables?"
"Eat? I will show you."
My friend turned to one of the females in the group, who stepped over to a garden plot and scooped up what appeared
to be simple black dirt. She brought a handful back and stood beside us. Suddenly I knew what was going to happen.
"Would you like some of your favorite corn, silver queen, as you call it?"
I nodded. The girl stared at me intently, then put her other hand palm-down over the handful of dirt, still holding
me steadily in her gaze. I knew she was reading my mind. After a moment, she lifted her hand and uncovered a
pale-white and perfect miniature ear of corn. She held it out to me.
"He can't take it,"  said my friend.  "He doesn't have a physical body with him."
I sensed the girl's laughter as she turned and tossed it to one of the little brown fawns, who sniffed at it suspiciously.
They do have laughter, I registered, so they must have emotion.
"We have experienced every emotion you can remember, Robert. We treasure emotion, but it controls us only when we
let it."
I felt an outflow of gratitude. "We thank you for the warm welcome and letting us visit you. It is very rewarding.
No conflicts, no anger, no competition . . . "
"We do have competition. But we never get so involved that we forget it is a game."   
I did not ask about love. There was no need to. The radiation from the four of them was evidence enough. But
there was a tinge of sadness mixed with excitement.
My friend smiled again.
 "Your visit is well timed, for we will be leaving very shortly. We have to adjust to be without our valley and our children."
"Leaving? Why?"
"We received the Signal nearly a hundred years ago. We had waited several thousand years for it, and it finally came."
"I don't understand."
"It is rather that you don't remember. You will, when it is time for you and yours. We have experienced and known all
the patterns of change in our part of this physical universe.                We have gone to the stars and back, moving just the way you
are doing. We found nothing that we did not have here, nothing truly new."
"I think I have it. You know there is more . . ."
"Perhaps that is one way of saying it. Another is . . . curiosity . . . yes, curiosity."
"Yes! This has happened to me. But are all of you going?"
"Why would we leave anyone behind? Would you leave your hand, or even a finger?"
"But where will you go?"
"The Signal will guide us."
"What is this Signal? Can you describe it?"
"It is made by arrangement."
"By arrangement with whom? Or what?"
"With one of us who went ahead. They all agreed to send us the special Signal when it was time for us to follow. One
finally did so after these many years."
"He was . . . you are . . . like an explorer, looking for new worlds to conquer."
"Not to conquer, Robert. To be in and to understand."
"How do you know where to go?" The questions kept flooding in.
"We simply follow the Signal."
"Are you receiving it now?"
"Oh yes. It has been with us continuously since we first perceived it."
"Why don't I perceive it too?"
"I do not know. Perhaps your attunement is different."
"You have waited so long. Why is that?"
"It was necessary to train our animal children to live without us. Now that we have completed this, we are in the
process of saying goodbye to all of them. We cannot nor would we take them with us."      
I understood that it was time now for me to leave.
"I am glad that we came. Somehow, I think we shall meet again."
"We shall. I could tell you more . . . but that would, as you might say, spoil the fun."
I waved farewell, and all four waved back as I began to lift off the grass..."  

(one of the possibilities, mentioned by Bob's Inspec friend on p. 232 of "Far Journeys" .

4th D Earth

This is one of the possibilities of future New Earth, mentioned by Bob's Inspec friend on p. 232 of "Far Journeys".
The Earth of the future 4th Density (after year 3000 they stopped counting) from  
"Far Journeys" by R.Monroe, chapter 15  "Promised Land", p. 205-219:

(We enjoy your human terms. Handle, as you use it, does not imply a point of grasp for your physical appendage, but capability to act properly. Therefore we do learn from you.)
I still found it hard to imagine their learning anything of significant value from me, but if THEY felt that way, fine.
(We learn much of importance from and through you, Ashaneen.)...

(Yet you would not know of it as a freedom if you had not experienced the repression.)
Yes, the comparative factor seems always to apply. Without it, perhaps there can be no change or at least the awareness.
(At this point, we believe you are ready for another awareness. You may now appreciate the prospect of what you are attempting to perform in your present time. It is not to state that you alone may bring into earth reality such prospect. Yours is hut a small part of a whole that may come into being, aided and supported by many, many others who contribute their small parts, just as you are doing. However, with your effort in your present time, you can complete your portion and you can return home, only to return and share in the fruits of what you are propounding when they have matured. These fruits are what we are about to show you.)...
(We thought it might be important to you. We can show you this as an observer, not as a participant.)
Even as I vibrated, I blanked. If THEY planned it, it must be something big, but I couldn't read them as THEY did me. What . . .
(We can escort you to a physical earth possibility at a point in your time measurement beyond the year 3000. The principal inhabitants are what we call H-plus, humans-plus, to indicate modification from those in your present time. As you are now, you will be a visitor.)
"Well! So that was it! I had made only a few visits into future time. I would never have the guts to try such a jump by myself, but with them . . .
(Close tightly. It will be better that way.)
My excitement was great and my vibrating reflected it, so I turned inward, folded it all back in a loop, and closed. This would be the real rote, not the projections and imaginings of those looking at the small trends which always . . .
("A Physical Earth Possibility" of the future Earth has been always a point of contradiction for many readers.
"Far Journeys" was written in 1985 and it was too early for the Start of the Universal Shift on 23d of March 1994.
Robert Monroe didn't know  and didn't write about it in this book, Alex Collier did in 1996, after the Shift already happened. In his next book Robert Monroe only hinted about this event (the Shift), maybe even wrote about the Shift, but if he did then it was edited out.
this possibility was already a reality on 4th Density Earth, the School for Compressed Learning already existed and we all have been attending "Sleeper's Classes" in that School in Asrtral form, in our sleep, LM).

We were high above the earth, much as one would perceive it from halfway to the moon, which was still there, behind us. The earth was the same blue-green color, with white covers of clouds partially obscuring the land below. We moved in steadily, and I was happy to see that the deep gray and brown rings were no longer there—which meant the blockage
got cleaned up. Good! No more repeaters. But it was the new feature that pulled my focus and wouldn't let it go. Around the earth was a single flat ring, much like the ones around Saturn, and it was radiating and sparkling, not from the reflection of the sun, but from its own internal source.
(You will understand fully the meaning of the ring as we progress.)
As we moved around, not through, the sparkling ring and headed inward, I became aware of another change.  
The M Band was full of communication, but no noise. No noise! That could mean only one thing—man had finally got it together. Further evidence was the lack of the haze M Band noise creates. No more random thought-clutter. This at least gave me a beginning percept of what I might expect.
We came into a low altitude, at about eight thousand feet, and began circling the earth over the northern hemisphere, east to west near a 28- degree latitude just a few miles off the coast of what appeared to be Japan. The seas were soft light green, and gentle swells some ten feet from trough to crest moved majestically over the surface. Deeper, I could perceive schools of fish leisurely weaving along, not too fast, their track matching neatly the contour of the distant coastline—thousands of them, silver sides flashing as they made their quick changes in direction. There had indeed been changes if they schooled so closely to the shore, so many of them. It was familiar, yet there was a missing element.  
I scanned the ocean surface and knew immediately what it was.
No ships. I reached out along the horizon and far beyond. Not even a rowboat or dinghy. I scanned overhead across the sky with its streets of white cumulus (dense, white, well defined) clouds. No aircraft, just gulls and terns sweeping and
searching among the heavy swells, and higher than that, beyond cloud base—nothing. No jet contrails, no jets.
Then we had crossed the coastline and were over Japan. Off to the north was Fujiyama, a white cone glistening in the sun. Below us was a neat carpet of tidy fields in large checkerboard squares, each a subtle shade of green—correction: much more than greens. Spotted among the green like a gigantic bouquet were clusters of fields each of a different color, one a mass of bright orange, another deep blue, whites, reds—fields of blooming flowers, bushes, and evidently hybrids of the two, because no flower could be that large. It was a pattern that could be seen only from high overhead, yet there were no aircraft—and that began to give me another faint percept.
As we moved west, I became aware of other missing signs. There were no roads, not so much as a lane to service the fields. Also, no buildings, no houses, no barns, no sheds—I scanned in all directions and there were none. No cities, no towns, no villages, no power lines, no cars and trucks, no bicycles—all gone. The air was clear and clean, no smoke or smog.
Then I had a flashing percept. There were no people. That was what I actually was looking for—men, women, children. What terrible catastrophe took them all away!
(They are there. They are fewer in number, but it was not an event that made it so. What you perceive is by design.)
We began to move more rapidly, westward, across the unending array of colored bouquets set in green, some so large they appeared to be many miles in width, and soon we were again over water, the Sea of Japan, as I remembered it, and still no ships on what once was such an important transportation route. Back over land again—the Korean peninsula?
—and the pattern was different. In every direction were tall and stately trees with close upward-turned branches, of a species unfamiliar to me . . . but again no sign of human artifact to indicate Kilroy had been anywhere near the place.
(Your percept is—how do you call it?—obsolete.)
Before I had a chance to turn inward on that one, we were over water again, moving even faster, and back over land. This would have to be China. Surely with its teeming millions, some had to be visible. Evidently they didn't have to be at all. We swept over mile after mile of deep green forests broken only by occasional grassy clearings and wide rivers and streams. Where are the rice paddies so vital to human sustenance?
(There are a few, but for a different purpose. Bird sanctuaries.)
The land below became more rugged, and soon we were skimming between the ranges and peaks of very mountainous terrain. Vegetation was sparse, and snowcaps flashed by as we passed at what seemed Mach 2 speed or greater."
(Mach 2 is a computer's brand. It is interesting that Mach reminds Reptilian  Makh, the word for ancient Reptilian Empire and their Queens, their Mind set, this name was attached to their Mind Control programs and so on,LM). 
"I would be more comfortable with a little safer altitude; my old half-bold pilot experience was coming out. Being half-bold had let me grow old but not gracefully. The sheer snow-laden rocky side of a high ridge came rushing at us.
(You can move through it and out the other side. It is no different now.)
The ridge was almost upon us. I closed tightly just as we were about to crash. There was a slight change in the texture around me momentarily, and it was gone. I opened, and scanned behind us. The high range was fading in the distance. Passing through physical matter is not yet my habit! Quickly, the earth below was beginning to level out again, the color
of the forest changed into lighter greens, and the cleared areas became larger. I tried to remember my geography—we were over the Middle East, I thought . . . yes, there they were coming up, still the rolling, sandy, near-desert areas, where the oil came from. I scanned in all directions, and saw very symmetrical clusters of trees, but no tanks, no pipelines, no
pumping wellheads, nothing to indicate man had ever set foot in the area. Either the oil fields were pumped dry or there was no longer a need for oil.
(Both percepts are accurate.)
We moved out over water again—Mediterranean Sea?—and higher, faster, a scrap of land blinked by underneath which I could not identify and more water, heavy waves, this must be the Atlantic . . . land again, a sudden slowing and we landed gently in a field of grass amid rolling hills. I looked around me, wondering why we had stopped at this particular
place. It was very faintly familiar. I was standing on a knoll, in a field of rich green grass whose blades were so even they must have been recently mowed . . . no, not cut, they were growing evenly. The edge of a woods of oak trees, limbs spreading broadly, rose behind me. In the far distance, a series of ascending green-blue ridges formed giant stair steps upward . . . Why stop here, why at this place?
(It is their wish. They are expecting you.)
The INSPEC energy fadedand I was alone. I seemed very physical as I stood there. I could feel the sun on my face. Light, cool breezes ruffled my hair. Hair? I wasn't supposed to have . . . They were expecting me? I scanned in all directions, but with no ident, no, no, there is one, and it's very, very familiar . . . over in the woods. I turned and walked... walked? . . . that inferred legs. I looked down and I did indeed have legs, very normal and very human, bare legs and bare feet, and I could feel the grass in my toes as I walked. I touched the rest of me as I headed for the large oaks, my body was physically real and warm under my fingers. I glanced down, and it was my body as a bean pole twenty-two years old...hah! No clothes! That's some kind of progress. Now I could feel the soft wind against my body, the air in my lungs as I breathed. It was the first time that I could remember that I experienced a fully operationalphysical body in this state of consciousness. But I don't see why I had to go all the way back to a skinny six-foot, one-thirty-seven-pounder . . .  I reached the edge of the woods and started to enter, when I ran into a barrier, something that threw me back into the field.I stopped and looked, but my percept showed nothing. The familiar ident (name, address) I couldn't associate with anything was behind the barrier, so I tried again. It gave a little, but no more—and the invisible force itself was familiar yet I couldn't connect the ident and the barrier. Something was missing.
(You can stay in the grass and we will join you there.)
No sound, it was NVC! We made it! Humans did it! We made the quantum jump from monkey chatter and all it implied! I was eager to meet the welcoming committee, whoever they were. I didn't have to wait but a moment. A man and a woman came out from under the trees and stood in front of me. At least that nice polarity hadn't changed. Both
appeared to be in their late twenties, attractive, well formed, skin a suntan color, the man's hair light brown, the woman's dark. They smiled as I inspected them.
I opened. (Well, I guess we haven't changed as much as I thought we would. Not physically, anyway.)
(Sorry about the mix-up, RAM.) The man rolled/laughed. (Your host forgot about the barrier, so we’re taking his place.)
I blanked. (You must know me with that RAM stuff.)
The man warmed. (Yeh!)
(And you're sure a familiar one to me. The ident is fuzzy. The way it comes out I know it's not right.)
The man vibrated/showed emotion and rolled. (Not in a thousand years would you believe it! It's more than a thousand, so now you better believe it!)
I had a bright flashing percept, and I didn’t believe it. (BB)
BB rolled. (Who else!)
I turned inward and found the rotes that had percepts/insight on the barrier, where it had repelled me before, and  
I knew who my host was to have been. (That's AA back in the trees.)
BB opened wide. (He was sure eager to meet you in person. He was so eager he forgot about the barrier. But he's getting percepts.)
(Does he know what the barrier is?)
BB smoothed. (Yeh, he knows. But he told me you have to find out for yourself.) 
(AA was another part of R.Monroe, more evolved and that's why the barrier, LM). 
I turned to the woman, no longer able to resist the enormous pull she knowingly or unknowingly was exerting upon me . . . her smile told me it was the former, but she was closed tightly and I respected the signal.
Like BB's, her ident was strong, far stronger . . . but it was fuzzy. How could I forget such a vital, important . . .
Her smile was mischievous. (You don't.)
(Well, what do you want to know first?) BB cut in. (I could run you my rote but it might not be what you want.)
I turned to BB. (Exactly what year is it?)
(Year? Oh . . . time. They gave up that kind of measuring somewhere after they reached the 3000 mark. Didn't need it anymore. What next?)
I flickered. (Where are we? I know from the way we traveled on our approach that we’re just inside the United States near the coastline.)
BB smoothed. (AA thought this would be where you would like to come first. Not the United States any longer. No states or countries anywhere. Don't need them. But you ought to get a percept on this particular place.)
I turned and scanned around me. It was familiar. The knoll where we were standing, the rising tiers of blue-tinted ridges to the west . . . Blue ridges! The percept was total. How many times before had I stood on this very knoll and looked to the west, had made the stairway of rounded hills my launching chute, the flood of living human experience I had attached to this spot, this site . . . the houses, fences, buildings, roads, all were gone. The lake. The lake was still there. And trees, so many more trees and of varieties I had never seen before, and to the east, there was . . water. Water where once was a four-lane highway, water stretching off into the horizon. (TMI)
(We call it Virginia Bay for old times' sake. Part of the ocean.) BB was very smooth. (You always yelled about the law of change. Some of us hibe here also for old times' sake.)
I blanked. (Hibe?)
The woman opened ever so slightly. (We store our favorite human bodies here under the oak trees until we need them.)
(Which is not too often,) BB added.
I turned inward. Hibe . . . hibernation. Sure, why not? Simply a vast improvement on the old OOBE pattern. But to leave it lying around under an oak tree . . .
(We put a super Reball around it,) the woman responded, smiling. (It's so tight not even a virus can get through, so certainly it won't be bothered by ticks, mosquitoes, or anything larger.)
The rote was building fast. "Reball," short for resonant energy balloon, which we were clumsily trying to generate, with mixed success, an energy field around the body to shield and protect, back when. And there are still ticks, mosquitoes, viruses, and bears no doubt.
BB grinned. (No doubt at all.)
I looked at him. (What did you mean, not too often?)
BB swung to the woman. (You tell him.)
The woman opened somewhat wider, and I could feel the attractive radiation diminish, and I knew it was deliberate.  
I also was sure she knew I would not attempt any further percept of her, if that was the way she wanted it. At least that hadn't changed either. Women still like to be mysterious.
(Not too often is about twice a week, more or less.) She smoothed, watching my reaction.
She got one. I blanked/didn't understand.
(All three of us here in human physical on the same day is quite unusual,) she went on, enjoying every moment.  
(We did it just to meet you.)
I smiled. (I appreciate it, believe me.)
(Remember how you used to say . . .) She laughed, then started again. (You were always saying we are more than our physical bodies. Now it's the other way around. You, I mean we keep telling the new ones they are more than their energy selves.)
I turned inward. This was more than I had ever contemplated, but one thing hadn't changed. One answer led to a hundred other questions. I needed to start at . . .
(You want your usual baseline. Well, we are still human beings, or beings being human. I guess?) She looked at BB, who simply shrugged. That was unusual. AA must have instructed him to let the woman do the talking— correction: communicating,  (males are so used to 'teach' women and women are so used to think that men are so much more smarter than them, that it was unusual for Robert Monroe at that time to see a woman giving a lesson to both males: Bob and BB and that woman was Nancy, LM).
I tried another direction. (On the way in, I didn't see a single house or building, no roads, nothing to show that man was here or ever had been, no cities, factories, aircraft, cars. How come?)
BB laughed. (You didn’t look very hard.)
The woman glowed. (Isn’t it beautiful?)
I was smoothing (getting it together) more. (I can understand how you can sleep under the trees in weather like this, but how about winter? You still have to keep warm.)
(The Reball takes care of that,) she answered. (It keeps an air temperature layer all around the physical, just whatever you want it to be.)
(How about food? You have to eat.)
She held out her arms in front of her body, level with her shoulders, palms upward. She closed her eyes and stood quietly. After a few moments, she lowered her arms, opened her eyes again.
(That gives this body enough energy for at least a week.) She sighed contentedly.
I flickered. (You mean you don't get to taste food anymore, real food?)
(Oh, that. Sure.) BB got into the act again. He reached down, scooped up a handful of red loam from between the grass roots. (What'll you have? Wild rice? That's my favorite.)
I watched, fascinated . . . decided to go with the game. (No, uh . . . Silver Queen.)
BB blanked. (Silver Queen? What kind of . . .)
(Here, I'll do it.) The woman took the dirt from BB, cupped it in her right hand, and stared at it intently. The dirt began to bubble and boil, changing color, re-formed into a small full-kerneled mature ear of white corn.
She handed it to me and I took it. It was hot to the touch. I carefully put it up to my mouth, took a bite. It was Silver Queen, the sweetest corn I ever tasted, with the freshness of just being picked. It even had melted butter, no, oleo dripping from it. I looked at the woman as I chewed avidly. She smiled knowingly. If she kept leaking percepts, I'd have her ident whether I wanted to or not and she wouldn't have her secret. I handed her the corn, and she bit into it.  
We both chewed and tasted. I swallowed, wondering where the corn went when I did so. It didn't matter, so I smoothed  
(got it together).
(This is the second time a female created a corn from dirt: first time it happened in 3rd Density Earth; second time it did in the 4th Density Earth, LM).
(All right, you’ve convinced me. What about no roads, no transportation? Suppose we wanted to go to Japan. That's not within walking distance.)
BB grinned. (Why, we just pull a skip, that's all. Short version, of course. Why Japan?)
(I noticed some very unusual patterns of growing things there when we came in.)
The woman smiled. (It's very lovely, isn't it?)
(First stop, Japan.) BB turned toward the woods, and the woman followed. (We'll be right back.)
I watched as they disappeared into the grove of oaks. I stood there waiting,  mulling over the strange mixture of physical and other energies that was now earth life. I found I was unable to determine where one began and the other left off. There was no longer a sharp dividing line. Was it all like this? (This would indicate that R. Monroe first was taken to a lower overtone/frequency of 4th Density, which still partially had 'physical energy' with some 'other energies'. Later he would be taken to the dorm of the School on higher levels of 4th density, LM). 
(All ready?) I turned and there was BB and the woman standing beside me. They seemed different, lighter.  (We had to drop off the bodies.)
I suddenly remembered. (No tricks, BB.)
BB rolled. (No chance. She's handling the ident/address. You and I just play follow-the-leader after her.)
(Nancy is leading them, LM).
I focused intently on BB, and stretched.
We were hovering over a rolling landscape, at about ten thousand feet. Directly below us was what seemed to be the center of a lotus blossom, the outermost petals in magnificent glowing colors spreading out in all directions for five or six miles. Beyond these were descending tones of green, from the very light of a fresh new leaf to the rich dark of the lower tropical rain forest. She and BB were beside me.
The woman vibrated. (This is one of the nicest.)
I could see why. I opened. (Who did this?)
(A group who wanted the area to give a percept of the beauty that began here. It was in existence when I came. Now others just take care of it.)
I got a clean, clear percept. (The rest of the world, the earth, is it all like this?)
(It has been restored to its original ecological balance, the way it was before humans upset it so severely. It's all back together again, every tree, every plant, every animal . . . all of it.)
(Plus a few improvements,) BB put in.
(But it's not all laid out in huge gardens such as this.) I focused on the woman.
(Only a small part,) she came back. (The rest is made up of forests, woodlands, pastures, and prairies. Even the desert areas haw been restored.)
My percept had been quite clear. Humans had taken over Mother Nature's work—with a few improvements. I didn't need to ask the hows of it. The rote of the woman converting dirt into an ear of fresh sweet corn said it all. If a human could do that ... I had to complete it. I was sure of the answer before I asked.
(Suppose we wanted to walk around down there. I mean in a physical body.) I smoothed carefully. (How could we do it?)
The woman vibrated. (I'm sure there are any number of bodies under those beautiful cherry blossoms.)
I pressed. (We each could take over one, just like that?)  
(Yes, of course.)
I had to know. (Suppose they all were already occupied . . . so to speak.)
BB couldn't stay out of it. (We 'd make some new ones. Doesn’t take long. You want to go down?)
I flickered. (No, no, not yet anyway. But what about the physical bodies you left under the oak trees? Can just anyone occupy those if they want to?)
BB rolled. (Sure, why not?)
Why not? That took some fast adjustment. Then I pulled out the rote from back when, where others had occupied the physical bodies of our volunteers in the laboratory, communicated verbally, activated other portions of said body, including playing the piano ... all without any wear and tear, or concern . . . why not!
The woman was smoothed at BB. (I don't get the percept he's ready.)
(Sure he is,) BB came back. (He's a big boy now. It would give him the whole rote in one gulp. Have so much fun it would blow him away!)
(Let's go back to the dorm first, as AA planned,) she came back easily. (Then maybe go from there.)
I opened. (Do I have a choice in this?)
She rolled. (Of course you do.)
I smoothed, holding back the vibration. (Let's do what she indicates. I've had too much experience with your fun, BB. No offense.)
BB rolled. (Sure, sure.)
The woman turned to me. (Close tightly.)
I did.  

 R. Monroe's Super-Human School of Compressed Learning

The Goals of this School for training H+ humans and teach them how 'to make and gather' loosh on 4th Density. This process was described by R.Monroe in "Far Journeys"p. 216-219 :

We were floating amid thousands upon thousands of white sparkling forms, each animated and vibrating. At first, the brightness and radiation was so overwhelming I was sure I would have to push the panic button or scream for my INSPEC friend. Then it lessened, and I felt the warm sense of understanding entering from all external points of me.
I knew the forms had deliberately diverted their radiation, whatever it was, away from me so it conformed to my level of tolerance. I wondered how I must ident to them . . . probably a dull gray piece of fog.
(Welcome to the dorm of the renovated super-human school of compressed learning!) The ident was BB, no mistaking that. (AA decided "dorm " was the best term to use. I have no percept what a dorm is.)
I caught the smooth yet vague ident of the woman on the other side of me. She was bright and sparkling exactly as all the others. I knew she was human—or did I?—so must be all of the other sparkling forms.
I opened as much as I could. (What's this place?)
(You passed it when you entered earth.) As she sent it to me, I immediately got the flash of the sparkling ring. (This is our reference point until we decide to . . .)
She trailed off and closed. I tried to smooth. (Decide to do what?)
She opened slightly. (I, uh . . . graduate.)
I let that one rest for the moment. (What do you do in the meantime?)
She rolled lightly. (Well, for one, we make and gather . . . what did you call it? . . . loosh. Like honeybees.
Or Guernsey cows. Only now we 
know what we’re doing and why, and we’re happy to do it.)

I turned inward and closed. This one I did understand, but the vastness of the change was near-unbelievable. But I was here, and the evidence was all around me. The interstate to freedom. I opened again. (What else do you do?)

She lighted smoothly.
(Experience Earth Consciousness. Not just inphysical human form—remember we could only feel part of it, just a part? Now we go through it completely, from the smallest unicellular life up, millions of different life cycles, most of which we were unaware of as only physical humans. Even the physical earth itself has an active consciousness.)..."
I let that one go by, too, because I couldn't resist the follow-up. (The natural food chain process, it still exists and you experience it? From beginning to end?)
She came back gently.
(It is an important part of the learning process. Wecouldn’t make loosh  without it.)
(Hey, RAM!) BB could stay out of it no longer. (Some change, huh? No more haze, no more M Band noise, no more locked-in rings! Want me to show you around?)
I turned to the woman, but she didn't respond, so I took that to mean it was all right. Also, she had closed. Evidently she wanted to keep her secret, and with a little more of her ident leaking, she wouldn't have any secret.
I followed BB.
(Lead on, old buddy.)

We moved easily through the sparkling forms, and I hooked on to BB's ident to keep from getting lost. I could feel the radiation ease back in front of me, providing a pathway, so to speak, of low-level energy that I could tolerate. I was surprised when, passing various forms, a spark would fly out and touch me. In the sparks were spoken words that
I heard very
clearly . . . Hello, Bob. Hi, Robert . . . But I couldn't get an ident on any of them. Finally, BB stopped.
In front of us was the First Entry.
Station. It appeared much the same. There was a large cluster of gray forms hovering around it.
(Lot of changes.) BB smoothed. (But you wouldn’t notice them if you didn’t know better.)
I ventured, (Such as?)
(Heavy cutback on the survival imprint, for one.) BB rolled. (You remember that lecture you gave me, complete with living illustrations in the old rings? You'd be amazed at the
difference that one change made.)

I opened. (I am.)
BB blanked, then went on. (Yeh, well, another thing is a solid prebriefing and training before entry, especially as to continuing contact during physical sleep cycles.)
I blanked. (But you don't even sleep here, do you?)
(No, don't need to.) Then he lighted. (Oh, yeh, that's the other point. These first-timers go back before the changes as their first entry point, some of them almost back when humans first began being human. They take one human physical life cycle and one only, and come back here and join in. No repeaters, just one-timers.)
(From this it's not difficult to see that we have a lot of one-timers on Earth these days, no Repeaters, LM).

I turned inward, then opened. (Is this one-timer pattern going on back where I came from?)
BB lighted. (Oh, sure.)
I flickered. (I haven't had a percept on that taking place.)
BB smoothed. (Sure, you have.)
I blanked. (How?)
(That last outer ring, remember? Didn’t come near the repeater department? Just went up and faded out?)
I flickered again. (But they were the ones going home.)
BB vibrated triumphantly. (Well?)
I turned inward and closed. The whole thing was getting out of hand, or better, out of my mind-set, beyond my ability to absorb and understand instantly. And BB was pulling at me.
(Come on, RAM.) He vibrated. (Let's live it up, let's have some fun.)
I flickered. (Fun? Well, I don't know, your idea of fun . . .)
(Just usual stuff, I guarantee it. Things we do every day down there. Also, I got a hard rote from, uh, AA as to what to show you and what not to.)
I scanned beyond the gray forms around the Entry Station and into the sparkling lights beyond. (Where is AA now?
I never get a good ident on
BB indicated behind us. (He's back there. That barrier thing won't let him come closer. But I'll bet he's going to follow us. You ready? Just short skips, that's all.)
I felt much more confident, with that small percept. I reached out and stretched, holding on his ident."

More on understanding of the process of becoming a Human Graduate, p.224-227 :

I was back in among the sparkling forms, and I closed tightly. The radiation was making me break out in waves exquisitely familiar. After a moment, the radiation lessened and I opened. I had ident immediately on BB, and the vague ident of the woman.
BB rolled. (That big old bird must be wondering how his wings got bent.) I rolled with him. (Oh no. There wasn’t one strained tendon or muscle, not one feather out of line when I left. I guarantee it.)
BB turned to the woman, a sparkling form I already had ident as her. (He's your problem. I'll check with, uh, AA, and see you at the site.)
I turned to the woman. (The site?)
(That's where we first greeted you.)
I turned inward. There were so many points left unanswered, and 1 had a percept that my visit was growing short.
Get to the key items, those first. I focused, completely open so nothing would be distorted. (The first timers, when they come back . . .)
(One-timers,) she corrected.
I went on. (If you have that constant input, you must have an output to keep the flow, the movement active.)
She waited quietly . . . politely? ... or had she percept of both questions and answers. I went on. (So humans do graduate from here, the dorm. Question: What happens to the graduates?)
She flickered. (I . . . I don't have a percept of that. They just click out.)
(One at a time or as a group?)
She smoothed. (Usually several at once. Every so often, one goes alone.)
(And they never return?)
(No. They don't.)
(Any communication with them? After they leave?)
She flickered. (Not in a way that we can understand.)
I wanted to follow up on that one, but I was sure it would come out. (Any indications or symptoms they are about to graduate?)
She smoothed again. (Oh yes. They no longer need to experience earth, so they begin to go physical less and less. Finally, they stop completely.)
(Is that all?)
(No, their . . . uh, radiation begins to change. And they begin to close. After that, they click out.)
I had the percept she was beginning to vibrate. (I don't want to act like an inquisitor, but . . .)
She opened more. (Go on. We expected you to ask just what you are.)
I took another direction. (I need as much of a rote as I can get. I may not get another chance.)
She smoothed neatly, but there was a little roll in her response. (Oh, I'm sure you will.)
(In time-space,) I went on, (are there many other growth patterns in consciousness similar to humans and earth?)
She rolled. (You can't count them if you wanted to, there's that many. And new ones coming on line constantly.)
I flickered. (On line?)
She rolled stronger. (AA knew you would like it if I used that phrase.)
I went with it. (I would like to meet this AA face to face sometime. He knows more about me than I do myself.)
She didn't respond, just rolled more strongly. I didn't think it was that funny. (But are humans now in communication with other such, uh, civilizations?)
She smoothed out. (Not very much. There is some exchange, but it doesn’t seem necessary or important.)
(What about other, nonphysical energy systems?)
She lighted. (Oh, those! We visit them as often as we can.)
I threw a high hard one. (To gather loosh?)
She turned inward, then opened carefully. (No. To sow it, to plant the seeds. That lets the, uh, ray have an ident to focus on.)
Now I was the one who turned inward and closed. Her simple statement implied so much knowledge that made everything else no more than sophisticated monkey chatter. There was much monkey left in me, too much. But I had a sudden percept, and I knew I had to verify it. I ran it smooth. (Are you about to graduate?)
She flickered. (Yes.)
(How do you know this?)
She vibrated. (He told me you would ask the question, but you didn’t ask it right. So I can't answer it.)
I didn't have to ask who the "he" was. (But you gave me you didn't have a percept what happened to graduates.)
She smoothed nicely. (I don't. But you do.)
I blanked completely. Did she or INSPECS have it that I was to do the informing? A boy to do a man's job? I was so closed I almost missed the rest of it.
She was vibrating warmly. (We’ve been expecting this, uh, an event to take place. Then we can leave!)
I was ready to ask about who the "we" was, and the event, but I felt the familiar INSPEC signal and began to respond . . . and so did she! So did she! A great flood of percept ran through me and I had all the answers . . . I thought.
(We have to go back to the site now.) She was smooth, yet vibrating. (Are you ready?)
I closed . . . ident the knoll . . . reached and stretched.
(The Event she, Nancy, his wife  and other pre-Graduates were waiting for was the Universal Shift of Consciousness, which happened on the 23 of March 1994, LM).

Some important extracts about Human-Graduates :
(So humans do graduate from here, the dorm (the Sleeper's class). Question: What happens to the graduates?)
(I . . . I don't have a percept of that. They just click out.)
(One at a time or as a group?)
(Usually several at once. Every so often, one goes alone.)
(And they never return?)
(No. They don't.)
(Any communication with them? After they leave?)
(Not in a way that we can understand.)
(Any indications or symptoms they are about to graduate?)
(Oh yes. They no longer need to experience earth, so they begin to go physical less and less. Finally, they stop completely.)

(No, their . . . uh, radiation begins to change. And they begin to close (tune down an external stimuli). After that, they click out.)
(are there many other growth patterns in consciousness similar to humans and earth?)
(You can't count them if you wanted to, there's that many. And new ones coming on line constantly.)
(On line?)
(But are humans now in communication with other such, uh, civilizations?)
(Not very much. There is some exchange, but it doesn’t seem necessary or important.)
(What about other, nonphysical energy systems?)
(Oh, those! We visit them as often as we can.)
(To gather Loosh?)  (Loosh is Balance/Love, white colored, LM).
(No. To sow it, to plant the seeds. That lets the, uh, ray have an ident (a mental "address") to focus on.)
(Are you about to graduate?)
(How do you know this?)
(But you gave me "you didn't have a percept (an insight) what happened to graduates".)
(I don't. But you do.)
(We’ve been expecting this, uh, an event to take place. Then we can leave!)

Our Alters have already been changing this and other Universes. They are the Scouts, who have been sent to different Densities and Dimensions, different corners of our Universe to fasten the evolutionary process, to teach them how to produce Loosh, to share the experiences, to influence others to make a leap and take part in one of the Planetary Games! It's a two-way trafic: aliens learn from us  and we learn from them and from nature in general. There are a lot of one-timers on this Earth at this time and I have a personal experience with a few of them.
And we, future Graduates, an evolutionary culture from Earth, are not the only ones. There are numerous other planets in this universe taking part in this Universal Game (and new planets like ours are turning up everyday), who are doing exactly the same together with us. But the populations of such planets don't usually communicate with each other: that  would reduce the production of Loosh.
There is a need to experience nature of 1st, 2nd, 3rd Density Earth for many Beings, before attempting 4th/5th Density Super-Human School. 
R.Monroe is experiencing a cloud, plant and animal life (what it's like to be a Nature Spirit) represented in that School, p.219-224

As a Cloud.

"I'm floating over a wide brown field, just about three thousand feet up . . . I'm flat on the bottom and strong life energy is pouring up at me from below . . . I'm getting larger and larger and I eagerly convert the energy into being me . . . I'm a whirling vortex and my action takes water out of the energy and helps me get bigger, and I become more

conscious, more aware . . . as I get bigger, I'm able to know more . . . I'm like a round puffball on top, and I feel myself growing upward more than outward . . . now there's much of my life energy flowing in me, building up . . . (Wait, that's . . . electricity!) . . . if I can keep growing enough before the water leaks out, if the energy from below lasts long enough, I'll get strong, really strong . . . but I'm drifting away from the energy shaft and I can't stop the drift, so I'm not getting enough to, enough to . . .
We were floating over the earth, over a heavy forest. The brown field in the near distance was familiar. BB hovered in front of me. He vibrated. (Fun, huh?)
I flickered. (What was that!)
He indicated behind me. I turned. It was a medium-sized cumulus cloud  white on the side where the rays of the sun touched it, gray on the back, with a dark flat bottom.
Clouds have consciousness? The basis for life? Waters, minute bits of chemicals . . . and electricity! All the ingredients.
What would a thunderhead be? Or a tornado, a hurricane, weather lows and highs!

BB cut in. (Ready to go again?)
I reached out and stretched, following.

As an Oak Tree , p.223-224, "Far Journeys"

I am waving gently up and down and bending, flexing . . . coursing
into me from the smallest part of me, which is long and narrow with many tubes running through it, comes my share of the glorious life force, coming from the Whole,
the family of which I am a part . . . and I know
how much the Whole needs me and I gladly, joyously serve . . .
as the
energy that makes me waver and flex flows past my flat sides . . . (Wait,that's just air, wind!) . . . I take from it the parts needed by the Whole and send it back through the narrow tubes because it is needed . . . I do this so easily
I don't think of it as work, it's breathing . . . it's what I'm
for, to breathe for the Whole as I take ashes from the Whole and spread it out into the energy . . . my happy exchange . . . and the other, oh so important, my special shape . . .
my profile, configuration . . . receives
a special signal that the Whole understands, needs, and uses . . . all I do is receive it and send it on . . . and I'm happy, supremely happy . . . with a total knowledge of belonging, performing as I was designed to do . . . beautiful balance, giving . . . receiving . . . security and strength o f the Whole . . .

BB was beside me. (Gets to you, doesn’t it?)
flickered. (Where was that!)
He indicated, and I turned. Very close to me was a leaf, an oak leaf. It was attached by a long stem to a branch.
Beyond the branch was the massive tree trun
k,  solidly dug into the earth. To have passed such knowingwithout awareness . . . I understood more this new Human school.
(Ready to go again? This is my favorite.)
I flickered. (Well, uh, I'm not so sure. Maybe we ought to . . .)
(This one we designed ourselves,) BB cut in. (If you don't like it, give me a signal and we'II pull a quick skip.)
Reluctantly, I reached and stretched, followed.

As a Fish

I am in green water . . . it is lighter above me and darker below . . . my mouth is opening and closing automatically, taking in water, which flows through my head and out my ears . . . no, not ears. Gills . . . I'm a fish, a very big fish! . . .
I can feel my stabilizing fins waving gently to
keep me in place, my vision is split, I can't see exactly straight in front of
me . . . behind me is almost a blind spot, but my peripheral seeing is tremendous, detail is exquisite, but not many colors, only one or two . . . I try moving, just thinking about it, and I speed forward very rapidly, turn right, left, roll, steep climb, then dive . . . wait, something on the surface when I climbed, gotta go back, grab it, hungry, hungry . . .
I shoot
uncontrolled through the surface, mouth open, gulping in something as I do . . . then out of the air and back into the water, diving with a great sense of satisfaction and something wiggling and crunching in the back of my mouth . . . a bug? . . . deeper, but it's not dark as I thought, I can still see wonderfully . . . I am aware of another fish diving with me, tail and back of the body sculling, sculling strongly . . . am I doing that, too? . . . I am! . . . it just takes care of itself . . . I just think and it works, like walking or running in a physical human body . . . I stop. Ahead of me is another fish, it is coming at me . . . no, it's gigantic, the water is deceptive, it's incredibly bigger than I am . . . it has hunger signals radiating . . . go, go, it's after me, swim, swim fast, it's coming after me . . . up to the top, up, up faster . . . signal in from my sides, another fish swimming violently beside me . . . signal from the stripes on my sides . . .
(RAM, when you’re in the air, skip! Skip!)
I broke through the surface into the air, reached out, and stretched.

I was just above the water, and I saw the body of my fish, with a second
one alongside it, arch through the air and reenter the water with the smallest of splashes . . . but immediately there was a rushing, a swirling under the surface.
(Fun, huh?) It was BB beside me.
I couldn't reply, I was shaking so
hard, so he went on. (I guaranteed AA I wouldn’t let you go through the end of it.
He had a percept you weren't ready and he was right. But you
asked her about the food chain . . .)
vibrated (showed emotion). (All right, all right!)
BB smoothed. (You always want it the way it is, don't you?)
smoothed also. (Caught me by surprise, that's all.)
 (Well, this next
adventure is quiet, nice and quiet. Ready?)
Everything is relative,
including BB's idea of quiet. I reached andstretched . . .

As a Panther

I am lying down in soft thick grasses, lying on my side . . . I open my eyes . . . tall trees surround me on all sides, their leaf-laden branches form a canopy far overhead, sunlight filters through to provide good but not overbearing luminescence . . . a large tan-colored panther is standing over me, staring at me intently.
(Come on, RAM . . . let's play!)
I roll over and stand up . . . stand up! . . . I have four legs! How sure and stable it feels! . . . my head is out in front of my body, now I have to turn to look at my back and hips . . . fur-covered, sleek . . . what's that waving behind me? . . . it's a tail, I have a tail . . . I think about moving it, and it jerks . . . back and forth, back and forth, how about that! . . . but it goes up and down just a little bit, more down than up . . . a scent gets my attention . . . smells, smells, I didn't know so many different smells existed . . . know instantly if they're near or far . . . the signal input is as good as or better than my seeing . . . and hearing, I could know everything just from listening . . . I flex my legs, pull in my claws . . . yes! I have claws! I feel great! Watch out, world, here I come . . . such a glorious sense of being alive . . . totally alive,
want to run, jump, climb . . .
(Well, come on, then!)
The tan panther lopes off through the trees, and I follow . . . faster, now into a gallop . . . now running all out, dodging through the trees, easily avoiding low branches . . . the exhilarating flow of smells passing my nose and I sample them all . . . my eyes and ears picking up, identifying and sorting a myriad of signals, all familiar . . . a large tree is dead
ahead and the tan panther runs right up the side of it and I follow, digging in claws, pulling up, and digging in claws.
It is waiting for me, sitting
casually on a thick branch . . . I pull up beside it, sit back . . . he waves his tail . . . and
I wave mine in reply.

(Pretty good for a beginner, RAM.)  (RAM , stands for Robert Allen Monroe, LM).
I am too stimulated to reply. I am remembering the great sense of power in my muscles, sorting out the massive input that had come through my senses . . . how could humans have ignored and distorted such profound perceptions . . . have picked up so little of it when a lower animal . . . lower? . . . picked up so much.(Have to go down now.)
The tan panther stands up, turns, and walks down the tree to the ground . . . walks down! I didn't know cats could do that, they always back down . . . I stand up, and slowly back down, jumping the last eight feet easily.
(Just lie down under the tree, near the trunk. Then pull a short skip, very
short.) I lie down in the tall grass, and very reluctantly reach and stretch.

As A bird, a Condor.

We were hovering just above the ground, and I looked down. Below us, breathing shallowly and slowly, lying in the grass, was the body of the tan panther . . . and another panther body, a darker brown one, which I had occupied.
Beside me, BB rolled. (Liked it, huh?)
I vibrated. (Wonderful!)
(Well, we got one more for you to sample. This one, NA  (Nancy, Robert's wife, LM)  uh, she picked out. She was sure
it was your kind of stuff. You'II be alone, but she said you
would know what to do. I'll just guide you there. Ready?)
Wondering what she would pick, I reached and stretched.
I am floating high over a rugged, snowcapped mountain range, and I can see for hundreds of miles in every direction . . . and I can see down, down on the ground . . . beautiful focus, in the most minute detail . . .the leaves on trees, small animals as they move over the rocks . . . and I am moving slowly, making a wide easy turn, the standing wave from the
mountain ridge offering solid and steady lift under my wings . . . wings! I turn my head. Extending out from my shoulder is a broad arching wing tapering to a round point, feathers ruffling in the slight turbulence. I roll my head to the left, there is one to match from the other shoulder . . . I'm not floating, I'm soaring . . . as a bird, am a bird! . . .
a super
sailplane that does exactly what I think! I break the turn, and the featherson the trailing edge bend down on one side, up on the other, instant ailerons . . . let's reach for maximum lift . . . there it is, more under the left wing than the right, turn into the lift . . . feel the lift getting stronger and stronger . . . it's peaking out, turn and circle . . . tighten
the turn, highest point of lift . . . must have a fifty-to-one glide ratio . . . spiral up, tighter and faster . . . perfect control
 . . . air is thinner
. . . keep higher airspeed . . . wonder where the stall point is . . . nose, no, head up more, higher angle of attack, more, hey, that's pretty good! . . . would never think a bird body could . . . oops! it does stall . . . easy to pick up speed again . . . Yeah! Just fold the wings and doooooown we go!
(Hey, uh, RAM.)
And I bet these wings can take a big G load coming out of a dive if you
open them slowly . . . let's see  . . . we'll just dive a little faster . . .
(RAM, you know what you’re doing?)
That's about fast enough . . . now to open the wings a little at a time . . . slowly . . . now back on the stick . . . uh, tail feathers up a little at a time . . . there! All back to normal, back to cruising speed . . . what a . . . hah! What a bird!
 Must be a condor . . . wonder what a
quick sparrow would . . .
(RAM, just pull a short skip. Now!)
I sigh . . . reach and stretch ..."

Focus Levels

R.Monroe worked out a system for the training of the participants of his Institute, called  Focus Levels, p.248-254,    "Ultimate Journey":

"Here is a series of numbers to measure the movement into (M) field called “focus levels”- different frequency levels. The first step in focus is called FOCUS 10- Hypnagogical state (twilight), which is generally described as being in that place where the body is asleep but the mind is awake and alert, the mind focus being slightly shifted from a normal state of being awake, with input from the physical senses much reduced. According to Monroe’s research, this level is still conscious entry into the physical world. One of the most interesting levels reached next, as one’s awareness begins to move further into the field is FOCUS 12 (4th density).
Monroe used the Hemi-Sync unique sound patterns, to induce movement into this area. After you have been to Focus 12 enough times, the external sound patterns are no longer necessary. According to Monroe, on Focus 12 lies the “Gateway to the Higher Self”, among other things. A part of what one experiences in Focus 12, at least in the early stages, are movement of patterns, colours and geometrical shapes. Here you have information about all your incarnations. Experience begins with the feeling of colours, seeing sounds as sensory processing begins to change.

Focus 23 - with someone you recognise (relative or friend) who died recently. Feeling, there is a heightening of the energy which follow. Could be someone from different culture or time, of any age, colour, creed (belief).

What would surprise you is the discovery that at the same time that you are retrieving lost parts of yourself (from your cluster)!
FOCUS 24 is a place of total responsibility for what one is literally creating, populated by beings stuck in non-moral behavioural patterns which prevent them from realizing crucial aspects about the nature of reality and moving onto upper levels Start of Belief system Territories up to Focus 26.
FOCUS 26- last area of Belief System, where all religious groups gather till they wake up for more than that. There are people here who, having new-found power of creating, see themselves as “god” demanding to be worshipped, don’t pay attention to them.
Monroe intended to take one spirit to Level 27, but the Spirit vanished as they reached Level 26. Monroe found this happened several times, which demonstrates that discarnates cannot go to the levels higher than they are ready for (self-imposed limitation is the reason their frequency is slower). All belief systems on Level 26 exist independent of each other because any after-life not of this group’s belief is not in that group’s reality.
FOCUS 24-26 humans begin through gradual doubt of the beliefs they once had held, to “fall through the cracks”.
Religious people move quickly to Belief Systems on Focus 24-26.

FOCUS 27 (My writing)

Focus 27 is for the adventurous who are not religious and have left their physical existence behind (or visit here through OBE- out-of-body from the earth surface). This area was created a thousand years ago, by those who felt that people needed a place to recover and examine life after their experience on Earth. This level has been called “The Park”, where you can visit the Library (containing every work ever created on Earth) and all Knowledge (and not just on Earth); places for life reviews, healing centres, classes, spirit grounds and all sorts of activities for free.  Focus 27 will eventually vanish as everyone advances and it wouldn't be needed anymore. Humans, who are disabled, sick, maimed, injured, recover their wholeness on Focus 27. But not all arrive to Focus 27. Some move to Belief System Territories, but others disappear. They probably find, that they didn’t accept their state. Guides in Focus 27 could appear as: “glowing white shape”, a hooded figure, who reveal himself as a famous film star, a little dog, the colour blue, a human hand, a voice saying “we are here”.
A very large number accept their transition without difficulty and avoid Focus 23. They prepared themselves beforehand, or been prepared by others, so they easily cut their ties with Earth instead of waiting in Focus 23 for a couple of Centuries.  
Focus 27- the hub of it (centre)- Reception Centre, a way-station, designed to ease the trauma and shock of transition out of physical reality, greeted by loved ones.
Trainees in Monroe Institute were invited to create their own special place within Focus 27, a place to which they may return at will, which is facilitated by the use of a personal identification signal code, own symbol created and installed (resonant homing device). You may be asked to assist in Focus 23.
Focus 27- you may be counselled as to what to do next, with options for new arrivals.
Focus 27- when you create your special place there it will be in motion, alive (full of Energy of Balance), because you are present and give your Sun/Soul energy to the place you created, while you are there. Your energy would do that, but as soon as you are gone it will become a still picture (sandy beach, clouds, ocean, etc).  Focus 27 is as real as Earth.
You will walk in the Park, gentle breeze would touch your hair, you would feel grass under your bare feet, pass oaks, pines, cedars, chestnuts, even palms and trees you’ve never seen before, smell scent of blooming flowers, see birds (some unknown to you) singing, chirping, calling, flying from tree to tree hundreds of them, you will see and hear. You can chew leaves from trees, which would taste like on Earth, the difference is that they are not standard like on Earth (created by every individual - former human and with a difference). The whole Park on focus 27 is a human creation with many people in it! Humans will demonstrate how they do it. You will walk on wandering how many human-created animal friends are in the woods there.Winding walks, benches, flowers, shrubbery, different-coloured grass lawns, clusters of stately trees, small streams and fountains, sun overhead, clouds, rolling hills, animals and people.

1. Reunion with loved ones who transited;
2. Communication with those who are still alive in the physical state;
3. Renewal of contact and return to the original self (Higher Self);
4. Return to experience another Earth human life;
5. Meeting and discussion with those of the same belief, which may involve departure to that Belief System Territory (after recovery);
6. Assuming temporarily the “retrieving” role;
7. Assuming physical life activity in other forms (non human) at other sites (if humans can live in non human form, like animal/alien form simultaneously with this life elsewhere in the Universe  why can't it be the other way round? Let's say minions  and animals, like whales/dolphins, having a Human experience elsewhere simultaneously with the life of a Minion here on Earth?  LM);
8. Participating in studies and exploration of other phases of the Consciousness Continuum."

We can not go higher until we have gathered back all the parts of our Higher Self - a massive task. So we shall be in the retrieval mode as needed as parts of us drop out of the physical bewildered and uncertain, or fall through a crack in a Belief System that has held them entrapped for so long.

 (5th Density) is an “astral bridge” zone, a buffer area. Experience here is desirable and from here on is wonderful beyond anything you have experienced on 3rd Density. Here 5th Density roughly begins, with advanced non-physical.  
Focus 28 - beyond time-space, and human thought.
"The means by which these goals are achieved is by development and extension of the methods and techniques that have been evolved and refined at the Institute over many years. One of the hallmarks of these methods and techniques is the use of the term "Focus level" to indicate and identify, in a convenient and easily understood way, a particular state of consciousness. Hitherto (until then), programs had taken participants through Focus 3 (mind-brain synchronicity), Focus 10 (mind awake and alert, body asleep), Focus 12 (state of expanded awareness), Focus 15 (state of no time), to Focus 21 (the edge of time-space where it is possible to contact other energy systems). Now, in pursuit of the program's theme of service to those who have died, it was necessary to venture beyond.
To help our participants, we needed to identify in a similar way those states beyond 21 to which they would be introduced and where they would be able to act calmly and objectively. We did so as follows:
Focus 22. Where humans still in physical existence have only partial consciousness. In this state would be those suffering from delirium, from chemical dependency or alcoholism, or from dementia. It would also include patients who were anesthetized or comatose. Experiences here might be remembered as dreams or hallucinations.
Focus 23. A level inhabited by those who have recently left physical existence but who either have not been able to recognize and accept this or are unable to free themselves from the ties of the Earth Life System. It includes those from all periods of time.
Focus 24-26. This covers the Belief System Territories, occupied by nonphysical humans from all periods and areas who have accepted and subscribed to various premises and concepts. These would include religious and philosophical beliefs that postulate some form of post-physical existence.
Focus 27. Here is the site of what we may call the Reception Center or the Park, which is the hub of it.This is an artificial synthesis created by human minds, a way station designed to ease the trauma and shock of the transition out of physical reality. It takes on the form of various earth environments in order to be acceptable to the enormously wide variety of newcomers.
Focus 28. Beyond not only time-space but human thought. Residence in 28 or beyond limits any return to a physical human body. Those who are trained in the Lifeline system become familiar and comfortable with these different states. Each individual is invited to create his own personal and special place within Focus 27, a place to which he may return at will. The forms that these places take are as varied and unique as the participants themselves, ranging for example from log cabins by quiet streams to clumps of trees, South Sea islands, palaces of crystal, and corners of one's heart. Return to one's place in Focus 27 is facilitated by the use of a personal identification signal code, a self-chosen symbol or representation which the individual creates and installs. It functions as a kind of resonant homing device to guide the individual back. Once participants are familiar with the range of Focus levels they are advised how to assist those no longer in physical existence who need help. They phase gradually into Focus 27 and there they may ask for help and guidance for themselves. Then they return to Focus 23, sometimes accompanied by a guide or helper, where they may be attracted to a situation in which their assistance is needed in order for someone to move onward. It may be that the someone refuses to accept the fact of his or her physical death, or is unwilling to let go owing to some perceived gain from continuing to be attached to the physical. The participant seeks to communicate with this individual, encouraging him to release and move onward. If this encouragement is successful, as it often is, the two, perhaps accompanied by the guide, move together toward Focus 27. On the way, some individuals will slip away into the Belief System Territories of Focus 24-26, where they will be welcomed by those of their own particular creed or faith. Others will continue to the Reception Center in Focus 27, where they may be greeted by loved ones no longer in physical existence. Here they have the opportunity to be counseled as to the next step to take along the path to growth. With regard to this next step, several options are available to the new arrivals, among them the following:
 reunion with loved ones who have previously made the transition;
communication with those who are still alive in the physical state;
renewal of contact and return to the Original Self (the I-There);
return to experience another Earth human life;
meeting and discussion with those of the same belief, which may involve departure to that Belief System Territory;
assuming temporarily the "retrieving" role; 
assuming physical life activity in other forms (nonhuman) at other sites (elsewhere in this universe)
(Matrix 5 author wouldn't like this idea for himself, LM);
participating in studies and exploration of other phases of the Consciousness Continuum.
When the decision is made, the individual is free to move along the chosen path. One further element in the process needs to be mentioned.
Lifeline participants are encouraged to seek as much information as they can from the subjects of their retrievals.
By this are meant personal details, such as name, age, address or state or country of origin, date and cause of death (road accident, illness, natural disaster, warfare, and so on), occupation, and any other details that may seem relevant. Communication is generally nonverbal and often by means of a ROTE —a ball of thought. Where the information received is sufficiently full, it is passed later to the Lifeline Research Department, which sets a process of verification or validation in motion. In most instances it has not so far proved possible to obtain enough of this kind of information to make the effort worthwhile; this type of formal questioning is often inappropriate to the circumstances of the retrieval. But on a few occasions enough information has become available for secure verification to be made: a person of that name, age, and place died in that manner at that time. For most participants this does not matter; they are so convinced of the reality of the process that they are not concerned about this kind of checking. The Institute, however, feels that it is important for this to happen, although once twenty or thirty instances have been verified there would seem little purpose in looking for more. Participants in the program sometimes make contact in Focus 23 with someone they recognize, a relative or friend who died recently and who recognizes them also. When this happens, there is a noticeable difference in the "feeling" of the encounter, much like the difference between walking into a room of strangers and walking into a room where one is surprised to find a sister or brother. Recognition is immediate and there is a heightening of the energy in the exchanges which follow. More often the participants are drawn to someone whom they have never met before. It may be someone from a different culture or epoch of time, of any age, color, or creed.
What surprises many participants, however, is that while they are engaged in their mission they discover that at the same time they are retrieving lost parts of themselves. These may appear as past-life selves who remained in Focus 23.
Some are found who settled in the Belief System Territories of Focus 24-26 and who had begun, through gradual doubt of the beliefs they once had held, to "fall through the cracks," as it were, of that particular system. Others may appear as fragments of current life personalities, aspects which had fled or been torn away from the Core Self; for example, child selves who had escaped from the trauma and pain of physical or emotional abuse in their families and now seek to be reunited
(here is an excelent example of Multiple Personality Disorder; our Alters, especially children-Alters are turning up on those Levels as a result of physical/emotional traumas, trying to reunite with our Core-Selves, LM), p.253, "Ultimate Journey").

The guidance that may be requested in Focus 27manifests, according to our participants, in many different forms. It may appear externally or sensed internally; it may be constant through all the experiences or may change from time to time. Reports include mention of "a glowing white shape," an individual called "Sam," a hooded figure who revealed himself as a famous film star, a little dog, the color blue, a human hand, and voices saying "we are here." Some participants do not see guidance as separate from themselves in any way; "guidance and I are one," as one report says. At this point I must make it clear that a very large number accept their transition without difficulty and are not to be found in Focus 23. This number includes those who have prepared themselves beforehand, or been prepared by others,
so that they may easily sever their ties with the Earth Life System, as well as those who are strongly fortified by their beliefs. They move past Focus 23 of their own accord, to Focus 24-26, 27, or beyond. The denizens of Focus 23 vary as much as humanity itself. Setting aside those who are known to their "retrievers," they are reported as originating from anywhere in the world. A few have been "waiting" for two or three centuries or more, but most have left physical existence quite recently, during the last twenty or thirty years. Many of them were victims of accidents or natural or man-made disasters, and sudden deaths figure frequently. For the most part they are ready and willing to leave, although some show concern about loved ones, relatives, or comrades and refuse to depart until they are reunited or reassured. Reports by participants of those they have encountered include mentions of several youngsters killed in road accidents, a forty-five-year-old man who choked on food, a classical pianist from Prague who died from AIDS-related complications, a mother and two children from Cambodia who stepped on a mine, a number of babies from the Nigerian province of Biafra who starved to death, a soldier killed in the Gulf War, a stillborn baby from Milwaukee, and a teenage girl who overdosed on pills. In some instances much detailed information is gathered: one participant came across a woman born March 22, 1922, died in Ogden, Utah, March 15, 1972, who gave her own name, her husband's, and the names of her three children. Another example is the pianist from Prague mentioned above, who disclosed his name and age, twenty-eight, that he lived with his parents, studied at the Conservatoire in Paris, and died in a hospital. A third involves a fifty-seven-year-old female graphic designer (name given) who died in December 1991 of cardiac arrest during bypass surgery at a hospital in Scottsdale, Arizona. During the retrieval process participants have no sense of fear and generally are unaffected by emotion. Exceptions to the latter may occur when contact is made with a relative or loved one, or with what the participant realizes is a lost part of himself. The following extract from a report illustrates this: "During an experience, I found a small boy three years old in a pool of light in Focus 23. There were no other people visible except for this young boy. I felt such emotion, anguish, and pain at seeing this small child. When I went to take him up, my guide told me that all the emotion was not necessary. After the guide and I took the child up, I felt a sense of completion and on some level a sense of homecoming, as if another piece of me was at rest now. When the child was led away by those who would 'process' him, I knew he would be cared for and that everything was absolutely as it should be. After the tape experience I felt that things indeed had shifted round. I'm slowly becoming all of who I am."
(John A. Baylor, Virginia Beach)
Often it is when the participant returns to normal consciousness at the end of the experience that the emotions flood in. There may be a delayed response to the shock of meeting a loved one whom you might have thought never to have seen again, or to the sadness and desperation of some of those in Focus 23. But as you become more accustomed to the process, the more natural it seems to be. That this young child was killed in a road accident, or that mother died leaving two young children, becomes somehow acceptable, and the reports contain very few references to misery or tragedy.
In Focus 27, all will be as it should be, and the only emotion is love. As I had discovered previously, those who had met with disabling accidents or illnesses, who had been injured or maimed in some way, recovered their wholeness when they arrived in Focus 27. One report referred to a man whose mother had been prescribed the drug thalidomide during pregnancy and who had been born with only the vestiges of legs. He had lived for nearly thirty-five years—he was English and the drug had been introduced into England in 1958. In Focus 23 he was still deformed; in 27, where he was welcomed by his mother, he was whole and fit, as he had never been in physical life. Not all those who are brought out of Focus 23 do arrive at 27—at least, not immediately. Some move into the Belief System Territories and others may simply disappear. Perhaps they find that their connections with Earth are not yet broken, or that they have not yet reached full acceptance of their state. One participant reported encountering a girl who had died in childbirth. She conveyed to him that her baby had died and she had to stay to take care of it. Another account referred to an African boy aged nine, who starved to death in the desert in October 1990. He would not leave Focus 23 until he had found his three younger brothers and his two-year-old sister, who had predeceased him. On occasions the participant may return and find the reluctant traveler more willing at the second attempt, although this happens rarely. What we could not predict at all was how the participants themselves would react to the Lifeline experience. We felt it was very unlikely that there would be any adverse effects, especially as all participants were well versed in the Institute's methods, having attended one or usually more courses previously. How they did react is best told in their own words.
"The program as presented was excellent for me because I was led to realize how limiting belief systems are and how enclosed we are in them—mostly without our prior conscious knowledge. It has been a week of growth and expanding for me in many areas. The very thin phase between what we know as reality now, here, and there becomes apparent. Life as a whole has begun to take on a different perspective." (M. D. Roy, Washington)
"The most important learning that took place for me in Lifeline was the realization that I see aspects of myself in others, and the acceptance and subsequent embracing of those aspects, both positive and negative, is the retrieval process for me. I feel that unification of my total self is taking place in this manner." (M.R., Maine)
"[The most important thing I learned was] the experienced objective reality of the imaginal realm, which I had 'believed' was only a metaphor (example of) for personal issues in need of integration. The several retrievals were so unexpected and palpable (clear to the mind) they have forced an opening through experience (I always thought and behaved as if they were real) into other realities. Because this happened in the context of getting my mother into 27 and cutting the shroud-like bonds to her and my belief systems, it has been wonderfully disencumbering and gives me a keen awareness of parallel modes of processing of parallel consciousness. Issues of death and beyond feel very comfortable now." (S.B.P., New York)
"I learned that 'rescue and retrieval' is not necessarily about performing a service to others, but rather about performing a service for ourselves, thus performing for others as well." (K.L., Albuquerque)
"Never before had I felt like I had handled my mother's death. This week has truly freed me from my emotions surrounding this loss and I believe it has freed her." (S.C., Alaska)
"A piece of me now exists in Focus 27. There's no more question in my mind where I will go when I die and what I will be doing the rest of my life." (Bill Oakes, Oregon)
"The 'other side,' as it were, does not have to be perceived as a strange, eerie place beyond imagination, for it is just a phase away. A shift of perception along with a subtle awareness is all that is needed." (E.A., California)
"I have a new realization of truly being part of a whole."(K.S.C., Paris, France)
"I have learned that we can be of service beyond this reality and in this reality using psychic gifts." (C.S.Q., Seville, Spain)
One participant expressed very clearly how she had assimilated the experience, although during the week she did not retrieve any "others" from Focus 23:
"Perhaps because I believe that one cannot give meaningful guidance without being balanced and whole oneself, I viewed that Lifeline process of retrieval as reuniting with aspects of my Total Self to which, for one reason or another, I had no conscious access. These aspects would include past lives or simply powerful emotional thought forms that were keeping some of my energy blocked and limiting my awareness. The definition of the three levels beyond Focus 21 was highly suitable to this application, whereby Focus 22 and 23 were a reflection of any type of turmoil, Focus 24 and 25 were the source of the belief system or misinformation on which the confusion was based, and then Focus 27 provided the pure clear light of one's essence. By going to Focus 27 first and reclaiming my own light, I was more able to face my own darkness than ever before. I feel a new sense of completion, peace, and harmony. And maybe next time I'll resonate in sufficient balance to help others who are lost in chaotic thought forms and darkness." (Judith Taylor, New Jersey).
The Institute has a growing file of participants' accounts of their retrieval experiences. These are not confined to instances during the programs. Many find that when they return home they are able to continue with the process, usually during sleep. And there are some who were involved in the process before joining the program—and there may be many more who have also been involved but do not remember. These accounts make a fascinating collection, much of it highly poignant and moving. Outside the context of the program itself, many of the reports may seem to stretch into the realms of fantasy. But it is impossible to convince those who experienced these events that they were anything but absolutely real. The following extract from the files comes from a participant in one of the earliest programs:
"I picked up my helper in Focus 27 and went to 23 to wait. Just when I was about to give up finding anyone, a little Irish lady looked up at me and said, 'Wait . . . wait! Don't you go back without me!' She immediately jumped into my vehicle (a double pyramid emerald) and talked all the way to 27. When we arrived and stepped out into the Park she told me her name was Elizabeth McGowan (or McCowan). She was well aware that her physical life was over and she had been waiting for me to take her to her husband and daughter, who were already in 27 to meet her when she arrived. She said she was from County Cork, and corrected me when I referred to it as Cork County. Her death occurred in 1919 and she had been a seamstress. Her husband was Richard and her daughter, who appeared to be about thirteen,
was Amy. Before I could find out any more, they all disappeared. "I was trying to decide what to do next when my father appeared. This was unexpected and very emotional for me, as he and I had not resolved a lot of issues when he died in 1985. He had spent eight years drinking heavily after my mother died. I tried to support him as best I could for five years, but felt he was going to destroy me. I had no contact with him for the last three years of his life.
"When he appeared I went through a range of emotions, the strongest being love, guilt, and sadness that I could not
stay with him. He did, however, give me a gift. When I asked if we could stay together, he replied, 'I love you, but you need to remember why you came here, and never forget your focus.'
At this point, Bob told us to leave 27. I left with very mixed emotions, but realized that my father had given me forgiveness, freedom, and love. What more could I ask for?" (Jim Greene, Arlington, Virginia)
Another file report demonstrates a fascinating connection between events in Focus 23-27 and an episode in the participant's earlier life when he was a hospital intern. "In my first attempt at retrieving I met a little girl at Focus 23 who was about eleven years old. She said she had recently died of leukemia at a hospital in Ohio. I explained to her that I was there to help her in her transition to another level. She seemed to understand and trust me, and she stretched out her arms to reach toward me. I did the same, and as we hugged I suddenly experienced an overwhelming feeling of love that engulfed my whole body. It was a feeling I have experienced only a few treasured times in my life.
"Soon we were travelling, moving toward Focus 27. As I hugged her again and said goodbye at 27, this feeling of love returned for a few brief moments. "I never checked to see if the name and address she gave me were real. The experience was real and meaningful beyond measure. I understood shortly thereafter that I had been given the opportunity to complete an episode in my life which had been unresolved for twenty-five years. It began when I was a medical student. I had befriended a little girl with leukemia. She was in and out of the hospital repeatedly during the three years I knew her. "At the end of one very busy Sunday afternoon during my pediatric internship, I was writing orders in charts when she came in and asked if she could talk to me. I told her I couldn't at the moment because I was busy, but maybe later. She went back to her room alone. "But she could not wait for me. Shortly thereafter, one of the nurses came to tell me that the little girl had been found lying in her bed in her room. She was dead. Had I taken just a few moments, I could have helped her in the transition that she knew was coming. "Finally, twenty-five years later, I was given another opportunity." (A. L. Dablberg, M.D., Ph.D., Providence, Rhode Island)
The next report is taken from the transcript of a tape made not in the Lifeline course itself but during a laboratory session. "It's nighttime and I'm in a boat, approaching a rocky coast—it might be the west coast of Ireland, or Cornwall. The rocks are tall and upright, with water slapping against them. I might be just above the boat. Ahead there is a cleft or shaft in the rocks. I'm going into this—I'm not afraid. The walls are black with wetness shining on them. I'm turning into a tunnel or narrow cave . . . now I'm in a cave . . .there's light reflected off the rocks so that I can see . . . I'm going down—there's a fissure in the roof above . . . There's the little dog that I've seen before . . .
"I've come through a long, narrow tunnel, so narrow— how could anyone get through here? Now I'm being shown what it's like to have the weight of a rock on my chest— it doesn't hurt but it's as though a big piece of rock is lying across me. It's showing me what someone would experience if a mine shaft or something like that collapsed on them . . . "Energy is pouring in . . . I must relax . . . I'm being shown what it's like to be trapped in a confined space deep inside a rock formation . . . It feels as if someone is holding my left hand . . . there may be somebody there, if I can reach him . . . Yes, his name is Gregory—he's coming loose from a place he's been stuck in, low down to my left in the rocks. He's sliding out—he's very relieved to come out. He didn't think that anyone would find him . . . He's thirty one years old . . .
"I feel he was climbing on the rocks and the tide came in. He found the opening, like I did, and went down. I feel that because I was shown the compression of rock—the weight— that there must have been a rockfall and he was trapped. "He's still holding my hand. I'm trying to find out... Black—is that his surname? He wants a hug—he's been there a long time . . . since 1948 . . ."What shall I do? Take him to the Center? But how do I know . . . ? Fix the idea of the Center in my mind, extend for it. He'll be comfortable there and looked after—he understands. "He's leading me now. He knows where to go. I tell him I love him and he's free to go . . . he's moving away now . . . "I'm being taken to a more comfortable place . . . It's strange—when I asked to be moved after Gregory had left I picked up on the fear he'd experienced when he entered the cave . . . when he died. It was as though his fear had permeated the rocks, and after he left the fear left also—I felt it brush past me, as if I were in its slipstream . . . Now it's time for me to return . . ." (Jill Russell, Cambridge, England)."

The Park on Focus 27

The description of the Park on Focus 27 by R.Monroe, p. 237-242 "Ultimate Journey" :

"...He must have seen the shock on my face as the wave of memory flowed into me. The Park! Years ago, I had arrived at the Park. But how or why I got there I could not recall. There had been a welcoming group of ten or twelve men and women, who greeted me warmly and explained where I was. It was a place to calm down in after the trauma of physical death—a way station, for relaxation and decision as to what to do next. The Park! ...I went outside, turned left, and there indeed was a woods with tall trees, most of them familiar to me. A path led through an opening, and I followed it. Although I was eager to hurry, I decided to remain walking. The feel of the leaves and grass against the soles of my feet was much too good. My feet were bare! As I walked on, a gentle breeze touched my head and chest. I could feel! Just as with my bare feet, I could feel. I passed oaks, poplars, hickories, sycamores, chestnuts, pines, and cedars, even an incongruous palm tree, and trees I never knew existed. The scent of the blooms mixed with that of rich loam was wonderful. I could smell! And the birds—about half of them were species I had
never seen before! They were singing, chirping, calling, flying from tree to tree and sweeping across my path. Hundreds of them. And I could hear! I walked more slowly in wonderment. My hand—yes, my physical hand again—reached out and plucked a leaf from the low branch of a maple. It felt alive and flexible. I put it in my mouth and chewed. It was moist, and tasted exactly like the maple leaves of my childhood. Suddenly I knew what had happened—what was probably still taking place. This was a human creation! Many of those who walked this path created and added their own favorite bird or tree to the woods. They were alive—living creations, created by humans'. They were not the standard reproductive mode followed in the Earth Life System, which is really not human-created but the idea and plan of Someone else. And all the rest of it behind me in my search was the same, the product of a human mind-consciousness. The medical haven, Agnew's rigging, my father's recuperation room, and Charlie's cabin by the ocean. Charlie, I remembered, had even demonstrated how he put it together! All human creation! The Basic! I know of the existence of our Creator, but are all of us really creators out of the same mold? Is my Core Self I accepted so casually a minuscule (tiny) replica or clone of the Original? How far can we take this only partially expressed idea?
As if to prove the point of reality, a large orange parrot flew over my shoulder, chirped, and released a white dropping in my hand as he passed. I laughed as I tested the warm consistency of it between thumb and forefinger. It was certainly real! I walked on, wondering how many human-created animal friends were in the woods, when I came to a bend in the path and the trees ended. Before me was the Park. It was the same as when I had visited many years ago, with winding walks, benches, flowers and shrubbery, different-colored grass lawns, clusters of stately trees, small streams and fountains, and with a warm sun overhead among small cumulus clouds. The Park continued on a gently rolling terrain
as far as I could see. As I walked down the slope to the nearest bench, I wondered what human mind or group of humans put this together. It was a magnificent creation for a lowly (humble, modest) human. Yet I knew this was the way it had come into existence. But I had not thought of such things on my previous visit those years ago. Now  I remembered—I knew—why it was here. A woman rose from the bench as I approached. She was of medium height, slender, with large brown eyes and dark brown, slightly wavy hair down to her shoulders. Her face was smooth and lightly tanned, with features that seemed to
have touches of the Orient, the Middle East, and Europe. She was wearing dark slacks and a hip-length jacket. Her age might be anything between thirty-five and fifty. She was familiar— I had met her somewhere before. She smiled and held out her hand.
"At last you are here! "Welcome back, Ashaneen."
 Ashaneen—my name, remembered from another lifetime. It told me a lot about her. I took her hand, which was real enough to feel. She led me to the bench and we sat down. Other people strolled by, all of them adults, wearing a variety of clothing. Some glanced curiously at us . . . I wondered why, until I realized there was a subtle difference they could perceive between my appearance and theirs.
I caught the woman's eye and she smiled again. A half-memory floated in.
"This jacket you're wearing . . ."
"I was wearing it last time you were here. I thought it might help you to remember."
I nodded, but my memory was hazy. She was among the dozen people I met last time, that I was sure of.
I looked at her and saw that she was smiling. Could she read my thoughts?
"Yes, of course I can. And you can read mine."
"Who are you?"
"I am only the messenger. I am to tell you that you may by all means bring people to us, those who are newly physicallydead. We will take care of them. That is why we are here. And you may teach others to do this."
"How can I teach something that will seem so strange?"
"We are sure you can. Many of them are probably doing it now. All you need to do is help them remember.  
It is a wholly objective way to remove the fear of physical death."
"And let them know they do survive the death process."
"Also it would help them become aware of the many options they have."
"There are many even you have not considered, Ashaneen. Or would you prefer we call you Robert?"
"Robert or Bob, please. My physical friends call me Bob. The name Ashaneen might trouble them."
"Some may know you by the old name."
"I am becoming aware of that. And I'm trying to recall your name. You are . . . the wife of . . . Ileon—yes, Ileon!"
"Mate is a better word."
"You are . . . Nevisse."
"Now, I need some help. The places I have visited, where my friends were—they are simply extensions of here, are
"That is so. But if they have a strong belief, they will follow that directive and go where that belief leads them. There will be others of the same belief waiting to help them. You let them go and leave them alone. That is where they belong."
"But all this . . . this is not just another belief, is it?"
Nevisse laughed. "Not in the usual sense. There are no beliefs involved, only experience. The design here is only toprovide a familiar surrounding to ease the anxiety."
"This place, then . . . ?"
"Is a creation that is here and will be here whatever your beliefs. It will not disappear if you don't believe it exists."
"Who made it?"
"A human civilization many thousands of years ago. They have been gone long since. Is there anything more youneed to know?"
"What about those who simply want—or need—to return to what I have called their I-There? I'm sure you understand what I mean."
"I do. That is the destination of most who depart from here."
"So, when we bring people here, you calm them down and give them the opportunity to consider what they want to do next."
"That is so. We show them what opportunities do exist. The Park is but a starting point. You will be astounded whenyou see all of the little individual places that residents have created."
"Are there rules?"
"Only one. No imposition of one will upon another."
"Thank you for your help. I have much to do, it seems."
"You will find it easier than you think, Bob."
"This knowledge . . . of here, of where to go at death . . . where to meet . . . this knowledge before the event . . . it gives ultimate freedom!"
"It does. I see you are receiving a signal to return."
"Yes . . . There is so much more to learn here . . . But I must go. I have one more question . . ."
"No need to ask. The creative processes whose results you have observed are already known to us as human.  And your father did construct his own room."
"There was no need to ask. Ta na sen!"
"You have remembered. A goodbye phrase from one hundred thousand years ago. Ta na sen!"

 Life in Bands


R.Monroe transited in 1995 after his wife Nancy died a year before. Monroe’s discoveries about the non physical 3rd D  Rings/Bands are important. R.Monroe found that Earth had several Rings, that appeared deep grey or brown in colour and these Rings-Bands were occupied by discarnate (humans) entities who either still occupied physical bodies (coming back and forth from Earth) or who had recently left their bodies as a result of death of the body. The Bands will disappear around year 3500 when Monroe visits 4th D Earth again, the Bands always belonged to 4th Density. These bands, described in order of their progression away from the EarthBands are globes around the Earth - each larger and thinner as distance increases, like layers of the onion:

 "Far Journeys", p.238,  End Game: With the calm that settled over me, I began to sort out and run the various rotes tossed me which I had simply tucked away for future reference. I did this not only to check what I may have missed but to lay the pattern down tightly, on the premise that someone, somewhere, as an individual or group, might seriously investigate the material—under the guise of philosophical, pathological, educational, or some other study. As before, if the following helps just one individual achieve a profound understanding of who and what he is, the purpose has been served. Running a rote is much like trying to recall the memory of an event out of the past. The difference rests in the immediate clarity of every detail once the unrolling process begins. Best results appear to be obtained if one is in a relaxed state and isolated.
It is important to remain completely awake physically, with your left-brain consciousness in the driver's seat.
Then simply think of the ident—the subject of the rote—and wait. You can write down notes or dictate into a tape recorder as you attempt to convert the information into written or spoken words. If you feel you might have missed something, you can RESET and start again, either at the beginning or at any given serial point in the information/experience. You can hit a mental PAUSE button if the phone rings, although this often requires a complete rework back to the relaxation state if so interrupted. However, the rote will still be there—"open" at the point you left it. This
takes time and patience, thus the need for isolation. The early results came out in the following form, not very tight butperhaps more cogent.

 Cruising the Rings :

The first inner layer or ring was clear and more distinct from my nonphysical perspective, and all seemed to be completely focused on the activities of the in-human physical condition. Any attempts to communicate or divert their attention were met with total unawareness at the least and, at the most, bewilderment, fear, or outright hostility. All were attempting to participate in physical life in one way or another with no success whatsoever. All seemed to have one common characteristic. They were completely unaware of any existence other than physical. Only through repeated observation at first hand was it possible to generally sort out and classify such near-earth humans into some semblance of order.
The Dreamers:
This group has a distinctive vibration or radiation that indicates they are attached to a physical body somewhere in the current earth time-space. This infers (conclude) but does not verify that they may be in an out-of-body state during sleep. They apparently are attempting to continue the activity they have been performing during their physical waking hours, or those they desire or fantasize. Some are simply going through the motions; others are trying to talk with those they know who are physically awake, or eating, drinking, working, playing, trying to perform sexual acts, acting out Mitty-like roles in the middle of Manhattan—all without fruition; all, with few exceptions, without any recognition of similar activities around them. What might be loosely termed evidence of their origin is that they suddenly "wink out" or disappear in the middle of an action. Are they awakening in the physical again, out of sleep? Dream analysts may be on the right track but with the wrong perspective. (Movie "Ghost" is a good example of Dreamers, LM).
The Locked-Ins:
 These are very similar to the previous category, and might be confused with them initially for several key differences. This group is composed solely of those who have permanently exited their current physical body—dead physically but don't know it. Consequently, they are trying constantly to continue a physical existence to which they have become habituated. They often remain around physical locations, such as houses, and physically living persons to whom they have become attached. Some continue to attempt reentry into their dead physical bodies and to reactivate them, even into the grave—which may give credence to the strange radiation effects sometimes perceived in cemeteries. The anguish these must go through as they witness the cremation of their physical remains is certainly something to ponder. As with the Dreamers, this group is totally and compulsively bonded to time-space materiality. Moreover, they appear to be deep into enveloping emotionally based fears and drives which they attempt to act out but human learning experience. Until they are reached and assisted or some glimmer of awareness occurs, they remain in this locked-in state for years, perhaps centuries. Their numbers increase constantly and will continue to do so as long as the physical human values that generate the condition remain unchanged.
The Wild Ones:
Much lesser in number than the above but with the same motivating drives expressed in an entirely different manner. The reason is a slight shift in awareness. The Wild Ones do not realize they have lost the use of their physical bodies, and they do not perceive anything other than physical matter reality.However, they are very much aware that they are somehow different. They don't understand the whys or hows of it and have no desire to learn. All they realize is that such difference releases them from all of the restraints, obligations, and commitments that were a part of their physical lives. They construe this as absolute freedom and attempt to express themselves accordingly in the only way they know of—through replicas of physical activity. Thus their efforts to participate in physical human life—which they perceive as taking place all around them—take on many bizarre forms. The previously reported visit to the human sexual pile is a sample. There are implications that whenever a human physical consciousness in waking form becomes "loose" or shaky for whatever reason, it may provide an opportunity for one of these to "piggyback" just for the experience of it. The frequency of such incidents is not known, from my present perspective. Hopefully, very few. They can get mean at times.
There was much to be learned from these inner rings, most of it the hard way if your perspective is still heavily encased in human time-space illusions (HTSI). It is pointless to recount the many attempted contacts with the inhabitants therein. You can do it yourself without bothering to enter the OOBE state. Interview and observe a cross section group of humans now living in any large city. The resulting data will be a restrained version and much easier to handle. The source of such preoccupation in every case seems to be extreme distortions of the original survival imprint. Evidently there are methods by which rescues are achieved individually and on a relatively large scale—and the process is ongoing.
I personally have been involved in only one or two that I can remember, and I am not particularly proud of my efforts. I did learn one or two minor items.
First, awareness of the cacophony of discordant, undirected radiation engendered by human thought—identified as
M Band noise (my label) (Mind Band noise, LM).
Second, how to close down my perception to bring it to tolerable levels. The necessity syndrome again. It's a nice trick to have, even in the physical waking state  (just get into another of your Alters, LM).
The next ring outward is fairly straight forward. It is composed of those who do realize they are no longer in physical human life, but have no awareness or memory of any other possibility. Often they are stunned by the loss, and do no more than remain in a motionless, nonperceiving passive state, as if waiting for something to take place. They are usually easy to contact, instruct, and lead to a suitable outer ring. The population here is small, relatively, and remains more or less static due to the assistance supplied by the outer rings.
p.241 : Moving outward, the next ring (Focus 26, belief systems territories, LM) is the largest of all, and contains an apparently limitless number of sub-rings. However, they all come under a strong general category: At least, all residents here know they have passed through physical death. There may be vagueness and differing beliefs as to what and where they are at this point; hence the often sharply delineated sub-rings. Within this ring, approximately through the center, there exists what might be labeled a null point of a different variety yet quite perceivable from an external perspective.
It is generated by the existence of two symbolized energy fields overlapping and exerting near-equal pressure/ influence without interaction between the two. There are no standing waves set up by frequencies beating against each other, for the two fields are not compatible. The analogy of a bar magnet with positive and negative fields meeting at the center of the bar does not apply. It would be better to picture a gravity field exerting attraction in one direction and the action of a sitcom on television in another.
On the inner side of such null point, the dominant force is HTSI, short for Human Time-Space Illusion, strongest at the innermost sub-rings and lessening inversly throughout the entire ring until it is quite insignificant on the outer edge.
On the outer side of the ring, the dominant force is NPR, or Nonphysical Reality, which is as general as one can get if there is no accurate translation available for the little that is known of it. A mirror image in field strength, the NPR effect is greatest at the outermost edge, diminishing slowly to the null point, then exponentially to the inner edge of the ring.
The pattern of human passage through this particular ring is most fascinating, again from the external view.
It is composed of energy in human experiential form moving in two directions, both inward and outward.
The inward flow is composed of fresh energy from the NPR area first encountering the HTSI field, becoming more and more attracted by it through a series of in-human existences, passing through this particular ring more rapidly once the null point is crossed. From that point inward, the movement accelerates to the inner edge of the ring and through it, terminating usually in the lowest of the inner rings.
(This is a very interesting description of how new humans are entering the Planetary Game and start playing it, having one life after another, LM)
The outward flow, after release from or skirting the innermost rings, commences the haphazard-seeming yet meticulous path through this largest of rings. For some, the passage is relatively direct, with but a few inhuman physical existences to provide the impetus (driving force). Others—the great majority—require up to several hundred in-human lifetimes and thousands of earth year cycles to complete the process. The reasons for this wide discrepancy are not obvious to me. However, one characteristic of the more direct route appears to be the careful selection of in-human life experiences, plus accomplishments in the face of what might be termed statistically impossible odds.
The two routes both emerge at the outer edge of the ring and lead to the outermost ring.
The single outermost ring is composed solely of those who are preparing for their final in-human experience —the Last-Timers, or Seniors, whichever suits your perspective. They have lost their gray appearance and much of their humanoid form; they are nearly white in radiation with occasional sparkling patterns around them. They are tightly closed, and do not respond to any communication attempts except possibly among themselves. It is difficult to observe their final reentry into human experience. It is either too rapid or instantaneous. Their exit from the final cycle isrepresented by a sparkling glowing light which moves rapidly outward through the rings, with occasional pauses for some unknown reason. Upon passing this outermost ring, they suddenly disappear from perception, leaving no residual image or trace.
In some respects, the entire process resembles crudely the cycle of an innocent coping with an addictive drug or chemical such as alcohol. The first taste is scarcely palatable, but the effect is interesting, something new. When the opportunity arises, the neophyte takes two drinks just to see if the effect is enhanced—and it is. Uncontrolled, the pattern is all too familiar, all the way down to skid row. Nothing is more important to the wino, nothing occupies his thinking other than where the next shot or hit is coming from. Near-total amnesia is common, and more significantly, a lack of desire to change. He has forgotten who he is and couldn't care less. Reclamation and remembering is a slow and sometimes painful charade. Once achieved, however, the innocent has transformed into a state of being far different from the original first-staster. Where the analogy does not match: In the human life experience sequence, the change is permanent.
"Clusters of light, human energy lights, a multidimensional carpet of them, endless Higher Selves clusters. How did I miss them before? Now I understand the inflow and outflow. Mine is there (cluster) but I must stay on track. The outflow of helpers, finding lost parts of their clusters from Earth and the insertions of thousands of groups of personality units into single fresh humans on Earth. I was here before but never like this, it was lonely then, but no more loneliness! We are gathering together the parts of us, up and down in time, from belief system to belief system. We cannot leave until we gather all in."  (Doesn't 'the insertions of thousands of groups of personality units into single fresh humans on Earth' tell you that a group of personality unit are your Alters? LM).
In serial form, the itinerary of human experience might be mapped something like this (pages 243-246):

Page 243 from Far Journeys

Page 244 from Far Journeys

Page 245 from Far Journeys

Page 246 from Far Journeys

 The Start of this Game

This is a good explanation of how we got here and started playing the Game by R.Monroe in "Far Jorneys", p.246:

"Another way to describe the process in contemporary terms: The Unit (the original you?) is attracted and drawn by the human earth energy field. The Unit decided to make a close-in pass-by through the field to obtain data and information. This reduces velocity in the Unit to a degree greater than that calculated to occur from friction, due to the unexpected adherence factor of the particles within the field. The reduction is so great as to fall below escape velocity, and the Unit moves inexorably (forced) into an elliptical orbit. At each apogee (position) of the orbit, the Unit passes through the human earth energy field again and gathers additional adhering particles therefrom, causing greater reduction in velocity—which in turn lowers the perigee (point in an orbit closest to the Earth) of the orbit. Finally, the orbit breaks down and succumbs to the now more powerful attraction of the field, and the Unit settles into the field itself, to become a part of it.  
To launch and achieve escape velocity, the Unit must (1) remove the adhering particles that created the problem while retaining such information/data/experience so as to bring back Something of Value; (2) develop and store sufficient energy to achieve both launch and escape velocity, which infers a far greater amount than that available at the point of original entry under typical conditions, plus additional reserves to compensate for the extra payload on board.
The solution is made complex by the lack of efficient methods for proper detoxification and removal of adhered particles, as well as the availability of only the most primitive techniques for proper energy distillation and accumulation. Therefore, at best, extrication (setting somebody free) is a long and arduous process. The key is to begin first with ballistic (long range) trajectories, followed by elliptical orbiting, ever increasing the perigee until escape velocity is reached.
Thereafter, the Unit can return to its original base with its payload—or,with its increased energy, move on to greater exploration.
The foregoing is at best a generalization, specific only in the broad classifications indicated. It is a simplification of a very complex and intricate pattern of movements perceived from an external perspective. It is deliberately devoid of as much humanism as is possible by a human, in the belief that such starkness will gather the attention and understanding latent in the left-brain modality. However, the problem still remains—theneed to express in a form remotely acceptable to in-human consciousness.
This, then, is a flow sheet of where the action is in which all of us are vitally involved. It could be identified as the Earth-Human Energy Environ, Human Time-Space Illusion. It is a summary based upon severalhundred individual explorations, most of which are beyond literal translation. To chronicle each individually would consume an entire volume initself, if indeed it were possible. Therefore, this baseline will have to serve for the moment. We might get lost, with or without it, but our chances are better with it."

 R.Monroe's Total Self

Monroe’s Total Self didn’t expect him to come out into the open but one in his personality pattern insisted. Monroe wanted to change the world to better at one stage. But that wasn’t his Total  Self intention. The others (like sorcerers) who go out-of-body simply keep quiet and exert influence. 
Monroe’s emotional personality always wanting to do good. The others know that they cannot change the system and they don’t wish to. They are content to enjoy themselves in the Earth Life System, maximising their experiences. They don’t want their abilities to be known by anyone. Monroe was slowed down because of the influence of those who knew him, their demands.  
He lost and regained his freedom. 'There was an area to cover: Non-human Intelligences. They may seem more intelligent than Monroe, but all they have is more experience . They know more about (M) Field (coming from Emitter) resonances than we do.  Those who used to be humans are the ones needed to be watched for. They know more about being human than the others, so they can influence you if you are not careful. And the others- who were not human? They are unpredictable. There are two kinds. There are those who had the same origin as we did, but lived physically elsewhere (not on Earth) in the Universe. They know how to work in time much better than we do, but they are only curious about humans.' The second kind of non human intelligences Monroe will discover at the Aperture.
'Whatever we humans encounter, nothing, absolutely nothing can destroy us. We are (M) Field energy, regardless of a physical body'. 
One of the greatest influences is the interaction with other Higher Selves (and humans with humans). Total of all the human thought processes is called (H) human Band noise. Our early encounters with some non human intelligences did not work out well. They do not regard humans in the way we thought they might. They have a sense of superiority because they have evolved in a different way. Monroe thinks it was an accident that non human joined his Total Self . Sometimes what we think of an accident or miracles are no more than some non human intelligence interfering. We don’t know why.
Non human beings lose interest when they realise that you are conscious (trillions of them perhaps in the physical Universe). There is another type of non human intelligence with an origin not in time space, they are hard to perceive.

"Ultimate Journey":
"R.Monroe: I was asking about the limits, what we can and cannot do?
Asha (another part of Bob): I do not know what we cannot do, but I am aware of what we may achieve.
RM : Well, I have often wondered why I can't seem to perform certain actions that apparently others can?
Asha: What actions are they?
RM : Seeing radiation from people, reading minds, having what we call psychic ability (I can't do them either, LM)
Asha: Do you wish to perform these other acts?
RM: Now that you ask...no, not necessarily."
"On the range of the light were faces looking up at me, many hundreds, as far back as I could perceive. They were expectant. The radiation I know as love was overwhelming. I stood still unsure of what was expected of me, took control and relax.  This is one of few points where we have gathered as One (at the outer edge of Belief System Territories) We don’t need a physical body to exist, that release us from restrictions of Earth, and Earth-life-generated beliefs. We now have no limits, freedom of choice. The love we share is the greatest known of all. The members of my Higher Self reached upward and I moved off and passed slowly over the sea of upturned faces. Somewhere from deep the arm reached up and a hand grasped mine. A man moved up and joined me. Side by side we rose in a slow spiral, higher and higher. I looked over to see a big grin as he winked at me. That was an old friend from my former Home."  
And another one: "thousands of hands reaching out to touch him, eyes staring at him with joy and hope, overwhelming radiance, he knew as love sweeping over him and into every part of his being, all of these he was his Total Self, and emotion from success to the pain of parting, mixed with fun and laughter, the blindness of belief, the beauty, the sound of singing voices. There was more than ten thousand times more. All the other clusters he saw that were bonded to them.There was a tremendous surge of love and brotherhood, sisterhood."
"And there they were, thousands upon thousands of lines, each glowing with energy, extending outwards, in many dimensions from where I was multidimensional Higher Self of me! Some lines were bright, some dim, but each ended in what seemed a cluster of radiation: another Higher Self. These are the sum of all the personalities we have ever been, connecting with those we think of and those who think of us. The bright ones are those associated with you in this lifetime. So many of my connections in this life time when we go, all the love connections will either go with us or will help us on our way. My own love that I have now- Nancy will go with us."
R.Monroe's Inspec friend: “We have so much of this bonding built up to take us to Infinity and through it. We take it with us as we go. It’s a major energy base for our intellect. What you now perceive as love clarifies, not stultifies (appear ridiculous)
 Love incorporates both pain and pleasure; it is the union of opposites to create a whole. Every possible situation is here, every emotion there is nothing you can encounter in an Earth life that isn’t stored here in fifty different ways. We don’t know what we can not do, but we are aware of what we may achieve. What happens is that some become so locked up in a belief system that they never come back here (to higher levels), not even during sleep. We lose about 9 out of every 10 that way. They forget about us here completely. We keep helping anyway, hoping they will eventually remember- and sometimes they do. We are there to catch them when they fall through the cracks.
It’s impossible to describe the sum of the love energy distilled from more than a thousand lifetimes, which each Higher Self of each human has in store.
" Why is there this need for total unification? So that we can truly become One." R.Monroe
First time, you merge with your Cluster (Higher Self) and become One.
Second time (on the highest density) you merge with Creative Force when you enter the Aperture and become One with Creative Force 'complete and with multitude of gifts of experience and love.
 "Then we as a totality can wink out and pass through the Aperture. And what then. The answer is unknown."

Experience of Aperture by R.Monroe

There is a description of Total Selves moving through the Aperture to join Creative Force (complete ones) and how Robert Monroe was rejected because of his minute size (not complete, without the Gifts) compared to the others.  

1. What gifts do you bring, little one? I perceive none.  
MONROE : Gifts? I have only the need to return to the Whole (Creative Force) where I belong, where there are others like me. I’m what I always been. Gifts? That means more than I’m or was. There is nothing more.
2. There is something different with you. You bring no gifts and you are alone. You are incomplete.
MONROE : Incomplete? How can that be? I’m the same as when I left the Whole, I will be complete when I return.
3. That cannot happen. It will be a blending of what you are now with the awareness of Earth human consciousness. It is the total of that experience which is your gift. You will understand why you are incomplete, why you are small. Observe- there is more.  
4. When all have been assembled you will come with your gifts. You will no longer be small, but much as we are. All of the others will come with you.
MONROE : Was your process the same? Did one part of you come here first?
5. With us it was different. You act as you do because your diversification is so wide (Earth). On our planet, our entire species became aware and made the shift as one (winked out).
The Aperture is just ahead. It will open soon. Beside it you can perceive the Emitter for the energy beam that creates what you call M-Field.
MONROE : The Hologram would be a better term. The energy is very strong, a flaming ball of energy. There is a function I have to perform. The Emitter reminds me, that I need to do something."
"There they come, two figures, one glowing more than the other. I move closer to the Emitter, very close. I shield them (new human beings, parts of me from my cluster) from the energy of the Emitter opening my receptors to help in the shielding and I remember the two parts of me there in the Hologram (Earth experience) and I feel the full effects of the radiation but now I can absorb it where they could not. I bathe in the radiation, filling, absorbing. How much more? Yes, now I know what I am, what I have been from the beginning, what I always will be: a part of the Whole, the restless part that desires to return, yet lives to seek expression in doing, creating, building, giving, growing, leaving more than it takes and above all desires to bring back gifts of love to the Whole. The paradox of total unity and continuity of the part. I know the Whole, I am the Whole, even as part I’m totality.
You have grown somewhat, little one.
 Monroe: There is something I have to do for us. What happens when we enter and rejoin the Whole (Creative Force)?

There is much speculation about that. We can give you a ball of thought (Rote) on that describing one probable result. It will be interesting to you when you return to Earth (hologram).  
Monroe: I have to go back? To lose consciousness again?

You have no choice. You are incomplete. But this consciousness will return with you, you will not abandon those who are waiting, even if it were possible. Take this ball of thought (Rote). It may help you to be patient (you and the sum of you)(meaning all Bob's Alters, LM). 
Monroe: I am sure it will. But we need so much to know what it is to become complete? Can you say?

The Glowing figures ( parts of R.Monroe, LM): No beginning, no end - only change; no teacher, no student - only remembering; no good, no evil - only expression; no union, no sharing - only One (Whole); no joy, no sadness - only love; no greater, no lesser - only balance; no wakefulness, no sleep - only being; no limit, no chance - only a plan.
This is as we know it to be.  
You need to move through the other half of the circle to complete your journey. It’s much easier. Goodbye little one.
R.Monroe (with waveform from Emitter): The other half of the circle? The design exactly that, to disturb the reality of Earth (hologram). So I have to make one more run to the other end of the circle (into the future Earth reality). I move swiftly past Higher Selves clusters: they are gone; past Belief System Territories: they wink out; past the blue planet Earth and watch as it turns back to a ring of dust. (Pay attention to the word “Ring of Dust”.) Everything moves going against the flow again, following back to where it began. A huge flower of particles and Light folding back together; back into a beam, get into it, move with it. Can I stand it?

It’s so strong! And there it is- the Emitter! No, there was no Big Bang. It came from the Emitter the creation of the Hologram and there it is, the return flow off to one side, a cycle, a closed loop, a circle!

P.221, "Ultimate Journey"
Now I know! I had better get back to my Higher Self, let them know.

Inspec friend : Is that you?
MONROE: It is. Your scout is back.
Inspec friend : Control your radiation! You are burning us out!
MONROE: Oh, sorry.  Is that better?
Inspec friend : When you broke the silver cord, we did not know if you would come back and you did! Now we can act. But first you had better....
MONROE: I have it! I have what you need! (A missing Basic)
Inspec friend: Stop and listen, will you?
MONROE: What is it?
Inspec friend: You must move back into your physical body. Now.
MONROE: Why? Is something wrong?
Inspec friend: We have been trying to send a thought to you . When your cord broke, it also cut you off from your physical body. If you don’t move quickly, you may lose it. It’s not yet the right time.
MONROE: If they were concerned, so was I! They gave me a surge of energy as I began a rapid shift back to the physical phase. The body was shocked, and I was shocked- it was so cold the blood pressure very low, the pulse rate slow, the heart nearly stopped.
As I started the breathing again, deeply, the body began slowly to warm up, to move back to normal, but the muscles were stiff, it would take several days to get them back working. But the essence of me however did not.
There was not simply a Different Overview, but a remembering of unlimited freedom, an ever so slight glimpse of an Ultimate Option. And I knew that I had the missing Basic! At least I now have tears I can shed, cheeks down which they can roll, and a loving hand to brush them away. As for the gifts when the time is right, I can take them with me. It may become harder and harder to stay here on Earth. The wanderer can not wait forever."

I would like to meet the Original Designer (Creative Force). Once.
 I wished that I could take a friend with to make it less lonely. Then I realised that I wouldn’t be alone, that the (M) Field love radiation would be with me all the time.


"The outer most layer of human mind is much larger than you might expect, composed of others’ thoughts of you. Consider yourself as existing wherever and whenever any other person or being thinks of you, even only occasionally. You may get some idea of the magnitude by recalling all of those you think of even only occasionally. Add all of those who still think of you but who no longer inhabit a physical body- who are now “somewhere else”- plus those who know you from any other existence, whatever and wherever it may be or have been: you would be astounded at how big and how much you are. Very little of this radiation of you, as perceived by others is aware of the content of your Inner Core Self. The disguise and filtration are in the way. But a problem does lie in our deep concern as to what others think of us."

 Education on Astral Level


According to R.Monroe's info, there are classes out there with teachers where we are taught till we are ready (sleeper's class), there is a library where you can get any information on Earth past, future, present - knowledge of everything, knowledge about our physical Universe and parallel non-physical ones. There is astral residence level (here-now) and above that guidance level, where artificially created, vaguely outlined settings that resemble lecture halls are superimposed on the residence level (here-now) and they are more real than many in physical world. There is a park there with abundance of small garden settings and bench type arrangements created by former humans. These settings are designed for guidance. When you have questions to be answered, you will automatically find yourself in one of those teaching arrangements. If you are patient, this is where you will receive the answers you seek. Patience is most important, then the most complex ideas can be clarified. In this reality even though you may have done badly at school and never passed a single exam in your life, within your brain all the scholastic knowledge you were ever exposed to is still stored.
SYNESTHESIA- experience of a sensation in one part of the body resulting from a stimulation of a different part (when sound invokes a sensation of colour).


Learning by teaching. Former students become Teachers.
We are a container of emotions, which fascinates other races. Such a wide range of emotions in such a small container!
"So I came to a conclusion. Helping others goes with the job.  While you're helping yourself, you automatically lend a
hand to others, if you can do so. But I was missing an important element. Why did this sequence of events suddenly pop up in my activity pattern? Was this another key to  the missing Basic?"

What we need to do, whether in or out-of-body is 'to ignore or tear down the No Trespassing signs, the taboos, the notice that says Holy of Holies, the distortions of time and translation, the soft black poles of euphoria, the mysticisms, the myths, the fantasies of an eternal father or mother image, and then take a good look with our growing left brain. Nothing is sacred to the point where it should not be investigated. Quantum leap of getting out of local traffic to major highway into the unknown. The map that we are developing will cover route as far as our active consciousness pattern can extend it'.
 Many of our tasks involved helping through, or retrieving after the physical death process. We pretend to be mother, father, departed friend, “heavenly beings”. Those who were not part of our Higher Self cluster slipped away and disappeared into the Belief System. Sometimes we helped those who were not met by the members of their own cluster (courtesy) or those who missed their entry points into Belief Systems. They were disappearing on the way when Monroe approached the radiation of Belief System with which they resonated. The major task of his Higher Self was to find lost life personalities who had been overwhelmed by Earth Life addictions, belief systems, so that the essence of the personality was unreachable (past). The helping way is another duty, involves the insertion of ideas, thoughts, even physical stimuli, into the physical life of others.
 Monroe became aware how much help each of us receives, that we don’t know, simply accept it without question, never forced on anyone, but is provided as a response to a cry for help, a signal which might be translated into a prayer.
Many unselfish spirits former humans spend years helping discarnates overcome their reluctance to go higher (away from Earth). And maybe you will become those helpers, that is a good experience for a few years. Sometimes it takes discussions with loved ones on the Earth who are still clinging to the departed ones; a widow who is helpless without her husband- although he is dead for 10 years- is a typical example of this attachment which prevents husband’s spirit from progressing. 
Guides are beings (former humans) who dropped from higher levels to lower to learn helping less developed (if they can’t go higher, not the right frequency, then they have to drop lower). Guides are also on a ladder of progression and will wink out to higher level when they learned enough and gain higher vibration.
The humans should leave their emotions behind (on Earth) or send them into the Infinity (Universe) when they travel everywhere (all their pains and all their pleasures). You need to overcome pain/pleasure threshold. Monroe’s intent was to give people guidance on “purging” habits and beliefs. In his travels outside 3rd density Monroe saw the group of guides from his cluster (“Executive Committee”) of Higher Self, who told him that he was guided for all his life by either one of them or more, sometimes even from other energy system (one of them was not human from Earth) who actually manipulated circumstances in physical reality to allow Monroe to reach an experience desired by Higher Self (such as getting out of the accident alive, money when he really needed). He listened to a subtle voice inside and acted (and that happens to all of us). When people pray to “God” at the time of crisis and “God” helps them, that is not “God” but your guides help you.
Monroe asked them if they were guardian angels. They said: “You and we are the same. You’ve been helping yourself all the time. We are just the part that helps you remember”. Monroe asked why people went through multiple lifetimes. The answer was: “One life in 3rd density as a human is not enough”. His Higher Self had more than a thousand incarnations "every possible situation is here, every emotion. There is nothing you can encounter in an Earth life that isn’t stored here in fifty different ways". They told him that he had incarnated this time to pick up one final piece of experience and after this “they would be gone” into a higher Density and Monroe will be leading the whole cluster. That Monroe’s final experience was igniting millions of people with his books, creating Monroe’s Institute and Hemi-Sync to move consciousness of the planet and people on it.
“There are no wasted incarnational experience” he was told. One task of Higher Self complexes is to “pick up” previous personalities who had become so overwhelmed with Earth life, its addictions and belief systems that “the essence of the personality was unreachable”, and  restore those personalities.  
There is a field of energy which penetrates space-time (inside-outside) throughout all Densities and our Higher Selves consist solely of this field of energy (M-field). This energy field, at a local level, contains thought emissions from every being on Earth, with its cacophony of disorganised random thought patterns. Monroe developed a machine for out-of-body experience, but it was discontinued. He used Hemi-Sync for students in personal exploration. Monroe explains:
“Famous point between waking and sleep where the body goes to sleep , often with detectable paralysis, while the mind and attention remain fully awake (Hypnagogic State). But apart from going from Alpha waves through Delta of deep sleep more is happening: as the signals from the physical senses fade out while the person remains awake, there is actually a movement of consciousness deeper into this “M” field, where you perceive series of whole new environments and experiences.”

Cats and Dogs in OBE State

This extract is from "Soul Journeys" by Rosalind McKnight, p.64-66:

"I had gotten so animated and excited to be talking with Bob after all these years..."Bob, I notice that you have some cats lying around here just like you did back on Earth. I recognize a couple of them as the ones who lay on top of me while I slept in your gatehouse when you and Nancy lived there. And those dogs over there, are they the ones that ran away while you lived there? I remember how you and Nancy were so distressed about losing them."
"Yes, they are the pets that you met - and they were right here to meet Nancy and then me when we each came over," Bob said.
"Well, Bob, I think you win the price for having the ultimate cat story. It's like a story right out of Walt Disney. Laurie told me that when you moved from North of New York City when she was young, you took your 22 cats with you to your new home in Richmond, Virginia. She said that two of the cats walked together all the way back to where you lived in New York...
"Yes, we were all amazed when the owner of the house we have lived in called a year later and said that two of our cats had arrived there in fairly good condition and wanted to know if they should keep them," Bob replied..."Of course, I told him to keep the cats since he offered to do so. I learned that cats throw off a different reflection than people do ,"  
"What do you mean by that?"
"Well, cats are unique in that they exist in several dimensions at once. That is why cats are known to have nine lives. Cats are good 'shape-shifters', and can appear and disappear in various dimensions easily and at will."
"That's an amazing concept, Bob. What do you mean by 'shape-shifters'? "
"Cats in general have energy fields that help balance the human energy field. If they are treated well on the earth plane, they pretty much stay in the Earth energy form. They are very independent and if they are abused, their spirits can pull out of their physical bodies even though they still appear to be in them, and come and live more fully in the energy field of this dimension. So they can go in and out of the earth dimension at will. When they are sleeping the many hours on the Earth plane, their spirit bodies are on our plane having a good time. They even have the ability to disappear from the Earth plane."
"What do you mean by 'disappear'?"
"I mean just that. If they feel that they would rather be over 'here' than 'there', they just shape-shift, and bring all their energies over here."
"Does that mean that they just take their bodies out of the Earth plane?"  
"Precisely. And if the cat's previous owner is over here and their pet is on the Earth and ready to die, that owner can zap their beloved cat over into this dimension, body and all. It happens more often than you can imagine. When cats disappear, they usually are shape-shifting into their energy body on this side. In fact, some of our cats that are still alive on the New Land, who live with our son Al, come up to be with us often. They appear to be sleeping there, but are up playing in this dimension...Don't ever worry about your pets. They'll be here to greet you when you make your transition. They always have the ability to bounce back. Most are basically happy wherever they are . Without animals, crawling creatures, and plants the Earth would not stay alive."
"I don't know what I would do without my animals," I replied..."Bob, it has been amazing meeting and talking with you again. So you are an important part of a team that is helping to reorient humans on Earth to their true spiritual nature and the truth about the afterlife?"
"Yes, and we had planned this long before we were born," Bob rejoined. "So, I will be helping to oversee this whole project from my Lab in the sky."
"Thank you, Bob," I repeated. "It's exciting to be working with you again!"

p.166, "Ultimate Journey":
" A lot have no previous human experience though they have plenty of some other type - both physical and non physical. Some work up from being animals."
(This is about Minions, former dogs, cats, domestic animals: humans, who have an animal soul, LM).
The Extract from "The Journey of Robert Monroe" by Ronald Russell, p. 250-251:

"While Mark was working on the production of the Lifeline materials, he would take time out to listen to each completed exercise as if he was a participant in a program. Having finished the Focus 23 tape, he put headphones on and relaxed. He found himself moving into what he described as an exotic state of consciousness and in a space that was amber in color and misty. His grandfather had recently died and Mark wondered if he might be in such a space. In his mind he called his name but there was no response. He tried again.

I felt some sort of movement and all of a sudden there was my grandfather’s face, looking very stone-like in expression but with a hint of pain. I had no idea of what to do or say.... I tried to speak to him but he seemed unaware of my presence. Then I said the silliest things to him, almost in a panic. “Grandpa, I have no idea what to do for you, but if you wait here I’ll come back and get you. I haven’t made the tape yet that will help you get where you need to go.”  I heard Bob prompting (pushing) me to return back now to full physical waking consciousness. He began to count backwards but I was already back.

Feeling sad and confused, Mark resumed working on the rest of the series. It never occurred to him to ask Monroe for help. He completed the rest of the tapes, calling his grandfather’s name at each Focus level but with no response until he came to the final tape, Focus 27. Then, as he listened to it, he found himself entering the Park, that for him was an extensive grassy field. There he saw Winslow, his golden retriever  
(the dog), running towards him, followed by his grandfather. He was surprised and also greatly relieved, but curious to see his dog who, unlike his grandfather, was alive and well and living with his ex-wife and stepson. He talked with his grandfather, who said that his wife, who was still alive at that time, had helped him to get where he was and visited him quite often. Mark decided that he had some psychological need to connect with his grandfather, but he could not understand what the dog was doing in the Focus 27 Park. After his grandfather left, saying he would make contact again, Mark looked at the dog, assuming this was nothing more than a Freudian wish-fulfillment vision, and asked: “ So is there any messages you have for me, oh product of my subconscious mind?” The dog looked at him, and in his head Mark heard quite clearly:
“Yes. When we meet next time around, for God’s sake give me a better name than Winslow!” Then he heard Monroe prompting him back to ordinary everyday consciousness.

Two days later, a Sunday, Mark met his stepson as usual for an outing. “Over breakfast he looked at me and said
‘I have some bad news,’” said Mark later. “‘We found Winslow in the woods on Thursday. He died.’”
By the way, when we started this Game we found a lot of Minions, humans with animal souls of all kind here to the contrary Matrix 5 author constant writings. Our souls entered human former Minion's bodies.
He wrote in his 'books' that Minions turned up only at the Endgame Time and that the Planetary Spirit is so much against it, which is total nonsense! Minions existed on this planet for thousands of years.  
Earth Planetary Spirit is not against Minions and this evolving process.  It's the 'author' who is against of some evolutionary processes. He is a typical example of 'Do as I say, not as I do!'

There is some interesting information about the fact that our pets live with us after their and our 'death' (from "Cosmic Journeys" by Rosalind McKnight), p.114-116:
"Some people wonder whether our pets live on after they leave the earth plane. They exist on the same energy principle.
They are live energy forms; and these little beings are just as alive - even more alive - after they leave the earth plane. When an animal dies, it is attracted by love energy. If it has a close tie to an owner, it will usually be with that person no matter where that person is. If the owner is on the earth plane level, the little soul will often stay with the owner - even though it is not usually perceived. Sometimes, the animal will reincarnate as soon as possible to be with its old owner.
If the owner dies first, then the pet will be with him or her upon release from its physical body.
As for animals that don't have a loving master, they stay in a group animal soul - that is, a group of animals that are on the same energy level.  
"Animals that are put to sleep or die through abuse come into a special area where they are loved and nurtured.
"There is a purity of dedication in our pets that is helpful in the growth process of human beings. They are  on the emotional level of human energies. They don't naturally carry the same types of fears and problems that humans do - unless they pick them up from their masters, or from some other aspect of the earth experience. Some animals take on the conditions of their masters, or from some other aspect of the earth experience. Some animals take on the conditions of their masters as an act of love and a way of relieving them from the full burden of certain problems. Animals are not affected  by rejection in the way humans are. Animals evolve as a result of the love they receive from the human level. Some animals stay with their masters both here and beyond until they are ready to evolve into a higher group soul. Like attracts like.
"Larry is showing me something. He is pointing out that Frenchie and Cookie (their 'dead' dogs, LM) can read each other's minds. Larry and the two poodles are such good friends, working together on some special missions. I'm being taken to a place where there are many animals that have experienced rejection on the earth plane. All of these animals had gone to the earth level to evolve with the help of human beings but were never accepted by humans. Now they are staying with their soul group until they're ready to reincarnate again to experience the love-growth process.
"Each time humans reject or harm an animal, they are actually delaying their own growth process. By rejecting animals, by treating them badly, humans create negative energies around themselves that they get locked into, and that are sometimes difficult to work out of.
"But all of these rejected animals appear radiant, even though they have been mistreated on the earth plane. They are beautiful, pure little animals. There beings that are in charge of them . It's like a large animal shelter , and they are all well taken care of. Frenchie and Cookie are going over to communicate with some of them. They don't talk in words, of course. They relate on a pure energy level. It's as if they experience one another - which is what they do on the earth plane as well. Each knows directly what the other is feeling and experiencing.
"Larry is pointing out that throughout the universe - in every dimension - nothing is destroyed. Even though the bodies of these animals died or were put to sleep, they are still very much alive.
"In many cases, animals go to the earth plane to help teach human beings lessons that they might not learn otherwise.
Animals can often teach better because of the pureness of their dedication and their love. Some humans can relate easier to animals than to other human beings. And Animals want to help wherever they can."

(The dogs usually have the character of their owners, LM). 

 R.Monroe's Explorers

Rosalind A. McKnight

In moments of inner silence,  if we practice extending consciousness antennas, we can perceive the roots of our own being. It’s important not to live in the vibrations of others for our guidance. We must learn to live fully in our realities - in our own vibrations. By tuning into ourselves we receive guidance we need to become real persons. As we start into this new energy phase in the earth cycle, we are being reminded that the most important aspect of living is to get into attunement with our own personal vibrations. When we listen and tune in, there is no end to the energy levels that we will tap into.

From the book:
Cosmic Journeys 1999
by Rosalind A. McKnight
The process of testing the Hemi-Sync consciousness experience

RAM is Robert A. Monroe 
ROMC is Rosalind A. McKnight’s dense body


After many sessions of intense cleansing and preparation, my Invisible Helpers were ready to take me back onto an alien spacecraft. I must have been working at a very deep energy level during the spacecraft experiences that followed, because I could not remember any details after each of these sessions. Bob was eager to get back in contact with the aliens so that he could get more information. He was particularly fascinated with the technology involved in getting me onto the spacecraft. The Invisible Helpers would put me on some kind of a beam and actually "beam me up" Star Trek-style!
ROMC: "I’m in a state that seems so clear. I can hear the words, “You are going to be in a crystal-clear energy field and will feel very alert. We are going to take you through a special experience today.”
RAM: "Okay. Follow the flow as usual."
ROMC: "I am going down a road. I can see trees around me, and a car in front of me. I’m travelling at a fast rate of speed. All of a sudden everything is changing. The road under me is like a reflection and is getting farther and farther away. I’m taking off from the planet... Now I’m being put into a special kind of chamber - a clear energy ball. I’m travelling in it, and it seems that I am being cleansed. My mind, energy body, and all aspects of me are being cleansed to prepare me for this experience. The thought just went through my mind, again, that everything seems so clear. Then I heard the words, “You must have a crystal clear perception. That is what we are trying to create.”
"I’m travelling rapidly on a light wave, and in a very direct channel toward an object. It looks like what would be considered an unidentified flying object. I can hear the words: “We are taking you to do some work here and to continue teaching you from this standpoint.” As I’m coming closer, it appears to be a very large type or spacecraft, like a mother ship. I get the impression that my friends are going to take me through it and describe to me what’s there. I’ve come in on a beam to the very center of this spacecraft. The ship is oblong, and I’m being taken into the top area. Now I’m a beautiful dome that sticks up on the top. From here we can look out and see the rest of the ship. It’s very long, and I can see the glow from all kinds of windows along the side. I can see in all directions. We’re suspended in space. It seems to be dark outside. I can look straight out to stars and planets. There are some people - or whatever you would call them - who seem to be working. Two of them are sitting at some instruments and appear to be talking.  I can hear strange sounds, like a loud gibberish. They’re working over the instruments. I’ll go closer.
"Wow. On the instrument panel are all types of glowing, vibrating colors. And there’s a steady hum in this room. The room is circular, and there is something in the center - a beam that comes right up into this dome. The beam is pulsating and changing colors some way in relation to the lights along the sides of the ship. And the lights seem to change. It’s a special type of energy. I get the impression that this is the control room that runs the ship. Let me describe the two beings. They are proportioned differently from us. Overall they are more triangular-shaped. Their chests are higher and bigger than ours, and they have larger heads. In fact, they have very large heads. Their shoulders are fairly broad, but their arms aren’t very long. Then they come down into a narrow waist; their legs aren’t long either. They both seem to have something around their heads - I think to use in running the ship, and their faces are . . . well, it doesn’t look as if they have ears. And I can see little - what must be eyes, but they not very big and are extremely smooth. They don’t seem to have noses. Their mouths seem to be little more than slits - with different volumes of sounds coming from them. Now my Invisible Helpers are letting me know that they going to take me through this ship. There’s a group of the extraterrestrial beings I’m to talk with. These beings have a plan and a purpose, which we are going to discuss. But this will take several sessions; this is only the introduction. They tell me that I have to go back, now, to planet Earth. They are going to send me back on the energy beam. But I will return later."
Bob was so excited as we began working with the extraterrestrials that he encouraged me to have extra sessions beyond regularly scheduled ones. These meetings took place in December 1976, and January 1977. At that time not much was being said or published about UFOs, to my knowledge. Interestingly, in late 1995 a news-broadcast special stated that with the break up of the USSR, the Soviet government’s - UFO files had become public record. These records indicated some major UFO sightings in 1977 in parts of the Soviet Union. In one incident a spacecraft hovered over a major atomic-energy center, setting off an alarm that could have triggered atomic missiles. The alarm was quickly shut off, and no action was taken. Was a spacecraft checking to see how the extraterrestrials could prevent an atomic war?  
I was fascinated by this news special, since it was reporting on the time period when I was being taken onto the mother ship in our lab sessions.
ROMC: "I hear a very high tone. I get the impression that it’s associated with the energy wave I’m travelling on.  
Now I’m going through the cleansing process again. It’s very energizing. I see a circle at the end of the energy beam. The circle is the crystal-clear energy ball I travelled in before. (-pause-) Now I’m travelling very rapidly; suddenly my body is in an expanded state of awareness. We are approaching what seems like the same spacecraft as before. But the beam that’s carrying me appears to be coming in at the bottom of the craft this time. I didn’t realize it had a type of control center - like an inverted dome - extending out at the bottom of the ship. I am going in. I don’t feel quite all together yet. The tone that I heard has changed to a lower pitch; it has a special energy. The sound is elusive and hard to describe, almost like a silent sound, or something you’re not really hearing with your ears. It seems to have to do with travelling. It also seems like an energy that is being generated to tune into my energy - and to change it? Now I’ve come into a large, circular room. In the center is the inverted dome I saw from the outside. Looking down through it I can see stars, just as I did looking through the dome on top, before.  
I feel that I need to get my bearings. It’s as if part of me is here, and part of me is somewhere else. My energies are divided. But now they are going to rebalance me. I am standing on a little platform. The energy is going to come in and balance me and bring me all together. A new sound is being sent through me now. It sounds higher. It’s that strange, silent sound that seems to blend in with my own energy. Now, I am getting everything together and my mind feels extremely clear. I don’t see anyone in this room. There are sounds, and lights flashing, and something is happening. Now the inverted dome is opening up and it looks as if a saucer-type object is coming in, just floating right in. But I don’t see anyone around doing anything. Everything seems to be operating, but without anyone to operate it. The room is so large. It is almost as if it has expanded. Now the saucer has come into this ship and is moving over to the side of the room. When I first came in I didn’t realize how big this room is! Now, the circular ship - which is fairly large itself - has set down. It’s as if it has a spot it moves into, similar to an airplane hangar. But no other saucers are in here. Now the dome has closed up; the color has changed. It had been gold and yellow, with some blue. All of a sudden it turned to a reddish, orange, when the saucer came in. It’s so quiet in here - except for the tone that’s around me. It’s the tone that brought me here, and it’s staying with me, it has changed again – it’s lower. This seems to be my own tone. If there were any beings in that little saucer, they must have gotten out another way, because I still haven’t seen anyone. Wow, it’s so very quiet . . . strangely quiet. I want to do some exploring and see what’s around here. The floor has an odd, metallic quality - a different material from anything I’ve ever experienced. It seems to be almost alive with energy. When I step on it, I can see right through my feet. A mysterious energy seems to make me transparent. And now I am stepping around on the floor, which is a very smooth, light substance. Everything seems to be aglow in this room. There are more “hangar” spaces for other saucers. The saucer that is parked is about two times my height, and probably twelve feet in diameter. It looks like two domes put together, with little window like openings all the way around. “It is very quiet in here. I don’t know what’s going on. There are lights all around the room, and maybe a dozen places for vehicles to park. The other saucers must be out on business! Now the colors are starting to change again. Something’s happening. I want to get out of this area. Though I don’t see anyone around, I feel as if someone is watching me, or is aware that I’m here. There’s a light flashing. I’m going to follow it to see where it goes. (-pause-) It’s taking me up to a little platform, but I don’t see any way to get out. Now, I’m at the light, but there’s no door. Or is there! Wow! The wall is pure energy, and I can go right through. There’s a different feeling in this area. I had a very “hollow” feeling in that other area, as if I was in a vacuum. Or maybe it’s like being depressurized after you’ve been in deep water in a diving suit. I feel as though I had to be demagnetized to be able to come into this main area. Here’s some kind of hallway. Everything is very strange, especially the sense of space. It seems like a hall, or a long room; on the other hand, it seems to expand as I move. It is as if the walls are an energy force-field, not solid walls as we know them. In that first area I came into, the space at first felt small, but after the vehicle came in, I experienced the space as being huge and very expanded. I’m going to keep moving. I still don’t see anyone, but continue to sense that there are beings around. I have a feeling that they can make themselves invisible to me with the ability to control energy. If they want to, they allow themselves to be seen; if not, I don’t see them. It’s eerie. Maybe it’s some kind of hypnosis, where they can control my mind that I see only what they want me to see. Now I’m in another type of hallway, with soft-energy walls that have a nice glow that seems to change as I walk. I say walk - but I’m practically floating. My feet don’t seem touch the floor. The color now is a silver-gold. I feel someone guiding me around, telling me where to go. So I’ll just follow whatever it is that’s leading me. I’m coming to another hall. I just heard a voice say “Rosalind, we are with you.” It’s my Invisible Helpers! I was so caught up in seeing what was around, I wasn’t even aware of them. Maybe they are the ones I felt were invisibly present. Now I’m being taken somewhere. Wow. I’m in the room was in on my previous visit to this ship. It’s so different than the other areas. It’s like going from the belly of a ship up the captain’s quarters. The colors are much brighter, and it has a warm, comfortable feeling. The colors are always changing, but they’re relaxing. And there are the two beings I saw when I first entered. This room appears to be circular, and they’re sitting up by some type of panels. I hear those strange sounds around them. They don’t act as if they’re aware that I’m in the room - but I’m sure they must be. This room has a beam coming right up from the center of it, with circular lights all around the base of the dome. The beam seems to come up through the floor. It must be their energy system. Then, there are beams that come from all around the base of the dome. The lights keep changing to different colors, and it’s beautiful. I’m going to move closer to these creatures and see what else I can observe. Maybe they’re the navigators of this ship. The sounds that seem to be coming from them are getting louder. Is it their voices? It’s like a tape recording played on fast speed! And the speed of changes. I’m going to see what’s going on. As I’m standing behind them, I realize the sounds aren’t coming from them at all, but from the panels, the instruments. And I see that they don’t need to communicate with words. They’re using thought-forms to communicate. They don’t have ears because they don’t need ears. I can perceive their thoughts because I’m in a different energy body. They’re certainly intent on what they are doing. Now I’ve received the thought: “As to your question about what is going on: Yes, this is our energy system.”
"I can see the entire panel now. It’s amazing. Lines are moving on displays, and lights are flashing. Now, I‘m receiving the thought that this is their system for communicating with the other spaceships that are out . It’s their radar system. Some dots are moving and some are standing still. And when a dot moves, there’s a unique kind of sound. That’s why I heard the different kinds of sounds with different pitches; each ship has its own sound. Also, each one has a different color code. It’s like a big game board that’s alive with color and sound. How fantastic to see! Now I think they’re going to communicate with one of the spaceships. These are their exploring ships. They go to investigate in different regions, including planet Earth. The dots move so rapidly. I’m being told that the color has to do with the frequency on which a ship is operating. When they move at high rates of speed, they shift their frequency and the color changes. They’re pointing out that the ships that are in a travelling phase are solid in color. They seem to be going as fast as the speed of light. The ones we observe from planet Earth are more of a red-orange color, and they are slowed down quite a bit.
“This mother ship keeps in constant communication with all of her ships, no matter how far away in the universe they are. When a ship is reporting, the sound comes in. The mother ship is in touch at all times with everything that’s going on. There is an immediate transmission and recording of information, done with light and sound energy. Now, they’re directing my attention to something over-head. They’re showing me that there’s another way of keeping track of where the ships are. The mother ship must be moving continuously. What I thought was a dome through which I could look at the stars is more like a living planetarium. The lights on the dome’s surface change continually - producing a continuously up-to-date record of what is happening in the universe. It’s an updating map. The other panel keeps record of their smaller ships. But this larger dome keeps track of other mother ships, planets, stars, and so forth. If they are in the galaxy where planet earth exists, this dome shows everything going on there. And as this mother ship moves, everything in the dome changes in perspective. I can’t conceive of the space that these panels are keeping track of. My mind can’t even comprehend it. They tell me that you’re going to be able to ask questions, but not at this moment. I have to get adjusted to this first. It’s such a completely different concept than anything I’m used to. They are willing to talk more. But they say that before you begin, my energies have to interrelate better with theirs. I still don’t have myself together. Therefore I can’t understand very clearly. I will have to make several visits just to get oriented. I’m really not all here - as if part of me were in a different energy, or time zone. They are willing to deal with many  
questions, but my energies have to be right. So the question period will have to wait. It’s so hard to conceive of the magnitude of what they are showing me. Later, I’ll be able to understand more about who they are and where they are located – and will be able to relate through their energy system. The two beings I’m with seem to be the same two I described before. They look alike to me. I can sense a kind of chuckle coming from them – they’re thinking that we humans look alike to them! They have fairly large heads. One of them is standing beside me, and he isn’t quite as tall as I am. (I’m five-foot-four.) And now I get the question, “Why do you think he?” I don’t know. I don’t know if they even have different sexes. I’m being told that there are actually three genders and also a fourth state of being. They have the equivalent of the he male and she female. But they also have “neutral” beings - like drones in a beehive. Then they have highly evolved beings, who combine the male and female principle - or have gone beyond it. This is why they laughed. I’m perceiving from an earthly point of view - which is the duality principle. They are on a completely different dimension, a more highly evolved energy level.  Therefore, there are some in their group who are an integration of the masculine and feminine principles. Their leaders are the more highly evolved beings, who are integrated and do most of the thinking.
"The rest do the work. The two I am with are workers. I’ll see if they’ll tell me whether they are male or female - or neither. I can see there is a bit of humour taking place. I’m trying to figure out how to determine whether they are male or female and they are both standing up and slowly turning around for me to observe. I’m trying to see if there’s anything different about either of them.
"They have no ears. But there are little holes there. They have very small eyes. And they seem to have little holes where we have noses. Their bodies really look exactly alike to me. They are wearing a similar outfit, which has a smooth, metallic appearance. I would say they are of the same gender. And I don’t know why, but I think they are males. I guess when I meet someone else I can compare them with these two. They tell me that I will know the difference when I meet others - and that’s why they want me to take a good look. They obviously have a good sense of humour, and definite personalities. They’re not just robots. Now, they tell me that they’re going to have to keep track of what is going on, even though everything is monitored mechanically. They must keep in communication with every one of the spaceships. A door seems to be opening on the other side of the room, There’s a light, and it’s getting brighter. Someone is walking in - but I don’t see anyone there. Now, I can sense laughter over my trying to figure out what’s going on. All of a sudden I feel a presence - a very intense presence. Something is starting to materialize. A glowing being that is quite a bit taller than the others is appearing. Now I realize that this being was already there; I just wasn’t able to perceive its presence until now.
It’s a leader - the male/ female combination. Instead of tight metallic clothing, it’s wearing a type of robe. I’ve just received the thought, “Follow me.” I guess I will follow this... I don’t know who “this” is, but I’ll follow. I want to say good-bye to my other friends. They are busy, and I get a “we’ll-be-seeing-you-around” kind of impression from them. So, I’ll follow the leader! What a beautiful robe this individual has on. And its body is different from my previous friends’ bodies. The head is wider and taller, though not as big in proportion to the rest of the body. This being is over six feet tall. Now I’m going down a hallway, and a door is opening. It seems that I’m being taken into that little saucer that docked earlier. The leader is going to show me around in the saucer, so that I’ll understand its purpose. It’s very plain inside this saucer - almost a duplicate of the room I came into downstairs, but smaller. There’s a platform, or table, in the center, and
a large, eyelike object over the table. The leader has pushed a button and tells me to lie on the table. Now “he’s” bringing the eyelike thing down over me and is turning the table around so I can see what’s behind me - which is a large screen, Now the eye comes down over me, and I can see pictures of me when I was a little girl. I can see whole experiences, both pleasant and unpleasant. The beings are taking pictures out of my brain and displaying them on the screen. This instrument records the complete consciousness of the individual. There are different colors for the emotional, physical, mental, etheric, and spiritual levels of consciousness. If fear is there, it’s recorded as a certain color. Now he’s showing me my mental self. Next he’s recording the emotional self - and the color is changing. And this technology can show other lifetimes of a person - including the future. This instrument is going deeply into my whole history and is throwing it right up there on the screen. Nothing is hidden. He’s sending me the thought that when these beings come into a planetary area, they can take the mental and emotional “temperatures” of the planet by putting different individuals on this scanning apparatus. Then they keep a type of computer tracking of where individuals are, and the growth they have had. This machine can also erase a person’s memories of this scanning experience. So when they have finished, the person normally has no memory of having been on the saucer. But I get the impression that this device doesn’t just measure brain waves. It can tap into any bodily system. It knows exactly what is in the body - every cell, every molecule, every physical problem. Thus it can diagnose illness. But it is also able to create the conditions for healing. And it can even alter our thought-forms. The leader is communicating that they can also open up areas in the brain where knowledge is stored, for the individual’s benefit. They can’t do this for everyone. But when they take a person on for a scan, if the person is evolved and balanced enough physically, they enable him or her to access new areas of the brain. The person then has a great deal of knowledge available that he or she was not conscious of before. Now I’m going to be given an overview of what they do here. They are not going to go into the reasons as to why it is being done, yet. They have been doing this for some time with many different people. They will be able to share more with us on planet Earth after our consciousness has been raised. They’re keeping in continual touch to determine when we will be able to handle the knowledge they have to share. Some day they will be able to work openly with people on planet Earth. They want to put me through a complete scan - but that will have to be another session. This will be an important session, because I need to understand not only what they are doing, but why they are doing it. Now I am told that I’m to go out the other door of the saucer into a demagnetizing chamber to get prepared to come back into my body at the lab. I am to have several sessions. They have much to share. They don’t want to overtax my energy. They’ve put me back on a little platform. It’s as if I’m going to be sent back into myself. I’m going to receive an infusion of energy. I hear that sound again; it starts low and is getting higher. It seems to be my own frequency getting attunement from outside myself. Now I’m going to be put on an energy beam to be beamed back down. The sound is intensifying. Everything is starting to get dark and hazy, and it seems as if I’m moving. But I feel as if I’m standing completely still at the same time. (-long pause-) I feel as if I’m back in myself now! Can you think of a more unique way to begin the New Year than with a good cleansing on a spaceship? That’s how 1977 began for me.

ROMC: "As I came through what I call the “thick stage” I saw all kinds of interesting faces, some of them in groups. The faces were unusual. They seemed to have very large head and strange noses. They weren’t looking at me; I was just observing them. They were certainly not human faces. I know what, or who they were. But perhaps I’ll find out. These beings were doing something with energy. I was told to hold my hands with palms up - which I did - and I felt a great surge of energy. And I could hear a discussion on energy. I’m going to be told how my energies can be recharged.  
They are saying that I’ll be working with a new level of energy. I’m told that the whole earth is rising into a new energy level. Those who are balanced, and are able to receive and accept this new energy, will use it constructively for their purposes. And some will use it for the most constructive purposes. New energies will be coming into the earth from all dimensions. The many sensitive people on the earth level are going to be experiencing this higher intensity of energy."
RAM: "Very good. Just go with the flow."
ROMC: "Okay. They are working to get me into that special vibration so that I can continue learning about the mother ship where I was before. It will take a little time to get prepared. Again I’ll travel on a type of light beam. I‘m a little out of balance, so they are building up the vibrations around me. They are going to cleanse my vibrations. I’m beginning to pick up that silent sound again. The vibration is speeding up. I feel as though I am moving rapidly. I’m getting into the right vibration. I seem to be coming into the lower entrance of the mother ship. The light ray is coming out of the bottom, and I’m coming into the domelike area. Now I’m moving into the room that is the decomposition chamber -  or a cleansing chamber. As I described before, the walls are made of a type of light energy. When I first enter, the room seems very small, because my consciousness can only penetrate the level right around me. As I begin to get demagnetized and reenergized into this different state of consciousness, the walls seem to open up. Again, as before, my energy body seems to be split from my consciousness. I feel a little bit off center. Now I’m being guided to step onto a platform where I’m going to get re-centred into the vibration where I’ll be working. It’s a small platform with a beam coming down onto it. I’m supposed to stand on it. I feel almost as though I’m being stretched or pulled. It is as if I am a funnel and am being stretched out until I’m very tall. It’s a strange sensation. But it isn’t my body that’s being stretched –it’s an aspect of my consciousness. The ray is coming through the top of my head down to my feet.  All around me very small lights of different colors are shooting into me from all directions, going right up my body. I’m beginning to feel energized throughout my body. The energies are swirling around me. This is a cleansing and balancing process, to get me into a more perceptive level or consciousness. Now the vibrations are slowing down. I’m going to step down from this platform. The room still seems very small, and I don’t perceive much around me. I’m going to stand very quietly to tune into what to do next. I see a large flashing light overhead, with letters that spell out “l-i-s-t-e-n”. I’ll listen. Everything seems to be moving.
I feel as if I were in one of those fun houses, where the floor is tilted and you feel unstable. I feel strangely dizzy, and I don’t know what is happening. I must listen. I’m being told that it is possible to listen at a much deeper level than human ears can perceive. What they want me to do is to begin to listen at this deeper level, which goes beyond the physical ears. It’s important for human beings to learn to listen at a level beyond what words can describe. Through inner listening, we can perceive the many dimensions that are within. Humans have trouble listening because so many physical distractions are considered to be the “real” level of existence. The physical level of the five senses is not the real level. At the real level of existence, we can perceive the truth of human existence through inner attunement. This is something we must work on.

In moments of inner silence,  
if we practice extending consciousness antennas, we can perceive the roots of our own being. It’s important not to live in the vibrations of others for our guidance. We must learn to live fully in our realities - in our own vibrations. By tuning into ourselves we receive guidance we need to become real persons. As we start into this new energy phase in the Earth cycle, we are being reminded that the most important aspect of living is to get into attunement with our own personal vibrations. When we listen and tune in, there is no end to the energy levels that we will tap into.
“They have gotten across their main message, and I perceive that it’s time to get back to my earth-consciousness – to get “beamed down”.
RAM: "Thank them for their help and assistance."
ROMC: "Okay. I can hear my silent sound, and I must me back to my own working level."
ROMC: "I want to report on what I’ve been perceiving . I feel a very clear state of consciousness, I feel very alert. It seems my auditory perception has intensified; I can hear a beat I haven’t been aware of before. I think it’s my heartbeat. Or it could be the sound of blood going through my veins. But so loud that it sounds like a tom-tom beating!
"So I was doing some experimenting with it - I was doing deep breathing along with the beat. I would breathe in, hold my breath - and the beat would speed up. When I would let my breath out, the beat would slow down again. It seemed at every sound was so intensified. At one point I was aware of people standing around. They were dressed in different kinds of costumes and were doing some kind of work with energy. I perceived that a pyramid was being put down over me. Energy started coming directly down from the top of the pyramid into me. I don’t know exactly what was happening. But I was observing this and was still highly aware of the beat of my own inner rhythm. I want to see what I’m to do next. At one point, I heard a voice that told me to turn the palms of my hands up, and they sent energy right into my hands. This is what’s happening now. They have been talking about intensifying the energy level in order to intensify my perceptions. My higher perception is to become more sensitive and alert. This is an assignment that I must work on at all times. I’m to be constantly perceptive of all levels and dimensions and must try to pick up my own inner guidance for everyday living. Let me see what’s next."
RAM: "Fine. Simply go with the flow."
ROMC: "I see a pyramid with many, many steps. It’s glowing at the top. I’m going to go up the pyramid. I’m taking one step at a time up the pyramid. It’s like going up in vibrations. I’m going to receive energy slowly as I go up these steps. They are very short steps - but it’s a large pyramid. I can see bright light at the top. I’m going to continue going up slowly until I get to the bright light. With each step there’s a beat. I’m stepping to the beat of my own energy levels as I go up. I can hear the music of balance in my consciousness. With each step, I can hear a flood of music. It’s like going right up the musical scale. I’m almost at the top. Suddenly, my feet feel very cold; I don’t know why. The top of the pyramid is pure energy. I’m to walk into the middle of it. As I stand in the pure energy, my feet are starting to get warm. Now I feel cool again, but this time all over my body. But the energy is really penetrating through me. I feel that this energy is penetrating all levels of my seen and unseen dimensions. Now I feel a vibration throughout my body. I’m being told to breathe very slowly and deeply - to breathe in this energy. Then, I’m to let it out. The energy is coming right up through the pyramid to the top. I feel I’m swirling around rapidly. I feel invisible – I’ve become the energy itself. Now a strange thing is happening. I’m standing still. The energy of the pyramid is spinning around me. And I’m starting to lift off. An energy vacuum has been created, and I’m going right up with the energy that is coming out of the top of the pyramid. Now I’m moving very rapidly through a golden tunnel. I’m looking at myself. It’s as if I’m looking at many different people! I can see my physical body - but also several other bodies. At one point it seemed that they were all in a circle, but separate. I feel I’m in a very special energy area. I want to explore to see where I am. I’m in a room with a dome. I can hear the words, “Follow me.” I don’t see who said this, but there must be someone. I hear “Step up on the platform.” There’s a type of runway up to a platform. Something seems to be opening up. I’m going through an opening and am in a hallway. I don’t see anyone - but I feel that there are many people around somewhere. Now someone is coming into my field of vision - someone I’ve met before. It’s a tall, stately gentleman - and I just realized that he was one of the faces I saw earlier. I say “gentleman” but this person isn’t really a male. Anyway, this tall being is coming down a pathway of light and is wearing a brilliant robe. It’s embroidered with light forms of different kinds. “His” head is oblong, with a very high forehead. He doesn’t seem to have much hair. There’s something around his head; I’m not sure what it is. It’s not a cap but is some type of instrument. Now, he’s coming up to me. Without words, I can perceive that he is saying:”Welcome back. We have much work to do together. I appreciate your trust, and the fact that you follow instructions carefully.”
"He is turning, and indicating, “Follow me.” Now we’re walking down the lighted way together. I shouldn’t say “walking,” because we seem to be floating. Everything is in movement, including the robe he has on. I can see live vibrations in everything. In fact, the colors in his robe change; there are different patterns as they change. Now the color of the instrument on his head is changing. It was plain, when I first noticed it - without color. But as he sends thoughts, colors seem to flash from the instrument. Now we’ve come in a different area, one I haven’t been in before. It’s so plain, almost silver-gray in color, and there doesn’t seem in be much in it. He has walked over to a type of desk and is starting to look through a large book. He has his back to me, and I perceive that he is saying, “Make yourself comfortable.”
 So I’m looking around, trying to see what’s here. There’s a large eyelike device that I’ve seen before. It’s not turned on. As I walk around I see a row of circular windows all the way around the room. This is a dome - but very plain. In the center is a table for lying or sitting. There is also a box, with sound coming out of it - a beep, beep, beep sound. Each time I hear the sound, a light on the box changes color. I just received the thought that I’m to call my companion Zomar. I don’t know what Zomar is doing with the book. He’s looking through it very rapidly, as if he’s searching for something. Now he’s stopped at a page and is going down it with his finger. I sense that this is a book of all the galaxies. He’s looking up something that has to do with planet Earth. I call it a book, but it’s more like a glowing energy.
He’s trying to find some formula that relates to planet Earth. Now he has gotten up and gone over to a kind of energy box. He’s waving his hand over it with certain motions, as if giving a combination. The eyelike instrument on the wall is now turned on. A purple beam is coming out of it. He’s coming toward me, and I sense that he’s saying. Now we can proceed in this investigation.” He has indicated that I can sit on the table. I feel very light on it. I’m being turned around with the violet beam. The eye is coming to the back of my head and I’m being given instructions to look at the screen.
It’s a strange feeling, as if I’m watching this - standing aside and observing everything - while another part of me is sitting here. It’s almost as if I’m split into two parts, one participating and the other observing.
 Zomar is grinning because  I am just now realizing the different dimensions that are a part of my existence. I’m aware that I’m more than one.
He’s telling me to relax and enjoy this experience - that it will be an experience of my lifetimes! The color from the eyelike instrument has turned to blue. Zomar’s robe, and the whole room, have turned blue. My head is feeling very large. There’s such intensity in my head that I think I could get a headache. Something is penetrating right to the center of my brain. Now he wants me to put my head back and describe what I see taking place on the screen in front of me. The screen shows what I was doing today in earth time. Everything is backing up in time. It’s like a movie going backwards. I can see myself driving to the Institute. I can also see other dimension transposed over me. I’m rapidly going into another dimension and am shifting backwards in time. I can see all this happening on the screen. This machine seems to tap into my brain waves. As Zomar moves his hands over the box, everything goes backwards. Every once in a while, he stops. He’s stopping at a time when I was 12, at Whippoorwill Hills, my Girl Scout camp, when I almost drowned in the swimming pool. He has stopped here for me to look at this experience. I’m struggling to get my breath. I hadn’t thought of that incident for a long time. He is taking me back to points in my life at which I almost died. I’m having trouble breathing, because now he has taken me back to the moment of my birth. I’m just coming out of the womb, struggling to get my breath. Oh - I feel the doctor’s cold hands around me. He’s raking my head and shoulders now, and his hands are cold. I can hear and see my Aunt Nellie asking,
“What is it?” the doctor says, “It’s another Buck (my maiden name). It’s a girl.”
It’s cold. I see my father standing there. Now they’re finally putting me into a pan of warm water. That feels better. We’re in a little bedroom at home. I can see my mother lying there, breathing heavily. The doctor walks over to my mother and says, “Well, this is your fifth child. You’re pretty experienced by now.” I recognize my Aunt Nellie. I am such a little thing. I see myself standing outside of my body observing this. I can see two parts of myself. I haven’t even come fully into the body. I’m in my body, but also observing - just as I was doing earlier. Now, I’m observing myself observing. Now this is starting to fade. Everything is very dark on the screen. I think I’m in the womb. It’s very dark - but nice and warm in here. I’m floating around, and it feels good, so comfortable. Now I’m going back further. I’m in a big hall, a special kind of place. But it’s not like anything on earth. I’m getting instructions that it’s time to go again. I see a description of the father and mother that I am going to be with. There is a description that comes out of a kind of computer. But there’s something more important. I’m getting a specialized lesson. Now, I see myself with a special group of people. We’re in a circle and are discussing the fact that I have some important emotional growth to go through.
I have to go back into a situation with a lot of people, a lot of brothers and sisters - to learn patience. It’s important for me to learn patience, with myself and with other people. That is the main lesson I must learn on planet Earth.

I can see my emotional self and my tendency to be hurt by what others say and think about me.  
I must learn not to be overly critical of others and myself. I need to learn the lesson of greater acceptance - soul acceptance, so to speak.  
It seems that my impatience comes out in the form of over-criticism. I basically must learn love and have to start by loving myself.I’m being put into a situation of four brothers and three sisters to learn that there is plenty of love to go around.  I’m agreeing that I’ll be happy to go, if this is the situation as the soul group sees it. This is my earth-life council meeting, made up of very perceptive and understanding souls. They say that there are several other possibilities, but this one seems to be the best. I’m at the point just before coming into the womb. They are showing me the experience ofwhat it’s like to come back into the earth. I feel very light. Everything around me is very light. There’s a beam coming down on me, and they’re showing me what it’s like for the soul to come into the womb. I perceive that I don’t have to stay in the womb all the time. I can go in and out. Even while the embryo is being formed. I can go into the fetus and out, at will - trying it on for size as it develops. The body can form and operate without my spirit being there. In fact,  I am being shown that I can do this all through life! I’m free to roam wherever I like. It’s my body, and I am in complete charge and can come and go as I like.“They’re showing me two distinct parts of myself - the part that is experiencing, and the part that is observing. Then there is a third part that’s observing the other two parts. Wow! I see several dimensions of myself. There is a moment when I can decide whether I want to stay or go. I have to decide if I want to take the responsibility of this lifetime.  The soul has a two month period to make a final decision.
I stayed in on this one - even though I almost exited because my sister, Patsy, who was two years old when I was born, didn’t like my being there, and beat me on the head with a stick until my mother was able to stop her. I was about a month old at the time. I guess I wanted to be where the action was, even though it was directed at me! Now what’s happening?

 This seems to be a lesson on dimensions of reality and areas of perception. We are continually working on several levels at one time, even at the point of conception, coming into the physical body. We can always exist and operate in more than one dimension at one time. But humans often get caught in just one dimension, and stay there.
“Something is happening. I suddenly feel extremely hot. I’m not sure where I am. Everything has speeded up so rapidly. Zomar is indicating that we will do some more of this, that there is much to learn about the many dimensions of reality. They’re going to take me back into past situations very, very rapidly. I feel as if I’m burning up! I don’t understand what’s happening. He tells me that I am working at an extremely rapid rate of vibration and am very energized. This machine that taps into brain waves also energizes. My molecules are so speeded up that I experience it as heat. The eyelike machine not only shows me pictures of my consciousness levels, but also reenergizes the brain. I feel a lot of mental energy - and will still receive many mental images after I have gotten off the machine, Zomar says. He’s giving me instructions that when I receive mental images of the past, I should flow with the experiences and release them.  This release is an important part of the process. He says that if they are good experiences, I should re-experience and absorb them. But if the experiences create emotional blockages, I am to release them. We are going to do this several more times, I’ll be sorting out some of the emotional blockages that are still in the body, and I’m going to receive a higher sense perception through the release of these energy blockages. Now the device on his head has turned a bright red. He’s picking up a message. He indicates that it’s time for me to leave, and that they’re preparing the exit chamber.
Everything is opening out, and I’m stepping back into this room. I thank Zomar for helping me. He is a highly intelligent, loving, and accepting being. I get a sense that he looks right through me and knows all about me, but is not judging me. He’s helping me to experience and work through some different levels of my “personalityconsciousness,”as he calls it. He indicates that after we work through this, we are going to get into some other levels. Now I’m back in this exit chamber, standing on the platform to be beamed down. I’m still warm, but I’m starting to cool down.  A light that is rapidly moving around me is cooling me off. I felt as if I couldn’t breathe for a while, just as I did earlier, during the regression period. I’m going down the light beam and am coming back into the pyramid. I’m getting ready for re-entry into my body. I’m to stand in the pyramid for a few seconds, now I hear the words, “You can descend.”
“Whew! I feel much cooler. I’ll count myself down from Focus 12."
RAM: "Come back slowly and easily from 12 to 10, and then back on down."

 Robert Monroe and his Institute on Youtube

The content of this wonderful video (series) from TMI archives.

Robert Monroe Method

Many spontaneous OBE's start with a feeling of shaking, of vibrating and Monroe explains how to deliberatery induce this state first. He suggests the following:

1. Lie down in a darkened room in any comfortable position, but with your head pointing to magnetic North;
2. Loosen clothing and remove any jewellery or metal objects , but be sure to stay warm. Ensure that you will not be disturbed and are not under any limitation of time;
3. Begin by relaxing and then repeat to yourself: "I will consciously and remember all that I encounter during this relaxation procedure. I will recall in detail when I'm completely awake. Only those matters which would be beneficial to my physical and mental being;
4. Then begin breathing through your half-opened mouth. Flood your lungs with energy and then release it. Relax yourself;
5. The next step involves entering the state bordering sleep (the hypnagogic state). Try to concentrate your mind on a familiar object. When other images start to enter your thoughts, you have entered the hypnagogic state. Passively watch those images. This helps you maintain this state of near-sleep.
Monroe calls this Condition A.
6. After first achieving this state Monroe recommends to deepen it. Begin to clear your mind and observe your field of vision through your closed eyes. Do nothing more for a while, simply look through your closed eyelids at the blackness in front of you. After a while you may notice light patterns. These are simply neural discharges and they have no specific effect. Ignore them;
When they cease, one has entered what Monroe calls Codition B.
7. From here one must enter an even deeper state of relaxation, which Monroe calls Condition C.
With eyes closed look into the blackness at a spot about a foot (~30 cm) from your forhead, concentrating your consciousness on that point. Move it gradually to 3 feet (~90cm) away than six and then turn it 90 degrees upward, reaching above your head. Reach for the vibrations at that spot and then mentally pull them into your head. He explains how to recognize them when they occur:"It is as if a surging, hissing, rhythmically pulsating wave of fiery sparks comes roaring into your head. From there it seems to sweep throughout your body, making it rigid and immobile.
This method is easier than it sounds. This is a state of such a relaxation that you lose all awareness of the body and sensory stimulation. You are almost in a void, in which your only source of stimulation will be your own thoughts.
8. Once you have achieved the vibrational state you have to learn to control it, to smooth out the vibrations by "pulsing them";
9. The ideal state for "leaving your body" is Condition D. Condition D is the Condition C, but when it's voluntarily induced from a rested and refreshed condition and is not the effect of the normal fatigue. After achieving this vibrational state, Monroe suggests reaching out an arm to grasp som object, which you know is out of normal reach. Feel the object and then let your hand pass through it before bringing it back, stopping the vibrations and checking the details and location of the object.
10. To leave the body Monroe advocates "the lift out" method. To employ this method think of getting lighter and of how nice it would be to float upwards. Later you can explore further. Just calmly come to your initial position and start by moving your index finger, wake up gently.
With sufficient practice Monroe claims that a wide variety of experiences are yours for the taking.

Robert Monroe Method

The Many Faces of Bob Monroe (many Personalities/Alters) by Paul Rademacher

"I want to read for you a section from Ron Russell's book "Journey of Robert Monroe". It's a great read. You would learn so much about history of the Institute. You'll learn so much about Robert Monroe. This particular quote comes from Lesley Frans. I think it's so telling. She said:"Among the stuff we often spoke about Bob in terms of which personality aspect he was expressing at the moment. Uncle Bob or Dad, Buisnessman Bob, Good Executive Director, Old Boy Bob, Cosmic Bob, Paranoid Bob, Performer Bob.
These were main Bobs I knew, but not by far the only Bobs. Once you learn to take advantage of determining which Bob was present for attempting communication: it would change on a dime.
She has a juggling Bob caused the stuff much frustration. Buisnessman Bob sent ethics down from the Black Hole as we call his office at his cabin from the Robert's Mountain. Some other Bob refuted it (proved to be wrong), it aches and Paranoid Bob regained untrustful worthiness of stuff to fail to follow the ethics.
One time Buisnessman Bob (she described it as a verification in 1950's ethics) sly, hard, unemotional in a pursuit of a dollar and he was whom Lesley was expected to encounter when she was summoned to a meeting in the central dining room with Bob and Ron Harris. She was the first to arrive, she sat down to wait.
The others came together. Bob carrying a yellow legal pad, covered with this customary big black leathering. Soon we were settling in and I glanced at Bob. At that moment he caught my eye and the most extraodinary thing happened.  
I felt as though he and I were transported into another awareness and the stream of communication issued from his gaze directly from my consciousness. The stream contained words and feelings. It's said:"Isn't it fun?" This refered to the entire human drama as well as our little meeting accompanied by the lightest sense of fun and mischief, which I saw reflected in the sparkling eyes across from me: I had encounted a Cosmic Law."
I think all of us have been beneficiaries of Cosmic Bob for sure. There is no question about it. That's why we keep coming back, isn't it? And that's a Gift."

 The Many Faces of Bob Monroe     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oClXKd_fKo0&feature=related

"Phasing Levels of Human Consciousness" by Robert Monroe

We have also another thing that comes up that deserves a broad scientific treatment, and that is...we call it PHASING. This Mind Consciousness that we have is in full phase, let's say hopefully as I sit and talk to you here that of my consciousness is involved in doing this. If you are daydreaming or you are called absent-minded, a part of your Consciousness is not here, a very significant part of it. And so if you think of those being phases that 90% of your Mind-Consciousness being is here at this moment and there is a flicker and a part of you is phasing out of it and if you take it deeper than you can see what all of this whole program process means. It means that you becoming more and more out of phase, that are greater percent of you is active in some other state. Meditating states are a form of phasing. Let's say the 25% or more of your phasing patterns, of what is out of physical, is involved in something else and as a result you learn more about your own personal creative process. That's been just an absurd thing to you in the past and then it becomes absurdly easy.


#1 Monroe's Out-of-Body (OBE) Paranormal Transformation of Human C...
#2 Monroe's Out-of-Body (OBE) Paranormal Transformation of Human C...
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#7 Monroe's Out-of-Body (OBE) Paranormal Transformation of Human Consciousness

#5 Monroe's Out-of-Body (OBE) Paranormal Transformation of Human C...(The written content)

"What did you come to learn (in this Planetary School, LM)?
1. You came to learn a measurement system, this is a system of opposites, of polarities and we quickly give them labels like positive, negative, bad, good. These kind of things we learn. This measurement system is very important: we learn it this system of measurements and the great system of measurements that we learn is Pain-Pleasure and we know: how in the world could you know pleasure if you didn't experience pain?
The most boring thing that you could do is to have a very even life with no pain and no pleasure. You couldn't stand it. You've got to have this and we search for those pain and pleasure things. We go out of our way to do it. So if you think in terms of the whole concept of living here to learn measurements. Now that is the first.
The second is very interesting is that you learn to manipulate energy. I move my arms like this, my hands.I move my eyes and so on. I am using, I am manipulating energy. To do that, that is the use of 5 or 6 types of energy, to let me move my arm. We learn this very automatically. And I can tell you from the deep personal experience that simple ability that we take so much for granted of a learning to manipulate energy is increasingly valuable in other energy systems. You'd be amazed how much value that we take in our ordinary things. Keeping your balance for example. We automatically learn how to stay in balance in this groovidic (deeply satisfying) pattern?
But over there (in higher densities, LM) it's wonderful. You can use these kind of things. So these are 2 Key things. But important thing of all: we came and we come here to learn and acquire an intellect.
 It's strange, an intellect we acquire. Intelligence is not enough of the word. An intellect and analitical ability. We come here to learn that we use the metaphor (abstract) left brain. We learn to acquire left brain by living here and being here. That's the real valuable tool that we come and pick up. So you think that combination puts together a Being that is a
Super Being."

Nancy Penn Monroe graduated before R.Monroe did and that alone shows her consciousness level and she was that wom
an who is usually behind any great man. She was an extraordinary woman.

#7 Monroe's Out-of-Body (OBE) Paranormal Transformation of Human Consciousness

That was the goal of R.Monroe: to become an Androgynous Being like Heshe, his Inspec friend and that info you'll find on this video. This is the advice (which you don't have to follow):  only when you overcome this last Loop of considering yourself above a human female and after becoming a true Androgynous Being, can you really Graduate this Game.
The content of the video #7:

"Bob, would you tell us what this new Goal is?
R.Monroe: Well, it's not quite that simple. The new Goal that reawakened me out of this was, as happens,  
I met another friend and this other friend I gave another type of name to simply because of the fact that I couldn't, how to put it? I couln't understand him. It's a Heshe and I didn't want to use Heshe name again. So what I call this new friend was Inspec, short for Intelligent Species, which meant that I wasn't an Intelligent Specie. And a very, very deep and warm relationship developed with this non physical Being. And I never saw him in a physical form: he didn't have a form. It was just an energy. And that went on for a number of years until suddenly, oh, I must say there is another part to that. And I asked where his home was. And he said:"Would you like to go, it's on the way to my home and I would like to show it?
Oh, my, yes, please, please!!!
So he did and that became my new Goal was to become an Inspec (an Androgynouus). One of these, because the exquisite...
All the things that we express that being ideally: Love, Joy, Relationships, all this type of melding and unification was expressed when I went and just on the edges of this Inspec's Home. It was a beautiful, beautiful Goal to be that and that became my Goal: to grow and be an Inspec. And my plans all shifted to go to that state of being and this Inspec gave me so many different beautiful things, such as escorting me into the Future to see my last time around as being human. This kind of thing. Until one day, one night one afternoon. I've forgotten exactly when. The Inspec, in our particular place, which was outside of Time and Space, said to me:"This is our last meeting." I had a great shock, why? And the Inspec said to me: "Because you are taking another Path. You need to learn along that other Path", and I said:" Well, will we see each other again?" And he sais:" Not in this form," and I said:"What have I done?" And he says:"No, you have done nothing wrong, is that you have gone in another direction and you need to learn that other direction and get back to Basics  before you can go any further." And in that he, the Inspec, winked out like that. He was gone. And I went back maybe, oh, 25 or 30 times to that meeting place and Inspec was never there. He had really disappeared. So that occasion, another depression, but it did trigger my Left Brain Intellect. See, that was the point! It did trigger my Left Brain Intellect.
Basics, what's meant by Basics? And I started tracking down the Basics of what I have missed. And, apparently, I missed something, something very, very important. And so this is needless to go to all the searching, trying to find what I had missed. The Basics. And I went to all the human, than that was already procedures (I couldn't work it out, LM).
Took a long time to do. Finally, I came upon this one thing and made the change. And that one thing was that many years ago or about, perhaps, if we go into Time, I would say somewhere in the 60's, because this consciousness, this I, this Mind didn't know what to do with this out-of-body activity. I had no idea what to do with this. So what I did was I used a phrase, a term, an idea that we had a Total Self. I don't like the word 'soul', because it doesn't seem to fit. So I thought, I don't know what to do with this. To keep conducting experiments and going from Virginia to California was ridiculous and how many times can you go to Mars and the outer planets? They are just more of the same. And so, what I did, I finally said:"Wait a minute, the Thing, the Basic that I'd missed, was what I've been riding, this Vehicle!" In other words, I've been using this Navigator and this Driver and this Vehicle all these years and I am not taking the trouble to find out who is been doing the driving? Or, as we in America put 'what is under the hood of the thing that I'm driving'? And so I did, I began saying:"That is the Basic!"
I opened the whole new pattern of finding out what that answer was and that's a long thing but in turn moved me in a totally different direction and brought me to the knowledge that anything that I could conceive of now as a goal was inadequate to what the obtions, the availabilities are after I've Graduated as being human. And that is the limitation that I see that humans place upon. We, and I was a part of it, probably, still am, as a matter of fact, we place upon ourselves by our belief systems. We think that only certain things that we can do, could, after we leave here and our non-physical. We forget this other, very simple patterns our things are based on local ideas, local ways of thinking, doing our even. What we call is only a very human system of measurement. And here all these things and they, suddenly, by this process opened up to me, to discover what the Graduate Human, the Being, who Graduates from this human system of learning can be. And that's what I mean I say:"Go on the Interstate. The goals are so spectacular, so far Beyond. Anything that we can even consider. That they are the prime Targets for that anyone who has a curiosity, which I do, prime targets of the scientists is to get into something where the real action is. You run out of action in Time-Space: there is a limit. There is no limit in this, in this whole spectrum of consciousness that I see. That's what I'm talking about. How far is it go? I don't know how far it goes but I do know one thing, that one of the routes that you can take and that was one of my explorations, because I went and explore it to see these potentials. One is that one route that you can take and you can see the source of this . This is a lot of the humankind, we all have yearning and we express it in the desire to go Home. We express it in our going outward, in Infinity, looking for other intelligent life, looking for things out in the Universe, all these kind of things. But the real part of it is that we really want to do this Key thing: we are looking for something else. And what we are looking for is the thing that built into us in the beginning and that is that. And we express it in our religions, that we would like to go and meet our Maker. Now , all I can tell you is at the very least, because this can go on for a long, long time. I know how one can get on the Interstate. Go, meet your Maker! And all I want to do , I have not met that Maker yet, but what I would like to do at some point and that totality of me (and that is another story). We would like to go and 'not prostate ourselves at the foot of our Maker', but , let's say to shake that Maker's hand and say: "What a magnificient Engineer he is, what a beautiful Designer he is, she is, Heshe and go get into a New Game with the Maker. And that's all we want. And it seems endless options that you can take.
You can become a Maker yourself if you want. What you learn here is the Basic tools of being a Maker!"

Hemi-Sync Gateway Voyage at The Monroe Institute          http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThVZC4_DFVk&feature=related

#2 Hemi-Sync Audio Guidance for the Optimization of Human Consciousness


Heartline Hemi-Sync Program at The Monroe Institute (TMI)           http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAi2eno4dGI&feature=related

Starlines Hemi-Sync Program at The Monroe Institute (TMI)         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bz2Mt-ph5j4&feature=related

 R.Monroe on Thinking Process


Ultimate Journey, p.84-88:
"Now to effect the greatest change in your overview and to provide a simple and understandable purpose for being here in the Earth Life System, we need to be specific. This involves looking closely at something unique to the Human Mind—our thinking process. Current concepts have it that, aside from our animal driven activity, our thinking is divided into two basic categories which we identify as left brain and right brain. Bear in mind that this identification is only symbolic and the separation is nowhere near as distinct as left-right would seem to indicate.Our left brain process is the part of us that gets things done. It is the intellectual, analytical area of function. Here lie our mathematical and speech centers, our logical reasoning, our scientific method, our organizational talents and teaching skills, and much more. It is our left brain activity that makes us different from animals. It is the source of our "can do" optimism.
Our right brain is opposite. From this come our perception of form and space, beauty, intuition, emotions, plus everything else the left brain cannot understand or categorize, including love, friendship, inspiration, etc. The right brain is horrified at the idea that a left brain formula can be produced to quantify and qualify love and friendship. That is right brain sacred territory. Paradoxically, our right brain is the generator of our feelings of negativity.
More recent concepts hold that our human consciousness flickers back and forth between left and right brain as situations arise during our daily physical life. When we perform calculations, our left brain is dominant. When we listen to music, our right brain takes over. Peak performance comes when both left and right brain thinking are integrated, unified, synchronous. A kind of cultural subwar has been going on for centuries and has come to the surface only in recent years.
The dominant-left-brainers consider the dominant-right-brainers to be basically unfit for existence in the Earth Life System and tend to regard them with contempt or disbelief. The dominant right-brainers look on the others as 
dull, unimaginative, overmaterialistic, unfeeling, and lacking in "spiritual values."
It is time now to declare peace in this battle and to set right this dangerous misunderstanding.
Our prime and fundamental purpose, aside from learning through experience in being human, is to acquire and develop what we label intellect:left brain consciousness. We do not need to act similarly with our right brain abilities because we  already have them. We brought them with us; somehow they were inherent.
It is the left brain capability that is of exquisite value when we visit or return to the There, beyond time-space. It isthe left brain that removes the limitations on our growth that were present prior to our sojourn here. Only left brain function can make Unknowns into Knowns, dissolve fears, enhance experience, open new vistas, clean out the false belief system refuse. It is the left brain that takes any idea, information, or inspiration emanating from or via the right brain and puts it into action. By any standards, something of value cannot become real unless and until the left brain takes over.
For millennia the human right brain has not changed. It has not grown or evolved. It is the same as it always was.  In contrast, left brain consciousness has been steadily evolving, either by design or necessity. In the past century, this growth has become an exponential curve, not simply in one or two individuals but in literally millions of humans throughout the period. Today the left brain has probed so deeply into the time-space phenomenon that there seem few areas left to explore without recycling and repetition. The energy fields in the There are ripe for exploration. By its very nature, the left brain cannot help becoming involved in constructive evaluation and application. The right brain is forcing it to do so— and the right brain is in charge. What has happened is that our left brain has become so thoroughly entrenched—and justifiably so—in providing means of survival in the Earth Life System that it resists anything and everything that may interfere with or interrupt the process. What occurs beyond time-space, in the There, does not calculate by ordinary Earth Life System standards. More important, information from There appears to have no value for Earth Life System inhabitants. Only when our left brain recognizes that such knowledge is a most vital tool for growth in the There will specific interest be generated.
Our Different Overview includes most emphatically the maturing talents of our left brain. As we have said, that's what we came here to acquire. Dominant-right-brainers find this difficult, or impossible, to accept. As it is the boss, the right brain often forces the left brain to perform in a way that tends to destroy thousands of years of evolution. Meanwhile, our left brain continues to pick up the usable ideas and inspirations of the right brain and make them into something of value. It tolerates the nonproductive right brain patterns as long as they don't get in the way. It also heavily distorts some right brain patterns to convert them into the Earth Life System survivor-predator organization.
For our Different Overview, here are two definitions:
Left Brain = Human Mind modified by the Earth Life System.
Right Brain = Expression of the Core Self, the timeless, nonphysical part of us, untouched and unaffected by the Earth Life System.
The trick is to get both left and right brain into simultaneous and synchronous action, nudging (incouraging) the left brain more and more into taking part in the There activity. You should never abandon one for the other.
Almost the whole effort is directed to the utilisation of the left brain of the intellectual, analytical portion of the mind to explore the right brain, the intuitive, abstract side. The result of a whole brain thinking of extreme value, integrated, without dominance by either part. Right brain territory without limitations is a rich ground for mining operations by the left brain. It is coherent whole brain consciousness that produces the precious nuggets.
 (The Reptilian part of the brain is particularly difficult to control, it spoils our life, LM).

Most of the time, we think only with our left brain. When we use our right brain it is only to support the action of the left. Otherwise we do our best to ignore it. We are primarily a right handed civilization, dominated, by our left brains. Only in the last 50 years have left-handed been accepted as “equals”. In many ways, we still discriminate against left-handed. You know that a pair of scissors is a right handed tool? We use the left brain to talk and read, to do mathematics, to reason, to remember detail, to measure time - the source of logical, rational thought.

 R.Monroe Advices

p.88-91, "Ultimate Journey":
"You may find that the following points will help:
1. Always know and remember that you are "more than your physical body." This will provide instant perspective on any Earth Life System activity. The agony becomes tolerable, theecstasy more profound. Locally induced fears evaporate.

2. Recognize and control your survival drive. Use it instead of allowing it to use you. Here are some suggestions:
a. One part of the formula (Physical Life = Good) is needed for the Earth Life System and is acceptable duringyour stay. The other part (Physical Death = Bad) you can discard because you will know better.
b. Remember that your ultimate goal is not physical survival. Thus, while it is valid that you are here to do certainthings and there are functions you must perform to be here to do them, you don't need to be desperate about it. Accidents may happen, but you cannot lose; you have had the experience of being human.
c. The sexual reproductive drive is the most powerful animal instinct of the Earth Life System. Designed specifically for physical survival of the species, it controls and is manipulated to control most aspects of human behavior.Enjoy it, but there's no need to live or die for it. And enjoy the manipulations for what they are; succumb onlyknowingly.
d. Physical assets (material, food, tools, toys) are greatfor local use, but ownership is only a matter of temporaryconvenience. You not only cannot but you wouldnot want to take them with you—not even your physical body.
3. Maintain your transient status. You are being human atyour own option in the strictest sense. That option remains inforce throughout your visit. You may pack up your experience and leave whenever and for wherever you desire, with no censure or penalties from any source that matters. If your Human Mind is satisfied, you will do this in spite of local custom or effort. Earth Life System addicts may not understand, but that is their problem.
4. Enjoy your life in the System, maximize your highs and lows—but don't become addicted. Get through being angry at how the system works, the seeming inequities, the unfair advantages, the brutalities, the callousness, the deceit.I's a predator world by design—and it's a superb teaching machine.
5. Exercise your Human Mind as fully as possible, knowing it is only an exercise. Build beautiful artifacts, solve "problems," smell the flowers and watch the sunsets, compose music, explore the "secrets" of the physical universe, savor the input from all of your five senses, absorb the nuances of close relationships and situations, feel the joy and sorrow, the laughter, the empathy, compassion—and tuck all of the emotional memory in your travel bag.
6. Most important, let the Human Mind of you seek out, experience, and add to your flow of consciousness where and when you encounter it. Drink it in, but watch out for the tendency to wallow (indulge) in it due to the reminders of Home contained therein. Beware of illusions and collusion which make it sometimes difficult to sort out the real in the Earth Life System environment.
7. Your Human Mind has a natural and normal proclivity to try to make things in the Earth Life System much the way it is accustomed to in the There. History is full of such attempts, but in the end the system always wins. An edge may have been frayed (worn away), but the predator animalism simply comes back, sometimes a bit smarter than before, and takes over. That does not mean you don't try in your Human Mind expression, and it is possible that you might change a part of it, but you will never change it all. If you did manage a complete overhaul, the system wouldn't and couldn't exist. Yet who knows how much longer it will exist anyway?
All the above points are Knowns to others and are easy to verify for your own knowing through direct logical working of your left brain on each question or belief. Solidify your Different Overview by proving these for yourself—and for yourself only."


R.Monroe about his Institute

New direction R.Monroe had to take (p.245-248, "Ultimate Journey") :

"Now that I knew what had to be done, one further question arose. How could I organize all that I had experienced into such a shape that it could be absorbed and put into practice by others? Not only that: how could those experiences, which for me had stretched over years, be compressed into a time-frame which others would find practical and appropriate? This was not a process that could be established by trial and error, for what we were shortly to be handling was, quite literally, a matter of life and death. It had to be as nearly right as possible the first time. And events in my personal life were telling me that there was little time to spare. But I was fortunate—or perhaps it was not good fortune, but the fulfillment or completion of a design begun more than three decades ago when we first commenced research into
human consciousness. For at my disposal I had all the resources of our Institute, which for many years had shown that it was possible to bring individuals right up to that transitional point between physical life and death and enable some of them at least to see into the beyond. That our procedures were safe and that our participants benefited enormously and in so many ways had been proved beyond doubt. My left brain told me that two things were needed.  
The firstwas research into the frequencies of brain waves translated into sound that would permit the individual mind-consciousness to travel safely beyond the transitional point and to return when the task was accomplished.  
The secondwas a program that would be suitable and effective for the wide variety of people who might be attracted by the prospect of service to those no longer in physical existence. So, with my closest colleagues, I set to work.  
The simplest thing was to find a title for the program: Lifeline.
graduates of at least one previous Institute program, as this was The first Lifeline program took place at the Institute during the week beginning June 22, 1991. In the following fourteen months, some two hundred people participated in the six-day intensive learning process. Among those attending were physicians, psychologists, engineers, researchers, business executives, psychiatrists, writers, attorneys, educators, therapists, musicians, and artists. All werea prerequisite for attendance at Lifeline. Apart from that, they represented widely divergent backgrounds  interests, lifestyles, and previous experiences with the exploration of consciousness. Yet at the end of each program almost all attested to their ability to visit the Reception Center—the Park—and many also acknowledged that they now knew for certain that they would survive the physical death process. I was indeed surprised. It was clear that the process could be taught. Following the first session, I had reasoned that the phenomena reported might possibly have been unique to that particular group. The reports from the second session might, again possibly, be coincidental. With the third session, however, it really did seem as if the process was viable. Ten sessions later, I do not see how there can be any doubt. We have been able to accomplish what we set out to do. Lifeline is designed to be effective without respect to any specific belief held by the individual participant, and to instill knowledge through direct experience.  
It is a "Know" system and does not of itself negate any currently held beliefs, with the possible exception of nihilism (denial of morality). The program has certain goals. These are:

to release all fears related to the physical death process;  
to establish a familiarity with different states of consciousness until these states become Knowns instead of beliefs;
to generate ongoing communication and relationships with other Human Minds active in other states of consciousness;
to incorporate such acquired knowledge both consciously and at the nonconscious level into physical life thought, functions, and activity;
to insure upon the cessation of physical life existence, for whatever reason, that such knowledgeable humanmind-consciousness will shift without interruption to other forms of existence.

The means by which these goals are achieved is by development and extension of the methods and techniques that have been evolved and refined at the Institute over many years. One of the hallmarks of these methods and techniques
is the use of the term  "Focus level"to indicate and identify, in a convenient and easily understood way, a particular state of consciousness. Hitherto, programs had taken participants through Focus 3 (mind-brain synchronicity), Focus 10 (mind awake and alert, body asleep), Focus 12 (state of expanded awareness), Focus 15 (state of no time), to Focus 21 (the edge of time-space where it is possible to contact other energy systems). Now, in pursuit of the program's theme of service to those who have died, it was necessary to venture beyond."

Here is the abstract of R.Monroe'writing, from the book called "Using The Whole Brain" edited by Ronald Russell, p.9 :

"The inescapable Law of Cause and Effect can't be ignored, whatever the situation or the reaction. We may or may not like or anticipate the result.  Yet there will be one even many years later.
That is the case in Hemi-Sync, our acronym for hemispheric synchronization. Back in 1956, our New York-based company had been a leader in the production of radio network programs, using voices, music, and specialized sound. With the rising power of television, a decision had to be made whether to convert to this new medium or to try something else.A possibility came to our attention: learning during sleep, that third of our lives over which we had little or no control and where much of our time and energy may well be wasted. We set up a Research & Development program to explore the prospect and immediately ran into the basic problem. We couldn't get our subjects to go to sleep when we needed them to do so for test. The use of sleeping inducing drugs seemed contradictory to our basic purpose.
Using our area of expertise, we began testing subjects  (subjects were volunteers, not like Montauk children beaten up into submission, LM) with various sound patterns to find those that would evoke various stages of sleep. It was slow work, but we did have just enough early success to lure us to continue. When EEG testing of subjects showed waveforms similar if not identical to the sound patterns we were using, we began to call the result Frequency Following Response (FFR). Later, as we began using binaural beat sound, we found similar waveforms in both sides of the brain at the same moment. This brain hemispheric synchronization came to be known as Hemi-Sync."   
"I had been one of the leading subjects in our tests. In 1958, I began to experience states of consciousness totally unknown to me. They seemed both dangerous and exciting. Other subjects did not experience the phenomenon. As a result, we diverted our research into this new area. Through the years, our work progressed steadily in this seemingly new direction, attracting the attention, interest, and participation of several hundred researchers, scientists, engineers,educators, physicians, psychologists, and many others.  They are the ones,  not I, who have brought the Hemi-Sync processes to the level they are today. I am still not sure I was the sole cause.
The effects? Over 200,000 people now have a good night's sleep without drugs, as a baseline. Many thousands more have learned better understanding and control of their mental, emotional, and physical selves. We believe it is an emerging learning system that might be called Lifespan, applicable from cradle to grave..."

I did not get any benefit (like going Astral, for instance) out of using Monroe Institute"s series of DVD's called "Gateway Experience" at home, in Australia. No wonder, Hemi-Sync was made so weak, that it wouldn't  make any desirable effects on the listener. I bought DVD's too late, in 1996, after R.Monroe's death. I never met R.Monroe or maybe I did , but didn't know who he was. I learned about his existence after his death.  I only visited TMI last year, 2007.  We all know how much Reptilians and other aliens penetrated the Monroe Institute (TMI). CIA/FBI officers as remote viewers were/are still trained there, R.Monroe's name is used to attract more talented, psychic people and the whole idea of this establishment has been slowly changed, even when R.Monroe was still alive. That has been done to many other well meaning Research Centers. For R.Monroe it was a losing battle and he became closed, lonely man, especially after Nancy's death.

 The Compressed Learning

Monroe's talk on #5 videotape is relevant to this chapter in "Far Journeys", p.248-264. These are the reasons :

Compressed Learning—Category Human

The first point in consideration of human structure certainly should be the note that a small percentage have never been through the experience prior to the present sojourn in time. Some may have had physical life experience in other parts of time-space and in another physical form, but this is their first run as a human. Other first-timers have never been in a physical form of any sort.
Time-space—physical matter—and especially human existence on earth —is an interesting anomaly. It has some peculiar qualities that are unique in the development of intelligence and consciousness. As a result, human life has many attractions. To some it is like attending a vast amusement park with a multitude of different types of exciting rides to try—a playground where standard rules (non-earthly) are suspended for the moment. They desire human existence simply out of curiosity. They have received a rote on this interesting state, and want to find out what it is to be a part of it. Many, having observed the state at a particular point in human history, decide it is an ideal opportunity to try an experiment conceived in their periods of contemplation. The peculiarity of human existence at a given point in evolution provides an opportunity to try out the idea.
Still others find that the limitations imposed by physical incarceration (confinement) as a human also engender (produce) concentration of certain energies available only in that state. This is the only point available to apply such energies.  By far the greatest motivation—surpassing the sum of all others—is the result. When you encounter and perceive a graduate, your only goal is to be one yourself once you realize it is possible. And it is. Thus we "go to physical" because of what it is—an intense learning process, a school of a very unusual sort. It has the implication (an indirect suggestion) that an important part of that learning process is to force the admixture of two different types of energy modulation. One enters as male and the other as female. The drives, needs, enculturation, and other factors all may be designed to literally force the accommodation, melding, and understanding between these two systems of consciousness.
The conditions of entering physical life as a human are relatively strict. It is as if a detailed agreement is entered into.
First, the energy form must agree that time-space truly does exist. Without this agreement, it is impossible to have primary human consciousness. The energy form must agree that there is a time, such as the 1980s or any other time frame by earth reckoning.
It must be agreed also that there truly is a planet earth designed and created in the form that it is.  
It must further agree that consciousness expressed as a human has certain characteristics and limitations.
The blanking (blocking) or sublimation of previous experience is a part of the process. This is to assure that there will be a minimum of interference in the performance as a human caused by previous life patterns, physical and in other realities. 
Bear in mind that this is all at the conscious perceiving level; it is not removed from the essence of the energy form accepting the agreement. Such experience will remain with the newly human energy form in a nonconscious state.  
This is important because such experience or purpose may well be the underlying motive that is the driving force behind the performance of such energy in human existence.
Once a decision or agreement has been reached, a propitious (favourable circumstances) and probable birth entry point is selected, taking into consideration the genetic, environmental, social, political, and economic elements that may—not absolutely—ensure the realization of the purpose for such entry.
Many times, due to the possibility that all factors may not be appropriate and suitable, some entries are made simply on the possibility or hope that the goals can be achieved. Often there are so many variables present that it in turn presents a most enticing challenge to simply try to beat the odds, as it were, or change them by thought and action. Some make it, some do not. Another factor is that the demand or need for selective new points of entry far exceeds the supply. Thus, many may get tired of waiting, as it were, and will accept entry under the most marginal of circumstances.
A review of the learning processes and the absorption of information by a first-timer will provide a beginning overview.

Upon entry (birth), the first-timer is surprised and shocked at the very severe constraints of the physical body. It can no longer move freely and easily at the mere thought or desire. Thus, much of the early weeks of existence as a human are taken up with conscious and frustrating efforts to obtain control of this new physical body. Simultaneously, it is overwhelmed by astounding demands for nourishment—a process that was an automatic function in previous existence. Add to that a massive battery of strong and chaotic signals pouring in from sensory sources never before perceived, the five physical senses, and one begins to get a better appreciation of the traumatic state that is undergone.

There are indications that the effect would be much more severe were it not for the reinforcement received by the first-timer during nonconscious periods (sleep), from interested and concerned observers left behind in the reality outside of time-space.

From this beginning emerges the primary learning system that continues throughout human life. It is the focusing of conscious awareness.
Pain or pleasure, as reported by the five physical senses, turns attention to the event being experienced, and such experience is then learned and stored. Further, if the element of emotion is involved, the storage process is enhanced greatly. Physical experience of an extreme nature also deepens the learning process. Simply stated, the depth of learning (retention, recall) is in direct relation to the intensity of the experience. Conversely, the more shallow the experience, the lesser the attention, which diminishes greatly the learning process.
Primary learningis the data base upon which we humans principally conduct our physical lives. Other learning processes affect our thoughts and actions, yet the fundamental pattern of performance is based upon this primary learning.
Secondary learning,another pattern which is present throughout human existence, takes place beyond what we call our level of consciousness. This is data received through our five physical senses in those areas where attention is not focused. This takes place during waking physical life and is stored and retained in the most minute detail. Due to the lack of attention, less than 20 percent of such secondary learning is ordinarily available for recall by the human conscious mind. Still, this entire spectrum of memory is called upon unknowingly by the individual as the need arises. 
It colors and affects our thoughts, decisions, and actions, and we are quite unaware of it.
A third form of learningoccurs during our cyclic nonconscious state (sleep). At our waking conscious level, we remember very little of such activity although it becomes deeply embedded in and becomes a part of the memory - experience system upon which we base our life activity. Culturally, we have been trained to place the least importance upon those events we do not remember, and rarely recognize the influence these have upon our activities/experience. When examined from an external point of observation, automatic use of this learning process becomes quite visible.
The principal learning system devised by the various cultures in human history is the most widespread and accepted, yet the most unnatural. For the greatest part it ignores completely the in-place and operating primary and secondary learning processes. Thus its very artificiality, without natural means of focusing attention, requires a form of dedication and discipline generally unavailable to the average human conscious mind. Attention flickers, fluctuates, especially in low-order, repetitive experience, denigrating much of the learning that might take place. Crude as it may be, such learning methods are held in high esteem in human existence, and virtually all of it revolves around the knowledge, understanding, and control and application of physical matter, including the energy system so generated therein.

(In other words you are highly paid and valued if you follow this unnatural learning methods, LM).

Most vital, this dominant yet artificial and limited system of learning operates entirely through input from the five physical senses. Because of this foundation, it has the effect of eliminating any last vestiges of original identity remaining in the individual. This is at once the heart of the problem and the major challenge to the naiVe energy form (a naive human). As the first-timer lives his human life, he finds virtually nothing to guide his mentation (mentality) in directions other than those directly related to time-space physical matter. Unfortunately for the human, this includes those organizations who purvey (supply) belief systems based upon individuals both present and in past history whose knowledge of origin- identity was operational during their human sojourn. In the retelling and conversion to verbal human communication, plus the erosion of many retranslations, only portions of the process remain. Sadly, such portions attempt to teach effects rather than causes. Only in very rare instances do these provide clear access to the source. Therefore, as the first-timer moves through human physical life he picks up and absorbs many unsuspected attachments. The most powerful of these are emotional, or rather distortions thereof, which relate solely to expression only in time-space reality. These reach such magnitude as to be virtually impossible to achieve and experience in a single physical human
lifetime. The results are a compulsive need to reenter and recycle to complete that which had been begun, to perform the purpose for which there had not been "time," to repay imagined "debts"—the list becomes endless.
In short, the problem can be stated very succinctly (clearly expressed in few words), which turns a first-timer into a repeater: human physical life is addictive.
There are two overwhelming factors that engender (produce) such addiction or decay of orbit, as you prefer. Put the two together and interweave them tightly, and it becomes easy to perceive just how difficult the Human Compressed Learning System can be, especially for the unaware and uninformed. This may in itself be part of the training. Any attempts to describe the methods are near-incomprehensible to those who have never been a human, just as it is extremely difficult to explain postgraduate status to a human first-timer. The two factors involved are Survival Drive Distortion and Prime Energy Diffusion.

Survival Drive Distortion

Like animals, plants, and other organic life, physical man is heavily imprinted at birth with the will to continue to grow and live, to survive. This is expressed in two basic ways: Body Protection and Maintenance. The first demand is the acquisition and consumption of food and water. This is followed by pressure to keep the body suitably warm or cool. Next comes the need to keep it safe from predation ranging from other humans and carnivorous animals through insects and down to the smallest virus. The fight-or-flee dilemma arises when two or more of such needs come into direct conflict as to priority. Nothing controversial in that, so what's the problem? Most humans spend most of their waking hours taking care of these matters, one way or another. There's no choice in the matter. You're in the top .0001 percent of the human pyramid if you know without question these needs will be met tomorrow, the next week, the rest of your life—by your own action, your family, or "your" government. There's also nothing new in the massive distortions that begin to occur beyond the basic needs. Storage of food or other assets just in case there may be a change in the future, endless varieties of food aimed not so much at nutrition as at taste and aesthetics, special food preparation and services. Entertainment "foods" in the form of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc., and back around the cycle to foods that are "good" for you, to keep you healthy. Clothes that not only keep you warm but are made correctly, of a desirable color or texture, made for a variety of occasions, and, of course, in rapidly changing style. Shelter that goes far beyond the hut in the hills, larger and/or in a desirable location, equipped and reequipped with newer furnishings, facilities, decorations, all catering to individual taste and current style primarily, far secondarily to comfort and overstated "need." Some of these have been brought to the point where it is actually difficult to die. Extensive and expensive life-support systems in institutions are an example. Keep the body alive, never mind the details. In some "civilized" societies, it's a crime to take your own life. Whom will they prosecute if you're successful?
(these days police will always find someone alive connected to the dead person to prosecute, LM).
All such extras and add-ons are stimulated and rationalized by countless inducements, few of which can stand up under intense scrutiny for validity. This is compounded by competition both to acquire and to dispense, which brings into full play the natural physical law of supply and demand. To protect these accumulated items to serve the body which is you: locks on doors, fences around houses, doors and gates, laws and rules, medicines and drugs, guns, police officers in prowl cars, lawyers, doctors, nostrums ad nauseum, cities and nations, banks, armies and atom bombs. Within this distortion lies the adhesive that binds the heavy particles to the energy form—which all began with the early agrarian cultures and tribes. Intense overkill by the survival drive—all physical. Nothing else is important. It had to happen, free will being what it is.

#5 Monroe's Out-of-Body (OBE) Paranormal Transformation of Human Consciousness

"What did you come to learn?
1. You came to learn a measurement system, this is a system of opposites, of polarities and we quickly give them labels like positive, negative, bad, good. These kind of things we learn. This measurement system is very important: we learn it this system of measurements and the great system of measurements that we learn is pain-pleasure and we know: how in the world could you know pleasure if you didn't experienced pain?
The most boring thing that you could do is to have a very even life with no pain and no pleasure. You couldn't stand it. You've got to have this and we search for those pain and pleasure things. We go out of our way to do it. So if you think in terms of the whole concept of living here to learn measurements. Now that is the first.
The second is very interesting is that you learn to manipulate energy. I move my arms like this, my hands.
 I move my eyes and so on. I am using, I am manipulating energy. To do that, that is the use of 5 or 6 types of energy, to let me move my arm. We learn this very automatically. And
I can tell you from the deep personal experience that simple ability that we take so much for granted of a learning to manipulate energy is increasingly valuable in other energy systems. You'd be amazed how much value that we take in our odinary things. Keeping your balance for example.
We automatically learn how to stay in balance in this groovidic (deeply satisfying) pattern?
(Alex Collier was saying how much energy is supplied to us from our Higher Selves to learn to manipulate the energy on 3rd Density, LM).
But over there it's wonderful. You can use these kind of things. So these are 2 Key things. But important thing of all: we came and we come here to learn and acquire an intellect.
 It's strange. An intellect we acquire. Intelligence is not enough of the word. An intellect and analitical ability. We come here to learn that we use the metaphor (abstract) left brain.
We learn to acquire left brain by living here and being here. That's the real valuable tool that we come and pick up. So you think that combination puts together a Being that is a
Super Being. And that's true except that terrible thing that happens, they say 'on the way to the store'. We think we come and learn this and we think that I go and take off and go
back to where we came from. And I can say without any equivocation (misleading). No resevation, no conditioning, that everything that little is not much, I assure you I might
achieved so far is totally due to the imposition (a tax) of my intellect upon what was taking place. Instead of just flying around in OBE state and I knew it wouldn't kill me. I got curious. What's going
on here? What is this, that is taking place? That was the difference. That brought the whole thing into focus, into patterns, getting my analitical abilities and work at it. And any what little growth is due to that. Now the funny thing is that is so and so, now we gather all these things. We gather an intelect, a measurement knowledge, an application of energy. We all, as I like to put it, are going Home with all these bags full of Goodies, as it were to take Home and show the local boys (in the world which you left to play this Planetary Game, LM) how much you've learned and what you could do! The only problem is that when we do this we forget, that something has happened, as again on the way to the store, that we don't expect. What's that?  Well, if you know about that then you can have fun. When you don't know about that then it gets dangerous and as we become addicted to being a human and so after we exit this particular life sojourn (temporary stay) we say instead of going Home and what I call having 'ESCAPE VELOCITY' to go Home, something's happened in living that life. We've picked up a 'LOAD FACTOR'. There was a friction along the way and that represented and so instead of moving out and having escape velocity, we start turning around that, and that's our decision, noone else's. That's  an important thing: our decision!  
We say:"Well, I think I'll go back just once more and next time I think I'll be a male instead of a female. That ought be more fun. Just once more and then I'll go home. So what happens is: instead of moving this way, we loop around and go back being human again. And go back and have another human experience, another lifetime. And we come out again, but this time we've already had a great load factor, don't you see? We've slowed down little more. We haven't got the speed that we did. We have a greater load and so we now are in orbit and we have a decaying orbit, because we come out around orbit like this instead of going on. We say:"Oh, I've got to go back, because I've never seen Paris and I'd like to go to Paris for once in my life and I'd like this. What purpose to go back and live again, so that I can go to Paris and I've heard so much about it and I want to go to Paris and live again so I can go to Paris. And, as you can see, each time you are picking up in each succeeding lifetime a greater load factor, so as you go through this, your orbit decays more and more. As you go through this living your successive lives until you get locked tighter and tighter and tighter. Until you got in being human so tight that you forget where you came from. You've lost all of the desire to even depart and go Home. You've lost it all, because this is so overwhelmingly addictive, that you can't think of anything else, but this time-space physical matter, all the things that take place in that and no matter how hard you try you can't get away from it. The reason being...There is no Law, but when you 'die' and instead of going Home you make the decision. There is no Law to say :" You have to stay here. You  are the one who says: "I got to go back, I didn't eat enough steaks; I didn't have enough strawberries; I didn't have enough children." And all these kind of things; or I didn't have enough sex. Anyway, that's how we are locked in being human. In so doing. In so doing this, now the next trick is: what happens? Well, why don't we recognize this more and more? Because we are so deeply addicted, so we developed an excuse, which you call a belief systems to rationalise this process. And when it's all done in this so called traffic in human terms: this is the difference! As a result, somewhere along the way you begin to find cracks in the belief systems. You begin to find the reasons, that don't work quite well. That's the analitical thing coming into us. As you say, wait a minute, something's wrong here, this way doesn't work out. 2 + 2 makes 6. No, no try again. You begin to find out that there are some holes in the cracks. That's when you begin to regrow and begin to see that successively you begin to start on your way out again. And you begin to have a higher and higher orbit as you learn more and in this successive lives and finally you've got escape velocity and then you do go home. And that's what is all about.
Bob, are these very provocative ideas the result of your own analitical human mind or is this information come from some source outside of your human mind?
Oh, well, that's an interesting question. I would say, probably, I can't give you problem to make % procentile? It's a combination. Obviously through the years, I've developed a lot of non human friends..."

R.Monroe on Sexuality and Reproduction

(Survival Drive Distortion)

"The most powerful of the survival drive imprints takes precedence over all others, and therefore has been subject to more major distortions than any other. The greatest among these has been, and is, the illusion that, as a creative act, it thus engenders automatically the creative emotion of love, ethereal and godlike. The results are attachments and commitments that are both irrational and restrictive, which not only distort severely any current physical life goals but continue beyond—illusory burdens of guilt, obligations, and a vast number of related memory patterns too potent torelease. Further, the original motivating drive to reproduce has long since become secondary to the temporary sensory peak of the act itself. With a few exceptions, it is doubtful if it has ever been otherwise with the male. Knowing this, the female with a propensity (a tendency) for perception has taken this manipulative advantage to broad extremes through hundreds of years of cultural evolution. Those females who succumb to the illusion of permanency have no choice but to lie back and take what is coming. Simply put, one fuck doesn't make a future. A baby maybe. With increased objective knowledge of the influential power of the reproductive survival drive, the lures and blandishments thereto are used blatantly and consistently to distort even further the high sensory entertainment factor of the act itself—carefully omitting the slightest reference to its original purpose. Those using such enticements to irrationality range from the individual through major industries to governments themselves. The result is a cacophony of distortions, all aimed at increasing reproductive act, desire and need, the amplification of the problem without providing a sensible solution. All of which only adds strongly to the glue that binds the human in low orbit.

Prime Energy Diffusion 
(your everyday existence)
p. 254 :
"Consider what we call emotion in all forms to be unknowing expressions of our Prime Energy Drive, or the Creative Force inherent in each of us. There are no exceptions. Included are joy, sadness, anger, happiness, hate, friendship, nostalgia, possessiveness, loyalty, ego, greed, guilt, fun, worry, anxiety, among others. Add a few not ordinarily regarded as such: curiosity, ideas, equality, hope, loneliness—-and, of course, love in a nonordinary connotation.
In this context, emotion is the key to and the driving force underlying every thought and action in human existence. The concept of unemotionalism is an illusion. Even the most extreme objectivity covers carefully an emotional agenda. Rationality and emotion go hand in hand when traced back to the source. If a human being is the product of a Creative Force, then being human is totally an emotional expression of such energy. There has not been a single major act in human history that has not been driven and/or inspired by emotion. Astute politicians now recognize that voters emotionally elect presidents, that simple facts and figures contain emotional coloration.
 All great leaders throughout mankind's existence have had emotional appeal as their source of power.

(even Bob Monroe, like other male authors, sometimes uses the word 'mankind' instead of 'humankind' (to include both genders). It was most males in the history of Earth, who were leaders and needed to have an emotional appeal for this role, but now things started to change: men don't have to have an emotional appeal to become a leader, take George Bush, for example, LM).

"Motivation is an interim (belonging to) statement of emotion. Many studies, authoritative books, and hundreds of millions of dollars have been dedicated to the application of this concept during recent years—all apparently backing away politely from the fundamental source of the phenomenon, through either ignorance or rejection.
The result is a chaotic mixture of unchecked and misdirected energy that is and has been the human experience.

Isolated attempts are made to act and think without emotion, which is an impossibility. Even in the laboratory, it is slowly being determined that any experiment is affected by the observer, inadvertently, unconsciously, and unobtrusively.

Thus absolute replication can occur only under identical ambience (surrounding immediate environment) —again an impossibility, considering the flickering thought-emotional patterns of the observer- experimenter. For a simple test, try recording each and ever thought and emotion you have expressed during the past one minute. Then attempt the same recall for a minute one hour ago. At the individual level, the generalization becomes specific. In every moment of existence, we are a seething brew of emotional response to both internal and external stimuli. Awake or asleep, the ever-changing mosaic of flowing energy continues to surge at assorted amplitudes and frequencies. We place value judgments on each and every portion, as determined by our own experience and impressed upon us by the culture
in which we now exist. When the two conflict, we usually choose the latter as a sop (standard operating procedure) to expedience (self-interest). Thus we attempt to let full expression of the "good" emit from us and try to suppress and repress the "evil," hide it from view. For the vast majority of us, this is the extent of our efforts to control this mighty and most vital energy that is our true heritage. At best, we are only partially successful using an incorrect standard of measurement.
We make decisions in blind anger and resent the results. We hope and become disappointed. We laugh in joy and become depressed when the moment fades. We hate when a person, place, or thing does not fit or meet our concept of what it "ought" to be. We think we "love" and break our hearts when we discover it just isn't so, we were mistaken.
The list is endless, and we keep trying because we can't help ourselves and we don't know any better. We ride the waves of our emotions through the peaks and the valleys until some of us become cynics—neatly neglecting the obvious, that cynicism is itself an emotion. The mess gets messier when we do perceive that effective and achieving left-brain decisions are made ultimately by some emotional factor, hidden and disguised as it may be.
This propounds (put forward for consideration) the old can't-live-with-it, can't-live-without-it syndrome.
Free will is no longer free and hasn't much will, buried under a swarm of emotional encumbrances (a burden).

By far the largest accumulated heavy load is the emotional mass loosely held as the human ego. Originally a probable sprout from the survival imprint, it requires and consumes constantly immense amounts of reinforcing emotional patterns, all of which are by their very nature distorted and distorting. Ego exploits the concept that it is needed to exist and achieve, that the emotion of confidence cannot exist without ego support, that happiness is satiated ego. Ego can bring forth hundreds of irrational emotional reasons to justify its existence—sidestepping the fact that emotion and irrationality are not synonymous. It steadfastly maintains that there would be no human personality were it not for the ego. At least, the ego is correct in one premise. The human is an emotional being. It's simply a question of utilization, of application.
The epoxy that locks the whole heavy load onto the unit and makes orbit decay inevitable. The heavy preponderance (predominance) of such emotions are directly related or attached to Time-Space Physical Matter Earth events, things, and relationships; as such, they are not applicable to nor can they exist in any reality other than their point of origin.

There is one exception. It is the only clear and accurate representation of the original Prime Energy, and cannot be generated at will. It is a synthesis of other emotional thought and action, brought into expression and thenceforth (from that time forwards, thereafter) indestructible. Most important, it is not peculiar to the time-space continuum and the existence of it is not contingent (possible) upon such environs.

As such, it is not part of the load factor. Instead, it is the source of power to obtain lift-off, reach orbit, and establish escape velocity. The major—if not the only—reasons for attending the human experience school are first, to learn to translate such energy into a discernible form, and second, to become a first-order generator thereof. This is no easy task if you don't know what it is, if you don't know how to express it, and if you can't knowingly generate it.

How does a person learn to sing if he's never heard a song, doesn't know of words, melody, and pitch; worse,
if he doesn't know he has vocal cords or even a voice? Clues may lie in the common mislabeling and misconstruing of emotions akin to but definitely not the same.

To avoid confusion, call it Super Love (SL). Knowing the difference is the key, as the ident love has been used so broadly as to have lost any significant meaning. Try this crude overlay for starters: SL is indestructible, as stated. Once activated, no subsequent thought, emotion, or event can have any effect upon it. SL is not in any way dependent upon manifestation in physical matter, or activity therein. SL has no object, animate or inanimate, although such may beone of the catalysts to trigger the generation thereof. SL is a continuous radiation, totally nondependent upon like reception or any other form of return whatsoever. SL is.

A very complex and rugged curriculum, this Human School of Compressed Learning. Parris Island at its peak was a teatime social by comparison. There, at least, you had a reasonably clear idea of what you were doing and your probable destination. Knowing this, it was worth it.

My very deeply dedicated response: Among the very few seniors and Graduates I have encountered, there was not one who would not repeat the in-human learning system again and again, no matter how many times —knowing the indescribably magnificent result. My fleeting glimpses support totally this perspective.

Preparation: Launch and Lift-off
(Robert Monroe's Advices)

Here is what might be euphemistically called a crib sheet for the course—presumably offered with the knowledge and consent of the instructors. Like all such aids, it doesn't give all the answers and there is no guarantee as to accuracy. The best that can be said is that it was hurriedly copied from the instructors' manual with their permission and cooperation. Distorted and poorly filtered as it may be, perhaps this cup of murky water is indeed better than none at all to the parched and thirsty runner. At least it's water and it may help cross the finish line jogging lightly and happily.

Detoxification/Load Reduction/Purging

The design calls for a continuation and expansion of physical life activity in all forms—physical, mental, and emotional. There is no inference (logic) that a lessening or retreat must occur, as this will extend the process rather than shorten it. The change lies in the perception, control, and redirection of the energy forms that are you, just as coherent (sticking together) light produces far more effective results as a laser. Start with these fundamentals as a baseline.

Reality Is That Which Is Perceived

As a participant in time-space, you perceive it and it is a reality to you. If you have not perceived any other energy systems, they are not real to you. However, you must consider that you have done so but they are not within your present awareness. It then becomes simply a matter of remembering.

Energy Does Not Exist Until Expressed

We are expressions of energy. The energy that we transform or generate has no reality until we express it. An idea has no reality until we transmit it or put it into practice. Knowledge and information are nothing without dissemination and/or application. A single thought is not real unless it is instilled into or acts upon another or is acted upon itself. Think and do is the operating productive combination, either mentally or physically, in one or more energy systems. Inhibit, restrain, or block the flow of any such energy and it ceases to exist.

Energy Focused Is Exponential (containing)

Just as a lens can concentrate solar radiation to a temperature many times greater than normal, so other energies can be transformed and modified. This is particularly valid within the energy spectrum available to human consciousness.
The fact that we exercise them randomly and unknowingly for the most part, specifically in the nonphysical categories,
does not invalidate such potential.

Consciousness Is Focused Energy

In particular, human consciousness is widely focused into time-space physical matter. This is not the totality of energy consciousness involved, as other forms of the same consciousness are active concurrently in divergent (differing from each other) systems of reality. Two inferences (logic) may be drawn from such multiplicity.

 The human aspect can be adjusted in focus to a much more concentrated point, offering potentials of power and action too immense and unfathomable (too deep to be measured) to be considered lightly. Second, the other, nonhuman forms of the same energy system might be drawn upon if the need arises. With the above tucked away, it is possible to get to the "hands on" (direct experience) phase.

Although the following notes are presented in a sequential manner, it is quite appropriate to refer to any portion that may serve a given need. There is no fixed pattern or order common to all of the human learning experience. An event early in the life exercise of one may surface years later in another, if at all.

Establish Grazing Principle

Instead of actively seeking out needed changes, deal with each as it appears in your daily life. Live and be just as you have until you perceive an emotion or attachment that is so obvious you can't ignore it.

Live a Twenty-four-Hour Day

Become aware of what you do and think at all times, in all activities, and examine the emotional factors that appear to be the strongest, that attract your attention. Include your sleep periods with their NVC-dream content. Explore these by asking yourself why, repeating the probe (any act of examining or testing) until you reach each source. It is then easy to detach and release the energy for other purposes. Start with the small and work into the large.

Begin Ego Diet Regimen (Self-Importance)

A frontal attack on this most entrenched (strongly defended position) and concentrated center of distorted emotion is contraindicated as not feasible (practicable). Much too many lose that battle, most never begin it. The trick is to start a cutoff of the emotional power feeds that are vital to its existence, modify and redirect the energy therein. Bear in mind that you are bombarded constantly with ego gratification ploys (games, activities) aimed at modification of your behavior for the benefit of others. The problem is in your emotional response, not in the blandishment (flattery) itself and the consequential acts you perform. If you want to drive a luxury car simply because you enjoy doing it, that's fine. If it makes you feel more important, or you like to be seen driving it, if you have to put "my" in front of the identification, you've found an ego power feed. Keep this perspective and apply it when the need arises, and act accordingly.
The second source of ego-emotional power feeds is internally generated.It is generally accepted that ambition and the drive for achievement are primarily ego-gratifying processes. To determine if this is valid or such motivation comes from a more profound origin, conduct this test: Will these needs be happily met (by you) if you in no way receive any public or private credit for your success? Are they absolutely essential to your physical survival?
If the answer is affirmative to both, you're further along than you realize. Even with fame, fortune, and adulation
(excessive prase), your load will actually lighten.
If both come out negative, start unplugging the feed by asking why. At a point in your unplugging process, you will find glimmers of Prime Energy radiation which provide any justification you may desire. The more emotional energy you so release, the greater such energy you will perceive.

Divest (strip off) Survival Sex Ties

Due to the need to protect and maintain until physical maturity the offspring of the reproductive act, many cultures have attached certain obligations thereto. While this is generally a purely physical requisite, many have taken the position or inference (logic) that far more is involved. The reproductive act is first and foremost a very powerful response to purely sensual stimuli. The response is not in itself an emotion, although the depth of the experience often causes fantasizing that it is exactly that and of much greater import (meaning, significance). To confuse the issue further, sexual union is one of the significant ways to express the SL emotion found in the Prime Energy.
The load reducer is to understand the difference. There is no right or wrong engendered (produced) either way, only difference. Recognize that, from the perspective of solely a physical act, any emotional attachments thereto (to that) relate only to time-space reality. As a procreative act, it is physical in nature. Unless other energy patterns emerge as a result, enjoy it (sex) but don't get hooked on it. You don't need to take it (sex) with you, because there's better in the original form—what you experience here sexually is a very weak imitation of a part of a totality. No male or female "owes" the other an obligation to copulate. Sexual attraction and attractiveness are elements of a survival drive which is purely physical and no more. Yet these are enough to alter drastically individual life patterns. Load is induced when more is made of it than it is.
Sexuality is not love, if love is defined as an expression of Prime Energy, but may well be a procedure through which the individual eventually learns of its existence. If this does indeed take place, keep the love and release the sexuality, then no load exists.

Release Value Judgments

With the distortion of time-space as a baseline, it is impossible for anyone to discern accurately the quality of any thought or action; good-evil, right-wrong, exist only as illusion. In orbit, there is no up-down. As a point of expediency   (self-interest), it may be necessary to adhere to the concepts of the culture in which we exist temporarily. Without a solid overview (broad view), we cannot understand the ultimate value of what we do. Therefore, follow your own design, lighten the load by refusing to bond lasting emotion onto any physical act or the action of others.

 Detach Matter-Emotion

Physical things, places, etc., they are units within time-space, to be enjoyed and to be used as tools in the learning experience. None is "ours." We don't own or possess any thing or person, nothing belongs to us. Even the matter we use for our physical body is "borrowed," as it were. Store the memory and the experience, leave the emotion behind.

You Are Your Responsibility

We like to lay this one off wherever and however we can, blame conditions and/or anyone else for what we do and are when there seem to be mistakes, take credit when everything is great. As exercisers of free will, we do our own instigating. Calmly accepting the results will get you lift-off points. An old folk song with the title "Ain't Nobody's Fault but My Own" says it very well. Look it up.

 Free Will Is Fantasy

 Within time-space, the very constraints (lack of ease) thereof preclude (prevent) any such theory. At physical birth, we are bound not only by our previous experience, whatever it may be, but by the genetic structure of the physical body we inhabit. From that point on, we have no choice but to be bonded into the flesh for that lifetime, long or short. We are bound to maintain and operate our physical bodies within the limitations they impose. The set and setting of our physical existence is controlled, initially at least, by others. What remains, colored and modified as it is, might be considered free will. Exercising this upon another only increases the load. Off-loading is accomplished by maximizing this remainder in nonphysical areas and accepting without emotion the limitations so imposed.

Laughter Is a Purging Process

As a direct expression of the Prime Energy, when in doubt let it out. An inadvertent smile is part of the same spectrum. It's one of the best of emotions, but must be spontaneous to produce results. Seeing and enjoying the humor in life is something not to be missed. It relaxes, de-tunes the ego, puts any event into its proper perspective.

Pain-Pleasure (PP) Is a Learning Curve

Consider these as a waveform originating within the survival imprint, and therefore signals relating only to time-space physical matter. They are essential tools that can be used for measurement. Think of it as a sine wave, with pain below the baseline and pleasure above it. The amplitude of each is an indicator of intensity, which can be controlled. Step one:
Sort out and remove all emotional energy adhered to your PP accumulated memory. Step two: Begin control of each portion of the waveform so that you can increase or decrease the amplitude at will. You are approaching escape velocity status when you can reduce your PP waveform to a near perfect straight line.

Maximize Your Sleep Periods

This is the most neglected and misunderstood portion of our existence. Freed temporarily of the restrictions placed upon us by our left-brain organization and the press of physical input, the sleep segment offers a great opportunity to advance in many areas. Any of the previous suggestions can be initiated and developed during the sleep state. Consistency and frequency are important. You may not get the results the first, third, or fifth time, but eventually you will succeed. Begin by stating the affirmation: I am more than my physical body. Because I am more than physical
matter, I can perceive that which is greater than the physical world. Therefore, I deeply desire to expand, to experience: to know, to understand, to control, to use such greater energies and energy systems as may be beneficial and constructive to me and to those who follow me. Also, I deeply desire the help and cooperation, the assistance, the
understanding of those individuals whose wisdom, development, and experience are equal to or greater than my own.
I ask their guidance and protection from any influence or any source that might provide me with less than my stated desires. Say it first as words in your mind just as you are drifting off to sleep. Convert as early as possible to nonverbal communication (NVC), stating the affirmation in mental action rather than words. After you are well established with the technique, add specific needs such as information, health care, problem solving, communication, or any of the procedures listed previously, using NVC. The answer will come usually not in words, but in pictures, sound, living action in your mind. There is no limit to the ways you can use this method provided you do not impinge upon the will
of others. If you need help, ask for it by NVC. You will receive it, perhaps not immediately, but you will, often in the most astounding serendipitous (fortunate and unexpected discoveries) and synchronistic ways. Be sure that you qualify your need and that you can handle the answer or result.

Measure Your Load-Energy Ratio

At physical birth, we enter physical life into a presumed innocent consciousness. The path to adulthood and your progress along it can be termed a loss of such innocence, scaled by the number of responsibilities you have willfully assumed, as created by your authoritative acts. Maturity, which is not the same, is calculated by totaling the percentage of illusions you have released and discarded—deliberately, not forced disillusionment.
Wisdom—the lightest and most valuable of pay loads—and your progress along the interstate highway thereto are reflected in your willful action, mental and physical, as the result of your release of such illusions.
The Detoxification/Load Reduction/Purging process can be interpreted as simply the sequence of these three, adulthood, maturity, and wisdom. You ultimately are your own instructor and you will fill out your own report card.  

Building Escape Velocity Energy

It will begin to generate automatically as the result of the human learning experience, more than enough to achieve a tangent to your previous orbit when you graduate.
It is the understanding that the actions suggested here may help in such production. Then no longer will you reflect and transform the Prime Energy as in the past, but create it in and of your own and radiate it in all ways, in all forms—call it loosh/love or whatever label fits—without need for subject or object.
"Pas de Lieu Rhone que Nous"
A language professor father, now in another reality, used this to wake up students in his class in French, claiming it was an old and famous French proverb. Some worked earnestly for hours trying to solve the enigma. It may be very appropriate here, too. To find the solution, say it in your mind or vocalize it using a French accent. Listen to what you are saying. See you in Home—or along the way"

Androgynous Being

One moment you are a male, another moment  you are a female; he and she is in one body, a spirit. Equally balanced, true equal (one polarity human). Your radiation is like bright spring sunlight filled with every human emotion that ever existed. The eyes are bottomless.

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Our Reseach Centre in Australia, April 2010

Our Reseach Centre in Australia, April 2010

Unknown to me object in the sky

 An Object in the sky opposite our Centre and I don't know what it is

Strange clouds

Clouds, Elliott Heads, Australia, March 2010

the Sun above Elliott river, March 2010

the Sun above Elliott river, March 2010

Inside my bedroom in sunny morning. White Ball of New Cosciousness with white Beam of Balance is covered with phony pink holographic insert. photo is taken by me, 3 Apr. 2010

Inside my bedroom on sunny morning. White Ball of New Consciousness with white Beam of Balance is covered with phony pink holographic insert.
The phony pentagons and the white frame of horns is here too.  Photo was taken by me, 3 Apr. 2010

Our Sun above Elliott river , Australia, March 2010

Our Sun with white Beam of Balance streaming into the Earth, Elliott river , Australia, March 2010

Our Sun with white Beam of Balance streaming into the Earth, Elliott river , Australia, March 2010

Our Sun with white Beam of Balance streaming into the Earth, Elliott river , Australia, March 2010

Our Sun with white Beam of Balance streaming into the Earth, Elliott river bushland, Australia, March 2010

Our Sun with white Beam of Balance streaming into the Earth, Elliott river bushland, Australia, March 2010

Sun and the Ball of New Consciousness I see through the door, our Centre, Elliott Heads, Australia, March 2010

Sun and the Ball of New Consciousness I see through the door, our Centre, Elliott Heads, Australia, March 2010

Sun, the Ball of New Consciousness I see in my room, our Centre, Elliott Heads, Australia, March 2010

Sun and the Ball of New Consciousness I see through the window, our Centre, Elliott Heads, Australia, March 2010

Sun, the Ball of New Consciousness I see in my room, our Centre, Elliott Heads, Australia, March 2010

Sun and the Ball of New Consciousness I see through the door, our Centre, Elliott Heads, Australia, March 2010

Sun, the Ball of New Consciousness I see in my room, our Centre, Elliott Heads, Australia, March 2010

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